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Missing You

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Zhu Yi Long become really clingy when he meets Bai Yu and begun their relationship, because he never expected to fall in love so quickly for him and that it's was the same for Bai Yu.
Everything was just so different, so good and so awesome.
He wouldn't change anything for that.

The only thing who was difficult was sometimes the distance because Bai Yu had one project far away while Zhu Yi Long had nothing to do and he was missing so bad Bai Yu.

He was happy that during this time he could wear some of his clothes to smell him and also. That he was grateful to have tons of plush toys with him.
Bai Yu knew about that and he found that it's was cute about Zhu Yi Long, so sometimes Bai Yu offered some plush toy at Zhu Yi Long.

Right now all he wanted was to cuddle with the plush toy of Bai Yu

When Bai Yu arrived at their home and wanted to surprise Zhu Yi Long he was also surprised to see Zhu Yi Long sleeping with his sweater and also one of his plush toys, he couldn't stop smiling that he have take one picture and put it as wallpaper.

Then he goes kiss his husband "Good morning my beloved"

"Xiao Bai..."

"I'm here Long Ge"

Then Zhu Yi Long open his eyes and saw Bai Yu he was smiling and he kissed him.

"I'm glad you are back" Say Zhu Yi Long still sleepy

"I'm glad also to be back in our home and in your arms and also I had the surprise at found something," said Bai Yu with one grin

"Oh what it is?" asked Zhu Yi Long

Bai Yu takes his phone and showed him the picture he takes and kissed the neck of Zhu Yi Long "You are too cute wearing my clothes and cuddling my plush toy"

Zhu Yi Long was blushing but he was happy to see his lover back