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Love Is A Smoke

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"Ahhn, En," It was wet and hot, and the very idea of En doing this for him was enough to drive Chota wild, "That's so..."

En wasn't the best at it, but that didn't bother Chota at all. The fact was that En was on his knees in between Chota's legs, and Chota felt even more sensitive than normal. Maybe it was just because it was En.

Then he felt teeth on his dick, and his hand darted out to grab En's hair, "En! Don't!" 

His grip on En's hair was tight, too tight, enough that En's head was pulled back, away from Chota's crotch. The shock had been immediate, and in roughly the same amount of time, Chota gasped and let En's hair go, opting instead to cover his mouth in aghast, "I'm sorry! You startled me! Did I hurt you?"

En gave him a look, and Chota was thinking of how he could make this up to En when En reached out for his hand, pulling at it.

Chota allowed the motion and felt a little more than speechless when En redirected Chota's hand right back to En's hair, pushing it against his scalp. 

This was new. 

Chota hesitated, before properly gripping at red locks, tugging experimentally. En's eyes closed in what looked like pleasure, and Chota could get into this. If En wanted it, he'd do anything. If En needed it... 

"Okay," Chota said, "But really, En. No teeth." 

En made an affirmative noise, going back to sucking Chota's dick. He took Chota in a little deeper, throat working around Chota. The noise he made sent chills down Chota's spine. 

Chota closed his fist, and and pulled.

"Ngh," En grunted, but didn't let up, his cheeks hollowing. Chota pulled a little harder and En's eyes fluttered close. So did his throat, rippling around Chota's length. 

He looked fucking good. It felt so good. 

Chota shifted his grip, pulled with slow and hard pressure, and En's entire body shuddered. 

Anything En wanted, really.