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Can We Surrender

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Things only get better as time goes on, even when there are a few bumps on the road.

Techno is amazed sometimes with how well everything worked out. From the moment him, Type and Tharn get together, it seems his life is finally as good as it was always meant to be. Which is why Techno is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. He is a dreamer, but also quite pessimistic. Except, the shoe never drops. Days turn into weeks and then months and everything stays perfect, or as perfect as a relationship ever is. Techno’s worries dissipate with every one shared with his two men that doesn’t end with them breaking up with him. He doesn’t have very high standards for what might do it so it’s not difficult to make him at ease.

The worries that eat at Techno vary from the silliest to the dumbest (he’d say some where serious, but Type gave him the stinky eye last time he tried to argue so he settles for Type’s ranking.) Unsurprisingly, half of those are about their sex life, probably because they have a very active one. Techno thought that after getting past the actually doing it, there was nothing that could trouble him. He was wrong.


Not long after they have proper sex for the first time, a new worry rises in Techno’s mind. He can’t help it, that’s how his brain works: always waiting for the next silly thought to overthink.

It happens when Tharn announces he is going to be away for a few days. A senior’s band is performing at some festival and their drummer has injured himself, so they asked Tharn to replace him for the weekend. Techno doesn’t think anything of it at first, not until Type asks him if he is staying over the entire weekend like usual. It’s in that moment that Techno’s mind goes into overthinking mode and tells him he shouldn’t. The thing is, so far, all of the time spent together after school has been with all three of them. Techno is more than totally fine with it, after all he loves Type and Tharn equally, but, all of their intimate moments have also been as a group, and there lies Techno’s new concern. He’s never been intimate with just one of them, and, by experience, he knows that spending an entire weekend in their flat usually includes some sort of intimacy.

It’s not that Techno doesn’t want to do the do with just Type, or just Tharn for the matter, but what if that causes an issue? He doesn’t want to think highly of himself (he doesn’t) but, what if the person not there gets jealous? There hasn’t been any jealousy so far and it’s been great. Type doesn’t maul him when Tharn focuses on No, and Tharn doesn’t look like he wants to kill him when Type pays Techno attention. It’s probably because they like him that they aren’t jealous of Techno but what if having sex with one of them when the other isn’t around is the limit? It’s fine when they are both there, but what if it isn’t when one isn’t? He knows he is probably reaching but they’ve never talked about specifics like these.

Techno still says yes to Type because it would be weird otherwise. He ponders about it all week and eventually concludes that, if it was an issue, Type would never have invited him and Tharn would have been less happy about it. If Tharn was ok with Type having him over when he isn’t home, then he must be ok with them having sex without him. (Right?) Techno sure hopes so, even though he can totally live without individual sex times. As long as they don’t break up with him, he will adapt to whatever limits they set.

(He should probably have more backbone and be more confident in speaking up in their relationship, but Techno is a people-pleaser and he just can’t.)

That’s how Techno find himself alone with Type on a Friday night and trying his best to avoid anything sex related. He is in his overly large pyjamas, the most unsexy he has, talking about football, an unsexy topic. Type didn’t get the memo however because he is wearing one of Tharn’s tanks that are slightly big and definitely sexy (they reveal Type’s muscles, ok? Techno is only human) and he is stretched on the couch invitingly. Techno will need a cold shower before bed if he is to avoid sex. Another thing Type doesn’t get because he is combing his fingers through Techno’s hair and scratching his scalp in the most soothing and turn on way –  Techno didn’t know head scratches were a turn on for him until that moment.

“No?” Type whispers which Techno acknowledges with a hum, “is everything ok? You seem a bit off today.”

Techno tenses, “off? What could be off? Nothing’s off.”

“No,” Type admonishes.

Techno sighs and lets Type’s fingers relax him again. He really is a weak man, “Fine. I’m just a bit worried about us doing anything… you know… sexual… without Tharn.”

