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One-shots and Requests

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Kokichi walked into the house and began stripping himself of his clothes. He knew what this was about. Shuichi had asked him to drink a lot all day. In fact, he had been sent to work with about 6 full bottles of Poland Spring water and was told to finish all of them. Which of course, trustins his beloved saihara-chan, he did. Now, on his way home from work, with a bitter ache in his bladder, he recieved a message. "Strip when you come home" it said "I have a surprise for you." So naturally, here he stood now, rushing to the bedroom, in nothing but his boxers. When he entered , he already saw the detective sitting in the bed. "Cmere" was all he said. Oma obeyed and walked over , kneeling on the bed. He was pulled into Saihara's lap, boxers being pulled down to his thighs. There was the feeling of something cold and wet against him and suddenly he felt the familiar feeling of their smallest plug being pushed into him. He let out a whine, but him and shuichi both already knew it wasnt enough to do anything for him. He was then flipped over. Now sitting on Shuichi's lap, the pressure of the plug grew slightly, but not enough to cause disvmcomfort. Two hands slid down his chest, before trailing back up again. He felt a bite on his ear,"Did you drink everything to day?" Oma whined again, now remided of the painful pressure of his overfilled bladder,"Yes..." He was greated with another nibble on his ear,"Good boy." Shuichis hands slowly made their way down to Oma's stomach and at first Oma was cinfused. But then he felt him apply pressure. Oma gasped and lurched forward,"N-no, wait.." Shuichi purred in his ear,"Color?"
Oma huffed and rolled his eyes,"Green." Shuichi smiled again and pressed harder. He licked the shell of Omas ear and Omas hands went to grasp of shuichi's. He felt a spurt of wet leak out and he whuned again before letting go. It all came out and a tear or two leaked down his face. He was so embarassed and he didnt know how to handle it. But just as shuichi always does, he leaned over and kissed him. "You did a good job" he said. "Dont cry my love" he said. Oma was pushed to the bed after a few minutes and kissed were layed all over his sticky body. Oh yeah, this would be a fun night.

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It really seemed like it was gonna be a normal day. He didnt expect to be in the back of the kitchen in the cafeteria with his dick in his boyfriend's mouth at 10 30 am. But here he was. Then again. Hajime didnt exactly have the most predictable boyfriend in the world.
Lets start from the beginning.
The class had decided they wanted to have breakfast with each other that morning. They had all been stressed with classes and getting back to school after their recovery, and they hadnt had time to actually hang out and bind like they used to. So there they were, eating breakfast.
And then Nagito's hand was on his. And they were just holding hands. And then he felt something against his knee.
When he looked, it was just Nagito's knee, but he just so happened to notice the tent that Komaeda was pitching in his pants.
Now, Nagito was just trying to get attention, but Hajime couldnt help it when he saw how turned on Nagito was. It was almost contagious.
The next thing he knew, he was "getting up to get more syrup for his pancakes" and after he entered the kitchen, Nagito followed 3 minutes later. Obedient as always.
Nagito smirked and pink sprinkled his cheeks like chalk dust on the curb of a side walk being blown away by the wind.
"Come here."
And now they were kissing. Tongues and teeth clashing, hands in hair. "I want to suck your dick, Hinata-kun."
Now on his knees, Nagito undid Hajime's pants and tugged his dick out. Hajime had never seen Nagito so desperate before, but he didnt have much time to think about it, because now there was a warm moist feeling around his dick. And thats where we are now.
Hinata couldnt handle how slow Nagito was going though, that was the problem, he had begged to go faster, and he still wasnt fast enough. And it was driving hajime off the wall.
"Yknow what," hajime grabbed a handful of snowy white hair,"If you dont like what im doing, tap my hip, but we re going to slow for me to not take control."
Wide, confused eyes looked up at him, and they only widened when Hajime began to thrust into his mouth. Nagito moaned as Hinatas cock made it down his throat and the the thrusts got faster. Hajime let out a low moan and began slamming into him.
When Hajime looked down at his boyfriend, he seemed to be palming himself through his pants. "No," hajime rasped out and kicked his hand aside. He pressed his foot into Nagito's crotch, just enough to create tension. "Youre not going to get yourself off without me helping. Grind all you want, baby."
Nagito hummed around Hinata and grinded into him. Hajime hrowled as he pressed Nagito into a wall and thrusted harder, groaning. He breathed heavily and his thrusts became uneven as he came down Nagito's throat. As Hinata pulled out, Nagito let out a gasp for hair, a string of thick saliva and semen connecting the two.
Hajime kneeled and purred, unzipping Nagitos pants. He messily pulled out his cock and spat in his hand. He began to stroke him quickly,"Cmon, i can tell your close, snowball." Just a minute or so later, Nagito was letting ojt these pretty little whines and moans that always spilled out of him as he got close. He keened as he came, cum spirting out of him, spilling on his shirt and Hinata's hand.
Hajime was quick to pull away and grab a napkin off of the table, cleaning them both off. After only a few more minutes they both left the kitchen, sitting back down with the group.
"Hey Hajime," Soda spoke,"Where's the syrup? I thiught thats why you got up..."

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Pressed against a wall, a tongue in his mouth, pushed to a bed and now his scarf was being pulled off. Rantaro's hands were delicate as he undid every belt and buckle on Oma's shirt. He shivered at the cold hands running over his newly uncovered flesh, and let out a moan as the warmth of Rantaro's mouth wrapped around one of his nipples. His back arched and he gripped at the green-haired man's shirt,"Off."
Rantaro chuckled,"Well, Im the one in control," he purred as he lifted off his shirt,"but Ill take it off. Only cause i want to take you for my own sooner rather than later~"
Oma whimpered at the teasing and sat up. He wouldnt be taken out of control that easily. Ultimate supreme leader he was! Not ultimate bottom. He undid Rantaro's pants, pulling them down with his boxers, before his hands were pulled away. Two hands around his wrist and he was pushed to the bed again.
"Didnt know you were that excited to get started. Let me help," and then his own pants were sliding off his thighs, being thrown on the floor. He heard the pop of a cap, and a few seconds later, a cold wettness by his entrance. Lube.
"Hey," there was a serious tone in Rantaro's voice,"if you dont want to keep going, we can stop."
Oma smirked. Guess he gave off the wrong impression. He sat up and kissed Rantaros cheek,"Neeheehee, if you think youre getting out of fucking me that easily, youre dead wrong."
A smirk painted itself across Rantaros face and suddenly Oma was arching his back again as the boy's fingers probed him. It was new, but it was great. "More."
"Huh, already? You really are impatient..."
Suddenly another finger was being added. Then a few minutes later, another. Then one more and Oma was practically begging to be fucked. And lets just say, Rantaro wasnt going to deny him that.
Oma whined at the lack of fingers, but quickly choked back a groan as something bigger made its way inside him. He felt tears rise up in his eyes as he was filled again,"Relax" Rantaros voice was in his ear,"You need to relax, itll feel better."
After a few more deep breaths, Oma was grinding down against him, and Rantaro was thrusting into him. Oma moaned loudly as Rantaro hit his prostate,"Fuck, Rantaro, please-"
"Please what?"
"Harder! " He went harder, a gasp from the purplette's mouth,"Faster!"
He went faster and as he did, his breathing got faster, his thrusts began to loose their rhythm,"Fu-Fuck Oma, Im gonna-"
"Do it, finish inside me," Oma chuckled, breathing heavy as he grabbed Rantaro's hand.
Rantaro moaned and slammed into Oma, evicting a load cry from him. As Oma's seed spilled out, his walls tightened, and Rantaro was a goner. He came deep inside of him and they sat there for a minute. They sat there until Oma whined from the discomfort.
Rantaro layed them on the bed, pulling out of Oma," I love you..."
"Neeheehee, I love you too," a sigh of content,"We should do this more often."

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Komaeda didnt know how he got into the situation. He didnt know how how he ended up pressed against the vacant pool wall by his boyfriend.
It had started with a pool party with some of their friends. They had all sat around in the pool and played some games like Marco Polo and stuff. Just had an overall good time. As the night went on, some got tired and began to leave, others being dragged home to their dorms by their insistent partners.
And eventually, it was just Hajime and Nagito. As they talked, Nagito's boyfriend got closer and closer to him and the tension became thicker. And now here they were, Nagito pressed against the pool wall, with Hajime the only one able to see him like this.
"We re gonna get caught. Hajime, this is the school's pol," Nagito said, cursing himself for being worried, as this was honestly getting him heated and he did not want to put it on hold.
"It's 1 30 in the morning. No one is gonna see us," Hajime kissed his cheek and pulled back and kissed Nagito's cheek,"But if you really don't wanna continue in here, we can always head back to the dorm."
Nagito thought for a moment, biting his lip. Hajime did in fact have a point. No one would be in for a few hours and he doubted anyone would check the cameras for anything.
Fuck it.
Nagito leaned forward and began to kiss Hajime passionately, feeling a bit hungry for him. Hajime kissed back eagerly and, feeling no need to hold back, he glid his hands through the water down to Nagito's waistband. Seconds later, their tongues now tangled in a heated mess of passion, Nagito's swimsuit rested around his knees.
Hajime's hands dissapeared in the water, wandering underneath Nagito. The white haired boy felt something prod at his entrance and seconds later there was a finger inside him. Then another.
He keened as he felt Hajime work him open slowly, yet desperately. Another moment or two later and there was a third and fourth finger. He groaned as they left, making him feel empty, but then that feeling quickly changed.
Hajime had pulled out his dick and it was pushing it's way into Nagito, who let out a low moan.
Hajime kissed Nagito softly, letting Nagito get used to the feeling as he paused. Once Nagito grabbed onto Hajime's shoulders, Hajime began to thrust. Given, it was slightly difficult, due to the lack of lube. But NAgito couldn't complain, it was probably just another product of his luck anyway. He supposed the good part of his luck right then was the fact that he was still enjoying himself quite a bit, despite the lack of said product.
Nagito moaned louder as Hajime's thrusts got faster and rougher, hit him at different angles, making Nagito feel just as good as Hinata always made him feel.
"H-hinata-kun, I" He cut himself off with his own moans as a particularly rough thrust hit his prostate. Drool ran down his chin as he grinded against Hajime, now desperate for a release. "Please."
Hajime leaned in and licked the shell of his boyfriend's ear, "Go ahead, babe. I'm waiting."
Nagito whined as Hajime moved faster. He leaned in and kissed Hajime furiously as he finally climaxed, cum spilling out into the pool. As he came down from his climax, he felt Hajime's thrusts become more unorganized and less graceful. Nagito moaned one last time as Hajime finished.
Within the next 20 minutes, they were cleaned up and dry, walking back to their dorms, hand in hand. Nagito apologized inwardly to any students who would be swimming in the pool the next morning.

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Kaito could have sworn that Shuichi was going to kill him. The way Shuichi was grinding against him and the way Shuichi was kissing his neck was just amazing and Kaito didnt think he had ever felt that way before. 
The thing that was going to kill Kaito was how hard his dick was. Maybe enough blood wasnt rushing to his brain and he'd just die- although of course that was unlikely.
Kaito wanted nothing more than to be one with the detective. Inside him, kissing him, holding him, making him his. Little did he know, the detective had very different plans.
When Kaito had reached his hand back to pull down Shuichis pants, grabbing the lube with his other hand, Shuichi leaned back. With a chuckle he spoke,"If you think Im going to bottom tonight, youre dead wrong."
The astronaut was speechless for a moment. He tried connecting the dots- what were they gonna do then-? Just oral-? Were they going to just keep grinding-? Than why'd Shuichi bring lube-?
The blunette must have realized Kaito was struggling, because he leaned in close and whispered,"I thought maybe i could top you~"
Kaito's jaw went slack. He immediately felt himself get defensive,"Im not a bottom, Shu- I usually don't do it with guys, let alone bottom for them-"
"Well-" the blunette spoke again,"Im no ordinary guy. Ive been youre best friend- your 'bro' for a while now. And I wouldnt hurt you, I'd be gentle."
Kaito swallowed. He didnt bottom. He wasnt a bottom. He'd never. Thats not something he's int-
"Cmon, baby, let me pop your cherry~" Shuichi purred, licking his earlobe.
Dear god. What the fuck. Shuichi did not seem like the type to do this. He was so shy, but Kaito would be lying if he said this new persona Shuichi was sporting didnt turn him on.
Kaito bit his lip, considering,"I guess..... I guess we can try it. But I probably wont like it."
"And if you dont like it, just tell me and I'll stop." Shuichi smirked, grabbing the lube out of the larger male's hand.
Kaito turned over, pulling down his own pants as Shuichi stood, pulling off his trousers. 
Shuichi poured some lube into his hand and slowly began to prep Kaito. The man gritted his teeth, kind of conflicted by the new feeling. On one hand it was new and different and not Kaitos first choice but on the other, Shuichi was being really gentle and slow, making sure he was ready for him.
Kaito grunted when the fingers were removed after a while. He felt the matress give as Shuichi sat up on his knees, lubing himself up. Shuichi wiped his hand off and grabbed Kaitos hips,"Ready-?"
Kaito huffed a bit and nodded, already embarassed enough. As Shuichi pressed into him, Kaito couldnt help but let out a soft moan. Shuichi wasnt huge, but he could definitely feel him sliding inside. Once he was in completely, he waited a moment, before pulling out again. He began thrusting at a regular pace and Kaito moaned. He civered his mouth with his hand as sweat pricked his forhead. He felt Shuichi speed up again and lean in,"Dont cover your mouth baby. Let me hear you."
Kaito groaned but remived his hand. Shuichi chuckled happily and went harder, causing the purple haired man to cry out. God it felt so fucking good. He didnt think he could handle it for much longer. 
Holding back his orgasm became much more difficult when Shuichi took one of his hands off Kaitos hip and began to stroke his cock. He moaned loudly and panted,"Fu-fuck, I'm gonna c-cum-!"
Shuichi chuckled and grinded into Kaito harder,"Then do it, big guy."
Kaito keened as he let Shuichi envelope him. The feeling of the hand on his dick and Shuichis cock in his ass was just too much. He came, threads of white spilling over the sheets.
Shuichi seemed to moan at the sight, going a but faster, thrusts becoming uneven, as he came inside of the man. They both panted before Shuichi pulled out, laying back on the bed with Kaito. "So," he breathed out,"Whatd you think-?"
Kaito huffed,"It was good.... but Im still not a bottom."

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Soda had been extremely busy the past week. With all his schoolwork and such, he was kind of worn out. He was just happy to be home, in his room, relaxing on this fine Saturday evening.
He had his boyfriend over for dinner and they had already eaten it and were now watching a movie. Despite how focused on the movie Soda was, it didnt slip his mind how handsy his boyfriend was being.
Hajime had simply started off by grabbing Sodas knee, which was less needy and more affectionate. But then the hand was traveling up his thigh and to his dick. Hinata was palming Soda through his sweats. Kazuichi was trying to ignore it, just for the shear fact of teasing Hajime a bit, but he was getting antsy. He subconsciously began grinding against Hajime's hand and he heard him chuckle at the movement.
Soda through his head bacc against the couch with a groan. "Hajime, I thought we were gonna watch a movie."
"Ever hear of Netflix and Chill-?"
"This... this is a dvd, its not even Netflix."
Hajime rolled his eyes and paused the movie. He crawled into Kazuichi's lap, straddling him with his thighs,"Despite it being a dvd," he said," you should fuck me anyway. And then after we re finished we can finish the movie."
Soda raised his eyebrows, surprised by the forwardness,"Youre never so confident. Whatd you smoke-?"
Hajime snickered,"Nothing! I just missed you. Now cmoooooon. Just fuck me pleassse." 
Hajimes whining seemed to win Kazuichi over, as he flipped them, leaving Hinata on the bottom. He kissed the brunettes neck softly and began undoing the shirt. Soda left Hajime on the couch for a moment, running to the bedroom. He came back with a condom and lube, already half undressed, leaving Hajime to assume he had taken off his clothes on the way back.
That was to be expevted though. Soda was never graceful.
He yanked of the Brunette's pants and boxers, sliding already lubed fingers into him. Hajime moaned loadly, relishing in the feeling. Kazuichi chuckled,"You have such a pornstar moan."
Hinata blushed and whimpered, grinding against the digits. Kazuichi could tell he was desperate, so he pulled out his fingers- making hajime whine again- and slipped on the condom. He lubed up his member and aligned with Hajime's entrance. 
Soda leaned in and kissed the boy before slowly sinking into him. He vried into the kiss, feeling Kazuichis cock press against his walls. He shivered at the feeling and grabbed for his partner's hand. After a moment, he grinded down, letting Soda know he was ready. 
Soda didnt hesitate before beginning to messily thrust into him. Hajime moaned and reached his empty hand down to stroke his leaking dick. 
Soda chuckled and leaned against Hajime,"Did i say you could touch yourself darling-?" 
He whimpered, shaking his head in response, but not stopping his mivements. As Soda thrusted, he pulled Hinata's hand away from the sensitive flesh and replaced it with his own, continuing what he had stopped.
After a little more thrusting, going a different angle once in a while, Soda felt Hajime tighten around him. It felt so warm and tight and his thrusts suddenly got messier and less organized. He groaned as he came into Hajime- who came right after being filled. 
After a moment of embracing each other, Soda pulled out, tying off the condom and throwing it away. He went and got a wet cloth, coming back to wipe Hinata's cum off his stomach and wipe sweat from his forehead. Once done cleaning, they sat next to each other on the couch. 
They snuggled close and ayed the movie, but they never seemed to finish it, as they were both asleep in each others arms soon after.

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"Cmon- it's not that big of a deal!" Kokichi whined, staring at Gonta desperately.
Gonta huffed,"Isnt it un-gentlemanly-? Gonta does not think a gentleman would do... that-"
Kokichi snickered, watching as Gontas face turned redder by the second,"It doesnt matter if you do it. A gentleman would just be nice to the other while it was happening. Yknow- make sure theyre ok or whatever."
Gonta chewed on his lip, looking away again. He was clearly in deep thought. He had never really considered doing.... those things with Kokichi. Even with Kokichi as his partner, he was just more focused on keeping them happy. But it was intriguing. Gonta had never... slept with anyone before. And doing that with Kokichi sounded really nice. So if it was gonna make both of them happy and ut didnt mean Gonta wasnt a gentleman-
"Ok. Gonta will... do that. With Kokichi."
Kokichi beamed and immediately started taking off his close. Really eager apperently. Gonta covered his face, embraced, but followed suit. He took off his own close and sat back on the bed. Kokichi immediately followed by sitting on Gonta's lap. 
Gonta was gonna complain about how flustered he was but was cut off by Kokichi kissing his neck and chest. The purple haired boy sucked a hickey onto the larger man's collar bone and Gonta let out a groan. He placed his large hands on Kokichis pale waist, holding him. Kokichi gasped a little at Gonta's warmth and reached over to the small cabinet by the bed. He pulled out a small bottle of lube. 
As Kokichi poured some into his hand, Gonta whined,"Is Kokichi sure this is okay-?"
Kokichi snickered,"Yes, Gonta. If Im not enjoying myself Ill tell you. And i expect you to do the same." 
Gonta nodded softly and Kokichi took it as an offer to keep going. He began stroking Gonta's cock with his hand and Gonta moaned. "Ko-Kokichi.-" 
Kokichi hushed him quietly and continued stroking him. Gonta let out small moans and whimpers as Kokichi worked ever so slowly. When Kokichi was satisfied, he moved his hand back and began preparing himself. He fingered himself with two digits, holding back quiet moans. When he deemed himself prepared enough, he lifted himself up and rested against Gontas large cock. 
Gonta gazed up at Kokichi as the boy sank down onto his member. Kokichis eyes welled up with tears as he took more and more of his partner into him. Gonta placed his hands on Kokichis waist again, frantically trying to hold him still,"Is Kokichi alright? Is Gonta hurting him-?"
Kokichi groaned and threw his head back slightly, trying to get used to the feeling. A few tears dripped down the sides of his face and he wiped them away. "No." He said breathlessly. He swallowed thickly and continued,"No, Gonta, youre not hurting me. Youre just very big and im not used to it. Just give me a second."
Gonta looked up at Kokichi, trying to figure out if he was being lied to. When he deemed that he thought Kokichi was telling the truth, he pulled the boy closer and held him. He rubbed his back, trying to soothe him. Kokichi smiled softly, appretiating the gesture. He took a minute or so before continuing to sink onto Gonta.
Once he got close to the base, he lifted himself back up, before going back down again, riding the larger male.
Gonta moaned at the heat and Kokichis tightness. Kokichi began to go faster, moaning loudly. He groaned at the ache in his knees but he didnt care. The only thing he cared about was Gonta. 
Who, chimed in with a,"Is Kokichi ok?"
Kokichi groaned again and opted to leaning in, kissing the man passionately to get him to shut up. Of course he was ok. He was fucking amazing. 
Kokichi felt himself grow closer and closer to his orgasm as he rode. He whined and arched his back when he finally came all over him and Gonta. He grinded against the man's cock and Gonta moaned as he felt the walls get tighter. Gonta burried his head in the crook of Kokichis neck when he finally came, panting heavily.
Oma chuckled airily, sitting with Gonta and holding him as they both came down from their orgasms. Kokichi eventually lufted himself off of his partner, legs feeling like jelly, and layed back against the bed. Gonta cleaned them up using some tissues and layed next to the boy, smiling. He kussed Kokichi's forehead and pulled the covers over them, where they cuddled and fell asleep.

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Nagito could not believe this. He was so embarrassed. He didnt think he'd go into heat in the middle of dinner. Just his luck- right-? Whatever the case, he was humiliated. He was in the middle of dinner when he felt the heat quickly surround him. When he saw no one else was bothered by the warmth, he put two and two together, quickly saying he was tired and fleeing to his room. He was almost sure half of his classmates could smell it on him-
Just mid thoight, there was a knock at the door. He whined and peaked through the hole in the door. Hinata-kun-
He quickly opened the door, wiping sweat off his forehead, and spoke,"Hello Hinata-kun! What brings you here-?"
Hajime smiled wearily,"I was just worried- you left kinda fast and I-" 
Hajime stopped speaking and Nagito saw his pupils dilate. He knew it. He knew the second an alpha had come to see him, they would smell it and become this way.
Nagito chuckled nervously and went to close the door,"Im fine! I'm fine, Hinata-kun, trully. Just tired and I-"
"Youre lying," Hajime spoke, pushing the door open slightly,"Youre in heat."
Komaede swallowed, feeling himself sweat again. Then it hit him too. He could smell Hajime. His scent was like a campfire, smokey and outdoorsy. He couldnt handle it and he bit his lip,"H-Hinata-"
"Would you like help, Komaede?" Hajime purred, inching closer.
Nagito stood still, allowing Hajime to close the spqce between them. He eyed him nervously, looking for any doubt. He smiled and nodded. One night of being treated like an equal was okay. Hajime would just throw him away the next day anyway.
Hajime shut the door behind them and picked Nagito up. He through the white haired boy on the bed and quickly began removing his clothes. When done he moved on to himself, leaving them both bare. Nagito reached down and stroked Hajime's member, causing the brunette to groan out in pleasure. Nagito purred and rested his forehead against Hajime's shoulder, scooching closer to the edge of the bed.
Hajime took the hint and aligned himself with Nagitos hole. He quickly pushed in and the lucky student arched his back with a loud moan. He grinded against him as he thrusted, the natral lube making it easier for the two of them. Nagito leaned in and kissed Hajime passionately, purring and whimpering. 
The sounds coming out of Nagito were doing wonders for the brunette, who was moaning and panting. He growled softly, thrusting a bit harder,"Fuck, Nagito, I'm close-"
"Please, fuck, please," Nagito whined loudly, feeling himself get closer aswell.
Hajime groaned and came, knotting inside his partner. Nagito was quick to follow as he felt the member get larger inside of him. He came all over the two of them, panting softly and laying down on the bed. 

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“What about his,” Fuyuhiko asked, turning to Hajime, blindfold in hand.

Hajime shook his head, grabbing it from him and putting it back in the box. “No, that’s one of his hard nos. He doesn’t like blindfolds or anything where he can’t see his partner. He’s usually okay with everything else.”

“Usually?” Sonia asked, looking over,”How will we know if he’s not okay-?”

“Snowball,” Hajime called out.

Nagito perked up at the nickname, looking away from Nekomaru for a second,”Yeah, Hajime?”

“Tell everyone your system.”

“Green means keep going, yellow means slow down and red means stop completely. If my mouth is full and I want to stop I hum Happy Birthday,” He recounted, smiling softly.

Hajime smiled, walking up to him and kissing him on the cheek. Nagito spoke up again after a moment,”You guys can really do anything you want to me, I don’t mind. Anything to make you all happy. And not only will it make you guys happy but it will also make me happy, which is more than I deserve.”

“Hey, what’d we say about that,” Hajime said, concern in his eyes,”Nagito this isn’t just for us it’s for you too. You make us happy just being here, you don’t have to do anything to make us happy.”

Nagito blushed and looked up at the tan boy in front of him through white lashes. He kissed him square on the lips, shakily bringing a hand up to rest it against the other’s shoulder. As their kiss deepened, Sonia started the camera. The idea was they were going to record everything and give the video to the others later, as some were busy and couldn’t attend this session. Nagito was to be the center of attention while everyone who was there was going to use him to his fullest extent.

As Hajime pulled away, Sonia and Fuyuhiko began to undress the pale man in the center of the bed, pulling away every article until he was naked. Sonia chuckled, kissing his collar bone, moving slowly. On the other side of him, Fuyuhiko moved with haste, grabbing Nagito’s semi-hard cock and stroking it. Nagito let out a moan, trying to buck into his hand, but Nekomaru held his hips down, already pulling his own dick from the restraint of his jeans.

As they all had their way with him, touching his body wherever they could, Hajime got up and grabbed the lube and the harness from the box beside the bed, coming over and placing it next to Sonia, who thanked him. Nagito glanced down at them and then looked back up at Hajime, who simply smirked and guided Nagito over to him. Pulling him from Nidai’s lap to his own.

Nagito now laid over Hajime, arms around his shoulders, back arched, knees on the bed on either side of Hinata’s. He vaguely heard the sound of the bottle of lube snapping open and moments later he was met with a slick finger at his hole. He whimpered a bit as it entered him, the cold liquid coating his walls. He felt Sonia kiss his thigh as she added a second, no doubt preparing him for when she pegged him. He groaned again as a third finger was added, her biting down on the flesh, and pressing against his walls.

When she pulled her digits out she pulled on the harness and silicone cock, having Fuyuhiko help a bit along the way. Once ready, she lined up with the pale member’s entrance, pushing in slowly. Nagito let out a large groan, feeling himself get filled to the brim with the silicone. He buried his head further into Hajime’s neck, feeling warm hands being placed on his back and hips.

Sonia paused for a moment before beginning to thrust in and out of Nagito. He moaned, feeling her move inside of him, stretching him. She began to thrust faster and harder, aiming until she finally heard him cry out her name, indicating she hit the right spot. She continued to aim for his prostate, watching carefully as Hajime pulled one hand away from his back and pressed it against his cock, stroking Nagito at an even pace. Nagito’s whimpers and moans filled the room as he got closer and closer.

“Please!” Nagito whined, bucking his hips a bit,”Please let me finish- I need it…”

Hajime gave him the okay, feeling Nagito tense up a bit before he felt the warm liquid pour into his hand, spilling into his lap. He kissed Nagito’s cheek as Sonia pulled out, helping him sit back. As Sonia placed the strap on down on the floor, she looked over to Nekomaru, handing him the lube from the side of the bed she was on.

Once finding Nagito could get up, they’ll be it by dragging himself upwards, he was pulled into Nidai’s lap. Nekomaru looked over and asked Nagito,”Color?”

“Green,” he slurred.

Nekomaru nodded and smeared lube on his cock and fingers, pushing one in to make sure Nagito was still loose enough. They had already talked about this activity a few days before now, so Nagito and everyone else in the room already knew what was happening. Once determining that he was still loose, he pushed his cock inside of the white-haired male. Nagito keened, back arching against Nidai’s stomach. Nekomaru’s hands reached down and held the pale thin legs open, motioning Hajime over.

Hajime came over and looked up at Nagito,”You sure you still wanna do this, baby?”

Nagito groaned and nodded eagerly, leaning forward slightly to kiss Hajime on the forehead. Hajime smiled and nodded, slicking up his own cock and pushing it inside of Nagito. Nagito’s eyes immediately began to water and his toes curled. Curses flew out of his mouth and he reached a hand up to cover his mouth.

The hand was almost immediately pulled away and he looked down to see Fuyuhiko, shaking his head. “We want to hear you, freak show.”

Fuyuhiko grimaced as Hajime smacked him lightly upside the head for the nickname, but Nagito ignored it as his attention was brought away, Hajime and Nekomaru both bottoming out, filling him to his absolute maximum capacity.


“Yellow- '' Nagito panted frantically,”I just… I need a min- a minute.”

The two men nodded and rubbed his sides, trying to offer some comfort and reminding him that if he didn’t want to go through with it anymore then he didn’t have to. After a minute or so of waiting, Sonia had come over and begun to play with his hair, telling him how good he was doing. Another minute passed and Nagito shifted a bit, mumbling,”Green.”

Hajime nodded, kissing his forehead, before both he and Nidai began thrusting up and into Nagito. The pale man cried out, tears starting to stream down his face. He grinded against them, still sensitive from his first orgasm. He whimpered loudly when he felt Fuyuhiko’s soft hand grab his cock and begin to stroke. Nagito felt as tears continued to pour down his cheeks,”Oh god- please-”

“Please what, baby-” Hajime purred, thrusting a little rougher, moaning as he felt Nekomaru’s cock move against his own.

“I-I don’t know-”

Nagito’s thighs shook, becoming overwhelmed, sniffing.

Nekomaru’s concerned eyes met Hajime’s,”Do we need to stop-”

“No! No-” Nagito frantically tried to turn his head to look at Nekomaru,”Please don’t stop, please.”

Nekomaru nodded and grabbed Nagito by the chin, pulling him to face forward as he and Hajime continued to thrust. “Fuyuhiko,” Nekomaru said, commanding voice in tow,”Take care of Sonia.”

Fuyuhiko nodded, his own hand on Nagito’s cock being replaced by Hajime’s. As Sonia laid back against the large bed, Fuyuhiko laid between her legs, tongue poking out to lick at her hole and clit. She let out a breathy moan as his fingers slipped inside of her.

Nagito whimpered as he felt himself getting weaker and weaker, feeling close to his second orgasm. Hajime didn't look too far behind as he leaned forward and whispered to his lover,”Go ahead and cum, baby. Cum whenever you want.”

Nagito nodded, feeling the pressure build up more and more before he finally burst, cum spilling over his own chest. Hajime moaned as he felt Nagito tense, he himself cumming soon after. After coming down from his high, he looked at Nagito,”Baby, are you okay with Nekomaru continuing?”

Nagito frantically nodded, whining as Hajime pulled out and moved out of the way. He cried out yet again when Nekomaru pushed him down on the the bed, fucking him into the matress.

On the only other side of the bed, Sonia was panting as Fuyuhiko licked her clean, licking up her sex. Hajime crawled over and pulled Fuyuhiko into his lap, pushing a hand into his shorts and slipping a finger inside of him. Fuyuhiko moaned and grabbed Hajime’s shoulders, grinding against his hand, “Fuckin-”

Hajime kissed the side of his neck, slipping in another two fingers as he grinded harder against them. After some more thrusting and curling, Hajime felt Fuyuhiko’s cum run over his fingers, the other male moaning, thighs shaking a bit. Just in time to hear Nekomaru cum deep inside of Nagito as well.

As they all came down from the scene, Hajime got up and turned off the camera, setting it aside before looking back over to the bed where Nagito was being held and cuddled by Nekomaru and the others. Hajime left to go grab some bottles of water and towels, happy to be spending the rest of his night with some of his favorite people.

Chapter Text

It wasnt abnormal for them all to sit together at lunch. Shuichi, Kokichi, Rantaro, Maki, Kaito and Kaede usually ate their meals with each other- as they had their own unassigned assigned seats.

Kokichi usually sat next to his boyfriend, Shuichi, and recently he has been noticing something. Saihara and Rantaro, from the looks of it, were flirting. Right in front of him nonetheless.
Shuichi would say something and Rantaro would chuckle and smile at him- in a flirtatious way. Kokichi couldnt help but feel a bit possessive. But, being Kokichi, he decided to sit back and pretend like it wasnt bothering him. 
He would'nt specifically mention that he was upset by what was happening. He'd just do something to show his place.
Being the genius that he is, Kokichi pulled Saihara's sleeve, catching his attention. When the detective turned to question him, Kokichi leaned in and kissed him square on the mouth. Shuichi kissed back, surprised and kind of embarrassed as they were getting strange looks from their table mates. The two of them were never much for pda- so kissing in front of their friends for no particularly obvious reason was kind of strange. But Kokichi brushed off the kiss, having felt pleased with showing who really had Shuichi by the heart.

Once lunch was finished, the purple haired man motioned for Shuichi to follow him back to his dorm. The detective followed, hearing Kokichi close the door behind him before he was pushed against the wall. "Ko-Kokichi?"

Kokichi quickly dropped to his knees and began undoing Shuichi's pants,"You and Amami were having a lot of fun at lunch. I think i deserve some fun."

Shuichi swallowed, about to question his boyfriend, but he was cut off by a thick moan as his dick was enveloped in warmth. He looked down and found Kokichi sucking him off, head bobbing as Shuichi's cock made it in and out of Kokichi's throat. 

Shuichi whimpered as he felt Kokichi hum around his member, precum leaking into the others mouth. His hand came down to grab a handful of the purple hair, thrusting his hips slightly in time with Kokichi's motions. Slowly he felt himself get closer and closer until finally he bursted, cum filling his partner's throat. 

Kokichi quickly sat up and grabbed the other's chin, forcing Shuichi's own mouth open and shoving his tongue inside, making Shuichi taste himself. Shuichi moaned and slid his tongue against Kokichi's before they pulled away, Kokichi smiling mischievously. He kissed Shuichi on the cheek before exiting the room, going god knows where. 

Shuichi suppised he would never get used to Kokichi's random bursts of sexual energy.

Chapter Text

Leon groaned, back hitting the wall. He moaned feeling Yasuhiro's mouth envelope his neck again, hickeys already painting his pake skin. He hrabbed onto the others shoulder's as he was lifted up against the wall, pants being pulled down just enough to expose him below the belt.

Hagakure chuckled upon seeing Leon already painfully hard, grabbing his dick and stroking it roughly,"It's so easy to get you excited."

Leon rolled his eyes,"Shut up, dude, we only have a few minutes before Mondo and Taka get back, you know that."

Yasuhiro knew Leon was right, this was routine for them. They usually only had about five minutes to left off steam.

The taller nodded, pulling the lube from Leon's pocket and dripping it onto his long fingers. Two digits made it into the redhead, a groan being released as he pumped them. Leon moaned, grinding against the fingers before cursing,"Just fuck me already!"

Hagakure nodded, pulling his hand out and slicking up his cock. He pushed inside of Leon, moaning at the tightness and heat, hearing Leon do the same.

He looked up to see Leon tear up slightly but before he cpuld ask if he was alright, Leon had spoken through gritted teeth,"Move, dammit."

Yasuhiro nodded, thrusting up and into Leon, hands on the other's waist to help him bounce on his cock. Leon keened, back arching a bit as he felt Yasuhiro kiss up his neck and fuck him deeply.

Yasuhiros hand made its way back up to Leon's cock and stroked it once more, Leon whining in response.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck I'm gonna-a-"

And with that Leon came acrosshis own chest. Yasuhiro groaned fucking into him harder, feeling Leon tighten arpund him before he came hard and deep into the other.

As they both caught their breath they could hear footsteps outside the door. Like clockwork, the got up and got dressed, they'll be it a little winded, before they ledt the closet, rejoining the group.

Chapter Text

Mondo pushed the red head against the wall, going straight for his neck. His teeth and lips latched onto him, sucking on the pale skin in hopes of leaving marks.

Leon gasped and chuckled quiety, grinding against the knee between his own,"You're alwys so eager to turn me purple, Jesus Christ."

Mondo pulled off and began to undo Leon's belt and zipper as he spoke,"Yeah well, you just always look so pretty for me." He leaned in close, lowering his voice,"Besides, I don't hear you complaining."

Leon felt a shiver run down his spine and he bucked his hips into Mondo's palm. Mondo smirked and continued to remove the other's clothing. Once Leon was bare on the bottom, Mondo turned him around, forcing him to lean against the wall and sstick his ass out. Leon felt blush dance across his cheeks at the embarassing position but tried to relaxas he heard Mondo pop open the bottle of lubricant.

He let out a sigh as he felt a cool finger enter him, working him open. After a fw moments, another finger was added along with a clean hand on his hip, holding him in place. Mondo leaned down, kissing up and own Leon's back as he preped him. Once he wassure leon would be ready, he pulled out his hand and spread some lube on his dick.

Leon whined a bit as Mondo slowly slid his cock into him, streching him a bit. Once in all he way, Leon cursed and waited a minute before nodding, giving Mondo the go-ahead.

Mondo nodded and began thrusting, moaning as he felt just how tight Leon could get. He always had a tendancy to tense up around his partner as they fucked him and- God did Mondo love the feeling of it. As they fucked, their moans filled the room, bouncing off the walls.

Leon gasped loudly as he felt Mondo reach for his cock, still thrusting. "Fuck- Mondo-"

Mondo hummed and stroaked, leaning forward to abuse the ginger's neck more. Leon began to feel the overwhelming feeling of an orgasm come on and his nails dug against the wall. He tried to hod back but it was no use as he came all over the wall.

He panted, Mondo fucking him through his orgasm. Soon after Leon came down, Mondo came too, pulling out and finishing along Leon's back.

Leon watched as Mondo colelcted himself vefore grabbing the tissues from the desk next to them, cleaning up himself and then Leon. Once he was clean he stood up straight and kissed Mondo on the cheek, chuckling as the other blushed.

Chapter Text

"Uhm, Are you really sure about this-?" Sharp teeth bit into the skin beneath it. A worried look painted over Soda's face.

Nekomaru nodded,"Yes, Kazuichi. I'm sure. I already told you, I trust you and I think youre perfect for this."

Soda still wasnt sure. Nekomaru had asked him to top him a few weeks ago and Soda said yes, honestly pretty convinced it was a joke. But seeing as how far they had just gotten, between prepping Nekomaru and getting undressed, obviously it wasn't a joke.

It wasn't that Soda didn't want to, it was just that Soda felt pretty self conscious, seeing how big Nekomaru was in comparison to how scrawny the pink-haired one was.

"Hey," Nidai's voice boomed, hand reaching up to caress Soda's face,"If you don't want to do this we don't have to."

"No, no, I want to. I'm just a little-" words escaped him as he looked down at himself, but Nekomaru pulled his face back towards him and kissed his forehead.

"Don't worry about any of that stuff. You're perfect for me and that's all there is to it."

Soda nodded and took a few deep breaths, relaxing himself, before pushing in. Nekomaru made a soft grunting sound as Soda's hips met his own. They took a minute to collect themselves, Nekomaru getting used to the feeling and Soda soaking in just how tight Nidai was. Once Nekomaru gave him the okay, he began to thrust.

He started at a gentle speed but once Nekomaru gave him the command to go faster and harder, he complied.

Their moans filled the room, Soda desperate and trying not to cum before his partner did. Nekomaru reached a hand down to his hard cock and stroked it, sending his head flying back against the bed as he whined.

Soda leaned down and begin to kiss and suck at Nekomaru's beautiful thighs as he thrusted, making the most gorgeous sounds slip out of the tab man's mouth.

Eventually as the moans became higher pitch, Nidai's seed spilt across his lap, painting his stomach white. He clenched as he finished, sending Soda absolutely mad. Soda finished soon after, deep inside his partner. They both panted, worn out from their activities.

After a moment of cooling down, Soda grabbed some tissues, cleaning them both up. They relaxed into each other, Soda crawling into bed with Nekomaru. He studied the bruises on his thighs before he chuckled, kissing the shark-toothed boy's temple,"Thank you for doing that with me, Kaz."

Kazuichi smiled at the praise and cuddled closer,"Thank you too."

Chapter Text

Kaito moaned as Rabtaro's fingers slid deep inside of him. His face was shived into the sheets, hands gripping the blankets as Rantaro's two fingers pressed against his walls.

"Yknow, I love the noises you make when I do this," Rantaro said, biting down lightly on one of Kaito's ass cheeks.

Kaito hissed a bit and let out a soft grunt, not really knowing how to respond.

Rabtaro grabbed the lube from beside them on the bed and poured a little bit more into his hand, slipping in a third finger. Kaito cried out into the sheets, biting down on them as his thighs trembled.

"You always get so sensitive when you bottom, it's beautiful, Kaito."

The purple haired man whimpered and grinded desperately against the digits inside him. Rantaro, after curling his fingers one last time, removed them from inside his partner. He continued to stand up, Kaito looking back at him desperately as he unzipped his jeans.

Rantaro tugged his cock out of his boxers, lubing it up, before pressing it against Kaito's hole. He was about to ask if he could continue when Kaito grinded against him, clearly trying to make him go faster.

The green haired man chuckled and pressed into him, hands gripping the others hips. Kaito moaned loudly standing up so his back was pressed against his partner's stomach.

Rantaro snickered again, biting his earlibe,"Baby, if you're gonna be in that position, I need you to place one of your feet on the bed."

Kaito whimpered but followed the instructions, lifting his leg up onto the bed to give the other better access.

Rantaro smirked and slowly began to thrust into Kaito, who gritted his teeth. Rantaro'hand leaned forward and stroaked Kaito's member, trying to distract him from the initial discomfort as he began to thrust. It seemed to work because soon after, Kaito's mouth fell open, head leaning back as he moaned.

Rantaro took the oppurtunity to bring his free hand up towards his face, fingers slipping into Kaito's mouth. Kaito continued to keen around the digits as Rantaro thrusted deeper and faster.

Rantaro held back moans as he did so, also stroaking the other's cock as he went. There was nothing he loved more in this world then watching Kaito come undone.

Kaito seemed so close to his breaking point as the moans got more erratic, a few tears spilling down his face. He cried out one last time as he came, cum shooting right into Rantaro's hand.

He gasped as he felt Kaito tighten around him more. He thrusted harder, fucking Kaito straight through his orgasm. After a minute or two longer of thrusting, he came deep inside the other, pulling out a moment later.

He breathed deeply, helping Kaito lay down on the bed beforenlaying next to him, licking his hand clean of cum.

Kaito grimaced as he watched Rantaro do so, a little grossed out but Rantaro simply winked in response, earning him a roll of the eyes.

Chapter Text

Ishimaru supposes he could say this was a predicament. Both Leon and Mondo were in his room tonight, begging to fuck him. Literally.

It had started off by just hanging out, as the three boyfriends had done before, then it made it's way to making out. But now they were at a stand still. Who was going to get fucked first?

"Leon, dude, you always bottom anyway, what's it matter?" Mondo had growled.

"It matters cause I'm like painfully hard and want to get my rocks off, douche," Leon protested back.

"I don't see how that's a good argume-"

"Whatever! Who do you want to fuck first, Taka?"

Kiyotaka's face turned beet red, eyes flickering between the two,"Why do I have to pick?"

"Cause it's your dick!" Mondo said, trying to hold back laughter.

"I- but you guys can't put me in the middle..."

"Then how the fuck are we going to decide?" Leon said, head tilting as he spoke.

Ishimaru crossed his arms and bit his lip,"Well why don't you guys just show me who wants it more?"

Both looked over to the other confused. "What do you mean?" Mondo asked.

"Show me how much you want me to fuck you. Then I'll choose."

Both sat in stunned silence for a minute and Ishimaru feared he had messed up. But before he could tell them to forget it, Leon was off the bed and on his knees in front of Taka.

"You're really doing that?" Mondo chuckled.

Leon huffed,"If I'm gonna loose to you, at least I'm gonna loose trying."

As the red head finally tugged Ishimaru's cock from it's confines, he pushed it passed his lips, sucking on it eagerly. Ishimaru let out a soft moan, watching as Leon moved his head along his shaft. Taka cursed, knowing just how good Leon was at giving head.

Mondo watched in awe for only a moment longer before rling his eyes and crawling over to the night stand, pulling out a bottle of lube and a purple dildo. He stripped off his clothes, feeling Taka's gaze on him. His muscles buldged as he poured a bit of lube on his fingers and reached back, beginning to prep himself. If he was gonna try and beat Leon, he may as well show Taka how much he could take.

As Mondo was fingering himself open, Leon's hands made his way up to Ishimaru's sensitive thighs. He alternated between pinching them while sucking him off and biting and sucking on them while stroaking him with his hands.

At this point, Ishimaru was beginning to loose composure when he looked away from Leon for a moment to see Mondo bent over in his direction, pressing the silicone cock into himself. Mondo looked fucking gorgeous bent over like that, cock sinking into his hole.

Leon grew jealous watching Ishimaru so his grip tightened on the other's cock, making the purple ahired man gasp, and grind against the other.

Now with both of them showing themselve's off for Taka, the hall monitor knew he was in for a long night.

Chapter Text

It had started really early in the day. Nekomaru had come home from his jog with Akane and walked in to the smell of breakfast being made. He immediately knew it was his lively boyfriend in the other room, trying something new out.

After kissing him good morning, Teruteru had set up plates and such. They ate happily, talking about how they slept and what they were planning to do with their day, before Nekomaru got up and offered to clean up the dishes.

Teruteru agreed, having always hated doing the chores afterwards. So Nekomaru cleaned the dishes.

It was quite normal. Until he felt something squeeze his ass cheek.

He looked over to see Teruteru already walking away. Nekomaru rolled his eyes and smirked, figuring the chef was just being a goofball.

The day passed by as the two cleaned up around the house. Nekomaru had noticed Teruteru getting friskier and friskier by the moment, touching Nekomaru and making sexual comments throughout the day. Nekomaru had to look up what his boyfriend meant when he said he was "more of a dishwasher kind of guy".

Later into the night, after dinner, Nekomaru was already planning to give Teruteru what he desperately wanted, but Teruteru had dished put the final straw. He sat next to Nekomaru on the couch and placed a hand on his inner thigh.

"Is this how you're trying to get my attention today?" Nekomaru asked, smirk dancing across his face.

Teruteru matched his expression,"I don't know what you're talking about, Nidai. I just can't help but admire how tight that ass of yours is."

Nekomaru was ready to show Teruteru a whole new light.

He quickly picked him up off the cpuch, throwing him over his shoulder and making his way to the bedroom. Teruteru struggled slightly but Nekomaru quickly slapped his ass, telling him to relax in his booming voice.

He threw him on the bed, smirking and leaning down to his ear,"Undress."

Teruteru did not need to be asked twice. He quickly began to remove his shirt and kick off his pants. Nekomaru chuckled at the eagerness, shutting the bedroom door before removing his own clothes and tossing them on the floor. When he looked back towards the chef he was already naked, leaning on his elbows.

Nekomaru made a B-line straight for the closet, digging through Teruteru's side until he found the box of toys. He pulled the box out and placed it on the bed, immediately pulling out the hand cuffs. He put them on his lover, attatching them to the bed post to restrain his wrists. The brunette watched intently from where he laid, anticipating what was next to come.

Nekomaru pulled out a cock ring, immediately kneeling next to the other. Teruteru let out a soft moan as his cock was stroaked, already semi hard before hand. Once deemed firm enough, Nekomaru rolled the cock ring onto the other. He pressed the button the side and it immediately began to buzz, causing Teruteru to jump a little, moaning louder.

Nekomaru paid the reaction no mind, reaching into the box yet again, pulling out a long toy and a bottle of lube. He pulled himself from the bed and kneeled in front of it, between the other's legs.

Nekomaru gently spread the others legs, putting them in the right positon to give him access. He immediately poured some lube into his fingers and brought them to his entrance. Rubbing a slick finger over Teruteru's hole, he kissed his thigh, pressing in.

Teruteru's breath hitched, eyebrows knitting together, as the thick digut reached into him. Nekomaru thrusted his finger for a minute or two before adding a second. He gave Teruteru plently of time to adjust because he knew how sensitive the other could be at first. He laud another kiss on Teruteru's thigh, beginning to finger him again. He pressed against his walls, listening to the noises filling the room until he finally heard the sharp intake of breath and the whine, indicating he had hit Teruteru's spot.

Nekmaru smirked and continued to massage the other's prostate. He reached his free hand up to stroke the other, listening as Teruteru's cries and moans encapsulated them.


"Go ahead," Nidai said, pulling the cock ring off and continuing his movements. Soon after cum spurted across Teruteru's chest. His back arched as he breathed heavily, coming down from his orgasm.

Nekomaru removed his fingers and without waiting for Teruteru to come down from his first high, he lubed up the toy he had pulled out earlier, and shoved it into the other. Teruteru cried out, back arching even higher. He opened his mouth to begin begging Nidai to move, but the raven haired man was way ahead of him, already beginning to thrust the toy.

He thrusted quickly, watching as Teruteru's heels dug into the sheets. Nekomaru leaned over, arm working tirelessly to thrust the toy into his lover, and kissed Teruteru's forehead. He sucked a hickey onto the other's neck, listening to his whimpers and moans. He continued to do so until he heard the sounds of Teruteru getting close again. He went harder, whispering to Teruteru, telling to come for him again, and soon after the directions were followed. Cum comtinued to pile onto Teruteru's stomach.

Nekomaru stood up straight and looked down at his boyfriend. His hair was a mess, cum all over him as well as sweat. His thighs were shaking with the toy still hanging out of his ass. Nidai smirked, knowing this was just the beginning of their night.

Chapter Text

Leon stroked his cock lazily, watching the chat flood through. He did stuff like this often and he knew how to get extra cash in his pocket doing it.

He'd sit here and lazily jerk off or finger himself until someone sent him a donation, and then he'd pick up the pace. Sometimes he'd get a suggestion and he'd nearly always do it, as long as the suggestion wasn't too strange.

He saw as some more viewers popped into his live. And he saw some of them start typing.

ChrolloSimp: Lookin good

RockOutWithCockOut67: Beautiful, if only you'd speed up a bit.

Rhino72: you look so submissive on display like this.

Leon chuckled a bit at some of the names, listening to the suggestion to speed up. He continued to stroke his cock, thumb running over the head, forcing him to inhale sharply. He moaned softly, reclining a bit more in his bed as the chat continued to praise him.

SUPPORTSEXWORK donated $20 :
Finger yourself for us, please.

Leon smiled at the appearence of the donation, recognizing the name as one of his regulars. He poured some lube into his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up. Using his clean hand he spread his ass cheeks for the camera, reaching back with the other hand. He ran his wet digits over his hole before slipping two inside. He moaned, chest heaving as he felt himself suck in his own fingers. He was already loose from before, having fingered himself earlier. He moaned as he began to thrust them, the pads of his fingers sliding against his walls.

Incognito7433: Your ass is so pretty, love watching you spread yourself for us.

Leon felt a blush dust itself across his cheeks as he added a third finger, whimpering softly as he continued to stretech himself.

FuturisticFan donated $5:
Suck your own cock.

As the words played to him he paused, sitting up slightly and pulling his fingers out. He was shocked for a moment, not knowing what to say, before he laughed softly,"I don't even know if im flexible enough to do that-"

The chat was silent for a moment before another donation came in.

ShacklesAndShibari donated $40:
Try for us, like the dirty slut you are.

Leon's breath caught in his throat. Forty dollars was a huge donation for him, so he figured he could at least try. He shifted and slid over, sitting facing the wall to the left of his computer and webcam. He used his clean hand to guve his cock a few strokes, trying to prepare himself.

RockOutWithCockOut67 donated $5:
Just do it already

Leon swallowed thickly before bending over. His ribs began to cramp so he sat up again, groaning. He took a deep breath and tried again, bending over once more. He was surprised when he realized how close to his cock he really was. Sticking his tongue out he licked the head and gasped. The sensation that he got both in his cock and his mouth was amazing. He had the feeling in his stomach that was so airy, almost like he was doing something he wasn't supposed to.

He continued, bending over further, wrapping his whole mouth around his length. He moaned softly around the head bobbing his head as best as he could. 

FuturisticFan donated $10:
Holy shit he's actually doing it

Incognito7433: This is the best stream I've ever watched

God you're so talented and amazing

Leon moaned again, the praise getting to his head aswell as the feeling in his stomach. He felt so dirty yet liberated, boobing his head, tongue running over the bottom of his shaft. He already felt so close but he pulled his still stick hand back, slipping them back inside of himself. The sensations mixed together was making his head swirl, he was surprised he could even hear the next donation that came in.

ShacklesAndShibari donated $30:
When you cum, swallow it. 

Leon moaned against feeling so close. His back ached but he was nearly craving more of this feeling. He curled his fingers more, pressing against his prostate, sucking hard on his cock.

His eyes widened as cum filled his mouth suddenly. He called out a bit, swallowing as much as he could but he felt as his nose bgan to burn, liquid spilling out of it. Sitting up, pulling off his cock, he reached his hand up and looked at the liquid coming from his nose.


He had cum so hard it came out of his nose. He panted and massged his ribs a bit, feeling sour from the position he was in and he listened to the dings of chat, praise flooding it and donations dilling his account.

ShacklesAndShibari donated $30: 
You did great. I'll definitely come back soon.

Chapter Text

Hi! This is just a quick message cause my Oneshot book is getting popular again! Please read all the way especially if youre thinking of requesting!

I wanted to first say thank you for the attention this has gained! Im really thankful for the suggestions and requests- it gives me an excuse to write which is something I love to do!

And now the important thing, recently i've gotten a handful of requests that don't really go along with what i'm comfortable with writing nowadays. I had written certain things like pee as suggestions from close friends and it was a year ago. It was mostly as a joke and the only reason theyre still up is because I find it interesting to look at my writing style from a year ago in comparison to now.

So here is a list of things to avoid suggesting:

- pee or watersports
- vomit
- shit kink? Idk what its called but gross-
- foot fetish
- ageplay and when i say ageplay i want to make it clear to anyone who may question it, i respect non-sexual age regressers. When ageplay becomes sexual though, thats where i draw a line. That sounds like pedo pedo pedo pedo philiaaaaaaaa-
Another thing with this that may seem a little hypocritical, ill write daddy/mommy kink but only calling a dominant partner those titles. Nothing more like regressing or playing the part of a child.
- Yandere
- Things with animals (not including pet play) and not extreme monsterfucking? ( I just mean like- I'll write incubus but not actually monsters? for Example? So like if theyre humanoid maybe if not then probably not. Idk- request it and see)
- gunplay
- extreme blood (i.e. blood as lube or bleeding out)
- knife play that involves deep cuts
- r-pe or necrophilia
- anything involving the woh

I also as that the maximum partners involved in the smut is 4. Writing more characters being intimate in one singular oneshot is difficult and takes up a lot of time, therefore slowing down my productivity.

