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So That's Why the Leppard's Def

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Bucky, Steve and Sam had just dragged themselves back to Steve and Bucky’s house after a really long day at work when they heard the unmistakable screech of an electric guitar coming from their neighbor’s house.


 Sam glanced up from where he was slouched against the wall, his forehead creasing. “What is that? Aerosmith?” 


Bucky rolled his eyes good naturedly, smirking. “Nah. ‘S Metallica.”


Steve just looked at them and shook his head. Bucky loved to antagonize Sam, and Steve really couldn't figure out why. 

He’d thought maybe it was because Sam reminded Buck of one of his cousins, but quickly shot that idea down when Bucky himself had said that, honestly, Sam reminded him a bit of his younger sister Rebecca. Sam had promptly drank the rest of the only soda Bucky would touch: ginger ale. His defense had been that if he was being cast in the role of the annoying younger sibling, that's what he would have done.


Normally Sam was good at musical guessing games, but quite honestly today he was exhausted, which meant having difficulty with them. It had been a source of amusement for Bucky and Steve half the day.

 Today was the second Thursday of the month, which meant it was the day Darcy deep cleaned her house.