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Ruining Kid's Shows

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It had been thirteen years since the tragedy that shook families across the globe and the residents of Arendelle 

For those who may have forgotten the night of the snow storm-


Two sisters, Elsa and Anna Oldenburg, snuck out their house in the middle of night to play in the snow

However, childlike mischief soon turned into a event that no one would wish upon anybody, especially a child

The storm began to move towards the town at around 2:30 AM, the sisters were in the forest when they were hit


Their parents, Agnarr and Iduna Oldenburg were horrified when they saw their children's beds empty

However, due to the snowstorm coming in at fast winds, nobody could go out and search for the girls until the following morning

The storm lasted for seven hours

The moment the wind's died down, a search party was created in order to find the girls


It took an entire day but at around 11:09 PM, the eldest child, Elsa Oldenburg, returned home safely

However, her sister, Anna Oldenburg, hadn't returned home

They recovered her body an hour later but had wrapped her in a blanket to shield her parents from the gruesome fate their little girl had to withstand


She was pronounced dead by the end of the hour

She had passed from hypothermia, causing severe scarring to her arms, torso, and legs


Thirteen years have passed since that tragedy


Elsa Oldenburg, after being out of the public eye for several years, gives a recollection of events that followed, well after her sister unjustly passed


This is her account.




"My sister woke me up in the middle of night, asking if we could play in the snow."


"It was dark and freezing cold outside.. I told her no but she kept asking.. and begging.. telling me she wanted to spend time with me."


"I eventually collapsed under the pressure and got my coat on, despite saying I wasn't going to enjoy myself, I was.. pretty excited.. I loved the snow, the colder weather in general was nice.."


"We left the house and ran to the forest, we played in it countless times.. it couldn't be any different.. and it wasn't."


"We built snowmen, had snowball fights, made dozens of snow angels and skated around the frozen lake for hours."


"I was secretly hoping it never ended but Anna couldn't be out in the cold for too long or else she would get a cold, so I told her we had to leave before mom and dad found out we're gone, she was upset but thanked me for playing with her."


"And then we turned around to go home but a large gust of snow and wind came running at us and.. blocked my sense of vision and hearing for a second, but when it came back, I couldn't see or hear Anna."


"I called her name but she didn't answer."


"The wind became heavier the more I fought against it, soon it was like someone was trying to push me to the ground, I was.. frightened, the swirling snow started to look more menacing the more I looked out into it, trying to find my sister."


"I thought I heard her for a second but the storm muffled it before I could direct my movements towards the sound."


"While I struggled to make sense of my surroundings, I could hear whispers coming from all around me, I didn't know where they were coming from.. but they were right up against my ear, I didn't understand a single thing they were saying."


"After.. hours of looking for my sister, I slowly succumbed to the freezing winds and exhaustion it brought me, I tried my best to fight it.. but I couldn't find any more strength left in me."


"So I laid against a tree and fell asleep, all while the snow and occasional bits of ice struck my face, the whispers became quiet.."


"I had a strange dream while I was asleep."


"I was standing in the middle of a frozen over ocean, in the distance I saw Arendelle, a complete wasteland of ice, I couldn't move, I was.. frozen with the ocean."


"But I could still see and hear."


"I heard my sister call my name and saw her far in the distance, running towards me."


"But the closer she got, the less familer she looked."


"A wind of frost over took my vision and hearing, when I regained them, Anna was standing right in front of me."


"But I didn't recognize her."


"I felt a pain in my chest, like I had been penetrated by guilt for not recognizing my own sister."


"But she didn't look like Anna, she had her voice but her face.. her hair.. her clothes weren't anything of Anna's."


"She didn't do anything, she just stood there and smiled at me."


"I couldn't smile back, my face was frozen."


"I woke up, no longer engulfed in a freezing snow blaze, but rather, the warm fireplace of my house."


"I had been wrapped in a blanket and sat in front of the fireplace that thawed the ice and snow that caught onto my skin."


"My parents entered the house and ran to me the moment I glanced at the opening door."


"I should have felt happy, I was home, but it still felt like I was in the storm."


"My mom made hot chocolate and sat with dad on the family couch while I stayed by the fireplace."


"They didn't say anything to me, they just watched me with worried filled glances."


"I asked where Anna was, convincing myself that all of that was just a nightmare."


"Mom looked at dad."


"Dad looked back at mom."


"They say nothing."


"The crackling of the fireplace was all that kept the room from being silent."


"Hours go by, no sign of Anna."


"Until our neighbor, a kind old man who sold firewood, came to our door and said they found Anna."


"Mom and dad got up and followed the old man towards the center of town."


"I followed them, despite them probably wanting me to stay by the fire to warm up."


"Everyone in town had destruct faces, watching a man carry back into town, something that was covered by a blanket."


"Mom and dad.. were equally terrified."


"I saw a pleading prayer in my mom's eyes, begging that wasn't what everyone thought it was."


"But it shattered the moment the man stopped in front of them with sorrow in his heart."


"He said something I didn't quite catch, but all I needed to hear was my sister's name to know what exactly he was carrying."


"Mom screamed so loud, it caused my ears to ring and dad to cry with her."


"I didn't understand why I didn't cry, I wanted to but the frost that still covered my eyes prevented me.. or at least, that's what I believe."


"Anna was taken to a morgue, awaiting the day of her burial."


"Mom and dad didn't look like themselves anymore."


"Mom took everything out the room that belonged to Anna and kept it in her room, she hardly left it because of that."


"Dad was home more often but he was distracted by other things, he hardly acknowledge me.."


"They started to look more and more like strangers."