This is all i could think of currently. If i could think of more ill add it to this chapter. If youve suggested this stuff recently its nothing against you and there is no bad blood hopefully from me refusing the request. Thank you again for all the attention and im looking forward to continuing to write.

Chapter Text

Kokichi, Ryoma and Tojo had all been calmly watching a movie, Tojo sandwhiched between her two boyfriends. It was date night and they decided on watching some movie Ryoma had found.

As they were relaxing and watching it, Kokichi grew bored. He usually did when he didn't pick the movie, but he tried to hold it in and stay patient for Ryoma. But slowly he was loosing his self restraint.

He found himself slipping his hand up Kirumi's leg and under her skirt. He stroked her over her panties, already feeling her grow a little wet beneath the cloth. Tojo's face stayed stoic, trying to pay attention to the movie for Ryoma. Kokichi briefly considered the fact she wasn't enjoying it and he went to pull away, but she stopped him, pulling his arm back.

This only made Kokichi smirk wider, now slipping his fingers beneath the fabric. He massaged her clit for a moment and she let out a short gasp as he slid a finger into her.

He continued to finger her and play with her, her breathing getting eratic as the credits finally roled. Ryoma turned towards them,"You both really thought I wouldn't notice you guys doing this?"

Kokichi chuckled as he slid onto the floor, pulling Kirumi's panties down as he kneeled,"It's not that we didn't think you'd notice. We just love when you watch, it makes it so much more fun."

Kirumi whined softly, her composure leaving her as Kokichi slid his head beneath her skirt. He rested his head against the cushion as he tentatively licked her cunt. She let out a loud moan as Kokichi slid two fingers inside of her, sucking in her clit. As he pressed against her walls, she grinded against him, his tongue pressing deliciously against her nerves. She came hard against his face and he pulled away, wiping some of her come off his chin.

As he pulled away, he made eye contact with Ryoma, who was still watching. He smirked at the shorter male,"You wanna go next?"

Ryoma let out a soft chuckle and gestured to the couch. Kokichi eagerly removed his pants and sat on the couch, grabbing the lube that Kirumi handed him on the way.

Ryoma climbed on top of Kokichi, clothes strewn across the floor. He held out his hand, in which Kokichi poured some lube into it. He watched as Ryoma reached behind himself and prepped himself for Kokichi's cock. Once he deamed himself ready, he lowered himself onto his partner's hard cock.

They both let out a moan, Kokichi grabbing his hips to help support him. Ryoma gave himself a moment to adjust before he moved, grinding against Kokichi. Kokichi moaned and helped Ryoma lift himself off his cock and then sink back down onto it again. They set a steady pace as the moaned, Ryoma's head falling into Kokichi's shoulders.

Ryoma let out a louder, stutterung moan, indicating to Kokichi he had hit his prostate. Kokichi continued to aim for that spot, grabbing the other's cock and beginning to jerk him off. The sensations overwhelming Ryoma collectively finished him off, his cum splattering across Kokichi's chest.

Kokichi quickly turned them over and fucked Ryoma into the couch through his orgasm, making the other whimper. Kokichi grew closer and closer until he too came, deep inside of Ryoma.

He panted, pulling out shortly after and kissing both Kirumi and Ryoma as he sat between them. Kirumi got up for a moment, grabbing tissues and a blanket. She allowed the other two to clean themselves up, as well as herself, before draping the blanket over all of them.

Kokichi guessed they could call it a successful date night.

Chapter Text

Leon opened his the door to his dorm, seeing Yasuhiro standing on the other side. He had invited him over to stay the night, and Yasuhiro was already clad in his pajamas, smiling widely. "Hey, Leon!"

"Hey, Babe, make yourself at home," Leon exclaimed, allowing him in.

Yasuhiro stepped in, placing his phone on the bedside table and removing his sandals before sitting on the bed. He watched carefully as Leon moved to change into his pajamas. Once he was done he came over to the bed and sat next to his partner, turning off the light as they curled up.

They cuddled in the dark, smiling to each other as they spoke about their day. They exchanged news to each other and as they finished, Hiro sighed,"I've been thinking about you all day."

Leon smirked,"Oh yeah? Thinking about me doing what?"

Yasuhiro shuffled a bit before whispering low,"You fucking me."

Leon felt his breatb catch in his throat and he bit his lip as he turned iver to face the taller male. Leon could already make out the tent in Yasuhiros sweats and he reached down to grab it,"Would you like me to right now?"

Yasuhiro moaned softly at the contact and nodded. Leon immediately reached over to the nightstand to grab the lube. When he turned back, Yasuhiro was already undressing, getting ready for his partner.

Leon followed suit, taking off his own clothes. He through his shorts and t-shirt onto the floor as he kneeled between Yasuhiro's legs. Yasuhiro bit his lip as he watched Leon taking some lube into his hand and reach for his entrance. A cold wet digit sunk into him and he moaned out, practically begging for a second finger already.

Leon added a second, as Hiro wished, and continued to thrust them, spreading him open. He pressed against his walls and scissored him open before pulling them out and wiping the excess on his cock. He lined up carefully and pressed into the other, who let out a choked noise as he bit onto his knuckle, attempting to stiffle himself.

Leon moaned as he bottomed out, hips meeting the cleft of Yasuhiro's ass. He waited a moment, watching as Yasuhiro nodded, before continuing to thrust into him. Yasuhiro moaned, sensitive as always. Leon loved watching how erratic Yasuhiro got, and he quickly took it upon himself to grab his dick and stroke it quickly, in time with his thrusts. Yasuhiro was moaning and grinding against his hand and cock already, mouth hanging open as the sounds poured out. Leon whined as he fucked into the other harder.

Eventually, he heard Yasuhior call out loudly,"Leon!"

He immediately knew he had hit his prostate and he continued to thrust into it, sending Yasuhiro wild. Before he knew it, Yasuhiro's cum was spilling across his stomach and Leon moaned as the other tightened around him. Soon after, still thrusting into the tight walls of his lover, he came deep inside him.

As they both came down, Yasuhiro pulled Leon close and kissed him pulling the sheets up over them.

"Hey," Leon breathlessly complained,"We should clean up first."

Yasuhiro shooke his head and mumbled,"We'll do it tomorrow. I just want to hold you right now."

Leon smiled and snuggled closer. Despite his stickiness, he fell asleep happily in Hiro's arms.

Chapter Text

Kaito groaned quietly, pulling against his restraints. He felt as the red rope tightened around his wrists, probably making red indents. He could hear Korekiyo snickering from the other side of the room, where he was going through some of his things.

"Y'know, if you're so irratated with your position you can just safeword." Korekiyo said, speaking calmy.

Kaito huffed,"I'm not irritated you're just taking forever."

Korekiyo smiled beneath his mask as he turned around, plug and lube in hand. Kaito felt his cock twitch as he stared at the huge plug. It was silver with a red gem on the back of it.

"Well, I'm here now."

Kaito hummed in aproval as Korekiyo sat on the bed. Korekiyo slowly began to undo the bandaged on his hands, revealing the small scars along his fingers and arms. Kaito had never asked to thoight what they were from and despite his curiosity, now certainly wasn't the time.

Once the bandages had been thrown to the side, Kiyo scooped some lube into his fingers. With great care he spread Kaito's legs. He took his actions a step further by using his clean hand to spread one of his cheeks to the side.

Kaito made an embarassed noise as he felt Kiyo's eyes dance over him. He hid his face in the pillow, trying to save his pride. A gasp was ripped from him however when cold fingers slid against his hole.

Kiyo ran his fingers over his opening a few times before finally pushing a finger into him. Kaito moaned out as he felt Korekiyo curl and hook his finger inside of him. After a few thrusts, Kiyo added the second one, repeating the actions.

"Y'know, you trully look beautiful like this," Korekiyo spoke low with an airy tone. He scissored his fingers, spreading them apart before pressing them together and repeating again,"So helpless beneath my hand."

Kaito moaned out at the words. He felt his ears go hot with embarassment from the praise. He grinded against Kiyo's fingers, trying to speed up the process.

Korekiyo chuckled, noticing the other man's efforts. "I suppose you've been patient enough."

Korekiyo slid his fingers out of the other, picking up the plug. He poured a generous amount of lube onto it before teasing Kaito's entrance with the toy. Kaito let out a loud moan and he keened as the toy was pushed inside of him. He groaned and shuffled uncomfortably as he adjusted, the toy finally all the way inside of him.

Korekiyo leaned back, staring at his work. He wiped off his hands and slowly took off his mask. He kissed the inside of Kaito's thighs and pressed against the plug. As he felt Kaito squirm beneath him he spoke,"Dinner is just around the corner. Maybe I should untie you and take you to eat with the others. You can try to hide your budding arousal from them as we dine."

Kaito ingaled sharply, looking down at the other man,"I-"

"Come on, Momota. Imagine it. How humiliating it would be to be caught by the others in your horny misdoings."

Kaito shivered at the idea of being caught so helplessly. He whinpered as Kiyo stood and began to untie him. He shot him a confused look,"Are you serious?"

Kiyo smiled evily and nodded,"Yes, get dressed. We're going to go have some fun." Korekiyo kissed Kaito on the forehead as he walked to go get ready himself.

Kaito could only hope this went well.

Chapter Text

It had all started earlier that day while they were folding laundry. Both the girls had been working hard doing the laundry and other chores when finally Kokichi had hit the last nerve within Shuichi. She had already been quite a brat all day, which was actually pretty normal, but today just was a lot more teasing than usual. This usually, more often than not, meant that Kokichi was horny and desperate.

So that's what left them here, in bed, both making out while Shuochi tried to gain what little control she did have.

Kokichi moaned, biting softly on her girlfriend's breasts. She grinded harder against her thigh as she sucked, sure she was going to leave a mark on the sensitive flesh between her teeth. She heard as Shuichi moaned softly above her and she smirked, pulling away.

"That blush makes you look like a clown with your blue hair, Saihara-chan," Kokichi commented, making fun of her girlfriend's embarassment.

Shuichi rolled her eyes, turning them over so Kokichi was against the bed,"Shut up, you know very well you've already been enough of a brat today."

Kokichi giggled, loving the more dominant side Shuichi could have at times. She watched hungrily as Shuichi pulled off her panties and shorts before pulling down her own pajama pants and underwear. Now with them both almost entirely nude, Shuichi bent down and swiftly licked at the wetness between Kokichi's legs. Kokichi held back her moans and grinded against her partner's tongue.

Shuichi noticed her girlfriend's impatience and brought her hand up to her opening, sliding two fingers into her. Kokichi was unable to hold back her sounds as the other's fingers worked into her. She whined as they curled and pressed against her walls. She could feel as her wetness dripped between her cheeks, Shuichi's tongue still playing with her clit.

Kokichi sat up and brought her hand to her partner's chin, dragging her face up. She kissed her deeply, tasting herself on the other's tongue. "Please," she panted,"I want to be with you."

Shuichi smirked, moving into position, knowing exactly what Kokichi had meant. She slid one leg over her partner's, other leg going beneath the opposite leg. They scooted closer together as their pussies touched, Kokichi whining out a bit. She was getting more and more desperate as time went on, and she knew she was slowly loosing any and all composyre she had.

Shuichi placed a hand behing her, leaning on the bed, and placed the other on Kokichi's hip, before grinding against her partner. Kokichi gasped and followed her lead. They grinded their cunts together, causing a delicious friction that sent both of them wild.

They went at it for quite a while, Shuichi grabbing at Kokichi's breasts as they went on, before Kokichi tucked her head into the blue haired girl's neck. "Go ahead, baby," Shuichi gasped, feeling close herself,"Cum for me."

Kokichi whined, feeling herself tear up. Despite trying her best to hold off, she felt herself get closer and closer. She finally let out a loud groan as she came against her lover. She whined as she thrusted through her orgasm, her cum leaking between both of their thighs.

Shuichi panted, feeling herself getting close as well. Despite grinding she just couldn't seem to find her orgasm. Thats when Kokichi groggily sat up, face red, as she slid a hand down between their legs. She slid two fingers into her dripping cunt, her other hand going to circle her clit. Shuichi let out a loud moan, grinding against the digits. Not soon after, she came against her girlfriend's hand.

They both panted, coming down from their high and exchanging kisses before desiding to get up and change the sheets.

Chapter Text

Teruteru moaned, feeling his partner's large fingers move inside him. Strong and protruding against his sensitive walls. As Nekomaru painted his insides with lube, trying to prep him, he kissed allong his shoulder blades. Nekomaru adored the miles of tan skin that were at his full desposal.

Soon the fingers were removed and Nekomaru lined up his own slick member,"Ready, big guy?"

Teruteru whined and shivered,"Yes, please," accent thick in his voice.

As Nekomaru pressed into him his brows knit together, mouth widening as he moaned at the intrusion. He felt like he could feel Nekomaru all the way in his stomach.

A moment or two passed before Nekomaru began to thrust up and into his partner. Hanamura felt like he was going absolutely wild as he felt Nidai move inside him. As he thrusted he used his hand to push Teruteru's face towards him, kissing him on the lips as he thrusted deeper.

Teruteru let out a loud groan, pulling away in shock as he felt Nekomaru hit his prostate. Shivers ran up and down his spine as he grinded down, completely lost as he tried to get more friction.

Nekomaru let out a low chuckle at the desperation and quickly began fucking into his prostate, hitting it with every hard thrust. Teruteru sobbed, a tear streaming down his cheek as he felt the pleasure build up inside him. He felt like he was going to explode until finally his cum splashed across the bed.

He panted heavily, trying to catch his breath but it wasn't very long until he was pushed down, face flush against the bed as Nekomaru chased his own high, fucking into his tight hole. He groaned, feeling Nekomaru's hands tightly press against his wrists, the pleasure and the stimulation all too much, overwhelming him until finally Nekomaru let out a loud curse, cumming deep inside of the other.

The both panted, coming down from their highs until finally Nekomaru leaned down, kissing Teruteru gently, before pulling out and getting up to grab what they needed to clean up. Teruteru's eyes shut and he fell asleep before his lover could even return, completely drained and exauhsted.

Chapter Text

Leon leaned in, lips soft against Makoto's. As they closed the distance, Makoto grabbed onto Leon's jacket, hungry for his touch.

Leon knew immediately what Makoto had wanted and he took off his jacket, leaving him in his tank top and jeans. He slowly slid off the bed and into the floor, unbuttoning the brunette's jeans and tugging out his half hard cock. He leaned in and licked up his shaft, sending chills down Makoto's back. Leon took the length into his mouth, tongue teasing the tip as the ball of his piercing pressed against the slit. Makoto groaned, hips bucking into Leon's mouth as he brought a hand up to grip at the dark orange locks.

Leon listened closely as he suckednoff the other, absolutely loving the sounds that poured from his mouth. As the gasps filled the room Leon sucked harder, grazing his teeth ever so lightly against the sensitive flesh. Makoto whined out, gripping his hair harder, showing Leon that he was getting close.

Makoto gave him a confused glance as he pulled off, standing up. He shook his head and pushed Makoto down against the bed, hands working at pulling off the other's black jeans. The brunette seemed to quickly get the memo, grabbing the lube from in the bedside drawer. He quickly handed it to the other who promptly opened it and bored some onto his fingers.

Once the lube was warmed a bit he quickly pressed two off his fingers into Makoto's tight hole. He watched as the other squirmed, cock twitching a bit. Leon, feeling impatient himself, prepped the other as fast as possible. Once he was sure Makoto was loose enough he wouldn't get hurt, he removed his fingers.

Despite the dissapointment at the the loss, Makoto sat up, unbuttoning the other's pants and removing his cock. Leon quickly lubed up his own dick and pressed it into his partner. He groaned, feeling Makoto's warmth around him. He was so tight and the pressure felt amazing against his cock.

Looking down at Makoto, who was red to the tips of his ears, he smirked as he bagan to thrust hungrily into the other. Makoto whined and reached his own hand down to begin stroking himself as he felt Leon's cock move inside of him.

Leon moaned, feeling as Makoto clenched around him, thrusting slowly but rouch and deep into the other. When a hand reached up to cover Makoto's mouth, eyes going wide as his mouth, noises bouncing off the walls, he knew he had hit the jackpot.

He quickened his pace, thrusting into his prostate as he felt himself begin to sweat. He watched as Makoto whined, legs spreading further and hand begining to stutter against his own cock until finally Makoto's cum poured over his stomach, soiling his shirt.

Leon moaned at the scene, Makoto looked so beautiful fucked out like this. He thrusted harder, dick going deeper and deeper until finally the clench around his dick send him off the deep end, filling the other with his seed.

Leon moaned, hips stuttering for a moment before he finally pulled out, lazily rolling over and laying next to Makoto. He smirked and leaned in, laying a kiss on his cheek before finally pulling him in to cuddle, not really caring about the mess.

They could always clean it up tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Shuichi woke up, the soft crickets from the dead of night making chirps outside his window. To anyone on the outside this would seem like a jormal night, dark blue sky, sheets comfy and cozy as ever, and Shuichi in bed to enjoy those soft sheets.

But if it were to be a normal night, then there wouldn't be a story to follow, now would there?

Shuichi had woken up, which was something he usually did, for one reason or another. But tonight felt different. He couldn't place his finger on it but something was definitely off. 

Despite his feeling of anxiety he laid down and attempted to go back to bed anyway, not really sure he wanted to stay up all night and risk being exauhsted when morning came.

Until he heard the scratching. At first he thought it was his mind playing tricks in him, until he listened closer.

The closet. It was coming from the closet. And he definitely wasn't imagining it.

He sat up again, looking towards the door. Which just had to be creeked open a bit. Open just enough for him to see the deep purple eyes peering back at him.

He gasped, ready to run for the door, but the creature was quicker, pouncing on him and pinning him to the bed. Its purple hair and horns curled upwards toward the seeling as he licked his lips with his thin tongue, also clad in purple. 

Its wings leaned back, flexing and flinching as they adjusted to the new found space. Shuichi looked down finding that the claws of the creature were just as sharp as it's fangs.

He also noticed the long garmet it wore around it's waist, just barely hiding it's crotch, which he could tell was already stiff beneath the cloth.

Shuichi blushed looking back up at the creature which snickered at him before leaning in and sniffing his neck. Shuichi almost let out a grunt, before the scent hit him. He wasn't sure how to describe it but however this creature smelled it was going right to his dick. He looked down to see his own pajama pants in which he was pitching a tent.

"W-What do you want-?" He cursed himself as he stuttered out, perplexed by the creature's ungodly movements.

The creature paused, fangs curling into a mischievous smile before speaking,"You."

Shuichi shivered before being pulled down with the creature, his pants flying off. Shuichi thought to fight back but in all honesty, as ashamed as he was to admit it, he was very interested.

The creature removed all his clothing below his waist and without a second thought leaned in, spreadin Shuichi's legs and licking at his hole. Shuichi yelped in surprise as the creature sunk it's tongue deeper into him, opening him up with it's slick muscle.

He shivered as he felt the fangs graze his thighs, the creature pulling away. It spread its wings as it got onto the bed, yanking the blue haired male up with him onto it's lap. Shuichi whimpered, unsure of his position, hands bound at his sides as the creature's claws gripped his wrists. He wasn't able to think for much longer about his situation, as the creature's cock sprung out and he began sinking onto it. 

He cried out uncomfortably at first, feeling the other's huge cock sink into him, reaching his prostate almost immediately. Shuichi felt tears build in his eyes as the creature didn't wait, already eager to continue. He thrusted up and into the detective, his own moans filling Shuichi's ears. He felt as though he was so lost in pleasure he couldn't move, he allowed for the pirple monster to take him like he would allow no one else to. He felt as his hole stretched with each thrust, drool dripping down his chin and precum down his cock.

He felt as tears dripped down his cheeks, the pleasure like nothing he had ever felt before as the monster fucked into him deep and fast.

Soon enough he was cumming, white liquid dripping over his legs, as well as the other's. He heard the creature chuckle maniacally again as he went faster, causing Shuichi to sob and cry out. His protests were no match though as shortly after, he felt himself being filled with the monster's load. As the monster pulled out he felt as the firey hot liquid dripped out of him, feeling absolutely full with the thing's cum. The creature licked him clean of his own cum, not caring much more after that. As fas tf as he arrived he was gone again, slipping out of the window.

Shuichi lay in awe, still leaking cum from his ass onto his sheets which were now stinky instead of comfortable like they had been before. Shuichi hadn't the slightest idea what just happened but one thing was for sure:

He hoped whatever that thing was, it returned soon.

Chapter Text

Kaito walked awkwardly to the dinign hall as both he and Korekiyo grabbed their separate plates and turned their separate ways to go eat. Korekiyo going to sit with Angie, Kokichi and Miu while Kaito sat with Maki, Shuichi and Kaede.

He sat down, awkwardly trying to hide his discomfort as the plug pressed against him as he sat. He shuffled a bit, attempting to get as comfortable as possible before finally deciding comfortable wasn't a chouce at the moment.

"Is something wrong, Kaito? You seem on edge-" Shuichi's shy yet friendly voice spoke.

"Yeah, and your face is really red," Kaede commented, worried.

Kaito shook his head and gave his best reasurring smile,"I'm just fine guys! As good as ever."

All three seemed to believe him as they turned back to their food and some conversation about an upcoming test or something. 

Dinner went smoothly afterwards, apart from the fact Kaito could feel Korekiyo's eyes on him from time to time. Once he was done he stood and returned his tray, bumping into Shinguji as he turned to leave.

"Go back to your room, I'll meet you in there in twenty minutes."

Kaito frowned,"Why twenty minutes? Just come now."

"Oh sure, and if anyone asks I'll just tell them where I'm going. And when they ask why, I'll tell them I'm coming to make you cu-"

Kaito hushed him desperately, rolling his eyes and insisting instead that twenty minutes was fine. 

Returning back to his room, he stipped, knowing Korekiyo would want him back in position. He went back to being on his hands and knees, feeling the plug rest against his walls as he waited.

But as the time passed he got more and more desperate. Looking at the clock, a whole fifteen minutes had passed. Korekiyo would be here any minute to help and fuck him. But the idea of just jerking himself off for a minute sounded so good.

So that's what he did.a hand went down to his cock, stroaking it eaherly. His thumb ran iver the head and he let out a strained moan as he bucked his hips into his hand. He kept a swift pace, loving wvery minute of the pleasure.

"Well." Kaito could have sworn he had a heart attack, jumping and turning over. He groaned as the plug pressed into him again, before sighing in relief seeing it was just Korekiyo who had returned to the room without a sound. He smiled until he saw the angry look in Korekiyo's eyes,"Anywhere in my directions, did you hear me say you could touch yourself?"

Kaito bit his lip,"No, but-"

"No. That's all I meeded to know. Bend over again for me."

Kaito frowned but did as he was told, going back on his hands and knees, ass in the air. He watched from the corner of his eye as Kiyo picked up the bely from off the floor, bending it in half. He felt his cock twitch,"No- Wait-" 

Kaito pushed himself up again. Him and Korekiyo had tried their hand at impact play before but never with a belt. 

Yellow eyes met his own,"Color?"

Kaito bit his lip again, thinking,"Yellow."

Korekiyo's eyes softened and he pulled down his mask. This was what they had always done. If Kaito ever got uncomfortable, Korekiyo would make himself vulnerable, to put himself on Kaito's level. Korekiyo always knew how to fix things. That was part of the reason Kaito loved doing this with him.

"What is it, dear?"

"Just..." Kaito turned away a bit,"The belt. Are you sure we'll be alright with that?"

Kiyo knew Kaito really meant himself. Not 'we'. But he didn't mention it. "I was only planning on giving you ten strokes. And you could always safeword out. If ypu'd prefer though, we can do the paddle and do fifteen strokes."

Kaito allowed himself a moment to juggle the options before speaking again,"We can try the belt."

Korekiyo nodded and leaned in, kissing the other gently on the lips. As they embraced, they allowed their tongues to slide against one another, loving every second. "Green."

The dark haired male nodded and pushed Kaito down, back into his original position. He adjusted the belt in his hand so his leverage was correct before running it along Kaito's backside. "Ten strokes. Then you'll be forgiven."

Kaito nodded into the sheets, biting down on the skin of his arm as he felt the belt leave his skin before slapping back down against it. The sting was remarkable and he groaned softly. Kiyo waited a moment before pulling back again, hitting him again. Kaito shifted uncomfortably, a third slap hitting his ass cheeks. Two more in quick succession and he crued out, feeling his cock twitch between his legs. Pre cum leaked onto the sheets as Korekiyo went in for the sixth swing. The seventh hit Kaito's thighs and he hissed loudly, the skin there more sensitive. A moment passed before the eighth and nineth one hit, Kaito let out a soft groan, feeling himself tear up. The last one finally hit and he lurched forward, Kiyo dropping the belt and running his hand over the now pink flesh.

"You did so good, Kaito. Thank you for taking your punishment. Now let's see what we can do about this," he chuckled, motioning to Kaito's boner. Kaito grunted qnd was about to come back with a snide remark before he was stopped, feeling the plug get pulled from his ass.

Korekiyo removed his own clothes and picked up the lube, spreading it over his cock before leaning in. He pressed it into Kaito's entrance until their hips met. Shinguji moaned when he felt the warm skin of Kaito's ass against his hips. He quickly began thrusting roughly into the other, who moaned already feeling close from all the waiting. 

Korekiyo thrusted into him deeply, hitting his prostate, causing Kaito to cry out. "Please, oh my god, Korekiyo please let me cum."

Korekiyo chuckled and leaned down to kiss his ear libe before giving him permission. Almost as soon as he was given the okay, cum shot beneath them, soiling the sheets. 

Korekiyo groaned, feeling Kaito get tighter around him. He gave a few more uneven thrusts bfore pulling out and cumming along Kaito's back. Their heavy breathing filled the room, both of them stuggling to catch their breath before Korekiyo finalky collect himself.

He kissed Kaito's cheek,"Come on, let'go take a bath before bed."

Chapter Text

Shuichi put down his bag, the long day waying on his shoulders. He had been stuck at the department for a long time, solving one of his new cases, and he was so worn out. His feet cramped as he took off his shoes and jacket, placing them by is bag at the door. As he gazed at his watch he sighed, 11:34. Hajime would be sleeping by now.

Shuichi slowly made his way to the fridge, getting a drink of water, before placing the bottle on the counter and making his way to his bedroom. As he stepped closer, he heard the noises that escaped through the wall. The slow moans and gasps that sounded like they ripped quietly through the wallpaper. Shuichi was confused, not knowing what really to expect when he opened the door, so he slowly and quietly opened it and-

Oh my god- the thought crossed Shuichi's mind so fast, hand going over his face. Hajime was under the covers, moaning, facing away from the door. Shuichi could see his shoulder moving back and fourth, ibviously stroaking himself, with his phone in his opposite hand, the light from it shining past him.

Shuichi was stunned, stuck trying to figure out if he should just go into the living room or maybe warn Hajime. He slowly came to the conclusion of his next action. He peaked open the door more, sliding in and slowly making his way over. As he came closer, he could see the phone.

He had to hold back his giggles when he noticed what was on it.

The picture Hajime had taken when they had sex once, of Shuichi laid out onthe bed, Hajime's cock deep inside of him.

"Are you enjoying yourself down there, Saihara?" Hajime had smirked, looking down at the other.

The opposing man had been spread out on the bed, legs open wide and hands above his head. A beautiful blush spread across his cheeks and ears and whimpers left his mouth as he spoke.


"Mmm, you know I love it when you call my name."

Shuichi shivered, looking away, embarassed.

"What if I took a picture of you? All pretty for me? To keep this as a memory forever..."

Shuichi shook away the memory as he finally came towards the bed. 

"Is that me youre jerking iff to?"

Hajime called out, sitting up and phone falling to the floor. He relaxed once he recognized the other in the dark room. "You scared me!"

Shuichi laughed, leaning in to kiss the other, who be grudgingly kissed back. He motioned down to Hajime's cock, "You want help with that?"

Hajime blushed deeply, but nodded, leaning in to kiss the other, more passionately. As he did, Shuichi pulled off his work pants and boxers, throwing them to the floor before pulling away to take off his shirt. Once naked, he pushed Hajime to the bed, who gladly spread his leg and handed Shuichi the lubricant.

The detective poured a generous amount on his fingers before eagerly slipping two of them into the other's hole. He curled them and scissored them, trying to prep Hajime as fast as he could without hurting him. Once he deemed him ready, he added a third finger. Another minute or so later, Hajime groaned,"Just fuck me already-"

Shuichi chuckled but nodded, pulling out his fingers. He lubed up his own dick before pushing into his lover, placing his hand on the other's cock. The tan man let out a loud moan, grinding against Shuichi's cock. He figured that was definitely enough of an okay to keep going, so he began to thrust. As he thrusted into Hajime, stroaking his cock, the precum and lube slicking him up. 

He soon found Hajime's prostate, shown by the other's back arching off the bed, curses slipping from his lips.

Shuichi moaned, loving how expressive his partner was in sex. He absolutely loved the pretty faces he made and his movements when he bottomed.

Shuichi grinded into him harder, not missing how Hajime's toes curled and his brows knit together. Continuing he, slowly felt himself get closer and closer to his orgasm. Leaning down, close to Hajime's ear, he purred,"Cum for me."

Hajime whined but gripped the other's shoulders, only a few moments passing before he came, liquid splattering across Shuichi's stomach. The blunette moaned thrusting deep into Hajime and releasing his load.

They sat there, embracing each other and catching their breath before Shuichi pulled out, laying next to his lover who snuggled close. 

"We should clean up, hun," Shuichi yawned.

"Tomorrow." Hajime returned, smile apperent on his face.

Shuichi was not one to argue.

Chapter Text

Kaito huffed impatiently, looking down at Rantaro who was removing his belt and pants.

Rantaro laughed charmingly,"I dunno why you're complaining up there, you're the one who got a boner when i grabbed your thigh."

"Shush-" Kaito growled, blush dusting his cheeks.

He, Rantaro and some other friends were all at the amusement park today, just for some fun. As they were getting on the rollercoaster, Rantaro had granned Kaito's thigh in a lovingly way, not a sexual way. But Kaito just had to think with his dick.

So that's where they were now. In a stall, in the bathroom, trying to get off.

As Rantaro took off his own pants and underwear he had Kaito turn around, ass out towards him- which Kaito grumbled about but Rantaro ignored with an eyeroll.

As he leaned down, Rantaro spat between Kaito's cheeks, again ignoring more protests. He slid his fingers along the crease before sliding one into the other's enterance. He knew he had to be careful, seeing how they had no real lube. He slowly fingered the other open, noticing the hand over his mouth, before sliding in another. He took it upon himself to spit again before adding 5the third and being sure to help stretch him.

Rantaro removed his fingers slowly before putting out his palm and spitting into it, rubbing his saliva on his now hard cock. He slowly and gently slid it into the other, who let a low moan out into his hand. 

Rantaro began to thrust, carefully yet swiftly, knowing they had limited time. He aimed, trying to find Kaito's prostate. Soon he let out another hesitant moan, showing Rantaro he had found it.

Rantaro let out his own groan and thrusted harder, watching as his partner's back arched.

But then they heard the sink turn on.

They both froze, in fear, waiting. They heard the foot steps trail further away from them, but no opening door. Rantaro could feel Kaito getting antsy beneath him, but ignored him for quiet's sake.

"Hey, are you okay down there?" A gruff voice said. No one they knew.

"Yeah!" Rantaro responded chastly,"Yeah, I'm good!"

"Alright, man." Before he hheard the door open and shut. No more footsteps.

They both sighed in relief, Kaito standing up a bit. Rantaro laughed airily,"We're not done yet."

He pushed his partner back down into position as he began to thrust again, fuckjng into him. He heard as the other got desperate, brows knitting together. He could tell he was close, and he fucked into him harder, being sure to grind into his spot as he did. Soon enough, Kaito's cum painted the tiled walls. 

Rantaro opted to pull off and jerk off swiftly, soon after starting, cum spilling onto the floor. They both panted before moving to quickly pull up their shorts and wipe up the mess.

As they washed their hands and left, Rantaro laughed again, charming as usual.

"What?" Kaito asked.

"You so got turned on by that gug almost catching us."

He saw Kaito turn red again,"Shut up."

Chapter Text

Once the red rope was tied beautifully around Shuichi's arms and back, a design with a star going prettily over his pale chest, Korekiyo smiled, pleased with his work. He guided him over to the bed, making him kneel before bending iver in the center, ass up. Shuichi sighed as his face hit the comfortable sheets of the heart shaped bed.


Shuichi nodded, shivering as he felt Korekiyo's bandaged hand glide up his back, down to his ass. He gripped it tightly, making note of Shuichi's small noise of surprise, before pulling away to go to his toys. 

The toys had been provided by the room, in the back of the closet. That's where Kiyo had found the rope. He was very pleased to find a sizable collection of dildos, all different lengths and widths.

He grabbed a selct few and a bottle of self heating lube, along with a blindfold before walking back to the bed. 

He bent towards Shuichi, helping him lift his head off the bed before tying the blindfold around his eyes,"Your safe word is 'pepper', if you'd like to stop, say that and we'll see what we can do."

"Okay," Shuichi said, barely over a whisper. Korekiyo could sense the nerves dripping off of him, so he slowly lifted him up, rubbing the small of his back.

"Is something wrong?"

Shuichi shook his head,"No- I've just never done anything like this, so I'm a little anxious. But I'll say the safe word if I don't like anything."

Korekiyo nodded, pulling down his mask and leaning in to kiss Shuichi's lips. They kissed for a moment before pulling back, Korekiyo helping Shuichi back down onto the bed.

He rubbed his back once more before getting up, grabbing the smallest dildo. It was no bigger than four of his fingers, and not very wide. He opened the lube, watching as Shuichi shifted at the snapping sound, and chuckling when Shuichi jumped at the sensation of cold lube between his cheeks.

Korekiyo used the dildo to smear the lube between the other's cheeks, before sliding it in. Shuichi took in a sharp breath, whimpering a bit as it stretched his virgin hole. Korekiyo was sure to be gentle as he began to thrust it around the clenching ring if muscle.

"Oh my god, that's not your fingers, is it?"

Kiyo held back his laughter,"You're very cute. No, if it were my fingers I would have taken my bandages off. It's a sex toy."

Shuichi made a nois of approval, moaning again when Korekiyo twisted it, thrusting a bit harder.

Once Kiyo saw that Shuichi had relaxed, he remived the toy, picking up the next biggest one. He dripped some more lube onto this toy before pressing it against Saihara's hole. He listened as the detective mianed, louder now, nose scrunching.

"You're going to like this one," the anthropologist commented as it reached the base,"Just relax for me."

Shuichi made an attempt to relax, shoulders drooping a bit now, before Korekiyo hit a button in the bottom. Suddenly Shuichi seemed to come to life, crying out and burrying his head into the matress as the dildo vibrated. Kiyo pulled it out, befoe pushing it back in. He repeated this until Shuichi cried out, instantly cumming. Kiyo knew he hit the jackpot.

"Is that your g-spot, Shuichi?" He cooed. 

He watched as Shuichi shuttered, not responding to the teasing. Slowly he watched as he got desperate, face turning back to the side,"A-are you going to turn it o-off?"

Kiyo turned his head towards Shuichi's stretched ass, which still had the vibrating cock inside of it, presumably still pressed against his prostate. "Are you going to safe word?"

Shuichi paused, before shaking his head, eyebrows raising beneath the blindfold.

"Then no," Korekiyo smirked, voice getting low,"I want you to cum for me again. And I haven't finished either, you know?"

Shuichi gasped, Korekiyo not catching the full reaction as he got up, grabbing the Hitachi wand. He guided shuichi to lower himself down on the bed more, tip of his cock almost touching the puddle of cum which he had already created. Kiyo, again, help back laughter as he noticed Shuichi struggling due to the stimulation in his ass.

Once close enough, Korekiyo brought the wand to Shuichi's dick, making sure both heads were touching, before powering it on.

"Oh my god- Holy fuck-"

Shuichi's legs shook, now feeling the vibrations all over himself. Kiyo quickly pulled his cock put of his pants and boxers, climbing onto the bed in front of Shuichi.

"The new way to stop is going to be if you hum happy birthday. Now, how, about we occupy that mouth of yours?"

Shuichi moaned once more as he opened it, allowing Korekiyo room. Korekiyo slowly inserted himself, feeling as Shuichi sucked him sloppily. Kiyo let out a snicker before he began to thrust his hips, fucking Shuichi's warm mouth. He groaned, feeling the vibrations of Shuichi's own moans.

He thrusted hard and deep, slipping into the other's throat. He felt as the vibrations on his own dick got faster and faster until finally, Shuichi came again, his hips grinding into the wand as he did. Kiyo grabbed Shuichi's cheeks, fucking into his face harder, feeling as he gagged and tears began to spill. The anthropologist moaned, hips stuttering until finally he came, cum spilling out of the other's mouth.

Korekiyo paused, panting and taking a moment after pulling out. Finally he got up, moving swiftly as he removed the blindfold then moving to the other side of him to turn off the wand and remove the dildo. Soon he was back to sitting on the bed, Shuichi completely lost as he was untied and snuggled. 

Kiyo rocked them back and fourth, waiting for Shuichi to make any sounds, tear streaks already drying. A few minutes passed, Kiyo massaging the other's wrists. 

"Kiyo?" Came Shuichi's broken up voice.

"Ah, you're back. You had me worried, are you alright? In any pain?"

Shuichi shifted, "No- not really. And I'm alright. What do you mean back?"

"I belive you've entered subspace. It happens after difficult scenes and such sometimes. I've entered it a few times- it's a kin to blacking out for a short moment. Makes you feel kind of fuzzy."

Shuichi nodded, sighing happily before shifting again,"Can we go shower?"

Kiyo smiled, nodding as he picked up the other.

Chapter Text

Torture. Absolute torture was how the past few days could be described by Leon, Hagakure and Mondo.

It started off with them all fooling around. The group had been waiting for Ishimaru to get back from one of his many clubs in Mondo's dorm when Hagakure got a boner.

Cause when was one of the four not horny.

Leon suggested that they all just jerk off before Ishimaru showed up. Mondo, however, was against that. He claimed Ishimaru wouldn't be happy to find out they were doing that stuff without them.

Little did they know, Mondo was very right. 

Ishimaru had come in right as Hagakure finished, Mondo and Leon both following shortly after, not noticing the moral compass by the now shut door.

"It's ridiculous you all couldn't even wait for me," Ishimaru spoke, rolling his eyes,"I bet none of you could last two weeks without finishing."

Which was the start of two weeks of absolutely stubbornness. And the sad part was they were only on day 5 before any of them started to crack.

First to crack was Hagakure, who had grabbed his cock while smoking, stroking himself a bit before Ishimaru eyed him a certain way from across his dorm. Hagakure had withdrawn his hand.

Next was Leon, who had been found grinding against the side of his bed. Nobody fell for the "I was just fixing my sheets" excuse.

Next up was Mondo, who was grinding against his motorcycle seat on day eight. Ishimaru had to hand it at him, it was hard to notice him doing so, but once he had parked it was really obvious.

Day ten was when the protest was finally brought to a halt. 

One thing to know about all three of Ishimaru's partners was this- they all loved his thighs.

So when they showed up to his dorm late at night, him in his pajamas which included short blue shorts that came mid thigh, they all lost it. Despite all trying to keep composure, Leon broke after six minutes of being in the room.

He leaned down between Taka's legs, biting on his thighs. Ishi held back a moan,"You can't do that yet, you can't do anything for four more days."

Leon shook his head,"I give up, I'm not sitting here with a hard on while you tease us."

Ishimaru groaned, feeling as Yasuhiro slipped behind him, sliding a hand into the back of his shorts. Red eyes looked up at Mondo who made his way over, leaning down to kiss Ishimaru, ready to finally let off all his steam.

Chapter Text

Kokichi groaned shifting and snickering as Kaito leaned overtop of him. Both if them naked, bodies pressing against each other, Kaito's lips grazing across Kokichi's neck. Kokichi reached down, grabbing onto Kaito's cock, smirking at the small noise he made. "Your beard tickles, Momota-chan."

Kaito rolled his eyes, "Shut up."

He leaned back, pulling out of Kokichi's grasp. He turned over the smaller man effortlessly, Kokichi now on his stomach. Kaito took it upon himself to lightly tug on the butt plug inside of Kokichi. They had put this here this morning, having him move around throughout the day as he did his daily tasks. Kokichi moaned softly at the friction before Kaito finally pulled it out, making Oma painfully empty. The space was quickly replaced by Kaitos two fingers, sliding in and out of him to check if he was loose enough for his dick. Once determined he was, Kaito sat up behind the other. 

Grabbing the lube, he poured some onto his hand, stroaking his dick a few times and slathering the extra lubricant on Kokichi's hole. He lined up, kissing him on the temple, before pushing in.

Kokichi held back his moan as Kaito leaned forward to kiss his shoulder. "You good, Kokichi?"

The troublemaker smirked,"Oh, are you in? I didn't notice."

Kaito's face turned angry, fucking into him roughly already. He knew Kokichi could handle it, this not being the first time he played brat. Kokichi let out a loud moan, gripping the sheets and clenching against Kaitos cock as it moved inside of him.

Kokichi shivered as he felt Kaito brace himself on the bed, allowing himself to go deeper. Kokichi whined, loving the feeling of his cock on the bed, grinding into the sheets as he was fucked thoroughly.

Kokichi snickered breathlessly, daring to open his mouth once more,"I-I-I don't think you're going hard enough, Momota-cha-an..."

Kaito rolled his eyes, hand reaching towards the others neck. It swiftly slid in front of the other, gripping him. Kokichi gasped loudly at the pressure before Kaito spoke again through gritted teeth,"I thought I told you to shut up."

Kokichi moaned against Kaito's hand, feeling himself get closer, having his control taken from him. Kokichi loved it when his control was taken, as much as he'd never admit it to a soul. Other than Kaito that was.

Soon Kokichi was cumming against the blankets, moaning through his orgasm as Kaito fucked him further. Soon Kaito was cumming too, hand tightening as his seed filled the other. He pulled put, releasing the other as he laid next him.

Once he heard Kokichi cough he grabbed the water from the bedside table, handing it to his partner, who sat up and greatfully took a few sips before laying back down next to the other.

"Thank you."

Chapter Text

Mondo and Ishimaru's lips clashed together, bodies pressed against each other in the hot sauna. It was next to the pool and seeing how they had met at a similar location, this was quite convenient. The pool was empty, it being late in the night when the couple decided to come down to the water.

Ishimaru whined, pulling away,"I'm not sure this is a great idea, Mondo."

Mondo smirked,"There's no one here and you are druving me crazy in this suit of yours."

Ishimaru laughed mischievously. It wasn't often by any means that Ishiamru made decisions like this but he was specifically thinking about Mondo when getting it. He knew it would druve the other crazy when they were swimming together, so he went against not only his gut but his rules and bought it.

And now here they were.

Ishimaru glanced at the door before deciding a very trying fuck it and getting up with Mondo, bending over the sauna bench for his liver to see him.

Mondo made pleased noise, pulling the speedo to the side to expose Ishimaru's hole. He leaned in carefully giving it a lick. He felt Ishimaru shiver but he continued, deciding to fuck him open oth his tongue, suit still pulled to the side.

Ishimaru moaned into his hand, trying to hide his noises but he couldn't help it when he was getting eaten out. The feeling of Mondo's warm, wet muscle working inside him drove him crazy.

Once Mondo was done he stood, licking his lips and spitting into his hand. He rubbed his spit onto his cock, knowing he'd have to here how unsanitary this was later, before pushing in beside the suit.

Ishimaru clenched, shivering again at the feeling of Mondo's long cock slipping inside of him. Mondo moaned, leaning down to kissing along the others back, watching for his okay. Once the other nodded, Mondo pulled up and began to thrust.

Ishimaru let out a stuttering gasp at the sensation. Taka never seemed to get used to the feeling of Mondo fucking him, always loving it yet always so sensitive. Taka reached down to stroke his own cock as Mondo pounded into him, searching for his prostate.

It wasn't long until it was found, Ishimaru letting out a loud cry of his partner's name. Mondo just smirked and pounded into him harder, the heat of the sauna making him sweat.

Mondo moaned himself, feeling Ishimaru clenching, giving him the sign the other was about to finish. Taka's hand moved faster on his cock, groaning as he came onto the floor, shuttering.

Mondo continued to fucking him until he too came, deep inside of Ishimaru. Slowly the both stood, Ishimaru wiping up his cum with his hand, complaining as he did, before leaving, Ishimaru grabbing a tissue in the provided bathroom on the way back to their cabins.

Chapter Text

Kokichi felt his face grow warm at the sounds Ryoma and Tojo were making. 

Tojo was currently hovering over Ryoma's face as he licked at her sex. She moaned loudly as his tongue worked against her, loving how talented the older man's mouth was.

Meanwhile, Ryoma himself was trying to hold back moans as Oma worked his fingers into his entrance. Already at two fingers and prepping him to be fucked, just the thought of it making Oma's dick painfully hard.

Once he heard Tojo climax, her moans having echoed through the room before she rolled onto the other side of the bed, Oma stood up. He grabbed his ankles and pulled him closer, smirking.

"You ready?"

Ryoma nodded, a blush painting itself across his cheeks. Oma bit his lip as he grabbed his cock and began to push it into the other. Ryoma let out a groan when Oma bottomed out. They waited before Ryoma nodded again, giving Kokichi the okay to continue. 

Kokichi eagerly grabbed the other's hips and thrusted into him. They moaned in unison, Ryoma clenching around him. Kokichi thrusted inwards repeatedly, aiming until he finally found Ryomas spot. Ryoma cried out gripping the sheets, letting out incoherent begs for Kokichi to keep going. 

The other chuckled and began to thrust harshly in the same direction. Just as he did so he could hear Tojo chuckle as she reached over and began to stroke Ryoma's length. 

"Oh fuck-" Ryoma's deep voice boomed as he arched his back, cum spilling across his own stomach and chest.

He panted as Kokichi pulled out, gasping when Kirumi leaned in to lick the cum off of him. "Holy shit," Ryoma sighed as he relaxed into the bed.

Kokichi was quick to grab a condom from the bedside drawer as Tojo got up and bent oflver the side of the bed, eager to be fucked by the other. Kokichi carefully removed it from its wrapper and slid it onto his cock, whining at his need for release. He grabbed onto Tojo's hips, just as he had Ryoma's, as he slid into her.

He groaned as her heat enveloped him before beginning to thrust into her still moist pussy. Kirumi moaned loudly as she was pounded into, only stopping when Ryoma slid over to kiss her deeply. 

Kokichi wasn't going to last much longer. He felt like he was on the brink of his release as he reached forward to massage his partner's clit. Soon he heard her moan loudly, cum leaking down her legs as she came for the second time that night. Kokichi was soon to follow as he came inside of her, filling the condom he was wearing. 

After a few deep breaths he pulled out, tying off the condom and throwing it into the garbage. By the time he was done with that he noticed Ryoma coming into the room with a pack of wipes, ready to clean up their mess.

Chapter Text

Akane really had no idea how she got here.

It started with her and Nekomaru, her now boyfriend, training as they usually did. Niether of them were to deny that they got pretty competitive or even aggressive when they trained together. It was just in both of their natures.

But somehow aggressive training turned into aggressive making out.

Nekomaru had pushed Akane against the wall of their in home gym, wrists above her head, tightly being held by Nekomaru who was kissing her like an animal. She could barely breathe as she tried to keep up with him, his tongue battling with her own.

She whined as he pulled away, before she was dragged to the floor, him now pinning her down to the mats across it. He turned her over and threw up her skirt before he paused. "You okay with this?"

Akane groaned,"Yes! Oh my god! Just fuck me-"

Nekomaru laughed loudly,"Just checking-"

Before Akane could even comprehend it, they dived right back into their aggressive sex- Nekomaru literally ripping off her panties and throwing the torn fabric across the room. She gasped loudly, allowing him to now pull her closer.

He paused to pull his dick out of his pants before reaching forward and sliding a thick finger into her, and then another and another. Her face scrunched up as she tried to adjust to the feeling of being full. She could already feel the slick between her thighs picking up before he pulled his fingers out.

He gave himself a few strokes before pushing into her. She cried out, feeling herself tear up at the sheer size of his cock inside of her. He picked her up, pulling her onto his lap before he began to fuck up and into her. She moaned, feeling herself be stretched like that.

He had zero mercy as a tear began to slide down her cheek, continuing to fuck into her. He groaned, feeling himself grow closer and closer to his orgasm. He continued to thrust roughly into her g-spot until he felt her grow restless. "Fuck, fuck- Nekomaru oh my go-" suddenly cum leaked down his pants. He took that as the okay to push her back to the floor and fuck her deeply. After a few very rough thrusts he pulled out, coming up her back.

They both panted, sweat leaking down Nidai's forehead as he grabbed a twoel from one of the nearby benches to clean them both off. As he pulled Akane up to wipe at her face, he spoke,"Are you okay-?"

Akane groggily nodded, leaning in to kiss his cheek before laying against his chest, exhausted. He simply chuckled before picking her up and deciding to carry her back upstairs, out of the gym.

Chapter Text

As Makoto walked through the woods, red cape and basket in tow, he hummed softly to himself to attempt to distract from the noises surrounding him.

He figured the crunching of leaves and branches was just his imagination or some sort of forest creature. Perhaps a squirrel or deer, maybe even a raccoon.

Little did he know, a wolf had it's eye on him. He was taken by surprise when the wf, long brown hair and deep skin jumped out at him, pushing him to the ground.

He felt his soul leave his body as it bared it's teeth. He could've swore this would be his last moments until the would began to pull at his jeans. It leaned down to suck at his cock through his boxers and he couldn't help but grow hard as it bared its teeth to the cloth and tore off the underwear.

Before he knew it, the creatur was leaning back down, sucking on Makoto's cock. He allowed himself to moan at the warm feeling of the wolve's mouth around him. He tried to hold back from thrusting into the wolve's mouth, scared he'd catch himself on it's teeth.

As it sucked and bobbed it's head, Makoto moaned, feeling his orgasm build up, before he finally cried out, cumming in the wolve's mouth. As he caught his breath, the wolf stood and quickly made its way back into the trees, as though nothing had never happened.

Makoto was left shell shocked, half naked on the dirt floor.

Chapter Text

Tsumugi just walked through the door. She had been at a week long trip to New York for a convention, which consisted of five days of walking around in cosplay. So needless she was exauhsted and ready to climb into her bed with her boyfriend.

She quietly made her way through the small apartment, before opening the door to her bedroom. She could see the shadow of Hifumi in the blankets already and she smiled softly.

Trying her best to be quiet, she opened the drawers to grab her pajamas. She took off her shoes and began to undress. Once finally in her underwear she grabbed the pyjama pants and turned around, only to find Hifumi sitting up in bed, sliding his glasses on.

"Oh, sorry-" Tsumugi whispered,"I didn't mean to wake you up..."

Hifumi shook his head before smiling,"It's okay. I'm happy I woke up and got to see you."

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She smiled into it, placing a hand on his neck as she crawled into his lap.

She chuckled,"Yknow, it's been a week. How about you and I have a little bit of fun-"

Hifumi's face went dark and he nodded, laying her down on the bed. She unclipped her bra from beneath her as he removed his own pyjamas and boxers. When he turned back towards her, he leaned in to kiss her chest as he grabbed the waistband of her white panties, sliding them off her legs.

Once fully undressed, he reached to the bedside table, grabbing a condom and some lube. She sat up to open the condom package, sliding it onto his cock as he poured some of the lubricant into his hand. He carefully reached down and pressed his fingers against her clit and she let out a soft moan, bucking up and into him. He slid two fingers into her entrance and she moaned louder, feeling hot. As she felt his fingers move within him she whined, grabbing his shoulders.

"I want you-" she gasped as he pressed against her walls.

He removed his fingers, stroking himself, before leaning down and sliding into her, listening to her moans. "You've got me."

He began to thrust into her, kissing her neck as he did so. She keened as she felt his cock move inside of her, stretching her. When he pulled away from her neck she wasted no time before leaning in to kiss him, their tongues sliding into each other's mouths.

They moaned in unison as Hifumi sped up, grinding into her now. She felt so close to her orgasm already, so when Hifumi pressed a hand to her clit again, it drove her crazy. She sucked in her bottom lip as she moaned loudly, head turning to the side to bury in the sheets, back arching as she came on his cock.

He groaned loudly as he gave a few more hearty thrusts, finally cumming inside of her. They both took their time to catch their breaths before he pulled out, tying off the condom and tossing it into the near by trash can.

She smiled, crawling up to her side of the bed, him lying next to her and pulling her in close. "It's nice to have you home. I missed you."

She smiled wider,"I missed you too."

Chapter Text

Ryoma and Kirumi walked in the door of their shared apartment, both chuckling at the conversation they had been having.

They had just gotten home from a date night where they both went out to eat and watch a movie. They had a great time with one another, seeing how they had both been very busy lately and not able to hang out like that in a while.

As Kirumi slipped off her jacket and hung it by the door, Ryoma made his way to place the leftovers in the fridge. Once back he took off his shoes and went to the couch, sitting next to Kirumi and resting a head on her shoulder. 

He was enjoying relaxing with her, ad he always had, until he felt her hand on her thigh. And soon the hand was sliding up to his crotch, grabbing at him through his pants.

And that he was enjoying more than he was relaxing.

He let out a happy sigh as he reached down to undo his zipper and button, Kirumi moving her hand out of his way as he did so. Once his pants were off he looked over to Tojo who had already taken off her dress, leaving her in her bra and panties. He licked his lips as she leaned in to take off her shirt, kissing her collarbone once free to do so. He grabbed her hips and guided her in. 

She smiled before pulling away and grabbing a condom from the drawer in their coffee table and coming backing to lay on the couch, only sitting up to roll the condom on to Ryoma's already hard cock. He moans a bit at the feeling of her hand before she pulls away.

He leans in, almost instantly pressing himself into her already wrt hole. He groans at the heat that surrounds him as she gasps at being filled. They take a moment before he starts thrusting into her.

They live for nights like these. Nights where they're enveloped in the warmth of one another, sprawled across the bed or couch, just fully connected in every physical way.

As he thrusted he reached a hand down to toy with her clit, leaning in to suck on one of her breasts. She moans loudly at all the stimulation, feeling it all envelope her before she cries out, cumming on his cock. He groans as he feels her hands dig into his shoulders. He cums soon after, moaning out before laying against her stomach. 

It only takes him a moment to regroup before he pulls out and ties off the condom, laying against her again.

Chapter Text

Kaito groaned, shivering a bit as he felt the slick fingers work inside of him. He gritted his teeth as a third was added. "Can you hurry up and fuck em, please?"

Mondo rolled his eyes,"I'm going as fast as I can, man. I just wanna be sure you're ready. "

"I am ready, just c'mon."

Mondo rolled his eyes again but obeyed, pulling his fingers out and standing up. He poured some more lube into his hand and stroked himself, making sure he was slick, before pushing into Kaito slowly.

Kaito groaned, legs spreading a bit as he was pushed into, feeling himself get filled. "Fuck, bro."