“Why? Oh! Do you not want to do it without him here? I guess I never thought you might only want to do it when we’re all around…” Techno can hear disappointment in Type’s voice, and he can’t let him misunderstand him so badly.

“NO!” Techno shouts, turning around on the floor to face Type, who is frowning, “that’s not it at all! I lo – like you both equally and individually. I’m happy when we are together but also when we are alone, just you and me, or just me and Tharn. Never think I only want you when you are both here.”

“Then, what is the problem?” Type has gone from disappointed to confused.

“I just worry he might get mad if we do things without him,” or you will get mad if I do things with him without you, Techno thinks. He looks down at his hands, unable to meet Type’s eyes.

“That’s ridiculous,” Techno’s eyes shoot up to stare at Type, who is now looking at him like he is stupid, “why would he be mad? Techno, sometimes I worry you are not paying attention at all.”


“What? I’m serious. When have either of us gotten mad when it comes to you? Never. That’s because we both like you. Also, we talked about it at the beginning, and before Tharn left this morning. We are both ok with the other having individual time with you. I wouldn’t have you here otherwise.”

“Really?” Techno’s worry is easing, and his horniness is rising.

“Really stupid,” Type rolls his eyes, “also, if Tharn were to get mad, it would be about not being able to watch,” Type winks at him and that’s all Techno needs.

He lunches forward and kisses Type with all the sexual frustration pent up during the evening. Type gets hold of Techno’s neck and pulls at him until Techno gets the hint and climbs on top of Type, his weight pinning Type to the couch. Their lips slid against each other and their tongues battle passionately. Type moves his hands down No’s body, harshly caressing it over clothes until he gets to his ass and tightly grabs it, forcing No’s hips forward to grind against Type’s. Techno moans inside Type mouth, feeling hot all over, and desperate for more. He’s wanted this so much, and he can quite believe he is finally going to have Type all to himself.

“Type… Type…” Techno moves away from Type’s sinful lips and lock their eyes.

Type hums, “Yeah?”

“More…” Techno groans as their cock meet in a particularly hard thrust of Type’s hips against his own.

Type squeezes his ass before leaving it to push Techno’s shirt up. Techno uses the chance to straddle Type, taking his shirt off and throwing it somewhere. Type moves to sit on the couch, Techno still on his lap, and laches his mouth on No’s neck. Techno throws his arms around Type’s neck to bring him closer to his chest, loudly whining at the feel of teeth scrapping down his throat and collarbones. Techno knows there will be marks later, both Type and Tharn love marking him, and Techno doesn’t remember what it was like to have unmarked skin anymore.

Techno starts to slowly rock on Type’s lap, feeling Type’s hard dick settled right on between his arse cheeks. His own dick aching inside his sweatpants. No balls Type’s shirt in his hands and pulls, wanting to feel Type’s warm skin under his fingers. Type lets him, separating himself from Techno’s chest just long enough for the shirt to leave his body before attaching his mouth back on No’s sensitive nipples, licking and biting them until they are red and slick. Techno is whimpering and speeding up his rocking on Type’s cock. Type groans, the noise vibrating against Techno’s body.

Suddenly, Type is pushing Techno off his lap, “up, get up.”

“Type” Techno whines but complies, getting to his feet, quickly followed by Type.

Type grabs his face and hungrily kisses him. Techno takes hold of Type’s waist and bring him closer, until they are chest to chest, feeling the up and down of the other’s breathing. Type pushes No, still kissing him as if he is trying to devour him, until Techno’s knees hit the bed.

“Take your pants off,” Type growls against No’s lips.

Techno shivers and quickly does as he is told, pushing his sweatpants and boxers down his legs, and wiggling out of them. He stands there naked as Type eyes him up and down, stare black as coal with lust. Techno shivers again. He is never going to get used to being looked at like that, with so much desire and want.

“Get on the bed,” Type orders in a low voice.

Climbing on the bed, Techno lays on his back and unconsciously opens his legs. He watches as Type gets rid of his own clothes and climbs in between his legs. He reaches under the pillow and pulls a bottle of lube out.

