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The White City

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“You’re laughing, but I’m serious, Garcia!” Lucy playfully slaps her husband on his arm as he hovers over her in their bed and kisses her on the lips.

“I’ll just say that you don’t want to know. You weren’t very happy with me at the time.” He winks at her and kisses her again, sliding his hand beneath her shirt and clumsily fondling her breast.

Lucy pushes at his chest and gives him a look, her eyes narrowing. “Don’t try to distract me, Garcia Flynn.” She tries not to smile, but it creeps through to her lips anyway. “When was the first time you ever wanted to fuck me?”

“I’m not answering that question.” He buries his face into the crook of her neck and gently sucks at her skin. In the hope of distracting his wife just enough that she forgets about her question, he redirects his hands between her legs.

Lucy closes her eyes and arches her back as his hand massages her.

“You like that?” he growls into her ear.

“I’d like it better if you answered my question,” she murmurs.

Garcia stops.

He removes his hands from between her legs and props himself up on his elbow and looks at her.

“You’re really not going to let this go, are you?”

“No.” Lucy smiles. “When did the thought first cross your mind that you wanted to tear my clothes off and fuck me?”


“We’ve been married for three years now, Garcia.” She pushes his back firmly against the mattress and straddles him, holding his arms up over his head as she hovers over him. “I know that it was on your mind not long after you joined the team in that bunker, but…” She bites her lip and looks him in the eye. “I suspect you had certain desires…” she leans down and kisses his collarbone, “and needs…” she kisses his jaw, “and many long, lonely nights thinking about what you wanted to do with me before then…” She runs her hands down his arms and rests them on his chest. “Am I wrong?”

His arousal for her is evident and she slides down him so that her panties make contact with the growing erection in his boxer briefs. He groans deep in his throat.

“Lucy…” He wets his lips. “I’d kinda like to fuck you right now.”

He watches his wife as she remains straddled on top of him. Her hands run slowly up her own thighs, to her hips where she takes hold of the hem of her white t-shirt and pulls it over her head, tossing it onto the floor. His eyes drink in the sight of her naked breasts, and the way Lucy pinches and teases her erect nipples. He sits up and not one millisecond before his lips can encompass her nipple, she pushes him back down.

“Nuh, uh, uh…” She winks at him. “You’re not getting any of this,” she motions to her breasts, “until you answer my question.”

“And what if the answer is inappropriate?” His voice wavers. He reaches up to place his hands on her, but she stops him again.

“The more inappropriate, the better,” she whispers as she leans down to nibble on his earlobe, one of his most sensitive erogenous zones. Garcia closes his eyes and bucks his hips inadvertently.

“Answer my question, Garcia…” she purrs as she strokes him over the fabric of his boxers.

“Chicago…” He swallows hard.

“Al Capone or Harry Houdini?” She bends down and kisses his lips.

“The…” He swallows, not sure how much longer he can go without making love to her. “The World’s Fair…”

“Hmm…” She straightens up and climbs off of him. She lays down next to him, looking to be deep in thought. She rests her hand on his erection and slides her fingertips slowly up and down his length. She knows she’s driving him crazy as he writhes at her touch. He tries to sit up again, wanting to pin her body beneath him and ravish her, but she stops him, pressing her hand hard against his chest as he tries to roll on top of her.

“Lucy…draga…” He begs.

“A follow-up question…” She licks her lips and smiles. “What would you have done then if I came to you and offered to fuck you?”

He raises his brow and looks at her.

“Back then, I… I was trying to talk myself out of wanting you.” He groans as her index finger nonchalantly circles the tip of his erection.

She gives him a look.

“Well, obviously I failed.” He inhales sharply as his wife’s hand lowers to cup his balls.

Lucy looks lost in her own thoughts as she fondles him. He takes the opportunity to sit up, wrap his arms around her waist and flip her onto the mattress below him. She squeals with delight as he runs his hands over her breasts. He kisses her neck as he hooks his fingers around the elastic of her panties and peels them off her body.

“Garcia…” She moans, lightly touching herself as she watches him stand up and step out of his boxer briefs.

He crawls back into bed and takes his time making his way up her body.

He kisses her ankles as he weaves his fingers between her toes, giving her goosebumps all over her skin. His hand cups her calf as he kisses the inside of her knee, and upward… he opens his mouth wide and gently sucks at the skin of her inner thigh as he moves his hand up so that he can massage her clit.

He flicks the tip of his tongue against her clit and enjoys hearing her gasp. She places both hands on the back of his head, her arousal building, pushing faster and faster toward the inevitable. She’s ready to ride his beautiful face to her climax, but he stops.

This has all been just a tease.

Now it’s his turn to ask questions.

Lucy gently tugs at his head and groans in frustration. She wants to feel his lips gently suck her clit as his fingers curl inside her, bringing her close to orgasm before penetrating her with his cock.


“Why are you asking those questions?” He asks, catching his own breath – Jesus Christ this woman is beautiful when she’s aroused. He tries not to grin at the horrified expression on her face as she realizes that now he’s going to tease her until she’s more forthcoming with him.

Lucy squirms beneath him as the throbbing between her legs intensifies. He raises her arms above her head and holds both her wrists with one hand.

“If you tell me, draga…” He lowers his mouth to her ear, “I’ll get the scarves and tie you up and…” he sucks on her earlobe and whispers, “I’ll edge you so many times that you’ll be begging for mercy by the time I let you get off…”

Lucy whimpers. She was aroused enough teasing him, but it’s so much worse now that she’s quite literally on the verge of coming without a proper fuck. He’s done this to her so many times before and it’s thrilling, and intense, and renders her unable to walk properly the day after. And if explaining herself gets him to fuck her, well…

“I… I was talking with Rufus and…”

He squints his eyes, “Rufus? Why does Rufus need to know about our sex life?”

