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we fill this space (with us)

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taehyung was so horny, nothing could satisfy him anymore. tinder hookups got boring quickly (not to mention tiresome), dildos weren't enough and porn just wasn't doing it.

at first, he didn't mind it. being horny was normal, of course, so he didn't go out of his way to try something new. but after two months of being unsatisfied with his sexual experiences, taehyung needed to get off.

he was down a porn rabbit hole one night, when one particular video appeared in his recommendations. from the thumbnail he could see a man fucking another man's ass, which seemed boring and almost made him scroll past it. but before he could, he noticed that they were fucking through a hole in the wall. taehyung felt himself twitch in his pants, cock hardening in interest. he pressed play on the video, leaning back against the couch.

instantly, he could hear club music playing in the background, almost masking the men's moans as the top entered the bottom in one swift motion. after bottoming out, he quickly started pounding away. the hole was big enough that tae could see the way the man's ass was shaking with each thrust.

taehyung palmed himself through his sweats as the couple in the video started fucking harder. the bottom started whining so loudly that the booming bass of the music was masked by his sounds.

taehyung groaned, pushing down his sweats to free his now hard dick. he spit in his hand and started rubbing at his cock, imagining that ass was his. it would be so hot to just go to a club, hole prepped and ready, push down his pants and let a stranger fuck him, use him as their cumdump.

when the video neared its end, taehyung picked up the pace, jerking himself off to the mental image of his ass being filled over and over again by a bunch of people who had no idea who he was or what he looked like, only his hole for them to see.

"fuck," he groaned and dropped his phone on the couch, bringing his now empty hand to his lips, sucked on them. maybe he would present his mouth for fucking instead, have a man stuff his face. he licked around his long fingers like they were a cock, taking them in deep as he continued to fist himself.

tae took his fingers out of his mouth and fully stepped out of his pants and boxers, pushing them aside. spreading his legs he brought a digit to his hole, circling at the rim. he shivered at the sensation, wishing it was a wet cockhead instead.

"ah, ah," he whined and pushed a finger in his ass slowly. it wasn't wet enough with just spit as a lubricant, but he was too aroused to stand up and search for his lube. and besides, he liked it like that, a little bit dry and rough.

taehyung started fucking into his fist while he fingered himself, so needy for cock. sweat began to form at his temples as he was nearing the edge. he added on more finger, thrusting faster into himself.

he cried as he orgasmed, thick white ropes covering his hands, his chest. he breathed heavily as he came down, body spasming with the aftershocks of his orgasm.

taehyung sighed. he needed to find himself a glory hole, and quick.


one incognito google search later, he found his place: a very popular hole in a gay club not very far from him. it seemed like he wasn't the only gay man in the city who was looking for some anonymous fun, because there were plenty of forums on the internet, where people shared their stories and looked fie other potential hookups.

it was 5pm by the time taehyung made up his mind to go, and the club was to be opened at 8, so taehyung didn't waste any time in getting ready.

he shaved, douched, and fingered himself to the brink of orgasm, then plugged himself up with the nicest butt plug he owned so he will stay loose. after making sure he smelled like vanilla, he put on makeup (minimal, in case it would get ruined after) and put on the sluttiest clothes he owned (pants that were only two times his size and a see through shirt).

after making sure everything was fine, he called himself a cab and went to the club.


taehyung couldn't help but feel nervous upon entering the place, but knew he had to be bold if he wanted to be fucked. in the end, not much could happen. he'd read over thirty posts and they were all positive. he'd be fine. worst case scenario, the dick would suck and he'd go home still horny.

the bathroom was near the entrance, so he went in. he didn't feel like dancing with a plug in his ass, and drinking was out of the question entirely.

it was a regular club bathroom, with about eight stalls on one side of the room. there were about seven people inside, all forming a line in front of a particular bathroom stall in the back, although there were plenty others to choose from.

it was clear that they were all waiting in line for the glory hole, more exactly for the one where they got to fuck, not get fucked.

he felt his knees weaken at the prospect of getting filled by all those cocks.

the stall door opened and out came a smirking man, zipping up his jeans. taehyung could catch a glimpse of the ass at the hole, cum dripping out of it, before the next man went in and closed the door behind him.

