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Setting in a Honeymoon

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It’s a beautiful hotel room. Lan Zhan has impeccable taste and an inexhaustible bank account—Wei Ying has tried a couple of times to figure out just how much money Lan Zhan actually has and ended up realizing it’s some amount that would make his head spin if he thinks about it too much. Someone carries their bags from the taxi, someone checks them in at a special VIP desk and sends them up a special VIP elevator, and then they’re in a truly breathtaking hotel room. There are giant open windows leading out onto a giant beautiful balcony with a hot tub and an ocean view.

“Holy shit,” says Wei Ying. “This is like…. Is this a whole floor of the hotel? How much did it cost? What the fuck!”

Lan Zhan doesn’t smile, but he does look pleased, that little sparkle in his eyes that only Wei Ying seems to notice. “Do you like it?” he says, instead of answering any of Wei Ying’s questions.

“It’s amazing,” says Wei Ying. The ocean air is warm as it blows through the hotel room. Wei Ying can feel stresses he didn’t even know he had lifting off his shoulder. “I didn’t know hotels like this even existed. I know you said you wanted to handle the honeymoon planning, but this...”

“But do you like it?” Lan Zhan says.

Wei Ying stops and turns to him. Lan Zhan has one eyebrow slightly raised, one hand behind the small of his back. He’s actually worried, Wei Ying realizes. As if this isn’t more than Wei Ying would have dreamed of, as if he could ever have imagined being adored this much.

Wei Ying wraps his arms around Lan Zhan’s neck. His hair blows into Lan Zhan’s face a little, and he laughs and pushes up on his toes to kiss Lan Zhan. It’s a soft kiss; he’s tired from a long flight, and he definitely wants to have sex all over this beautiful hotel room, but maybe not right now.

Kissing Lan Zhan has been known to lead to other stuff though, sometimes. It’s a pretty slippery slope.

“This is the greatest honeymoon of all time,” says Wei Ying. “I swear to god.”

Lan Zhan smiles, for real this time. “I am glad,” he says.

“It’s beautiful,” says Wei Ying, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “And so warm!” Kiss. “And huge.” Kiss. “Imagine how much hide and seek we could play here.”

As soon as he says it he knows it’s a mistake, because both of them freeze.

They hadn’t exactly agreed not to talk about Yuan while they’re away, but neither of them have brought him up in the hours since they’ve seen him. They’ve been sort of…talking around him. Wei Ying is a little afraid that mentioning him will make himself sad. Or worse, make Lan Zhan sad. And they’ve been planning this trip for literally years, first almost as a joke, but then when Yuan got a little more comfortable it became more like speculation, and now... Well, now...

“Sorry,” says Wei Ying quietly. “I didn’t mean to bring up… I just meant… You know how into hide-and-seek he’s been lately! And he could hide under that bed, or in that enormous closet, or in the massage room, or out on the porch. But also we couldn’t let him roam because he’d fall into the hot tub, you know? He’d just get so curious, or he’d want to know if there were fish in it, and he’d get too close and… I should stop talking about him. I didn’t realize how long two weeks without him was going to be. Is this ruining the mood? I didn’t want to ruin the mood.”

“You miss A-Yuan,” says Lan Zhan quietly, with a slight wrinkle to his forehead.

“No!” says Wei Ying quickly. “Well. Yes, of course I miss him. But this is our honeymoon. We saw him fifteen hours ago, when they dropped us off at the airport. We’ll see him again in two weeks! He barely even cried, because my sister had him so distracted with toys and my cute little nephew, and… I just mean… Because—”

“I miss him as well,” says Lan Zhan.

Wei Ying laughs, in kind of a sad way. “Are we pathetic?” he asks. “We literally saw him last night. We’ve been putting off this honeymoon for two years hoping he’d be okay with us going away. And now he is! And it hasn’t even been a full day and…” He trails off.

There is a long considering moment. “We are not pathetic,” says Lan Zhan at last. “He is our son.”