“Really?” Techno can’t help but snicker. That wasn’t there the last time he slept over.

“It’s faster to keep it there,” Type winks at him. Type doesn’t open it, just drops it near him and keeps moving up Techno’s body until he is straddling his chest, “you’re not getting it yet. First, open your mouth for me.”

Techno’s eyes widen as Type takes his cock and puts the head against Techno’s lips. No opens up for him easily, he loves having a dick in his mouth so much. He likes the taste and the feel and how he can make his men come just by sliding his tongue on their members. He particularly loves when one of them does it like this, pining his head to the bed and taking control, fucking his mouth however they want, and Techno can’t do anything but take it. When did Techno become such a slut for cock? Whatever, he doesn’t really care, not when Type is over him and pushing his cock past No’s lips. Techno swirls his tongue over the head as Type slowly rocks inside his mouth. When he feels it hit the back of his throat on a deep thrust, No swallows, making Type groan.

“That’s enough,” Type growls, taking his cock out and moving off Techno. He slaps Techno’s hip, “turn around.”

Shifting to his hands and knees, Techno feels his hole twitch in anticipation. He needs Type and he needs him now. It’s been over a week since he last had a real dick inside him, and he can’t wait. His toy is no match for Type or Tharn’s cock. He watches as Type takes the lube and gets some on his fingers. His eyes stay with Type as he gets behind No and runs a finger over his crack, fingertip catching against his hole. Techno whines loudly. He sees Type smirk at him as he traces the finger around the rim, putting pressure but never entering.

“Type…” Techno whines again.


“Don’t play…”

Type hums and finally pushes the finger all the way in. Techno moans in surprise. It’s a tight fit and Type has to pump the finger several times until No’s hole loosens up enough for a second. Techno is panting and whimpering as Type’s fingers quickly slide in and out of him. He feels himself open up around them, and he is begging Type for more not long after a third finger has been added. Techno has his head buried on the sheets and watches Type between his own legs.

Fingers leave his hole, and he whines at the loss. He sees Type lube himself up and feels the head of his cock against his entrance. Techno’s mouth falls open around a silent moan as Type pushes inside, stretching him more that his fingers could. Type’s hands are holding his ass cheeks tightly and Techno pants as Type bottoms out, his entire cock within No. Type gives him a few seconds to adjust before he starts to move, slowly bringing his entire member out and swiftly pushing back. It’s a tortuous pace for Techno and it has him moaning and whimpering and panting. His legs shift, widening and bringing his ass lower, forcing his back to arch. The new angle gives Type the chance to hit that sweet spot inside Techno and getting a scream out of him. Type’s pace picks up then, holding Techno’s hips firmly and thrusting faster and harder, hitting No’s prostate with every thrust.

“Fuck, No, fuck,” Type groans, “you’re so tight, so good for me…”

“Type –,” Techno moans, “faster, ‘m so close,” he can feel his orgasm start to build up on his lower back.

Type speeds up, ruthlessly pistoling in and out of Techno, going as deep as he can. Techno knows he is going to feel the ghost of his cock long after they are done and that makes him moan louder. Type is bringing Techno’s hips against his own whenever he plunges in. That’s the sign, Techno knows, that Type is close too. A hard thrust on Techno’s bundle of nerves makes stars explode behind his eyes and he is coming, Type’s name on his lips. He clasps his hole around Type’s cock as he pounds him through his orgasm, tightening himself and making Type groan and come. Techno feels Type’s erratic thrusts as he comes inside him, heat and wetness filling him up and eliciting more whimpers out of Techno. Type stills inside him when he’s finished coming. They are both panting heavily.

Techno drops on the bed when Type pulls out, feeling come slip out and down his balls. He knows Type is watching it, he always does since they stopped using condoms. It’s another thing Techno doesn’t really get why Type and Tharn like doing, but he doesn’t mind. Techno clenches his hole to stop the come from spilling out even more and making an even bigger mess of himself and the bed. Type drops on his side next to him, his fingers sliding over Techno’s entrance, teasing the rim. Techno knows it probably looks red and puffy.

