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Love Is A Smoke

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Maybe En was more tired than he initially thought he was. Maybe En just didn't really care about whatever was happening right now. 

But Chota kissed him, and En only closed his eyes. 

Chota had always been a good kisser. Well, only when he wasn't too excited or too horny, and kissed too wet. 

But when Chota was all satisfied like this, and was just kissing En for the sake of kissing En, he was usually very good. En could indulge, for now. He was leaving soon, anyway. 

Chota pressed a little further into the kiss, and En let him, tilting his face, opening his mouth just a bit for Chota's tongue. 

Chota's lips were scarred and mangled from what he tried to do all those years ago, but if En closed his eyes and lost himself in the feel of them against his lips, he could forgive it. If only for a moment. 

He felt Chota's hand skirt over his hip, and he was momentarily annoyed. So insatiable. Chota had always been too hungry for his own good. 

But the other hand that was cupping his face shifted and Chota caressed his cheek, and En figured that he could let it slide for now.

Chota made a small sound and ran his tongue slowly over the ridges of En's upper teeth, and En definitely was distracted from anything else then. 

Until he felt Chota's hand on his side again, deftly slipping under his suit. Fingers pushing up the shirt underneath, till he felt Chota on his bare skin. 

En was so aware, but Chota was biting his lower lip very gently, so En wasn't going to address it yet. 

Chota kissed him properly again, fingers drawing nonsense shapes on En's skin before only tracing circles, the motion repetitive and lulling. The circles keep getting smaller and smaller, Chota was drawing just beside the small of En's back, just above the curve of En's ass, and it was building something up inside of En that proved to be too much, and En broke their kiss with a gasp, jerking away. 

Chota only smiled at him, his expression too soft. 

En frowned, "You push too much."

"Sorry," Chota's tone was apologetic, but he didn't look sorry at all, "Sorry. Let me kiss you more, please?" 

En scoffed, but his gaze dropped to Chota's mouth anyway. He was still aware of the hand under his shirt.  

He tilted his face, closed his eyes, and let Chota kiss him.