"hey," said someone beside him, startling taehyung, and made him realize he was just hovering there in the middle of the room with no clear intent. he looked towards the man, a doe eyed cutie with piercings and tattooed arms. "are you in line for...?" he asked, pointing to the stall taehyung mentality referred to as the 'top stall'.

taehyung shook his head, looking anywhere but in the boy's eyes.

"no, I'm- I'm waiting for the other one."

doe eyed boy's mouth opened, a hot blush covering his cheeks. "oh."

taehyung almost smiled at his cuteness, wondering how that sweet boy would be able to fuck a stranger like that.

"jeongguk, there you are. sorry for being late," another man said, appearing next to the boy, who now had a name - jeongguk.

taehyung couldn't help but stare at him. he was one of the most gorgeous humans he'd ever seen, tall and broad with the most luscious lips. taehyung felt himself harden, imagining those lips wrapped around his cock.

"it's okay, seokjin hyung," said jeongguk, smiling. "besides, we're almost there."

jeongguk was right. there were only two people ahead of them, a tall man with sandy hair and another one, smaller with broad shoulders. he looked at them, wondered how big they were, how good they were.

taehyung felt impatient, waiting like that. he was incredibly aware of the plug inside of him and how hard he was. a whine almost escaped him. he wanted to get fucked already, damn it, wanted to feel jeongguk, seokjin, all these men.

as if on cue, the stall opened, a man limping out. his cheeks were red and full of tears, but there was a look of pure bliss on his face.

taehyung swallowed, approaching the door. he heard a few dog whistles on his way and, as he closed the door behind him, he heard the men next to him go out.

so the sandy haired one will take him first, he thought, taking his pants off and placing them on the toilet lid. he took a small lube bottle out of his pocket, and coated his fingers.

groaning, he slowly took out the plug that was keeping him open and placed the object on his pants.

with his wet fingers, he entered himself, making sure he was wet and good for the first cock. when he was positive he was ready, he walked backwards, until he could feel the coldness of the bathroom wall. he squatted slightly so his opening was in the center of the hole, cheeks spread out, and almost moaned as air touched his asshole.

it was so hot to sit there like a hole needing to be filled, bare and vulnerable. he stood there for a couple of seconds waiting, knowing that he will be stuffed with cock any second.

the wait was starting to become unbearable when he felt the hard tip enter him.

"fuck, " he groaned, almost toppling over.

it was definitely the biggest cock he'd ever had in him, so thick it could barely fit inside his hole, and he was barely even in. the stranger slowly sank in, clearly aware of how huge he was.

taehyung wasn't religious, but he mentally thanked every saint he knew for making this possible.

when the man finally bottomed out, taehyung felt so full it was almost claustrophobic. he breathed in and out, relaxing his muscles.

"are you ready, baby?" he heared the man ask. his voice was deep and husky, and taehyung felt his dick leak precum listening to his voice.

"yes," he whined loudly to make sure the other man will hear him.

the man started moving, dick dragging along taehyung's walls. he could feel each and every vein as the man moved torturously slow until only the head remained in taehyung, and back inside just as slow, pushing inside him until his hips were flush against his ass. he could hear the stranger moan every time taehyung's hole engulfed him completely.

"shit, baby, your ass was made for my cock." taehyung clenched around him at the words of praise.

"fuck, fuck," the man groaned desperately, finally picking up the pace. we was still making sure to get his whole member inside with each thrust, from base to tip, pressing against taehyung's prostate each time.

"aahhh," tae whined in pleasure.

he pressed his hands on the toilet to keep his balance as the stranger started fucking him harder, his belt buckle hitting the wall between them violently.

"so good, aaah," taehyung screamed. "harder, fuck me harder."

his wish was granted, as he was now getting pounded into harshly, the wet sounds of lube, the man's moans and his throaty whines covering the music coming from the club.