“Type…,” Techno whines, looking at him through half lidded eyes.

Type is still looking at his ass, a smirk on his face as he plays with his own come and pushes it back inside Techno. No rolls his eyes but grins. He’s not really complaining. If Type wants to play, then Techno is not going to stop him.

(At least not yet, Techno will complain when he gets oversensitive eventually.)


After their first time, Techno learns more about what it’s like doing it with Type. As it turns out, sex only with Type is bad for Techno’s body and heart.

He’s seen Type have sex with Tharn, but, for some reason, he isn’t the same with Techno. When he’s with Tharn, Type is always the same. No matter his mood, he is soft but demanding. He lets Tharn do as he wants but is spoiled by Tharn at the same time. Type isn’t like that with him.

When he is in a good mood, Type likes to tease. A lot. Techno’s always known Type is a tease, he does it to Techno all the time during the day, but somehow, he didn’t think it would also extend to the bedroom. Techno is talking about Type fingering him for twenty minutes and not listening to any of Techno’s pleas for more. Techno is talking about Type slowing his thrusts inside Techno when he is about to come instead of speeding up. Techno is talking about Type not letting him jerk himself when Type fucks him and being all smug when No comes untouched.

When he is in a not-so-good mood, Type is a baby. Whether he is angry, stressed, or sad, Type wants to be taken care of. It’s another thing Techno already knew about Type but didn’t think applied to sex. How wrong has he been? Still, Techno happily does it. He sucks Type off until he comes. He rides him slowly until Type can’t take it and begs for more. Techno feels so complete when Type goes all soft and pliant after sex because it means he can take Type to his happy place and ease any bad feelings out of him.

Techno doesn’t really care which way Type acts though; Techno loves him so much all the same.


Eventually, Techno gets to experience sex alone with Tharn.

It happens during a week-long school break. Type’s parents insist he goes to visit them since it has been awhile and, at first, Tharn is going to go with him. They’re discussing it a few weeks before the date when the plans change. Type is laughing at Tharn’s pouting at the idea of being tortured by Type’s dad again. Techno just sits there and feels sorry for Tharn. He knows Tharn really wants Type’s dad to like him and has tried since he first met him, but with no luck yet.

“I’m sure it will still be fun,” Techno tries to reassure pouty Tharn, patting his hand where it lays on No’s thigh. The three of them are crammed on the bed with Tharn in the middle, “you can enjoy the beach and send me lots of photos so I can live through you.”

Type frowns at him over Tharn’s head on his chest, arms loosely hugging him, “what are you talking about? I thought you were going with Nic to visit your parents.”

“We were but some work came up and it would be pointless to go. Nic’s going with Kengkla somewhere instead. So, I’ll be alone at home,” Techno shrugs. It isn’t the first time so he’s fine with it.

“What?” Tharn is frowning at him now, moving away from Type and turning to No.

“It’s ok. I’m used to it,” he smiles at them, hoping to make their frowns ease but somehow they deepen. Techno doesn’t like that. Why are they looking at him like that? He really is fine with being alone for a week.

“No…,” Tharn takes Techno’s hand on his own, “that’s not ok. You shouldn’t be alone.”

“I’d say come with us but…,” Type drags out unsure.

“Nope. It’s too risky,” Techno shakes his head, “I don’t think any of us is ready for that.”

Tharn hums in agreement, “yeah, even our most subtle ways would rise flags with your dad.”


“Guys, it’s really ok. You don’t have to worry about me. Just have fun in Pa’gnan and bring me a present,” Techno smiles brightly at his boyfriends, praying that is the end of it.

Type and Tharn exchange a look, Tharn nods and Type nods back. Techno’s eyebrows pinch in confusion, “what?”

“I’m staying,” Tharn’s words make Techno gape at them.


