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Lucky Strike

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It was an unusually quiet and rainy night in the streets of Seattle, Brian and his partner Michael were on speed patrol on Interstate ninety. The low hum of the police scanner in the background, Brian in the passenger seat pretending to sleep. "I fucking hate this shift. This place is fucking dead." He grumbled.

"Well maybe if you hadn't pissed off the Captain, we'd be back working the day shift putting real criminals away instead of passing out speeding tickets." Mike replied, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Hey that fucking junkie should have kept his mouth shut."

Mike just shook his head and rolled his eyes. Brian was never one to follow the rules, always did things his own way and didn't give a shit what the consequences were or who he pissed off but he got shit done. And in away that was one thing Mike respected about him, at least until it involved him getting his ass chewed for not keeping a better handle on his partner. But there was no handling Brian and that was something Mike learned very early on in police academy. As much as Brian was a pain in the ass he was becoming like a brother to him.

"There is something I gotta ask you and I know you're gonna hate it but just remember how many times I have saved your ass just in the past six months alone, let alone the entire time we've been friends." Nervously said.

"Mike for the last time I will not sleep with you, you're cute and all but you're a little too butch for me." Brian chuckled.

"You'd be so lucky to suck my dick."

"That would actually require you having a dick to suck. Does Jess still keep it in her purse or does she let you have it back on your birthday when she actually lets you be the man in the relationship?"

"Fuck you man. Maybe you aren't the guy for this job since you lack the maturity to be a fucking adult." Mike huffed.

"Don't be a fucking pouty bitch just ask me what you wanna ask me already."

"Fine. I asked Jess to marry me last night."

"Holy shit, man. Congratulations." Brian patted Mike on the back.

"I'm kinda shocked you'd be happy about it the way you dog on me for being with her."

"Yeah so I'd rather get shot point blank in the head than get married but that's me not you. You're the response guy who wants the American Dream of having a family but you're also my best friend so if you're happy than I'm happy for you. Even if I think it's a huge mistake and you should be single with me and chase tail for the rest of our lives."

"You're such a sentimentalist, Brian. Do you need a tissue for your bitch tears." Mike teased, tossing a napkin at Brian.

Brian crumpled it in his hand and threw it at Mike's head. "So what's this big question you're dying to ask me, cause if it's my blessing for this catastrophe, than my answers no."

"I want you to be my best man, asshole."

"Fucking really? Is Jess okay with this cause she fucking hates my guts." Brian was shocked and a little honored that Mike would ask him to do this. Mike was one of the few people Brian trusted enough to let him into his world and for him to ask this meant a lot.

"She's not thrilled but after I bribed her with a honeymoon to Hawaii she changed her tune." He laughed. "So what do you say?"

"Does this mean I have to put a penguin suit on?"

"Bow tie and all."

"Fuck me" Brian huffed. Suit, ties and stuffy parties were like torture to Brian and weddings don't even get him started but this was for his best friend who had saved his ass more times than he could count.

"Maybe after our shift." Mike smirked. "Look we're have the wedding in Vegas in a few weeks, Jess wants to keep her mom from turning the whole things all about her. And to top it all off the maid of honor is single and unbelievably hot." He grabbed his phone scrolling through the pictures, finding the one of Jess and her friend Brooke. Knowing Brian as well as he did he knew he wouldn't say no to Vegas and a hot girl. "This is the maid of honor Brooke."

Brian grabbed the phone inspecting the picture of the blue eyed brunette. Her sassy sexy smirk intriguing Brian and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to see more of her. "alright even though I'm against this whole institution, I'll do it"




Brooke dropped her bags onto the floor of her hotel room, her day had started out great she was finally back in the states after a three month stint in Africa doing a piece for National Geographic. Then her day went to shit when she came home to find her apartment had flooded. After the stress of the day all she wanted was to turn off the world and relax in a hot bath. She stripped off her clothes then headed into the bathroom, she filled up the tub adding in some lavender bath salts and some bubble bath.

She was finally relaxed in the tub sipping on a little champagne to help further relax her when she heard her phone ringing in the other room. Normally she would say fuck it and let it go to voicemail but this ring was different, it was the special ringtone she set for her best friend Jess. She hadn't seen Jess face to face in almost two years due to her crazy schedule. The life of a freelance writer never left much time for a social life.

Brooke jumped out of the tub wrapping a towel around her as she raced to go pick up her phone.

"Jess, hi doll. How are you?"

"Well hello miss world traveler, welcome home baby cakes." Jess' voice over flowing with excitement.

"Thanks honey. You sound extra happy I'm guessing things are going well with Michael." Brooke could hear Jess smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh my god, Brooke you have no idea. Michael proposed last night." She squealed.
"Oh Jess that's amazing I'm so happy for you, sweetheart."

"Brooke I know you have issues with the whole idea of marriage after everything that happened with your parents divorce. But I really want you to be there and be my maid of honor. Please Brookie Bear."

Brooke at a young age decided she would never get married. After seeing the hell that her parents put each other through during their divorce and the way they used her against each other, tainted her to the idea. But Jess had grown up with sane parents who had been married for what seemed like an eternity, so if she was happy and she felt that Michael was a worthy man than Brooke was happy for her.

"Of course I will, Jess. So when's the big day or have you even started thinking about that?"

"Two weeks."

"Damn that's fast, Jess. Why so fast?"

