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One-shots and Requests

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Kokichi walked into the house and began stripping himself of his clothes. He knew what this was about. Shuichi had asked him to drink a lot all day. In fact, he had been sent to work with about 6 full bottles of Poland Spring water and was told to finish all of them. Which of course, trustins his beloved saihara-chan, he did. Now, on his way home from work, with a bitter ache in his bladder, he recieved a message. "Strip when you come home" it said "I have a surprise for you." So naturally, here he stood now, rushing to the bedroom, in nothing but his boxers. When he entered , he already saw the detective sitting in the bed. "Cmere" was all he said. Oma obeyed and walked over , kneeling on the bed. He was pulled into Saihara's lap, boxers being pulled down to his thighs. There was the feeling of something cold and wet against him and suddenly he felt the familiar feeling of their smallest plug being pushed into him. He let out a whine, but him and shuichi both already knew it wasnt enough to do anything for him. He was then flipped over. Now sitting on Shuichi's lap, the pressure of the plug grew slightly, but not enough to cause disvmcomfort. Two hands slid down his chest, before trailing back up again. He felt a bite on his ear,"Did you drink everything to day?" Oma whined again, now remided of the painful pressure of his overfilled bladder,"Yes..." He was greated with another nibble on his ear,"Good boy." Shuichis hands slowly made their way down to Oma's stomach and at first Oma was cinfused. But then he felt him apply pressure. Oma gasped and lurched forward,"N-no, wait.." Shuichi purred in his ear,"Color?"
Oma huffed and rolled his eyes,"Green." Shuichi smiled again and pressed harder. He licked the shell of Omas ear and Omas hands went to grasp of shuichi's. He felt a spurt of wet leak out and he whuned again before letting go. It all came out and a tear or two leaked down his face. He was so embarassed and he didnt know how to handle it. But just as shuichi always does, he leaned over and kissed him. "You did a good job" he said. "Dont cry my love" he said. Oma was pushed to the bed after a few minutes and kissed were layed all over his sticky body. Oh yeah, this would be a fun night.