Mondo chuckled and leaned in to bite on his ear before pulling out just to push back in again. As he thrusted he let out gasps, feeling his cock get enveloped by Kaito's warmth.

Kaito cried out, hands gripping the sheets as Mondo fucked into him deeply. He groaned, biting his tongue, trying to hild back his sounds. Only chicks made sounds in bed, dammit.

Kaito keened, grinding against the other, cut off only by a gasp as Mondo lifted one of Kaito's knees over his shoulder, fucking into him deeper. He watched as Kaito's head whipped back, drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth as his back arched.

He knew he had hit the perfect spot.

Mondo began to thrust harder into that spot, fucking him as thoroughly as possible. Kaito groaned, feeling himself tear up as he got closer and closer to his orgasm, Mondo's cock still working inside of him.

"Fu-uck, bro-!" And with that, Kaito's back was arched again, cum splattering against his stomach.

Once coming down from his high he whined, feeling Mondo still thrusting inside of him. Soon enough though, Mondo was cumming deep inside of him, groaning out his name.

It only took them a minute, to catch their breaths before Mondo pulled out, laying back next to Kaito.

"Damn, dude. You're tight as hell."

Chapter Text

Makoto whined a bit as the rope was tightened around his wrists.

"You good-?" Leon's voice boomed, hand running down the other's bare back.

Makoto nodded. This position wasn't anything new for him with Leon. His wrists were both currently tied to a piece of rope, the rope being draped over a piece of the bed backing. This forced his upper half to be lifted off the bed while his knees rested against the matress.

The perfect position for Leon to slam into him.

Once Leon was sure Makoto was alright he walked to the opposite side of the bed, grabbing the lube as he went. He popped open the lid and poured some of it into his fingers, sliding two fingers into him. 

Makoto moaned, loving the pace at which Leon was moving. Fast, without a care. He knew he did care, but he loved being treated like he was nothing but a toy.

Once Leon deemed him loose enough, he pulled out his fingers, slapping his ass once before sitting up, stroking his dick. He lined up, leaning in to say,"When I'm done with you, you won't even know youre own name," before pushing in roughly.

Makoto cried out, brows knitting together and voice rocking across the room. "F-F-Fu-uck!"

Leon grabbed his hips, pads digging into the pale skin. Makoto whimpered as Leon began to fuck him, hard.

Makoto could feel precum leaking out of his dick onto the bed. He moaned out before letting out a cry as he was pulled by the hair, rope digging into his wrists.

Leon chuckled, still thrusting as he leaned in to kiss and bite his pale neck. One of Leon's hands traveled down to Makoto's cock, stroking it in time woth his own thrusts.

The brunette teared up, feeling close to his orgasm. He was so close and so overstimulated between Leon' mouth, hands and cock. Once he felt Leon's thumb slide over the slit of his cock, it was over. Cum leaked out of him, onto the bed and Leon's hand. 

Tears streamed down his cheeks and he whimpered as Leon kept thrusting, until finally Leon came inside of him. Leon pulled out, looking down at Makoto's now abused hole, seeing the cum leaking out of it and down his taint.

Once Leon had come down from his high he quickly pulled out and began to untie the bondage rope. Once untied he pulled Makoto into his lap, rubbing his wrists as the other burried his head into his shoulder.

Makoto took a few deep breathes before he stopped crying, finally just snuggling into him.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

Makoto shook his head and sniffed,"No, you didn't hurt me. I just got overwhelmed. In a good way though.:

Leon chuckled and kissed the light red marks on his partner's wrists before settling into the bed.

Chapter Text

Kokichi gasped as he was pressed against the wall, feeling the scruff of Kaito's beard against him as he bit and kissed his neck. Kokichi faught to remove his pants from his place off the floor as Kaito removed his own pants.

They were suppised to be partying tonight, but for some reason Kokichi thought it was a great idea to tease Kaito all night. Grabbing his ass, kissing his cheek, grinding against his lap- it wasn't Kaito's fault he was horny as hell, dragging Kokichi into a closet.

Kaito's cock was tugged out of his boxer's quickly before he placed Kokichi back down. Kokichi immedielately got the memo and dropped to his knees, opening his mouth to immediately slide his partner's cock in. Kaito was impatient though and thrusted into him, causing the other to gag.

Kaito pulled out, Kokichi's head dropping a bit as his eyes watered and drool dripped down his chin. Kaito grabbed him by the hair and pushed his head back up, making eye contact. "Breathe and relax. You're gonna throw up if you don't."

Kokichi nodded. He loved being in this position with Kaito, despite the fact he'd never admit it. He loved being absolutley manhandled by him and it only got better when they were in a hurry.

Before he knew it he was taking a deep breath before Kaito pushed into his mouth again. Kokichi kept his cool this time as Kaito fucked his throat. He felt his head get foggy as his eyes watered. With each thrust he felt himself get harder in his own boxers until finally he felt the warm cum leak down his throat. Kaito groaned, pulling out of Kokichi's throat. He leaned down and wiped the tears off the other's face before reaching into his underwear.

As he began to stroke him, Kokichi whined, head leaning back against the wall. "Fuck-"

Kaito leaned in again to kiss his neck as he sped up the pace. Soon enough, Kokichi was also cumming, whining as his back arched. Once relaxed, he tookthe tissue that Kaito was handing him and cleaned himself up before standing up again. Both of them got dressed, ready to make their way back to the party.

Chapter Text

Kokichi chuckled as he made his way back to his room, feeling completely ready to face his boyfriend later.

He honestly had this whole thing planned.

He had been hitting on Shuichi and Kaito all day, hoping to get a rise out of Rantaro. His boyfriend was usually a very chill guy but one thing that always got the green haired guy riled up was his jealousy problem. He could get jealous over very little things very easy.

So why not make him jealous over a very big thing?

As Kokichi opened his door and shut shut it again, locking it behind him, he felt a hand around his throat, pushing him to the bed. He gasped, trying to fight back u til he felt the coolness of the ring on his chin. If that wasn't enough to signal him to the identity of the man in the dark room with him, there was already a voice assuring him,"Don't worry, it's just me."

Kokichi relaxed a bit, smirking again once he noticed it was Rantaro.

The smirk was wiped clean off his face once he was flipped over, Rantaro growling,"So what makes you think you could act like a whore all day and get off scott free?"

He gasped but before he knew it, his pants and boxers were practically being ripped off. The clothes were thrown across the floor before he heard Rantaro's zipper go down.

Rantaro tugged his cock out and leaned in to whisper,"I'm going to show you who you really belong to."

Kokichi shivered, lube being dropped between his cheeks before Rantaro massaged it in, dipping two fingers into his entrance. He groaned, grinding up and against the digits, feeling his cock harden between his stomach and the bed. The friction was absolutely delicious along with the feeling of Rantaro rubbing against his walls.

Soon enought the fingers were removed and almost immediately replaced woth Rantaro's cock. Kokichi groaned out as Rantaro began to fuck into him, cock moving in and out of his tight hole.

"Fuck-" Kokichi gasped, feeling Rantaro thrust against his prostate roughly.

Rantaro chuckled slyly, thrusting hard3r and slower as he groaned,"I know this ass so well that I could find your spot right away, huh baby?"

Kokichi whined, hands gripping into the sheets as Rantaro sped up. He moaned loudly, feeling close already. He felt Rantaro's hand meet his ass, slapping him,"Don't you dare cum, I'm not done with you yet."

Rantaro pulled out and spun Kokichi around, leaning in to kiss him as he fucked into him again. He thrusted into him quickly, aiming for his prostate again. Kokichi whined, wanting his release so bad but wanting to be good for Rantaro at the same time. His toes curled and he bit at the back of his hand.

"Who do you belong to?" Rantaro groaned. Kokichi could hear how close he was.

"You, Rantaro!"

"Say it again."

"You! I belong to you Rantaro!"

With a groan, Rantaro's hips stuttered, cum filling Kokichi. The purple haired man whined, back arching, still trying to hild back until finally, to his relief, Rantaro leaned over and began to stroke him. "C'mon, Kokichi. Cum for me."

Kokichi did not have to be told twice.

Cum leaked out of him onto his stomach until f ik nalky he burst into Rantaro's fast moving hand, panting as he finished, Rantaro's softening cock still inside him.

Rantaro pulled out and leaned in to kiss his boyfriend before grabbing the tissues to help clean up Kokichi's stomach. The shorter male exhaled loudly and swallowed, coming down from his high,"You win. I'm yours."

Rantaro smiled,"I know you are."

Chapter Text

Nekomaru groaned a bit as he eatched Akane slide the condom onto his cock. He laid against the bed and watched impatiently,"Couldn't you move any faster?"

Akane rolled her eyes and ignored him, crawling over him to hover over his large cock.

They loved this little game they had, the back and fourth. The "i hate you" game. They both knew it wasn't real, but their hunger to be rough with one another was never quenched.

Akane slowly guided herself down his cock, feeling it fill her up. After avout half way down she gasped and went to back track but Nekomaru grabbed her hips. "Keep going."

She shook her head,"You're too big to be rode, Nidai."

Nekomaru chuckled and began to continue to guide her down,"You can handle it.

Akane hissed a bit, knees shaking as she was finally brought all the way to the base. He ran a hand over her stomach, feeling the small buldge forming there from his cock pressing against her abdomen.

When she felt ready enough, she nodded to herself and began to lift herself up only to drop herself down again. She rode him slowly at first until his hands made their way back to her hips, supporting her as she fucked herself on his cock.

The both groaned, moaning into the open space of their bedroom. "Keep going," Nekomaru growled,"Take it, whore."

Akane whimpered but tried to move faster, tits bouncing on her chest as she went. She felt so close to her orgasm and tears began to form in her eyes. She wanted to cum so bad.

A gasp left her lips as Nekomaru leaned up to suck on one of her nipples. He massaged her breast with his tongue, biting down on the nub, finally pushing her over the edge into her orgasm. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she finsihed, cum leaking into Nekomaru's lap, squeezing around him.

Nidai groaned, feeling her tighten up, fucking up and into her a bit more until finally he also came. He paused, catching his breath before pulling her off of him and onto the other side of the bed.

He carefully pulled off the condom and tied it, tossing it into the garbage begore grabbing the wet rag on the side table. He had purposefully grabbed it before they came in here cause he didn't want to leave Akane after a rough scene.

He used the cloth to wipe her face, chest and between her legs. She shivered a bit at the coolness but was quickly pampered with the blanket being pulled over her.

He wiped off his own cock before slipping under the sheets with her, pulling her in. "I love you. I hope you know that."

She smiled into his chest,"I do."

"Nothing I say in these scenes is true, I hope you know."

She nodded, mumbling out a little,"me niether," before driftjng to sleep in his atms, completely exauhsted from their activities. He chuckled, simply pulling her in closer.

Chapter Text

Kyoko moaned, feeling the warm muscle move inside of her. It slid aganst her walls as the thumb of the man beneath her slid against her clit. "Fuck-" she breathed ou, grabbing a handful ot the curls beneath her,"You make me so wet Mondo."

The dark male chuckled, sitting up a bit to run his hands up her body, grabbing at her tits as he went. He leaned in to kiss her, allowing her to taste herself on him. And, God, did she want more.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk, doll."

Kirigiri shivered before she was turned over, bare stomach on the desk that they were positioned at. Mondo took it upon himself to open one of the drawers and pull out a condom, opening it and slipping it onto himself.

Kyoko groaned when she felt the head of his cock against her hole, yearning for him to be inside of her already. "Please, Mondo, please fuck me alrea-"

She felt her breath leave her as he pushed in, making sure he met the base. She groaned when he finally was in all the way, gripping the desk when he pulled out to continue thrusting.

Mondo's own moans bounced off the wall as he fucked into her tight, wet pussy. He gripped her hips tightly, pulling her against him as he fucked her. "God, you feel so fuckin' good around my cock, I already feel close."

Kirigiri keened at the comment, glaved hand reaching down to massge her clit,"Me too-"

She gasped as he leaned in to grab her tit with one hand while the other still wrested on her hip. His teeth clenched together, crusing through them as he fucked her harder, chasing his release until finally, he was cumming, still thrusting through his orgasm. Kyoko wasn't far behind, pressing her finger tips harder against her clit as she finally finished, cum leaking onto the floor.

They both panted, trying to relax before Mondo pulled out, tying off the condom and grabbing the wet wipes. As they both cleaned themselves up, sharing a kiss or two.

Kyoko chuckled softly as she pulled up her pants,"You're such a good lay, Oowada."

Chapter Text

Kaito angrily grunted as he looked through the things in his room. He wasn't even sure if he was looking for anything specific. In reality he just needed something to do with his anger.

Why was he angry? Two words.

Kokichi. Oma.

Kokichi Oma annoyed everyone a lot of the time, but he was Kaito's boyfriend. So Kaito usually knew how to deal with stuff like that. But today, something just hit a nerve.

Well, maybe not a nerve, persay.

Kaito and Oma had been hanging out with the rest of their classmates and as usual, Kokichi was insulting those around him. Mostly Miu, but also the others.

It finally lit a match in Kaito when the comments turned to Kaito. Kokichi hadn't talked about Kaito like that since before they got together. And now that they were together, it was most certainly different.

Different in a way Kaito didn't quite understand.

He was finally calming down when he heard a knock on the door. Getting up tiredly, he answered it, only to be met with the face of the man who he had just been mad at.

Begrudgingly inviting him in, Kaito shut the door behind both of them.

Kokichi seemed to let down his gaurd a bit once the door was shut, playing with his fingers. "Kaito- I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean-"

"You," Kaito stopped him,"You didnt... I don't know what got into me but I didn't mind the comments. You don't need to apologize."

Kokichi's face turned concerned and confused. "But you left so angry and heated I just thought-"

"I wasn't angry, I was-" Kaito wracked his brain for the right word, trying to find a proper explanation for his behavior. "I don't know what I was, Kokichi. But it didn't make me upset."

Kokichi only became more confused,"Well if you weren't upset than, what did you like.... enjoy it?"

And then all of a sudden it clicked. Both of them finally understood.

Kaito's face turned a deep red, looking away as the sinister smile painted over Kokichi's lips. He chuckled,"You totally did didn't you. You liked when I humiliated you in front of the whole class."

Kaito whined, attempting to turn away from Kokichi, but his partner was too quick, already against him, rubbing his cock through his jeans. Kaito figured there was no use being embarassed anymore, leaning in to kiss his boyfriend while taking off his jacket.

Kokichi let out a chuckle into the kiss, allowing Kaito to move onto his clothes after he finished removing his jacket. Once done undressing him completely, having kissed up his thugs after removing his pants and boxers, he returned to removing the rest of his own clothes.

Soon enough they were both naked, pressed up against each other on the bed. Kaito wasted no time pulling out his bottle of lube and pressing two wet fingers against his boyfriend's hole. Kokichi didn't miss a beat when it came to teasing Kaito, even with the large fingers shoved in his ass.

"It feels like I'm fucking an amateur."

The comments inly made Kaito harder and rougher with his partner. His fingers stretched further, finally deciding he had prepped Kokichi enough.

He quickly lubed up his cock and pressed it inside of the other, waiting once he bottomed out. He waited for the okay to move, but Kokichi was way ahead of him.

Purple doe eyes looked up at him, smirk creeping up his cheeks as he opened his mouth.

"Are you in? I can barely feel it..."

It set Kaito on fire.

He knew he was bluffing, but God if the insulting words didn't go through his ears and straight to his dick.

He began thrusting roughly into his hole. He was moving so fast already, Kokichi could barely keep up. He groaned and moaned, still trying to keep his cool,"Ahh is that- ngh- all you've got?"

Kaito practically growled into the other's ear, biting down on his clavicle before fucking into him even harder. Kokichi felt tears roll down his cheeks as he reached down to stroke himself, only a few strokes in before reaching his orgasm. Cum splattered across his chest and he heaved, clenching down against Kaito's still rapidly moving cock.

Kaito moaned at the feeling of Kokichi getting tighter, along with the feeling of the smaller's nails digging into his shoulder blades. With only a few more thrusts he was cumming inside of the other, hearing him whimper as he filled him.

He took a few breaths before pulling out and laying next to the other on the bed. After a few moments of relaxing and coming down from their consecutive highs, he heard Kokichi chuckle.


Kokichi shook his head and ran a hand down his face, "You have... a degradation kink..." he turned to look over at Kaito,"No wonder you put up with me."

Chapter Text

Teruteru groaned, hands pressed against the wall behind the bed. He and Hajime were already naked, Hajime pressing against the others naked body, nibbling here and there. He was careful not to sink in deep enough to claim or mark him, but just enough to drive Teruteru mad.

Teruteru reached behind him to stroke Hajime, already eager to have the Alpha inside him. He could smell his musk, despite his lack of an omega's s3nse of smell.

Soon enough Hajime was pulling away, looking at Teruteru for an answer. The chef calmly but wuickly grabbed a bottle of lube, handing it to the other. They had talked about this before, having known Teruteru couldn't self lubricate.

Hajime carfely used his fingers to prep the other, gently sliding lubed fingers into his ass. Teruteru groaned. Despite the slow pace, it still felt amazing to him. He figured Hajime was going slow do to his uncertainty, but Teruteru lived it all the same.

After a whole more of fingering, Hajime pulled out and poured a generous amount of lube onto his penis. Slowly, he pushed his hard cock into his partner. Hanarmura groaned, feeling himself get fuller and fuller. He never had felt this way with any other beta. Only an alpha could make him feel so vulnerable.

Teruteru groaned again, cursing when the other began to move inside of him. His hands gripped at nothing, making fists against the wall. His toes curled and mouth hung open has Hajime fucked into him ruthlessly.

Hajime continued to lose himself in the feeling of Teruteru's tight ass around him. He could feel Teruteru practically thrust himself in with practically every thrust.

Soon enough the taller male found himself hitting others prostate, making him groan even louder. Teruteru keened as he came onto the bed sheets, clenching more around Hajime.

Hajime intended to pull out but was simply so distracted by the feeling of his boyfriend that he came deep inside him, knotting.

Teruteru cried out as he felt Hajime grow thicker, becoming stuck inside of him. Hajime caught his breath after a few minutes, leaning forward to wipe the few tears sliding down Teruteru's face.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to kno-"

"Its fine!" Teruteru sighed,"Its fine. Its nice feeling so close to you anyway, despit emy class."

Hahime smiled shortly, kissing up the other's neck,"Despite your class, your still mine."

Chapter Text

Shuchi whimpered, feeling his feet and hands tied tighter. He would have never imagined himself in this position, not ven one remotely like it. He assumed that now Korekiyo was his boyfriend, he'd have to get used to it.

Currently Shuichi was tied up to the cieling, hanging lower to the floor with a strong BDSM rope. His wrists were tied, pulling towards the cieling as his feet were tied to be bent behind him, knees being connected to the cieling aswell. This positioned him facing rhe cieling, head hanging downwars if he chose to rest it, making blood rush to it.

It wasn't as though he disliked this postition. He was willing to try anything twice, but he would have never gotten here by himself. It seemed as though he was doing this simply because Korekiyo had suggested it.

Speaking of the devil, Korekiyo had stepped forward, running a bare hand over the other's body. "Comfortable?"

Shuichi huffed and shifted a bit,"As comfortable as one can be when they're tied to a cieling."

Korekiyo chuckled a bit before leaning down to kiss the other's forehead. Soon eniugh he was stepping away to grab a shibari wand and another piece of rope. Calmly, he tied it in place between the other's legs, before turning it on. Shuichis back arched as the vibratpr began to move against the head of his cock.

Korekiyo chuckled a bit, pouring lube onto his next toy. It was a pretty buttplug with a blue gem. He slowly pushed it into the other's ass, biting down a bit on one of the cheeks as he went.he tuned is as he listened to Shuichi make those beautiful, breathy moans. He always seemed to be so loud when his ass was played with.

Once the buttplug was in place and the vibrator was in place, Korekiyo decided it was time for the main event.

He kissed one of Shuichi's ribs before reaching down to the bowl placed on the floor. He pulled out and ice cube and held it for a moment before looking iver at the squirming Shuichi's face.


Shuichi nodded with a soft hum and watched carefully as Korekiyo moved. Ever so slowly, the ice cube was placed upon his stomach, cold water melting against his belly button. He hissed a bit before letting out a low moan, getting used to the cold. This however wasn't the end.

Next Korekiyo picked up a long red candle, lighting it. He allowed the waxed to liquidate a bit before leaning it over Shuichi's chest, allowing the hot wax to drip onto him. Shuichi gasped a bit and whined, shifting in place. Between the vibrations, the thing in his ass and the tempurature play, he was getting so overwhelmed. However, this was exactly what he wanted, to be overstimulated and allow Korekiyo to play with him.

Soon enough, Korekiyo had switched places to infront of Shuichi, pulling out his cock. The head slid into Shuichi's mouth before he thrusted the rest of his shaft into Shuichi's throat. Shuichi choked a bit but kept his cool, allowing Korekiyo to stretch his throat. As he pulled out he took it upon himself to drip wax onto his neck and shoulders. Shuichi gasped and shifted again before the cock was thrusted back into him. Korekiyo fucked his throat, letting out a few of his own moans. He kept a swift pace, loving how Shuichi's tongue massaged the top of his shaft. He began to quicken the pace, grabbing his hair with one hand while he continued to haphazardly drip wax onto him with his other. Cum leaked out of his cock before finally bursting out, shooting straight down his throat. He pulled out, allowing Shuichi to breathe, a thick line of cum and spit connecting the warm mouth and his cock. As he came down, he looked down at the heaving Shuichi.

"Please," the detective swallowed thickly,"Let me cum please."

Korekiyo smirked and dripped more wax onto his abdomen, where cool water was now pooled in his belly button. "Whenever you're ready."

He turned up the vibrations on the wand and only moments later, Shuichi cried out as he came. Before he was even done coming down, Korekiyo was helping him down, turning off and untying it first. He then quickly untied his feet, allowing Shuichi to shakily rest his weight on the floor. Once untying his wrists he picked him up, carrying him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom he removed the plug and started the bath, placing Shuichi in it before wiping some of his tears. Shuichi hadn't even known he was crying. He guessed it was from how overwhelming things got in the end.

Soon Korekiyo was joining him in the warm bath, helping him wash off the wax and pushing him away when he tried to do it himself.

"Let me take care of you. You deserve it after how well you did tonight, baby."

Chapter Text

Kiibo groaned as Mukuro worked her tongue along the length of his cock. She was always so talented with her mouth. She sucked the tip before bobbing back down against it.

As she worked her mouth against him he reached behind to to grope her ass, running his second hand through her hair.

Soon enough she was pulling away, pulling down her skirt and panties, ready to fuck herself on his metal cock. She grabbed a bottle of lube and poured some onto her fingers, rubbing it between her lips before scooting closer to him.

She straddled his thighs with her own and he grabbed her hips, guiding her down to his cock. She groaned as she slowly sunk down on him, feeling him stretch her.

"I've got a new function," Kiibo whispered shyly.

She perked up a bit, eyeing him through her bangs before she cried out in surprise, keening as his cock began to buzz. It vibrated inside of her, touching all of the places she craved him most. She moaned and began to ride him.

"Fuck, that feels good," she groaned as he supported her hips.

He chuckled and made his cock vibrate faster, fucking into her. As she rode him he reached down to play with her clit. She cried out again, feeling close to her orgasm as he massaged her swollen clitorus. He let out a few moans and typically not being vocal, this told Mukuro he was close too.

She leaned in, kissing him on the mouth, letting their tongues dance before he pulled away for a moment to speak.

"Cum with me."

She was back to kissing him but not for long, as both their orgasms hit, both of them cumming while intertwined with one another.

Chapter Text

Leon pressed against Hagakure, kissing down his neck and pulling at his shorts. Hagakure moaned at the feeling of Leon's mouth on his neck, groaning as the hand slid into his shorts.

Leon backed away a bit, eyebrows knitting together. Hagakure looked down at the red head, concerned for a moment before he saw his smirk.

He chuckled,"Are these girl's underwear?"

Hagakure's face turned bright red as Leon pulled down his shorts the rest of the way,"No! They're not, I mean..." He looked down at the blue and white thin underwear which were covering his erection,"I guess they look feminine, but theyre not, I swear-"

Leon shook his head and reached up to kiss Yasuhiro. "I don't mind if they are... actually if they are..." Yasuhiro paused as he watched Leon sink down to his knees and tug the front of the underwear to the side,"That's kinda hot."

Leon carefully pulled Yasuhiro's cock out of the front of the underwear, sinking down onto it. Yasuhito moaned as the warm mouth enveloped his cock, sucking it harshly. The taller male bit the back of his hand, trying to hold back his noises as Leon ran his tongue over his shaft.

Leon pulled back mischievously with a grin, looking up at Yasuhiro with a glint in his eyes.

"Good girls let themselves make noises."

Yasuhiro gasped at the comment, hand falling back from his mouth as Leon pulled the cock back into his mouth. The words drove Yasuhiro wild as Leon sucked him. He didnt understand why he liked it so much, almost like he was being insulted in the least insulting way possible.

Hagakure would have to figure it out later though, because his orgasm was quick to approach.

He grabbed fistfulls of the other's hair as he came down his throat..

It took him a moment to catch his breath before he looked back down at Leon, who already had his cock out in his lap, furiously trying to jerk himself off. Yasuhiro calmly crouched down, moving his partner's hand away from himself as he replaced it with his own hand, jerking him off himself.

It didn't take long for Leon to cum, liquid splattering across the tan hand wrapped around him as he gripped onto the other's shoulders.

Leon smiled lazily, looking up at Yasuhiro through his lashes,"Good girl."

Hagakure would probably never live this down.

Not that he wanted to.

Chapter Text

Miu carefully straddled Chihiro's head with her thighs, careful not to put all her weight on her partner's head.

"You okay down there, short stack?"

He nodded from between her thighs, giving a thumbs up beside her. She chuckled a bit at the silliness of it all.

When Chihiro had first said he wanted to try face sitting, she wasn't so sure. She had always been a bit of a bigger girl, having a bit of a stomach along with a large pair of hips, thighs and ass. And if she was being a hundred percent honest, she was scared of hurting him. He assured her though that she was being hard on herself, that she wouldn't hurt him, and if she still hadn't wanted to try he didn't have to.

So a week or so later, here she is, taking him up on his offer.

Slowly his hands wrapped around the back of her thighs, pulling her down as close to his face as she could get. His tongue tentatively ran over the lips of her pussy and she felt her face grow warm with anticipation.

He licked again, this time between her lips, licking into her. She exhaled the breath she had been holding, loving the feeling of her partner's mouth on her.

Soon enough he was taking deep licks into her enterance, tongue fucking her. She was letting out moans, lightly grinding onto his face. His tongue twisted and dug into her walls, pressing against her. Ever few licks he'd go upwards, brushing over her clit.

She groaned and let out a gasp when he moved his hands, one being placed on her ass and the other slipping between her legs, besides his tongue. His fingers pressed into her along with the muscle, making sure to hit all her spots that he could.

He let out his own moan as he used the hand on his ass to grab her cheek harshly, enjoying the feeling of it in his hand.

"Fuck," she breathed out, eyebrows pulling together,"Chi', I'm so close-"

He caressed her ass more, pressing his fingers into her hole harder as he sucked on her clit, helping her chase her orgasm. Soon enough, she was cumming right onto his face with a high pitched moan. She felt her orgasm wash over her in waves as she continued to grind into his mouth.

After a few breaths, she rolled off of him onto the bed. He smiled, face wet, licking his lips.

She let out a airy chuckle as she shook her head in awe,"Holy shit."

Chapter Text

None of the three could belive the position they were in.

Hajime was sitting on the bed, with Chiaki's head in his lap, Nagito between her legs.

Chiaki had gotten her period this morning and ever since she was young, she'd gotten terrible cramps. She'd tried pain killers, heat pads, warm baths, but nothing seemed to help. And her boys knew this.

This morning when she was sitting on the couch, clutching her abdomen, Nagito had spoken up.

"You know, I was looking into it," He said, casually,"And I read that orgasms could help with period cramps."

Hajime nearly spit out his coffee.

Chiaki looked over with a raised eyebrow, surprised by the comment,"What makes you bring this up?"

"Well, maybe we could try it."

Hajime was currently turning red,"Nagito, how could you be so casual about that? Like having sex on her period-"

"Not necessarily having sex," the albino interupted,"We could just give her a hand job. And im calm cause you only think it's weird due to being told it is. Think about it- period blood isn't necessarily dirty in any way, it's natural. Why would it be gross?"

Hajime opened his mouth to respond but shut it again, at a loss for words. His boyfriend had a point.

After a bit more of talking about it, they had decided they'd try it, and that's where they were now.

Chiaki laid between the two, naked aside from a loose tank top, ready to see what Nagito had in store for her.

Hajime had opted to watch, kind of nervous with the idea to begin with. He kissed her cheeks and temples, playing with her hair as time went by.

Slowly, Nagito kissed her thigh, making sure she was ready. Once she gave him the okay, he nodded,"Just tell me if you want to stop."

He pressed two fingers to her clit, circling it. She felt her stomach jump at the feeling, being sensitive from the nerves of the new experience. She let out a moan as he kept going.

Soon he was tracing his way between her folds down to her hole, slowly sliding a finger into her. She gasped a bit at the feeling, looking down to catch him kissing her thigh again. Her attention was brought away by Hajime leaning down to kiss her on the mouth.

As Nagito pulled his hand out, he noticed the blood, but payed it no mind as he replaced his single finger with two.

She let out another moan into Hajime's mouth as she felt Nagito's long fingers press against her walls. She grinded against his moving fingers, trying to create more friction. She let out a moan, feeling pleasure pool in her stomach,"Nagito, please go faster-"

He nodded, thrusting a third finger into her as he spead up. He could hear her breathy moans as she crawled closer and closer to her orgasm. Hajime took it upon himself to reach down and grope one of her breasts as he kissed her neck.

She wined out, back arching as Nagito curled his fingers, finally reaching the finish line. She came against his fingers, mouth opening as she moaned. Catching her breath, Hajime kissed her cheeks and ran fingers through her hair as he praised her.

By the time she came down from her orgasm, Nagito was using a wet wipe to wipe up between her legs and his hand. Once he was done he left the room for a moment to properly wash his hands, coming back with a proud smile. He leaned over her to kiss her on the lips before asking,"Do you feel any better?"

She smiled,"Yeah, a little bit. Thank you, Nagito. You too Hajime."

Chapter Text

Leon felt his chest grow tighter and tighter. Like the walls were closing in on him. Like someone was pressing against his chest, forcing the breath out of him. He heaved, trying to catch his breath as tears leaked down his face.

He wasn't even sure what got him to this point. It had been a bad day, multiple things were going wrong. Everything seemed too loud throughout it, but something set him completely over the edge.

Even the silence in the room was too loud for him.

In the midst of his panic, he jumped, seeing the door open. Why the fuck did someone have to come into his dorm, unannounced, now?

"Leon?- Oh my god Leon-"

The brunette rushed to his aid, sitting in front of him.

Makoto. That's right. Leon had invited him over earlier in the day, for a set time. The last person he needed to see him like this was his boyfriend.

"Hey," Makoto spoke gently, reaching a hand out to place over Leon's,"Breath okay? Just try and relax-"

Leon nodded, tentatively leaning into Makoto's chest to lay against him. Makoto welcomed it, reaching a hand up to stroke through the red locks of hair. Leon copied Makoto's breathing, trying to relax. Soon he was leveled, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

"What happened," Makoto asked, still running his hand through his partner's hair.

Leon sighed, shaking his head. "I'm not sure. Today has just been overwhelming."

Makoto frowned a bit,"I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Leon smirked a bit, leaning up to kiss his boyfriend,"I'm happy you're here now."

Leon kissed Makoto on the lips, slowly sliding his tongue into his mouth. Despite the positon he had just been in, he was sure the next position was going to be much hotter.

Makoto pushed away, looking up at Leon. "Are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to-"

Leon nodded, reaching down to start undoing Makoto's pants,"Makoto I've never been more sure. You're all I want right now."

Soon, both of their clothes were off and Leon was against the floor, Makoto's fingers working inside of him. Once Makoto had prepped him enough for his cock, he pulled his fingers out. He put a generoud amount of lube on his cock, sliding it into Leon's hole.

Leon reacted quickly, placing his hands on Makoto's shoulders, letting out a soft moan. The brunette leaned down to kiss the other's lips as he started to thrust into him, fucking him gently.

They both moaned in unison, loving the feeling of being so close to one another. Their tongues tangled together as they kissed, Makoto's hands venturing around Leon's body as he thrusted.

"Makoto, please," Leon whined,"a little faster."

Makoto obeyed, thrusting a little faster and deeper. Eventually he found his partner's prostate, making him cry out a bit and grip his shoulders tighter. Makoto kissed his neck and reached a hand down to stroke his cock as he continued to aim for it.

He could feel Leon's pre-cum leaking into his hand, slicking his fingers as he jacked him off. He pulled away from his neck just for a moment to speak.

"C'mon, baby. Cum for me."

Leon whined, grinding against Makoto's hand and cock, feeling himself so close to his orgasm. Soon he was cumming into his boyfriend's fist. He moaned out as Makoto sped up, assuming the brunette was close to his own orgasm. His suspicions were proven right when he pulled out, cum spilling onto Leon's thigh.

They both laid on the floor, one on top of the other, enjoying the feeling each other as they relaxed. Leon kissed the top of Makoto's head,"Thank you. For everything."

Makoto smiled into the red head's chest,"Don't mention it."

Chapter Text

Hajime groaned, feeling Nekomaru work on his back. His hands worked with great diligence as they ran over his shoulders, pressing on points with tension.

Hajime had overheard Akane and Nidai talking about Nekomaru's skills and he had gotten far too interested.

He was always stressed, seeing how his class had to be the weirdest class in all of Hope's Peak. So why not ask Nekomaru for a back massage.

Hajime moaned as he felt his spine pop, the tension leaving him quickly. Nekomaru chuckled as he got off of the other,"You should have came to me sooner, Hinata. That was rough."

Hajime blushed and sighed, feeling looser. As he sat up, still shirtless he smiled at Nekomaru,"I thought you might like it rough."

The sexual comment wasn't trully in Hajime's nature. But, God, Nekomaru's muscles mixed with the little bit of sweat were doing things to his mind. Hajime wanted to do things to this man.

Nekomaru chuckled nervously,"And what if I do-"

Holy shit is this working? Hajime thought as he leaned forward to tentatively place a hand on the other's thigh.

Nekomaru looked up into the brown eyes that looked back at him,"Are you sure you wanna...-?"

Hajime nodded, licking his lips a bit. Nidai didn't miss a beat as he began pulling off his clothes. Hajime followed suit, pulling off his own pants. They were in his cabin so he grabbed his bottle of lube from the trunk beside them that sat in front of his bed before turning back to see Nekomaru positioning himself in front of Hajime.

"I'm already loose, so you can go ahead."

Hajime raised an eyebrow at the bigger man,"Already loose-? From what-?"

Nekomaru hesitated before sighing,"I was playing with myself earlier in my own cabin, so I'm still good and ready."

Hajime chuckled before shaking his head a bit. He lubed up his own cock, desperate to be inside of the other. Slowly he pushed it into Nekomaru, enjoying the feeling of being sucked in by him.

He only waited a moment before beginning to thrusg into the other. Nekomaru let out soft moans as he felt Hajime's cock work inside of him, pressing against his walls.

"Fuck, you are so tight-" Hajime moaned. Nekomaru felt amazing between his heat and how tight he was against the smaller man's cock.

Nidai smiled, reaching a hand down to stoke his cock, letting out a hum,"So do you-"

Soon Hajime was speeding up, dragging moans out of Nekomaru, who's dick was already leaking precum.

Hajime groaned out, feeling himself get closer as Nekomaru grinded against him. He thrusted harder and harder until finally he was cumming inside of Nekomaru, his seed filling him.

Nekomaru groaned, stoking his cock faster until he came across his chest. They both took a moment before Hajime pulled out, laying next to the other on the floor.

The muscular man let out a booming laugh as he wiped cum off his chest with his bare hand,"Talk about a massage!"

Chapter Text

Nekomaru slowly worked his fingers in and out of the smaller man's hole. He let out loud moans and gasps as the large digits worked inside of him. The girl next to the both of them on the bed let out a laugh,"He's so sensitive when he bottoms. It's cute."

Nekomaru nodded and chuckled at Akane's comment,"Yeah, it's like he never gets used to the feeling of me inside of him. He's always super tight too, no matter how much I prep him."

They watched as Gundham's ears went from their average pastey white to dark red. Akane and Nekomaru both knew one way to get their boyfriend super flustered was to talk about him like this when he couldn't help it. Just casually talking about his sex habits.

Gundham tended to be really submissive when it came to these two partners. In no other relationship had he ever been so meek, but he supposed this was just how he fit into the dynamic. Two extroverts and an introvert.

Soon enough, Nekomaru was pulling his fingers out of Gundhams hole, pouring more lube into that hand. Stroking his cock now with wet fingers, he leaned down to kiss at Gundham's back before pushing into him.

Gundham let out some soft noises, face scrunching up. Just ad Nekomaru had said, no matter what, Gundham was always just so tight. Especially around Nekomaru's massive length.

Once all the way in, Nidai waited for the okay to move. Once given it, he began to thruat intk him, deeply yet slowly. He needed to give Gundham a chance to get used to the feeling of the cock inside of him before he could really go at it.

Akane licked her lips, watching Gundham get slowly fucked. She found watching her boys have their way with each other was so fucking hot. It was even hotter than being fucked by one of them like usual.

She found herself bending iver the side of the bed to reach into her bedside drawer, grabbing her shibari wand. Usually she would wait for Nekomaru to finish with Gundham, but tonight she wanted to just sit back and observe as he got his brains fucked out. Like watching the best live porn ever.

Nekomaru was grabbing Gundham's wrists soon enough, pushing him into the matress and tucking him harshly. Gundham was crying out into the sheets as he got his ass pounded by the bigger man.white locks of hair stuck to his forehead as he felt some tears stream down his cheeks into the comforter at the feeling.

Nekomaru let out a laugh, fucking into the other even harder, letting out his own moans and noises of enjoyment. "Always so sensitive, huh? Just live the feeling of my cock so deep inside of you, huh, baby?"

Gundham whined, chest heaving as Nekomaru fucked him. He nodded frantically. He fucking lived for Nekomaru's words when they made love. They were so harsh and they made Gundham feel dizzy in the best possible way.

To their left, Akane was already feeling close to her orgasm, two fingers moving inside of her as she pressed the vibrator harder against her clit.

Nekomaru smirked and let go of one of the pale, thin wrists to lift the other up by his chin as he still fucked into his gaping hole. He pointed him towards the woman beside them,"Look it. You're so fucking beautiful when your ass is full even Akane can't help herself but be aroused."

Akane moaned aslt the words, fingers moving faster. As Nekomaru and Gundham watched in awe- they'll be it, Gundham kind of preoccupied- she felt her orgasm inch closer. Soon enough she was cumming into the sheets, soaking them with her fluids. She panted, trying to relax as she sat up on her knees, scooting to Gundham's front.

He was positioned on his own knees, Nekomaru fucking into him from behind as he held him up by his wrist and his chin. Akane chuckled as she grabbed rhe base of the man's cock, taking the still buzzing wand to his head.

He cried out deperately, feeling it vibrate against him. More tears spilled past his cheeks as the overstimulation got to his head, making him feel fuzzy and light. He loved this, loved feeling like he had no control beneath the other two.

Pre-cum leaked from his cock, against the wand. He was so damn close.

Nekomaru himself groaned loudly, cum squirting out of his own dick into Gundham's ass, filling the other. As Nekomaru continued to thruat through his orgasm, Gundham couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly, cum shot out of his cock, landing on Akane's breasts as he came. He cried out as he came, feeling like his body was turning to jelly.

Nekomaru was quick to react as he wiped Gundham's face, pulling out. He pucked him up carefully and brought him to the bathroom as Akane turned off the toy.

This was a routine for them, giving all three of them the downtime they needed after something so drastic.

Gundham was placed in the tub as the warm water was turned on, the two others climbing in next to him to help him clean up. The dark lord smiled lazily, resting a head against Nekomaru's chest as they all washed up,"Thank you both."

Chapter Text

Leon had just wanted to get dressed after his shower. But it seemed Mondo had a different plan.

Leon had left the bathroom connected to his dorm, drying his hair, clad in only his boxers as he went to his dresser to find clothes to go to bed in.

"Oh my fucking god-" Mondo called from his place on the bed.

Leon cocked an eyebrow, turning around to look at the other,"What-?"

"Your ass, dude. Its beautiful in those underwear-" Mondo shook his head and chuckled,"By all means, please turn back around."

Leon could feel his cheeks grow warm as he laughed and turned back around, allowing Mondo to see more of himself.

He could here the other get up from the bed and walk towards him as he continued to dig through the drawers. Soon he felt the calloused hands on his hips, running towards his ass cheeks.

"Man," Mondo breathed out as he grabbed one of the cheeks,"What I wouldn't do to fuck this beautiful ass right now."

Leon could feel his cock get harder in his boxers as he smirked,"I'm certainly not gonna stop you from such a thing. I mean the lube is right here on the dresser."

Mondo smiled fondly, kissing the redhead's neck before grabbing the lube and oushing him onto the dresser a bit. Now bent over it, ass popped out more for better access, Mondo began to pull the underwear off his hips.

Lube was dripped between his cheeks, massaged in for a moment before a finger slid into his enterance. Leon let out a soft moan at the protrusion, leaning onto him a bit.

Mondo chuckled,"Desperate, huh?"

Leon snickered back at him,"Shut u-"

He was cut off by the feeling of a second finger being added. Mondo worked against his walls, spreading the lube inside of him. He scissored his fingers and added a third finger as he went until he was sure that Leon was loose enough. He slowly removed his fingers, pouring a bit of lube into his hand again to slick up his cock. Slowly, he pushed his prick into Leon's enterance, hearing the smaller man groan out from in front of him.

Once all the way in, he grabbed his hips, beginning to thrust into him. Leon moaned, gripping the edge of the dresser, knees buckling a bit as Mondo's huge cock pressed against all his spots.

Mondo slapped Leon's ass as he thrusted into him, making the red head cry out a bit. "This ass of yours is fucking amazing, Leon. I could fuck it all day."

Leon groaned, cock leaking pre-cum onto the side of the dresser. He loved when Mondo talked to him like that. He fucking lived the feeling of Mondo's cock. As far as he was concerned, Mondo was a damn expert at driving him sexually crazy.

He already felt close enough between the words, the sting of his ass and the feeling of Mondo's cock, but now Mondo had found his prostate and was ramming into it. Leon keened loudly and with little warning came, seeing white as he did so. Cum leaked onto the floor as Mondo continued to thrust. Feeling Leon clench up he wasn't far behind, cumming deep inside of him only a few thrusts later.

They both panted, Mondo resting a bit on top of the smaller male who swallowed thickly and smirked. "I think I might need another shower after that."

Chapter Text

As Miu pulled on the harness with the deep purple dildo on it, Kokichi watched in awe. "I cannot believe I'm letting you so this. I cannot believe I'm about to get fucked by a slut like you."

Miu rolled her eyes at the comment, picking up the self heating lube from the table beside her, pouring it over the long toy. "Shut up, brat. You're letting me do it cause you owe me and you agreed. Now turn over."

Kokichi tsked before obeying, laying on his stomach, knees over the side of the bed. It left his pale ass out in the open for Miu to take advantage of. She walked over and grabbed at the plug they had put in him shortly before hand. She twisted it a bit, making him grunt, before pulling out. She stroked her cock again, making sure it was still slick before pressing it against his entrance. As she pushed in, he gripped the sheets, biting his lip as she stretched him. Once she was all the way in, he groaned. She however, had no sympathy, already beginning to thrust in and out of him.

He cried out a bit at the feeling, unsure of whether he liked it or not, but as time went on, he grew fonder of the feeling. As much as he hated to admit it, he was enjoying himself as Miu fucked into his ass.

She grabbed his hips as she began to thrust faster and harder into him, eventually finding his prostate. He groaned out, feeling pleasure wash over him.

"Fuck-" he reached a hand down to stroke his cock but was met with a slap on the arm. "Ow, what the fuck?"

Miu laughed, grabbing his hair and pulling it,"You'll cum without touching your cock."

He growled,"That's ridiculous-"

Miu bit his neck,"You're forgetting who's cock is in who's ass, Kokichi."

He let out a loud moan as she fucked into him even harder. Concentrating on what he was feeling, he tried to chase his orgasm. Soon he was grinding against her as she fucked him, cum leaking out of his cock onto her bed. Once she noticed he had came, she pulled out, looking down at him with a deep breath.

"Motherfucker, you made a mess of my sheets."

He only let out a whine in response.

Chapter Text

Kaito ran a hand up Shuichi's side, caressing his abdomen as their lips danced together. They had been working out one on one, as Maki had to skip today, and it had turned into Kaito admiring his boyfriend's body. Kaito could never focus on making out when working one on one with Shuichi.

So now they were making out on the detective's bed, Kaito slowly removing his own jacket and shirt. Shuichi followed suit, taking off his own clothes. As Shuichi took off his sports bra, Kaito leaned in to kiss him again, sliding his tongue into his mouth.

He took off Shuichi's pants before taking off his own, boxers coming with them. He reached foward to press his fingers against his sex, sliding them against his clit.

"You're already wet for me,"Kaito smirked, sliding two fingers into Shuichi's entrance. The smaller moaned as Kaito's thick digits slid inside of him. He didn't think he'd ever be this comfortable with anyone else.

Kaito pulled his fingers put after a minute, placing them against the detective's mouth. Shuichi eagerly opened his lips, allowing Kaito to guide the wet digits into him.

Once Shuichi was done licking his fingers clean, Kaito grabbed a condom from the drawer next to the bed, opening it and sliding it onto his cock. He gave himself a few strokes before pushing into Shuichi.

The detective's back arched at the feeling of Kaito's huge cock filling him. Once Kaito was all the way in, he pulled Shuichi up to sit on his lap. Shuichi whined as he felt all his weight be pushed down. He was sure if he looked down his stomach would have a buldge.

Slowly, Kaito's hands moved to his hands to Shuichi's back to support him as he thrusted up and into him. Shuichi placed his hands on the other man's shoulders, using his knees to ride Kaito's cock.

The moaned in unison, Kaito leaning in to kiss and bite as Shuichi's chest as they fucked. One of Kaito's hands moved down to massage the other's clitorous.

"Oh fuck-" Shuichi moaned, grindign against Kaito's hands, speeding up as he rode the other.

Kaito moaned at the feeling, lifting his hips up higher to fuck into him deeper. He could tell how close Shuichi was because of the noises he was making, soft and frequent. Shuichi nearly never made noise in bed so when he did, he knew he was close to cumming.

Soon, Shuichi keened, back arching just as it had before, cumming on Kaito's cock. Kaito groaned, laying Shuichi back down onto the bed, fucking into him faster and harder, chasing his own end.

"You are so fuckin' hot, Shuichi," Kaito groan, kissing his partner on the lips as he came. They both panted, coming down from their orgasm. Kaito didn't move until Shuichi began to squirm beneath him. He pulled out, tying off the condom and tossing it in the garbage before carrying him to the bathroom and placing him in the tub.

Shuichi sighed as Kaito turned on the water,"You don't need to carry me in here every time."

Kaito shook his head and kissed Shuichi,"We need a bath after working out and besides, I liking bathing with you after sex anyway."

Chapter Text

Kokichi's chest made contact with the wall in front of him, body banging against it. He inhaled sharply in surprise as his hair was tugged, head moviing back.

"I don't know who you think you are, teasing me like that." Rantaro growled.

He pushed Kokichi to the floor, looking down at him, judging him.

Kokichi looked up with a mist in his eyes. He had wanted this all day. To play his bad boy game with Rantaro. The more and more he pushed the older male, the closer he got to snapping.

Which meant the closer Kokichi got to a good time.

Rantaro ordered Kokichi to turn around, in which he obeyed. As he turned he pulled off his pants, knowing its what Rantaro wanted. They'd been through this countless times before, and Kokichi knew how it went.

The taller man opened his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his mid thigh. He quickly grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it into his fingers, wasting no time pressing two of them into Kokichi's ass. Kokichi let out a strangled moan as the fingers worked inside of him, pressing against his walls. Once he was loose, Rantaro pulled them out and stroked the remaining lube onto his cock.

He pushed his hard on into Kokichi with little mercy, making him grip the sheets beneath him. Rantaro only gave him a moment to adjust before beginning to thrust into him. Kokichi continued to let out moans, feeling Rantaro ram into him in anger. He could already feel his head getting foggy between the cock moving inside of him and the hand in his hair.

Rantaro leaned down and bit Kokichi's shoulder blade, drawing another moan from the smaller man. He groaned as he leaned back up to the other's ear,"You love this, don't you? The feeling of me fucking you like it's nothing-? You fucking live for this shit."

Kokichi felt tears well up in his eyes, so close to spilling over the edge. So close to his orgasm. He rasped out,"Please- please let me cum-"

Rantaro chuckled darkly from behind him, slapping his ass as he spoke,"Go ahead. Cum for me, slut."

Kokichi moaned at the names and the feeling of Rantaro's still moving cock. It only took him a second before he came all over the sheets. He groaned, tears spilling over his cheeks, the feeling becoming overwhelming as Rantaro moved faster, clearly close to his own orgasm as well.

Rantaro shot his seed deep inside of Kokichi, back arching as he did so. He took a couple deep breaths and groaned a bit before pulling out of the other and sitting on the bed, tugging his partner into his lap.

Kokichi made a small sound as he wiped at his cheeks, trying to save face. Rantaro brushed hair off his forehead, kissing his tear stained cheeks as he went. "Shh, you're okay. You did so good for me, baby, you're so good."

Rantaro held him close as Kokichi came down from his headspace, feeling him relax in his arms. Aftercare was important after Kokichi was being inparticularly bratty. Rantaro took it upon himself to carry him to the bathroom and place him in the tub, undress him, anf fill it with warm water. Kokichi sifhed when he felt a now fully naked Rantaro slip in behind him, relaxing against the other's chest in the water.

Chapter Text

Korekiyo shifted a bit, feeling the ropes around his arms move against his skin. He sighed at the familiar and comfortable feeling, looking up at his dom. The man with light green hair looked down at the other, smiling at him and leaning in to kiss his forehead. “Color?”

“Green,” Korekiyo purred back, feeling as Rantaro’s fingers glided through his hair.

“Okay. I’m going to take off your mask, okay?”

Korekiyo nodded, placing his trust in Rantaro as he slowly pulled the straps off his ears, now rendering him completely naked. Korekiyo thought it was quite comical that he had been sitting in the center of the floor, completely nude save for the medical face covering, but it was part of their scenes. Korekiyo placed his trust in Rantaro via his mask. He enjoyed having physical representation for things of that nature after everything that had happened in his past.

Rantaro leaned down to kiss the other’s lips, whispering a soft,”Beautiful,” as he stood back up.

He made his way to the bed, grabbing the shibari wand off of it. He walked back over to Korekiyo, taking great care to help him down on the floor, making his ass hang in the air, arms tied behind his back. Rantaro placed the wand on the floor, head of it pressing against the head of Korekiyo’s cock. The taller man let out a low moan as the toy was turned on, vibrating against him. Rantaro paid the reaction no mind as he stood back up to grab the lube off the bed as well. He slowly poured some of the liquid into his fingers as he walked back, this time making himself comfortable behind Korekiyo. He pressed a finger into his hole practically in slow motion. He was well aware of his plans tonight to drive his partner over the edge a bit but he knew to still be careful with the other, not wanting to hurt him.

Korekiyo let out more sounds as he focused on the feeling of Rantaro’s fingers inside of him. He practically came already at the feeling of the second finger entering him, but he was trying to hold back his first orgasm. Rantaro, however, knew how to read Korekiyo perfectly.

“Baby,” Rantaro purred, fingers still moving inside of the other, “You know you’re not supposed to wait. You’re supposed to cum when you have to. Do you want to be punished-?”

Korekiyo whimpered behind the wall of hair in his face, shaking his head awkwardly.

“Use your words.”

Korekiyo let out another noise, pressing his forehead to the ground as he spoke. “No, I want to be good-”

“Then cum.”

Korekiyo shivered a bit at the boldness of Rantaro’s words. It only took him a minute or two more of focusing on the sensations around him before he was climaxing, cum covering the toy beneath him. He panted as he came down from his high, but was quickly shot back into the scene as he felt Rantaro press a large toy against his hole. He hadn’t even noticed the other get up.

Korekiyo was familiar with the toy, it being a large dildo that they used often. It was about seven inches and long enough to satisfy the sub in many situations- whether Rantaro was out of the house or they were in a scene.

Rantaro slowly moved the toy in and out of the other, knowing exactly where to aim to make the other squirm. Not that there were a lot of places to move, seeing how his arms were still pressed behind him. He let out more sounds as Rantaro moved faster and rougher, the vibrator still going beneath him. He was already hard and close again. He wouldn’t be surprised if he was leaking precum already, unable to tell due to already being soaked in his own semen.

Rantaro began to give Korekiyo hickies up and down his thighs as his hand moved, pressing the dildo against the other man’s prostate as he went. A moment or two later and Korekiyo was cumming again into the puddle on the floor.

Korekiyo let out a tired noise as Rantaro pulled out the dildo, kissing the boy’s jawline as he lifted him up, now placing him on his knees. Korekiyo only had a moment of peace before his partner moved the wand back into place against his dick.

“Fuck-” the other whined, angry tone laced in his voice.

Rantaro chuckled at the distress, knowing it was simply a sign of the other becoming tired. “Color, babe?”

Korekiyo’s head lolled to the side as he looked up at the other through dark lashes,”Green-”

Rantaro nodded and kissed the other’s forehead,”Good boy.”

Rantaro stood up once more to grab one more toy off the bed. Another vibrator, this time phallic shaped and a bit shorter than the last. “Can you push yourself up a bit for me, Kiyo?”

Korekiyo whined before doing as he was told, the perfect service sub that he was. Rantaro wasted no time pressing the new toy into the other- turning it on once it was all the way in. Korekiyo let out a loud groan at the new stimulation against his prostate, feeling already warn out between both vibrations between him. He looked up at the other again, watching as he pulled out his cock right in front of his face. He was pleased at the feeling of his dom’s hand in his hair as he guided his cock into his already open mouth. Rantaro was slow and careful as he pushed his cock deeper into the other’s face, pulling out only to push back in. He thrusted into his mouth carefully before speeding up and picking up a rhythm. He fucked his mouth before slowly going deeper and deeper, eventually fucking into his throat as well. Korekiyo held back his gags, tears building up in his eyes as his dom fucked his mouth.

Despite his vision being foggy he could tell Rantaro was getting close between his now redder face and his hand gripping his hair tighter. Despite how lost he was in his own pleasure, both toys still going, he focused on pleasing Rantaro, sucking as he fucked his throat. Rantaro let out deep moans, them booming off the walls until finally he came, Korekiyo trying his best to swallow most of it, a little bit of cum leaking off his lips.