"You know my mother she likes to make a big show of everything and I want my wedding to just be about me and Michael and being surrounded by the ones we love, even if it includes an annoying best man."

Brooke could hear the disdain in Jess' voice "what's wrong with the best man?"

"Oh just that he's a womanizing asshole. I don't even know why Michael is friends with him."

"Let me guess you tried to go for him first but he turned you down." Brooke teased.

"Brooke that's besides the point. Just promise me you won't get involved with him. I don't want you becoming another notch in his bed post."

Jess should have known better than to tell Brooke not to get with this guy, it would only make her want to do it even more. Brooke was a big girl and she knew how to protect herself and her heart. Now Brooke was intrigued and looked forward to seeing how much fun she could have with this guy.

"Look Jess I'm there to help you make your day perfect I won't have time to fool around with men. Besides I probably won't find him the least bit attractive."

"I highly doubt that." Jess chuckled "shoot Michael just got home I gotta go. But I want to hear everything about your trip to Africa when you get to Vegas and find a purple dress for the ceremony. I love you Brookie Bear."

Brooke hung up the phone her mind still trying to process Jess' news. "Married"



The cab pulled up to the church just after four in the afternoon, Brooke was a few minutes late thanks to traffic. She handed the driver a couple twenties then climbed out of the cab. She stood for a moment staring up at the small Catholic Church just outside the sinners heaven of the main strip of Vegas. Brooke hadn't been inside of a church since she was a kid and she wasn't exactly thrilled to be returning. She wasn't a saint by any means if she ever had to confess all her sins the confessional would burst into flames.

"Leave it to Jess to be the only one to get married in Vegas at a fucking church." She huffed "hope I don't burst into flames going into this place."

"You and me both sweetheart." A deep voice said from beside her.

Brooke turned her head meeting the strangers blue eyed gaze. He was dressed in dark jeans, a grey Henley shirt, the sleeves pulled up exposing a tattoo on his forearm that read "Gamble." His sandy blonde hair looking like he had just had just had a sex in the car on the way to the church and a jawline that looked perfect for riding. He dripped of sex and bad boy and Brooke knew immediately that this had to be the womanizing asshole Jess had told her about. Brooke ate her words about not finding him the least bit attractive, just looking at him Brooke could already feel her panties getting damp.

"Last place I thought I'd meet my demise is in a church in Las Vegas." Brooke giggled.
"Right? Who has a church wedding in Vegas? You're suppose to get drunk and accidentally marry a stripper, like normal people."

"I know right, that's how it's done. Jess said wedding in Vegas and I imagined a cheesy wedding chapel with an Elvis impersonator and showgirls."

Brian was surprised Brooke was nothing like what he imagined. She wasn't stuffy and snobbish like Jess. Brooke was actually funny and charming and far more beautiful in person. "I was tempted to higher some strippers to pole dance to Pour Some Sugar on Me during the ceremony."

"I would totally chip in for that just to see the look on Jess' face." Brooke grinned, starting to think that maybe Jess was wrong about this guy he didn't seem like the asshole she painted him to be.

"I have to say when Mike told me Jess' childhood best friend was going to be the maid of honor I was expecting someone...."

"Someone with a giant stick up their ass and whose idea of fun is going to flea markets buying crappy antique furniture."

"Yeah that. I'm Brian the best man by the way." He said reaching his hand out to her.

Brooke slid her hand into Brian's his touch sending a shiver through her body. If that's what just shaking his hand could do to her she couldn't wait to see what the rest of him could do. "Nice to meet you Brian. I'm Brooke." She said flashing him the sexy smirk that first intrigued Brian.

"So Brooke what's a person with an obvious sense of humor doing being friends with a wet blanket like Jessica."

"We grew up together in Seattle. She was my saving grace when my parents divorced. She's kind of like a sister to me, but it doesn't stop me from teasing her about how up tight she can be."

"Speaking of the devil" Brian pointed to the doors of the church as Jess was stepping outside.

"Brooke come on get your ass in here we're already running behind on the rehearsal. And Brian Michael is looking for you." The tall red head shouted, tapping her foot and pointing to her watch.
"Well we better get in there before bridezilla pops a vein." Brooke giggled as they started up the stairs to the church.

"Should we do this together. If I'm going to die..."

"It might as well be next to a beautiful woman." They said in unison.

Brooke laughed then playfully punch Brian on the arm "jinx you owe me a coke naughty boy."

Brian chuckled then patted down his chest and along the pockets of his jeans "you know what I'm fresh out can I offer you a mind blowing orgasm as payment instead." He replied flashing her a sexy smirk.

Brooke tapped her chin with her finger humming to herself. "Normally I wouldn't to do this kind of trade for anyone cause I love my caffeine. But you have an honest face so you got a deal."

Brian faked a sigh of relief "you're a saint."

Before Brooke could reply Jess grabbed her hand and started pulling her into the church. Brooke looked back at Brian his eyes still locked on her "we can discuss payment at the rehearsal dinner."

Brian flashed her a wink and watched as she walk inside. He followed quickly behind finding Michael inside waiting for him. They stood waiting for the wedding planner to give them their direction, the entire time Brian kept a close eye on Brooke. She wasn't his usual type, yeah she was hot but the way she was dressed from her strapless top with little cherries to her curve hugging pencils skirt down to her expensive black and red fuck me heels and her perfectly pinned up chocolate locks screamed out of your league. But there was something about her that captivated him.