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Latina can't sleep, and it's not because of Rita's baby- hasn't been for months, actually. It's just that whenever she closes her eyes, she suddenly feels fidgety. 

It's annoying. 

There's no reason for it- the baby sleeps well now, and Dale is right there next to her as he usually is. 

So why can't she get to sleep? 

Maybe going outside for a bit will help.

Latina carefully crawls out of bed and slips out of the cracked door. She tiptoes past Kenneth snd Rita's room and pads her way downstairs. She slides her feet into her slippers and goes through the kitchen and out the back door. 

The air smells like wet hay and horses, and it reminds her of when Dale had first brought her to Kruez. 

With a smile on her face, Latina leans against a post bordering an empty paddock and looks up at the stars. She tries to pick out some of the constellations she'd learned about in school, but the stars are too small to make them out easily. 

So she makes some up, tracing figures with her small fingers and crafting stories for each of them. She pretends the constellations are people she knows- there's Dale, with his sword, and beside him is Kenneth with a large mug. She sees Rita and Rag and Rudy and Marcel and Chloe and Sylvia and Anthony. 

She hears a familiar yawn and looks up at the real Dale with a smile. He ruffles her hair fondly.

"Can't sleep, huh?" 

She nods.

"Yeah. So I thought I'd look at the stars." 

He nods and follows her gaze upwards. 

"Yeah. The sky's clear tonight, so you can see them pretty well, right?" 

She nods again. "I can't make out any actual patterns though, so I made some up." 

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Dale asks curiously. 

Latina points. "Like, there's you, Dale! And then there's Kenneth and Rita," she yawns, "and- Cloe and Rudy...and Marcel, and...Anthony, and..." 

She yawns again and Dale lifts her up into his arms. "I see. But you sound tired- think you can fall asleep now?" 

She yawns and rests her head on his shoulder. "Yeah...I can sleep now..." 

Her eyes close, and Dale smiles fondly as he takes her back to their room and tucks them both back into bed.