"I'm cumming," announced the sandy haired man, his thrusts more erratic, not quite as precise as before

"cum in me," taehyung begged him. "fill me up."

he could feel himself getting closer but wanted to wait until he had at least two loads in his ass.

"come on, big boy, cum in me."

his encouragement seemed to work because three strokes later he felt the first hot spurt of semen in his ass.

"fuck," he cursed under his breath as the stranger released more and more cum, still fucking in and out of his hole as he emptied himself.

taehyung loved it, getting the cum fucked in him, the squelch of his ass as he got filled.

the man stilled inside him, spent. he chuckled. "that was so good, thank you."

he thrusted one more time, earning a surprised scream from taehyung, and pulled out.

taehyung heard him zip up his pants and used that time to move around for a bit, stretching his sore muscles.

he then placed his ass back to the hole, ready for another cock.

he suddenly got impaled on another one, his moan cut short when said dick fucked into him again and again, harsh and careless. the top didn't even let him adjust, only chasing his own pleasure as he rammed his cock in taehyung.

the wall between them was shaking with the power of the man's thrusts, making taehyung move as well. it hit his ass each time and he knew he'd be full of bruises tomorrow morning.

"so tight and wet," the stranger grunted. he suddenly pulled out of taehyung, leaving him confused. "you love strangers cumming in you, huh?"

two fingers slid into of him, pushing the mixture of cum and lube deeper inside him. he could barely feel the intrusion, that's how loose and wet he was. mind clouded with pleasure, he tried pushing back against the fingers, only to be stopped by the wall. he whined, feeling so empty, wanting to be full again, to be fucked.

"please," he cried out, drool dripping down his chin. "just fuck me already."

the top chuckled and took his fingers out. "so demanding. don't worry, I'll fuck you good."

taehyung sighed in relief when he thrust back in, back to his original pace.

"oh yesss, oh yesss." taehyung's eyes rolled back when the stranger brushed against his sweet spot. "right there!"

his prostate got hit again and again, and he was getting closer, veins buzzing with the intensity of his incoming orgasm. he fought the urge to touch himself, wanting to cum from getting fucked only.

taehyung knew that the one behind him was the short man sitting in line, the one with the broad shoulders. he looked so soft back there, and gentle, yet there he was, slamming into taehyung at such a brutal pace.

he went deeper into taehyung, the head of him continuously hitting his prostate. it hurt him to hold back from cumming, but he has never felt that good before.

there's almost no rhythm in the way he fucked, only pure want and an almost animalistic desire for pleasure.

taehyung loved it like this, rough and carnal. it was exactly what he wanted when he came here: to be used.

he kept on whining for the man to go faster, harder, but it was virtually impossible. he was already being so good, just perfect.

the stranger gave him no warning that he's about to cum. only grunted as he released his seed, his relentless pace faltering only for a few seconds as he emptied himself inside taehyung.

finally, taehyung allowed himself to cum with a scream of pleasure, having started to shoot his semen on the bathroom floor when the man started thrusting again.

"oh, ohh," taehyung moaned in surprise. it was clear the man wanted another orgasm, his dick still hard inside him.

taehyung wrapped a hand around his cock, riding his orgasm as he was fucked into oversensitivity. the pace was significantly tamer, a sign that the man was tired. taehyung didn't blame him.

the stranger didn't reach his prostate, only rutting into the boy in front of him in lazy strokes.

tae squeezed himself when he felt another wave of cum spurting out of the other's dick, back arching and muscles tightening.

"fuck," the moan groaned. "you were so good baby." he was still moving weakly, letting his cum coat taehyung's walls. when he pulled out, the liquid started coming out of him immediately, so he quickly went back in with his fingers, gently plugging it back into his ass.