“I… he… he told me that Jiya surprised him by taking him out in the Lifeboat to go see the premiere of Star Wars in 1977, and… I started thinking that…”

Garcia lets go of her arms and slides his hand down to massage her breast. He gently squeezes her and plays carelessly with her nipple as she explains herself.

“I asked him if we could take the Lifeboat out for a date sometime, and he said we could, and…” She bites her lower lip and wraps one leg around his lower back. She digs her heels into him and presses his body against her.

“And…?” He raises his eyebrow.

“I’ve had this fantasy…”

“Go on…” He kisses her collarbone.

“We have this time machine and…” She wets her lips, “… and I want to know what it’s like to be fucked by…” Suddenly shy, she averts her eyes. “by two of you…”


“I want to have a threesome with you and… another you.” She lightly touches his arm as he’s stopped all prior movement. “I guess the question now is… would you do that… with yourself?”

“You mean, go back to 1893, find myself when he’s not with you or with Karl, and seduce him?” Garcia rolls onto his back and rests his arm on his forehead. He turns and smiles at her, and stops himself from making a joke about it when he sees that Lucy’s body language has changed. She avoids looking at him as she leans forward and pulls the sheet over her body.

“I’m sorry,” she says, laying on her side and resting her hand on his chest. “That’s a weird, awkward ask and I shouldn’t have-”

“Hey… don’t say that.”

“Hm.” She closes her eyes and nuzzles against him.

“Would you want to watch me with myself?” He asks, seriously considering her fantasy. He turns onto his side and holds her hand.

“I don’t know… maybe. I don’t know. I imagine that anything like that could be decided in the moment.”

“I know if we did it with two Lucys that I’d enjoy watching you get yourself off,” he says, encouraging her to continue opening up about what she would want if they did this.

Lucy lightly pushes his shoulder and blushes, “I already do that for you, Garcia.”

“And it’s extremely hot… thank you.”

He kisses her knuckles.

“I kinda was thinking that you could watch another Garcia fuck me, and then join in whenever you felt comfortable.” She looks at him, sees that he’s considering the option. “Or maybe have him watch us so that he knows that it’s ok to touch me, or… we all start together and you can teach your other self how I like to be fucked? Or… I’m blindfolded and tied up… or you’re both blindfolded and both of you devour my body with your hands and your mouths and…” Lucy closes her eyes and bites her lower lip.

“You’ve really given this some thought, haven’t you?” He asks, cupping her face in his hand.

“I have.” She smiles.

“And you think that we could convince another version of me to do this?”

“I don’t know. Think back to your state of mind in 1893 and tell me if you think it’s possible.”

His lips curl into a smile as he thinks back to who he had been when he had kidnapped Lucy and brought her with him and Karl to Chicago in 1893.


“Back then I hadn’t been with a woman since Lorena… I was trying to convince myself to not want you like that… and Lucy… I spent an obscene amount of time picking out the perfect dress for you to wear in Chicago. And when you changed into it, I was saying Croatian nursery rhymes in my head to keep myself from thinking about how you were undressing and redressing behind me.”

“So, I would be able to seduce you?”

“You’d have to come on strong and let him… me know that it’s ok to touch you.”

“And if I told him I was from the future, and had come to him with his future self, who is now my husband… do you think that with the knowledge of knowing that we do end up together that he would agree to… you know… with both of us?”

Garcia looks into her eyes and smirks. He leans across her body and grabs his phone from the nightstand. He dials and waits for an answer.

“Hey, Rufus. It’s Flynn.”

Lucy’s heart is pounding so hard that she feels she has to place her hand over it to keep it inside her chest. She can’t believe it. They’re really going to go back to 1893 and try to seduce his other self. She has no idea how this is going to go, or if they’ll be successful, but no matter what she’s going to fuck her husband in Chicago that night, with him alone, or with both of him.

Garcia winks at Lucy as he continues talking to Rufus, “Yeah… so… any chance that you could meet me and Lucy at the bunker in an hour?” He pauses. “Yeah, yeah… I’ve got a special date in mind for her.” Lucy hops out of bed and Garcia watches as she starts rummaging through her lingerie drawer. He covers the mouthpiece of the phone. “Put on the burgundy lingerie that I gave you for our anniversary last year,” he whispers, and his eyes widen as Rufus says something on the other end. “Yeah, no. I wasn’t speaking to you, Rufus.” He shakes his head and laughs at himself. “Yes, I think I can handle using the auto-pilot, but thank you for offering.” He laughs. “See you soon. Bye.”

Garcia gets out of bed and goes to Lucy. She’s naked and digging through her drawer of naughty lingerie, looking for the burgundy lace bra and panties set that he gave her last November. He stands behind her and holds onto her hips and kisses the back of her neck.

“You don’t mind if I do your hair up as I did it in Chicago, right?” He asks. “I love it when your hair is up, exposing your neck…” His fingers trace the contour of her neck and collarbone.

Lucy finds the lingerie and spins around in his arms, her eyes are excited, anxious, nervous, but anticipate what they are going to attempt. She nods her head and starts putting on the lingerie.

“And Lucy…”


“Wear that burgundy evening gown that you wore to the ballet in December. You know the one, with the uh… the slit that goes all the way up your thigh, all the way to your hip… the open back and…” he wets his lips, “with the cleavage.”

“That doesn’t exactly blend in, in 1893.”

“Trust me, that dress… it… does things to me.” He eyes her from head to toe now that she’s in her bra and panties. “And on second thought…” He goes to her and with one hand unhooks her bra and slides it off her arms. “Don’t wear the lingerie.”

Garcia makes his way down the stairs of the hotel that he and Lucy have checked into for the night. The sun has set on Chicago and the streets are still bustling with activity because of the World’s Fair, the World’s Columbian Exposition, which is being held in Chicago to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492, even though technically it is the 401st anniversary being that it’s 1893, not 1892. Organizers must have thought that 400th anniversary sounded better for marketing purposes.