Rantaro panted, cock softening as he came down from his own orgasm, looking down at Kiyo again, who was now squirming once more, having nothing more to distract him from the toys. Rantaro kneeled down to pull the shibari away from Korekiyo’s cock. He placed his own hand around the other’s shaft, leaning in to kiss his neck and collar bone. As he began to stroke, Korekiyo let out a sob, tears spilling over his cheeks,”R-Rantaro, I don’t know if I can-”

“Yes you can,” Rantaro whispered, stroking him quickly. He could feel Korekiyo shaking his head in denial against his shoulder, but he simply continued to kiss his neck and stroke his cock. “If you really can’t cum another time, safeword out, baby.”

Korekiyo whined defiantly, resting his head on Rantaro’s shoulder. Rantaro held back his chuckle at the small tantrum and simply continued. Soon he was leaning down, wrapping his mouth around the cock. He could taste the cum from the past two orgasms, but it was almost instantly washed away by the taste of more cum filling his mouth. It was almost jarring how fast Korekiyo came seeing how he had just been whining about not being able to. Rantaro swallowed the cum and began to move quickly.

He already knew Kiyo was overstimulated and tired, so he was quick to remove the vibrator from his ass, turning it off as he went. He untied the other, who upon being untied turned around and hugged his partner. Rantaro wasn’t one to deny Kiyo what he wanted.

He hugged him close, kissing his cheeks and lips a bit before picking him up and bringing him to the bathroom attached to their bedroom. He only pulled away from a moment to turn on the bath, knowing he needed to get cleaned up before they could move on. Once the tub was full he placed Kiyo in there, pulling away only to take off his soiled clothes before getting in behind him. He slowly cleaned Korekiyo off, waiting for the other to relax a bit before asking if he was alright. He nodded, resting his head on Rantaro’s chest as he spoke, “Thank you.”

Rantaro smiled, hugging the other close,”Thank you for being so good for me.”

Chapter Text

Leon and Makoto had been hanging out a lot recently, having just gotten together. And if they were both honest- neither were super good at timing in a relationship. As far as Makoto was concerned, saying “I love you” for the first time usually took a while and yet Leon had come out to him, telling him he liked him with an “I love you”.

So both were pretty awkward.

As they were hanging out in Makoto’s room, playing some video games, Leon had spoken,”You know, I think you’re like my soulmate.”

Makoto could feel his face and ears getting warm as he looked over at his boyfriend,”Huh-?”

Leon’s own face turned red, matching his hair, as he spoke again,”We’ve only been together for a short while but I really do think you’re like my soulmate. I love you deeply and I feel at home when I’m with you.”

Makoto smiled softly, feeling himself relax a bit as he leaned in to kiss the other’s cheek,”I feel the same way.”

Leon chuckled a bit anxiously and exhaled,”Thank God- you had me worried for a moment.”

They both shared a laugh as the snuggled close to each other as they leaned in for another kiss, this one deeper than the last. As they kissed, Makoto decided to make a bold move to push his tongue into the other’s mouth, hand being placed on the other’s hip. Much to Makoto’s happy surprise, Leon leaned into the touch, slowly making his way into the other’s lap. As they both pulled away from the kiss, panting a bit they both began to open their pants, Makoto unbuttoning his pajamas as Leon unzipped his jeans. Soon both cocks were out of their confines, half hard as they laid against each other.

This time Leon made the bold move to grab both of their cocks, both pressing against each other as he began to stroke in the tight grip of his hand. Makoto and he both moaned, loving the feeling of both of their cocks moving against each other. Naegi leaned in to continue kiss his partner again, tongues pressing against one another, mirroring their cocks.

As Leon stroked he could feel himself getting closer and closer to his own orgasm, looking up to see that Makoto was also close, his eyes looking glassy. Leon groaned, precum leaking out of the tip of his dick as he spoke,”I fucking love you-”

Makoto let out a laugh as his head leaned back,”I love you too-”

They leaned in to kiss once more as finally Leon came in his hand, cum spreading across both of their cocks as he continued to stroke, hand stuttering. Soon Makoto was following suit, cum spurting out onto his shirt.

They both panted as they laid back against the bed, embracing each other. Leon chuckled again, looking down at his the mess they both made,”God, I do fucking love you.”

Makoto smiled and kissed the other’s cheek,”I love you more.”

Chapter Text

Mondo is what some would call a whore. Funnily enough- he took that as a compliment.

He loved the idea of having every boy in his class- hell- even in this school wrapped around his finger. He’d fuck any of them, just to get his rocks off. Yasuhiro, Kaito, Leon, Makoto- there was honestly a whole list of boys he’s had in his bed, it’d be hard to even remember them all.

Despite this and his love for his title as the school whore, he truly had one guy on his mind. Ishimaru Kiyotaka, who, overall, seemed too innocent to even show interest in the other. But paying that no mind, Mondo was the definition of chaos while Ishimaru was structured. And Mondo Oowada wouldn’t mind having a bit of structure in his life.

Truth be told, Mondo had caught Taka glancing at him from time to time, but he always seemed angry. Mondo just assumed that was due to his rules and such. He must’ve been angry because of how scandalous Mondo was. He must’ve just hated him.

So, as much as it hurt, dating Ishimaru Kiyotaka was a pipe dream. The boy he’d never be able to have.

Mondo lived his life as usual, walking the halls of his highschool with a glance here and there. At lunch he’d leave and go hang out behind the building where there were no cameras, smoking a cigarette. Most of the time someone came and found him back there, and he’d make his move. And almost all the boys in Hope’s Peak would think that denying Mondo what he wanted was insane.

They wanted to fuck him just as bad as Mondo wanted to be fucked.

Usually the person coming to find him was Yasuhiro or Kaito, with the occasional other boy. There had been a handful of times he’d have to jerk two people off at the same time on the asphalt, because that’s just how many people came to see him.

Today was no different.

He took another drag from his cigarette, hearing the footsteps grow closer. From the sound of them he expected maybe Nekomaru Nidai or Yasuhiro again- seeing how they both seemed to walk heavy. Nothing could prepare him for when he looked over at the corner of the wall and saw two deep red eyes staring back at him, bushy eyebrows furrowed.

“You shouldn’t be smoking back here. There’s no smoking on school property.”

Mondo rolled his eyes and looked up at the other who was now walking towards him tentatively. He decided this wasn’t an argument he wanted to have, seeing how he already presumably had a bad reputation with this guy. So he dropped the cigarette to the ground and stomped it out, crossing his arms once done.

“Well what’re you doing back here? You never leave school for lunch-” Mondo spoke. It was true, he had noticed it. As many times as he saw students exit the building for their lunch period, Ishimaru had always gone to the cafeteria, kissing ass to the lunch aids there for their approval.

The school hallway monitor chewed his lip, looking down to his feet. “Well, I’m not used to things like this. However, I-” he paused, embarrassed by his own words for a moment before rushing out,”I’m aware of what you do back here. And I… I wanted to be a part of it.”

Mondo could swear he felt his blood run cold and then hot again a moment later. He’d never expect a guy like Ishimaru to wish to do things to him behind this school like so many other guys did.

“Hey Mondo- oh shit, are you getting busted right now?”

Both of their heads turned towards the voice, Mondo groaning having already thought this would happen. Yasuhiro stood tall on the other side of the building, the same place Mondo had seen Ishimaru. He simply rolled his eyes and said,”Not today, Yasuhiro. Get lost.”

Yasuhiro, not keen on receiving a detention or a trip to the office, still convinced Mondo was getting busted for his whorish ways, turned and walked off without another word.

Mondo looked back to Ishimaru who’s cheeks were now bright red. Mondo let out a laugh,”What, are you embarrassed? Think he’s gonna go tell the whole school how you came back here to fuc-”

Ishimaru fell to his knees, unzipping Mondo’s jeans, completely stopping the taller man’s train of thought. Once unzipped he looked back up at the still surprised Mondo, embarrassment in his eyes,”I’ll only continue if you want me too…”

The biker thought that was cute. Not many boys who had come back here would ask for consent like that. Not that Mondo would’ve said no, but it was kind of just a given after the first time they fucked him that he’d do it again.

“I want you to continue.”

Taka wasted no time tugging the cock out of Mondo’s underwear, it was already half hard at the predicament they were in. Taka pulled it into his mouth, unsure of what he was doing exactly. Mondo could tell he’d never done this- he never had the reputation that Mondo did. They were two very different people in that regard.

Mondo moaned at the feeling of Taka’s mouth around him though. Despite his obvious inexperience, he was still really good at what he was doing. It only took the hall monitor a moment to catch wind of a rhythm that felt good. His tongue sliding over the head of Mondo’s cock as he bobbed his head up and down it.

Mondo still could barely believe the position he was in. He was so sure that Ishimaru fucking hated him. Yet here he was, sucking his dick, probably ruining his white pants by kneeling like he was. He was literally sucking his dick and that made Mondo so fucking thirsty for more from the man.

A hand reached up to his hair, pulling him back. Red, innocent eyes looked up at him, concerned. Mondo took a few deep breaths before speaking,”I want you to fuck me.”

Ishimaru looked like his breath had literally been taken away, standing up to undo his own pants. Before he whipped his dick out, he looked up again, asking,”Do you have a condom or lube?”

Mondo  chuckled and pointed to his backpack on the ground,”In the side pocket, the lube is there and so is my wallet which has the condom.”

Taka nodded, moving towards the bag to fish out both the items. He neatly placed the wallet back in the bag once receiving the condom and rolling it onto himself. When he looked back his face grew hot again, now seeing Mondo with his pants pulled down to his knees, arms against the wall and ass out for him.

As calmly as he could, Taka stepped behind Mondo, pouring some of the lubricant into his fingers, sliding two of them into his entrance easily. The tan man moaned lowly, loving the feeling of the fingers inside of him. Ishimaru worked diligently to finger him open, making sure his walls were covered in lube and read for his dick.

When he pulled out his fingers he rubbed the remaining lube onto his shaft before pressing it to Mondo’s entrance. Mondo moaned out again, moving a hand to his mouth. Ishimaru was fuckin huge . It wasn’t the biggest dick he’d ever taken but it was for sure bigger than most of his usual fucks. Once Ishimaru got to the base he stopped, sending confusion through Mondo. He turned back a bit, asking,”What’s the hold up?”

Ishimaru blushed again,”I was waiting for you to tell me you’re okay and I can keep going-”

That was sweet too. A lot of things Ishimaru did were different from what other guys did behind the school here. It wmade it so difficult for Mondo to think of it as just another fuck. This wasn’t just another fuck. This was the guy he liked, fucking him, behind the school after he had convinced himself he was hated by him.

Mondo didn’t voice this though. He simply nodded,”You can move, I’m alright.”

Ishimaru nodded before beginning to thrust in and out of the other, sending him into waves of pleasure all over again. Mondo moaned out, hearing Ishimaru moan as well behind him, obviously enjoying himself. Mondo’s nails dug into the side of the school, not really grabbing at anything as Ishimaru fucked into him, aiming in different directions. His thrusts were erratic and desperate.

Yeah, this guy is definitely a virgin , Mondo thought to himself until finally his back arched, Ishimaru hitting his prostate finally.

Ishimaru took note of this and continued to aim for the same spot, faster and harder this time. He felt sweat bead on his forehead as he went, growing more exhausted and closer to his own finish. He held it in though, having heard somewhere through the grapevine that it was respectful to allow your partner to cum first.

Luckily for Taka, Mondo wasn’t too far off, now grabbing at his own cock and stroking it quickly as Ishimaru still moved inside of him. A few more thrusts directly towards his prostate and he was cumming, seed spilling out onto the dirt.

Ishimaru let out his own desperate moans as he felt Mondo clench around him. Only a few more thrusts into Mondo’s tightening hole and he was cumming, filling the condom. Soon after he was wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, pulling out. He grimaced as he pulled off the soiled condom and tied it off, tossing it into a nearby trash can.

As they both put away their dicks, pulling up their pants and wiping up with what tissues Mondo had in his bag, the taller man looked over to Kiyotaka. “I don’t-”

Ishimaru paused, looking up at the other,”You don’t what…?”

“I-I don’t want this to be a one time thing. You’re not like everyone else. I don’t want you to be just another cum-and-done, I wanna genuinely be with you or something, I-”

Suddenly, lips were on his, hands on his shoulders. He kissed back eagerly, holding onto the other’s hips. When they pulled away, Taka chuckled,”If you think I’d just be another ‘cum-and-done’, you're wrong. I want to be with you.”

Mondo couldn’t help the goody smile painting over his lips as he chuckled,”Okay! I’m so happy you say that-”

He leaned in again to kiss the hall monitor once more. When they pulled away, Ishimaru smiled,”I gotta go, class is starting soon. Text me though. I’ll get your number from someone when I get inside.”

Mondo nodded, watching as the other walked off, back around the school from which he came from. Mondo couldn’t help but do a bit of a happy dance, picking up his bag. He thought about how hard it’d be to tell all the other guys he wouldn’t be seeing them anymore, but he honestly didn’t care. He’d do anything to be with Ishimaru. He finally had him and he’d never let that go.

Chapter Text

Teruteru thought he was a strong man, with little weakness in a relationship. Sure, in his everyday life, his family was most important to him and god help you if you disrespect his family, but in his relationships, especially romantic, he was a strong person.

Key word: thought.

Teruteru was a strong person with no weakness up until the day he got in bed with Nekomaru Nidai. They had been boyfriends for about a month and a half the first time. Teruteru was a very sexual person but in all honesty, when it came to romance, he found it best to wait to ensure that the relationship would last. He was a sexual guy- so it was easy to get taken advantage of in a sexual nature.

Once they were in bed, making out and grinding against each other, everything was going great. Teruteru had said something along the lines of, “Please, I-I need-”

After cutting himself off with a heated swallow, Nekomaru spoke,”What do you need, baby?”

Teruteru. Melted. Like. Butter.

For a couple reasons really-

For one, Nekomaru never used pet names like that. He would call Teruteru “Hana” at most- a shortened version of his last name. But never things like “Baby”. This was a first time for that.

Other than that, he also had changed . His voice usually boomed across the room like an airhorn, filling the walls with his personality when with friends. His voice was deep and sounded like it came from deep in his chest, beautifully masculinity pouring out of his mouth as he spoke. But now, it was so different than with friends.

He practically whispered the words to his partner, words rolling off his tongue. It made his voice sound even deeper, which Teruteru didn’t even know was possible.

The sound of his voice went right to Terueteru’s cock.

He whined at the feeling of his cock twitching in his pants, head resting on Nekomaru’s shoulder in an attempt to hide his expression and flushed cheeks.

“Use your words, baby.”

Oh my god, he is going to fucking kill me , the thoughts ran through Teruteru’s head. Because it was true. If he didn’t move on from this soon, he was probably going to cum in his pants from Nekomaru’s voice alone and then die from embarrassment.

“I want you too fuck me,” Teruteru breathed out, accent showing through in his desperation.

Nekomaru chuckled a bit, which went to Teruteru’s dick as well. It seemed as though every damned noise the bigger man made sent Teruteru wild.

Before he knew it, he was being lifted off of the other’s lap slightly to pull his pants and boxers down, cock springing out of it.

“Looks like someone is excited.”

Teruteru exhaled sharply, smirk painting itself across his face,”How could I not be?”

Nekomaru smiled back, lips meeting his partner’s. They kissed, tongues sliding against one another’s. Teruteru’s attention was only brought away when He felt something thick and wet slide into him. He gasped and looked down to see Nekomaru prepping him, finger moving in and out of his hole. He let out a moan, gasping again when a second finger slipped in next to the other. He gripped the larger man’s shoulders, head pushing back a bit. It wasn’t until the fingers were removed that he looked up, only to find Nekomaru stroking his cock with the remaining lube in his hand.

Once the tip was pressed against him, he slowly sank down onto his cock, relishing in the feeling. He moaned out, gripping his shoulders harder, finally meeting the base of his cock. He squirmed a bit, trying to get used to the feeling of Nekomaru’s giant dick in his ass, eventually finding himself as comfortable as possible. He began to ride the other man, knees supporting him as he tried to fuck himself on the other’s cock. But he was struggling- his knees were already giving out due to the feeling of Nekomaru’s perfect cock pressing against all his spots.

“Please,” he rasped out, desperate for more movement than he could do himself,”Please I need you to do it I can’t-”

Nekomaru hushed him, grabbing his hips, fully understanding,”Relax, let me handle it.”

Teruteru let out a gasp as Nekomaru pushed him down onto the bed, beginning slowly at first to fuck into him. Teruteru moaned loudly as Nekomaru sped up, moving in and out of him better than Teruteru could ever ride. His cock filled him up so well and he fucking loved it.

His focus was quickly brought back to the other man’s voice. He wasn’t speaking now, but through Teruteru’s own moans he could hear Nekomaru. And holy shit were they hot. The raspy, guttural moans as he fucked into his smaller partner, eyes screwing shut at the feeling of fucking Teruteru’s tight ass- the sounds alone were enough to shoot the brunette closer to the edge.

As if the chef wasn’t already close enough to cumming, Nekomaru’s hand reached down to stroke his own cock, already leaking precum all over his stomach. He let out another loud moan, hand reaching up to his mouth to cover it, trying to muffle his sounds. Nekomaru was quicker though, grabbing his wrist with his non-busy hand.

“Let me hear you, Teru’.”

“Oh holy shi-”

And like that it was over. Cum pouring out of his cock into Nekomaru’s hand, back arching off the mattress as hair clung to his forehead. Fists clenching and toes curling as he came. He gasped as he felt his partner speed up, obviously trying to catch his own orgasm. Soon, Nekomaru was hunching over, cumming deep inside of him as he cried out.

Teruteru was honestly lucky he didn’t grow hard immediately again.

Nekomaru panted, turning over to lay next to Teruteru on the bed. After a minute or two of relaxing, he grabbed the box of tissues on the bedside table, sharing them with Teruteru so they could clean themselves and each other up.

As they laid down for bed finally, Teruteru’s head on the other’s chest, he wondered if he should tell him just how hot his voice was. Maybe a different time. For now, he’d keep his weakness to himself.

Chapter Text

It started off as an average sleepover between classmates.

Kokichi, Togami and Nagito had all become friends honestly through their friends. They had no idea who each other were shortly before they met. Until the day that they were all brought to a lunch table together.

Makoto and Kirigiri brought Togami to lunch, Kirigiri having been invited by Shuichi. Shuichi brought Kokichi and Hajime, who then brought Nagito. They all ate lunch, most of them talking about one of the three trouble makers. Until finally the three of them turned to one another to start their own conversation.

And they totally hit it off.

They had been talking and hanging out for a few months now, having had sleepovers in each other’s dorms before, but tonight there was something different in the air.

Tonight they were in Nagito’s room, sharing some candy Kokichi had brought, while laughing and playing truth or dare.

Because every night that was different and exciting like this started with truth or dare.

“Is it true that you bullied Chihiro when you first got to Hope’s Peak?” Kokichi asked with a smirk and a taunt in his voice.

Togami rolled his eyes but smirked back,”Yeah, I was a much bigger dick in the beginning than I am now. Though I am still pretty much a dick.”

They all laughed, sharing the joyful moment, at Chihiro’s expense they’ll be it, before the blonde turned to Nagito,”Alright, Truth or Dare?”

Nagito sighed, with a smile on his face,”Dare.”

Togami smirked evilly, looking between the two younger men,”I dare you to kiss Kokichi.”

Silence spread across the once lively sleepover. Nagito’s naturally pale face flushed pink, looking over at Kokichi who seemed almost as shocked as him. “Uh, what?”

“You heard me.”

Nagito sputtered a bit, lost in what to do. He wasn’t even sure if Togami was serious. Before he could even decide what his next move was, a warm hand was on his face, guiding it towards the other’s. Kokichi was kissing him, short and chaste. It was over as soon as it began.

“See, not so bad? Now truth or dare me, Nagito.”
“Nuh uh,” Togami chuckled childishly,” you kissed him . He was supposed to kiss you.”

Kokichi pouted a bit,”What do you mean? They’re like- the same thing, dude.”

Togami shrugged, picking up his cup and taking a sip of water. Nagito sighed a bit, scratching his head. It only took him a moment before he leaned forward and kissed Kokichi. This kiss was slower, more careful and precise, probably because it was Nagitpo giving it. He tended to be the most gentle with friends out of the three of them. When they pulled away, the pale boy gave Togami a look that spoke volumes. Happy now?

Togami nodded and then looked over to Kokichi, looking down at his pants before his eyes flicked back up to the other’s face. “Pitching a tent, I see?”

Nagito was so confused. What was Togami even referencing? He didn’t get it until he looked at Kokichi, who was now obviously getting hard. Nagito was quite frankly dumbfounded.

“Did… Did I make that happen?”

“Shut up! I’m out of here-” Kokichi rushed to stand up, and Nagito planned on stopping him, had Togami not gotten there first. He was shoving Kokichi back down into his seat, leaning in to kiss him himself. This kiss was more heated, Togami sliding his tongue into the other’s mouth. Kokichi seemed hesitant at first, wide eyed, but he eventually let his lids fall closed, tangling his tongue with Togami’s.

Once they pulled away, Nagito scooted forward, hand tentatively moving towards the button on the front of Kokichi’s pajama pants. “May I?”

Kokichi whined a bit, looking between the two before nodding, leaning back a bit to give Nagito more room to work. The white haired boy eagerly leaned forward to undo the pants restraints before tugging them down a bit, taking the boxers with them. Kokichi’s cock sprung out a bit, still half soft, laying against his thigh.

When it was released from it’s confines it felt like the room froze. Nagito and Kokichi both paused in hesitation. Even Togami had stopped to look at what was happening, his breath being taken. They all had this feeling in their stomach. That ‘oh my god, we shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good’ feeling. It just added to their arousal.

Nagito was the first to make a move out of the three of them, leaning down and licking the head of Kokichi’s cock. Kokichi let out a loud moan, mainly in surprise. Nagito looked up through his pale lashes, unknowingly giving both Togami and Kokichi what frat boys would deem ‘fuck me eyes’. He slowly, using his hand for some assistance, slid Kokichi’s length into his mouth all the way. He began to bob his head along the shaft, drawing soft moans after the purple haired man.

By now, Nagito was, as Togami had put it, ‘pitching his own tent’. Togami most certainly could see this from where he was. He smirked and waddled on his knees over to Nagito’s side. Nagito was so busy sucking Kokichi’s dick, he only noticed Togami had moved when his pants were being pulled down. He paid him no mind though, continuing to bob his head, sucking every now and then, enjoying the sounds the shortest member was making.

He moaned around Kokichi’s cock when he felt Togami’s hand on his dick, stroking him. Kokichi gasped at the vibration on his dick, grabbing a handful of Nagito’s hair. Togami chuckled at the chain reaction and continued to stroke Nagito’s dick. He took his free, clean hand and stuck two fingers in his mouth, gaining a mischievous idea. He was sure to wet the fingers thoroughly with his saliva, before pressing one finger carefully against Nagito’s hole.

He knew this wasn’t proper lubrication, so he was sure to be extra careful.

Nagito let out another gasping moan, the feeling of something penetrating him like that so foriegn to him. The moan went straight to Kokichi’s dick, sending him over the edge, cum filling the other’s mouth without warning. Nagito tried his best to swallow around him, but due to inexperience, some of it dripped out onto his floor and onto his chin. Kokichi panted, looking down at the other. Nagito was about to wipe his mouth but Kokichi stopped him, pushing his hand away.

“Let me.”

The purple haired man scooped the leftover cum onto his fingers, shuffling behind Nagito. The albino whimpered, unsure of what would happen next, still having his nerves go off like crazy.

“Sit up,” Kokichi spoke, having Togami pull his hand out of the other’s rectum. Nagito nodded obediently, sitting up for the other two. Togami moved to his front now, pulling down his own pajama bottoms, placing himself against Nagito. Their cocks rubbed together as Togami grabbed them both, stroking them with one hand. Nagito let out a loud moan, feeling how fast the other was moving, how tight his hand was around both their cocks.

He cried out, hand reaching forward to grip the blond’s shirt as two cum covered fingers entered him, replacing the loss of the one from before. They were pressing into him so good, brushing against his walls. He was so, so close, feeling as Kokichi scissored him, Togami’s own quiet moans going straight to his dick. Soon enough, he was cumming, white semen spilling out of his cock into Togami’s hand. Nagito’s own knuckles turned pale from gripping onto the blond’s shirt, drool spilling out of his mouth a bit.

Togami paid the fluid no mind, still stroking and leaning in to kiss Nagito. Their tongues danced as Togami grew closer and closer to his orgasm, only pulling away for his head to swing back, cum spurting into his hand as well.

They all took some deep breaths, exhausted from their activities. Once down from their highs, Kokichi’s fingers removed somewhere in the midst of it all, Nagito swallowed thickly,”We should uhh… We should go clean up.”

The other two nodded a bit awkwardly, all of them making their way to Nagito’s bathroom. It may have been a bit awkward in the end but their relationship didn’t change much, apart from the occasional sexcapade. As far as any of them were concerned, they’d heard that girls do sexual stuff at sleepovers all the time and it meant nothing. So why couldn’t they?

Chapter Text

It started with the kissing. It was neither here nor there with that. Gonta loved to kiss his boyfriend, and Kaito knew that. Kissing in the hall, kissing in the dorms, kissing in the library. Kisses on the hands, the cheeks, the lips, the neck. Everywhere, any time. This is why when Gonta had started kissing him just a little bit more than usual, Kaito hadn’t noticed much of anything.

Next came the groping. This wasn't usual for Gonta. He was normally very hands off, apart from hand holding and stuff, at least when not in the bedroom. Of course, trying to hold up his gentlemanly nature. It had started with Gonta simply grabbing Kaito’s thigh and squeezing it at lunch. Then again during class. Kaito took it as an affectionate thing, maybe a new way of showing his love. Gonta was very physical when it came to affection. So this wasn’t too big of a deal either.

Until he grabbed his ass in the hall.

To say Kaito was shocked was an understatement.

When they finally got back to Kaito’s dorm later that day, not really busy after classes, Kaito quirked his brow,”So what was with all the touching and stuff today, Gonta?”

Gonta’s face fell a bit, but he seemed to be fighting off a bit of a smirk,”Did Kaito not like it? Gonta won’t do it again if Kaito didn’t like it.”

Kaito shook his head calmly,”No, I liked it. Don’t feel bad or anything. I was just curious as to why you were doing it. There has to be a reason, right?”

Gonta smiled and nodded, voice dropping a bit,”Gonta was hoping Kaito and he could… y'know…”

Kaito felt his cheeks flushed as he looked into Gonta’s red eyes. Oh . Kaito swore he really was an idiot, not being able to pick that up entirely. He let out a chuckle and nodded, walking up to the other to kiss him on the cheek,”Of course, big guy.”

Gonta smiled, kneeling down carefully in front of the other and beginning to undo his pants. Kaito smiled a bit, running a hand through the green mane of hair. As Gonta helped him out of his pants and boxers, he pulled off his own shirt and jacket, tossing them across the room. Wherever they happened to land, he was sure he was going to pick them up later. Right now, moving on with Gonta was what was important to Kaito.

Gonta took it upon himself to reach up and stroke Kaito’s cock a few times before wrapping his mouth around it. He bobbed his head a few times before he felt Kaito take control. Kaito’s hands grabbed at Gonta’s hair, starting to thrust into his mouth. This was just how they both liked it. Rough with one another. Soft and sweet in the halls and when hanging out but the second their clothes were off, they chose to get rougher. Especially when Gonta bottomed- Kaito loved to fuck his face just as he was doing now. His cock wasn’t too big for Gonta’s mouth, just big enough to brush the back of his throat. Gonta moaned around Kaito’s cock, being sure that while Kaito thrusted, he ran his tongue on the underside of his penis. He sucked as Kaito kept going, sending shivers up the older man’s spine. It was only moments later he was cumming, Gonta swallowing all of it just like he had done so many times before.

When Kaito pulled out Gonta gasped a bit, catching his breath and wiping his chin with the back of his hand. “Can Kaito go a second round or is he done?”

Kaito chuckled a bit,”Slut. Get on the bed.”

Gonta happily stood up, undressing himself, tugging off his shirt, khakis and boxers before laying over the side of the bed, spreading his legs a bit to give Kaito room. Kaito walked over, grabbing Gonta’s ass harshly before reaching into the drawer to pull out the bottle of lube they had there for safe keeping. He slowly poured a bit of it onto his fingers, careful to make sure three of his fingers were coated in it. He slid one finger easily into his boyfriend’s entrance, sliding out again to slide it back in with a second finger beside it. Kaito chuckled a bit,”Have you been playing with yourself without me?”

Gonta whimpered a bit,”Maybe a little-” He let out a moan at the feeling of a third finger being added, truly stretching him. After a bit of scissoring his fingers, Kaito removed them, standing up. He was now already hard again, which Gonta had a tendency to do. It was just so hot watching Gonta bend over the bed like a cheap whore that he could get hard all over again. Gonta wasn’t any cheap whore though. He fully belonged to Kaito.

He stroked his cock a few times, licking his lips in anticipation before pressing it into Gonta’s hole. He watched as the larger man gripped the sheets, knowing how much he loved the feeling of his cock inside him. Once Kaito had sunk into his lover, he placed his hands on his hips, bracing himself before beginning to thrust eagerly into him. Gonta groaned, feeling Kaito move against his walls, clenching down on him.

Kaito moaned at the tight feeling but leaned forward, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling it back towards him,”Relax a bit for me.”

Gonta nodded, a bit trapped with his head pulled back by Kaito’s hand, but tried his best to relax as the cock continued to move inside of him. He keened when Kaito thrusted deep enough to hit his prostate. He whined as Kaito continued to aim for that spot, Gonta feeling closer and closer not only with the cock inside of him but the friction of his sensitive cock rubbed against the bed, making more friction.

Gonta could assume Kaito was feeling the same way based simply on the fact he was getting rougher and louder. Kaito moving rougher against his prostate is what sent him over the edge, cum spilling onto the sheets and his stomach, knuckles paling as he gripped the sheets. Kaito could feel Gonta tightening around him and soon he was cumming too, filling his ass with his sperm.

As he caught his breath, he leaned forward to kiss up his back and sides a bit. Once he decided to pull out, he noticed the cum already leaking out of his hole, slowly trailing down his thigh. The bigger man made a strangled noise and reached back to try and wipe it off his thigh, but Kaito was quicker, grabbing his hand and stopping him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Gonta groaned,”That feels weird and it’s embarrassing, Kaito!”

Kaito raised a brow,”Embarrassing? Would it be even more embarrassing if I took a picture of you sprawled out like this?”

The larger man whined and Kaito laughed again,”Don’t worry, I’m kidding love. I’ll get it for you.”

He leaned forward, pressing his tongue against Gonta’s thigh, licking up some of the mess. Gonta gasped, looking back behind him at his boyfriend, who now wore a proud smile, licking his lips a bit.

Gonta sighed a bit, rolling his eyes at the lewd actions of his partner before standing up, a bit uncomfortably mind you, and kissing his forehead. “Kaito is so gross.”

Kaito simply laughed and shook his head, turning to grab the tissues off his desk.

Chapter Text

Kaede’s head leaned back a bit, mouth falling open at the feeling of Kaito’s mouth on her. Her knees were currently on either side of his boyfriend’s face, his hands reaching up to hold her thighs as she lowered herself closer to his face. He lapped at her sex, loving the taste of her on his tongue.

He gasped from beneath her, feeling the fingers prod at him. Shuichi was down between his legs, slick fingers running over his entrance. Shuichi chuckled, looking up to see Kaito trying his best to try and look down at him. As he slid one of his fingers, he placed a clean hand to the astronaut’s knee,”Focus on Kaede, babe.”

Kaito groaned a bit at the feeling of Shuichi’s finger thrusting in and out of his hole, but obeyed, moving to press his tongue into her hole again. He could hear the blonde moaning above him, her hands reaching forward to caress his bare chest as he lightly grinded against his tongue. Shuichi smiled a bit at Kaede, adding another finger. Kaito groaned again, rocking against the digits. Shuichi was sure to scissor him and prepare him for his cock, making sure he was loose before pouring more lube into his hand and coating his cock in it.

He stood on his knees in front of Kaito, leaning forward to kiss his girlfriend before lining up with the other’s hole. He exhaled sharply as he pushed into Kaito, still tight despite how much prep he had done. Shuichi loved how tight Kaito always was, no matter how much prep they did on him. His ass hugged his cock so tight it was unreal.

Shuichi could hear Kaito moaning into Kaede, obviously still trying to keep his cool enough to please her. His nails were digging into her thighs as she chuckled a bit at him.

“You’re always so sensitive,” She teased, squeezing his bicep reassuringly.

His tongue pressed against her clit, making her cry out a bit at the sudden stimulation. Revenge, she supposed for the teasing.

Shuichi let out a low moan as he began to pull out, simply to push back in. When Kaito seemed to shut his legs a bit subconsciously, Shuichi placed both hands on the other’s thighs to push them apart as he thrusted into him.

Kaito tried his absolute best to stay focused on Kaede, feeling her get wetter against his tongue. His tongue moved in and out of her, reaching up every few licks to play with her clitorous. She gripped his chest tighter, growing closer to her orgasm. Kaito had noticed and reached a shaky hand up to grope her chest. She gasped at the extra stimulation, whining as her orgasm ripped out of her, cum leaking onto Kaito’s face.

He continued to lap at her as she came down from her orgasm, pulling off of him once she had caught her breath. He smiled down at him, smiling back for a moment before his attention was grabbed again by Shuichi thrusting into him faster. His eyebrows knit together as his mouth hung open. Kaede chuckled at the change in his features, smirking as she reached down to grab his cock. He inhaled deeply at the new stimulation of her stoking his cock. He felt so close, between Kaede’s hand and Shuichi’s cock which was pressing all of his spots. He whined as his own orgasm hit him like a truck. He moaned out Shuichi’s name, hand reaching up to cover his mouth as he came, cum spurting across his chest.

Shuichi moaned, Kaede sitting up to kiss him as she stopped stroking Kaito’s cock. Kaito was so tight in the middle of his orgasm, hugging Shuichi’s cock. The feeling made the detective wild, thrusting once more, harder into Kaito. His hips stuttered as he came inside of the older male.

He pulled out as he began to catch his breath. Kaede handing him and Kaito tissues, them all cleaning themselves up before bed.

Chapter Text

Kokichi gasped as Rantaro grabbed his ankle and dragged him in his direction. This had all started a normal sleepover. Sure, Kokichi never got invited to things like that due to his attitude and personality, but he had this time. Just him, Rantaro, Shuichi and Kaito. All seemed to be going more than good until Kaito spoke up.

“Okay, are we gonna tell him why he’s really here?”

Kokichi’s purple eyes shot over to the other,”What do you mean?”

They shot back over to Shuichi who was blushing madly, obviously not very prepared for the bold confrontation. Next he looked over to Rantaro, who sighed,”I wanted to be able to hang out with you a bit first but I guess we could hang out later.”

If this was a cartoon, Kokichi would have question marks over his forehead. Kaito opened his mouth again,”We want to fuck you. All of us.”

“Only if you want to though,” Shuichi added directly after Kaito.

Kokichi’s eyes flickered between all of them, trying to figure out if they were all joking. Maybe this was one big prank. It had to be a prank. And then again if it wasn’t….

To say Kokichi was interested would be an understatement.

“If....’ Kokichi paused, thinking over his words one more time, unsure if he was really ready for this kind of thing,”If this isn’t a joke, then sure. I’ll fuck you guys.”

Rantaro had a smile painted across his face,”It’s far from a joke-”

That’s when he grabbed his ankle, leaving them where they were now, Rantaro pulling off Kokichi’s bottoms while Kaito pulled off his top. It only took them a few seconds before Kokichi was completely naked, being pulled up onto Rantaro’s lap.

“W-wah-?” Kokichi’s confused noises were overcome with embarrassment as he was put into position. Rantaro had his own legs beneath Kokichi’s, spreading them, forcing Kokichi’s own legs to spread apart as well. This left Kokichi’s hole out in the open in full view for the other two men. When The shortest tried to reach back to try and cover himself up, Rantaro grabbed his wrists, making eye contact.

“Just relax, Kaito’s gonna prep you.”

Kokichi’s cock twitched, already half hard against Rantaro’s stomach. The feeling of being so exposed to several attractive men from his class was overwhelming in the best way possible. Suddenly he could hear the snap of the lube bottle. He shivered when the cold, wet finger pressed against him, sliding into him.

The feeling was foreign, causing Kokichi to cringe a bit, face shoving into Rantaro’s neck. Soon he felt a second finger get added and then a third. He was being stretched so far, Kaito’s finger pads pressing against his walls.

As soon as it had started it was over, the fingers being pulled out of him swiftly. He only had a moment to breathe until he felt something way bigger against his ass. Kaito’s cock pressed into him, slowly, taking his time. The courtesy of his pace surprised Kokichi, but he didn’t mention it, too busy being overcome by the sting of himself being stretched and the pleasure of it all. His head leaned back, both hands reaching up to grip at the green haired man’s shoulders.

As Kaito began to thrust, Kokichi let out louder moans, feeling as the man’s cock pressed against all of his spots, including his prostate. His own dick now stood fully erect against Rantaro’s stomach, beads of precum forming.

“Here, let me up, Kaito.”

Kaito nodded, stopping his thrusting so Rantaro could get out from beneath Kokichi. The liar let out a whine at the loss but was quickly cut off guard when Kaito began to thrust again. Kokichi was so overcome by his own pleasure, he didn’t notice Rantaro getting undressed in front of an already naked Shuichi. Once he was undressed, he grabbed the previously discarded bottle of lube, pouring some into his fingers. He shuffled forward to press the digits against Shuichi’s hole, causing the detective to let out a moan. It didn’t take nearly as long to prep Shuichi as it did Kokichi, Shuichi being ready after minimal prep.

Rantaro pulled him over to the other two, tapping Kaito on the shoulder. “My turn.”

Kaito nodded, pulling out of Kokichi, ignoring the protests as he did. Shuichi brought himself in front of Kokichi, spreading his legs and smiling up at him,”Fuck me, Oma.”

Kokichi blushed brightly but obeyed, stroking his cock twice before pushing it into the other. They both let out moans, enjoying the warmth of each other. When Kokichi went to thrust, Rantaro stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder,”Wait one second.”

Rantaro kneeled behind him, pushing Kokichi into the right position before pressing his own cock into Kokichi’s already well-fucked ass. Kokichi cried out, feeling the contact from both ends. Once Rantaro was all the way in he leaned forward, telling Kokichi to move in time with him. He obeyed, moving as Rantaro began to thrust.

Needless to say, Kokichi felt fucking amazing. Between the cock moving in and out of his ass and Shuichi’s tight ass around his cock, he was in heaven. He let out a moan, looking up to see Kaito standing over him, jerking off in his direction. He groaned, loving every minute of the attention he was receiving.

The first person to finish was Shuichi, hand over his own mouth while his other hand gripped at the rug beneath him. He clenched down on Kokichi as he came all over his own stomach, eyes rolling back as he did so.

The clench on his cock felt so good, Shuichi being tighter than he had been before. Kokichi hadn’t even thought that was possible . He groaned, cumming inside of the detective, hips stuttering. He gasped, panting as he reached his high. His gasps and moans were mirrored by Kaito’s. When he looked up, he could tell he was getting close too. As Kaito came, Kokichi opened his mouth to try and catch what he could, cum splashing on his face and into his mouth.

Rantaro keened, grabbing Kokichi’s chin to drag his face towards him as he continued to thrust. He could see Kaito’s cum dripping down his cheek and he leaned forward to lick it up, making Kokichi gasp. Rantaro groaned one final time as he came deep inside Kokichi, the same way Kokichi had Shuichi.

They all layed there in the afterglow of their orgasms, Kaito sitting down as Kokichi and Rantaro took it upon themselves to pull out of each other. When they were all done, Rantaro chuckled to himself warmly before speaking.

“You should sleep over more often.”

Chapter Text

Kokichi breathed heavily, tongue sliding into the entomologist's mouth. The larger man was already naked, muscles running down Kokichi’s bare chest and stomach as their boyfriend, Kaito, pulled off Kokichi’s bottoms. Kaito was naked too, hard cock hanging between his legs. When he finished undressing his boyfriend he sat up and kissed his neck and shoulders, hands reaching down to caress him.

One hand glided over the other’s chest scars, prominent from top surgery. He had only gotten the surgery a year ago and was living happily with his flat chest, mostly dysphoria free. Both of his boyfriends had been so supportive through the whole process, even as hard as it got for the shorter male.

His opposing hand reached down to grab at Kokichi’s genitals, two fingers circling his swollen clitorous. Kokichi let out a gasp, back arching away from Kaito for a moment before trying to relax back into him. Kaito chuckled, kissing the other’s shoulders again,”You’re so wet already and we’ve barely touched you. We especially haven’t touched this-” Kaitos hands circled Kokichi’s hole, finger barely entering it.

Kokichi whined out again, hands gripping Gonta’s shoulders as Kaito teased him. Kaito chuckled, being able to feel Kokichi trying to clench on his finger despite it not being in enough. Kaito pulled his hand back, grabbing a bottle of lube from the table. “How would you feel about taking both of us at a time tonight?”

Kokichi moaned at the thought, nodding. Kaito chuckled at Kokichi’s eagerness, pulling his hand away from Kokichi’s cunt. The shorter male whined but was caught off guard quickly by the now wetter finger pressing into him from behind. Kaito was diligent as he pressed the lubed finger into him, thrusting it in and out of him a few times before finally adding a second one. Soon there was a third and before Kokichi even knew it, nails still digging into Gonta’s shoulders as he kissed his face, Kaito was pulling out, spreading the extra lube on his cock.

Gonta looked over, Kaito motioning for him to go first. Gonta shook his head briefly before grabbing his own prick, lining it up with Kokichi’s hole. He pressed into his vagina slowly, knowing Kokichi could get overwhelmed easily in this situation. He had done it before. Kokichi, however, showed no signs of discomfort, moans pressing past his lips and teeth. 

Kaito took it upon himself to hold the other’s hips as he sunk down further onto the entomologist’s dick. Supporting Kokichi’s weight even after Gonta had finished entering him, Kokichi holding himself at his base, Kaito began to push into his backside.

Kokichi let out a gasp, crying out. “Fuck, fuck-” his teeth gritted, grabbing onto Gonta’s shoulders again, peaking behind him to try and watch Kaito.

The astronaut paused, leaning in to kiss Kokichi’s cheek, trying to comfort him. “Are you okay? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Kokichi shook his head,”Don’t pull out. Just go slower.”

Kaito nodded, kissing his cheek again before moving. He pressed into the other, slower now, careful to not hurt him. Once he was in all the way, he stopped, waiting for Kokichi to give the okay.

Kokichi himself was already a wreck, breathing heavily with his eyes foggy. Lust filled them- the feeling of both his boyfriend’s massive cocks deep inside both his holes drove him absolutely insane.

Kokichi nodded a bit, grinding down on them the best he could, trying to show he was ready. Gonta got the memo and grabbed onto the smaller male, hands going over Kaito’s as they both began to hold him up to thrust into him. Kokichi groaned, the feeling of their cocks moving inside of him. Consistently they both thrusted, keeping a pace where Kokichi was never empty. Kaito’s hands gripped the other’s hips tightly as he went, fucking him. Kokichi tried his best to grind against them both, but was to no avail, knees being too weak to support him.

Gonta let out a moan as he felt some of Kokichi drip down his cock as he thrusted. He was soaking wet, creating the perfect entrance for Gonta’s own dick. Not to mention how absolutely tight Kokichi felt when his other boyfriend was inside of him at the same time.

Kaito’s thoughts and sounds mirrored Gonta’s. The feeling of Kokichi’s tight ass clenching around him as Gonta’s cock slid against his, the only thing breaking their contact becing Kokichi’s body.

Kokichi’s moans boomed through the room, his head leaning back against Kaito’s chest. He was so, so close. He whined, feeling Kaito ram into him faster, obviously close himself. Kaito could read Kokichi like a goddamn book. A hand reached in front of him to massage his clit as he continued to fuck him, causing the shorter male to cry out. A few thrusts and strokes later and Kokichi had tears dripping down his cheeks, head whipping back fast and hard enough to knock the breath out of Kaito if he had hit him in the chest. He came, orgasm ripping through him in waves, wetness dripping down onto Gonta’s thighs.

Kaito groaned, leaning against the other as he pushed into him deeply one more time, cumming deep in his ass. Gonta wasn’t very far behind, gasping as he too came, pulling out to finish on Kokichi’s thigh.

They all sat practically on top of one another, trying to catch their breath. As they all began to relax, Kokichi shuffled uncomfortably, huffing,”Since we’re all done can you please get out of my ass?”

Kaito jumped a bit, having not realized how that could be uncomfortable for his lover. As he pulled out, he could hear Gonta trying to hold back laughter at Kokichi’s comment.

Kaito rolled his eyes at Kokichi’s attitude, kissing him on the lips as he pulled him over to lay on the bed. Kokichi had half the mind to protest, thighs still slick and sticky and Gonta’s cum on his leg, as well as Kaito’s dripping out of his ass. However, he was so, so tired. And now that Gonta was laying in front of him, he was so, so comfortable. He could wait to get cleaned up tomorrow morning.

Chapter Text

When Fuyuhiko had first brought up to his boyfriend that he wanted to top him, he looked at him like he was crazy .

They had already been dating for seven months and fucking for five of those months. Fuyuhiko had interest in topping Nekomaru- having been on the receiving end of things for months. He decided to bring it up a few days after being sure he absolutely wanted to try it.

It was a calm night, they were getting ready to climb into bed, Nekomaru’s hands gliding down the blond’s torso. It was clear what direction they were going in. Fuyhiko chewed on his lip a bit before turning back towards his tan boyfriend, holding his cheeks in his palms. “Nekomaru… I-I wanna try something different tonight…”

Nekomaru raised an eyebrow, imploring him to continue.

Fuyuhiko took a deep breath before speaking again,”I want to be on top tonight.”

Nidai’s face went blank, him pulling away from Fuyuhiko’s touch. He seemed to give it some thought  before looking down and sighing,”I don’t know about that, Fuyuhiko…”

Fuyuhiko felt his stomach drop a bit. Whenever asking something, people always said,’The worst thing that could happen is that you get told no’. He supposed the worst was happening.

“I just can’t- I’m…” He paused, running a hand through his hair,”I’m not a chick .”

A chick.

A fucking chick.

Fuyuhiko felt anger grow inside of him, not knowing what Nekomaru was implying. Fuyuhiko wasn’t a damned ‘chick’ either. He was a man just as much as Nidai was.

”I’m not a fucking chick either and I still bottom,” Fuyuhiko said aggressively, seething with anger.

Nekomaru’s face was one of fear, now aware of what he had said, having offended his boyfriend. “No, No, I didn’t mean that I-”

“Then what did you mean?”

“I-” he sighed,” I just meant it wouldn’t make sense. I’m bigger than you, not just downstairs but in general , I’ve always topped, and we’ve never had a problem topping before. I’m sorry, Fuyuhiko, but I’m not bottoming.”

Fuyuhiko paused, nodding in disappointment. Without another word, they both climbed into bed,  not touching each other. Sex was no longer on either of their radars. And neither of them got a lot of sleep that night.

It was only two weeks later now. Fuyuhiko sat at the kitchen counter, sipping his coffee as he typed on his computer.

He and Nekomaru had both apologized to each other for their fight and they had moved on. Fuyuhiko would be lying if he said he wasn’t still kind of offended by what Nekomaru had said. He always struggled with his own masculinity, so he knew why Nekomaru was struggling and he understood, but that didn’t make the insult hurt any less. Despite still being upset though, he tried to convince himself he wasn’t.

Nekomaru had arrived home, sighing as he walked in the house, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge. Fuyuhiko greeted him, eyes flickering to him, back down to his device and then back up again. “What happened to your cheek?”

Nekomaru reached a hand up to touch it, calloused fingers brushing over the red area. He sighed again, looking at his partner before walking over and pulling up a chair. His hands clasped together on the soft marble surface. “Akane hit me at practice today. On purpose.”


“For hurting you.”

Fuyuhiko’s ears perked up, staring at Nekomaru as he continued to speak,”Because Akane and I are close, and I knew she wouldn’t tell anyone my business, I told her about our fight the other night and what I had said. She hit me and brought my attention to how stupid I was being.” Nidai’s hand reached forward to hold one of Fuyuhiko’s,”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that bottoming was girly or anything. It’s not. It’s just sex, it has nothing to do with gender. I just… have a hard time grasping that myself.”

Fuyuhiko smiled a bit,”It’s okay. Thank you for apologizing, and I’m sorry she hit you. And you don’t need to explain it, I know it’s hard to do certain things and be confident in your masculinity. I’ve been there.”

Nekomaru nodded, taking a deep breath once more before speaking again. “I want you to top me.”

Fuyuhiko could have sworn his soul had left his body. Surprised, he quickly spoke,”No- no- that’s not how this is going to go.”

“Fuyuhiko, please-”

“No! You’re not going to bottom for me because of our fight- We didn’t fight because you wouldn’t bottom. If you're uncomfortable then you don't have to do something. We fought because you indirectly called me a chick.”

“Fuyuhiko, that’s not why I want to do it.”

“Then why-?”

Nekomaru clasped his partner’s hands, holding them tightly,”I want to do it because I’ve realized it isn’t about masculinity, it’s about how much I trust you . And I trust and love you more than anything.”

Fuyuhiko swallowed, trying to find any hint of a lie in his partner’s eyes. He looked down at their hands again, shutting his eyes as he thought before opening them again and making eye contact. “Okay.”

- - - - -

It was later in the evening, Fuyuhiko was in the bedroom, making sure he had the condom and lube in the right place as well as wipes for after the act. Nekomaru had just finished making sure he was cleaned up and showered as he walked into the room, nothing but a towel around his waist. Fuyuhiko walked up to him, leaning up to kiss him before pressing their foreheads together, Nekomaru having to lean down.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable- I forgive you for our fight either way.”

Nekomaru nodded as he pulled away,”I know. I want to do this.”

Fuyuhiko nodded, kissing Nekomaru more passionately this time. His tongue slowly slid into Nekomaru’s mouth, sliding against the other’s.

Nekomaru allowed Fuyuhiko to guide him to the bed, laying him down. The larger male ignored the slight tremble in his hands as he placed them on the bed, spreading his legs to give his partner access. Fuyuhiko was diligent and cautious as he poured some lube onto his fingers. He massaged some of the lubricant into Nekomaru’s hole before pressing a finger in slowly.

The bigger man gritted his teeth, back arching a bit at the foreign feeling. Fuyuhiko placed his clean hand on Nekomaru’s thigh in an attempt to comfort him. The way the man looked was beautiful, muscles bulging as he tensed up. Fuyuhiko felt his mouth go dry just looking at him.

Once it was clear Nekomaru had relaxed a bit more, Fuyuhiko continued, thrusting the finger in and out of him. Shortly after he slid in the second. He relished in the noises Nekomaru was making as he pressed his fingers against Nekomaru’s walls, scissoring him as he went. Once Fuyuhiko had determined the man was loose enough, he pulled out. He wiped his hand before grabbing the condom off the bedside table.

“Are you still sure?”

Nekomaru looked up at Fuyuhiko, blush on his face, sitting up to kiss him before speaking,”Yes.”

Fuyuhiko nodded as Nekomaru laid back down, opening the condom and slipping it on. He grabbed the lube and applied it to his cock, making sure he wouldn’t hurt the other. “Just tell me if you want to stop.”

Nekomaru nodded, watching as Fuyuhiko pressed against him, moving forward. Ever-so slowly, his cock pushed into him, stretching him. As Fuyuhiko’s hips met his, Nekomaru let out a loud moan, eyes clenched shut, eyebrows knit together. Fuyuhiko reached forward to hold Nidai’s hand, the buffer male holding his back. Once he relaxed and nodded, Fuyuhiko began to thrust, never letting go of his partner’s hand.

It took a few thrusts before Nekomaru let out his first moan. His deep voice boomed through the bedroom and off the walls as he felt Fuyuhiko grind against his prostate, dragging the noises out of him.

Fuyuhiko himself was also moaning, voice hoarse. He felt like he had butterflies in his stomach from the excitement of it all. The feeling of Nekomaru’s tight ass around his cock and the fact that he was able to make the buff man sound like that went straight to his head and dick. He fucked into him harder, making Nekomaru moan even louder.

Fuyuhiko took his free hand and grabbed the older male’s cock, stroking it as he thrusted. Nekomaru’s head felt so fuzzy, precum was already leaking out of him as Fuyuhiko stroked him and fucked him. He let out a whine, not even caring anymore what noises Fuyuhiko heard him make as he begged for the other to go faster.

The blond obeyed, thrusting into him faster. He was panting and moaning as he felt himself grow close. His hand moved faster as well, watching as Nekomaru gripped the sheets and his hand before finally cumming, back arching as he did so. Cum splattered against his stomach, abs being coated in the substance. As Nekomaru clenched down on him, he felt himself cum, overwhelmed by how tight his boyfriend was around him. His cum shot into Nekomaru, causing the other to grimace a bit in the midst of his own orgasm.

It only took Fuyuhiko a minute to catch his breath before grabbing the wipes and cleaning them both up before sitting on the bed next to his lover. He kissed him on the cheek,”Was that okay? If you didn’t like it that much we don’t have to do it again.”

Nekomaru chuckled, turning towards the other and kissing him on the lips before smiling,”I think I overreacted. It felt great, Fuyuhiko.”

Chapter Text

Valentine’s day was a popular day in Hope’s Peak Academy. All the students in relationships gathered to give their lovers the perfect gift, just as many other people around the world did.

Leon and Makoto were a couple for three months already. And Leon wanted to show Makoto just how much he meant to him. He had put together a small care package, including a few flowers, a small teddy bear with a jacket that looked like Makoto’s, a mug with hershey kisses in it, a card and some more sweets and chocolates.

He happily walked down the line of dorm rooms until he reached Makoto’s, ready to spend the evening with his boyfriend. They had agreed to have a personal date, just the two of them in Makoto’s room watching movies and maybe slow dancing a bit.

When he knocked on Makoto’s door he could here the brunette shout for him to come in. Leon obeyed, opening the door and walking in, placing the basket on the dresser. Makoto emerged from his closet a moment later, having been getting changed into his after school clothes. He ran up and attacked Leon with a hug and a bunch of kisses, causing the red head to giggle, playfully fighting back despite his enjoyment.

When Makoto finally pulled away, he walked over to his bedside table, opening the drawer and grabbing a heart shaped box of chocolates. He smiled brightly as he handed it to Leon,”Here! It’s kind of cliche but, happy Valentine’s Day!”