“We’re not leaving you alone No,” Type’s eyes are telling him not to argue but No really wants to.

“I’m not a child! You don’t have to stay for me!” Techno pouts, contradicting himself and making Type roll his eyes.

“Of course you aren’t,” Tharn softly smiles at him, “but we would feel really bad knowing you are here by yourself and we can’t be there for you if anything happens. Also, you’d be saving me from a week being tortured with spicy food. So, really, this is more for me than you.”

Techno’s still pouting thinking about Tharn’s words. He might be telling the truth, or he might be lying. Techno isn’t sure. He’s not really mad though. The idea of being with Tharn all week is better than being alone for sure, but he doesn’t want to be a burden. If Tharn stays for him only, Techno would hate it.

“You’re really not doing it for me?” Techno mutters.

Tharn chuckles, so does Type behind him, “let’s see. Spicy food or my baby No?” Tharn rises his palms to simulate a balance, bringing them up and down as he says the two options. Finally, his right hand stays down, “baby No always wins,” he smirks.

“Shut up,” Techno mumbles and blushes.

They don’t talk about it much afterwards, but Techno spends the days leading to Type’s leaving date buzzing in anticipation. He’s been waiting to be alone with Tharn since his weekend with Type. Don’t get him wrong, it was an amazing weekend, Techno was sore for all the good reasons for days, but it got him curious about what it would be like when it was just him and Tharn. No is finally getting to find out and he’s thrilled.

Type leaves early on a Saturday and Tharn and Techno accompany him to the airport. Techno stayed the night so they could have some fun before Type has to spend a week without sex, Tharn’s words not Techno’s. After waving him off, Tharn drives to Techno’s place so he can pack any extra stuff he wants to take to his home. Techno already has clothes and other things there, but he grabs a few extra just in case.

They decide to spend the day outside since they are already up and out. They go to the mall and browse shops before having lunch at a café. Techno is loving it. He’s getting all of Tharn’s attention and it feels awesome. They’re holding hands as they walk around and eat, acting as couple-y as they want, which they don’t get do usually. They’re always more conscious when it’s the three of them, or at least No is. They still touch and hug but not as freely, and part of him knows people see them as three friends out instead of as a couple of three, or thruple (Techno saw this term on the internet.) So, doing these things with Tharn, he knows anyone who sees them will know they are together, and Techno loves that.

After lunch, they visit a music shop and a sports shop, both playing around in their elements. It’s after those that Techno starts getting tired, and when he is tired, he gets clingy. Dropping his chin on Tharn’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around one of Tharn’s, Techno pulls until he gets a hum out of Tharn.

“Tharn,” No whines, “’m tired, can we go home?”

Tharn looks down at his doe eyes and pouty lips and Techno sees him melt, smiling softly at him and kissing the top of No’s head, “of course baby.”

Techno cheers and tugs a laughing Tharn towards the parking. Techno might be dumb, but he’s not stupid. He knows how to get his way with his men. He’s slowly learned what does it for them by trial and error since they got together. Tharn is definitely easier than Type; a pout, some puppy eyes and Tharn gives in to No. That doesn’t work with Type – the asshole simply laughs at No –, instead No has to do the opposite; ignore Type and act as if he is mad at him. The best part is that they both think No doesn’t know what he is doing, that he is innocent and clueless. Techno prefers it anyway because this way he can keep using his knowledge against them for as long as they remain unsuspecting.

The ride home reminds Techno that he is about to have Tharn all to himself. His leg starts bouncing and heat starts to travel down his body awakening him. Tharn notices and drops a hand on Techno’s thigh, eyes still on the road.

“Are you ok?”

Techno hums but keeps his mouth shut.

“Are you sure?”

Techno hums again and squeezes Tharn’s hand. Neither speaks as they finally get home and park. Tharn holds his hand as they make their way to the flat and, once they are inside and have taken their shoes off, Techno gives in and hugs Tharn. His arms close around Tharn’s waist, and No hides his face on his chest, breathing in Tharn’s scent. Tharn chuckles and hugs him back. They’re standing right in the entrance and Techno doesn’t want to move.