"can't let it go to waste," he laughed.

when he was satisfied, the man leaned in and gave his ass a peck. taehyung almost giggled at how oddly sweet that was. and as he felt him gather his stuff and leave his stall, taehyung breathed deeply and straightened his back.

he was already feeling sore from sitting in one position for so long, getting fucked so hard. he considered just dressing up and leaving, but he wanted more. wanted to cum more, to be filled up more. knew he'd get jeongguk or seokjin next, those gorgeous guys he'd met.

nobody entered the stall next to him for quite a while, so the took his time stretching his muscles, getting his dick to harden again.

he felt the men's cum drip down his ass again and then down his thighs, his skin sticky. he must've been a sight to see, looking fucked out with his cum stained skin and sweaty hair.

he took off the rest of his clothes, feeling hot. and just as he folded his shirt and placed it next to his belongings, someone came in the stall next to him.

excited, he immediately placed his ass back, bending over.

"shit," he heared him curse in awe and, just as he thought, it was jeongguk. he smiled.

"god," jeongguk groaned, sounding in pain. "fuck."

his already cute voice sounded even more high pitched and whiny than normal. taehyung wanted to kiss his forehead and tell him everything will be fine, it's just a hot ass.

instead, he moved around, knowing jeongguk will enjoy seeing his ass bounce. he was right.

"you're beautiful," jeongguk said with a dreamy sigh. taehyung enjoyed the compliment tremendously, but he wasn't there to get pampered, he was there to be fucked.

he was about to complain when jeongguk finally decided to take out his cock. he very carefully placed himself next to taehyung's hole, covering the head with the previous men's cum.

he tapped his dick against taehyung's opening repeatedly, the wet nasty sounds making tae shiver.

"fuck," he moaned in the same whiny voice. he started entering taehyung slowly, fingers on his ass like he was bracing himself. "ah, ah, ah."

he involuntarily jerked his hips forward so the tip was fully in, and stilled like he couldn't take the pleasure anymore.

then he started pushing in again, so slow and gentle taehyung could barely feel him inside. he wasn't small by any means, his dick was average sized with a more defined tip, but taehyung's hole was incredibly loose at that point.

someone knocked on jeongguk's door.

"jk, you all right?" someone asked. taehyung recognized the voice as seokjin's.

jeongguk was still working his dick into tae as he talked. "y-yes."

"you want me to help?"

jeongguk suddenly pushed deeper into taehyung, precum escaping his cock. tae moaned.


the door opened and seokjin joined jeongguk, tsked upon seeing his current state.

"what a messy boy you are," he commented in a disappointed tone, making the boy whine again.

"can't even fuck someone without crying. how do you expect to top me like that?"

"h-hyung," jeongguk started but seokjin didn't let him finish.

"step aside. hyung will teach you how to fuck properly."

jeongguk reluctantly pulled out, leaving taehyung empty once again. he wished he would've just stayed in him, made him feel good, but he knew seokjin would take jeongguk's place, so he waited.

"good boy," seokjin said and taehyung heard him unbuckle his belt.

it was clear from the first push of his cock that seokjin was the more experienced of the two. he entered taehyung in one swift move, sinking to the hilt. tae moaned in appreciation, thankful for finally being filled completely.

"see, gguk?" seokjin asked mockingly.

he started pounding into taehyung with confidence, thrusts swift and deep. it didn't take long for tae to feel another orgasm approaching.

"no wonder you could barely fuck him" seokjin said like it was nothing, like he wasn't slamming into someone. "his ass is so good."

seokjin came closer, changing the pace as he fucked into tae with shorter but more powerful strokes.

"no, don't touch yourself" he heard seokjin. "don't you want to cum inside?"

taehyung whined loudly at the prospect, making seokjin laugh. "see? he wants it too"

tae clenched around seokjin when the man delivered a particularly sharp thrust, having to support himself on the toilet yet again.

"like this, kook? watching your boyfriend fuck someone else?"

jeongguk whined and tae imagined the boy standing there all teary-eyed, hard cock hanging between his legs as he had to watch his lover pound away into a complete stranger.

"yes, hyung" the boy admitted through his whines. "c-can I?"

"can you what?"

"f-fuck him again?"

"of course, love. when I'm done with him."

"thank you, hyung"

"no problem, koo."

he heard them kiss, wet and slow, seokjin slowing his pace as he leaned into his boyfriend.