Leon smiled, leaning in to kiss the other, thanking him. He stepped aside so the basket was now in Makoto’s vision. The brunette's face dropped as he walked towards it, “Is this all for me?”

Leon nodded,”Yeah! I wanted to make our first Valentine’s Day really special.”

Makoto pouted,”That’s so sweet- but I only got you that box of chocolates…”

Leon chuckled, kissing Makoto’s cheek,”I like the chocolates. I don’t need anything big, Makoto.”

“But you deserve something big.”

Leon tilted his head a bit, hugging the brunette close. He smirked as the idea came to him. “You could always give me something you don’t have to buy,” the red head spoke seductively.

“Hm?” Makoto pulled away to look up at Leon before it dawned on him what he was implying. “ Oh .”

Makoto was quick to react, dropping to his knees and unzipping the jeans in front of him. He pulled his cock out of his underwear and pants, licking up the shaft to the head. Leon moaned, feeling as his cock became stiffer in Makoto’s hand. Makoto gave it a few strokes before wrapping his lips around it and bobbing his head.

His tongue ran on the underside of Leon’s shaft as he hollowed out his cheeks, sucking his cock. Leon moaned, trying to stop himself from thrusting into Makoto’s warm, wet mouth.

“Fuck, Makoto,” He breathed out, grabbing handfuls of the light brown hair. Makoto pulled off, stroking the other again, watching as precum leaked out of him. He leaned forward to lick it up before continuing, head bobbing once more.

Between both Makoto’s hands and mouth working against Leon’s cock, he already felt so close. He gripped his boyfriend’s hair tighter as he came down his throat, Makoto swallowing all he could. As Leon pulled out, a stream of cum and saliva connected him to Makoto’s tongue.

He licked it up before standing and leaning in to kiss the red head,”Happy Valentine’s day, Babe.”

Chapter Text

Toko creeped down the hall of male dorms, trying not to seem suspicious if anyone was around. Not that anyone would have been though, it was late into the night. She and Taka ever really went to his dorm for this, this late at night. Something about how they were already rule breaking, bringing her into the male dorms and such- she wasn’t sure. She knew no one would really knock her for coming down here- there had to be a girl in several of the male dorms whether for inappropriate reasons like this or for just hanging out with their friends. She wasn’t one to deny Taka of what he wanted though.

As she crept down the corridor, finding the hall monitor’s dorm. She tapped on the door twice and then three times in quick succession- her’s and his secret knock. She waited just a minute before the door opened and she was pulled in by the front of her shirt.

She was pulled into a chaste kiss, hugged closely afterwards. She hugged back like in his arms were the only place in the world she belonged. He hummed into her shoulder a bit,”I missed you.”

She chuckled and felt her cheeks grow warm,”I saw you at lunch!”

He pulled away, a smile painted on his face,”Yeah, but it’s late now. I’m allowed to miss my girlfriend even if it hasn’t been that long.”

Toko felt the butterflies in her stomach dance with one another. The way Taka treated her was better than any man had ever looked at her before. He treated her like she was human.

Toko’s hands slid down her boyfriend’s chest and down to his waistband,”Well, you didn’t just bring me here this late to talk now did you…?”

She could see him blush now, nodding quietly as he undid his belt buckle. They always played it like this. As much as he hated to admit he wanted her, due to his fear that she’d think that's all she was here for, he still did want her.

As his pants fell to the floor she dropped to her knees, pulling down the boxers for him. His cock sprung out of the fabric, clearly excited to see her. She licked her lips before slowly guiding her mouth down onto the head of his cock. As she began to bob her head, Ishimaru’s hands slid into her hair. He let out a moan,”Fuck, you feel so good.”

Toko moaned, feeling her own crotch itch with desire. She wanted Taka to touch her so badly. She sucked his cock harder, tongue running along the underside of his shaft and dipping into his slit when she met his head. He groaned at the feeling of the warm muscle massaging his cock, hands gripping her hair tighter. “You’re so good with your mouth, Toko-”

She could feel her own wetness drip into her panties, sucking him again. She fucking loved when her boyfriend told her all the things he loved about her. Especially when they were doing dirty things like they were now.

Before she knew it, she could feel his nails on her scalp, a dead give away that he was about to cum. And cum he did. Straight down her throat, pools of semen poured as he finished, panting in the height of his orgasm.

She pulled off of him, looking up at him, waiting. Once he had calmed down, he looked down at her and smirked, picking her up to carry her to the bed. She chuckled a bit at the gesture of being laid down before he pulled her panties down, head burrowing under her skirt. She could feel his hands on her thighs, pushing them apart as his tongue danced between her lips. She let out a moan as it plunged into her pussy, tongue-fucking her.

He was so talented with his mouth, now moving upwards to lick at her clitorous, two fingers replacing his tongue in her vagina. He licked and sucked at her clitorous, driving her wild with pleasure. Two fingers worked inside of her, pressing against her walls. Her back arched when she finally came on his face. He tried his best to lick it all up off of his lips and her crotch and soon he was climbing into the bed beside her, pulling her close.

Chapter Text

Chiaki laid back on the bed, anticipating what was to come. Sonia and her had talked this out several times, just to be sure everything would be ready and comfortable. 

Sonia walked over once she had everything she needed. This included a bottle of self-heating lube, a butt plug with a pink gem and a large dildo. She placed all the items down on the bed before looking at her naked girlfriend. Chiaki looked so pretty on the bed, cheeks flushed and legs spread, eyes following the things Sonia was holding.

Sonia leaned forward to kiss her softly before standing back up and grabbing the tube of lubricant. “Just tell me if you want to stop.”

Chiaki nodded, watching as Sonia poured some of the liquid onto her finger tips, guiding them down to Chiaki’s pussy. Her fingers slid against her, massaging the lubricant into her lips and inside of her. Chiaki let out a breathy moan, grinding up and into Sonia’s hand a bit as she worked. She gasped when she felt as the lube became warmer, heating up her sex even more.

As the hand was pulled away, the gamer whimpered at the loss, looking down at herself to see her crotch glistening with lube and her fluids. The loss didn’t last long though, as Sonia turned back towards her, rubbing some more lubricant onto the buttplug. Chiaki pouted,”You know I hate that thing…”

Sonia chuckled, leaning forward to kiss the tip of the other girl’s nose,”You only hate it because of how sensitive it makes you. Now lay back for me again, pretty girl.”

Chiaki followed the instructions, laying back for the blonde. Sonia kneeled down and pressed a wet finger against her asshole. Chiaki grimaced a bit at the feeling, moaning lightly once it was inside of her, thrusting. Soon enough, Sonia was adding the second finger, spreading them best she could. Once she pulled them out, she pressed the metal of the plug against it, Watching as Chiaki squirmed a bit.

She shivered when she felt the plug slide into her, whining when it was at its widest point. She squirmed a bit before finally relaxing under Sonia’s touch. Sonia had her move back a bit on the bed, makinging it so her head hung off of the opposite end. Sonia grabbed the dildo, stroking some more lube onto it before pressing it into Chiaki’s tight hole. The pink haired girl moaned, feeling it stretch her out before Sonia began to thrust the toy a bit. She finally released it, pushing it all the way in and walking to the opposite side of the bed, towards Chiaki’s face.

The smaller girl looked up at the blonde with lustful eyes, kissing her when she leaned down to do so.Sonia pulled down her skirt, showing her panties which had a tent inside. She pulled them to the side revealing her cock. She stroked it a few times, lips parting to let out a moan, before bringing it to Chiaki’s lips. Chiaki opened them eagerly, taking the cock into her mouth.

She only had a minute to breath before Sonia started to thrust, fucking her throat. Chiaki moaned a bit, feeling her throat stretch around the dick. She hollowed out her cheeks and reached her hands up to hold Sonia’s hips as she thrusted. Her tongue danced on the top of her cock, running along the head of it best it could. Chiaki had little to no control, but it didn’t matter. Sonia found her orgasm quick enough with her own thrusting into the warm orifice. Cum leaked down Chiaki’s throat when Sonia finally finished. She swallowed it all, gasping for air when Sonia pulled out.

When Sonia moved back to Chiaki’s front, the girl sat up to hold her shoulders as she grabbed the base of the dildo. She leaned up to kiss her girlfriend as she began to thrust the dildo in and out of her pussy. Chiaki moaned out, head falling back as she cried out. She could feel it pressing against her walls and sliding against the same spot where the plug laid. Sonia was moving agt the perfectpacing, rough as she went. Just like Chiaki liked.

It wasn’t late until Chiaki came, fluids soaking the sheets beneath her as Sonia continued to thrust the toy in and out of her, fucking her through her orgasm.

Sonia was diligent when removing the toys, placing them on the table beside the bed, before grabbing a tissue and wiping up the slick on her girlfriend’s thighs. She laid down beside her on the bed, Chiaki smiling back, feeling like she was on cloud nine.

Chapter Text

As Kokichi pulled on his skirt and put the last few pins in his hair, he looked at himself in the mirror, fully prepared for tonight's activities.

He walked towards the bed and sat down, turning on his computer. Once it was powered on he went on his website and turned on his camera, happy to see people joining already. He welcomed them as fluffed out his skirt, making sure it fell on his thighs perfectly.  The camera was pointing down to his legs so nobody could see when he smiled, seeing Shuichi join the video call.

Shuichi and him had been together for a short while and he was very supportive of him and his work. He always joined to watch him jerk off and whatever else he was doing during that night's work.

Once a sizable number of people had joined, Kokichi waved, pulling up his skirt to show off his still half soft cock. Multiple praises and comments went past the screen as he reached down to stroke it, his cock hardening a bit at the new attention. He stroked himself calmly, breathing heavily as he lazily pleasured himself. His eyes looked up at the computer to see Shuichi’s username come up.

Detective74: Didn’t you get a new dildo on your amazon wishlist recently?

Kokichi smirked,”Yes, Detective, I did.”

The purple haired man released his cock and reached to the side table to pull out a small bottle of lube and his new vibrator. He pulled his legs up and spread them to reveal his asshole to the camera. More donations started pouring in as he did so, but he thanked them only shortly. He had more important things at hand.

He grabbed the lube and poured it on his fingers, reaching back to press them against himself. Two of his fingers slid into his ass seamlessly, and he began to thrust his fingers in and out of himself. Once he deemed himself ready, he added a third finger. He scissored them and thrusted them in and out of himself, eventually deeming himself loose enough for the toy.

He poured a generous amount of lube onto the vibrator before pressing it into himself. He thrusted it a few times before pressing the on button, it whirring to life. He gasped and moaned, feeling it vibrate against his prostate already. He shakily continued to thrust it in and out of his hole, feeling himself clench down on it.

As comments continued to pour through, he saw the paid comments, Shuichi still talking to him.

Detective74: You look so beautiful, You wouldn't believe what I’d do if I was there…

Kokichi moaned, using his other hand to stroke his cock. His hand sped up behind him, thrusting the vibrator in and out of his hole, precum leaking out of his cock. He was so damn close, it was only a few more thrusts before he cried out, hands tightening around his cock and the toy as he came.

The cum landed on his skirt, dirting it. He let out a low chuckle once he had caught his breath, leaning down to lick his mess off of the skirt, the comments raging once more.

This was only the beginning of a very fun night.

Chapter Text

Kokichi groaned, feeling Makoto’s hands slide down his waist and to his thighs. They caressed him through the thin material of his boxers as he leaned in to kiss him. Their lips and tongues collided together, practically taking all of Kokichi’s attention away from the fact his boxers were being pulled down. However, his attention was drawn right back in when he felt Makoto’s fingers wrap around his cock.

“F-fuck-” Kokichi gasped, hips thrusting up and into the other’s palm.

Makoto chuckled, beginning to stroke,”You get so sensitive and so relaxed when I touch you. If only you acted this way around all your friends…”

Kokichi let out a whine. Makoto was right- he only ever let his guard down like this when Makoto was around. He rarely even let himself go at that point- only allowing Makoto to see the real him at the best of times.

He whined again when he felt Makto pull away. However, the brunette simply leaned in to kiss him upon his return,”I was just grabbing the lube, doll.”

Kokichi nodded, already lost in his own pleasure. He moved in favor of Makoto when he grabbed his leg and hoisted it over to the side, spreading his legs far enough to allow Makoto entrance.

Makoto didn’t hesitate at all, pouring some of the liquid onto his fingers and swiftly pushing one into Kokichi. The smaller moaned out, grinding against the digit. “Add another-”

Makoto smirked, but didn’t speak as he obeyed, adding a second finger. He thrusted them in and out, scissoring them. He soon added a third finger, watching as Kokichi’s head leaned back and he groaned. Once he was finally loose enough, he pulled the fingers out. Rubbing the excess lube on his cock and placing his clean hand on the other’s hip, he lined up, pushing into his lover.

When the base of his cock reached Kokichi’s ass the other was already gripping his shoulders, begging him to move. Makoto obeyed his boyfriend’s wishes again, fucking into him. His thrusts were rough, but careful, aiming for Kokichi’s sweet spot, knowing exactly how the other liked it.

Kokichi’s moans bounced off the wall, his eyebrows knitting together and his groans coming with each thrust. He reached one hand down to tug at his cock. However it was swiftly pushed away and replaced by Makoto’s own strokes coming in full force.

“Let me- I want to be the only one to make you cum tonight.”

Kokichi whined, burying his face into Makoto’s bare neck, grabbing onto his shoulders even tighter. Between the cock moving in and out of his tight ass and the fingers wrapping around his cock, he was so close.

“Fuck, fuck- Makoto-!”

With one final cry his head whipped back, cum squirting out of his cock and into Makoto’s hand. Cum painted his stomach, leaving behind a sticky trail. He let out another moan, tears welling up in his eyes as he felt Makoto speed up, rushing to get to his own orgasm. It wasn’t too long before he was cumming deep inside the other one, kissing him deeply as he finished.

When he pulled away, he panted, looking into Kokichi’s eyes, kissing away a few tears that had fallen from the overstimulation.

“I love you, Kichi.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Kaito couldn't believe the position he was in. Well- he could. It wasn't necessarily unlike him or anything, this was simply a dream come true.

He was currently bent over a table in Ishimaru Kiyotaka's room, legs bound to the table stands and arms bound to the other side. There was a bottle of lube to his left on the table, ready to be used, and his body was bare. Behind him was Ishimaru, Mondo Oowada and Nekomaru Nidai.

This had been talked about in advance, being sure everything was completely consensual. Kaito was more than prepared for this. They were all gonna use him.

Ishimaru took first grab, picking up the lubricant and pouring some of the liquid onto his fingers, sticking two in at a time. He was only met with surprise when they went in so easily, Kaito still being a little loose around his digits.

"I already prepped myself,"Kaito said, trying to keep his voice straight.

Mondo chuckled,"Your such a slut, it's hilarious."

Kaito felt his cheeks heat up, but he had no time to focus on his embarassment. He felt as Ishimaru pulled his fingers out, a pause as he couldnt see him lube up his cock, before he pushed into the other. His thrust came slowly at first, trying to allow Kaito to adjust, but soon the quickened, fucking into his walls.

Kaitos moans bounced off the walls, hands gripping the edge of the table as Ishimaru went. He could feel cum leak out of his cock and onto the floor. He didnt mean to be so sensitive, but the humiliation of being spread out for his classmates to see was getting to his head. Both of his heads actually...

He could feel when Taka's hands tightened more around his hips, his thrusts becoming more messy and uneven. Soon he felt the other's seed filling him. Ishimaru was quick to pull out, leaving Kaito panting and gasping for air.

Once Kaito caught his breath, he could already feel Mondo pressing his wet cock into him. Unlike Ishimaru, Mondo had no mercy, immediately taking charge and slamming into him. Kaito cried out, feeling the force of Mondo's cock moving in and out of his ass. Slamming into his prostate, Mondo pushed Kaito to his orgasm, the purple haired man's toes curling as cum splattered to the floor.

"Wow," Mondo chuckled breathlessly, still thrusting as he leaned down to nibble on the other's ear,"Cumming already?"

Kaito let out a whine, feeling the other move even faster, chasing his own orgasm. It wasn't long after when Mondo blew his own load inside of the astronaut, cum mixing with Ishimaru's.

Kaito felt like he could fall asleep right there, already overworked, but he had one more person to please.

Nekomary stepped up, slapping Kaito's ass one time before slicking up his cock. Kaito groaned at the sting but his attention was guided, again, towards a cock being pressed into him. 

Nekomaru was much bigger than the other two, and it was painfully obvious. Both Kaito and Nekomaru could feel just how tight the squeeze around his cock was. Kaito felt tears well up in his eyes when Nekomaru finally started to move, them falling when Nekomaru went faster. Overstimulation was doing a number on the other but he didn't care, he was so lost in his own pleasure that he just accepted it as his ass got pumbled by Nekomaru's massive cock.

He was cumming within ten minutes of thrusting, rough and hard into Kaito's prostate. Tears rolled down Kaito's cheek as cum leaked out of his ass, down his thigh.

He had to do this again at some point.

Chapter Text

Shuichi sighed, content with Kaito in this moment. Being guided to kneel on the floor in front of him. His hair was set up with two puppy ears clipped on, light blue, one with a spot to match his hair. It was ordered specially for his and Kaito’s playtime together. His collar hung off his neck, having a bit of a heavy feel to it, reminding him of his master’s control. Not to mention the tail, connected to a metal plug, nestled in his ass.

He loved when he and Kaito got to play together like this. He loved having his control taken from him by his partner.

“You look so pretty for me, puppy,” Kaito said, leaning down to kiss the other’s forehead.

Shuichi hummed approvingly, smiling. He wasn’t allowed to talk while in puppyspace, he was supposed to be good. This meant leaving the real words to Kaito.

Kaito stood up and smirked deviously,”Why don’t we put that mouth to good use?”

Shuichi nodded, shuffling a bit to adjust himself more comfortably. He stared up at Kaito with his big eyes as he undid his pants, pulling them down with his boxers. He stepped out of them, kicking them to the side before stroking his semi-hard cock.  He stroked it a few times before guiding it to Shuichi’s lips.

The smaller male opened his mouth eagerly, allowing Kaito to enter him. He moaned around the width of his cock, feeling it fill his mouth. Once it was all the way in, Kaito watched carefully for any sign of discomfort. When Shuichi gave none, he began to thrust, rough and fast into the other’s face.

Shuichi could feel himself choking, gasping around the shaft, hands reaching up to grab the other’s hips. Before he knew it, Kaito was pulling out, looking down at him. He gasped for air, looking up at his master.

“Breath, Shu’.”

Shuichi took a deep breath before nodding. Kaito pushed his cock into his mouth again, and this time Shuichi gripped his hips, ready for what was to come. He focused on hsi breathing as Kaito fucked his face, feeling the cock move in and out of his mouth. His eyebrows knitted together as Kaito continued to thrust mercilessly into the other's mouth.

Somehow it felt like it was too short yet lasted forever at the same time. When KAito pulled out, cock still hard, having held back his orgasm, there was a line of saliva still connecting him to his puppy’s mouth. Shuichi panted, desperate for air but even more so desperate for his own end, to be touched even. Cum was leaking out of his own cock onto the floor, having been neglected.

Kaito hummed deeply, looking down at the other, motioning for him to get on the bed. Shuichi obeyed immediately, scrambling to get up onto the mattress. He didn’t even need to be told what position to get in, quickly getting on his hands and knees. Kaito praised him, running a hand down his back as he got up behind him. He twisted the tail plug, pushing sounds out of Shuichi. He toyed with it for a moment before actually pulling it out and placing it on the bed beside them. He leaned in and licked at the bit of lube that glistened on his hole, causing Shuichi to moan and whimper.

When Kaito pulled away, he grabbed the lubricant off the bed, dripping some onto his fingers. He covered his cock in the liquid, being sure to coat himself in it. “Turn over. I want to watch your face while I fuck you.”

Shuichi let out another whimper, but didn’t dare disobey, turning over and scooting closer tot he other male. Kaito leaned over him, pressing his cock into his hole. Shuichi let out a moan, head digging back into the sheets as he was pressed into. Kaito pushed in all the way, looking up to watch for Shuichi’s signal. When Shuichi finally stopped breathing so heavily at the sudden stimulation, he nodded, looking down at the other.

Kaito nodded, all-knowingly, and began to thrust. He thrusted with the same lack of mercy he had before, fucking into his walls. Shuichi moaned loudly, already feeling tears well up in his eyes. A hand went to cover his mouth, humiliated by his own sounds. Kaito, however, was quick to notice, pulling his hand away. He wrapped his own hands around each of the other’s wrists, pressing them into the mattress. “Let me here you. Be a good puppy now, and I’ll let you cum.”

Shuichi cried out, he wanted to finish so bad. He had been so good so far. All he wanted wasd to cum.

He nearly screamed, tears finally falling when Kaito found his prostate, fucking right into it. Cum leaked from his cock onto his stomach as he cried, silently begging for his release. Kaito released one of his wrists, thrusting harder and warning him not to move it. His now free hand reached down to tug on the other’s wet cock.

“Go ahead, baby. Go ahead and finish.”

Shuichi whined out, tears dripping down his cheeks, overstimulated between the rough thrusts of his boyfriend’s cock and the hand on his own. It felt so, so good and finally, he let it get the best of him. Cum splattered onto his chest, some even landing on his face when he finally finsihed. He breathed heavily.

He wasn’t able to relax yet though, because Kaito still pushed, still fucking him rough and hard until he finally came deep inside of him, groaning as he did.

He only took a minute to catch his breath before pulling out, sitting on the bed and pulling Shuichi into his lap. They snuggled close, Shuichi catching his own breath and relaxing into the other’s now gentle touch. When Shuichi finally sat back, looking at the other, Kaito took the time to ask,”Are you hurt-? Was I too rough?”

“No, no, you were perfect. I’m okay. I feel gross though-”  Shuichi laughed a bit.

Kaito smirked back at him, nodding,”Let’s go shower.”

Chapter Text

Leon moaned, grabbing at Makoto’s shoulder’s. He could feel Makoto’s teeth digging into his neck and collar bone, no doubt leaving miles upon miles of purple marks. He could feel as they raised to the surface of his pale skin. Makoto’s mouth was so talented.

He could feel as Makoto panted against him thrusting in and out of him. His cock was wet with lube and precum as he fucked him, pressing against his walls. He could feel him thrusting against his prostate, hitting it repeatedly. He moaned out, sounds bouncing off the wall,”Fuck- Makoto- Fuck-!”

Makoto gasped loudly, his own moans making symphony with Leon’s. “Your skin tastes so good in my mouth, Leon, you are so fucking hot.”

Leon whimpered again, reaching a hand down to stroke at his cock. He was so hard, precum already leaking out of his tip. He smeared it along his shaft, slicking himself up more to go faster. Between his hand moving and Makoto still fucking into his ass so good, one of Makoto’s hands gripping his thigh so hard that it would for sure bruise. It was all so much. He finally came, the white liquid splashing across his chest. He groaned out, eyes pinching shut as he finally came.

It only took Makoto a few more thrusts before finally he was cumming too, deep inside of the other’s ass. He kissed him on the lips as he finished, lying down next to him once his breath was caught.

- - - - -

It wasn’t until a week later, when he was in class, having thought all the marks had faded, clad in his usual t-shirt and jacket. He couldn’t help but hear Yasuhiro gasp from beside him,”Yo, dude, what’s that on your neck.”

Dammit . He reached a hand up and pressed it to his neck and after a moment of feeling around he finally could feel how tender he was right next to his jaw. He was gonna have to find a good excuse for this one or he’d never hear the end of it.

Chapter Text

Yasuhiro just couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t get rid of this sick fetish he had.

He didn’t think it was necessarily strange. He just knew it wasn’t the average. It wasn’t average for guys to walk around each day, secretly wearing lingerie beneath his clothes.

And yet, Yasuhiro loved it.

Today he couldn’t help but when he got undressed to touch himself, pulling his panties to the side to stroke his cock, laying down on the bed. His hips thrusted into the air, into his fast moving hand. It felt so good, how he was holding onto his cock so tightly yet moving so quickly. Like he was fucking so god damned tight.

Saying he was surprised when his door swung open was a huge understatement.

“Uh, dude, what the fuck-?” He heard Leon’s voice.

He looked over and could see him and Makoto, flushed red. He quickly jumped up, grabbing the blanket to cover himself up. “Get out!”

Leon paused. He pulled Makoto into the room,  the brunette making confused noises as he was ushered in. Yasuhiro could hear them moving but refused to look up at them. The humiliation was settling in too deep and he felt as though he was going to explode. He could hear the hushed tones of them whispering to each other across the room before finally feeling both their weights climb onto the bed.

“Hagakure,” Leon said, hesitation thick in his voice,”Why don’t you let us help you finish?”

If Yasuhiro wasn’t already frozen in place, he certainly would be now.

“What-?” He said, voice muffled by his arms and the blanket.

He could here Makoto’s lighter voice speak up,”Why don’t you let us fuck you in that pretty underwear you’ve got on, Hagakure?”

Yasuhiro felt the blood rush to his face. There was no way this was real. There was no way this was genuinely happening. And yet it was so, very tempting. He let the blanket fall from his face a bit landing in his lap,”Are you guys making fun of me right now or are you serious..?”

Leon chuckled, leaning forward and kissing the other on the lips. Yasuhiro gasped in surprise but quickly kissed back, not willing to let this opportunity go to waste. Before he knew it, Makoto was pulling the blanket down again and he could feel the moistness of the brunette’s mouth around his cock. He groaned at the feeling, Leon pulling away to go rummaging through the bedside drawer. He eventually found Yasuhiro’s lubricant and made his way back to the bed.

“Spread your legs. And Makoto, move. I’ve got a plan.” Makoto nodded, scurrying out of Leon’s way.

Leon was quick to pour lube onto his fingers and press them into Yasuhiro’s underwear. The dark male moaned, hand reaching up to half-heartedly cover his mouth. He grinded against the digits as they worked in and out of him, Leon adding more and more fingers as time went on. Yasuhiro groaned at the loss when Leon removed his fingers.

Yasuhiro expected Leon to push into him but instead Leon ushered Makoto to do so. He leaned over and stroked the other’s cock, lubing it up. Makoto let out a low moan at the contact before grabbing Yasuhiro’s hips. With Yasuhiro on his knees, back straight up and Makoto in the same position behind him, he pressed into him. Yasuhiro let out a low moan, eyes flickering open when he heard Leon speak again.

“Don’t move, Makoto.”

Makoto nodded, watching as Leon pulled more lube onto his fingers, carefully pressing them into Yasuhiro next to Makoto’s cock. Yasuhiro gasped, trying to shrink away fromLeon’s fingers, but Makoto held him in place, both of them watching intently as Leon worked. Leon pressed one, then two, and then finally three fingers into Yasuhiro, stretching him out even more.

When he deemed him loose enough to take them both, he pulled away, pouring a generous amount of the liquid onto his cock.

“Just tell us if you want us to stop- okay?”

Yasuhiro tried to catch his breath, anticipation and nerves getting the best of him. He nodded, watching as Leon lined up. Leon kissed him on the neck as he finally pressed into him. Yasuhiro cried out at the stretch, feeling both men deep inside of him. He took a couple deep breaths, thankful that the other two were being so patient with him and waiting for him to get used to the feeling of so much inside of him.

When he finally braced himself on Leon’s shoulders and gave them the okay to keep going, they began to move. Their cocks simultaneously moved inside of him, pressing against all his spots. He groaned, feeling them thrust in time with each other.

Yasuhiro wasn’t the only one making sounds, Leona dn Makoto were both also gasping for air, feeling as their cocks pressed one another in such a tight space.

It was ecstasy.

After a couple minutes of thrusting, Yasuhiro already felt close. Cum leaked from his cock in thick beads, he was trying to hold back but Leon was too quick to catch this. He pressed a hand around his cock and it was over- Yasuhiro was cumming. Cum leaked out onto both his and Leon’s chest, soiling his underwear that was still wrapped tightly around him, simply pulled to the side to give the other two the room they needed.

He clenched around the two of them, growing more and more tired with each thrust. It only took a couple more for Makoto to finish, him crying out Hagakure’s name while Leon came a few thrusts after. All three of them fought to catch their breaths and when they finally all pulled out, Cum leaked down the back of Yasuhiro’s thigh.

He groaned at the feeling before falling to the bed, exhausted. Leon chuckled breathlessly,”We should get cleaned up, big guy.”

“Later,” he groaned,”Just come cuddle me for a few minutes.”

Makoto nodded, tired as well,”I’m with Yasuhiro. Nap time.”

Leon sighed but gave no complaints, smiling as he laid down next to the other two.

Yasuhiro accepted that he was happy he left his door unlocked by accident.

Chapter Text

Nekomaru could very well deem himself the luckiest man in the world.

He was currently pressed between his two boyfriends, Soda and Gundham, and they were kissing him and undoing his jacket. They worked as a team, Soda would kiss his lips while Gundham nibbled on his ear from behind.  Soda unzipped his jacket while Gundham pulled it off his shoulders.

Before he knew it, they were both on their knees, Soda begging desperately for Nekomaru to let them both suck him dry. Between Soda’s pleads and the submissive glint that already glazed over Gundham’s eyes, he couldn’t resist.

He unzipped his pants and pulled them down, but Soda was quicker, tearing them and his boxers off of his muscular thighs. Nekomaru gasped, feeling the cold air hit his hot flesh.  His half hard on bounced in their faces but Gundham was quick to steal it with a hand on the base of his cock. Nekomaru and Soda both watched intently as Gundham leaned forward, tongue gliding across the side of his shaft, reaching the tip only to dip into his slit and go back down again.

It was such a lewd sight, Gundham’s hair falling loosely over his dark eyes, eyeliner smudged a bit. His tongue wetted Nekomaru’s cock as his hand stayed in place, the other hand reaching up to hold the other’s hip.

“Holy shit,” Soda said, seemingly reading Nekomaru’s mind,”Gundham, I stand by what I said last time you sucked me off, you look so hot when your mouth is wrapped around one of our dicks.”

Gundham shivered a bit at the praise, humming in thanks, continuing to tease the head of Nekomaru’s cock. Soda leaned in, tongue sliding onto the other side of Nekomaru’s cock and the muscular one gasped. The feeling of two tongues pressing into his hot flesh was amazing.
He wanted to stay like this forever.

Watching as their personalities bashed heads while their tongues tangled around his shaft was quite an experience. Soda tended to be more careful, watching diligently to be sure his teeth didn’t get into the mix of tongues. He went slower and his eyes nearly never met Nekomarus, embarrassment painting his cheeks in a faint pink tone.  Gundham on the other hand strictly looked up at the other through half lidded eyes. He always did so when sucking either of them off. When he was getting fucked he was all embarrassed but he was skilled with his mouth and face. He was calculated with his tongue, being sure to touch all the right places at the right time.

They french kissed around his cock, tasting him. Nekomaru bit a knuckle, trying to fight off his urge to finish.

Soda eventually pulled away, ushering Gundham to follow his direction.

“Suck his tip. Only pull off when I say so.”

Gundham, had he not been in this position, would have probably argued with his lover, but he always got so submissive for the two of them. He eagerly wrapped his mouth around the other’s head, sucking him. Nekomaru let out a groan and watched as Soda ushered away the other’s hand, beginning to stroke him. The squeeze of his palm and fingers around his cock was amazing. Nekomaru groaned, head leaning back.

Before he came, he felt Gundham pull off, Soda moving closer to the other and both of them catching cum on their faces.

When he looked down at them both, licking his semen off of their lips, he could tell tonight was gonna be a fun night.

Chapter Text

Nekomaru couldn’t help but feel jealous whenever his boyfriend talked to Sonia.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Soda, he was super trustworthy and loyal without a doubt. It was simply the fact that Nidai knew that Soda used to like the girl.

He didn’t anymore, and he made that very clear. He understood that it was more of a puppy crush than real love and that it made Sonia uncomfortable, and once Soda understood that he backed down. They became friends shortly after Nekomaru and he started dating, the other two became friends. But this just made Nekomaru jealous.

“Hey, Sonia,” Nekomaru spoke, walking up and placing a hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder,”I gotta borrow Soda for a bit, if you don’t mind.”

Sonia smiled sweetly,”Sure thing! It was nice talking to you Soda!”

Soda smiled and waved goodbye as he turned to follow Nekomaru to his cabin. Upon arriving, Soda entered first, Nekomaru walking in and locking the door behind them.

“So, what did you need me for anywa-”

Soda choked on his own words, Nekomaru pushing him down to the bed and kissing him passionately. Soda didn’t object, hands holding onto the other’s shoulders as he kissed back, taking caution with his teeth. When they pulled away breathlessly, Soda gasped,”Where is this coming from?”

Nekomaru nearly growled, a hand reaching to unzip the neon jumpsuit,”I can’t stand when you talk to her. You’re mine and I need to get you to understand that.”

Soda gasped at the rough, calloused hands running down the side of his stomach. Of course he knew he was all Nidai’s- he’d never think any different. But something dirty in Soda wanted him to see this through- see where this went. So he said nothing, only leaned into Nekomaru’s touch. He licked his lips, mouth dry as he spoke.

“Show me.”

Nekomaru gripped his side and without hesitation began to pull the jumpsuit off of Soda’s arms. When he finished his arms, he pulled away to begin taking off his own clothes.  Soda did his own work, taking off the rest of his jumpsuit. When he was done his attention was immediately taken back to Nekomaru.

The bigger man sat on the bed, guiding Soda onto his lap. He kissed the other’s neck, reaching a hand into his boxers. He traced his slit, feeling how wet the other was already. Nekomaru chuckled, pulling his hand back out, licking his fingers. He moved his knee to press against the other’s sex, speaking lowly,”Grind.”
Confusion painted over the other’s face,”What..?”

Nekomaru placed a hand on the other’s neck, not choking him, but holding him in place with a bit of pressure. Soda gasped and a hand reached up to hold the other’s wrist, foolishly thinking it would do any good to help his position. Nekomaru leaned in close, voice a whisper,”You’re gonna dry hump my leg until you cum, and once that’s over, I’m gonna fuck your ass into the matress until it leaks out of you. That’ll teach you who you belong to.”

Soda swallowed, feeling the lump in his throat pass by his lover’s hand. When he didn’t immediately begin to do as he was told, Nekomaru’s other hand grasped Soda’s waist, guiding him. Soda moaned, feeling his clit rub against the fabric of his boxer briefs, the pressure of Nekomaru’s hard thighs driving him up the wall. The hand on his waist made it to his ass, supporting him as he began to use his knees to dry hump the other’s leg.

The hand tightened around his throat- and he whimpered a bit. He loved being in this position with Nekomaru, being shown his place beneath him.

He began to grind harder into his leg, going faster and faster. He shivered and sighed,”Fuck-”

Nekomaru hummed in approval, being able to feel the slick from Soda’s crotch leak through his boxers and onto his leg, making a moist spot on it. He leaned in and tangled his tongue with Soda’s, feeling as Soda desperately tried to go faster, until finally, the pink haired male came, liquid leaking onto the other’s leg.

He panted, coming down from his high and pressing his forehead into Nekomaru’s neck. Nekomaru allowed him the few minute’s he needed to relax, knowing how sensitive his partner could be. But once he was ready, he commanded him to get on the bed.

Before he obeyed, he undid his binder, pulling it off and tossing it to the floor. He pulled off his boxers too, which were now soiled, and tossed them beside the binder. He quickly got onto the bed and leaned down, pushing his ass into the air. He ignored his embarrassment,  spreading his legs a bit and hiding his face in the sheets as he allowed Nekomaru to see all of him.

Nekomaru grabbed the lube from his dresser before turning back to the other. Once behind him he leaned over, tucking a piece of hair behind his ear before speaking,”Are you okay with me taking you from behind? I’m not going to if you don’t want to.”

Soda shook his head,”No, no, I want you to. I want you to fuck me liek you don’t care.”

Soda’s voice was desperate. He always was so sensitive when Nekomaru fucked his ass, barely being able to handle it. But at times that made it better for both of them, especially seeing how they both liked to play rough.

Nekomaru poured lube onto his fingers and slid one inside of the other’s hole. Soda groaned at the intrusion but allowed Nekomaru to continue preparing him. His finger moved in and out until Soda finally relaxed. Then he’d add another. Then the cycle repeated. By three fingers, Soda was shaking, the digits being scissored inside of his ass.

He made an uncomfortable noise when they were removed but Nekomaru knew it was all just part of the process. He made sure his cock was nice and slick before lining up and starting to press into Soda. The smaller man groaned, biting the sheets and reaching back to hold one of Nidai’s hands, which Nekomaru accepted happily. He gave the other a moment to adjust before beginning to thrust in and out of him almost mercilessly.

Soda’s moans and gasp filled the room, feeling Nekomaru move in and out of his hole. He felt his stomach turn as he got more and more excited, feeling his fluids drip down his thighs. He groaned, reaching his free hand down to play with himself. Fingers dipped into his cunt and toyed with his clit as Nekomaru fucked him ruthlessly.

Soon they were both groaning, Nekomaru and Soda both close to their orgasm. Soda groaned when he finally felt Nekomaru cum, filling his ass with it. He whined, pressing his fingers harder against his clit, rubbing it in circles. It only took him a moment or so more before he reached his second orgasm, cumming onto the bed.

He panted, chest heaving. He was completely taken off guard when Nekomaru pulled out, cursing. Nekomaru paid it no mind though, grabbing a wet wipe and cleaning up a bit of the mess before laying down on the bed, pulling Soda to lay on his chest.

He kissed his forehead,”You’re mine. Never forget that, baby.”

Chapter Text

Gonta bit his lip. He could not believe he was doing this. He always experimented when he was alone, but the normal stuff. Like locker room talk.

Using his left hand or maybe even a fleshlight starting a few months ago.

But he had never used a dildo before.

He only started experimenting with penetration a month ago. It started with a few fingers and lube. It felt so weird at first, and he was sure he didn’t like it, but as time went on and he continued to try it over and over, he became more and more accepting of the feeling. He taught himself how to enjoy the feeling of something in his ass.

Which prompted him to buy this new toy.

It was shiny and made of silicone. A translucent pink color and about five inches in length. He was aware it wasn’t that big by a long shot but he didn’t want to push himself too far yet. He just wanted to see how this went before trying to go bigger.

When it arrived, he couldn’t hide his excitement. Nobody was home, so he quickly took it to his room and began to undress.

Once on the bed, naked, and legs spread, he began to prepare himself. He already knew how to do this properly, so it didn't take too long. 

Once he was ready, he picked up the toy, slicking it up with lubricant. He could feel his hand shaking a bit as he guided it down to his hole. Once lined up properly, he used a free hand to toy with his cock, stroking it to try and take the edge off before pressing the dildo into himself. He moaned, feeling himself stretch around the toy.

He quickly began to thrust it, grimacing a bit at first, before starting to moan again. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, brushing against his walls. He continued to thrust it, going at different paces and harder and softer, testing out what he liked. It was only when he pressed it in further when he shivered and gasped. He had hit his own prostate. He moaned, grinding down onto the toy, loving the feeling of it against his prostate. Between his hand on his cock and the toy in his ass, he wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last.

He moaned, hands moving faster, growing closer and closer to his orgasm before finally cumming, his seed splattering across his muscular chest and stomach. As he breathed, allowing himself to catch his breath, he slowly pulled the toy out, pushing it to the side to allow himself to clean it later.

One thing was sure, he certainly wanted to try a bigger toy.

Chapter Text

Kaito’s hands traveled down Kokichi’s waist, Rantaro’s hands already dipping into the smallest man’s boxers. Kokichi whimpered as Rantaro’s hand made contact with his cock.

“You’re already so eager and I’ve barely touched you,” Rantaro hummed, licking up the side of Kokichi’s neck.

He huffed, grinding against the other’s hand. Kaito rolled his eyes at the other’s impatience. “Which one of us do you wanna take first, baby?”

Kokichi hummed, smirking deviously and looking up at Kaito through his lashes,”I’m not taking either of you first. I’m taking you both at the same time.”

Kokichi caught a glimpse of Rantaro’s surprised eyes before they shifted into one of lust. “I like the sound of that… You sure you can handle it though, Kokichi?”

Kokichi snickered, already moving to pull his boxers off,”I’m not a pussy, of course I can.”

Kaito rolled his eyes at the tone in the other’s voice but paid it no mind as he pulled off his own boxers and grabbed the lubricant from the bedside table. He poured it onto the pads of his fingers, bending the other over a bit. Kokichi rested his arms around Rantaro’s neck as Kaito prepped him, noises coming out into Rantaro’s neck.

Amami couldn’t help but think about how absolutely hot this all was. Kokichi was moaning into his neck, begging to be fucked by both of them at the same time.

When Kaito had finished, lubing up his own cock when done, he guided Kokichi back. Rantaro frowned a bit as Kokichi’s arms left him, going with Kaito to start, but it wasn’t a big deal. Rantaro grabbed the lube, pouring some onto his own fingers before looking back at the others. Kokichi was already moaning as Kaito’s cock pressed into him. Rantaro watched in awe as Kaito thrusted a few times very slowly, making Kokichi keen.

Rantaro swallowed thickly and moved forward, kissing Kokichi once before moving his fingers downward. Kokichi gasped as he felt Rantaro’s fingers press in beside Kaito’s cock. Rantaro was careful stretching the smaller male, only adding fingers when he was absolutely sure the other could take it.

Once completely stretched out, he pulled the fingers away, applying what was probably too much lube to his cock. He just wanted to be careful.

He got very close, so close to Kokichi, practically pressing their chests together as he lined himself up. He pressed in slowly, carefully. Kokichi’s mouth fell open and his eyebrows knitted themselves together. However the first to make a noise was Kaito, a deep moan passing by his lips.

“Fuck, holy shit he’s so tight…”

Rantaro couldn’t help the breathy chuckle he let out before he placed his hands on Kokichi’s hips. Kaito met him there, hands placed beside his. They, together, began to thrust in and out of Kokichi’s tight hole. They dragged out the moans and sounds of the smaller male.

Kokichi on the other hand felt like he could die happy. The feeling of being stretched like that felt crazy good to him. Not to mention Rantaro pressing against his prostate every time he pressed a little further.

When the two began faster and harder, both of them groaned as they fucked against each other. The feeling of both of their cocks sliding against one another- against Kokichi’s walls, it was breathtaking.

Before he knew it, Kaito was treading dangerously close to his orgasm. He let out a groan, forehead pressing into Kokichi’s shoulder as he pressed in, deep, one more time. His seed spilled out into the other, filling him even more. Kokichi felt tears prick at his eyes, the feeling of being so full overwhelming. Not to mention Rantaro was still moving.

When Kaito caught his breath, instead of pulling out, he placed a hand on Kokichi’s cock, stroking it. Kokichi whined, a couple tears spilling over as he tried desperately to keep his cool.

“C’mon, baby,” Kaito rasped,”Cum for us.”

His hand sped up and Rantaro took it upon himself to move faster as well. Kokichi whined as he finally came, cum painting his stomach as well as Rantaro’s. Rantaro groaned at the sight, finally allowing himself to cum deep inside of the other as well.

Rantaro panted but leaned forward to kiss away a few tears. “Beautiful. You did beautifully, Kokichi.”

Kaito joined in, them both telling him praise as they brought him to the shower, ready to clean him up and get off to bed.

Chapter Text

When Shuichi was called over by his boyfriends for a movie night, the last thing he expected was to find himself between them, kisses being placed up and down his neck. He could feel Korekiyo's bandaged fingers trailing up his side under his shirt. He could feel Rantaro's tongue slide out of his mouth every few kisses to place a warm slickness against his skin.

Shuichi groaned when he felt Korekiyo's fingers reach down and trace his buldge through his shorts. He heard the mischievous chuckle as he looked up to meet his eyes,"You seem so excited, Shuichi..."

He could practically hear the smirk tugging at Rantaro's lips behind him,"He certainly does. Why don't we stop teasing him and give him something to moan about?"

Shuichi sighed, looking behind him,"Yes, please."

Rantaro's smirk widened as he reached to help Shuichi undress. Korekiyo took it upon himself to also undress, Rantaro undressing himself as well. Once they were all undressed, Rantaro reached to grab the bottle of lube from his bedside table, tossing it to Kiyo.

Kiyo helped Shuichi bend of in front of him, Rantaro climbing off the bed. Korekiyo poured the liquid onto his fingers, pushing two slender digits into Shuichi. Shuichi let out a breathy moan, feeling Korekiyo curl and spread his fingers, opening him up before adding a third.

Korekiyo cooed at the other, pulling his fingers out and stroking his cock. Shuichi whined at the loss but it was quickly replaced with Korekiyo's cock. Shuichi groaned as it was pushed into him, Shuichi also moaning in tune with the other.

When he began to thrust, he used his finger tips to reach forwad and push Kiyo's chin upwards, making him face Rantaro. The green haired male was already there, cock in hand, ready for Shuichi's mouth.

Shuichi saved himself the trouble of making noise and simply opened his mouth, allowing the other to push into him. He hollowed out his cheeks for the other, starting to suck as he began thrusting as well, in time with Korkiyo's.

He could feel as the two of them leaned over him to kiss, their tongues tangling. Something about being fucked from both ends, his partners kissing not only right in front of him but right on top of him sent his mind off the deep end. His head felt so fuzzy and he felt as though he could already cum.

Thankfully though, he barely had to wait before Rantaro was groaning, cum spilling out of his hard cock down Shuichi's throat. Korekiyo moaned himself, reaching a hand down to stroke Shuichi's cock as he thrusted harder. Shuichi cried out, cum finally spilling out of his cock onto the sheets and Kiyo's hand. Kiyo's eyebrows knit together at the feeling of Shuichi tightening around him.

The detective could feel as he was filled with cum from the other end. Rantaro pulled out of his mouth, grabbing a box of tissues from his desk before bringing them back to the bed to help clean up the mess on the sheets.

Chapter Text

Makoto positioned himself over Leon, face by his crotch and his by his partner's. He could already feel his cheeks heating up at the embarassing position, but he payed it no mind once he felt Leon's tongue lick the tip of his cock. He groaned, stopping himself from bucking his hips before leaning down to lick at Leon's cock.

He grabbed the base and positioned the hard cock upwards, allowing himself to shove it into his mouth. He sucked his cock just like he would any other blowjob, but it was made all the more better by the warm mouth around his own cock.

He moaned around the shaft, feeling his own go down Leon's throat. Their tongues glided over each other's tips, fingers tracing each other's thighs.

Makoto whined when he felt Leon pull off, immediately feeling embarassed. Was he going about this wrong? Did it not feel good-? Why was Leon pulling away-?

Before he knew it, he felt the warm mouth again, but somewhere where he didn't expect it. Leon's hands were spreading his cheeks and his tongue was prodding his asshole. Makoto monaed out his name, pressing himself against the other's tongue, sucking his cock harder.

Leon's hand placed itself on Makoto's cock, stroking it. Before he knew it, he was coming all over Leon's chest. Leon's tongue pushed into him when he finally finished, cumming in Makoto's mouth. Cum leaked from his lips, onto the bed when he pulled off, not able to swallow it all.

Chapter Text

Korekiyo laid, bare, on the table he had been pointed to. Miu said she wanted to try something with him, and to quote her exactly: “ you’re the only one freaky enough who I think would agree ”.

The ‘thing’ she wanted to try was a new invention. Some sort of machine made to pleasure the person inside of it. When Kiyo looked above him, he found four attachments, each one with what looked like a white hand on the end. He chose to ignore the thought of how cartoony they looked to him.

Miu walked up to the table, looking down at him,”Wow, creep, you surprisingly look really good on this table- laid out for my machine. You sure you still wanna do this though-?”

Korekiyo smiled a bit- he couldn’t help but think her concern was sweet. Despite how much she wanted to try this machine on him she never once implied she was forcing him to do so. “I’ll choose to take that as a compliment. As for this, yes. I’m sure. I’ll tell you if I want to stop.”

Miu smiled, leaning down to kiss the other on the cheek out of appreciation. She pulled away, blush dusting her cheeks as she moved to strap him down. There were two leather straps by his wrists and another two at his feet. She tied his wrists up first, sure they weren’t too tight, before moving to do the same to his feet.

When he was finally in the perfect position, she moved to the control panel right behind his head. She alerted him that she was going to start the machine and he nodded, letting her know he was ready and still perfectly fine.

He watched as two of the hands moved towards his chest. He sighed as they began to caress him, grimacing a bit as he watched the odd movements of the fingers. When he looked up, he could see Miu was actually controlling them. She was pressing an assortment of buttons, telling the gloved hands where to move and what to touch. He saw her smirk before a gasp was dragged out of him. He looked down to see where the jolt of pain was coming from, only to find both hands were now squeezing and playing with his nipples. He whined a bit as they massaged the two pink nipples.

It seemed that both he and Miu caught wind of the fact that he was growing harder now, cock perking up at the contact. Another hand reached down, making a sort of squelching sound. He realized that that was the sound of lube being released from the center of it. The hand massaged the lube onto itself before grabbing hold of his cock and beginning to stroke.

Korekiyo let out a moan at the coolness of the lube against his hot flesh. He heard Miu chuckle from above him,”You like that-? You’ll like this even more…!”

Kiyo made a noise in confusion before his back arched, feeling the hand start to vibrate. He whined, feeling the vibrations in the tip of his cock, teasing him as it jerked him off.

Miu above him snickered, pressing another button. Kiyo gasped, feeling something he certainly didn't expect. Something below him was raising his hips into the air. His legs were already spread, so when he saw the fourth hand move down to touch him, he knew exactly where it was going.  The machine released lube onto itself again, this time carefully pressing one of it’s thick fingers inside of him.

He let out a groan, head rolling back. Miu giggled above him though, grabbing a handful of his dark locks and pulling his head up. “Watch it, Kiyo. I want you to see how pretty you look while it fucks you.”

He whined, hearing her press more buttons with the hand that wasn’t pulling his hair. The hand both on his cock and in his ass both sped up, causing him to moan, eyes pinching shut. “Fuck- Miu, I-I’m-”

Before he could even finish his sentence, his orgasm was ripped away from him, all hands stopping. He looked down at the unmoving hands, confusion and frustration as he breathed heavily. Miu let out a boisterous laugh,”I’m just fucking with you! Here…”

The machine whirred to life again, all the hands beginning to move again. The sudden jolt of pleasure that came from all the sensitive parts of his body made him moan out. If he had the ability to do so he’d be thrusting into the vibrating hand on his dick. He was so hungry for the friction, it was driving him mad.

As he grew closer to his orgasm again, his moans grew louder. Before he even knew it, his back was arching off the table, and yet again, Miu was tearing the orgasm out of his hands. He looked up at her with begging eyes, tears pricking at them as he looked up at her smirk. He felt his chest and cheeks heat up when she spoke.

“Beg me.”

Korekiyo was so lost he gave her a confused look.

“Beg me to cum.”

He whined, shifting around, feeling the stilled hands both inside him and around him, unable to ignore them. He groaned before giving in, mouth opening,”Please- please, Miu, please let me cum- I need to cum-”

He was cut off by his own moans as the machine started for the final time, this time moving faster than before. Even the hand around his cock was vibrating more than it had been before. Korekiyo felt tears drip down his cheeks- he needed to cum so bad- the pleasure from everywhere around him was too much. He felt as Miu’s hands whipped one of his cheeks, caressing his face,”Go ahead, creepshow. You can cum.”

Korekiyo cried out as he finally finished, cum splashing onto his stomach. He gasped for breath, finding it difficult to catch his breath as he finally finished. Miu was quick to stop the machine once he finished, turning it off completely. Korekiyo watched blissfully as the hands retracted from him, returning to their original position. He groaned quietly as the panel beneath him lowered his hips back down to the flat table.

Miu smiled sweetly as she moved to undo the straps that bound him down,”Good to know the machine works.”

Chapter Text

Komaru let out a gasp as she felt Toko’s tongue lick up her folds again, head leaning back onto the end of their shared couch. Her thigh pressed against the other’s hand, feeling as it pushed back against her.

“I can’t do this right if you keep trying to close your legs,” Toko complained, gripping the other’s thigh. Toko was clad in only her bra and underwear, giving Komaru a perfect view of the other’s tits at that moment.

Komaru whined,”I can’t help it. Your mouth just feels so good, Toko…”

Toko’s cheeks flushed red as she chose to ignore the other, leaning in again to brush against the other’s sex with her tongue. The muscle teased her hole before pushing up towards her clit. Toko took it upon herself to suck on the bulb, drawing out moans from the other.

Toko smirked, pulling away after a while, sliding two fingers into the other. Komaru whined again,”Fuck, Toko-!”

Toko smiled, cheeks red as she curled her fingers, watching as Komaru lost herself in the pleasure. Soon Toko was adding a third finger, thrusting them in and out of the other. Komaru let out her moans into Toko’s neck, grinding against the other’s hand until she was finally finishing, her fluids running through Toko’s fingers.

Toko pulled her fingers out, watching as Komaru came down from her high. Once completely caught up on her breathing, she smiled, motioning for the other to bend over the couch as she stood up. Toko reluctantly agreed, embarrassed by her position. It became even more embarrassing when she felt Komaru pull down her underwear to her ankles, feeling the other girl’s eyes on her dripping pussy. She paid no mind to her humiliation once she felt Komaru’s thumbs pull apart her thighs. She quickly spread her legs a bit to give the other more room.

She felt as Komaru’s tongue plunged into her hole, licking inside of her walls and she let out a choked noise, feeling the other’s mouth play with her pussy. She could feel as One of Komaru’s hands reached up, sliding two fingers into her beside her tongue. Toko whined at the stretch but relished in the feeling, pressing herself further against Komaru’s mouth in want.

She reached a hand of her own down to press against her clitorus, massaging it. She could feel the lust pool in her stomach as she grew closer and closer to her own oragasm. Komaru seemed to be able to tell too, using the hand that was on her thigh to grope her. She squeezed her thigh hard, hitting it once. Toko gasped, whining again at the feeling.

“Oh my God- Komaru-!”

Komaru pressed deeper inside the other as she came, her fluids running down her thighs and onto the floor. Komaru licked up what was still on her pussy, loving the taste of her girlfriend in her mouth, before pulling away, satisfied.

Toko blushed when Komaru leaned forward to kiss her before pulling away,”Ew, you just had your mouth on me- and I had mine on yours. That’s gross…”

Komaru chuckled,”It is not!”

Chapter Text

Aoi wasn’t even sure how she found herself here in this position. She was sure she’d regret it later on, but right now at this moment that didn’t matter to her.

All she could focus on wasLeon’s angry hands all around her.

Their lips clashed together, teeth clacking as they both aggressively kissed one another. His hands traveled around her skin, undressing her as she did the same to her.

All Aoi knew was they were arguing- again- about something that was probably unimportant and before she knew it, they were making out, kissing in place of where she would like to be hitting him.

She supposed violence was never the answer anyways.

As Leon moved away from her lips, he bit down on her collarbone, causing her to cry out. She could already feel his half hard dick against her thigh through his boxers. She pulled them down for him, watching as the cock sprung up. She pushed him off of her for a moment and he gave a look of concern- like he was worried he’d done something wrong. But she was quick to assure him nothing was by grabbing her purse and pulling out a travel size bottle of lube and a condom. She handed him the condom, opening the lubricant and pouring some onto her fingers. She used the lube to slick herself up, as though she wasn't already wet from all the biting and the kissing.