Wei Ying laughs again, but it’s a weird laugh, like he might cry? “Last week he kicked a soccer ball in the apartment and shattered your monitor. Last month he overflowed the bathtub to see what would happen to all his toys in a tsunami. Two months ago—”

“He is full of energy,” agrees Lan Zhan.

“We should be excited to have a break from being full-time parents,” Wei Ying argues. “We literally haven’t had a whole day apart from him since before we met each other.”

“I…do not think that sentence is possible,” says Lan Zhan. “But I understand what you mean.”

Wei Ying sets his shoulders stubbornly. “I am excited to be here. Alone. With my husband.”

“Mm,” agrees Lan Zhan.

“And I don’t miss him waking me up at 6 am every morning, or putting his sticky hands all over every single thing we own, or whining when the weather is too bad to go outside, or asking me what the name of every kind of bird and flower and plant is.”

Lan Zhan waits quietly.

Wei Ying sighs. “Okay. Fine. I miss it a little.”

“Mm,” says Lan Zhan again.

“Imagine what he’d think about the fish in the coral reef!” says Wei Ying. “And the birds here are all different, he’d want to know all about them. And he’s never been to a real beach. The beaches in New York are okay, but they aren’t like this, they aren’t—”

Lan Zhan kisses him. It still sends shivers up and down Wei Ying’s spine, as if every time is the first time, knocking the breath out of him.

“I have an idea,” says Lan Zhan.

“Oh no, not another idea,” Wei Ying says immediately. “Last time you had an idea we got married.”

“....yes,” says Lan Zhan, faintly puzzled. “It was a very good idea.”

Eventually,” Wei Ying says. “But it was definitely bonkers insane for a while.”

Lan Zhan gets that very patient expression he has sometimes, when he thinks Wei Ying is being silly, but he loves him too much to argue. He just stands there, looking beautiful and perfect, until Wei Ying sighs.

“Okay,” Wei Ying says. “Tell me your idea. But I’m not marrying anybody else, so don’t even think about it.”

Lan Zhan’s mouth twitches again. “I would not suggest you marry anyone but me,” he says. “That would be unacceptable. This is much simpler.”

“You said that before,” grumbles Wei Ying.

“Indeed. I was thinking that perhaps…your sister would be willing to come on vacation and join us, bringing the children with her.”

Wei Ying’s mouth drops open in surprise. “But we’re on our honeymoon!” he says. “The whole point—”

“It would be at least two days before they could arrive. They could stay in a different hotel room,” says Lan Zhan. “Then we would not be full-time parents. We would be celebrating our marriage on a vacation. And we would also have our son.”

Wei Ying married the smartest person in the whole world. “Would that work?” he asks. “A last-minute ticket is going to be so—Don’t smile like that! You never even think about money, but someone has to!”

“If money were no object, would you invite your sister to fly out and join us with the children? She can, of course, bring her husband, although I know he...irks you.”

Wei Ying wants to argue, because he just likes arguing sometimes, but also his husband is amazing, and apparently all his ideas are good ideas. Wei Ying throws himself into a kiss, enthusiastically enough to make Lan Zhan rock back on his heels. His arms come around Wei Ying’s waist, a little possessive. Wei Ying loves it.

“Call them,” says Lan Zhan against Wei Ying’s mouth. “If they are in a separate hotel room then you and I can…celebrate…as much as we wish. A-Yuan will like shave ice. And the beach. And the fish.”

“And we’ll like having him here. Maybe it’s not him who has separation anxiety. Maybe it’s us.” Wei Ying digs his phone out of his pocket. He’s not sure what time it is back home. He’s not sure what time it is in Hawaii right now, either.

“Perhaps all of us are glad to have found a family,” says Lan Zhan, and that’s too sweet, it’s too good; Wei Ying gives up on his phone and tackles Lan Zhan onto the bed instead. He makes a satisfying little “oof” noise and his eyes go dark. “We will call later?” he asks.

“Hell yeah,” says Wei Ying, and crawls on top of him. “Family honeymoon, baby! Why not? I’m in. You’re in?”

“I am in,” says Lan Zhan seriously, and Wei Ying has to kiss him again.