"god, he's so good, I don't think you'll last more than two thrusts"

he could tell seokjin was close from the strain in his voice. he expected the man to cum any time, fill him up, but after a few seconds, he pulled out, his tip catching at the rim.

"come on, koo, fuck him."

this time, jeongguk was more sure of himself. he pushed in until he bottomed out and started moving his hips faster and faster, trying to match his boyfriend's rhythm from before.

"fuck, fuck" he moaned with each drag of his cock. "so hot, hyung, so wet"

"yea, baby? fuck him harder, you can do it"

at that, jeongguk picked up the pace, finally railing into taehyung. he was faster than seokjin, but more frantic, like a bunny. taehyung almost smiled, because he actually looked like one, too.

"ah, fuck me harder" taehyung screamed and the boy did, hitting his prostate over and over again.

"aaah" jeongguk kept on whining as he pummeled into his hole.

"such a good boy" seokjin said and kissed him, swallowing his moans. "now spread your legs and let hyung fuck you"

if taehyung's dick could've gotten any harder, it would've. he couldn't suppress his moan hearing seokjin's words.

jeongguk stilled inside him and moved closer, spreading his legs. he heard a pair of jeans being dropped and -

"ahh, hyung"

taehyung was moved forward with the force of seokjin's thrust into jeongguk. the younger boy was a whining mess, screaming for his boyfriend, telling him he won't last. seokjin only started fucking into him at a punishing pace, making the younger press deeper into tae.

it went on like this, with seokjin fucking them both, until jeongguk came inside taehyung. it was, as expected, pretty fast, with jeongguk being kept on edge for so long.

they were making out behind the wall while jeongguk thrusted shallowly in tae. when he detached himself from the wall, seokjin took his place, instantly impaling taehyung on his cock.

"fuck, fuck" he spat out, fucking taehyung using his boyfriend's cum.

he slowed down as the time went by, until he was barely even moving inside tae. with a prolonged groan, he released as well, pulling out with a loud pop.

taehyung fell over, holding himself up with the help of the toilet bowl. thankfully it was clean.

"are you okay?" seokjin asked, worried eyes looking at him through the hole. he was so beautiful, blushing and sweaty, full lips red from kissing.

taehyung nodded. "I'm fine, don't worry."

"um," seokjin started, but hesitated. "would you want a ride back home tonight? we could take you."

it was clear they cared about his well-being. taehyung smiled at him. "sure." he grabbed his phone from his pocket and gave it to seokjin.

"great. call us when you're done."

taehyung caught his breath while the men gathered their things. he felt on the edge, hand itching to touch himself, tracing circles on his thighs as he knelt on the cold floor. it was a nice feeling, the tiles cooling his burning skin.

wondering how many men there were left, he opened the stall to look around. he was met with the Jean covered legs of someone who was about to enter the stall beside his. the man's smile was kind as he smiled to him.

"hi, gorgeous, want some water?" he offered him a bottle of water. indeed, taehyung throat was dry from moaning, so he accepted the drink. "see you on the other side" the man winked, making tae laugh at the bad joke.

he closed the door and took a few sips of his water as the man undressed himself.

"I'm hoseok," he introduced himself. "or... maybe I shouldn't have given you my name." he shrugged. "well."

"it's okay. I'm taehyung." taehyung turned around, scooting over to the hole.

"nice to meet you, taehyung. now, how do you want to do this?"

he could see hoseok's dick through the hole, hanging heavily between his legs. tae wasn't one to exaggerate and he really meant it when the said that hoseok has one of the most beautiful dicks he'd ever seen; his mouth watered at the mere sight of him.

"can I suck you off?" he asked and hoseok's cock visibly twitched.

"whatever you want, lovely."

"I want to suck your cock."

the man placed himself in front of the wall, putting his dick in the hole. taehyung took it in his hand, giving it a few tugs before sucking gently at the wet tip, tongue prodding at the slit. hoseok groaned when tae started lapping rapidly at his cock, more precum dripping out.

encouraged by his response, taehyung took more of his member into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks.