Leon was quick to move as well, opening the wrapper with his teeth and sliding the condom onto his hard member. Before he knew it, she was pushing onto him, already eager to have him inside her. She began to ride him, aggressive as ever, letting out her own moans as she felt his cock move in and out of her. He himself let out his own moans, feeling her warmth surround him.

She groaned, grinding on him harder and he leaned in to bite down on her neck. She cried out, angrily chasing her own orgasm. He swore at the rate she was going, she was gonna break his dick off, but he didn’t even care. He could feel the warmth pool in his own belly. And soon enough he was spilling into the condom. Aoi cried out to protest, complaining about him finishing too soon, but he was too quick. He pulled her off of him, laying her on the bed and shoving his face between her legs to lick at her sex. She whined, feeling him suck on her clit.

Almost as soon as it began, it ended, her finally reaching her own finish. He pulled back and laid next to her, both of them catching their breaths. Once caught, Aoi sat up, cursing herself. Leon tried to ask her what was wrong, but she was already sliding her clothes back on and grabbing her shoes.

“This never happened.” She said, leaving. Whatever the fuck that was, she never wanted it to happen again.

Even if she couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of Leon all over her for the rest of that week.

Chapter Text

Gundham let out a moan, curling in towards Soda. It’s not often that Gundham found himself here, beneath his mortal partner. He tended to take the lead, overpowering him. But once in a while, he’d land himself here, submitting to the mortal.

He’d never let it slip how much he enjoyed it.

“Stop moving like that,” Soda purred, pulling away a bit. He placed a hand on the other’s chest to push him back down- Gundham couldn’t help but lay back on the bed as he relaxed into Soda’s touch. “You can’t curl up if you want me to touch you.”

Gundham let out a low whine,”I can’t help it- the body is sensitive.”

Soda smirked, amused Gundham still kept up his speaking patterns. “I know, but you gotta relax a bit, let me make you feel good.”

Gundham’s breath caught as he felt Soda’s fingertips brush under his shirt. He whined, feeling sensitive as always. Soda let out an entertained chuckle,”You want me to get to the point and touch your cock- don’t you sweetheart?”

Gundham felt his face heat up as he nodded. He absolutely did want that- he wanted Soda to touch him all day. That’s what had led them here to begin with. No matter what they were doing today- Gundham found himself in a constant state of wanting Soda. All around him, inside of him .

He needed it.

Luckily, soda showed him mercy, slowly sliding his pants down. Gundham helped by removing his own shirt as well, leaving him naked in front of his still clothed boyfriend. Gundham reached forward to try and undress Soda, but the pink haired man pushed him away. “Let me touch you and play with you before we get there, princess.”

The other whined at the nickname, but was unable to protest once he felt Soda grasp his cock. The hand around his shaft dragged a moan from him. Soda was slow as he began to stroke, carefully watching as Gundham’s face contorted from the pleasure. He stroked him, just watching his expression for a few minutes. When he got bored of that, he grabbed the lubricant from his pockets and poured some onto his fingers. He warmed them up a bit before pressing one of them into the other’s backside.

Gundhams breath drew out of him as Soda’s finger pushed in. He could feel the pads of them against his walls,stroking the inside of him. Gundham let out a moan as he felt the second finger was pushed into him. There were no words to describe the sound he made on the third finger.

He whined as he felt himself empty, Soda’s hand pulling away so he could unzip his jumpsuit. Gundham watched hungrily, seeing the bulge in Soda’s boxers once the jumpsuit was off. He was embarrassed to say the least, but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the other as he pulled off his boxers. He groaned looking at his cock, blushing as he watched Soda stroke himself. The pink haired man took great care with putting lube on himself, before hovering over the other, cock in hand. He lined up before leaning down to kiss the other, their lips and tongues intertwining as Soda pushed into the other.

Gundham’s back arched a bit, chest being met by Soda’s free hand. His fingers traced down his stomach, lips going to kiss down the other’s neck. Gundham groaned, feeling Soda’s hips meet his own. He felt so full, but only for a moment. Soda grabbed his hand and held it before beginning to thrust in and out of the other. Gundham’s noises filled Soda’s ears like music, and Soda lived for it.

He was slow at first, making sure Gundham was getting used to the feeling of him inside of him, but once the mild discomfort turned to pleasure, Soda sped up. He thrusted into him fast and harder, aiming for his sweet spot. He was sure he found Gundham’s prostate when he felt Gundham grip his hand harder and gasp. His head swung back and dug into the sheets, feeling as Soda rammed into him over and over again.

Gundham’s orgasm built up like a warm pool in his stomach, crying out Soda’s name when he finally finished. Cum splattered across his chest and stomach as his mouth went slack. Soda leaned forward to kiss the other, still thrusting as he grew closer to his own finish. He finally came deep inside of the other, moaning as he finished as well.

They took their time catching their breaths before Soda pulled out and grabbed the tissues from the bedside table. Gundham begrudgingly allowed the other to clean him up as he came down from his own high. Once Soda was done cleaning himself and his partner, he laid on the bed next to the taller man. He only had a short moment to himself before Gundham scooted closer and laid his head on the other’s chest. Soda smiled,”You never cuddle with me willingly, this must be a sign that you really liked it.”

Gundham’s face flushed red and he hid himself in the covers being pulled over them,”Shut up.”

Chapter Text

When Yamada came up with the idea to ask Nekomaru about this, he hadn’t taken into account how embarrassing it would be to bring up the subject.

He had gotten really interested in bara recently, wanting to try it with one of his bigger, more muscular classmates. And who was better than Nekomaru Nidai, easily the most swole guy in the whole school.

Yamada found him after school one day in the gym with Akane. He waited patiently as they trained before watching Akane leave for the girls locker room. When Nekomaru moved into the men’s locker room, Yamada prepared himself, making his own move towards the boy’s room.

When he entered, Nekomaru smiled at him warmly and his voice boomed,”I never thought I’d see you in here! Bookworms don’t tend to come down to come down to gym like this-”

Yamada chuckled to himself,”I don’t usually come down here myself- but I wanted to ask you about something…”

Nekomaru’s eyebrow raised as he pulled off his sweaty shirt,”I’m listening.”

Yamada swallowed, trying not to stare too hard at Nekomaru’s bulging muscles. “I, um... “ He trailed off for a moment before speaking again,”Have you ever heard of bara-?”

Nekomaru smirked,”You want to try it don’t you..?”

Yamada flushed red before nodding, giving up the jig. Nekomaru shrugged and opened his locker, going through his gym bag for a moment, before turning back around, bottle of lube in hand. He handed it to Yamada, who paused before grabbing it,”Right now-?”

“Do you not want to do it right now-?”

“N-No, that’s fine, I just didn’t expect you to agree so fast.”

Nekomaru shrugged again, voice still booming,”I could use a quickie.”

Yamada blushed and placed the lube down on the bench before gaining the courage to undress, pulling off his shirt and his pants, leaving him in just his boxers. Nekomaru himself took off his pants, commando underneath. Hifumi couldn’t help but look down at the other’s cock, which he found was absolutely massive .

He looked back up to make eye contact with the other, who spoke calmly,”Have you ever done this before? Or just read about it?”

“I’ve only read about it.”

“Okay,” Nekomaru paused, grabbing the lubricant and motioning for Yamada to remove his boxers. Hifumi obeyed, pulling them off and feeling Nidai’s eyes on him. His cock wasn’t nearly as big as the other’s, but it was big enough to satisfy. “So, I’m already prepped currently because I played around before I left for the gym today, but you need to know if you do this again, you have to prep the person beforehand. Make sure they’re loose enough to take your cock.”

Nekomaru poured some lube into his hand before reaching down to apply it to the other. Yamada shivered a bit at the coldness of the slick material, but was quickly overcome by the warmth of Nekomaru’s hand. The calloused hand moved against him, the perfect friction for his hard on. He frowned at the loss when the hand was pulled away from him.

His attention, however, was quickly redirected to Nekomaru bending over the bench, ass out for Hifumi. The older male swallowed thickly before reaching forward to spread the other apart a bit. Nekomaru let out a low, quiet moan at the contact. Yamada grabbed the base of his shaft and lined it up with Nekomaru’s pre-prepped hole before pushing into him. Nekomaru let out a groan, feeling himself stretch a bit around the other.

Yamada was careful, grabbing the other’s toned hips before beginning to thrust. He was slow, careful not to hurt the other, going at a consistent and hesitant pace. Nekomaru groaned,”You need to go faster, and harder.”

Yamada nodded, not realizing Nekomaru couldn’t see him, and he began to push faster and harder like he was told. Nekomaru let out a louder moan, grinding his hips against the other as he felt him thrust inside. Yamada’s own moans swirled with Nidai’s in the air in harmony, the locker room filling with the noises of each other’s pleasure.

Nekomaru gasped out loudly, and Yamada went to show concern but Nekomaru beat him to it. “Do that again,” he said.

Hifumi obeyed yet again, aiming for the same place again. Nekomaru’s breath quickened with each thrust until Yamada felt him clench around him, cum leaking onto the floor out of his cock.

Hifumi groaned at the tightness around him, gripping the other’s hips harder as he sped up, rushing to catch his own orgasm. After only a few more thrusts, he came deep inside of the other, pulling out only moments after.

Both heaved, recovering from their activities, before Nekomaru stood up to begin getting dressed. He grabbed his gym bag and walked over to Hifumi, kissing him on the cheek.

“If you ever want to do that again, just let me know.”

He left without another word, leaving Yamada speechless. But Hifumi was positive that wasn’t going to be the last time he did that.

Chapter Text

Everyone knew Kaito as a chill dude. Confident- to say the very least. He was always helping everyone, encouraging them. He was strong and fearless.

So to say Kokichi was surprised when Kaito forced him to turn off their movie would be an understatement.

“Why do you want it off?” Kokichi said, clicking the button on the tv to send it back to the menu. They had chosen a new horror movie to watch that night, but Kaito seemed jittery ever since it began. They had only gotten forty minutes into the two hour film by now.

“I just don’t like horror movies.”

Kokichi only grew more confused. “But you said yes to watching it-”

“Cause I thought you’d like it, okay?” Kaito said with a click of the tongue,”I thought you’d like it but, I don’t know. They just freak me out…”

Kaito shivered a bit at the thought of the movie and Oma pouted. He didn’t want Kaito to feel forced to enjoy something just for the sake of him enjoying it. Especially if it wasn’t just pretending to enjoy something when he wasn’t. This was more than that. He was uncomfortable.

Kokichi tried to think of a way he could make it up to the others. He thought of making them something nice to eat but they had just had dinner and dessert. It seemed like the mood was too off to turn on a different movie and he didn’t want to just go to bed with the other. So Kokichi thought of something else.

Leaning in, a smirk painting over his face and a low voice coming out to play, he whispered,”Let me make it up to you…”

Kaito’s breath caught a bit as one of the pale slender hands reached down to pull down the zipper of his pants. The hand traveled into the pants and the boxers beneath them, pulling out Kaito’s cock. He could feel him hardening up a bit in his palm, but he paid it no mind as he leaned in to kiss the other.

Kaito kissed back shyly, much to Kokichi’s surprise. He was usually so firm with him, but now he still seemed affected by the movie. Kokichi was put into a place of dominance, and Kaito’s hand traveling to hold his waist told him that that’s where he was wanted.

He stroked his cock as they kissed, slowly as he felt the other go from soft to completely hard over the course of just a few minutes. Once he was completely hard, he really got started, moving his hand faster and gripping it a bit tighter. Kaito’s breaths sent chills of lust down Kokichi’s spine. He could feel his hand tightening on his hip, calloused fingertips encouraging him wordlessly.

Kokichi pulled away from the other’s lips, smirking again as he got an even better idea. His hand slowed to a halt as his head traveled down to come face to face with Kaito’s cock. It was already leaking pre-cum, dripping onto his jeans. Oma licked his lips before leaning forward, tongue tracing the other’s slit. Kaito let out a stuttering gasp and bucked his hips, but Kokichi placed a hand on his hip to steady him.

He lowered his head down onto the other’s cock, tasting the salty pre-cum on his tongue. The muscle slid beneath the underside of Momota’s cock until it was deeply nestled in Kokichi’s throat. Kokichi had been here before- and he had no doubt he could deep throat the other no problem.

Kaito’s breath hitched and he moaned as Kokichi began to thrust the cock in and out of his mouth, head bobbing at a consistent pace. He could feel the pre-cum still dripping out of the other as Kaito’s hand reached to grab at his hair. It was only a few more thrusts and hard sucks before Kaito was completely gone, hand full of purple hair.

Cum painted the other’s throat and he moaned around Kaito. He swallowed all of it before pulling off and taking a couple deep breaths. Kaito’s eyes, glossy from lust, met his own.

“Thank you”

Chapter Text

Kaito sat, knees on the bed, completely naked in the dim light of his bedroom. The room was only lit by the moonlight, which showed through the curtains. The cool air touched his skin which was so hot in comparison.

He couldn’t help himself- he had been thinking about this all damn day. He didn’t know why- but today he was just so damn horny, that by the second he was alone in his room, he was pulling out what he needed. A dildo, a bullet vibrator, and some lube. His own hand moved down his chest, brushing over the scars at the sides, down his stomach until finally he reached his crotch, a hand brushing over his clit.

He was already pretty wet, as his fingers slid around his clit, sending jolts of pleasure into his stomach. He let out a soft breath as his fingers trailed down further to tease at his own hole. He played with himself with his fingers alone for a good few minutes, the digits dancing around his skin, the slickness helping out.

After a few minutes of teasing himself, he decided to really get down to business. He picked up the bottle of lubricant, pouring some onto his one hand and closing the bottle before putting it back down and replacing it with the dildo. The dildo was decently sized and thick, textured to feel like a real penis. He applied the lube before bringing it down to his hole to push inside himself.

The stretch made Kaito pant as the length of the dildo pushed inside of him. He whined once it was all the way in. He thrusted it a couple times, enjoying the feeling of it, before realizing he wanted more.

The dildo still inside him, he turned over, laying on his back now. With his other hand, shakily, he grabbed the bullet vibrator and snapped it on. The sound of it’s buzzing filled the room but he paid it no mind while pressing it against his clit.

He cried out at the pleasure, pushing his head now to the side into his pillow. He moaned into it as he held the vibrator still but used his other hand to continue thrusting the cock into himself. He could feel the warmth pooling in his stomach, chasing his orgasm. He thrusted the dildo harder, feeling how good it really felt inside of him. He enjoyed it for the few thrusts he had before he finished, squirting onto the bed.

He stopped thrusting, pulling his hands away as he became overwhelmed by the feeling of his finish. He breathed heavily, guiding himself down from his orgasm before sitting up, preparing to clean up the mess he had made.

Chapter Text

Leon laid on his back, staring up at the ceiling on their bed. Hagakure was still nervous,”Are you sure? I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Leon chuckled and grabbed the other’s hand,”I promise you won’t. You’re not that heavy and we both know the drill. I tap on your thigh three times and you sit up. Now c’mon, I’ll let you know if I’m uncomfortable.”

Hagakure swallowed, mouth a bit dry as he scooted closer. Leon helped guide him so one thigh was on each side of his face, ass hovering over it. It took a bit of encouragement before Hagakure would press down, ass coming to meet Leon’s mouth. The red head stuck his tongue up and out towards the other’s hole, licking over the tight muscles of it.

Hagakure let out a soft moan, feeling the wetness against him. The tongue played around, before finally pressing inside of the darker male. He inhaled sharply at the intrusion, feeling the wet tongue against his walls.

Next thing he knew, tongue still moving inside of him, he felt Leon’s hands come up to squeeze his cheeks. The fingertips massaged him, tongue still thrusting inside of him as though Leon was hungry for it. Hagakure allowed the pleasure to envelop him, knowing how much Leon loved his ass. It made him feel confident, having someone worship him in the way Leon was.

His own hand reached down to grab at his now leaking cock, the cum helping slick himself up as he jerked himself off. Leon moaned beneath him, sending vibration through his ass. Yasuhiro moaned, he himself drawing close to his own finish. His hand sped up, pulling on his cock over and over, drawing to will himself to cum.

It wasn’t long until he finally did, cum shooting out of his cock. Between his own hand, Leon’s on his ass and the tongue in his hole, he was finished, his head feeling fuzzy.

He only gave himself a minute or two to relax before getting off of the other to give him room to breathe. Hagakure sat next to the other, who smiled up at him, leaning over to kiss his hip reassuringly.

Chapter Text

Gonta could not help what came over him when he got home from work. The second he walked in the door he could smell his omega. It certainly didn’t help that they had left the door to their room wide open, therefore letting his fruity scent fall over the house like a thick blanket.

He quickly put down his stuff and shut the front door, traveling into the home. The smell was clearly coming from the room, as Gonta had already established. When he turned into the room, he could see the lump of blankets and pillows and clothes on the bed. Poor Kokichi was so desperate, he was nesting already, whining from the heat enveloping his body.

Gonta pouted, stepping into the room,”Hey, Kokichi…”

The mass in the middle of the mass sat up- his shirt was already off, purple hair scattered messily about his head. He whined, the sweat dripping down his chest and back. He didn’t bother with words, just motioning for Gonta to come closer.

Gonta obeyed, coming towards the nest. He carefully climbed into it, being sure not to disturb the nest Kokichi had clearly taken a lot of effort to build. Kokichi sniffed the air, letting out a groan at the scent of his alpha. The smell of soil was amazing on him, and he wanted it all over him. He ushered Gonta out of his jacket, to which he promptly shoved it into one of the crevices of his nest.

“You poor thing, did Kokichi start his heat right after Gonta left?” Kokichi nodded to which Gonta’s head turned to the side, questioning him,”Why didn’t you call and have Gonta come back home?”

Kokichi shook his head, tears in his eyes. He normally wasn’t this vulnerable but Gonta knew it was because of his heat. “I didn’t wanna bother you. I knew I could wait.”

Gonta pouted again, shaking his head and grabbing his partner’s hand. “Do you want Gonta to help?”

Kokichi let out a strained noise,”God, please .”

Gonta wasted no time unbuttoning his shirt and pants, Kokichi helping him pull them off without disturbing the nest. He threw the clothes to the side, leaving them both in their boxers. Gonta reached forward, looking at Kokichi for the okay before pulling down his briefs. He paid no mind to the eye roll before the nod, pulling the underwear down. He could see the wetness glistening on the back of Kokichi’s thighs and he thought he could even see dried cum on the inside of his leg. He must have finished himself off once a while ago. His poor omega.

Gonta pulled off his own boxers quickly, throwing them to the side. He was hard, ready to take his omega like he had done several times before. It took everything in him not to just pound into him without warning. He was very careful, pushing Kokichi to lay back and spread his legs. His hole was already wide open, slick dripping out of it. He could see Kokichi squirming under his gaze, his thighs shaking a bit.

Gonta traced a thumb over the other’s hole, hearing him cry out beneath him at the little bit of contact. “Did Kokichi use one of the toys while Gonta was gone?”

Kokichi whined in embarrassment but nodded, face bright red,”Yes, Gonta, now please just knot me!”

Gonta smiled,”Well, because Kokichi asked so nicely-”

Gonta used the slick on his fingers to slick up his cock a bit before pressing into Kokichi. Now it was really, really hard to not just fuck him into the matress. The slickness on the inside of him felt so nice against Gonta’s cock, not to mention the heat . Kokichi was so fucking hot .

Kokichi moaned, back arching off the bed as he finally got what he had been waiting for all day. He wanted nothing more than for Gonta to fuck into him. His hands gripped the sheets and he whined when Gotna stopped moving, their hips meeting each other’s.

“Please, Gonta, Please keep going.”

Gonta nodded breathlessly, beginning to thrust. Kokichi cried out, already overwhelmed by the feeling of his massive cock inside of him. Gonta groaned, feeling the pull of his cock inside of his omega. He was so tight around him- it would be unbelievable had Gonta not been in this position with his omega before.

He thrusted into the other, hands reaching down to hold the other’s. Kokichi’s stubborn act was already up, too lost in his heat to play along anymore. He held his hands back, giving into the love of his alpha. He moaned into a kiss, passionately and messily kissing back. He felt like he was falling behind, not able to keep up with Gonta’s fast moving mouth, but he didn’t give a fuck. He was so close. He felt so close.

When Gonta’s mouth pulled away, it dove right back in but this time to Kokichi’s neck, biting down on it, over the past bite mark that was left in his last heat. Kokichi cried out, tears spilling out of his eyes as he finally came, back arching.

Gonta bit down a bit harder as he also finally came, cum leaking into Kokichi’s ass as his knot swole. Kokichi squirmed, breathing heavily as he was stretched even further. He whined and tears spilled out of his eyes even harder, not because he was hurt, but because of how overwhelming the feeling was. The relief felt so good as it swimmed around him.

Gonta was quick to sit Kokichi up on his lap, hearing him gasp a bit as he was pulled up. Gonta was sure to try and make him as comfortable as possible for the waiting period of letting the knot deswell. He stroked kokichi’s hair until he calmed down, being sure to comfort him.

Soon, Kokichi was taking a deep breath and snuggling into his alpha’s chest, rubbing his scent glands against the other protectively. “Thank you, gonta.”

Chapter Text

The second Hajime was home, he was all over Korkeiyo. Kissing him, hands gripping his waist. Korekiyo, sexually educated as he was, didn’t miss a beat bringing him to the bedroom. Once there, they both undressed with haste, wanting each other so bad.

Soon they were in the position they usually found themselves in. Hajime lay on the bed, naked, while Korekiyo watched him. Hajime always felt inspected under the gaze of Korekiyo, but the feeling was so delicious. He shivered as Korkeiyo’s hand slid down his waist, onto his thigh. Hajime begged Korekiyo with his eyes to just touch him.

Korekiyo could feel his eyes and he snickered,”Eager, are we.”

Obviously… Hajime thought. Having sex with Korekiyo was not the time to use his bitchy energy. He wanted Korekiyo to touch him and if he spoke out like that, lord knows Kiyo would tease him forever. Hajime simply nodded, sighing a bit.

Korekiyo leaned down, enveloping Hajime’s half hard cock in his mouth. It was so sudden, Hajime moaned, shivering and bucking his hips a bit. Korekiyo bobbed his head for a moment, sucking, before pulling up again. It was over as soon as it began.

“I bet I could suck the cum out of you like it was nothing. Is that what you want? Or is there something else, baby?” Korekiyo said, hand coming up to trace Hajime’s chest.

Hajime whined, back arching up into the touch. Korekiyo knew how much Hajime liked his chest being touched. For some reason the shorter male was just so sensitive everywhere. Hajime panted, looking up into the yellow eyes,”I want you to fuck me…”

Korekiyo’s lips pulled into a smirk as he leaned down to kiss the other. When he pulled up, he grabbed the lube from the bedside drawer. He poured some onto his fingertips. He warmed it up a bit before spreading one of Hajime’s cheeks to the side. Using one finger he pressed it inside of him. Hajime let out a soft moan, stopping himself from pressing against the finger.

Korekiyo was so painfully slow, making sure Hajime was completely stretched around the first digit before adding a second. Same with the third. Hajime groaned a bit when Korekiyo finally pulled out. Korekiyo took his sweet time kissing one of Hajime’s thighs before rubbing lube onto his own cock. He stood up, leaning over Hajime to kiss him as he lined up.

Hajime placed his hands in Kiyo’s hair as the younger man finally pushed in. Hajime’s head leaned back as he moaned, finally feeling what he had wanted. Korekiyo’s cock stretched him out as the man pressed into him. Korekiyo started thrusting soon after, slowly fucking into the other.

Hajime moaned, the pleasure drawing out of him as Korekiyo fucked his hole. He keened when Korekiyo finally went a little bit faster and harder, a hand reaching down to stroke Hajme’s own cock. Hajime shivered, the pleasure overwhelming him. He already felt so close to his orgasm as Korekiyo barely moved fast enough. Hajime lived for the slow pace though. The idea of Korekiyo wanting to feel every thrust, make each one better than the last. He loved it.

Korekiyo kissed his partner’s neck, drawing his orgasm closer and closer. After a while, Hajime was finally cumming, cum squirting out of his fist and onto both of their chests. Korekiyo chuckled, still thrusting as he leaned down to lick up the mess Hajime had made on himself.

Hajime moaned loudly in response to the feeling of the warm tongue on his chest. He shivered once more when Korekiyo also came, filling him with his seed. Korekiyo kissed him chastity on the lips before pulling out and laying next to him, pulling him into his arms quickly.

Korekiyo kissed his temple, and he smiled,”You felt so good.”

Chapter Text

Shuchi and Rantaro kissed each other, Kaito watching as he came down from his first orgasm. It was only moments ago Rantaro had finished teasing and fingering him. The plan was to finger him open enough to be fucked by his cock, but Rantaro pushed him to his orgasm, refusing to stop until he came. He had looked to Shuichi for support in his side of the argument, but all he received was Shuichi’s mouth on his cock, there to catch the cum.

Once Rantaro noticed Kaito had calmed down a bit, he brought him back over, pulling away from Shuichi. The green haired male smirked, always having some sort of raunchy idea on his mind. He whispered in a low, sensual voice,”Why don’t you get on your hands and knees for me and Shuichi, pretty boy?”

Kaito didn’t need to be asked twice. He nodded eagerly, getting on his hands and knees as he was told. Rantaro smiled, placing a hand on the other’s ass, causing him to shiver,”Now Shuichi…” Rantaro trailed off as though his attention was being imprisoned by Kaito’s body,”Do you wanna take his ass or his mouth?”

Kaito’s breath hitched but he said nothing as Shuichi placed a hand beneath his chin, looking him in the eyes,”I’ll take his mouth.”

Rantaro nodded, seemingly very happy that he got to fuck Kaito’s ass tonight. The two positioned themselves accordingly. Rantaro behind Kaito, already pressing his member into the other. Kaito gritted his teeth a bit as he pushed in, pressing back against the other. Once their hips met and Kaito caught his breath, he looked up at Shuichi. Shuichi tended to be more patient than Rantaro in these kinds of situations and Kaito was happy for that. The blue haired male carefully guided his cock into Kaito’s mouth, filling it up with his shaft. Shuichi let out a small moan when the warmth hit his cock, a hand reaching to hold onto Kaito’s hair.

Simultaneously, they both started thrusting into Kaito from both ends. This feeling was unmatchable in Kaito’s mind, being fucked from both sides by both of his boyfriends. His ass stretched around Rantaro while he tried to suck on Shuichi and take him all down his throat without gagging. Soon they were both speeding up as well, Rantaro even reaching down to stroke Kaito as he thrusted into him harder.

Kaito moaned, feeling his abdomen pool up with warmth, his voice sending waves around Shuichi’s cock. It wasn’t much longer until Kaito was coming for a second time now onto the bed sheets. He clenched around Rantaro as he tried to come down from the orgasm, having had it ripped from his already sensitive body. Rantaro groaned at the newfound tightness and after just a few more thrusts, he too was cumming. His cum leaked out of Kaito as he pulled out.

Shuichi moaned, whining a bit. Kaito knew Shuichi was finding trouble, so he took it upon himself to grab the other’s hips and bob his head faster. His tongue danced along the underside of Shuichi’s cock and soon he too was cumming. Kaito swallowed every drop Shuichi gave him before pulling the detective to lay down with the other two.

The only sound in the room for the next few minutes was just their labored breathing, all three coming down from their sex high. Soon though, Shuichi and Rantaro were snuggling close to Kaito’s sides, kissing his cheeks as they fell asleep in his arms.

Chapter Text

Ishimaru's hands traveled down Leon's sides, caressing his sides. The tan skin beneath his fingertips shivered at the contact but he paid it no mind as he kissed his collarbone. He was gentle with his red headed partner, careful to make sure he didn't go too fast. He was well aware Leon liked it a bit faster, but he couldn't help but enjoy the look on his face as he took his time with the boy.

Taka's hands travelled down Leon's abdomen, sliding into his boxers to toy with his cock. Leon was already so hard and he hadn't even been touched yet. Ishimaru stroked it lazily, lapping at the little kiss marks and hickies on his partner's collarbone.

Leon whined at the contact, hips bucking to try and get more friction,"C'mon, Ishi, just fuck me already."

Kiyotaka chuckled a bit, but did not answer, simply hooking his fingers onto Leon's waistband and pulling down the boxers. His cock sprung out, leaking a bit of precum onto Leon's stomach. Ishimaru leaned over and licked it up as he threw Leon's and his own boxers to the side.

He pulled the lube off of the bedside table, snapping the cap open and pouring some of the liquid onto his fingers. Leon hissed at the cold as Ishimaru gently prodded at his hole, pushing one digit inside of him. Once he was sure he was used to the feeling of one, he added another. He scissored him open, listening to small noises Leon made as he did so. 

Once he was sure he was open enough to take his cock, Ishimaru removed his fingers, slicking up his hard-on with some more lube. The lubricant was a bit cold against his hot flesh, but he paid it no mind, wanting to be inside of his partner more than ever.

With a few strokes, he lined up with Leon's hole. To his surprise, Leon reached up to hold his shoulders as he pressed into him, the red head cursing as he did so. Ishimaru allowed him to get used to the feeling, waiting for his hands to unclench until finally beginning to thrust into him.

He was slow at first, but after a bit of pleading from his partner, he finally sped up. Each thrust hit the inside of Leon, making his vision fog. Leon was so lost in his own pleasure, he hadn't noticed how close he was getting to his orgasm. Thrusting lasted just a few minutes until finally he came, back arching as it poured out of him in sticky ropes. 

Ishimaru lazily sucked a hickey onto his neck before grinding into him a bit harder, chasing his own finish. When he finally did cum, finishing deep inside of the red head, the other let out a soft whine. It was quickly covered by a breathless pair of lips against his own, muffling both of their moans.

Chapter Text

When Sonia had first come to Hajime with the idea, he had let her down, telling her no. A strap on? He thought the idea sounded weird. He understood why a woman may want to wear one, but he couldn't for the life of him imagine one being used on him.


But the longer the idea sat, the closer and closer Hajime got to being interested. He had even eventually looked up some porn on it. Ashamed to admit the idea went straight to his cock. The way the men in the videos got rock hard and high pitched being penetrated for the first time- by their female partner at that.


It was two weeks after Hajime had let her down that he returned to Sonia, asking for another chance to try it. And who was Sonia to let him down now?


It was only a day later when Hajime met her in her cabin.


They had started slow, but to say Hajime wasn't confused at first would've been a lie. He was so used to taking the lead when he was with someone else, that when she was trying to get him to submit, he didn't understand what to do at first. 


"Just let me take care of you," She had said.


And he did.


She kissed his neck and shoulders as she undressed him, undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. The pants and the shirt fell to the side like they were nothing, leaving him bare for her. She only pulled away to pull off her own clothes, leaving on a black bra and what seemed to be a harness without the dildo attached. He swallowed thickly, so distracted he didn't even hear the next question.




"I said, 'may I remove these?'" She replied, fingertips folding over the waistband of his boxers.


He nodded breathlessly, watching as she removed them ever so slowly. His cock was already hard, clearly showing how excited he was. She spared him a few strokes before grabbing the lube from the floor. She poured some onto her fingers, warming it up before using her clean hand to urge him to spread his legs. He did so willingly, swallowing his pride a bit as she pressed a finger into him.


He let out an odd noise, the intrusion being new to him. She was slow though, carefully spreading the lubricant along his walls. He shivered a bit when she added the second finger, but bit his lip to hold back the sounds. Slowly, he was beginning to like the feeling. He could feel the precum leaking out of his cock onto his stomach. 


When she finally deemed him open enough, she pulled away, wiping off her hands and pulling the harness down a bit. He could see from here too that she was wet, the slick glistening on her thighs under the light. His attention was quickly taken away from that too as she grabbed a dildo and put it on, pulling the harness back up.

The sight was lewd, Sonia standing there with her long blonde hair falling behind her, tits resting in her gracefully black bra and a soft purple cock hanging between her legs, but that was nothing in comparison to when she began to stroke it, pouring some lube onto her member.

He didn't even notice when he let a moan out at the sight.

She stepped forward, leaning down next to his ear to whisper,"Why don't you turn over for me, Hajime?"


His breath caught but he did as he was told, turning over. She spread him open with one hand and lined up the silicone with the other, biting her lip as she cautiously pressed inside. 


He gripped the sheets and clenched down, the feeling new to him, and in response she slowed and rubbed his back, telling him to relax.


He nodded into the sheets and after a minute of trying, he was able to finally calm down. Sonia finished pressing inside of him, sighing when their hips met. Hajime felt a tingle run up his spine but paid it no mind, giving Sonia the okay to continue.


She obeyed, holding his hips as she began to thrust into him, starting at a steady pace. He let out a loud moan, trying to hold them back but failing miserably. It was uncomfortable at first, but with each thrust it felt better, the feeling of Sonia's cock inside of him.


Not to mention the friction between his cock and the blankets on the bed, rubbing together. He whined, feeling her hit his prostate, and he cried out, begging her to go faster silently. She got the memo and did exactly that, and soon, he was cumming onto the sheets, ruining her bedspread.


She didn't seem to care though. She simply pulled out and brought over a box of tissues to start cleaning him up with.


He didn't know what truly made him hold him. Back as long as he did, but he was so happy he decided to try.

Chapter Text

Fuyuhiko sighed, frustrated, slamming the front door. Everyone at work was a fucking idiot. They never did anything right and it led him to have to clean up all of their stupid messes.

He ran a hand down his face as he kicked off his shoes. At least he had Teruteru to come home to.

When he found him sitting on the couch, he leaned over the back of it to kiss his cheek. Teruteru smiled happily, looking up at him, only to frown a bit. "Tough day at work?"

Fuyuhiko nodded, there was no point in hiding it. Teruteru knew him too well.

Teruteru gave a gentle smile in return,”Is there anything I can do to help?”

Fuyuhiko nodded, kissing the darker man’s neck,”Let me make you feel good.”

Fuyuhiko was unsure of why, but that’s all he wanted to do. He wanted to feel Teruteru shake beneath him, hands on his chest while he shoved his tongue in and out of him. That’s all he wanted after his long day. And Teruteru- being Teruteru- would never dare refuse a chance to be that intimate with his boyfriend.

The shorter male nodded, Fuyuhiko hopping over the back of the couch, practically being pulled by Teruteru. He started to pull off the blond’s shirt, eager to touch him, but Fuyuhiko quickly shook his head. His hands reached forward to undo his partner’s clothes,”It’s all you tonight, Teruteru. Just let me do the work.”

The chef thought he should insist on helping, but this was what Fuyuhiko wanted. So he sat back and watched as Fuyuhiko unzipped his hoodie, hand grazing over his chest. He hadn’t thought to bind after coming home and being alone most of the day. So Fuyuhiko was free to grab at his chest and play with him. Teruteru groaned a bit, the couple keeping eye contact as Fuyuhiko leaned forward to suck on one of his nipples. As he sucked, a lanky hand slipped into his boxers, a finger sliding between his lips.

Teruteru let out a low moan as he felt Fuyuhiko slide inside of him, thumb rubbing against his clit. Fuyuhiko and he stayed like that for a while, the yakuza just listening to his partner moan for him. It was only when Fuyuhiko pulled the boxers down did he pull away. Once the boxers were thrown to the side, Fuyuhiko was sinking down off the couch, down between Teruteru’s thighs. His fingers made his way back into his hole, tongue now sliding in beside it, only to lick upwards and suck on his clit every few strokes.

Teruteru groaned, Fuyuhiko speeding up a bit and hitting Teruteru everywhere he wanted to be touched. He was so close already, but it was no surprise to him. Fuyuhiko knew exactly how to get Teruteru off with his talented mouth and experienced hands. Teruteru’s breath became heavy and labored, drawing closer and closer to his finish. He could feel the warmth pooling in his stomach until finally his face flushed hotter as he came.

He whined as Fuyuhiko licked away the mess. When he was done, he pulled back up and kissed the other, their lips meeting. Teruteru could taste himself fresh on Fuyuhiko’s lips and tongue, but he didn’t care. Everything in that moment was about Fuyuhiko.

When he pulled away, Fuyuhiko only laid next to the other, kissing his cheek,”Thank you. For being an amazing pillow prince.”

Hanamura huffed,”I am not a pillow prince.”

Fuyuhiko chuckled, brushing him off,”Prove it.”

Teruteru smirked. Fuyuhiko had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

Chapter Text

Ishimaru swallowed thickly around the collar as it was clipped onto him. He wasn’t sure anymore if this feeling made him nervous or excited- but he supposed those two feelings were fairly similar either way. He had found him in this position, time and time again. Submitting to Byakuya Togami.

The blond walked from where he was behind the moral compass to the front now, looking down at him sternly. Taka could feel his stomach turn a bit and flutter under Togami’s gaze. The blond paid no mind to the other’s nerves, knowing this was just how he got when submitting to him. He simply grabbed the leash off of his bed and clipped it  onto Ishimaru.

“Are you ready to bend to my will tonight, Ishimaru?”

Ishimaru swallowed but nodded, hands clasping and unclasping around themselves. Togami tsked,”Use your words.”

Ishimaru breathed in a sharp breath, looking up at the other. They made eye contact as he spoke,”Yes, sir.”

Togami smiled,”Good.”

Ishimaru whimpered a bit as Togami walked to sit on the bed, pulling him over to him with the leash. The tug on his neck was gentle, until Togami decided he was going too slow. He yanked him forward and Ishimaru felt heat pool on his face as he practically fell face first into the blond’s lap. The humiliation layed itself down thick over him, but it wasn’t bad. It went straight to his cock- the feeling of Togami’s eyes on him as he watched him crawl around on the floor like an animal.

Togami looked at him expectantly, motioning to his zipper. “Get to work.”

Ishimaru swallowed and nodded, hands reaching up to unzip Togami’s pants. His hands shook a bit as he dragged the cloth down by the waistbands, pulling the boxers with them. Togami’s cock was already hard, standing up. Ishimaru licked his lips, tentatively moving a hand forward to stroke up his shaft. He did so a couple times, watching carefully for any reaction. He could tell Togami was hiding his excitement beneath his stern exterior.

Ishimaru really had to get to work though. He leaned forward, tongue out to lick at the head of his cock. He could hear Togami take a deep breath in response but he paid it no mind, simply pressing on. He wrapped his lips around the head, pushing his head down in order to take him in his mouth. With his cheeks hollowed, he could feel Togami filling his mouth, the taste of him on his tongue.

He was unmoving at first, looking up at his partner with a mouth full of cock. His red irises shook Togami as they stared up at him through the black lashes. Togami, careful to try and keep his cool, lifted a hand up to brush through the short hair. At the same time, with his opposing hand, his fingers tightened around the leash.

Taka gasped at the new tightness, and he saw it as his chance to continue. His head bobbed up and down, Togami’s hands still in his hair as he sucked him off. He could already taste precum leaking onto his tongue. A tentative hand reached up to caress one of Togami’s thighs, his head pushing further, trying to take all of Togami’s length at once.

Togami’s breathing became more and more labored, becoming apparent he was drawing close to his finish. Ishimaru could feel drool pooling beneath his lips, his mouth too full to swallow. When he was sure Togami was about to finish, he pulled off, quickly replacing his mouth with his stroking hand. The blond let out a soft,”Fuck-” as he came, the white substance pouring onto Ishimaru’s cheeks and lips.

Taka could feel his cheeks flush hot again- the idea of how lewd he looked right now hot in his head. The cum on his lips and drool on his chin, looking up at Togami. It was a sight to behold.

Togami took a minute to catch his breath before chuckling and leaning forward to pull Ishi closer to him by his collar. His chuckle bounced off the walls, maniacal,”Oh I am going to have so much fun with you tonight.” He drew closer, lips less than an inch apart,”As always.”

Chapter Text

Kokichi whimpered at the feeling of Rantaro’s delicate fingers working inside of him. He was already two fingers in and about to add a third. Kokichi’s hands grasped Shuichi’s shoulders as he felt the digits stretch him out even further. Shuichi kissed his face, trying to ground him as he could see the other getting weaker at the knees due to the pleasure. A shiver ran up his spine when the fingers finally pulled out of him.

He could hear the pop of the lube bottle opening again as Rantaro moaned a bit, stroking some of the cool gel onto his hot member.  Kokichi was dragged away from Shuichi, as he was brought towards the other. He was guided onto the cock carefully, hissing a bit as he was stretched further. Rantaro placed a supportive hand on the other’s hip, looking up at him concerned,”Are you alright?”

Kokichi was quick to nod, looking back at the other,”Yeah- Just sensitive.”

Rantaro Chuckled warmly,”I tried to prep you-”

Kokichi rolled his eyes at the comment and simply continued to sink down on the cock. By the time their hips met, he was already a mess, hands intertwining with Rantaro’s as he began to ride him.

He was slow at first- careful to give himself the time to adjust. Once he was prepared to, he moved faster- feeling Rantaro brush along every spot inside of him. He whined a bit, head leaning back to rest on the other’s shoulder as Rantaro began to thrust into him. His own moans filled the room as he fucked into his smaller partner.

Kokichi only opened his eyes to look up at Shuichi, who was practically drooling at the sight of the other two. Kokichi huffed a bit,”You gonna join in, Saihara-chan, or are you just gonna watch?”

Shuichi seemed to shake himself out of his trance, apologizing a bit as he moved closer to the other. Shuichi placed a hand on each of Kokichi’s knees, spreading his legs further for Rantaro. Kokichi let out another whine, feeling Rantaro fuck into him even deeper. Shuichi leaned forward to kiss the other, tongue sliding into his mouth.

When Shuichi finally pulled away, his head traveled downwards towards his cock. Kokichi gasped when he felt his warm tongue on him- his mouth surrounding him. He bobbed his head in time with Rantaro’s thrusts and Kokichi could feel him losing himself more and more. He was so close, he was sure Shuichi could taste it.

Rantaro’s breath was hot against his ear as he rammed into him even harder, and just like that, Kokichi was seeing white. He came, hard, in Shuichi’s mouth with zero warning, causing it to come out his nose. Shuichi sniffed and sputtered a bit, pulling off of him and grabbing a tissue from the bedside table. Kokichi gasped for air, crying out even harder when Rantaro came inside of him. As they both came down from their orgasms, Rantaro looked over at his other partner.

He was quick to move, gently pulling out of Kokichi and kissing his forehead. He shuffled to the side of the bed where Shuichi was desperately trying to get himself off with his own hands. “Here,” rantaro said calmly, pulling the other’s hand away from his crotch,”Let me.”

Shuichi nodded and Rantaro’s hand replaced his own. He was slower, more gentle with him than he was with Kokichi, but that’s because that’s how the detective liked it. He was careful as he dragged his thumb over the head of Shuichi’s cock, his lips kissing down his neck as the other moaned quietly against him. It wasn’t too long until Shuichi himself was cumming into Rantaro’s fist, the green haired man continuing to stroke him through his orgasm.

Rantaro hastily licked his hand clean before grabbing a few tissues and helping them all clean up. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for now, as all Rantaro and quite frankly his two partner’s as well wanted to do was lay next to each other.

Rantaro laid in the center, Shuichi on one side of him and Kokichi groggily crawling onto his other side. He kissed both of their temples before looking over at Shuichi and frowning a bit,”I’m sorry you tried to get yourself off at first. I got really lost back there.”

The detective smiled warmly and shrugged,”It’s okay- I didn’t mind. You’ll just have to fuck me first next time.”

Chapter Text

Hajime moaned into Nagito’s mouth, hand’s traveling up his pale, bare chest. Nagito moaned as well, hand still stroking his boyfriend’s cock. Hajime shivered a bit at the loss when he pulled away to grab the bottle of lube off the table next to the couch. He went to hand it to Hajime, who simply shook his head and pushed it back. Nagito shot him a confused look but Hajime was quick to kiss him, hands being placing themselves on his shoulders.

“I want you to be on top tonight.”

Nagito’s face flashed with surprise before he eagerly nodded. Hajime couldn’t help but chuckle at his joy. Usually Nagito preferred bottoming, so they didn’t switch often. They had only done this a few times before and it was always a treat.

Nagito carefully poured some lubricant on those long fingers of his, warming it up before sitting back so Hajime could spread his legs further for him. Nagito was gentle as ever, carefully pressing one finger into the other. His opposing hand was resting on Hajime’s hip, holding him in place.

Hajime moaned a bit at the intrusion but urged his partner to add another finger, to which he obliged. Hajime tried to relax as he felt the two fingers stretch him out, the digits rubbing the lubricant along his walls and preparing him for Nagito’s cock. Sometimes this was exactly what he needed, to be taken out of control for just a minute. And Nagito never had a problem granting that wish.

Once Hajime had been stretched out, Nagito pulled away to lube up his own cock and line up. Nagito wiped his hand off on his shirt he had discarded earlier, moving to hold Hajime’s hand. Hajime held it, fingers squeezing him as he felt Nagito push in. He groaned once their hips were flushed next to each other. Nagito kissed his face as he waited for the okay to continue, and once it was given to him, he began to move.

His thrusts started slow at first, careful with each push inside of his partner. Hajime let out soft moans, leaning upwards to kiss at Nagito’s neck. As time passed, Nagito’s thrusts got faster and harder, fucking into him.

Hajime let out a strained moan, feeling a heat pool in his stomach. He was so unbelievably close, he could feel his chest and face growing hotter as blush painted them. Soon,  he was cumming, the white painting his tan skin beneath Nagito’s hold. He breathed heavily, panting as Nagito continued to fuck into him. The albino buried his head into Hajime’s neck as he finally came, pulling out and finishing on the other’s leg.

They both took a minute to try and relax, breathing the same air from how close they were to one another. They smiled at each other warmly before Hajime chuckled,”We made a bit of a mess.”

Nagito nodded, leaning in to kiss the other sweetly,”It’s okay, let’s go take a shower.”

Chapter Text

Kokichi and Hajime were slow as they started, their hands traveling all over each other’s skin. The fingertips undid shirt buttons and pant zippers as they moved forward, closer to each other. Their lips danced over one another, their tongues tangling as they touched each other. They were so lost in the moment, they barely realized how hard each other was getting from just making out.

Kokichi smirked, hand reaching down to delicately grasp at Hajime’s member,”You’re so excited to see me, Hajime….”

Hajime hummed a bit, the feeling of kokichi’s fingers so good, he nodded, kissing the purple haired man’s neck again. “Yes. And you seem quite excited yourself, Oma.”

Oma let out a breathless laugh, nodding. They continued to explore each other, kissing one another’s chests and stomachs. Kokichi toyed with Hajime’s nipples as the tan man caressed his partner’s thighs.

Soon into their exploration, Hajime gripped both of their cocks in one hand.

Kokichi let out a stuttering gasp, looking at Hajime’s face. Hajime just smiled, leaning in to kiss the other as he began to stroke. Kokichi let out a soft moan into the kiss, the grip of Hajime’s hand so tight around both of them. He shivered a bit when he sped up, the feeling overwhelming him even as he continued to caress and kiss his boyfriend.

Hajime pulled away after a while, and Kokichi was about to pout and complain, until he turned back around with a bottle of lube. He poured some onto his fingers and began again. The motion was so much more slick and smooth, making Kokichi feel even more sensitive. He felt so close to Hajime right then, pre-cum began to leak from his aching cock. Soon, he was cumming, squirting his seed onto Hajime’s hand.

Hajime stroked a few more times before pulling away and smiling. Breathlessly, Kokichi looked up at the other, confused. “You didn’t finish.”

Hajime shook his head,”Yeah but you did, so it’s okay.”

Kokichi rolled his eyes, of course Hajime would even be selfless here,”Shut up. Let me help you.”

He pushed Hajime to one side of the couch, making him lay down so Kokichi could lay between his legs. He gave him a couple strokes before wrapping his mouth around Hajime’s cock. The older man shivered as the warmth enveloped him. Kokichi could taste the residue of lube still on the other but he paid it no mind as he began to suck and bob his head.

Hajime moaned loudly, hand coming up to cover his mouth. He was already so close before but now with Kokichi sucking him off, his cock being enveloped by the heat, he felt as though he could finish as soon as he began. Kokichi’s hands grabbed at Hajime’s beautiful thighs as he sucked him off, careful with the other as he went along.

Soon enough, he was cumming, back arching as Kokichi swallowed every drop. Hajime shuddered when Kokichi released him, a popping noise sounding as he pulled off. He laid down on Hajime’s chest, smiling warmly as he licked his lips. “It was stupid of you to think I wouldn’t let you cum.”

Chapter Text

Gonta's hands traveled slowly down Kokichi's sides. The tan skin against his pale flesh was a sight to behold. Gonta's fingers curled over every bit of exposed skin he could reach as he touched his partner with the utmost care.

Kokichi, however, was impatient as always. He whined, back arching up as he tried to get Gonta to touch him more,"Come on, just touch me already..."

"Gonta is touching you," the bigger man said in a low voice, red eyes peering through Kokichi. Gonta continued to play innocently, cocking his head to the side as he asked,"Where do you want Gonta to touch you..?"

Kokichi flushed red,"You know where, idiot-"

Gonta smirked despite the insult, teasing the other,"Yes but Gonta wants Kokichi to tell me where."

Kokichi pouted a bit, throwing his head back in frustration before he swung back up. Hesitantly, he moved Gonta's hand to his waist, where the waistband of his boxers lay. He looked up at him, hoping he would just comply, and luckily enough, he did. His fingers curled around the fabric, pulling them down past his knees and ankles and throwing them onto the floor. Kokichi shivered a bit at the cold air, but his attention was quickly grabbed away by Gonta who already had a hand on his member.

Gonta’s hand stroked Kokichi, feeling him get harder in his hand as he did so. Gonta watched as Kokichi’s face turned a new shade of red, his little moans pushing past his lips as the younger’s hand worked. After a few minutes, Gonta released him, moving away to grab the lubricant off the bedside table. Kissing his partner, he poured some of the cool liquid onto his fingers, warming it up a bit before moving to slowly press a finger into the other.

Gonta’s finger pressed into Kokichi slowly. He was aware of how sensitive Kokichi could be at times and he was also aware of how big his hands were in comparison to Kokichi. The purple haired man moaned out, hands gripping Gonta’s shoulders as he pressed on, until he was finally knuckle deep. Gonta gave Kokichi a minute to get used to the feeling before beginning to thrust his hand in and out of his partner. Once his little gasps turned into louder moans, he added another finger, stretching him out and preparing him.

Once Gonta decided that Kokichi was stretched out enough and ready to take him, he pulled out his fingers. Wiping them off and aiming to grab the lube again, Kokichi beat him. The bottle of lube in his hand, he poured some into his own hand, reaching forward to grab Gonta’s cock. He stroked it slowly, applying the lube. Gonta let out a soft moan, leaning forward to kiss Kokichi as he jerked him off. 

Kokichi let out a chuckle at the pleased face Gonta was making. “You look so hot, Gonta. Why don’t you fuck me already-?”

Gonta whined and nodded, pushing Kokichi down onto the bed. Kokichi allowed him to, pulling his hand away so Gonta could guide himself into him. Gonta lined up with Kokichi’s hole before pressing into him. Kokichi moaned, back arching as Gonta stretched him further. Gonta moaned at the tightness and warmth but continued to press into him until their hips met.

He held still, sure to give Kokichi a minute. He connected their lips and could already tell Kokichi was losing himself to the pleasure by how he was slower than usual, almost as though his movements were being slurred together. Once Gonta was sure he was ready, he began to move.

His thrusts started slow, fucking up and into Kokichi, until he picked up the pace, going faster. Kokichi cried out, hands gripping the sheets and Gonta gripped his hips. Gonta himself moaned, feeling Kokichi clench around him. Soon, Kokichi let out a loud gasp, making it clear to Gonta he had hit his prostate. Gonta aimed for that place, over and over, thrusting harder until finally Kokichi cried out, tears spilling down his cheeks as he came.

His stomach painted white with his own cum, Gonta leaned down to kiss him again as he continued to fuck him faster and faster, chasing his own finish. Kokichi’s sensitive noises sounds around the room, becoming more and more desperate until finally Gonta came deep inside of him. They both sat there for a minute, coming down from their highs and catching their breath. Gonta pulled out, cum leaking onto Kokichi’s legs as he did.

Kokichi groaned, trying to pull Gonta down to the bed with him. Gonta let out a small laugh and obeyed, laying down next to his partner. He moved over and laid a kiss on his cheek, humming a small,”Gonta loves you.”

Kokichi hummed back, too tired and drained to speak. Soon, they were both asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

To say Miu didn't like the hand gripping her hair, making her scalp ache- that she didn't like the blunt nails scratching up her thighs- that would be a white lie. Plain and simple.

The feeling of the man's hands in her blonde locks, teeth clicking against her own as they desperately fought each other of dominance. The hands grabbing her thighs and pushing her down on the bed. All of it drove her absolutely crazy. She couldn't stop the moans that poured out of her mouth, loud and dripping off her lips like warm honey.

"Do you ever shut the fuck up, you stupid cunt-?"

It was weird hearing his voice say something so vile and disgusting. But this was their game. And, God, did she fucking love it.

"Not when you're touching me like that, idiot."

He huffed against her. Leaning down to bite at her neck. She groaned at the feeling of his sharp teeth against her skin. She was so focused on his mouth against her, she didn't even realize he had pulled out a bottle of lube and was pouring the liquid onto his fingers. The digits reached down to stroke between her lips and she let out a gasp.

Kaito chuckled, a deep voice reaching her ears,"You're so wet already and I've barely even touched you. You really are a slut."

She whined, feeling as two fingers slid inside of her with quick succession. They curled and pressed against her walls, making her moan out more and more. "Cant you just shut up and fuck me already-? Or are you really that fuckin useless?"

He growled, sitting up and opening one of the condoms on her table and opening it. He slid it onto his hard member, giving himself a stroke or two before pressing inside of her. His clean hand reached up to pull at her hair as he pressed in, causing her to cry out.

"Miu, tell me, if I'm useless, what the fuck are you-?"

She groaned, feeling him thrust in and out of her, already going rough and hard. Every thrust felt like a blow, but it didn't matter, because his girth was pressing against her walls in all the right ways. Her head would be thrown back if it weren't for his firm hand in her hair and his teeth on her neck.

He went faster and faster, fucking into her like his life depended on it. She was practically screaming beneath him, one of her hands reaching down to stroke her clit in an attempt to bring herself close to her own orgasm. But it was too late, before she knew it he was groaning and cumming.

His hand released her hair and he moved to pull out but she slapped his bicep, anger seeping into her feature. "No! That's not fucking fair. I didn't finish!"
"You're telling me you don't have any toys in this room of yours-? You-?"

Her face went red with anger and humiliation. Fuck that. He did not get to use her like a god damned toy and then not even help her finish herself off. That was horse shit.