"I visited the morgue to see Anna but the owner told me I couldn't, or more so, I shouldn't."


"But I managed to sneak past him and enter the room Anna was kept in."


"The room was freezing.. I felt like sleeping."


"She was laying on a table, a white sheet over her body."


"I removed it, wondering what needed to be hidden from my parents and everyone else."


"What I saw.. made the room feel as if it was swirling around me."


"I was the only one who saw what she looked like before she was buried, the man had died, unable to live with the fact he came across such a horrific sight."


"But still, I didn't cry, I didn't scream, I just stared into Anna's eyes."


"The funeral was held in the spring, nobody was allowed to look at her while she laid in her casket, I suppose it made sense, I don't think my mom could handle it."


"Everyone was heartbroken, crying, sharing sympathy, and giving their best wishes to us, but I still didn't feel anything, despite winter ending weeks ago, I still felt frost over my eyes."


"Mom had stopped taking care of herself, dad had to get her to eat, shower, and do chores since he would have to leave soon and didn't want her neglecting me."


"But even after all his attempts, mom locked herself in the room and stayed there the entire time dad was away."


"I was around eighteen at the time, I was old enough to do things on my own, but I think dad was just worried about me."


"I was too."


"I grew to resent myself."


"Anna died because I was unable to say no, the snow would still be there in the morning, why did we have to play in it at night?"


"She horrifically passed because of me."


"It was my fault."


"My sister's dead, and I.. can't even cry or express my anguish for it.."


"I don't understand it."


"I don't think I will ever understand it."


"And, the fact that I don't understand it, makes it hard for me to continue living."


"Half the time I forget I'm even living."


"When you're cold, time just seems to stand still."


"It feels like your a statue, a husk of someone who was supposed to do great things."


"A statue, forever stuck in one moment, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to change their fate."


"I believe it was around the time of the queen's coronation that I finally admitted to my condition."


"There's no name, no diagnoses, no way to prevent it, only how to avoid it, and even then it's confusing."


"That same night, I met someone wonderful, someone who I wanted to smile for."


"Her name was.. is Honeymaren."


"She came into Arendelle with no prior warning or preparation, we met at the coronation, she introduced herself in a bubbly manner despite my.. unsightly appearance."


"We spent the whole night just talking to each other, she had many stories of her travels, people she met, locations that harbor mysterious, and souvenirs that she claimed to collect for her future house if she finds the right place to settle down."


"I wanted to smile at her, to show her I was interested in everything she said and wanted her to talk more."


"But it only got colder."


"She stopped talking and switched the subject onto me."


"She asked why everyone in Arendelle gave me sympathetic looks when I pass them."


"I tell her the reason, I had no reason to lie or keep the truth away from her, it's not like talking about it effects me."


"As expected, she was shocked and gave me pity."


"She asked how Anna died."


"I tell her what everyone else believes."


"She just got here, I don't need to scare her away with a description of how my sister was brutally taken from life."


"She stays silent after that."


"After that night, she would stop by my house every now and again to take me out for lunch or just a stroll around town."


"If only I could show her how much that means to me.."


"But it's only getting colder."


"I love her."


"But how can I say that when I can hardly form a sentence with any sort of emotion?"


"She deserves so much better."


"But I don't want to lose her."


"I still don't understand."


"All of this.."


"It's been hell."


"I don't know what I did to deserve this punishment."


"I just want to cry."


"I just want to feel like I'm alive."


"I just want to say I'm sorry."


"I just want this feeling to go away."


"But no matter how much I pray, no god cares to listen to my plea."


"Is there a reason why I'm forced to suffer?"


"Why did that happen?"


"Why did the storm whisper to me?"


"Why did it feel like someone was pushing me back?"


"Is there.. one single word that can explain everything?"


"If there is, I better start looking."


"Maybe there's a book in the library.."


"I.. found something in the library that I.. still hold on to."


"It's a doll that belonged to Anna, I don't know how the lady was able to get it since my mom took everything, but I'm glad she did."


"It reminds me of the times we would stay inside and play.."


"One thing that she loved to do and would constantly ask to play was pretend, one scenario in particular stands out, it's one we're living in the castle, I was the future queen and she was the princess and for some reason she gave me ice magic.. she had a crazy imagination.."


"She would fall in love with a handsome man and I would make a palace of ice with just my powers, there would also be a snowman that I made come to life, she named him Olaf."


"She really loved that one.."


"I can't imagine what thoughts were running through her mind."


"I hope she went out quickly.."


"Though.. the expression she held at of her final moments.. proves to me she did not."


"But why did she have to suffer?"


"What did she do to deserve it?"




"Anna told me, just before we left to go home, she heard whispering from the north forest."


"And just like that, the storm emerged."




After her recollection, Elsa Oldenburg went back to avoiding the public's eye, never making another public appearance


However, there has been some claims of seeing her in the very forest her and her sister were in

She would just stand there, facing the north side until morning's dawn


Now, I want you to take what she is claiming with a bit of skepticism


After all, she was a child when this all happened, children who have suffered from a traumatic experience tend to exaggerate things as a way to cope with their circumstance

It makes adulthood hard for them but with the proper help, they can enjoy life despite their trauma


Elsa doesn't know what she is saying, her mind is making things up to cope with the event


She did not hear whispers in the storm


She did not have that dream


She did not find something when she reentered the forest


She did not find the truth


She is suffering, she needs help


Elsa, if you're listening, I need you to listen to me


We're not here to hurt you


We want to help you heal


Anna would have wanted you to move on from this


Just give us the [REDACTED] and we'll help you


After all-























He chose you for a reason