“What’s this for?” Tharn softly mutters, his chin resting at the top of Techno’s head.

Techno sighs, his voice muffled on Tharn’s shirt, “I just wanted to hug you. Can’t I?”

Tharn’s arms around him tighten, “of course you can. Whenever you want.”

They stay like that for a couple of minutes. Techno melting and curling on Tharn’s chest, and Tharn just letting him. Finally, Techno decides to ask for something else he wants, “Tharn?”

Tharn hums, “Yeah?”

“I want you. Can we do it?” Techno is blushing and thanks God Tharn can’t see it. He’s not used to having to say it, but he really, really wants to do it and can’t wait for Tharn to read his mind.

Tharn tenses and Techno fears that he’s said the wrong thing and messed up. He doesn’t have to worry for long though, as Tharn’s hands move to cradle his face and tilt it up so Techno can see Tharn’s blown pupils. Oh. Tharn kisses him and Techno melts. It’s soft and sweet and so Tharn Techno sighs into the kiss. He doesn’t realise they are moving until his back hits the wall and Tharn is pressed fully against him. Techno’s knees are shaking, he’s feeling so damn mushy and warm No thinks they might give up. He holds Tharn for dear life, scrunching his shirt where his fingers are digging onto the material at his back.

Techno thinks Tharn notices his struggles because suddenly Tharn’s hands are under his ass and they are lifting him up. Techno gasps in surprise and brings his legs to circle Tharn’s waist. Tharn smirks at him, clearly delighted with Techno’s reaction. No takes hold of Tharn’s neck and molds their lips together again. His entire body is clinging to Tharn, letting him hold his weight up as they continue to make out against the entrance’s wall.

As much as Techno is enjoying it, and he is – so much – he would really like to be somewhere more horizontal and with way less clothes, and he says just that. “Tharn,” he whines when Tharn’s tongue leaves his mouth to trace a path down his jaw to his neck, “I love this, a lot, but could we, like, move to the bed? cause I need you inside me like an hour ago.”

Tharn groans, the sound vibrating on No’s throat, and hold Techno’s ass firmly. He moves them away from the wall and carries Techno through the flat and to the bed. Techno yelps when he starts walking and clings onto Tharn harder. He knows Tharn won’t drop him so it’s more an excuse to feel those hard muscles against his body than actually being worried. Instead of dropping him on the bed, Tharn sits at the edge with Techno settling on his lap. Techno feels cold hands sneaking under his shirt, caressing his back as they go, and he shivers. Tharn is nibbling on his collarbone and Techno is so hot and it’s better but still not enough.

“Tharn,” he sighs, raising his arms as a hint.

Tharn takes it, taking his shirt off and kissing No’s lips softly. Tharn’s thumb ring catches Techno’s nipple as Tharn caresses his naked chest making No whine as the cold metal rubs his warm nub. Tharn’s licking inside No’s mouth and it’s distracting but No still feels Tharn’s touch all over, including his hard dick right under Techno’s ass. Techno moans, he can’t really move with the position he is in, legs still around Tharn, but he does his best to rut his arse on the bulge inside Tharn’s trousers.

Tharn moans, “baby…”

“Please,” Techno whines.

“I’ve got you,” Tharn shushes him. He lifts them both up and turns around, laying Techno on the bed and hovering over him. Sitting back on his knees, Tharn takes his shirt off, exposing his well-defined chest that Techno takes the chance to drag his fingers through. Techno wants to trace those abs with his tongue, so he does. Tharn groans and lets him have his way, licking and biting his abs, for a minute before he is pushing Techno’s shoulder until his back hits the mattress again. Techno gasps as Tharn gets off the bed to get rid of his trousers before he does the same with Techno’s and climbs between his spread legs. Tharn is caressing every part of Techno he can, and Techno can’t do anything but turn into putty under Tharn. He feels so warm and wanted, Tharn always does that for him. Techno is sighing and letting out tiny pleasure noises.