Her hands pushed him down onto the bed, switching their positions. He protested a bit but didn't stop her as she planted her knees into the sheets and began to ride him. His confused eyes looked up at her and he held back a soft moan as she spoke,"if you think I'm gonna finish myself off after all that youre dead fucking wrong."

Her hips moved up and down, the girl grinding down onto his cock, hard. Her knees already felt tired and sore but she didn't give a shit. This was what she wanted and as long as Kaito wasnt stopping her she didnt give a fuck.

With each grind of her hips he let out a groan, holding her hips as she went to try and support her. His mouth opened and he started to talk.

"You're doing so good miu..." He said, breath dancing through his words,"Cum for me, doll, I know you've got it in you..."

She whined. She may have lived their game but when he started praising her it really drove her mad. It didn't take her long until finally she was cumming, moaning out as she squirted against him.

In the midst of her high, he helped her pull off and lie in bed next to him. He kissed her temple and scooted closer to sleep next to her, pulling the condom off and throwing it into the garbage. She watched as she did this, rolling her eyes. "You're such an asshole. I can't believe you told me to pull out one of my toys."

"Oh..." he smirked,"So you do have toys..."

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Kokichi just could not help himself today when he got home. He wasn't sure why, but today was just one of those days he got home and was so super horny, it was all he could think about. So once he got back to his and Kaito's shared apartment, he was on the bed, clothes thrown to the side, lube on his fingers as he stroked his slit.

He lazily toyed with his clit as two of his own digits slid and out of him, soft moans coming out and bouncing off the walls. He knew he could have waited for Kaito, but he was just too damn eager to get started on himself.

Once he had decided he was ready, he pulled out his fingers and poured lube onto them again, this time picking his toy up from beside him on the bed. He had pulled it out when he first got home. It was simple, about 6 inches and purple, a little thin than his boyfriend's, but still satisfying enough. He stroked the toy, carefully coating it in the substance, before pressing it against his hole. A hand reached up to cover his mouth before he pressed the toy in, shivering a bit at the coldness of it. He felt as the toy filled him up, waiting a moment before starting to thrust it in and out of himself.

But he was rudely interrupted by the clamoring of something outside the door.

Sitting straight up, pulling a blanket over himself partially, and looking over, he rolled his eyes. “Kaito, it’s rude to watch.”

He heard a soft curse come from the other purple haired man as he looked over, opening the door wider. “Kokichi, youd just looked really fucking good doing that.”

Kokichi chuckled and smirked,”Well, I think it’ll look better if you come help me.”

Kaito licked his lips but he nodded, taking off his jacket and tossing it to the floor. He climbed onto the bed in front of the shorter male, pulling the blanket off of him. The toy was still mostly inside of Kokichi and he grimaced at the seemingly unflattering position he felt he was in. Kaito had a different opinion though, leaning in to kiss his partner and he grabbed the base of the toy.

Their tongues and lips swarmed each other as Kaito began to move the toy in and out of Kokichi once more. Kokichi let out a strained moan, hands reaching up to grab at kaito’s shoulders as he moved. Kaito’s lips pulled away to move down the other’s neck, sucking and leaving small marks as he went.

Kokichi shivered with pleasure as Kaito went a bit faster, moaning out loudly. “Fuck, Kaito- “

Kaito hummed a bit in approval and moved away once more. He continued to thrust the toy as his face was guided between Kokichi’s legs to lick and suck at his clitorus. Kokichi let out a whine, squirming a bit beneath the other. He was just so fucking close.  He could feel the warmth pooling in his stomach, hot as fire until finally he came, his juices squirting onto his lover’s face.

Kaito didn’t mind though, simply licking his lips and using a hand to wipe himself off, leaning in once more to kiss Kokichi. The other kissed back hesitantly, thanking the other as he pulled the toy out of him.

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Nidai's hands traveled down her abs and chest, touching her everywhere, fingers caressing her like she was made of glass and silk. Her skin so soft beneath his calloused fingers. She could feel as they guided towards the clasp of her bra, undoing it and pulling the cloth off of her breasts.

His hot mouth made a noise, which sounded so far away from her and her fogged up brain. His warm tongue and teeth inched closer to toy with her nipples. Those hard hands squeezing them and touching them, admiring the softness of her flesh.

She was loving the attention, swimming in it. But she wanted more. Needed it.

She let out a simple, breathless,"Please."

That was all he needed to hear.

His hands were down her panties, fingers sliding between her lips to stroke at her sex. He could feel the wetness pooling in her underwear, showing how truly desperate she was for this. She whined when he pulled away. His face slid down her abdomen, teeth grabbing onto the top of the cloth of her underwear to pull them down, past her knees and ankles. They were tossed to the side as he placed a hand on each of her knees, spreading her legs, forcing her to be seen in the most vulnerable of places.

He could see the red painting over her cheeks, darkening her skin even more as she felt his eyes on her. A hand trailed up her thigh, towards her cunt once more, this time a finger dipping inside of her. She moaned and shivered, his fingers huge in comparison to her own. They thrusted in and out of her dripping cunt, eager to please her, until he finally leaned down further, face between her thighs.

His tongue slid out from between his lips and pressed against her clit. He was barely on her before her back was arching, a moan pouring from her lungs. She shivered as she felt his tongue circle her and his fingers began to move again. The hard calloused pads of them against her walls and the feeling of his tongue. He could feel the warmth on his tongue, she was still so damn wet.

His hand that was on her knee moved up towards her stomach, adding a bit of pressure to it. And with that, she gasped, g-spot suddenly being stimulated even more between both his hands. She squirmed beneath him but he was stronger, determined to bring her to a finish no matter how sensitive she got.
Lucky for them though, she was already coming, crying out as her hair sprawled against the bed, dancing around her shoulders. He fingered her until she was done, letting her ride out her orgasm, simply watching as her beautiful figure, covered in sweat, came to a slow halt from her high.

She was beautiful.

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Ishimaru was so sexually frustrated right now.

But he didn't think of that as a bad thing in this moment.

He sat in his chair, as collected as possible, hand stroking up and down his rock hard cock. The best part-? He was watching as his two partners made love on the bed.

Mondo was on his hands and knees, groaning as Leon fucked into him. His thrusts were fast and calculated, making sure he was hitting his prostate with each thrust. Mondos moans and cries were loud, surrounding them all. He was so damn close to cumming, but Leon wouldn't let him. Hand clasped around his base, keeping him from his finish.

And god was it a sight to behold.

"Please," Mondo begged,"Please Leon don't be a dick."

Leon simply chuckled in response,"Don't be rude, Mondo." A hand reached up and tangled itself in Mondo's locks. He pulled his head up, forcing him to look right at Ishimaru. The brown eyes met the red ones as Leon spoke again,"You're not allowed to cum until Taka does. It's only polite."

Ishimaru felt the faint guilt drip into his chest as Mondo's eyes begged him for a release. Ishimaru shook his head, continuing to stroke,"Leon, I-I don't think I could cum like this..."

Mondo let out a groan but Leon paid him no mind,"Yeah you can, Taka. You can do it by yourself, I promise."

Ishimaru let out a whine, squeezing himself a bit harder, trying to give himself more friction. Leon spoke up once more,"Just pretend it's me or Mondo, baby."
He huffed but shut his eyes and tried his best to, jerking himself off faster. He could imagine the feeling of Leon's thin fingers around his cock- even imagine the feeling of Mondo touching his hole.

As Ishimaru tried to drag himself to his finish, Leon continued to fuck into Mondi. Mondo's face was bright red, practically drooling on the bed as he struggled to hold himself back. His moans were the music of the room.

Soon, Ishimaru squirmed a bit in his seat, causing Leon and Mondo's attention to pin onto him. A couple more strokes and Ishimaru was cumming, back arching as he finished.

The hand on Mondo's base changed from squeezing his cock to jerking him off. Mondo didn't even need a second before he was spilling into Leon's hand, moaning as he did so. Leon grinded into him harder, chasing his own finish. A couple rough thrusts and he was cumming deep inside his partner, practically collapsing over the larger man.

Their breathing harmonized as they all tried to catch their breaths. Taka was quick to bring himself to the bed, cuddling up next to his two partners for the night.

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Shuichi came home from the department, tired as ever. He just wanted to curl up next to his boyfriend, and maybe watch some Tv. 

It was clear though, upon entering their shared bedroom, that Kaito had different plans. Cause there he was, clad in a black lingerie set, the thin fabric wrapping around his bulge, it sliding between his cheeks and laying over his chest. 

Shuichi licked his lips, mouth suddenly dry as he looked over to the other,"Wow, Kaito."

Kaito's face flushed upon hearing his name, looking down at the floor. It was only when Shuichi came up to him, warm, slim fingers running down his chest, did he ask,"Do you like it-?"

Shuichi practically purred, hands sliding down his sides and grasping his hips,"More than I could express..."

Kaito shivered, but guided Shuichi to the bed, where he laid back on it, giving himself to the shorter man. Shuichi was gentle as he leaned down, kissing down his abs and chest. His careful fingers pulled the lingerie to the side, running over his hole. Kaito let out a soft, choked noise before reaching over to their table, grabbing the lube to hand to his partner.

Shuichi thanked him with a kiss, pouring some onto the tips of his fingers before pressing two of them into his boyfriend. Kaito shivered and squirmed a bit but allowed Shuichi to work at opening him up. After he was sure he was ready, he added a third, making sure he was completely ready to take his length.

His hands pulled away to slick up his cock, being sure he was completely covered before lining up with Kaito’s entrance and pushing forward. The muscular man groaned a bit at the feeling, but when Shuichi went to stop, he shook his head, urging him to continue. Once their hips met, Shuichi gave them both a minute to catch their breaths before he began to thrust.

Kaito moaned loudly, cock moving in and out of him. This was his favorite place to be, under Shuichi, letting him do whatever he wanted. Shuichi’s thrusts grinded against his walls, brushing against his prostate as he moved. Shuichi’s own moans sounded around them as his hand gripped Kaito’s hip.

One of his hands reached up to grab Kaito’s dick, stroking it as he continued to thrust. Kaito shivered and moaned, louder now, as precum spilled out of him,”Fuck, Shuichi-”

Shuichi thrusted harder, feeling close himself. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he leaned down to connect his and Kaito’s lips. Soon, cum spilled into Shuichi’s hand and Kaito moaned into the kiss. The clench around him was so much, Shuichi came just seconds after his partner, cum filling the other. 

They pulled away, coming down from their orgasms as Shuichi pulled out, laying next to the other. He relaxed on the bed, resting his head on Kaito’s chest. “What made you wanna try lingerie-?” Shuichi chuckled.

Kaito laughed to himself,”Well, I don’t know. I ordered it a while ago and it finally came today, so I wanted to surprise you.

Shuichi hummed, smiling,”Thank you.”

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Hajime tossed and turned, huffing a bit. He had always been a bit of an insomniac, so there were certain nights when he couldn’t sleep. He assumed this was one of them.

He stilled a bit as he felt his partner move, not wanting to disturb him. He knew Nekomaru probably just wanted to sleep, so he shut his eyes, and pretended he was sound asleep.

Nekomaru wasn’t stupid though. He knew his boyfriend.

“I know you’re awake, Hajime.”

Hajime sighed and turned over to look at the other, their eyes meeting. Nekomaru smiled sympathetically,”Can’t sleep again-?”

Hajime shook his head. Nekomaru nodded, smirking a bit,”Are you in the mood to maybe… do something that would tire you out a bit more-?”

Hajime perked up a bit and he smirked, nodding and laying back. Nekomaru got up and grabbed a bottle of lube, joining his partner back on the bed. He pushed his t-shirt up a bit to kiss at his abdomen as he pulled down his pajama bottoms. Hajime’s cock was already half hard, and Nekomaru’s hand wrapping around it only made it stiffer.

He gave him a few long strokes, drawing a few soft moans out of the brunette. He continued to kiss and nibble at his abs and stomach, calloused fingers brushing over them as he pulled his hand away from his cock. Nekomaru picked up the lube and Hajime sat up, ready to prep the other, but Nekomaru pushed him back down. “Not tonight,” He spoke calmly,”Let me do the work.”

Hajime nodded, head fogging a bit at the sound of the other’s voice. He loved when he spoke low like that, it being so different from his normal, loud tone. He watched as Nekomaru poured lube onto his fingers, reaching back to press one into himself. He moaned as the large digit entered him, thrusting it a few times before adding the second. He scissored them and stretched himself more and more, until he finally deemed himself prepared enough.

Groaning as he pulled out the digits, he reached for Hajime’s cock, giving it a couple strokes. The brunette let out a pleased sigh, fighting off the urge to buck his hips into Nekomaru’s hand. Their lips connected as Nekomaru scooted into place, pulling away for a moment to lower himself on Hajime’s cock. Nekomaru shivered at the feeling of being penetrated, but he paid it no mind, making sure to lower himself all the way until he was practically sitting on his boyfriend’s lap. 

He gave them both a moment before he started to ride Hajime, hips grinding down onto his dick, fucking himself thoroughly. Hajime’s hands reached towards Nekomaru, one on his hips and the other on the back of his neck. He guided his head closer so they could kiss, Hajime rolling his hips with each of Nekomaru’s thrusts. Their tongues tangled together as the fucked, Hajime’s free hand completely loving every single inch of his partner’s skin. His hand trailed from Nekomaru’s hips to his sharp abs, until finally he reached his cock. Hajime’s hand wrapped around the other, giving him a couple strokes. Nekomaru moaned against his neck, fucking down onto him harder. It was clear he was getting close, and Hajime’s thumb trailing over the head of his cock was not helping him hold back. 

Hajime himself was getting close too, the feeling of Nekomaru clenching around his cock, the warmth that enveloped him. A couple more strokes and Nekomaru let out a whine, cumming over Hajime’s stomach. Hajime continued to stroke him through his orgasm, feeling his own inch closer as Nekomaru tightened around him and continued to ride him. Soon, Hajime was groaning as he came deep inside his partner. He felt as the warmth of his orgasm washed over him in a wave.

He watched as Nekomaru pulled off of him and laid back down beside him, the same place he had been before they started. They both sat, catching their breaths for a second before Hajime let out a breathless,”Thank you… For that.”

Nekomaru chuckled heartily, smiling and looking over,”Did it tire you out at all-?”

Hajime nodded, inching closer to the other and burying his head in Nekomaru’s neck, “Yeah, it did. Thank you.”

Nekomaru kissed his sleepy boyfriend’s forehead,”Anything for you.”

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Celeste shivered, her hands being tied to the bedpost by her beautiful girlfriend. She huffed a bit,”Y’know, I could just hold still by myself. You do not need to tie me up.”

Kirigiri shook her head a bit, a warm smile coming fourth,”Trust me, you say that now, but you’ll need them in a bit.”

Kirigiri bent over a bit to kiss Celeste’s lips, the raven-haired girl lipstick rubbing off on her girlfriend a little bit. Kirigiri’s hands trailed down the other’s abdomen, brushing over her chest and stomach before reaching her panties. She moved around Celeste so that she was in front of her, pulling off her underwear. As they slid down her legs, Kyoko took it upon herself to kiss her thighs lovingly, the soft skin under her lips.

Tossing the black underwear to the side, she reached up, grabbing Celeste’s cock in her hand. She wasn’t nearly that hard yet, but she would be soon. Kirigiri could feel her twitch as her long, gloved fingers wrapped around the length. She gave Celeste a few good strokes, watching her face as she did so. She could see as Celeste’s face relaxed as she calmly stroked her, her cock growing harder in her palm.

Celeste whined a bit when Kirigiri gripped harder, jerking her off. Celeste’s hips shimmied a bit and Kyoko’s hand reached up to halt her. “Stop moving.”

Celeste huffed, attitude thick in her voice,”Then do something other than play with my dick.”

Kyoko chuckled a bit at her girlfriend’s boldness but shook her head,”No- I want you to cum like this first.”

She could see as the girl’s pale features turned bright red,”How am I supposed to cum with just your hand-?!”

Kyoko simply shrugged. “That’s your problem to figure out. I’m just here to ‘play’.”

Celeste groaned and pushed her head back against the pillows. She struggled to focus on the feeling of Kyoko’s hand on her cock, feeling it stroke her. But she was going just so slow . It was driving her absolutely mad. Her hands clenched and unclenched a couple of times, fighting with herself, before she finally gave in and asked,”Can you at least go a little faster-?”

“Say please.”

Motherfucker . Kyoko was obviously being difficult tonight. But Cleste didn’t have the patience to ignore that request.

Please , can you go faster, Kyoko-?”

A happy hum sounded from below her and she felt as the hand sped up. Celeste let out a moan and she bucked her hips a bit into the hand. She thanked the stars Kyoko didn’t stop to bother her about that. She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of her girlfriend’s hand once more, this time finding it easier to do. Her thumb slid over the head of Celeste’s cock and she gripped even tighter, leaning in to bite her girlfriend’s thighs,”C’mon, Celeste, cum for me.”

Celeste let out another whine and a couple strokes later, she was cumming, the fluid leaking onto her stomach and into Kyoko’s glove. The purple haired woman didn’t even bother to say anything as she sat up, looking down at Celeste, who was trying to catch her breath. She simply brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the cum off of them. Celeste let out a moan as she watched but nothing prepared her for Kyoko’s next move. 

She leaned down, mouth open and tongue out, licking the cum off of Celeste’s stomach. Celeste groaned at the feeling of her warm tongue massaging against her skin. It traveled over her abdomen and down to her crotch, finally licking up the side of her cock. Celeste gasped,”Fuck, Kyoko, I just came-”

“I know,” She cut her off,”You’re about to know what those restraints are for.”

Celeste shivered, pulling on said restraints a bit. Kyoko’s tongue returned to Celeste’s cock, licking up it once more to wrap around the head of it, bobbing her head lazily.

The raven - haired woman shivered, whining as she felt the warmth envelope her. Kyoko’s tongue trailing down the underside of her cock as she sucked and drooled around it, absolutely sending Celeste up the wall. She could feel herself growing harder again, could feel the warmth in her stomach as she began to build up to a second orgasm. It was so soon and it was so embarrassing but she couldn’t help it. The first one had made her so sensitive.

It was only a few minutes of Kirigiri sucking Celeste’s cock until she came, straight down the other’s throat and crying out. A chill ran up her spine, her hips convulsing as Kirigiri pulled off, removing all contact with Celeste’s member.

As she caught her breath she huffed a bit, trying to keep her previous attitude,”Are you done yet?”

Kyoko shook her head,”Unless you’re gonna use your safeword, no, I’m not.”

Celeste whined again. She didn’t wanna do that. So onward she went.

Kyoko grabbed something from beside her on the floor and Celeste gasped upon seeing it. It was a toy they had bought a short while ago. It was small, a handle on the bottom and a round sphere at the top, with one button on the side.

Kyoko kissed Celeste’s hip in support and smiled,”Just relax, and remember your safe word if you need it.”
Celeste nodded absentmindedly, swallowing as Kyoko placed the sphere against the head of her semi-hard cock. One click of the button and the toy was whirring to life, vibrating and making Celeste’s hips try to move away from it, but Kyoko’s hand on her hip was firm, and the vibration was inescapable. Celeste shivered and cried out, biting her lip in an attempt to keep quiet, but it was no use. The toy was doing incredible things to her.

Kyoko moved her hand so that she was guiding the vibrator up and down Celeste’s cock. Celeste’s hips bucked and she groaned,”F-Fuck, Kyoko, I-I-”

And with that, she pulled the vibrator away. Celeste groaned angrily, still hearing the toy but not feeling it anymore. Kyoko chuckled a bit seeing the frustration in her partner’s eyes, waiting a moment before placing the toy against Celeste’s head again. She continued to give her the same treatment, running the toy over her cock, giving her words of encouragement and waiting until she was about to cum, just to pull the toy away once more.

“Please,” Celeste practically sobbed,”What do you want- just let me cum-”

“I want you to beg,” Kyoko said, pulling the toy away once more.

Celeste growled,”Absolutely not!”

“Then I keep going.”

The toy made contact with Celeste’s cock again and she whined. Stubborn as ever, she let Kyoko continue, letting her bring her closer and closer again. She was so close, she was gonna cum- and then Kyoko had the audacity to turn off the toy as she grabbed the base of her partner’s cock and squeezed,”Are you trying to cum without telling me-?”

The sternness in her voice rocked Celeste to her core, showing her she was at Kyoko’s mercy. Celeste shook her head, a clear lie but she didn’t even care.

Kyoko raised an eyebrow,”You will cum when I let you cum. And that’s not happening until you beg.”

Celeste broke as she heard the toy whir to life once more beside Kyoko. “Ok! Ok fine- Please- please just let me cum.” Kyoko’s eyebrow raised, clearly wanting more and Celeste rolled her eyes,”Please, just let me finish. I wanna finish so bad- please let me cum-”

Kyoko turned the toy off and trailed her hands down Celeste’s sides,”How do you wanna finish, baby?”

“Inside of you.”

Kyoko nodded, slowly reaching behind her to grab a condom off the bed. She climbed up, placing a knee on each side of Celeste, careful as she opened the condom and rolled it over the other girl’s dick. Celeste’s hands pulled on the restraints a bit and she huffed,”Can I be untied- I-I…”

“You what-?”

Celeste’s face darkened,”I want to hold you.”

Kyoko’s own face heated at the comment, but she nodded, reaching up to untie the other. Her well manicured hands immediately reached to hold the other girl’s hips. One of the hands trailed over to her cunt, feeling the sopping wetness around Kyoko. “You really got off on edging me like that-?”

Kyoko’s face flushed and she spoke,”You just looked really fucking hot like that.” A gloved hand pulled Celeste away from Kyoko’s crotch and she got the memo. Grabbing her already sensitive cock in hand, she guided it to Kyoko’s entrance, watching as the other lowered herself onto her. Celeste groaned at the heat, already feeling like she could cum. 

She held back though, holding Kyoko’s hips as she began to ride her, moaning as she did so. Celeste connected their lips, their tongues fighting each other. Her lipstick smudged as they made out. A shaky hand moved from Kyoko’s hips again to toy with her clit as she rode her.

“Oh fuck-” Kyoko keened, grinding against her hand.

Celeste moaned,”Fuck, I can’t hold out too much longer, Kyoko.”

Kyoko moaned, “Me neither.”

The fucked, in each other’s arms for a few more moments before finally, Celeste let out a strained sob, tears rolling down her cheeks as she came for the third time that night. Kyoko gasped and let out a whine, riding the other girl a bit faster as she herself came, the fluids leaking down her thighs.

She only allowed herself a minute to relax before getting up and moving to grab the wipes they kept handy on the nightstand. She returned back beside Celeste who was still reeling from their activities. Leaning in to kiss her and wipe her face with one of the tissues as she did. Celeste mumbled something about helping but Kyoko paid her no mind, continuing to wipe up the mess they had made.

She wiped up Celeste’s face and her stomach before getting between her thighs and her member. Celeste shivered at the coolness but sat up to kiss Kyoko again, grabbing another wipe to get Kyoko’s thighs.

“Thank you,” The purple haired woman snickered,”For everything tonight.”

“No,” Celeste replied,”Thank you.”

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Fuyuhiko didn’t know how he got here but his reaction to it was the furthest thing from a complaint. He was right where he wanted to be, beneath his boyfriend, against a table as he grinded into him from behind, his hands traveling to his front to undo his belt and pants.

Hajime’s hand was sliding past his waistband, completely ignoring his boxers and grabbing onto his cock, stroking it and toying with it. Fuyuhiko let out a strained moan, hips bucking into his partner’s hand. He could feel Hajime breathing against his neck as he let his pants and boxers fall to the floor, leaving Fuyuhiko bare against the room’s cold air.

He shivered a bit and turned his head back towards Hajime to kiss him. Hajime kissed back happily as he continued to stroke Fuyuhiko’s cock, already being able to feel the pre-cum drip out onto his fingers. He chuckled as he pulled away,”You’re already leaking and I haven’t even really started yet.”

Fuyuhiko whined a bit and held himself back from bucking his hips again,”Sh-shut the fuck up.”

Hajime hummed a bit but reached over onto the table, grabbing the bottle of lube they had put out earlier. Hajime’s hand pulled away from the blonde’s cock. He ignored the protesting sounds Fuyuhiko made as he did so, simply pouring the lubricant onto his fingers and kneeling down behind his partner.

Using one hand, he pulled one of Fuyuhiko’s cheeks to the side, exposing his hole. The blonde gasped and felt his face flushed, but yet again, Hajime paid him no mind. “Fuyuhiko, bed over a bit more.”

Fuyuhiko felt that tell tale feeling in his stomach that made him want to obey, and obey he did. He ignored his embarrassment and bent over more,  giving Hajime all the access he needed. Hajime kissed his thigh in thanks as he brought a finger to his hole, pressing it inside of him. The finger thrusted in and out of him slowly before a second was added, stretching him more. He could feel Hajime’s eyes on him and he could feel as his knees shake. So vulnerable and at the mercy of his boyfriend. The humiliation was a huge turn on for him- but he’d never admit it.

Good thing Hajime could tell anyway.

He fingered him open, making sure he was stretched wide enough to take Hajime’s cock. Pulling out the fingers he stood back up, wiping his hand off and undoing his own pants. He pulled them down, along with his boxers before grabbing the lube again, applying a generous amount to his cock. Lining up his head with Fuyuhiko’s entrance, he pressed forward, drawing a groan from the blonde.

Once their hips met, Hajime bent forward to kiss Fuyuhiko’s cheek in support. They paused for a moment, Fuyuhiko catching his breath and Hajime watching closely. Once sure he was okay and ready to continue, he began to thrust again. He watched Fuyuhiko’s face contort from discomfort to pleasure. Soon, the blond was moaning and cursing into the wood of the table.

But no matter how loud the moans got, Hajime was relentless, fucking into him harder and faster with every passing moment. Fuyuhiko was a mess, drool dribbling past his lips and precum from his cock.  Nothing ever surprised Hajime more than how sensitive Fuyuhiko got. He was so close beneath him, writhing as he was fucked into the table, and Hajime was close behind.

As he grinded into him, Fuyuhiko’s purrs and gasps got louder and louder until he finally cried out louder than before, cum spilling out of him and onto the floor. His toes curled and he panted, trying to catch his breath as Hajime stil fucked him. His brain felt like such mush he barely notice Hajime’s hands gripping his hips as he braced himself, cumming inside of him.

The brunette groaned as he pulled out, leaning on the table next to his partner and kissing his face as they relaxed. Their silence was only broken by Hajime’s smile and his deep voice,”Y’know, you look beautiful like that. Over a table with my cum leaking out of you.”

That earned him a flushed boyfriend and a punch to the arm.

Chapter Text

Teruteru had always thought of himself as dominant before he got with a yakuza. Turns out, being sexually open did not make you a top.

He had never been more aware of this fact than he was now. On his hands and knees, in front of the blonde, completely naked. Worst apart? A tail was sticking out of his ass, he had ears clipped in his hair and his cock was leaking onto the floor.

Well, maybe worst was the wrong word. Because Teruteru wasn't exactly against being on the floor in this position.

Fuyuhiko looked down at him lazily, tongue gliding over his teeth as he thought. "What should I do with my kitty, hm?" Teruteru stared up at him as he spoke, well aware of the fact that question was rhetorical. He was not allowed to speak, afterall. "Why don't you get on the bed for me, baby?"

His voice was calm, but he knew one wrong move and a punishment would have been dealt. Carefully, he stood, placing his hands on the bed as he climbed up. Sitting beside the other, Fuyuhiko was quick to move, grabbing a toy from beside him and motioning Teruteru over.

Teruteru flushed as he got into position. It was a position he was well versed in, with Fuyuhiko in front of and beneath him, Teruteru practically in his lap. Fuyuhiko pulled the toy forward- a vibrator they had bought earlier this week and had planned to use in this scene.

Teruteru swallowed a bit and watched as Fuyuhiko's hand was drawn to his cock, giving it a few strokes before holding it still, bringing the head of the vibrator to meet the head of his cock. There was a short moment of silence before the toy whirred to life, drawing a surprised cry from the pet. He whimpered at how sensitive he was but moaned at the feeling.

"God," Fuyuhiko groaned hungrily,"You really are beautiful like this, yknow?"

Teruteru let another moan trail out of his lips as his hips bucked against the vibrator. Clearly, Fuyuhiko was being nice today, cause he let him continue as he reached behind him to pull the plug out of him. Teruteru gasped but Fuyuhiko paid him no mind as he reinserted it, thrusting the toy in and out as the toy continued to vibrate.

Teruteru was surprised he could even hear Fuyuhiko when he next spoke,"Go ahead, kitten, you can cum whenever you're ready." There were only a few more thrusts of the plug before he did, cum spurting out onto the toy and Fuyuhiko's hands. Tetuteru groaned, brows knitting together as he finished, hands reaching up to brace himself against Fuyuhiko's shoulders.

Fuyuhiko smiled happily, pulling both toys away and placing them to the side. Once Teruteru had calmed down enough, his hands trailed to Fuyuhiko's pants, unzipping them and pulling them down with his boxers. The blond swallowed,"You don't have to do that, babe."
Teruteru shook his head as he slid onto the floor, dragging Fuyuhiko closer to him and stroking his already hard cock a few times. He wanted to do this. His master deserved to feel just as good as he had.

His lips wrapped around the head, tongue swirling over it for a moment before he began to bob his head. His tongue ran along the underside of his cock as he sucked him dry.

He could feel the blond's thin fingers tangling in his hair, probably messing up his ears, but he couldn't care less. He just kept bobbing his head, the sound of Fuyuhiko’s moans driving him to want to continue.

Fuyuhiko shivered, letting out a strained,"F-Fuck Im gonna-!"

His cum ran down Teruteru's throat in a thick stream and the chef tried his absolute hardest to swallow every drop of it. When he pulled off, Fuyuhiko lifted him up and connected their lips, a quiet "Thank you." Escaping his lips when they pulled away.

Chapter Text

Soda and Sonia had a strange history. It wasn't completely normal for someone to crush on someone and then only after they get over the crush for the pair to get together- but that is exactly what had happened. Soda's crush, ironically, was the only thing keeping him from being with Sonia. So once he had gotten mostly over it, she had asked him out. Of course he said yes.

They had been dating now for a few months and were both well aware of each other's pasts, feelings and boundaries. And tonight seemed like the night they were finally ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Of course, Sonia had already been with other people sexually, but Soda had not. So they were both sure to take it slow.

Her well manicured fingers pulled the zipper of his jumpsuit down, kissing him passionately as she did so. She pulled down the suit, off his arms and his legs, leaving him in his binder and boxers. She sat up only to unzip her dress and pull it off, tossing it to the side along with the previously mentioned jumpsuit. She leaned in and kissed down his neck and chest, stopping once she reached his lower ribs.

Their eyes met as she spoke,"Do you want this on or off-?"

He could feel his mouth go dry as he nodded stupidly,"Off. We can take it off."

She nodded, kissing him again as she unclipped the binder, pulling away to remove it from his body. His chest was small, small enough to pass as flat. But even if it hadn't been, no matter what, she would have found him absolutely breathtaking like this.

Her mouth trailed back up his chest, mouth kissing it as her hands caressed him. She could feel how shaky he was, being touched like this. She wrapped her warm mouth around one of his nipples and keened as she sucked and nipped at it. She moved to the other and gave it the same treatment, massaging the first one with her fingers until he spoke.


"Please, what, Soda?"

He shivered a bit and swallowed as she pulled away to look at him. His face flushed bright red and his words caught on the tip of his tongue. His eyes flashed to his boxers, trying to get his point across. She chuckled smoothly,"You want me to touch you-?"

He nodded and a hand was placed on his thigh- so damned close to what he wanted. His hips bucked in need but she ignored him, his eyes drawing back to her own. "Why don't you tell me how much you want me to touch you-?"

He could feel his face and even his chest get even warmer at the suggestion. He swallowed and let out a short whine. He could feel her fingers rubbing against his thigh and he wanted them so bad- wanted them inside of him. "I-'' he paused and looked down,"I want you to touch me- Sonia please."

Her face drew closer, into his neck and against his ear, she whispered,"How do you want me to touch you-?"

He moaned just at her words. Hands reaching to hold her hips in desperation. He admired the black cloth against her skin, around her waist and on her chest. "I-I want you to...." He swallowed once more, a slight tremor in his hands and voice,"I want you to finger me."

She hummed, pleased, pulling away and nodding. She gripped his boxers and pulled them down, acutely aware of the wet spot on the crotch of them. He was soaked, having already been turned on by Sonia's mouth.

Her fingers were gentle as they trailed up his thigh and against his slit. He moaned and bucked his hips as he watched, so eager for her touch. She placed her free hand on his hip though, holding him still as he began. The digits trailed through the wetness beneath them, sliding between his lips and against his clit. He moaned and whined, still wanting more.

Eventually, Sonia stopped her teasing, and got to business. She watched his face as she inserted two fingers, so slow it was painful. Soda himself was watching in awe, eyebrows knit together and mouth agape. She was gonna drive him mad like this.

The two digits thrust in and out of him, curling and spreading- pressing against him in all the right places. When she added the third finger, his head leaned back against the bedpost, legs spreading a bit more. She let out a small laugh, finding him absolutely adorable. "You really did want this bad, huh Kazuichi-?"

He nodded and looked at her with watery eyes. He sat up a bit, her fingers stilling inside of him. He held back his noise of protest, hand reaching towards her waistband. "May I-?"

She flushed but nodded, sitting up a bit taller to give him the ability to pull down her underwear. Her cock was already half hard, having gotten riled up from touching him. His hand moved forward hesitantly, not wanting to push any limits, as it wrapped around her shaft. He pressed a thumb against her head, swiping it over the slit at the top before he began to jerk her off.

She moaned softly. His hand had a firm grasp on her dick as he stroked at a nice pace. Enjoying the handjob for a moment, she let him touch her by himself before he herself continued to move her fingers. He let out a moan again as they continued to touch each other happily.

A few minutes in though, Sonia looked up at him, making him look up in return. She flushed and spoke,"I want to fuck you. But only if you want me to."

He swallowed but nodded,"Sonia, of course I want you to."

She smiled and pulled her fingers out, reaching over to the table to grab a condom and some lubricant. He pulled his hand away from her, and watched in awe as she unwrapped the condom and rolled it onto herself. She applied a small amount of lube, not needing much seeing how wet Soda was, before lining up. He gripped her shoulders, looking up at her as she asked once more,"You're sure-?"

He nodded, pulling her into a heated kiss. She took that as her answer, pressing into him. He gasped and moaned, gripping her harder as she pressed all the way into him, their hips finally meeting. He let out a soft whine, but she kissed his cheeks and forehead in support. After a moment he let out a breathy laugh,"God, Sonia, you're huge-"

She laughed too before getting serious again,"I'm not hurting you am I-?"

He shook his head,"No- actually you can move."

She nodded, content to know she wasn't hurting him. She grasped his hips as she began to thrust deep inside of him, starting at a decent pace and only getting faster as she went. His moans were loud and she could feel his nails digging into her but she didn't care. She was only focused on him and the feeling of him. Her cock felt so good wrapped in his tight, wet pussy.

"Fuck-" she moaned, biting her lip a bit,"I'm close, Soda."

"Me too-"

She kept thrusting, wanting him to cum first. Her hips grind against him roughly, trying to make him finish. A hand pressed against his lower stomach, helping to stimulate his g-spot. He cried out, cursing under his breath as Sonia thrusted a few more times, bringing him to the brink. As he finally came, his back arched into her touch, loving every second of attention he got from her.

She was soon to follow, thrusting into him hard as she finally came, groaning as she did so. He whimpered beneath her and she kissed him, careful as she pulled out. They each took a minute to catch their breath before Sonia pulled the condom off, tying it off and tossing it into the garbage. When she turned back, Soda was turning and grabbing the wipes from the drawer, offering them to her. She gladly took one and began to clean him up, in which he shivered,"I meant for y-you-!"

She laughed a bit, shaking her head,"You've done good enough tonight. Your knees are shaking after all that, you just rest."

He sighed a bit, flushing at the mention of said activities. It was funny how flustered he could get over the stupidest stuff. She leaned in and kissed him. His voice surrounded her,"Thank you. I love you, Sonia."

"I love you too, Soda."

Chapter Text

Teruteru gasped as he was pressed down over Gundham's desk. He shivered as his pants and underwear were pulled off his hips with force. Anyone on the outside wouldnt understand this, may find it violent, but to Gundham and Teruteru this was exactly what they craved and loved.

Teruteru just wanted to be manhandled, thrown around like a piece of meat. And lucky for him, his boyfriend was awesome at that.

Two fingers plunged deep inside of his cunt, curling and pressing against his walls. He gripped the desk, hard, trying to brace himself for what was happening. He could feel Gundham's teeth nibbling on his the flesh of his thighs and he groaned, loving every single ounce of attention he was dealt. "Please," Teruteru groaned, "Please just fuck me-!"

"Shut up," the breeder growled,"You're not in any place to be making demands like that."

Teruteru whimpered but obeyed, staying quiet even as Gundham inserted a third finger. He whined when they were pulled out, hearing as Gundham opened the drawer of the desk, pulling out a condom and unwrapping it. He stroked his own cock a few times before taking the condom and sliding it onto his length. Grabbing the smaller mans ass aggressively, he lined up and pressed into him once more. Teruteru groaned as he felt himself get filled to the brink with Gundhams length. The second their hips met, Gundham was pulling out again to thrust back into him, hard and fast. Teruteru cried out but Gundham reached forward and grabbed his hair pulling his head back to kiss him as he fucked him at full speed.

This was exactly where they both belonged. Teruteru below his master, getting used like the whore he was and Gundham, above his prey like the strong man he was. He was in control .

He fucked into him, deep and hard,  pressing into his boyfriend’s g-spot with all he had. Teruteru whimpered and whined, fists clenching on the table,”Gundham- I’m gonna cum-”

The breeder gripped the chef’s hair harder in response,”Yeah, you do that. I’m not done with you just yet though.”

Teruteru shivered and groaned, fluids leaking from between his legs and onto the floor. Gundham groaned as he felt the other man clench around him but he paid him no mind as he simply grinded into him even harder. He was getting closer, watching as Teruteru turned into a mess beneath him. He squeezed his hips and hair, tugging on every ounce of skin his fingertips could reach, as he finally came, mid thrust inside of his partner. Gundham pushed as deep inside of Teruteru as he came, before pulling out and tying off his condom.

He took a few deep breaths before backing away from Teruteru to lean in next to him. He whipped some tears away with his fingertips before kissing his eyes and forehead. “You look beautiful, all fucked out like that.”

Teruteru chuckled, but it sounded like more of a mumble as he attempted to sit up. Gundham was quick to reach over and help him up and towards the bed, helping him lay down and relax. The second he laid down beside him, Teruteru was cuddling into his chest, fast to fall asleep. The ultimate breeder chuckled, kissing the top of his head as he too relaxed.

Chapter Text

Watching Shuichi Saihara receive a handjob was like watching Earth be created. Beautiful and breathtaking.

Makoto loved this. Loved the position he found himself in with the younger male. In their bed, in their apartment, with his hand on the other’s cock. The pale flesh beneath his tanned skin as he stroked him . The noises he made were soft, usually quiet during sex anyways. Breathy moans slipping off his tongue and past his lips.

He was flawless.

“Baby, pour some lube on my fingers.” Makoto spoke, free hand moving off of Shuichi’s thigh. The blue haired man shivered and whined, hands shaking a bit as he grabbed the lube. He snapped open the top and squeezed some onto the other’s fingers. He sighed in pleasure as he watched Makoto warm the lube up, his other hand still warming his cock.

The oiled fingers slid between Shuichi’s legs and Makoto watched as he squirmed, one of the fingers brushing over his hole. Makoto clicked his tongue,”Shuichi, baby, you gotta let me prep you.”

Shuichi whined, replanting his feet and moving to try and hold still. Makoto nodded in approval, leaning over to kiss one of his knees before continuing forward. He pressed a finger into the other, paying close attention. Shuichi groaned and his head leaned back against the bedpost as he did. The feeling of being stretched open for Makoto’s cock was so good. Shuichi whimpered when the second finger slid in beside the first. Makoto’s fingers scissored and stretched the other, watching to be sure when Shuichi was ready. Once the other had fully relaxed around him, he pulled the digits out, pulling both his hands away. The other huffed at the absence but watched eagerly as Makoto stroked his own cock, applying lubricant onto it.

Shuichi leaned back, spreading his legs more for the other as he got up on his knees between them. The brunette stared down at the other as he lined his cock up, questioning with his eyes if his partner was ready.

Once Shuichi nodded, allowing him permission to continue, and he did. His cock pressed into Shuichi’s tight hole, hands placed on his thighs as he went. Shuichi gasped and shuddered, feeling as the other filled him up. His hands reached up to grab at Makoto’s shoulders, grasping for support as Makoto began to thrust.

He started off slow at first but slowly got faster and faster. He grinded against Shuichi’s walls, his own moans and sounds becoming apparent now. Shuichi’s lewd noises surrounded them as Makoto continued to thrust. His hand trailed from Shuichi’s right thigh to his cock, back to stroking it.

He could see as Shuichi teared up, hand moving up to hover over his mouth. Makoto shot him a warning glance,”Don’t silence yourself, or you’re gonna be in trouble.”

Shuichi shivered at the sheer idea and hesitantly dropped his hand back down into the sheets. A few tears fell as he finally came, sobbing as he did so. Makoto leaned forward to kiss his cheeks, hold him as he thrusted a few more times, coming soon after him.

Once finished he hushed Shuichi and held him close, pulling out of him. Makoto smiled as Shuichi relaxed once more,”You’re always so sensitive.”

Shuichi’s cheeks flushed but he was clearly too tired to respond, simply pressing forward to kiss Makoto before laying back down. Makoto kissed back and laid beside him, pulling him in close as he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

It was clear Fuyuhiko was frustrated from the second he got home. From the moment he stepped through his and Makoto’s shared front door, he was fuming. His steps were heavier, his temper was shorter, and his fists kept clenching just to unclench once again. It was only after a couple chores were done and Fuyuhiko was finally ready to wind down, that Makoto had a chance to even ask what was wrong.

Once the blond had sat down on the couch, putting his feet up a bit and laying his head back, Makoto came up behind the other and placed his hands on his shoulders, rubbing them a bit. “What’s wrong today, Fuyuhiko?”

“Just dumb work shit.” He growled, eyes clenching shut a bit in frustration,”It’s always dumb work shit.”

Makoto frowned a bit,”Is there anything I could do to make it better?”

Fuyuhiko thought for a moment before popping an eye open,”You can come give me a kiss-”

Makoto smiled as Fuyuhiko drew out the last word, a childish tone lacing his voice. Makoto walked around to the front of the couch to lean in and give Fuyuhiko a kiss, bending over slightly to meet his lips. As they kissed, their tongues slid beside each other, their hands moving to hold and caress each other. Before Makoto even knew what he was doing with his body anymore, he was sinking down onto his knees.

His fingers moved to unzip Fuyuhiko’s pants, sliding them down a bit with his boxers, tugging out his semi-hard cock. Fuyuhiko shivered a bit at the cold air, mouth hanging open as Makoto began to stroke him. “Makoto-”

“Shh,” Makoto hushed him,”Let me make you feel better.”

Fuyuhiko obeyed, shutting his mouth as he watched the brunette with wide eyes. His mouth drew closer to Fuyuhiko’s member, wrapping around the head of it. His tongue slid over the slit of it before he sunk down his shaft, tongue running along the underside of his cock. Fuyuhiko groaned, hand reaching forward to grasp at Makoto’s hair.

Makoto’s mouth moved at a steady pace, hands resting on the blond’s thighs as he sucked around him. Fuyuhiko had a large handful of the brunette locks, pulling and tugging on his hair. Makoto moaned around him and Fuyuhiko gasped in response, hips bucking into the other’s mouth. Makoto suppressed a gag and listened as Fuyuhiko began to speak,”Fuck, Makoto- I’m close-”

Makoto hummed in response, bobbing his head faster and gripping the other’s thighs. Fuyuhiko inhaled sharply, moaning loudly. Makoto could taste the precum painting his tongue just before Fuyuhiko completely fell apart, cumming down his throat.  Makoto fought the urge to choke as he swallowed the cum, pulling off of the other’s cock and wiping his chin with the back of his hand.

The brunette stood up, pulling Fuyuhiko close and kissing him on the lips. When they finally pulled away to breathe, Makoto sat down next to him, Fuyuhiko’s head laying on Makoto’s shoulder, thanking him. Now, Fuyuhiko could completely relax.

Chapter Text

Gonta moaned, his hands grasping at the blond’s hair as he fingered him. He was currently in his lap, a knee on each side of the other as he fingered him open. The thick fingers worked the lube against his walls, slicking him up. The moans that came out of the other surprised Gonta himself.

He groaned when The Imposter drew the fingers out of him, moving to grab a condom. Gonta took the condom from him, unwrapping it and leaning back. He reached between them to slide the condom onto his partner’s cock. The Imposter moaned at the contact and cocked his head to indicate for Gonta to move.

The taller immediately understood, climbing off of the other  and off of the bed. The imposter moved with him and helped guide him over the bed, ass out and ready to take him. The blond took the lube off of the side table from where he had placed it before, pouring a generous amount onto the tips of his fingers, stroking it onto his cock.

His meaty hands grabbed Gonta’s toned hips as he lined up with his hole. He could hear as Gonta’s breathing picked up, rubbing his hips a bit and kissing his back before continuing. As he pressed into the muscular man, he groaned, feeling how tight he was around him. He relished in the sounds coming out of his partner until their hips met.

He bent over the other, brushing some hair behind his ear and kissing his temple as he waited for the okay to continue. It took a minute or so before Gonta relaxed completely, saying,”Gonta is ready.”

The Imposter nodded despite not being able to be seen, pulling out once more. Gonta groaned at the feeling but his partner paid him no mind, starting to thrust in and out of him now. Gonta moaned, gripping the sheets in front of him as The Imposter fucked his ass. His cock stretched Gonta to his limits, causing the entomologist to bite his lip and moan.

It didn’t help  that his cock was pressed between him and the bed, the friction driving him absolutely mad. He whined, voice hoarse as he spoke,”Please-”

“Please what?” The Imposter groaned, lifting the other off the bed as he fucked him deeper and harder.

Gonta let out a high pitched keen as he felt the other press against his prostate, stimulating him. “Touch Gonta- Please-”

The Imposter moaned at the request, already feeling close to finishing. He reached forward and grasped onto the other’s cock. Gonta whimpered and The Imposter ignored him, running his thumb through the bead of precum at the tip.

His hand moved in pace with his thrusts, tight around Gonta’s shaft. The green haired man squirmed a bit from all the pleasure, crying out soon after, cum shooting onto the bed in front of them.

The Imposter cursed, watching as Gonta practically shot his seed across the room. God, was it hot. He grinded into the other harder, chasing his own release until finally, he caught it, cumming as he thrusted once more, deep inside of Gonta.

They sat for a moment, catching their breaths, The Imposter resting his head on the other’s shoulder for a moment before pulling out. He groaned as he did so before sliding the condom off and tying it. He tossed it in the trash as Gonta pulled the top blanket off the bed. He sluggishly moved to leave the room but The Imposter removed the blanket from his hands and dropped it to the floor.

“Let’s clean it tomorrow. Come lay down, Gonta.”

The entomologist was too tired to argue back, happy to take The Imposter up on his offer.

Chapter Text

Rantaro Amami and Kaito Momota had one thing in common: They were both confident. And confidence was something that they could bounce off of each other like a ball. The encouragement of each other in their relationship caused for an optimistic overview of the whole thing.

But when it came to the bedroom and taking control, the confidence became more of an issue.

Because now here they were, fighting for dominance as they caressed each other and made out, ripping off each other’s clothes like it was their lifeline. At first, Rantaro had no problem with it. He had always been dominant before with past partners but now here he was, with Kaito trying to push him into submission.

Rantaro had no objections to this- he’s had feisty partner’s in the past. Those who just preferred to be, consensually, forced into submission by him.

However, it was clear as they continued on, that Kaito wasn’t aiming to submit.

Kaito laid back on the bed and Rantaro kissed down his stomach, grabbing his waistband and pulling down his pants and underwear. He grabbed hold of Kaito’s cock and gave it a few tentative strokes,”You want me to suck your dick, baby?”

Kaito nodded, breathing heavily as he spoke,”Yeah, suck my cock. Make sure you do it right.”

Rantaro felt confused by the comment but paid it no mind, absolutely positive he had won using his dirty talk. His mouth wrapped around the head of it, taking his time massaging it with his tongue, dipping it into the slit. His mouth slid down his shaft, humming a bit as he went before going back up.

He watched Kaito through his eyelashes, watching intently as Kaito bit his lip, trying to hold back the sounds of his excitement. He closed his eyes and continued to suck and tongue the other’s cock, listening to the noises and desperate sounds his partner made.

He had this in the bag.

Rantaro rested his hands on the muscular thighs, pressing against them to make them spread. He felt Kaito’s hand press against the back of his head, pressing him down further onto his cock.

He felt himself choke a bit and grasp at the other’s thighs as he was lifted off of him again, only to be pushed back down about halfway up. He moaned as he felt his throat get fucked, the tug at the back of his hair. The face-fucking lasted for a moment or two before finally Kaito pulled Rantaro off of him completely. He gasped for breath and sputtered a bit. He could feel the drool dripping down his chin and the tears on his eyelashes, but Kaito didn’t seem to care, simply moving in to press their lips together. Rantaro’s messy mouth against Kaito’s.

Rantaro could feel them flip over as he continued to kiss Kaito- but even more so, he could feel as he began to lose himself to the other. He was falling behind- and Kaito was in the lead. When the astronaut reached over to the bedside table to grab the lube, he looked down at the other,”Are you okay with this, baby?”

Rantaro felt the pet name fill his head with fog, and he felt himself relax as he stared up at Kaito. Those purple eyes bored into his own green ones as they patiently waited for a response and Rantaro realized- maybe he was okay with this. Maybe he could just let Kaito win this once. He felt safe with him.


The word fell off of Rantaro’s tongue in a hushed whisper and he watched as Kaito slowly opened the tube of lubricant in his hand. He allowed the other man to guide his legs open and his hips up to get better access to his entrance. Kaito poured some of the liquid onto his digits before rubbing one of his wet finger’s against Rantaro’s hole. He shivered at the coldness, but it was heated up soon after, leaving him to this new feeling of being fingered open.

He gasped when Kaito pressed his first finger in. The man was slow and careful, pressing all the way down to his knuckles before pulling back out, just to press it back in again. The feeling was foreign and strange- but not bad by any means.  He perked up when he heard the deep voice speak to him again,”You’re so tight- it’s like you’ve never done this before…”

Rantaro whimpered and he felt his face flush. His hips jerked when Kaito added the second finger. “Y-You’d be right.”

He could feel as Kaito paused and he groaned, but he was ignored,”You’re a virgin?”

Ranataro sighed,”Only as a bottom- I’ve never bottomed before.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ranataro shrugged,”I didn’t think I would be submissive- I thought I was gonna top.”

He watched as the bigger man’s cheeks burned bright red. “W-Well, would you want to keep going or do you wanna stop-?”

“No,” Ranatro breathed out,”Keep going- please.”

Kaito nodded and continued to press his fingers deep inside of his partner. Rantaro shivered a bit at the sudden movement but was too lost in his own feelings now to care. Aito was spreading his slick fingers deep inside of him, stretching him out for his cock. He whined when Kaito pulled his fingers out after a while, grabbing the lube again. Kaito’s eyes flashed over to Ranatro once more,”You still sure?”

Rantaro nodded, practically begging Kaito to continue and the astronaut obeyed, pouring more of the slick liquid onto his hand and stroking his cock. He pressed the head of his cock to Rantaro’s hole and the other moaned as he pressed it deep inside of him. He teared up a bit despite Kaito’s slow pace.

The older man leaned forward to kiss Rantaro's cheeks and face, holding his hips in place so as to not rush him,”Just tell me when to go, baby.”

Rantaro gasped and nodded, grabbing onto Kaito’s shoulders as he tried to force himself to relax. Once he figured he could handle more movement, he told Kaito, allowing him to continue what he was doing. Kaito was gentle as he began to fuck deep inside of Rantaro. He could feel as the smaller man’s fingers dug into his shoulders as he thrusted in and out of him. Their moanes swirled together in the air like an auditory puff of smoke. Kaito’s deep voices scratched at the back of his throat as he moaned, feeling how tight and hot his partner was.

Rantaro could see and feel precum leaking out of him already- he was already so damn close . A shaking hand released Kaito’s shoulder and reached down between them to wrap around Rantaro’s cock. He cursed as he began to stroke himself, fingers slick and sticky from the previously mentioned precum. Kaito groaned, clearly feeling close himself. He moaned out before leaning in to kiss Rantaro as he fucked him harder. He could feel as Rantaro moaned into his mouth, gasping loudly as the cum shot from his cock onto their stomachs.

“Fuck-” Kaito was close behind, thrusting in deeper one last time before finally cumming. Rantaro whimpered at the feeling of being filled by Kaito’s cum, but he was too absorbed in the afterglow. He felt like every inch of his skin was sparkling, tingling as he came down from his high.

He grimaced as Kaito pulled out of him, the feeling strange, but his attention was quickly stolen by Kaito kissing him as he laid down beside him. “Are you alright-?”

Rantaro smiled sleepily, nodding as he cuddled closer to the other,”Thank you.”

Chapter Text

Makoto dropped to his knees quickly, as that was what he was told to do. “ Get on your knees. Now.

So here he was, on his knees right in front of his boyfriend, Leon Kuwata, watching as the redhead undid his belt and zipper. He pulled his cock out desperately, stroking it a few times in front of Makoto’s face. His words were simple and short. “Suck it.”

Makoto nodded, placing his hands on Leon’s thin, boney hips to support himself as he sat up a bit, mouth opening to take him inside. His warm lips wrapped around his cock as he sunk down onto it, looking up at the other as he did so. His wet tongue swirled over the skin, feeling as Leon got harder as he went on. His thumbs caressed the skin above him as he sucked his cock. He began to go faster, he could feel the drool dripping down his chin, but he didn’t care at all. His only focus right now was on Leon.

Leon’s moans filled the room, his hand reaching down to grasp at Makoto’s hair as he went. He fisted the blond-brunette locks, watching as Makoto made fuck me eye’s at him. He ached to cum down his throat right then and there. But he had a better idea of what to do with that pretty little face.

He pulled his cock out, moaning as he watched the drip of saliva connect him to Makoto’s mouth. Makoto’s cheeks flushed as Leon grabbed his chin,”You’re gonna jerk me off ‘til I cum all over your face.”

Makoto whined, feeling his own cock twitch in his pants. He nodded, Leon releasing him and standing back up. Makoto grabbed hold of the base of the other’s hard cock, positioning himself beneath Leon. His hand squeezed his shaft as he began to stroke him. He was still slick with spit and precum, and obviously very close. The hand returned to his hair, this time gentler as he moaned. Soon, as Makoto’s hands got faster, Leon’s moans mirrored by getting louder.