"shit," hoseok whispered. "such a hot little mouth."

taehyung closed his eyes and started bobbing his head, gaining momentum.

hoseok was a very vocal receiver, moaning loudly whenever tae's lips went lower, cursing whenever he swallowed around him. taehyung loved having that effect on people, making them lose their minds over how well he sucked cock.

he relaxed his throat and went down until his nose touched hoseok's pubic hair and his forehead the wall.

"fuck, fuck. just like that, baby, take my cock."

when the need for air became unbearable, he pulled off and took big gulps of air. with one hand he started stroking hoseok while the other grasped at his own cock, trying to relieve some of the pain. he'd been hard for so long he couldn't stand it anymore, he wanted to cum again.

he pressed at hoseok's tip with a thumb, rubbed around until he heard him swear. he licked the escaped precum and then a stripe from the base to the head, the prominent vein.

deciding he's done teasing, he sank back down, taking hoseok deep into his throat.

the man sighed. "I wish I could fuck you."

taehyung pulled off again. "then fuck me."

"shit, really?"


as lovely as hoseok's cock was to suck, taehyung needed it fucking his ass. groaning, he stood up and placed his ass back to the hole. his thighs were burning, but he told himself he could make it, he just needed to orgasm.

hoseok entered him with a wet sound, making tae moan. he started thrusting in deep, brushing against his prostate.

"fuck, there"

"yeah?" hoseok sped up, expert hips aiming for that same spot.

"yeah" tae whined, moving his hips back so he'd meet hoseok's thrusts. his hand was on his cock, moving harshly around his length. "harder."

he was so close, intoxicated with the filthy sounds of hoseok's cock pounding into his wet hole, their combined moans.

"I'm close," he announced. "so close, fuck me harder."

and hoseok was, pistoning in and out of him so well. "cum then, baby."

with a cry, taehyung spilled over his moving hand, clenching around hoseok.

"that's it, such a good boy."

cum kept coming out as hoseok drilled into him.

"gonna fill you up," he groaned, hips snapping up into him. "fuck, fuck." he slowed down, thrusts shallow and wet, just for his own pleasure as taehyung let him use his ass.

hoseok groaned as he released into his hole, riding out his orgasm with taehyung's name on his lips. the boy could only sit there and let himself be creampied for the fifth time that night.

when he finished, hoseok pulled out slowly, letting his cum flow out of tae's asshole. he quickly got dressed and came over to taehyung, opening the door and kneeling next to the boy.

"you did well, baby. here." he took the half full water bottle and made taehyung take a few sips before helping him stand on his feet. "are you okay?"

taehyung nodded. "I feel great." he didn't lie. apart from being tired, he was fine, perfect even. "thank you."

the man smiled. "no problem, sweetie. thank /you/."

hoseok got out of the cramped stall and taehyung noticed that the restroom was empty save for one man who was leaning against the wall, clearly listening to them, clearly waiting for his turn with taehyung.

he smirked as hoseok brushed past him.

"you think you can handle one more?"

tae gulped, looking at the gorgeous man. his black hair was pushed back, eyes and lips glossy with makeup, ears full of earrings, body lithe and muscular under his unbuttoned shirt.

he felt his dick harden when he noticed a tattoo on his ribs, and turned around on his knees, bending over to present his loose hole to the stranger, ready to be fucked.

the sound of approaching footsteps made him shiver in anticipation. maybe he should've felt shame, so filthy and exposed in public, but the situation only made him feel hotter.

"is that a yes?" the man's voice was much closer, like he was just outside the stall.

"yes, yes, come here and fuck me."

a laugh, low and raspy. then the man came up behind taehyung and closed the door, unzipping his pants.

"god, you were so loud with all those men, so hot. I could hear you from outside the bathroom." he pushed his pants to his ankles and over his shoes and leaned in over taehyung, legs over his hips. his cock was hard and wet against tae's skin. "I could barely stop myself from coming just from thinking about how I'd fuck you."

taehyung moved his hips, trying to create at least some friction, but the man didn't move. instead, he moved his plump lips to his exposed back, kissing at the sweaty skin.