Garcia is dressed not too dissimilar to how he had dressed himself the first time he had been here just over seven years ago. He nods his head at passersby as he makes his way down the street toward the Mecca Hotel, where he, Lucy and Karl had stayed that night.

While this World’s Fair was intended to celebrate Columbus, the bright lights and the “Chicago Wheel” – the first Ferris Wheel that was the Exposition’s tallest attraction at a height of two-hundred and sixty-four feet – look into the future of America rather than to its past.

It’s a strange feeling, walking down these streets, knowing that his other self is hoping to get Lucy to help him blow up J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. It’s a strange feeling to have traveled back in time without needing to watch behind his back that Rittenhouse would appear and try to kill them, without having to track down and kill a sleeper agent.

The war with Rittenhouse has been over for three years, and it feels like an entire lifetime ago.

And here he is again, standing on the corner of the street, staring at the illuminated streets and buildings of The White City – a nickname given to Chicago due to its extensive use of street lights. He stares down the street and sees the Ferris Wheel in the distance. Right now, on the thirtieth of May, it was not yet open to the public. It won’t be for another twenty-some odd days before the Ferris Wheel – with the capacity to hold over two-thousand people in its thirty-six passenger cars – would open. Maybe before he and Lucy leave, they can take the Lifeboat to June or July and experience riding the Ferris Wheel for themselves.

Garcia crosses the street and leans against the brick wall of a building. He sees himself, Lucy, and Karl. They too are staring at the Ferris Wheel. A smile crosses his face –the nostalgia of it all – he remembers trying not to act like he was giddy to be here during the World’s Fair when he pointed out the Ferris Wheel to Lucy. He remembers how hard he had tried to convince her that he was to be feared if she didn’t go along with what he asked of her. He remembers thinking about how beautiful she looked in that dress.

His eyes fall on Lucy as his other self grabs onto her arm to keep her from running away. There’s no denying it. Back then, just as now, he was madly in love with her. He smiles as he watches them, knowing everything good that their future has in store for them. But it also hurts to see her so unhappy and unwilling to stand at his side to fight. He remembers the emptiness his soul felt when he thought they weren’t really meant to be a team. And though he didn’t mean it, he regrets telling her that made her expendable.

The idea that the two of them wouldn’t become ‘quite the team’ had broken his heart tonight. And even in front of Karl, he had teared up as he looked at her, realizing that he was alone in this war.

He had been a broken man.

He had felt lost, grasping blindly into the unknown for anything to hold onto.

He just needed her to believe in him, to trust him. Just as he had believed and trusted her that night in São Paulo. All his faith rested in Lucy and the words she wrote in her journal.

Garcia lowers his eyes and inhales.

He wonders if this is really what he and Lucy should be doing here tonight. Should they really attempt to seduce and include this Garcia Flynn in their sexual fantasy?

He also knows, no… he knows exactly what this would mean for this broken man. To see that Lucy is still his future, that they do become a team, that she does have it in her to love him…

It would give him hope. Something to keep fighting for. It would let him know that even though right now his 2016 Lucy is being stubborn and refuses to work with him, that one day they will become ‘quite the team.’

He watches as his other self offers Lucy his arm, and he smiles as he watches her reluctantly take it. He raises his brow when he catches her gaze up at him when his other self isn’t looking, and she stops herself from resting her hand on his arm. He chuckles quietly, well… he had no idea that that had happened. Of course, once he and Lucy got together, she kept insisting that he stop shaving every day, grow out his stubble like it had been that time he had kidnapped her, letting him know that even though she was angry with him, she had found him irresistibly gorgeous in Chicago.

Behind the two of them, Karl rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Garcia laughs to himself.

Karl never did enjoy these trips back in time. And he especially did not like the way that the two of them fawned over each other during this mission. Well, more how Garcia had fawned all over Lucy, but now it makes sense that Karl had included her in his complaint as well.

The three of them disappear into their hotel.

It’ll be another thirty minutes before his other self is confident enough to leave Lucy alone – with Karl standing watch outside her room. He had other things to do in town to prepare to take out Rittenhouse.

Garcia has no idea how to convince himself to come back with him to the hotel where Lucy waits, and simply saying ‘Hey, buddy, want to come with me and fuck your future wife?’ wouldn’t cut it.

He sighs and waits, watching the city pass him by.

He wonders what it was like to first see the city so bright at night. To cast virgin eyes on electricity for the first time, and at this magnitude. Men and women pass by him and look at the city lights with wild-eyed wonder, commenting that it feels like they stepped into the future, or that it feels like they were getting a sudden vision of what it was like to be in Heaven.

He knows that he’s here to help fulfill one of his wife’s more interesting fantasies, but perhaps before they leave, they could stay an extra day and check out Nikola Tesla’s exhibits which demonstrate to the public how electricity could – and would – reshape the nation. He wondered if the man himself was here in Chicago right now. If there was one historical figure he would have loved to have met in their travels, it was Nikola Tesla.

Thirty minutes later, he sees himself leave the hotel.

He regards himself and shakes his head, had he always looked so shady when conducting his anti-Rittenhouse business?

Garcia follows him – which is a very strange feeling.

He allows this Garcia Flynn to finish his preparations for tomorrow’s attempt to blow up Morgan, Ford, and Edison – and as Flynn is making his way back to the hotel where Lucy and Karl are.

It’s now or never.

Garcia has to make his move.

He rushes towards his other self, grabs him by the arm and pulls him into an alley, and pushes him up against the brick wall. Garcia knows he has to deescalate the situation fast so he doesn’t end up fighting himself, which could be lethal if this Flynn doesn’t figure out that he’s trying to kill a future version of himself.

“Take a good look at me, Flynn,” Garcia says to himself.

The slightly younger man squints his eyes as if trying to focus, not really believing that he’s seeing another version of himself in this darkened alley.