“Fu-uck-” and with that, Leon was cumming all over Makoto’s face. He closed his one eye to avoid the material getting caught in it. He opened his mouth to catch as much as he could, swallowing the seed he caught.

Leon breathed heavily in the afterglow of his orgasm, looking down at Makoto, who was absolutely covered in him . God, he wanted to destroy him.

Chapter Text

Shuichi sat at his desk, foot tapping as his face flushed. He was in his office at home and he was absolutely swamped with work for today. And he was almost done with all of it! But he had this feeling in his stomach. This heat that built and built until it brought him here, eye to eye with his crotch. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, he knew he should just get his work done, but he was desperate. So he undid his fly.

He pulled the jeans down so they fell to the floor, leaving him in his loose boxers. His shaky hand dipped beneath their waistband and glided over his pussy, barely touching it. His fingers shaked as he slid a finger between the lips, feeling how slick he was already. He exhaled sharply when he trailed over his clit.

His fingers slid deeper, surrounding his hole as he slid two into it. He whimpered a bit as he fingered himself, face hot as his crotch. He looked up for just a moment to catch a look at the work he was doing. He huffed, frustrated, and rolled his eyes. Fuck the work. He could do it later.

He sat up once more to pull off his boxers, removing his fingers as he dug into the bottom drawer of his deck. He pulled out one of his favorite toys and his bottle of lube. He dripped the lubricant onto the purple shaft of the dildo, rubbing it in with his fingers before lining it up with his hole.

He groaned a bit as he changed positions, placing both feet on the desk and spreading his legs open to give himself access. He repositioned his arm, looping it beneath his leg and back against his entrance.

Slowly, he pressed inside, filling himself to the absolute brim with silicone. He gasped and moaned out loudly, head leaning back onto the office chair he sat in. He shook a bit as he pulled out again, he could feel the texture of it dragging against his walls deliciously.

He continued thrusting the toy in and out of himself, feeling as it fucked him thoroughly. His toes curled as he hit deep inside himself and his moans filled the otherwise silent home. He was practically grinding down onto the toy, desperate to fuck himself even harder with it.

He whined, wanting more, needing more. His free hand reached over, sliding against his slick folds and pressing down onto his clitorus. He rubbed it clockwise, storing it and shivering at the pleasure he felt. Between his fingers on his cock and the dildo fucking him deeper than he had ever been fucked before, he was so fucking close.

It only took a few more hard thrusts until Shuichi was cumming onto the chair, the liquid leaking from beneath him onto the floor as he panted, tired and still so full. He gave himself a few moments of sitting before removing the dildo. He hadn’t even really wanted to move but sitting in the mess he had made was making him uncomfortable. He stood up and rubbed his eyes, grimacing at how gross he felt. Maybe he’d clean up the chair, take a shower and then get back to work…

Chapter Text

Leon Kuwata’s hands traced down his boyfriend’s chest and hips. His hand brushed over the front of his boxers, fingers pausing to brush over the trail of pail hair leading from his belly button. He could hear Soda’s heavy breathing as he touched him, could feel the eyes burning into his fingers as Soda stared him down like a starving predator.

Leon could hear Soda groan and hold back his desperate whimpers as Leon finally made his move. He grabbed both sides of the boxers beneath his fingertips and slowly yanked them down. Soda’s folds glistened in the dim light of the room and Leon couldn’t help but inch closer and lick over his slit. Soda’s gasp tickled Leon’s ears but he retreated, continuing to pull down the boxers, eventually tossing them to the side.

Leon’s thin fingers trailed down Soda’s slit, stroking up and down between his folds. Two of his fingers slid deeper down, sliding inside of Soda, who let out a soft moan at the feeling of it. Leon kissed his thigh lovingly as he continued to finger his partner open. Soda’s mewls and sounds were enough to let precum drip from Leon’s cock into his underwear.

Soda squirmed beneath the red head, back arching up against the other’s fingers. He gasped out as his heels dug into the bed, Leon’s fingers curling inside of him. “Please-”

“Please what, Soda- You want me to fuck you-?”

Soda whined,”Leon-”

“Go on. Tell me Soda, tell me you want me to fuck your pretty little cunt.”

Soda’s groan boomed in Leon’s ear drums,”Yes- please-”

“Please, what?

“Please fuck my dick. I’m all yours Leon.”

Leon groaned, fingers slipping out of the other. Soda was so wet, he was creating a small stain on the sheets beneath them. He still did the courtesy of applying lube to himself first before lining up with Soda’s hole. He pressed inside of him, listening to Soda’s desperate whimpers and moans. Once he reached the base of his cock, he pulled back out again, starting to thrust at a relatively fast place.

Leon let out a low moan, leaning in to suck and bite at Soda’s neck. The inside of him is so hot and warm. He was wet and his sounds just riled Leon up even more. His hands gripped Soda’s hips harder, moaning loudly. He could feel the warmth of his orgasm rising in his stomach, deep and fiery.

“Fu-uck,” Soda’s cries sounded. He was gasping as his own hand circled his clit. He was so close, he could feel Leon pounding into his g-spot over and over again. His hands shook as he tried to circle himself steadily. He whined as he struggled until he felt Leon’s own palm wrap around his wrist. He looked up and watched as Leon moved his hand away from himself and replaced it with his own. The groan that escaped Soda was louder than any noise he had made previously. His voice shook as he spoke,”F-Fuck!”

The fluid of his cum leaked from between his legs as he came on Leon’s cock.  He shivered, feeling as Leon continued to fuck into him, now more sensitive than before. Leon groaned against Soda’s neck as he too came moments later, pulling out as he did so and cumming on Soda’s thigh. 

They both laid there, breaths catching in their throats as Leon flopped beside Soda on the bed. The only sounds in the room now were the soft noises of their breathing and small murmurs of loving gestures.

Chapter Text

Korekiyo's skin burned like it always did on those fateful evenings when her instincts would meet her. She could feel the pool of heat in her stomach and the sting of her flesh against the blankets. Could smell herself filling the room, smelling earthy and green against the smell of the incense she usually burned. She was definitely in heat.

She quickly sat up from her place in bed, groggily rubbing her eyes as she moved to start putting together her nest. She groaned as she moved, feeling the arousal already begin to bead within her. But she paid it no mind- not open to even start working on that issue until she had the safety of her nest to go to.

Slowly, she began moving the pillows and comforters into a cresent in the middle of the still sheeted mattress. Every so often she'd shove a shirt or a sock in the cracks of the blankets but soon it was ready, with pillows set up along the inside walls for her to lay against during the duration of the heat.

She swallowed thickly as she went to grab something from her drawer. A dildo she had, with a medium sized knot at the base. It wasn't much- but she usually did not prefer to touch herself like this anyway. It was for her heat and her heat alone. And that was enough for her.

It was smaller than the average alpha's knot- but it didn't matter. She was more than satisfied with its size during her heat.

She laid down in the nest, placing a tube of lubricant and her dildo down on the sheets as she began to undo her pajama pants. She untied them with her long fingers before sliding the soft, plush fabric down her legs and off her feet, throwing them somewhere else within the nest.

Her fingers shook as she slid them between her folds. She couldn't stop herself from crying out when the pads of her fingers brushed against her clit. She was already so wet- so eager for her toy to be inside of her. She dripped some of the barely needed lube onto her fingers and worked them into herself desperately, smearing the lube inside of herself. Once she was certain she was prepped enough to continue, she slowly picked up the toy and pressed it to her opening, allowing it to enter her.

She slid it inside of herself until she met the start of the knot. Not wanting to go that far yet, she pulled the toy back out, before pressing it back in again. She started a slow pace of thrusting the toy in and out of herself, the sounds of her own moans surrounding her as she went.

She whined, wanting more, wanting more sensations, wanted someone- an alpha- to touch her and make the heat go away. To feed her arousal like the hungry beast it was.

Her opposing hand slid down her stomach and onto her clit, swirling around the bead as she stroked it counterclockwise. She groaned and gasped, feeling as the pleasure filled her.

"Fuck-" the curse left her lips, breatheless she was. She was ready to take it all.

Carefully but yet as quick as she could manage, she pushed it in further, feeling the knot enter her. She groaned, feeling tears bead in her eyes, but she didn't dare halt. She wanted to take the knot- she wanted to take all of it. Slowly but surely she moved down the widest part of it until finally the rest of it slid inside of her. She could feel how deep the cock was inside of her, the knot stretching her out moreso.

She cursed again and whimpered as her orgasm rocked against her skin, sending her heels pressing into the bed. She gasped and let out a heavy few breaths as she basked in the afterglow of it all. The thin layer of sweat on her skin and the mess beneath her humbled her as she came down. The heat was gone for now but surely it would be back sooner rather than later with no real knot to satisfy her arousal. It was gonna be a long week.

Chapter Text

Shuichi felt as he slowly woke up from his sleep. He looked over at the clock- 3:47 it read. What had woken him up so late in the night-?

Groggily he looked around, spotting his lover beside him, and he was clearly out of shape. His body shivered and there was sweat all over him. The blanket he had previously wrapped in earlier that night was thrown to the side and there was a wet spot on the sheets beneath him.

Shuichi felt himself worry and panic, concerned Kokichi was ill, but that's when the smell hit his nose. Grape and sugar, a smell almost like whipped cream and fruit.

His omega was in heat.

He could feel his hormones freak out, his cock starting to get hard but he ignored the feelings. This was not about him. This was about helping his omega.

"Kokichi," Shuichi whispered as he shook the other,"Kokichi wake up."

The shorter male whined in discomfort as he moved to sit up. He hissed as he did so, clearly uncomfortable. "Shuichi-?"

"Kokichi, baby, I think you've gone into heat. Let's get you cleaned up or something."

Kokichi whined again and when Shuichi went to move, he reached forward and grabbed his T-shirt. Shuichi shot him a confused look but Kokichi shook his head,"Please, ease take care of me."

"What do you-"

"Alpha," Kokichi's deep purple eyes bored into Shuichi as he spoke,"Please, just, please I need you."

Kokichi tugged Shuichi down onto the bed with him. The blue haired man started down at Kokichi, concern showing deep in his face. "Are you sure? You don't have a nest and you're a mess-"

"I dont care if you dont-" Kokichi cut him off,"Please I'll make a nest tomorrow for now I just want your knot deep inside of me- please-"

Shuichi swallowed before nodding, finally connecting their lips. Their tongues and teeth clashed, but they didn't care. Their pheromones were already making them both extremely desperate and the smell of Kokichi's slick filling the room didn't exactly help. They kissed as they tore off each other's clothes, pajamas and underwear being thrown in different places, leaving it to the fate of being dealt with later. The only thing that mattered now was the two of them and Kokichi's heat.

Shuichi pressed his hands against Kokichi's knees and pressed his legs apart, staring down at his hole. Slick was leaking out of him and Shuichi licked his lips. He looked beautiful like this. His hand reached down tentatively and he pressed one finger into him. He slid in as though he had applied lube- easy and smooth. Kokichi groaned from above him but he paid him no mind as he continued, sliding a second finger inside. He fingered him open carefully, hyper aware of his lack of lubricant. He was aware that an omega's slick was more than enough to prepare them for sex, heat naturally lubricating and loosening up an omega, but he still wanted to be careful.

His need to be careful was only halted by Kokichi groaning,"Can you fuck me already, please?"

The sarcastic question made Shuichi chuckle a bit, and he nodded, sliding the fingers out of him. He had the urge to lick them clean, but knowing Kokichi didn't like it when he did that, he decided against it, simply stroking it onto his cock. Kokichi fluid mixed with the precum that had been leaking from Shuichi's cock. He groaned, pleasure filling him before he turned back to Kokichi, pressing the cock to his entrance.

He could hear Kokichi whine again but once more he paid him no mind. Kokichi had always been vocal. Slowly, he grabbed Kokiche hips and pressed inside.

The sound Kokichi made was unworldly, a moan that sounded like angels coming to Earth. Shuichi moaned in return, feeling as the warm wetness of Kokichi swallowed him whole. He was surprised by how quick Kokichi was to beg him to move. Shuichi drew out before pushing back in, starting a steady yet firm pace for his thrusts.

Kokiche mewls of enjoyment sent shivers down Shuichi's spine. He moaned out, reaching up to grasp at his omega's cock. He jerked him, feeling the precum leak between his fingers. Kokichi's back arched and he practically sobbed out of pleasure. Fuck, was he beautiful.

Tears beaded on Kokichi's lashes as he shivered,"F-fuck, Im gonna cum. Im so fucking close."

"Me too." Shuichi fucked into him harder, feeling his own orgasm get closer and closer. He fucked deeper and deeper into Kokichi, desperately hding onto his own finish, practicallg edging himself until finally, Kokichi cried out once more. Cum poured from his cock, out onto his stomach. Shuichi groaned, cumming himself. He felt as his knot swelled inside of Kokichi, who whimpered and cried out in return.

Shuichi was quick to collect himself and move, making his omega comfortable. He laid them both on their sides, unable to remove the knot without hurting his omega. He leaned in and kissed the other's face with a small smile. "Are you ok? Feeling any better?"

Kokichi sighed a bit, yawning and nodding. It was clear the smaller was still exhausted, having not slept enough before his heat hit. Shuichi ran his hands through Kokichi's hair, caressing him and willing him back to sleep.

Chapter Text

Makoto's fingers slid up and down Leon's cock and he kept a keen ear, listening to the sounds that left the redhead's mouth. He relished in the sounds, feeling the precum lube up his fingers as he went. He was slow, not wanting to rush the other. They were always moving so quickly, so desperate for each other. And despite their desperation still apparent Makoto clearly wanted to take his time.

Leon was still impatient however. Despite his heaving chest and his enjoyment of Makoto's fingers on his cock, he still wanted so much more. And so bad too. "Please," he begged.

"Please what?" Makoto returned.

Leon seemed to pout as he spoke, a flush covering his cheeks. "I want you inside."

If Makoto wasn't hard before, he certainly was now. He nodded, pulling his fingers away from Leon, who seemed to deflate and perk up simultaneously.

Makoto reached over Leon to his draw beside the bed and drew out a bottle of lubricant. He poured some onto the pads of his fingers and warmed it up between them. Once his fingers were slicked up and no longer cold, he pressed one into Leon's hole. The redhead shivered a bit, goosebumps rising on his arms, but neither of them cared. Makoto was too focused on opening the other. He pressed another in beside the firs tf and Leon took a deep breath. When Makoto looked up, concerned, Leon shook his head a bit, trying to communicate that he was ok. Makoto understood and took it upon himself to continue.

His fingers slid in and out of Leon with purpose, spreading them as he continued, wanting to make sure he was more than prepared.

Once deeming him that, he slowly removed his fingers, stroking more lubricant onto his hand, applying it to his hard dick. He pressed it to Leon's entrance and he brought him in for a passionate kiss as he pressed inside. Leon shivered, but pressed his tongue into Makoto's mouth anyway. Leon caressed Makoto's face as they kissed until finally, Makoto pulled out once more, pressing back inside.

Makoto sat back as he began to thrust inside of the other, wanting to see him spread out beneath him. Leon's hair was a mess and there was a spot of drool on his lip from when they had kissed. Clearly, he didn't mind though, just wanting more. Leon grinded down on Makoto's cock, trying to get more friction. Makoto understood and got back to work, thrusting into Leon faster now.

The redhead gasped, head pressing back against the pillows. His whines and moans coated the walls like paint, surrounding them. Leaving Makoto and Leon to bask in the feeling of this marvelous moment. No one but them two, at each other's hands, ready to enjoy every inch of each other.

Makoto could feel himself drawing closer and closer to his orgasm. He felt as though he was gonna burst. It was only when Leon himself came then he allowed himself to. Cum leaked from Leon's cock onto his stomach as he cried out. Makoto came deep inside of Leon, kissing his chest and neck as he did so, his mouth falling open in bliss.

As Leon breathed heavily, trying to catch himself from the fall of his orgasm, he sighed,"Fuck, I love you-"

Makoto chuckled, nodding stupidly,"I love you too."

Chapter Text

“Yeah, put your foot up there, above my hip- yeah, right there.”

This was a weird position to be in- and Kaito meant that in the most literal sense possible. His legs were spread, one over one of Nekomaru’s legs, and one beneath his partner’s matching opposing leg. “Now what,” Kaito’s voice shook a bit as he spoke and he swore to himself for that.

Nekomaru simply let out a deep chuckle,”Relax. Now just guide the other end of it towards me. Same as you would when normally having sex.”

Kaito nodded and blushed, using his muscles to try and hold himself up perfectly as he guided the other end of the double sided dildo towards Nekomaru’s already prepared hole. The other end of the toy was currently nestled deep inside of him.

He moaned when he felt Nekomaru help him, grabbing his hip with one hand and the toy with the other. He helped hold the toy still as he guided Kaito’s hips closer to himself. At the same time helping guide the toy into his own hole. Nekomaru’s deep voice rumbled in the back of his throat as he felt the toy push inside of him. Both of their moans mixed together as they felt their hips press together, grinding against each other for more friction.

Kaito groaned and watched Neomaru, his muscles bulged on his arms as he moaned. He thought he looked beautiful with his raven hair gelled back. His hand reached forward and grabbed hold of his cock. He noticed the precum dripping down it but he paid it no mind. It actually helped more than less in the long run when he began to stroke- helping slick his hand up a bit as he went.

Nekomaru moaned, grinding up and into his hands. Their eyes met for a moment before Nidai decided to return the favor, hand reaching to grab Kaito’s own. The purple hair man grunted and keened as he felt the sensations that surrounded him. Between Nekomaru’s hands all over him- his cock and his hips, and the toy deep in his ass, he felt so heavenly at this moment.

Everything happening all at once. It made the warmth pool in his stomach- he could feel precum leaking from his cock- he was so damn close. Upon telling Nekomaru this, the trainer simply moaned, admitting he too wasn’t far behind.

Kaito grinded harder against him, drawing closer and closer to his own orgasm until he finally got what he was chasing. He came hard, cum leaking between Nekomaru’s fingers as he continued to jerk him off through his orgasm. Kaito’s own hand stuttered, but only for a moment before he returned to his now even faster pace, trying to get Nekomaru to cum too.

Luckily, the older man wasn’t too far behind, cumming sooner wrath than later. His seed shot across his chest and he groaned, head leaning back onto the arm of the couch they were on. Nekomaru chuckled a bit as he sat back up, looking down at them both. Covered in cum and sweat, he smiled,”We made quite the mess, huh?”

Chapter Text

Korekiyo slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, pulling it off his arms when he got to the last button. Gonta watched in awe, finding Korekiyo beautiful as always. No matter how many times he watched Korekiyo take off his clothes, his figure was always beautiful, always just as eye-catching as the first time he had seen it. Korekiyo’s pale, nearly gray skin in the moonlight in their bedroom was like staring at a painting. You could see his ribs on his sides and his back arched everytime he peeled fabric off of his skin.

Gonta could barely help but reach out and touch him each time. Lucky for him, Korekiyo asked him to touch him, so he was well within his gentlemanly rights.

His hands reached forward and grabbed at Korekiyo’s torso, calloused fingers rubbing his sides. Korekiyo sighed a bit at the feeling of being caressed and Gonta smiled brightly, one hand reaching up to stroke the side of Korekiyo’s face. “May Gonta take off Kiyo’s mask?”

Koreiyo stared up at him, yellow eyes gleaming in his direction as he nodded. Gonta was gentle as he slowly removed the privacy mask. Korekiyo’s thin lips and triangular nose were revealed, pale as the rest of his skin, but somehow more revealing than his chest was. It made moments when Gonta really saw Kiyo all the more magical.

Gonta leaned in and kissed Kiyo’s lips softly, speaking only when he pulled away. “Kiyo looks so pretty like this.”

Korekiyo smiled back, teeth showing and he chuckled a bit. “You look just as pretty, Gonta.”

Gonta smiled and leaned in, closing the distance between his lips and Korekiyo’s skin. It was cold beneath his lips, but he was more than happy to warm it up with his mouth, sucking a hickey into place on the smaller man’s collar bone. Korekiyo’s small sighs and sounds filled Gonta with the determination to make sure his partner felt good the whole time.  Not only would it please Kiyo, but it was like a reward to hear someone he loved so much making sounds just for him. 

His hands trailed down to Kiyo’s belt and he smiled,”May Gonta take off your pants?”

Korekiyo nodded, smiling as he pulled away,”Yes.”

Gonta nodded as he undid the belt, slowly pulling it from the loops of the pants. Next was the button and the zipper, slowly being undone as well until finally Gonta was able to tug the cloth down Kiyo’s thighs, past his knees and off of his ankles. He tossed them to the side and looked down, able to see Korekiyo’s boner through his underwear. Gonta leaned in and kissed the other’s chest, hands tentatively grabbing the waistband of the boxers. When Kiyo leaned into his touch, he took it as an okay to pull those down as well, leaving Kiyo bare to his eyes.

Korekiyo shuddered a bit under Gonta’s gaze, feeling the red eyes staring at him. He wanted more of it, he wanted Gonta in every single way. His shaky hands reached forward, the scars more apparent against the brown tone of Gonta’s pants. He slowly gave him the same treatment he had just received, being sure to undo them with care and pull them down with his underwear, now leaving them both in the same position.

Gonta smiled a bit, unable to control his excitement as he leaned in to kiss Korekiyo again, this time a hand trailing down between them both to grab at Korekiyo’s cock. The anthropologist was already half hard. Korekiyo moaned a bit and the feeling of Gonta’s warm, rough fingers wrapping around him. He let out a soft whine when Gonta began to stroke, his hands reaching up to hold onto Gonta’s shoulders for support.

Gonta continued at a steady pace, watching to make sure Korekiyo was doing alright. He only stopped when Koreiyo bit his lip and bucked his hips again, finally speaking up. “Please, Gonta- I-I- I don’t know if I could wait any longer.”

Gonta exhaled sharply but nodded, pulling his hand away to allow himself to grasp Kiyo’s hips once more. Slowly, he guided him down to lay on the bed, in which he spread his legs for Gonta. The entomologist reached forward and retrieved the lubricant from the bedside table they had. He poured some of the liquid onto his fingers, warming it up before looking back at Korekiyo.

Koreiyo, however, already knew he was about to as if he could continue. He always had the decency to ask, no matter how many times. Gonta could never be too sure. Korekiyo spoke quietly,”Yes, Gonta, you can touch me there.”

Gonta swallowed thickly but nodded, placing his clean hand against one of korekiyo’s thighs, His hand grasped it, carefully pressing it further away so he could have better access to Kiyo’s hole. He inserted one finger to the second knuckle before pulling out again. His hands were big and he didn’t want to rush Kiyo whatsoever. He made sure Kiyo was more than used to the one finger before he added the second, giving him the same treatment when they arrived at the third.

When Kiyo asked him to continue forward, he obeyed, removing the fingers and wiping them off, before moving to lube up his own cock. He lined up with Koreiyo before leaning in to kiss him as he entered. He could feel Korekiyo moan into the kiss, his thin fingers reaching up to tangle in Gonta’s hair in order to hold him close. When Gonta pulled away from the kiss, he watched kiyo closely, watching as the discomfort in his face slowly melted away. Once Korekiyo made eye contact, he asked,”Is Kiyo okay?”

Koreiyo nodded carefully, shifting a bit,”Yes. Thank you- you may continue, Gonta.”

Gonta nodded, gripping onto Korekiyo’s hips as he began to draw back out of him, only to push back in. He began a steady pace, grinding up and into korekiyo, who was already making a plethora of quiet sounds. Korekiyo was never loud during sex, but always verbal. And Gonta loved that in his partner, communication being of great importance to him.

“Faster,” Korekiyo whined, grinding against the other. Gonta nodded, hand reaching down and forward to hold Korekiyo’s cock, stroking it slowly. His fingers squeezed around Korekiyo,feeling as precum leaked onto his thick fingers.

Gonta went harder now, pressing against Kiyo’s prostate again and again, wanting him to cum. Gonta lived for the look on Korekiyo’s face when he came, and he could tell he was already getting closer and closer. Korekiyo’s mouth hung open and his face was flushed red, squirming a bit beneath Gonta- all the telltale signs that he was close. Gonta kept up his pace, squeezing his cock tighter, practically milking his orgasm out of him. Cum leaed off of Gonta’s fingers and onto Korekiyo’s stomach.

Korekiyo whimpered a bit as Gonta thrust deep inside him one more time, burying his head in Kiyo’s neck as he finished. They both breathed against each other, neither truly willing to let go for the next few minutes. When they finally pulled away, Gonta spoke and asked Koreiyo what must have been a million times that night,”Is Kiyo okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay.” Korekiyo smiled, face dusting pink as he felt Gonta pull out of him. As Gonta moved to pick Korekiyo up and move him to the shower, Koreiyo seemed to push him away at first. Gonta shot Korekiyo a concerned look until the smaller man dragged him down on the bed with him, covering them both in a blanket.

“Kiyo, we should really get cleaned up-”

“Tomorrow, Gonta. I just want to be with you right now. Please.”

Font couldn't help but give in as the quiet voice spoke back to him, cuddling closer. He guessed it couldn’t hurt to wait til morning.

Chapter Text

Kokichi was in a vulnerable position but in his defense- he really was certain no one would be home for another two hours at least. So here he was, ass up, as he pressed a dildo deep inside of it. He didn’t trully have a defense for this, simply nowing thatt he was horny as fuck when he got home, and he sure as hell was going to do something about it. He thrusted the toy in and out of himself, careful to go slow. The moans fell from his mouth and into the pillows beneath him.

Of course, somehow, he still heard him.

“Y’know, you look beautiful like that.”

Koichi’s soul nearly left his body as he sat up, messily clamoring to grab a blanket on the bed beside him to cover himself up. When he finally had the chance to glance over, he noticed it was his boyfriend. Kokichi heaved for a second, breathing heavy before he spoke,”Welcome home, Rantaro.”

The green haired man at the other’s nonchalant line and took it upon himself to enter the room now, shutting the door behind him. He stepped closer to the bed where Kokichi sat and pulled the blanket off of him gently, in which Koichi let him. Kokichi was quaking, clearly from the feeling of the toy still deep inside of him. Rantaro’s smirk was apparent as he leaned in close beside his partner’s ear and spoke,”Do you want some help with that?”

Kokichi practically moaned as he nodded. His thin hand reached around, prepared to pull out the toy like he had done every time before when this had happened. The feeling of silicone being replaced by his boyfriend's cock was an amazing thing that Kokichi craved- but here Rantaro was now, holding his hand and stopping him from doing that. Kokichi’s purple eyes looked up at Rantaro with confusion and a hint of frustration. Rantaro spoke once more,”Why don’t we leave that in for today? I have another idea if you’re up for it.”

Kokichi hesitated a bit before nodding, giving into the uncertainty that Rantaro wanted him to feel. Rantaro was careful as he helped Kokichi lay back against the bed now instead, making sure the toy stayed inside as he kissed him. He pulled away to grab the lubricant from the bed next to Kokichi, dripping the slick substance onto his fingers. He looked back up for one more moment, kissing him one more time in chaste silence before speaking,”Just let me know if you want to stop.”

Kokichi nodded but Rantaro knew that Kokichi had himself under control. Kokichi was never one to hold back any of his feelings, especially during sex, certainly he would’ve said something even if not ordered by his partner to do so.

Rantaro looked down now at Kokichi's already full and wet hole, eager to get inside of it himself. He could feel himself getting harder at the thought of being inside of him but now wasn’t time yet. He had to be slow with Kokichi if he really wanted this to work. So, slowly, he pushed a finger inside beside the shaft of the toy. He could hear Kokichi gasp above him and feel him clench, but as he began to thrust the finger in and out of him, he began to relax a bit and enjoy himself. So, again, slowly, he added a second finger. And then a third. And even a fourth.

Kokichi was a mess beneath him, precum leaking out of his cock already, clearly trying to hold himself back for Rantaro already. The older man couldn’t help but smirk a bit at that fact, but he continued on with what he was doing, slipping the fingers out of his partner. He grabbed the lubricant again, wanting to be extra sure that he didn’t hurt the other, as he slicked up his cock and lined it up with Kokichi’s hole, beneath the toy.

He watched closely as Kokichi swallowed, looking up at him as he pressed in. The other man’s face contorted as he cursed a bit, Rantaro entering as slow as he possibly could. Rantaro paused half way through, about to ask Koichi if he was alright but the other was a step in front of him. “Why are you stopping-?”

Rantaro shook his head as to brush off the question and simply continued to press inside until their hips met.  Rantaro took his time to kiss at Koichi’s face and be sure the other was alright before continuing. As he began to thrust once more, Kokichi’s hands reached up to hold onto Rantaro’s shoulders. Kokichi’s groans and high pitched moans only determined Rantaro moreso to make this experience memorable for the both of them. He huffed a bit as he began to thrust faster now, moaning as he felt Kokichi clench around him. His partner was already so tight with two cocks inside of him, and now he was practically hugging his dick. He moaned loudly and leaned in to kiss the other.

As they kissed, his hand reached up to grab hold of Koichi’s own cock, which was already a mess, precum spilling out of it steadily. Kokichi’s legs shook now as he began to stroke him. The younger man broke away from the kiss with a sob,”Fuck- I’I’m gonna-!”

White semen spilled out of Kokichi onto his chest and stomach, splattering across him as he hit his breaking point. His mouth hung open as Rantaro continued to stroke him through his finish. Rantaro himself was drawing dangerously close as well, fuckign deeper into Koichi as he too finally came, relishing in the tight feeling of Kokichi’s ass. His hips stuttered as he finished thrusting, the two of them panting at the feeling. 

Kokichi shivered as Rantaro pulled out, feeling himself practically gape as his partner pulled out the toy as well, hands coming up to cover his face in embarrassment. He could feel Rantaro chuckle from above him,”Baby, why cover up? You look so pretty with my cum leaking out of you-”

Kokichi groaned as he felt Rantaro drag a finger through the mess, brushing over his hole. The older man pulled kokichi’s hands away and kissed his face before grabbing the wipes from beside the bed and using them to clean up his partner, taking one last glance at the work he had done before cleaning that up as well.

Chapter Text

Gonta absolutely could not take this any longer. Here he was, in a room with three of his other classmates and it was clear all night that they were just waiting for him to leave, so he hadn’t even understood why he was invited in the first place. Rantaro had invited him, mentioning they were going to do something fun tonight, but from the moment he walked into Shuichi ‘s dorm, they all seemed to shoot him odd, uncomfortable looks. Especially Kaito, who seemed especially unhappy to see him for once.

And as much as Gonta was trying to be strong and not mind it, all he wanted to do at this point was go, but he didn’t want to leave abruptly. He wished there was a chill way out, where he could make an excuse and just leave with no questions. Then maybe the next time they saw each other in their college classes or in a coffee shop or something they could all go back to normal.

Everything came to a head when Shuichi decided to open his mouth, asking Kaito some sort of question in the other room, one Gonta hadn’t heard. He certainly, however, heard Kaito’s response.

Let’s not talk about it until he leaves.

Then they both had the audacity to make their way back into the room where Rantaro and Gonta were and pretend like nothing had ever happened. So that’s when Gonta got the courage to stand up for himself.

“What was Shuichi and Kaito talking about?”

Shuichi seemed to flush in response but Kaito was quick, shaking his head, simply brushing him off,”Nothing, Gonta. Everythings fine.”

Gonta shook his head and seemed to scoff a bit,”If Kaito just wants Gonta to leave, he should just say it to Gonta’s face.”

Kaito’s face seemed to pale at realizing how Gonta felt, but it already seemed to be too late. The biggest man in the room was already grabbing his phone and his stuff and getting prepared to walk out. Rantaro was already rushing to try and console Gonta,”Kaito didn’t mean it like that, Gonta, we can explain-”

“How-?” Shuichi looked up with a red face, clearly getting anxious. Kaito seemed to try and hold Shuichi’s shoulder to try and help ground him as he panicked,”How do you explain what we’re all here for? You should have asked Gonta about it before he came over. Not called him over to ask right before.”

Gonta looked between them, now halting in his tracks, confused. But they seemed to just go on, talking, Rantaro gaining a meek expression,”You're right, I probably should have, that was my bad, but now we need to explain-”

“Explain what?” Gonta spoke again,”Explain what to Gonta?”

Shuichi chewed on his lip as Ranatro sighed and looked up at the other,”We’re here to have sex. All three of us.” Gonta felt his face heat up, but Rantaro kept going,”All three of us, we usually sleep with each other once in a while. Just for a bit of fun. And I wanted to invite you, which I had discussed with Shuichi but not Kaito beforehand. And Shuichi’s right, I should’ve asked you and then invited you. I guess I just didn’t know what to say.”

Gonta could barely understand what he was hearing. It sounded like a fever dream- why would they specifically want to invite him? And why were they treating him like this now-?

Gonta’s thoughts were interrupted by Kaito huffing in frustration,”See? I told you he wouldn’t understand- He probably doesn’t even know what that is.”

“Know what what is?” Gonta returned, glare sharp.

“Sex. Do you know what sex is?”

Gonta huffed and made a bold move, stepping closer to Kaito. He stared at him down for a moment before dropping to his knees in front of the other. He could feel all their eyes move to meet him, burning holes into his back, but he paid it no mind, simply continuing with his plan. He undid Kaito’s belt and zipper, moving to move his pants and boxers down. Kaito flushed warm as he spoke,”What’re you doing?”

“Showing Kaito that Gonta knows what sex is.”

He brought his pants and boxers down to about mid thigh, revealing the other’s member. It was long, but not quite as long as Gonta’s own and it was still quite soft, which was understandable for the situation. Gonta gave it a few strokes before leaning in to lick the head of Kaito’s cock. The astronaut made a strained noise as he watched Gonta work, feeling his tongue glide against him and dip into his slit. Kaito moaned loudly when Gonta finally swallowed him hole. Gonta could see Shuichi move beside him and hear Rantaro call him over, but he paid neither of them any mind, in which it seemed Kaito followed suit. Still focused completely on Gonta and his mouth.

Gonta’s head bobbed up and down along Kaito’s cock, tongue massaging the underside of it as he went. His red eyes stared up at the older man, watching him carefully. His face was a deep shade of red and he seemed to be holding back a lot of his reactions. His hand was tangled in Gonta’s hair, grabbing onto the brownish green locks as Gonta sucked his cock.

“Kaito! Stop hogging him- both of you get over here.”

Rantaro’s voice stopped them both in their tracks, Gonta pulling off of Kaito now to look over at the other two. Shuichi was already breathless, cock in Rantaro’s hand while he jerked him off. Kaito was the first to move to the bed, Gonta following seconds after. Rantaro smiled a bit, pulling away from Shuichi to kiss Gonta’s sloppy lips. Rantaro’s tongue danced with Gonta’s for a moment before Rantaro pulled away to speak again,”I say we all take Gonta. Why don’t we have him lay down?”

The other two nodded in response, giving Rantaro full permission to remove Gonta’s shirt, beginning to undo the buttons. Shuichi pulled it off from behind him and he watched carefully as Rantaro undid his pants, pulling off the belt and then the cloth in quick succession. Once he was fully undressed, he was guided to lay on his back on the bed. Rantaro moved to get himself undressed, Shuichi doing the same. Gonta watched, flinching a bit when Kaito's voice surprised him from beside him,”Can I have this mouth again? I’m kind of loving what he does with it.”

Shuichi and Rantaro seemed to both agree that that was fine, Kaito smirking and leaning in to kiss Gonta,”You hear that? I’m not done with that mouth of yours.”

“I’ve got eyes on his ass,” Rantaro spoke with a small smile, grabbing the lube from the table. “If Gonta’s alright with that.”

Gonta groaned , eyes glancing over to meet Rantaro’s ass he nodded,”Gonta’s more than fine with that.”

Rantaro nodded, coming over as he poured some of the lubricant onto his fingers.Gonta seemed to get the idea, lifting his legs and placing them spread on the bed to give the explorer more room. He felt as Rantaro’s wet finger prodded as his hole, one finally pushing in shortly after it’s initial landing. He fingered him open carefully, being sure he was good and opened before continuing any further. Once he was sure Gonta was prepared enough, he poured out some more lube, stroking it onto his hard cock and lining up with Gonta’s hole.

The other two seemed to watch intently as Rantaro pushed inside of him, but that just added to the experience. Something about being watched as you were fucked open was euphoric to Gonta. Rantaro seemed to be worried about hurting the other, stopping once their hips met to be sure Gonta was fine. “Keep going,” Gonta muttered, a bit breathlessly at that. Rantaro obeyed, pressing forward, beginning to thrust.

Gonta looked beside him to watch as Kaito handled Shuichi. It was clear the astronaut was the roughest out of the three, fingering his sidekick open. Shuichi was unceremoniously bent over the side of the bed, Kaito’s fingers nestled deep inside of his ass, spreading him open. Gonta’s attention was stolen away from the sight when Rantaro brushed against his prostate. His moans were loud as he gripped the sheets, eyes clenching shut as he felt Rantaro thoroughly fuck him.

It was only when he felt Kaito’s hand on his face that he opened his eyes. He allowed Kaito to guide his head back, hanging off the bed upside down, mouth opening for him. Kaito muttered something about how good Gonta was being, as he guided his now leaking cock into the other’s mouth. Gonta could taste the tartness of Kaito’s cum but if anything it just made him want more as Kaito began to fuck his throat.

Gonta cried out when he felt a wet hand on his cock. At first it confused him who it was, but once he ruled out Kaito who wasn;t in a position where he could reach him like that and Rantaro whose hands were both on his hips, it was clear it was Shuichi, jerking him off. He moaned, all the sensations building up to break him down. He already felt so close- he was only cut off from his orgasm by Shuichi’s hand drawing away from him once more.

He whined at the loss but moments later he could feel the bed move under weight on either side of him. He wanted to open his eyes and look at what was happening, but all he could see when he opened them was Kaito, who was still thrusting in and out of his now open throat.

It seemed, however, that he already knew what was happening and didn’t need to look. For now he felt Shuichi grab his cock once more, this time guiding it inside of what Gonta presumed was himself. He could here Shuichi hiss a bit at the stretch and could here Rantaro console him, the whole group slowing a bit to be sure Shuichi was alright as he guided himself down as far as he could on gonta’s cock.

The whole group sprang to life once more, and Gotna felt his cock twitch inside of Shuichi. He felt so close already, but he didn’t want to be the first to finish. Good thing Kaito’s labored breathing queued them into the fact he was also drawing close. His thrusts became messier, rougher, deep inside of Gonta until he finally came, spilling into the other’s mouth. He pulled out when he finished, trying to catch his breath as he stared down at Gonta , who tried to swallow it all, a bit of cum spilling out of the sides of his mouth.

Once Kaito had relaxed a bit, his hand moved forward to grab onto Shuichi’s cock. It was clear the thinner boy was drawing close himself, struggling to keep himself moving on Gonta’s cock. Gonta gained the strength to sit up and hold Shuichi’s hips in support as he continued to ride him, Kaito’s hand now wrapping around the detective’s cock and jerking him off as well.

“Oh, fuck-!” Shuichi’s voice quivered and his body convulsed as he too came, the fluid leaking into Kaito’s hand and onto Gonta’s stomach. Shuichi clenched down on Gonta by force of habit and Gonta cursed, grinding up into the other. Shuichi cried out a bit, hands reaching up to grab Gonta’s shoulders as he was filled with Gonta’s own cum. He whimpered a bit at the feeling as Gonta moaned, practically seeing stars.

He felt like he could fall asleep right now if it wasn’f for Rantaro who was still fucking him, but he was clearly close aswell. It only took a couple more thrusts before he was leaning forward, kissing Shuichi as he finally came. Gonta grimaced a bit at the feeling of being finished inside of but he didn’t care. He watched as Rantaro came down from his high, the rest of them still in the same boat.

None of them seemed to have the energy to clean up the mess they had made as they all clamored onto the bed that was certainly too small for four people. Maybe it was a good thing Gonta hadn’t left earlier.

Chapter Text

Fuyuhiko guessed Teruteru really wasnt kidding when he said he wasnt a pillow prince. Cause here Fuyuhiko was, who was usually so dominant, laid down on the bed withthe chef's fingers working him open. 

He groaned into the pillow, feeling as the other massaged his prostate with his fingers. The friction of his cock between his stomach and the bed was driving him crazy, and Teruteru knew this. He specifically chose to ignore it, simply continuing to make sure his partner was ready for what was to come.

"God, fuck-" the blonde groaned, red face buried in the sheets,"Please, Teruteru-"

"Please what," returned the chef innocently.

Fuyuhiko whined,"Please just fuck me already- fuck-"

Fuyuhiko let out a strained gasp as he felt the fingers pull out of him, suddenly feeling empty. He could hear the sounds of the buckles and steaps clicking shut around Teruteru's beautiful thighs. He had half the mind to turn around and look but he was too jittery. Practically shaking in anticipation for what was about to come.

He couldnt even help but moan when he felt the bulbous tip of Teruteru's silicone cock against his enterance. He gripped the sheets when he felt him finally press inside. The burn of the stretch was delicious and god he wanted more. 

When their hips fonally met, he could feel Teruteru's hands caress his sides. "You look gorgeous, Fuyuhiko." 

Fuyuhimo could feel his face go bright red,"Please- keep going-" he spat out breathlessly.

Teruteru nodded and kissed the small of Fuyuhiko's back before standing back up in position. He began to thrust at a steady, even pace. Fuyuhiko's mouth hung open as he felt the toy move in and out of his hole- gliding against his walls smoothly from all the lube. He shivered under Teruteru's grasp as the chef began to thrust into him harder, brushing against his prostate.

"Holy fuck, Tetuteru-!"

All he heard in response to his moans and cries were the sounds of Teruteru breathing heavily as he tried to thrust harder and harder. Fuyuhiko shuttered- he was so close- he could feel the warmth pool deep inside of him- until finally he burst, covering the sherts beneath him in his own cum. 

He gasped and groaned, breathing heavily, exauhsted from the climax. He whined when he felt the inevitable pull out of Teruteru's cock, sliding against his walls once more before finally falling out of him. 

Teruteru looked down at his partner with a small smirk as he undid the strapon, ready to climb into bed next to the other. "Told you so."

Chapter Text

Gonta’s hands worked frantically as he moved to set up the nest on the mattress, working hard to make sure it was big enough and comfortable. He could tell this morning that his heat was gonna hit today when the smell of his alpha awoke him. Normally waking up to the cent wasn’t a big deal- and actually quite pleasant. But it’s a whole different experience to be woken up by  it.

The smell had him watering at the mouth, and he could feel as his insides churned with dread. Soon enough his skin would be hot and he would be all sticky from the feeling of sweat, slick and sex all over him.

The good news though? He got to relax with his alpha.

Kaito and Gonta’s jobs both allowed them flexible schedules, Kaito’s job just happened to be flexible and Gonta worked from home when he wasn’t traveling. So taking off for the next few days to take care of a heat and maybe even a rut wasn’t a difficult endeavor.

Kaito returned to the bedroom with two bottles of water and a small pack of crackers, placing them on the desk which sat in the corner of the room. He figured they’d need those eventually- those and some lubricant of course, but that was already in the nest, nestled in the basket they put in there with each heat. Convenient for when Gonta’s instincts wanted his nest in a whole new or strange place.

Gonta’s muttering caught Kaito’s attention and he walked over, having half the mind to ask,”Is there anything I could get to help you make the nest, honey?”

“Gonta needs your coat….” The response was fast- as though the brunette had already known and was just too nervous to ask himself.  Kaito smiled as he nodded, turning to go grab it from the coat rack. When he returned, he handed it to his mate, kissing his cheek in the process. Gonta made quick work of stuffing it into the nest, making sure everything was in place before smiling and sitting back,”Gonta’s nest is perfect.”

Kaito beamed as he peppered Gonta’s face with kisses,”As always.”

Gonta smiled and giggled a bit before relaxing, holding Kaito’s hand. He gently guided him into the nest beside him, where they both curled up, holding each other. Now all they had to do was wait for the heat to truly hit- for Gonta’s slick to start producing. But they didn’t mind the wait at all, happy to share the time with one another.

They only had to wait about forty minutes before Gonta had started shifting and huffing a bit as his cheeks turned a soft pink. He moved in discomfort a bit before his red irises met Kaito’s purple ones, desperation already glazing over his pupils. “Gonta’s ready, he thinks.”

Kaito nodded, already starved for Gonta’s beautiful scent. He still took it slow though, not wanting to hurt his mate int he process of getting him ready. They both carefully stripped off their clothes, some being thrown out of the nest while other pieces Gonta decided to add to the nest on the spot. Kaito couldn’t help but smile at that gesture, seeing how seriously his omega took his urges and safe spaces.

Soon, they were both naked, feeling each other’s abs and shoulders. With each gentle caress of Kaito’s fingers, Gonta was letting out a soft noise, getting more and more excited with each passing moment. His cock already seemed to be leaking from his oversensitive body- but Kaito was slick, dipping his finger into the precum and licking it off of his pointer moments later. Gonta made a shot gasping noise as he watched, wanting those fingers inside of him more than anything.

“Please,” Was the only sound Gonta made as he made an attempt to lay back, positioning himself so Kaito was between his legs. Kaito couldn’t chuckled a bit at the site, holding back his teases about Gonta’s desperations. Now wasn’t the time to play like that- jhis alpha instincts wanted to be inside of him. And more importantly, Gonta needed him.

He worked quickly to stretch him open, careful he wasn’t going too fast or too slow, as to not hurt the other. He used plenty of the lube and made sure his mate was more than prepared- but he thought his over preparation was just a side affect of him wanting to get to the point faster.

The moment gonta said he was ready, Kaito was pulling out his fingers, desire making him hungry as he stoked the rest of the lube onto his penis. Once he himself was wet with a mix of lube, precum and Gonta’s instinctual slick, he was pressing inside of the other.

He moved inside of him with ease,going a bit faster than he usually did as he pressed inside of the other. Gonta let out a couple soft groans as Kaito pressed deep inside of the other, moans reaching their maximum volume when their hips finally met, Kaito bottoming out. Kaito showed his omega mercy by kissing his face as he waited for him to get used to the feeling of being stretched by his cock. Once Gonta gave him the okay again to move, he was back to it, thrusting in and out of the other with great force.

Gonta’s moans went high pitched as he felt Kaito grind against his prostate hard and fast. The entomologist had tears build up in his eyes as he was continuously stretched, hips being grasped hard by Kaito’s fists.

He felt the flush cover his cheeks and shoulders and precum leak from his cock as he drew closer and closer, moving his own legs to help Kaito grind into him harder. Gonta could tell Kaito was getting close too by the sheer look of concentration on his face. So when he himself finally reached his limit a little earlier than he’d like to admit, he didn’t mind at all. Cum spurt from his cock onto his chest and abs as the tears finally spilled over, dripping down his cheeks and warming his face.

Kaito groaned, feeling the tight ring of muscle squeeze around him, giving him a tighter hole to fuck in to. He didnt get to enjoy the tightness for long, as his orgasm was close behind his partner’s. Cum leaked from his cock into Gonta’s ass, filling him as his knot swell.
Gonta’s small noise of discomfort as Kaito’s knot expanded made the alpha feel a sense of guilt for a moment. He leaned forward to kiss his partner’s face, praising him as he tried to tear the other’s attention away from the discomfort for just a moment.

They shared a short, breathless kiss as they relaxed into each other, covered in their own messes. Luckily for them, they had the rest of the week to clean up this mess and make a whole bunch of new ones.

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Hello Readers,

I hope you’re all doing well today- I come bearing some goodish/bad news. I’m sure recently you’ve noticed every once in a while I won’t write here for long periods and I’ve come to a conclusion of why I do that.

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I’ve come to the conclusion after a few days of considering my options that a good choice would be to close requests for the time being until I could really get on track. I’d like to be able to catch up with my old requests without the pressure of not getting newer ones out sooner because it just ends with me disappointing myself over and over. I’d also like to work on finishing or starting some other projects as oftentimes I have chosen to choose these requests over my own writing desires.

Any request currently in my inbox I will finish and continue to write just as I have been doing. However, any new requests for this book will be deleted until I state that they’re open again. I hope you all can understand and respect my decision. Thank you all for everything you have given me so far. Thank you all for each and every request- and every nice comment and kudos and bookmark. Thank you to those who I’ve had memorable fun experiences with.

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Chapter Text

Gonta couldn’t help but try and be as gentle as possible- it was the least he could do. He was just so much bigger than her- she was easily one of the smallest people in the class, and he was clearly the biggest. 

Her breathing shook a bit as his calloused fingers brushed down her sides, over her breasts and to her hips. He gripped them as he leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth- her moans pushing past her lips despite how she tried to hold them back. He switched to the other to give it the same treatment before kissing down her stomach to her crotch.

He pulled his face back to run his fingers over her pubes, before trailing to her cunt. His fingers slid between her folds- she was already so wet from just being caressed like that- and god did it take Gonta’s breath away.

He took his time fingering her open, watching as her chest rose and fell, how her noises sounded around him at this moment. He was so focused on how she was feeling- he almost didn’t notice how his cock was pressing tightly against his thigh, briefs still covering them.

“Gonta,” She sighed, sitting up on her elbows to look at him, staring into his shining red eyes. “I’m ready- please.”

He nodded, obeying immediately. He’d do anything she wanted, and he doesn’t think he’d ever regret it.

He reached below him, grabbing a condom from his pants on the floor. He tore it open quickly, eager to be inside of her as he stood up now, towering over her. He breathed heavily as he slowly removed his boxers, wanting her to watch as he did so. He knew she loved this- her eyes told him so as he slowly removed the fabric off of his length.

She watched intently as he slid the rubber onto his cock, stroking himself hungrily a few times before he moved closer to her. He leaned in over her, pressing himself against her entrance. He leaned in and kissed her as he pressed inside, feeling her moan into his mouth. Her back arched and her hands reached up to caress his chest. She felt so hot with him spreading her open like that.

When he reached the base, he gave her a moment, watching her to be sure she was alright, before he pulled out again. She let out a dragging moan, cursing a bit as he began to thrust at a consistent pace. He pushed into her over and over again, moaning along with her.

She could feel his hot breath on her neck, could hear it quicken when she begged him to go faster. He obliged with no hesitation, pounding into her now. She was so warm around him and he loved how tight she was. His hands caressed her thin waist as he felt himself get closer and closer to his own finish.

He held back, though, intending to let her cum first. Thankfully, for him, her moans were becoming more high pitched, and now one of her hands was clenching the sheets. She was crying out as she finally came, her orgasm washing over him as she leaked around his cock.

“Oh, God, Himiko-” He moaned as he finally came, the condom catching it all as he hit his finish. He fucked her still, until he was coming out from his orgasm. They both waited, catching their breaths before he pulled out. He tied off the condom and threw it into the garbage before turning to get a cloth from the bathroom.

“Gonta-” She called for him.

“Yes-?” He asked, pausing in his tracks to look back at her.

“It’s fine, just come lay with me.”

His eyebrows knit together as he stepped closer. ”But Himiko deserves to get cleaned up,” he said, adding,”Aftercare.”

She shook her head though, reaching out for him sleepily,”I just want to lay with you. Please? We’ll clean up in a bit.”

He hesitated for a second, but he soon found himself landing in bed with her again, unable to resist her request. It was only gentlemanly to do exactly as she asked.

Chapter Text

Ishimaru’s hands pressed against Mondo’s abs, he admired every sharp turn and edge of his body, the way it was soft and smooth over his hard abdomen. His stern face stared down at Taka, mouth hungrily kissing forward, brushing against his partner’s neck. His tongue darted out as he clasped onto the other, sucking a hikey on to his neck.

“Don’t leave a mark,” Taka whined, breathlessly as he reached toward Mondo’s pants. His fingers used to shake as he took off the other’s belt- but they no longer did. They were steady and precise, having done this countless times before.

Mondo only sucked harder in response, sniggering as he pulled away,”Don’t tell me what to do.”

Taka huffed a bit, hand resting on the other’s hip as he pushed his pants and boxer’s down with the other hand. Mondo was naked now, bare to Ishimaru’s eyes. Taka licked his lips, dropping to his knees. He knew what he was doing- he loved doing it. His hand stroked up and down Mondo’s cock, twisting as he reached the tip. He let his hand move smoothly for several moments before moving to push the head in his mouth.

Mondo let out a low moan as he felt the warmth surrounding his cock. Ishimaru’s deep red eyes stared up at him through the dark lashes. He couldn’t help but bury his hand in Ishimaru’s dark hair, gripping it as the other bobbed his head.

His mouth moved around him skillfully, tongue massaging his cock as he sank onto him. All the way down to his base before going back up to his tip. Mondo moaned, feeling every inch of Taka’s mouth, unable to control himself as he bucked his hips.


After a few minutes, Ishimaru pulled off, hand reaching up again to stroke the other as he catched his breath. He spoke up, drool painting his lip,”I want you inside me.”

Mondo groaned at the thought, nodding, guiding Ishimaru off the floor and over the bed. Mondo removed his partner’s boxers quickly, grabbing the lube from the drawer next to the bed as he did so. He was quick prepping the other, working impatiently but still wanting to be sure he didn’t rush his partner. Once Ishimaru was ready, Mondo removed his fingers, pouring more lubricant onto them, coating his member. 


He lined up carefully before pressing inside, laying his stomach over Taka’s back as he entered him. Taka gripped the sheets as he moaned, spreading his legs a bit more to make the process easier. Soon, Mondo was reaching his base, fully sunk into his boyfriend. He gave him a few moments, playing with his hair and laying hot kisses behind his ear as he relaxed, before finally deciding to move.

He pulled out slowly, listening to the shaking gasp that escaped Taka, before pressing back inside. He began to thrust at a quick pace, mouth trailing over Taka’s neck. Ishimaru moaned, burying his face in the sheets as he felt himself get filled over and over again. He could feel Mon do grinding deep inside of him, brushing against his prostate and driving him crazy. Not to mention the friction on his cock, which was trapped between him and the bed. 


Ishimaru whined, feeling himself get closer and closer to his finish. Mondo was clearly getting close too, his thrust getting rougher and rougher as he went. He was speeding up now, hands gripping Ishimaru’s waist. He lifted him up off the mattress slightly, fucking into him even deeper as he reached down to grab his boyfriend’s cock. 

Mondo groaned, close to Ishimaru’s ear as he spoke,”Cum for me, baby. Come on-”

Ishimaru let out a long keen, shaking a bit as he finally came, obeying his partner. He could feel it coating him as Mondo continued to stroke him, cum falling into his partner’s hand. Mondo smirked at the other’s sounds as he too finally came, mouth falling open as he finished deep inside of Taka. He continued to thrust through his orgasm fucking Taka for a moment longer before he finally stopped, relaxing over top of him. They layed there, sweaty and a mess as they both came down from their highs.

Mondo only moved when Taka asked him too, the other shivering as Mondo pulled out for the final time. Mondo smirked as Ishimaru turned over, giving the other a show as he licked cum off his fingers.  Ishimaru’s face turned red as he complained,”Mondo! That’s so gross.”

He chuckled,”You love it.”