“My baby No,” Tharn whispers, nibbling on No’s ear, “you’re so good for me. I could do this all day…”

Techno whimpers, “Tharn… please…,” it’s not enough, he wants to say.

Tharn shushes him again and takes hold of Techno’s cock. Finally. Techno faintly moans at the first touch. He’s so hard it’s almost painful. Tharn lazily strokes him, probably knowing that Techno will come instantly if he does it with actual purpose. Techno want to touch to, so he reaches for Tharn’s own member and grabs it, mirroring Tharn’s movements. They lock eyes as they rub each other and Techno sees so much affection on Tharn’s, he blushes. Tharn tenderly kisses him, and No gets lost in the feeling of Tharn’s lips and hand on him.

Eventually, a little voice in the back of his mind reminds No he still wants more. He brings his leg up to curl around Tharn’s hip and gives a shaky thrust up, asking for more without words. He knows Tharn will  understand, always in tune with what his babies want, and he isn’t disappointed. Tharn drops No’s cock and reaches for the bedside table to get the lube. He tries to do it without letting go of Techno’s lips, but he grunts displeased as he fails. Techno giggles when Tharn’s mouth leaves his own and kisses Tharn’s chin hoping to ease his pout. It works and soon Tharn has hold of the lube and is back kissing Techno tenderly.

To Techno’s delight, Tharn’s finally not wasting any time and wet fingers find their way between Techno’s legs. They caress Techno’s entrance, running around the rim before one finger teasingly slips inside. It goes in easily, Techno lose still from the previous night’s shenanigans, and a second finger joins it quickly. Techno squirms and arches his back, trying to get them in deeper. He loves Tharn’s fingers inside him. They’re long and thick and they know just where to press to make him pant, like they are doing right now.

Techno whimpers and a third finger joins in, stretching him and easing him open. Tharn is slowly pumping them and Techno isn’t going to be able to take it for much longer, “Tharn… I need –,” a moan cuts him off as a fingertip graces that spot inside him.

“What do you need baby? Tell me,” Tharn gently mumbles on his ear.

“You – I need you – please,” Tharn’s slightly speed up his movements and Techno whimpers between words because is too much and not enough somehow.

“Anything my baby wants,” Tharn coos.

He takes his fingers out, squirts some lube on his red and hard member and aligns it with Techno’s fluttering hole. Techno wraps his legs firmly around Tharn’s hips and his arms over his shoulders. He throws his head back, gasping for air, as Tharn starts to push in slowly, making Techno feel every inch that goes in and rubs against his walls. When he is fully in, Tharn holds Techno’s hips and breathes over the curve of his neck. They stay like that, just basking on the feeling of being pressed together, until Techno whines. Tharn rocks his hips gently, Techno opening around him. They’re embracing each other so strongly though that he can’t really move fast, instead going for languid thrusts, mellow but deep.

Techno is falling apart under Tharn. He’s moaning quietly with every unhurried nudge of Tharn’s cock on his prostate and feeling so much he might burst into tears. This is the first time they’ve done it so delicately and he is having a hard time holding his emotions in. He never knew someone could feel so much during sex. Usually he feels desire and lust and passion, it’s fire and heat. This is different. He doesn’t just feel wanted; he feels loved. With every kiss Tharn peppers on the heated skin of his throat. With every time Tharn’s member sinks in fully inside him. Techno feels so loved, and never wants it to end.

It has to come to an end however, because Techno’s orgasm starts to build up and he rocks his own hips, meeting Tharn’s to get more sweet friction. No’s cock is dripping and rubbing between them and Techno pants are getting louder as he gets closer.

“Baby,” No hears Tharn mumble over the sound of his own racing heartbeat, “come for me.”