“Don’t ask questions, and come with me.” Garcia says. “It’s important.”

“How are you here? We’re not supposed to travel in our own timeline?” Flynn pushes him away.

“Don’t ask. You’re not meant to know… not yet, anyway.”

Garcia motions to himself to follow him. And the two of him make their way back to the hotel where Lucy is waiting to seduce him… them.

Since Garcia left to bring himself back so they can fuck, Lucy has done her best to transform what is a rather mundane hotel room into a sensual boudoir. In the bag she brought with them, she included a few rose scented candles, matches, several silk scarves for gentle bondage – if it comes to that, and a set of burgundy sateen sheets which she has placed on the bed.

She stares out the window and fidgets with her hair. It’s up in a similar style to how Garcia styled it when they had been in Chicago in 1893 for the first time. She places her fingers on her neck and slowly trails them down her skin between her cleavage.

She turns to look at herself in a mirror.

She’s never considered herself to be beautiful.

She still buys clothes for comfort, not fashion.

And it absolutely still humors her that her husband has better fashion sense for her than she for herself.

He always knows exactly what style, and which colors, will compliment her and bring out her – as he calls it – natural beauty. He always offers to help style her hair, and depending on the occasion, that is absolutely the right call otherwise she’d probably just use an elastic band and throw her hair up in a messy bun and claim that it’s the modern style in Paris right now to anyone questioning how it looks.

She runs her hands down the silk burgundy fabric, anticipating what it will feel like to have two Garcia Flynn hands all over her body. She bites her lower lip and wonders if she should lean against the wall when they arrive, or already be laying in bed, waiting for them.

She hears a key turn in the door and she steps aside and leans against the wall, hoping that she looks sexy. She moves the fabric of her dress so that her leg is exposed. She tilts her head to elongate her neck. She inhales and exhales slowly. Either her husband has returned alone, or he has managed to convince his other self to come back with him.

The door opens and both Garcias step into the room.

Her heart is racing and she wonders if her Garcia has explained what is going on.

“Garcia…” She purrs his name, locking eyes with the other Garcia Flynn as she slowly walks toward them both.

Her Garcia steps away from Flynn, closing the hotel room door. He stays back and watches as his wife approaches his other self. He hadn’t told Flynn what he needed to bring him here for, but he’s pretty sure that he understands now.

Lucy cups Flynn’s face in her hand, caressing her thumb over his scruff. Words do not express how thankful she is that Garcia named Chicago, 1893, as the first time he had started to think about wanting to fuck her. Because quite honestly, it was the first time she had really noticed how physically attractive he was as a man. And with how much her life had been falling apart at the time, if this Flynn had put forth half an effort to seduce her, she very well might have gone along with it as his ‘prisoner.’

Flynn swallows hard, unable to take his eyes off of this future version of Lucy.

“Lucy…?” Flynn’s voice is weak.

“Hmm…?” She moans as he takes hold of her hand, running his thumb over her wedding ring. She looks up into his eyes and asks him, “Should I call you Garcia or should I call you Flynn?” Even as she’s asking him this question, she feels wetness seeping between her legs.

“Flynn.” He glances back at his future self and then back at Lucy. “Wh-what’s…? He said that…” This was not what he was expecting when this future version of himself said he needed to speak with him privately about something important having to do with time travel.

He wets his lips and looks at this Lucy, in that burgundy dress, with a slit that runs all the way up to her hips… he inhales and tries to control the feel of blood rushing to his dick. He can’t keep his eyes off of her.

“I want to feel both of your hands on me…” She steps closer to him. “I want to feel your fingers between my legs, Flynn… your lips on my mouth…” She uses both her hands to pull off his coat. She hands it to her husband who places it on a chair.

Garcia returns to them and watches his wife as she slowly unbuttons Flynn’s vest, then as she unties his burgundy necktie. She goes up on her toes and take his earlobe between her lips as her hands work at unbuttoning his white dress shirt. “I know you want me… I know you’ve fantasized about what it would be like to make love to me tonight…”

Garcia stands behind Lucy and begins to undress himself. He remains quiet, allowing Lucy to lead, and for Flynn to decide how far this goes. He places his hands on his wife’s waist and leans down and kisses the crook of her neck.

“Lu… Lucy…” is all Flynn can manage to say as Lucy unbuckles his belt and whips it off him. Her hands work at his pants, finding their way inside his boxers. “Mmm… Flynn…” She hooks her thumbs on the waist of his pants and lowers herself down. She taps at his left ankle and he lifts his foot and allows her to remove his shoe and sock, and does the same with the right. And then, she removes his pants from his body.

Flynn looks at Garcia. He opens his mouth as if he is about to say something, and closes it just as quickly when he feels Lucy pulling his boxer briefs down his legs. His heart races. He’s given so much thought to what it would be like to be with her, to have her want him, and here a future version of her is, stripping him naked.

Flynn closes his eyes as she takes his dick in her hand, lightly stroking its underside. He opens his eyes and his other self, this other Garcia Flynn, is groping her breasts above the fabric of her dress. This future Garcia Flynn is kissing her shoulder. Touching her intimately without being overtly sexual.

Flynn doesn’t have to ask. He’s figured it out. In the future, he and Lucy are married.

“Undress me, Flynn.” Her voice is low, aroused at the sight of him naked as her husband continues to kiss the side of her neck. She reaches out and takes hold of Flynn’s hand, holding it between her breasts. “It’s ok… you can touch me. I want you to touch me in any way that you like.”

Garcia looks at Flynn, throwing him a line, hoping to encourage him to continue on with them. “She likes it slow at first.” He kisses Lucy’s shoulder.

Then Garcia steps away from Flynn and Lucy to finish undressing himself. He lays down on the bed and watches as his wife focuses on his younger self.

“Unzip me.” She says, turning her back to Flynn. She locks eyes with her husband as Flynn places one hand at her waist and slowly unzips her dress. She wets her lips and watches her husband stroke himself as he watches Flynn undress her.