"you're so hot," he whispered and nipped at his shoulder. tae could only moan in response, too tired to tell him to just fuck him already. "I'm gonna fuck you so well."

with that, he finally entered taehyung.

from that angle, he could feel the drag of cock against skin with more intensity than with the others, could feel every inch of the man sliding deeper and deeper into him. the cum inside him started overflowing, going down his perineum and his cock as the stranger sank to the hilt.

tae pressed his head against his clothes, moans muffled by the fabric of his shirt.

"don't be shy, sweetheart," the man told him. "let everyone hear your beautiful moans." he grabbed tae by the hair and tugged gently. "is this okay?"

when the boy nodded, he tightened his hand around his locks and made him raise his head. at the same time, he started moving his hips, thrusting deeply into his wet heat.

"fuck, so much better than I expected."

tae moaned at the words, imagining the stranger sitting in line for the bathroom, aroused by his screams of pleasure, cock hard in his pants as he heard the walls of the stalls rattle.

with one hand in tae's hair and the other on his shoulder, he braced himself and started pounding into him, his thighs slapping against his ass. no matter how good getting fucked through a wall was, nothing compared to the carnal intensity of skin on skin, of human contact.

"nhgg," tae kept whining, at loss for words as he was being slammed into. he tried moving to make the slide deeper, but his thighs were sore form the strain, so he just stood there and let the man fuck harshly into him.

to tae's surprise, the one giving it to him was just as gone, moaning loudly with every push of his cock. his hips slowed down and he stopped, pulling out and placing his hands on taehyung's hips.

"your knees must hurt," he said. "I know mine do. let me help you stand up."

indeed, his knees hurt a lot, but so did his legs so he could barely move to stand up. the man helped him, stronger than he looked, and much gentler than he fucked.

"slow, baby, don't hurt yourself."

when they were both on their feet, tae turned around and took a good look at his face from up close. with his face shiny with sweat, he looked, as cheesy as it may sound, like an angel. one that fucked like a devil, sure, but an angel nonetheless.

"um," taehyung started but barely anything came out, so he tried again. "um, can I- can I get your name? and maybe your number?"

the man beamed at him. "of course! I'm jimin."


"taehyung," he repeated as for himself. to tae, he said, "are you okay to continue this? you must be exhausted."

"I am," he admitted. "but I do want this." as he looked at jimin's chest, an idea crossed his mind. "would you..." jimin looked at him, curious. "you grabbed me really easily earlier. I thought you might fuck me against the wall?"

jimin's eyes darkened. "I'd love that. come here" he grabbed the boy by the waist and lifted him ad easily as he might a doll. when tae wrapped his long legs around him, jimin backed the two of them into the wall. "hold on tight."

he used one hand to guide his member back into taehyung. when he fully sank in, he used both arms to move him up and down his cock, his own dick hard against his belly.

taehyung rested his head on the wall behind him and let jimin fuck faster and faster into his pliant body.

"fuck, taehyung," the man moaned thrusting upward. "I'm close." he placed his forehead on tae's chest and
closed his eyes, chasing his own pleasure.

when jimin found his prostate, taehyung screamed and grabbed at his shoulders, his back. "there, there!"

jimin aimed for that same spot as he railed into him, making tae's mind cloud over with pleasure. his cock slapped against his belly as he bounced on jimin's dick, smearing it with precum.

"taehyung," jimin grunted and he orgasmed, cum filling taehyung's hole. he kept pounding into him as he emptied himself, as cum dripped down his legs from inside of tae.

"I'm cumming, shit shit shit," taehyung screamed and he did, spunk landing on both of their chests. jimin fucked him through his orgasm, until taehyung said, "no more, sensitive."

pulling his softening cock out of taehyung, jimin held the boy into his arms, and kissed him urgently. tae responded immediately, hands in jimin's hair as their lips moved together.

when they separated, taehyung smiled. "help me to my friend's car?"

"sure. give me your number?"