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If You've Fallen in a Forest

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     Room assignments didn’t go over well. Most of the people who had returned, were friends and in the same house. Naturally, they wanted to be in the same room, but the new ‘house’ we all belonged to had shuffled all of the previous rooming arrangements.
     “God I can’t believe it. I’m stuck in a room with Granger and Abbot,” Pansy lounges on the chair next to me as the crowd around the list disperses.  
     “It could be worse. You could still be stuck in a room with Millicent,” Blaise, ever the optimist, is trying to find a positive in the situation.
     “Yeah I suppose. Abbot isn’t that bad. But Granger? She’s already driving me mental and I haven’t had a conversation with her.” 

     “Pansy, you're being overdramatic. Just ignore her and you’ll be fine. Right Draco?”
      I tune back into the conversation. The rooming arrangements I was used to had completely changed. I wouldn’t be spending my nights with Theo and Blaise. Instead I would be stuck with Potter and Thomas. A pair of Gryffindors who most likely didn’t care there would be a Death Eater in their room.
     “Blaise is right. We won’t be spending much time in our rooms probably so why worry about it?”
     “Both of you are so mean, at least let me complain,” Pansy sits up and I lay my head on her lap. She reaches down and runs her fingers through my hair, “Don’t worry darling. We won’t let you get eaten by the Golden Boy.”


     I couldn’t sleep. It’s fairly normal, for me at least, especially after the year. Normally I would seek out Blaise and try to talk to him about it. But Blaise was unavailable. I had to deal with this myself. 

     I enter the common room and fight through my shaking hands to light a small fire in the fireplace, and wrap a blanket around my shoulders. Why is it always so damn cold?
     At least now I was alone with my thoughts. I wouldn’t have to catch myself and make sure none of my new roommates heard me. I didn’t think that coming back to Hogwarts would be so bad. Everytime I turned the corner, I can remember everything in the war that happened. I remember everything I’ve done.


     My father leans over my shoulder. I know what this means, if this is Harry… Everything would be forgiven. Mother would be safe and happy again. 

    “Well Draco?” My father leans closer staring right at Harry, “Is it? Is it him?”

    “I can’t. I can’t be sure,” Harry seems so scared. Both of my father, and Greyback, but more of me. I could end this all. The Dark Lord could end this war right here and right now. 

    “But look at him closely. Come closer!” My father pulls me close standing right by Harry. I kneel down staring right into his eyes. I knew those eyes. “Draco look very closely. There, maybe the scar stretched tight?”

     “I… I don’t know,” Please Harry, you have to get out of here.

    Aunt Bella enters. “Cissy, what’s all this then?” 

    “Potter! Potter and his friends,” My father interjects.

   “Are you certain? We need to be certain before summoning the Dark Lord. Take all the prisoners to the basement. Leave the Mudblood,”

    Weasley screams in the background. I couldn’t think anymore. They were caught. Harry was finally caught, and he was the only person that could end this hell. Aunt Bella wouldn’t let them escape, and my father wouldn’t let them either. 

    Granger’s screams fill the room. I can’t leave, and appear weak. I want nothing more than to vomit. She doesn’t deserve this. No one deserves this. I’m too weak to do anything, and mother would be so very disappointed if I did. 


     “What are you doing down here then?” I am pulled out of my thoughts with Potter staring at me from the stairs.
     “What’s it matter to you, Potter?” I look towards him, and stare him down. This is the last person I want here.

     “Not much to be honest. Figured you were up to something if you left in the middle of the night,”

      “Oh right naturally, be suspicious of the Death Eater,” My voice is laced with venom. This comes easy. It's so much easier to be hated, especially by Potter.

      “Whatever twat. Why are you really down here then?”

      “I… I couldn’t sleep,” His eyes soften just a bit. He walks closer and sits next to the fire as well.
      “I get that. Nightmares?” I look away and stare deep into the fire.

      “I.. yeah… Piss off Potter. I don’t need to be saved by the Golden Boy,”

      “No, you really don’t. But no one else is going to help you so I might as well. You can talk about them if you want, I’ll listen,” 

      “I don't want to talk about it,” He shrugs and stares into the fire with me.

      “Whatever Malfoy. You stay here then. I’m going back to bed,” He stands and leaves up the stairs once more, but pauses, “You aren’t the only one who’s hurting. All of us are,” 

       Some people deserve to hurt Potter, and I definitely don’t. Not when I caused so much of it.