Flynn continues to stand behind her as he runs his hands up the side of her body. He kisses the base of her neck as he pulls the front of her dress down, exposing her breasts. As he lowers himself to remove her dress, his lips trail down her spine. He’s pleasantly surprised that she’s not wearing any panties, and as soon as her dress is on the floor, he stands. He grabs onto her arms and pulls her against his chest. He looks over at Garcia to make sure that he’s still watching them. Flynn massages her breast with one hand, gently squeezing and flicking her nipple as his other hand slides between her legs.

Garcia watches as Lucy reaches behind her and holds onto the back of Flynn’s neck with her hand, leaning against him as he massages her clit. He strokes himself harder as he watches his wife spread her legs to give Flynn better access to her, and the man takes it.

Flynn moves his attention from her clit to her opening, and inserts his fingers inside her and starts to thrust. He holds her sturdy with one arm as he brings her closer to the edge.

Garcia clears his throat, “she comes quickly when she’s standing. If we want to prolong this… to… torment her longer… slow down, take your time.”

Flynn nods his head and removes his fingers from inside her.

She cries out in frustration. While she loves edging, she also hates not being allowed to reach orgasm when she’s quite capable of having many of them.

Garcia gets out of bed and goes to them. He can see that Flynn is hesitant to kiss Lucy, and he knows that when they practice edging that she requires affection after being brought so close to orgasm.

Garcia presses his body against hers and tilts her chin up with his fingers, gazing deep into her eyes.

He kisses her.

Her mouth opens to her husband. Her arms wrap around his neck as their tongues intertwine.

Flynn runs his fingertips slowly up and down the side of her breast, and she whimpers when she feels his lips on her neck. He moves his hand to hold her breast, twisting her nipple between his fingers.

She cries.

She always cries when her body is overwhelmed with pleasure.

And her knees are so goddamn weak right now that if they both let go of her, she would collapse onto the floor. She tilts her head back and reaches around Flynn’s neck with her arm, drawing his mouth to hers, their tongues desperate for each other.

Garcia’s lips suck at her collarbone as he places his fingertip lightly on her clit. He starts to slowly tap it. Lucy groans deep in her throat and lets out a loud cry when she feels Flynn slide his hand between her ass and press firmly against her perineum.

“Garcia…” She moans and reaches out to stroke her husband. “Flynn…” She reaches behind her and strokes him too. Both men continue stimulating her with both fingers. Flynn nibbles on her ear as he thrusts his cock inside the palm of her hand. Garcia lowers his mouth and gently squeezes her nipple with his teeth as he moves his dick in her hand.

Garcia picks up the pace of his tapping and turns it into full-fledged, rough massaging of her clit. She grunts and groans, and grinds herself against his hand. Her head falls back on Flynn’s chest as she feels her husband teasing her opening with his fingers. She knows if he enters her that she will come, and she will come hard.

“St… stop… I’m almost…”

Both Garcias stop immediately, and rest their hands on her waist. They both hold onto her as she takes deep breaths to help herself come back down.

She’s panting as she turns in their arms, turning to look up into Flynn’s eyes.

He gazes down at her body, taking in everything about her in this moment. The way her skin is flushed due to her arousal. The way her nipples are erect and the way her chest moves as she breathes deeply, in and out. He runs his hand over her hair and looks at her with absolute adoration.

Flynn wets his lips and caresses the side of her face, his eyes searching hers for consent to kiss her. She nods her head. He leans down and gently kisses her.

At first his mouth is closed, unsure of whether it is appropriate for him to open his mouth to future Garcia Flynn’s wife, especially now that he’s initiated the kiss. Then her tongue caresses his bottom lip. He takes her lead and opens his mouth to her, kissing her softly. Her hands rest on his chest and her fingers gently dig into his skin.

She pulls away and pets his chest hair, unable to look up into his eyes as she asks, “would you want to… do anything with yourself?”

Flynn and Garcia share a look.

That question was inevitable the moment they both worked together to bring her close to climax.

“Is that what you want, Lucy?” Flynn asks, lowering himself to look her in the eyes. The same eyes that not one hour ago defied him telling her that she should get well-rested for the day they have ahead of them tomorrow. The same eyes that shot daggers into him when he informed her that Karl would stand watch outside her room tonight to make sure she didn’t try to run away.

“I wouldn’t object, but if you’re not comfortable with it, you don’t have to do it.” She fidgets nervously with her fingers, averting her eyes. She feels her husband’s hands on her back as he steps away from her.

She looks up and sees that Garcia has made his way to Flynn, and is standing next to him.

The two men share a look.

They’re the exact same man, only separated by a few years in time.

They both know that they’ve jacked off more times than they can count, so how is this any different?

Flynn reaches out and takes hold of Garcia’s dick and starts stroking him hard.

Lucy stumbles backward at the sight of her husband being jerked off by Flynn.

She didn’t really expect Garcia or Flynn to do this. She’s overwhelmed, her senses are sparking on overdrive. She’s lightheaded, dizzy and not wanting to fall down and ruin the moment, she backs away from them. She sits down on the foot of the bed and watches.

Garcia’s hips buck violently against Flynn’s hand as he holds onto his other self’s waist. There’s so much deep, animalistic grunting and groaning emitting from the two men, and it is absolutely stimulating to hear and to watch. She spreads her legs and starts fingering herself as she watches Flynn lower himself to his knees in front of Garcia, taking her husband’s dick into his mouth without hesitation.

Lucy moans as she strokes her clit. She watches as Garcia places both his hands on the back of Flynn’s head and starts thrusting his hips against his face – just as he does when she goes down on him back at home. Lucy slides one finger inside herself, and quickly removes it, deciding that she wants them to bring her to orgasm.

