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Hug The Boy

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"P', you look at only her."


Kon doesn't say anything. He looks at Due with confusion. He doesn't like where this is going. He isn't comfortable. Due just used to be the cute, friendly junior at college and then co worker at the part time job but Kon started to notice few things about Due's feelings towards him.


"I look at only you."


Due seems to be drunk. Kon knows that Due isn't brave to say things like these to Kon directly. Alcohol seems to be helping Due and putting Kon in a very difficult position. Kon knows. He is also selfish in a way. He has been trying to avoid this confrontation, sadly not anymore. But it is better to get this over with.


"I help you so you can get her, even though I love you but you love her."


There are tears in Due's eyes.


"P'Kon, I am always here, yet you never notice. You don't want to notice."


Kon takes a step back.


"I know how it feels, so I help you all the time, help you with dates, help you impress her, teach you cooking, latte art, romantic stuff... so you can have her. But why can't I ever do these things for you?"


"You hate me, right? You disrespect me all the time, P', take me for granted. I am going to slip and try to kiss you or tell you how I feel one day and you are going to throw me away forever, right? Oh... I am doing it right now, aren't I? You seem to be disgusted by me."


Kon takes a deep breath. "Please stop this, Due. I am straight. We aren't even friends, just senior and junior. We aren't that close. I just wanted to help you because you seemed to be nice and lost. Don't continue."


Due wipes his tears which are freely flowing now.


"P', you make me cry all the time, you don't even know that, you are an asshole, you don't treat me right, you are capable of cursing me to my face, you are capable of showing the finger to me just because I like you, you easily rejected me, I didn't even say it properly, you didn't even give me a chance, you are already moving on, treating me like dirt and I still like you, I am sorry, this is why guys like me shouldn't fall for straight guys like you. You are a jerk."


Kon knows it is better to cut things like these before they start, before the bud blooms, before Due misunderstands and gets false hopes. He isn't guilty, it is not his fault that he can't like Due, it is not good to force feelings, right? Didn't he make it clear from the start? Did Due misunderstand him? It will hurt both of them later if he isn't clear. Yet, why does his heart hurt as Due leaves him in tears?