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Sweetness Mixed with Dread

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The most vexing thing about Sun was that he never spoke in direct words and his expressions never revealed what he truly thought either. He had it down to an art, and that made it so that Storm wanted to groan whenever he even saw Sun's beaming face.

Just like now.

"Brother Storm," started Sun, wide smile stretching across his face even though surely there was nothing to smile about, not when it was a sweltering 43 °C outside, yet they were still clothed in a million layers because everyone knew that was what the Holy Knights wore (Judgment probably had it the worst with his wardrobe dominated by nothing but black and more black). "Today Sun woke up and had an epiphany granted by the gracious God of Light, who sent Sun to come and tell all of his hard-working brothers that..."

Storm didn't even bother to listen to all the mumbo-jumbo that Sun was spouting since it basically translated to something like, Haha, I know it's crazily hot outside, but you know what, we have a parade scheduled, so you're going to have to suffer with me. And Sun would say all of that with a super wide smile on his face, as if he were gracefully departing some piece of highly sought after advice, when in reality, Sun was just making sure everyone would be just as miserable as him.

When Storm walked away after the speech Sun had so painstakingly crafted as if he hadn't heard a single word, damn Storm, Sun's smile didn't waver, but he did feel a vein throb for having his kindness so blatantly ignored.

He'd been trying to tell Storm in a roundabout way (because the Sun Knight wasn't supposed to know magic) that he could perform a small wind spell to cool them down during the parade, but did Storm listen?

Not at all.