When she and Garcia first became sexually active, he had admitted to her that there was one time that a man went down on him, and that he enjoyed it well enough, but probably wouldn’t do it again.

And yet… here he is with Flynn’s lips wrapped tight around his cock. Grunting, groaning, and pounding his dick into his other self’s mouth. A part of her wonders if she’d be able to do the same with another version of herself. To go down and eat herself out. That’s another question for another time.

She stands up and goes to them, touching her husband on his lower back, wiping sweat from his brow. She lowers herself to her knees next to Flynn, inching closer to him. She takes hold of his dick and strokes him, holding his dick up so that she can lean down to suck on his balls as he deep throats her husband.

Flynn groans and removes Garcia’s dick from his mouth. He moans her name, “Lucy…”

Flynn allows Lucy to push him onto the floor. She positions herself on her knees between his legs and leaning over, sucks on the tip of Flynn’s dick. She feels her husband behind her, his hands stroking her between the legs as he kneels behind her. She wraps her lips around her teeth and holds onto the base of Flynn’s dick. She moans loudly as she moves her head up and down the length of him.

Garcia places his hands on her abdomen and tilts her hips up as he enters her from behind. His thrusts are shallow and fast, the hard tip of his cock pulsating against her G-spot. His hands hold onto her waist and help her grind against him as she continues thrusting Flynn’s dick in and out of her mouth. She hangs on to Flynn’s cock for dear life with both hands now as her body rocks with her husband’s thrusts.

In this position, on her knees, she can orgasm without any clitoral stimulation and her goddamn husband knows it, and she’s so close now… she starts squeezing Flynn’s dick tight as her body comes closer and closer to the edge. She removes Flynn’s dick from her mouth and cries out, sobbing in ecstasy as her hands tighten around him. She opens her mouth again and tries to get Flynn’s dick back inside, but her husband is pounding her so hard that she can’t.

In seconds, she squeezes her eyes shut and sees sparks of light behind her eyelids as her walls clamp down hard around her husband’s thick cock. She squeezes Flynn’s cock with her hands as she rides out wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Flynn isn’t all that concerned with the fact that his dick is out of her mouth. He lays on his back and watches Garcia fuck his wife, spanking her hard on the ass as she continues to ride out another orgasm. She’s sobbing and she’s beautiful, and she’s clutching onto his hips as her husband – his future self – pounds into her.

Flynn looks at Garcia and asks, “So sure, that you want to let yourself go so soon?”

No. He does not want to finish so quickly.

Garcia stops moving inside Lucy and squeezes his eyes shut. He can still feel her walls violently contracting around him. She’s tight, but she’s so fucking wet right now that he pulls out of her without causing any discomfort. He watches as his wife lays down next to Flynn, her fingers grasping onto his body, tears streaming down her face.

Garcia looks at Flynn and tells him, “lick her clean, avoid her clit though… when she’s overstimulated touching it only hurts her.”

Flynn nods his head and repositions himself between Lucy’s legs, he lifts her hips up with his arms and sinks his face into her. He’s gentle as he cleans her, running his tongue along her full lips, teasing her opening, being careful to stay away from her clit.

Garcia lays down next to her, and rubs his hand on her stomach. He leans down and kisses her forehead, whispering, “I love you, draga…” He moves his hand to her breasts and massages one and then the other, slowly, not wanting to further stimulate her, but rather bring her back down so that he and Flynn might be able to bring her back to the edge again and again.

Once her breathing is back to normal, both Garcia and Flynn help her to her feet and lead her to the bed.

All Lucy wants to do is lie down and continue to recuperate from the powerful orgasm Garcia gave her. But the two men have a different idea.

Flynn is on his knees in front of her while her husband is on his knees behind her. Their hands move slowly all over her body. They gently grope at her breasts… her arms, her shoulders, her waist… one of them squeezes her ass… Garcia sucks on her earlobe as Flynn plants small kisses along her jawline. She can’t decipher anymore whose hands belong to whom as they devour her back, her abdomen, her ankles, her thighs… Their gentle touches, and the sweet sensation of the two of them working together to not only keep her aroused, but to help calm her, to bring her back down because they want to bring her back to that sinful edge all over again…

She feels punch drunk in love with them both and it crosses her mind what it might be like to live in a polyamorous relationship with the two of them. Of course, that can’t happen, but… no one says that she and Garcia can’t continue to take the Lifeboat out to visit Flynn in the past and fuck each other through time, right?

And she’s pretty sure that the two of them are going to fuck her deliriously into oblivion again tonight.

Her head buzzes at the sensory overload she’s experiencing, and she realizes that she’s been holding her breath. To have two Garcia Flynns with their hands and mouths all over her body is almost too much for her to handle, and this is coming from the woman who fell in love with Garcia Flynn and married him, and puts up with his sassy remarks and lame dad jokes on a daily basis – he is, on a normal day, a lot to handle. Her heart is about to burst with how much love she feels for them both.

“Flynn…” She says his name instead of her husband’s because she knows how lonely he has been. She lowers her hand and touches his dick, he’s still rock solid. Enough with the gentle caresses and soft kisses. She wants Flynn to fuck her now. “Fuck me, Flynn… fuck me how you want to fuck your Lucy.”

She breaks free of them and lays down on her back, spreading her legs to him. She glances at her husband who smirks at her and says, “I want to watch.”

Garcia lays down next to her and nods his head at Flynn to give him the go-ahead to be with his Lucy.

Flynn lays down on the other side of Lucy. He touches her breasts and teases her nipples. He lowers his gaze and says, “you on top.”

Lucy does as he asks and straddles him.

She slides her center down and rubs it along the length of his dick. She leans forward and kisses him. She pulls back and looks at her husband. His eyes are dilated and he’s running his fingertips along the length of his dick – priming himself to masturbate as he watches his other self fuck her.

Lucy wets her lips and tells him, “if you want to join in…” she nods toward the nightstand, “I brought lube, and if you do, I want you to fuck my ass.”

