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Ménage à Trois

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Obi should have seen this coming. In fact, he’d been in this exact situation before, countless times in Selig Castle. But when Shirayuki had edged that thin slip of paper to the edge of the desk, her other hand deftly placing herbs in bottles, his heart had quickened. Then he read the words on the slip in her clean, neat script, and he couldn’t breathe.

Zen and I want to see you again.

An innocuous statement it may have been, but Obi knew the subtext. It burned, sent a rush of warmth through his veins, like he’d swallowed back a gulp of wine. He’d turned toward the window, slipping the note into his vest and hoping his pivot hadn’t seemed too obvious, a way for him to hide the erection popping through his pants.

Zen and I want to see you again.

And here he was, ready to be seen again, fingertips grazing the door handle before clenching his teeth and turning it with all his might.


Shirayuki loved the two of them, Obi and Zen. Zen came first, naturally, compassionate and sincere with those sky blue eyes. He was the first one who understood she didn’t need someone else to dictate her life; he believed in her, her path, the way she wanted to carve it out for herself. The fact that he wanted to be in it as well made things even sweeter, as sweet as the lips she kissed now.

Moonlight glimmered through the window, curtains open so beams landed on Zen’s arm, the thumb rubbing against Shirayuki’s cheek, the fingers clenching the fabric of Zen’s shirt. When they pulled apart, Zen kissed her forehead, and she felt his mouth emanate its warmth down to her core.

The door creaked open, and she turned to see a pair of mischievous gold eyes gleaming from the hallway. “Master, Miss, you might want to close the curtains. Don’t want anyone to see this moment between you, do you?”

Zen sighed, drawing the curtains with a yank of his hand. “Obi, if that’s the first thing you say to us when you come in, you might as well leave.”

Obi laughed under his breath, stepping into Zen’s room in a black shirt that revealed his collarbone in a way that made Shirayuki want to lie against it, feel the thrum of Obi’s heart against her body. “All right, then. I won’t say anything else. Let me do this instead.”

After closing the door behind him, Obi pulled off his shirt and walked toward Shirayuki and Zen. His lips found Shirayuki’s, and her hand went to rest against his stomach, his abs clenching beneath her touch.

Obi was second, and Shirayuki was still surprised by that. The man who had assisted Lord Haruka in threatening her place in Clarines became an attendant. His roguish charm hadn’t registered at first, but after a while, the way he looked at her, golden irises simmering down to a deep hazel, made her stop, realizing that he loved her the way she loved Zen.

Perhaps this was how she came to realize she could love him, too. She had told Zen about it one night, their heads pressed against the wall of her room, fingers intertwined as she looked in Zen’s eyes and told him how she felt. He had flushed a little afterwards, and then he’d mumbled that he felt that energy from Obi as well, that he wouldn’t mind reciprocating because that desire thrummed through him like it did in Shirayuki.

Obi went to kiss Zen, one hand grabbing his hips and the other rubbing against the tent forming at the front of his pants. Shirayuki’s lips parted as a hand settled against her stomach, inching so close to the place where she wanted to feel something, anything.

“Huh. Seems like the little prince is getting excited,” Obi chuckled, nipping on Zen’s bottom lip.

“Obi,” Shirayuki and Zen gasped, Shirayuki’s fingers reaching for Obi’s shoulder as Zen grabbed at the footboard of his bed.

Obi tensed against her hand, and then he craned around, a smirk decorating the corners of his lips. “You want in on this, too, Miss?”

She didn’t need to say yes before all three climbed onto the bed, clothes sliding to the floor and mouths desperate to latch onto anything they could.


Zen could only think about the two people with him on his bed, and that was fine with him. All the work he had to do in the morning could wait. Right now, everything he wanted was in this moment with Obi and Shirayuki.

Obi’s knuckles brushed against Shirayuki’s clit with urgency as his tongue lapped against Zen’s cock. Zen moaned as a hand threaded itself into Obi’s locks, the other clutching Shirayuki’s hand as she kissed his neck, her free fingers dancing against one of Zen’s nipples. The sensations made Zen tense, breath coming out in pants as he tried to keep his eyes from rolling up to the ceiling.

Obi pulled off Zen’s dick, a thread of saliva pooling with pre-come stuck out for all to see before it was swallowed. Zen pulled his hand away.

“Obi,” Zen chastised, but the warning curled into a gasp as Obi’s fist replaced his mouth, calloused digits running against foreskin in a wicked grip.

“You know you like it, Master,” he teased, tone fueled with the kind of dark lust that made Zen’s toes curl and Shirayuki stifle a groan.

“Why don’t I turn my attention to Miss over here?” Obi mused, pace becoming languid. “It seems like fingers aren’t enough anymore. Can you do me a favor, Master?”

“What is it, Obi?” Zen asked. At this moment, he would do anything Obi asked because he was making him and Shirayuki feel unbelievable.

Obi hummed, pulling back from Zen and flopping down in the space between him and Shirayuki, causing her to scoot back a little. Obi turned around, stretching out his arms as his dick throbbed against his abs. “Play with me while I take care of her.”

Obi’s lips found Shirayuki’s for a quick kiss before he moved down to slide his tongue against her entrance. She yelped, fingers threading into his hair as he kept going. Zen gulped as he watched this display, his hand twitching as it closed around Obi’s cock, thumb collecting pre as it slid down the sensitive ridge of Obi’s cock head. Obi groaned against Shirayuki as Zen’s pace grew faster.

“You’re so beautiful, Obi,” Zen whispered, laying his lips on Obi’s hip.

“So are you.” Obi glanced back and up at Shirayuki, mouth returning to pleasure Shirayuki. “You both are. It’s why I—ah—do what I do.”

Shirayuki laughed and kissed Obi’s forehead. “Thank you, Obi.” She bit her lip then, and Zen knew what that meant. She was close, and one more swipe from Obi’s tongue would send her over the edge.

Obi saw it, too, and he snuggled further between Shirayuki’s thighs as Zen shouted, “Shirayuki!”

His mouth was on hers as she cried out, coming on Obi’s tongue.

Zen gritted his teeth as he moved back, cock positioned above Obi’s cheek as his free hand gripped the tender flesh and stroked at a ferocious pace.

“Zen, take my hand,” Shirayuki breathed, and as soon as her fingers were laced in his, he was coming, Obi’s tongue catching the drops after the first few slid off his cheek and onto the sheets. He swallowed and then growled in pleasure, come hitting his chest as a vein in his forehead popped out.

The trio waited a few minutes, the afterglow coursing through their veins, their breaths, the air. Zen’s eyes flicked up to Shirayuki, crouched on the bed, head tilted back and red hair barely brushing her shoulders. Then they found Obi, a radiant smile on his lips, eyes closed and fingers twitching, lingering movements playing out.

Zen leaned forward and gave them each a kiss on the cheek, then he asked, “Do you want me to draw a bath before the two of you leave?”

Shirayuki nodded, a giggle escaping her as she slipped off the bed. “I would like that. It’ll help me go to sleep later. And I’ll get to spend more time with the two of you.”

Obi laughed. “Better throw in some herbs for Miss, Master.”

Zen shook his head, his own chuckle leaving him as he walked over to his bathroom.

This moment was continuing, and he couldn’t be more grateful.