Techno does, moaning on Tharn’s sweaty hair, as he comes on their chests. His thrumming hole clamps around Tharn and a few shaky short thrusts later, Tharn is coming too, nipping Techno’s shoulder, and painting his insides white. Techno’s ears are ringing, his skin feels on fire and there’s white spots dancing behind his eyelids. All the strength has left his body, and he melts under Tharn. Their heavy breathing is the only noise that can be heard in the quiet space.

Without pulling out, Tharn sneaks his arms around Techno’s waist, turns them onto their sides, and readjusts them so they are face to face. Techno takes in his warm eyes and smile as he lazily plays with his hair. Techno almost lets the l-word slip. He wants to say it so badly, to Type too, but it’s too soon. He will get there though. One day he will tell them how much he loves them, and hopefully they will say it back.


If No thinks that is a one-time experience, he is so horribly wrong.

Again, he’s seen Tharn do Type but neither is he the same with Techno. Tharn likes to tease Type and take control over him, but still does everything Type likes and wants. With Techno, he is a bit different and, just like Type, its own brand of whiplash.

Most of the times, Tharn is extremely caring, just like he was during their first time. It also is just like Tharn’s personality, always taking care of him and paying him all the attention he craves. He caresses Techno from head to toe. He takes him apart with his hands and mouth wherever they can reach. He embraces him and is so gentle Techno cries sometimes. He’s smooth and gentle and makes Techno feel so much and so loved he never wants to leave Tharn’s arms. Whenever Techno is feeling down or has a bad day, he needs his Tharn’s babying him  time.

However, when he is stressed, or jealous or possessive, Tharn is rough. Techno knew this before already. He’s seen Type limping plenty of times after he got Tharn jealous at whatever bar they went the night before (most times on purpose). Still, experiencing it is something else. Rough Tharn is hard touches and plunging hips. He holds Techno so forcefully that he leaves bruises for days. He bangs into him so ruthlessly that the entire bed shakes. He digs on his skin like he is trying to imprint himself into No’s bones. He makes him beg and plead for release.

Just like with Type, Techno also loves him both ways, and every way.

(Of course, how Type and Tharn have sex with each other could be different when Techno isn’t around, but he doesn’t know, because he isn’t there. For all he knows, when they have sex only the two of them, Type could be a tease and Tharn could be rough.)


The point is Techno is having the best sex of his life (not like he has anything to compare it with). Fast, slow, teasing, caring, rough or sweet, Techno can’t choose his favourite because they all are, just like Tharn and Type are both his favourite and he would never choose between them.

It isn’t to say that all those types of sex only happen during Techno’s individual time with his men, but Techno is usually so overwhelmed with lust when it’s the three of them that he doesn’t experience things in the same way as when he is alone with one of the two. Together they are lust and passion, so into each other that things like teasing or caring take second place. It’s all about feeling and being felt. That’s how it is for Techno anyway.

Another thing Techno has noticed when they have sex together is how naturally the centre of attention changes each time. It had been one more of Techno’s initial worries. When it’s only two people, there’s no need for it, but when there’s three men in one bed, Techno wondered how it would work. Would one of them always be the centre, the focus? At first it was him, so he started worrying if it would be like that forever or if it would change for the worst. After all, Tharn and Type were used to it only being them two so, how long would it take for them to get tired of that and go back to concentrating on each other?

However, like always, Techno had nothing to stress about. Just like everything between them, things easily flow. It’s completely unspoken, and it depends on their moods. Sometimes it’s Type, and Techno and Tharn dot on him; sometimes it’s Tharn, and Type and No do whatever he wants; sometimes it’s No, and Type and Tharn do whatever they want with him; sometimes each of them focuses on a different person; and sometimes, it’s a two-men show while the third just watches. It works for them, and they wouldn’t change a thing.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter to Techno how they are intimate. As Techno told Type, he loves Type and Tharn equally and individually, but he did fall in love with both of them at the same time. So, even though No loves when he gets to have individual time with his boyfriends, honestly, he loves when they are all together the most.