She reaches down and takes hold of Flynn’s dick and guides him inside her.

Flynn gasps as his dick slides into her. She’s so tight around his cock and she takes him in so quickly, and with the expertise of someone who has had him so many times before. It takes his breath away.

She places her hands on his chest as she begins moving on him. Her small breasts bounce as she increases the speed of her thrusts against him. His dick moves deep inside her and almost comes completely out of her. Then her hips slam against him, sinking him deeper inside her. She tilts her head back and starts moaning loudly as he hangs onto her thighs with both hands. She squeezes her muscles around his cock as she starts circling her hips against him, pulling and tugging him every which way. She sits up straight and runs her hand through her hair as she grinds against him. With her other hand she starts tapping her clit with one finger.

Garcia watches as Lucy relaxes into giving pleasure to, and receiving pleasure from Flynn. A man so brutally broken down after the events of the 1780 trip where he had shot and killed David Rittenhouse and had made up his mind that he would also kill the man’s child. The man beneath Lucy, who has just replaced her fingers with his own on her clit, actually believed not one hour ago that he deserved to lose her. That he had lost the one good thing in his life after he lost his family… Lucy Preston.

Garcia strokes himself, massaging warm drops of pre-cum around the tip of his penis. He and Lucy have made enough private home videos to last a lifetime, but those videos can’t possibly compare with watching her fuck him live and in person. He wonders if he should ask her when was the first time that she wanted to fuck him. Sure, he knows that she had been thinking about it by the time they had returned from 1936, San Antonio, but is it possible that she wanted him long before that? And how ironic would it be if she names 1893 as well? If she did, that absolutely would not surprise him.

He makes a mental note to ask her about this once they get back home. Then maybe they could go back and he could enjoy getting the ever-living fuck fucked out of him by two Lucys.

Garcia continues to lightly stroke himself as he watches his wife fuck Flynn.

Her hands are on Flynn’s chest and she’s looking him in the eye as she works his dick in and out of her, lifting her ass fully off his body as she pounds him. Sweat trickles down her forehead and drips onto Flynn’s neck. He does not break eye contact with her, and he lifts his hips to meet her every thrust. He circles his fingers around her clit quickly and Lucy squeals and throws her head back.

Garcia knows his wife, he can read her body and knows that if Flynn keeps going at her clit like that, that Lucy is going to orgasm again. He clears his throat and tells Flynn, “Softer and slower… that way she lasts longer and has a more powerful orgasm.”

Flynn nods his head and circles her clit slowly.

She leans forward and groans his name, “Garcia…” as she stares down into Flynn’s eyes.

That’s all it takes for Flynn, hearing her call him by his first name. He sits up and flips Lucy onto her husband’s lap. They struggle to reposition so that her back is against Garcia’s chest as Flynn continues to slowly pump his cock into her.

Lucy tilts her head to look up at her husband as Flynn rocks her body against him.

Garcia clears his throat. “Deeper,” he instructs Flynn. “The deeper you can penetrate her, the harder she comes.”

Lucy brings her knees up toward her chest to allow Flynn a better angle to bury his full length inside her. He presses slowly into her, pushing every limit of penetration that he’s had with previous lovers. Lucy inhales and exhales as he moves deeper and deeper inside her. Garcia starts fondling her breasts as he continues watching, but it’s getting harder to ignore the deep ache in his cock as it demands release.

Garcia pulls gently at Lucy’s nipples, twisting them and rolling them between his fingers. He lowers one hand and massages her clit. She screams as her body tenses. Her back arches as she comes hard again. Her muscles crush Flynn’s cock as he continues to thrust slow and deep inside her.

“I’m almost…” Flynn’s voice breaks as tears sting his eyes, and he stops himself before he’s too far gone.

Flynn is still as Lucy’s body continues to respond to her orgasm. The contractions around his cock are powerful and he’s not sure that remaining still will even work when her orgasm is this strong. He looks up at Garcia, almost as if asking for guidance as to what he should do. He wants to come inside her. He wants to climax with her. But he wants this to last longer, not for himself, but because he enjoys pleasuring Lucy.

“Breathe deep… let her come down from this before you thrust again.” Garcia says.

Garcia wipes a tear from his wife’s face before reaching over and applying plenty of lubrication to his hand. He reaches down between them, and rubs it on Lucy’s ass, spending a little extra time circling her entry with his finger, warming her up for anal.

Garcia lowers himself on the bed, moving underneath Lucy.

He taps her waist to let her know that he’s ready.

She nods her head and slides Flynn out of her as she repositions herself over her husband, holding his dick firmly as she helps him enter her ass. She winces. He’s thick and while they’ve done this before, they don’t do it frequently enough to be one-hundred percent comfortable. He holds onto her waist and helps keep the penetration shallow. Lucy props herself up by placing her hands on both sides of his body.

Lucy looks at Flynn and nods her head to let him know that she’s ready for him to re-enter her. She spreads her legs for him.

“Are you sure, Lucy…?” Flynn asks. He’s concerned that double penetration might be too much.

“It’s ok,” she tells him, “I want this.”

Flynn leans down and kisses her forehead, taking time to think about if he’s comfortable doing this to her. Lucy reaches out and holds his dick in her hand. She nods her head and Flynn kneels in front of her, running his hands from her breasts to her thighs. Her touch is all the permission he needs.

Flynn pushes her legs apart and allows her to guide him into her.

And Jesus fucking Christ is it good.

She looks him in the eyes the entire time as he thrusts into her. The underside of his dick rubbing hard against Garcia’s dick as they both penetrate Lucy. And the sounds she’s making as they both hold onto her are as if from another world. With both of their dicks inside her, she can barely thrust with them. Her breasts bounce hard as both Garcias increase the intensity of their thrusts into her. The grunting and groaning, and her screams are bound to have hotel management knocking on the door to ask them politely to leave the premises.

Unable to hold herself up anymore, Lucy lays her back flat against Garcia’s chest and with one hand pinches her nipples, and with her other she massages her clit as hard as she can. Sweat glistens on her skin, shimmering in the candle light. Garcia shifts his position so that he can wrap his arms around her thighs, spreading her so that Flynn can push deeper inside her.

Flynn grabs Lucy’s leg and drapes it over his shoulder.

The tension builds in both men. Their balls smack against each other as Lucy’s juices seep out of her and drench them.

“Fuck!” Lucy screams, and then sobs as she instructs them to fuck her harder. She slaps hard at her clit and in seconds she’s crying out to both men, tears streaming down her face as her entire body contracts and her walls crash down on Flynn.

Flynn grunts and slams his cock hard into Lucy as he comes, but he doesn’t stop thrusting. He wants to try to get her to another orgasm on top of the one she’s currently experiencing. His hot semen seeps out of her as he thrusts, dripping onto Garcia’s cock below.

Garcia wraps his arms around his wife’s waist and holds onto her as his body trembles through wave after wave of bliss. His entire body shakes as he empties himself into her ass. He kisses her neck and cries out her name, “Lucy!”

The thrusting slows to a stop and the three of them lay there, piled on top of one another, catching their breath. Flynn waits until Lucy’s hold on his dick has relaxed and he pulls out of her gently. He rolls over to lay next to her, resting his hand on her abdomen, caressing her skin with his thumb. Garcia does the same, spooning up behind her. He kisses her shoulder.

Lucy looks into Flynn’s eyes and she sees the man that she fell in love with, the man who she married, who holds her against his chest right now.

“You ok?” She asks him.

Flynn nods to let her know that he’s good. He looks at her and then at Garcia. He’s lost in his own thoughts. He leans over and kisses her lips one last time before sitting up and getting out of bed.

Lucy and Garcia watch him as he picks up his clothes from the floor and redresses. He doesn’t bother to properly tie his necktie, and he doesn’t bother to tuck in his shirt. He bends down to tie his shoes, takes his coat and hat from the chair in the corner of the room and heads toward the door.

He pauses and turns to face them.

“I…” He shakes his head. He doesn’t really know what to say.

He opens the door and leaves.

Lucy bites down on her bottom lip as tears well up in her eyes. She turns around and buries her face into Garcia’s chest and cries.


She shakes her head, unable to speak. He hears that her cries are not from any sense of happiness or relief. She sounds heartbroken, devastated.

“Lucy… sweetheart…” He brushes hair from her face.

She shakes her head and clings onto him.

“We shouldn’t have done this.” She sobs.

“Hey…” He runs his hand through her hair.

“We robbed him of his first time with his Lucy. I mean… how would you feel if this had happened to you? If a future us came to you when you were trying to take down Rittenhouse, and seduced you?” She turns her back to him and tucks her hands underneath her chin.

He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close to him. He kisses the top of her head.

“Do you want to know how I felt after this?” His voice is quiet as he reveals to her that this had happened before.

Lucy spins around, her eyes wide.

“Wait. What?” Her forehead wrinkles. “Are you saying that you remember this?”

Garcia shrugs his shoulders and smiles at her. “I do.” He motions for her to curl up in his arms. “I remember all of this, Lucy. Some things were a bit different, but it was no less… it was good.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Didn’t want you asking more questions.” He kisses her cheek. “And no… fulfilling your fantasy did not rob me of our first time together.” He drapes his arm across her waist. “You remember how you asked if I had read in the journal about how you liked to be touched?”

Lucy nods her head.

“I lied.” He chuckles softly. “I shouldn’t have lied to you, and I’m sorry that I did.” He wets his lips. “You didn’t write anything about our sex life in the journal. The most graphic you got was saying that you kissed me again and again after we survived the Titanic.” He smiles. “Everything I knew about how you liked it, I learned here tonight. Obviously, not everything, but – you know… a few things.”

“Garcia… why didn’t you… you should have told me.”

“Honestly… I had no way of knowing if it would happen again. Every time we traveled through time it changed things. For all I knew, Flynn… he could’ve come here tomorrow with you and Karl instead of tonight, or he could’ve turned us down. I didn’t know for sure. All I knew was what I remembered and knew it was a possibility.”

Lucy nods her head and lowers her eyes. “But I still feel that we stole something from him. The experience of being with me, that first time.”

“Lucy, I promise you. I remember tonight. I remember how it felt to find out that you and I would be together. And, sweetheart… our first time together… that night in 1863, when I returned to you after the battle of Gettysburg, Lucy… that is a night that I will never forget. It meant so much more to me than this little tryst, to have been in that battle for two days, not knowing if I would live or die… not knowing if I’d ever see you again, thinking that I’d never be able to tell you how I felt about you. How back then I thought I was losing you to-”

Lucy places her fingertips over his lips, “Please, don’t say his name.”

“After I thought that you could never love me too… to return to you, beaten, battered and having thought that there was no way I was going to make it out of that battle alive, to walk into our room and have your arms around me, and your lips on mine… pulling me to the bed, crying, telling me over and over again how much you love me, draga…” He circles his thumb against her skin and kisses her forehead.

He doesn’t have to say anything more.

She turns to face him and kisses him on the lips. She takes his hand and holds it over her heart. She smiles. “As different and interesting as tonight was… that night, our first night together, Garcia…” Her eyes gaze into his and she doesn’t have to say anymore.

He knows. Their first time in 1863 had changed everything between them. He raises her hand to his lips and kisses her knuckles.

“I love you, Lucy.”

“Enough to carry me in your arms back to the Lifeboat in the morning?” She laughs quietly. “I’m joking, but I’m afraid that you might actually have to.” She strokes his jaw tenderly with her fingertips and kisses him, pulling back to rest her forehead against his.

“Jako te volim, Garcia.”