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Incredible power to heals animals

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Bai Qi is one veterinarian who has one incredible power is that he can use magic power to heal them.
It's one small clinic but he loves it. He has also one little shelter for when he found animals who are abandoned…

Jing Ran when he was in his way to go to his mom saw one cat who was injured and while he was looking for one clinic he saw the one of Bai Qi, he goes take the little cat.

"We gonna heal you," he said to the cat.

He meets the owner of the clinic Bai Qi who looked beautiful, he thought he wasn't the veterinarian but he was wrong.

"I'm gonna take care of it," says Bai Qi

Then when Bai Qi saw Jing Ran he was like shocked because he thinks he has met him somewhere, he looked like his past lover from 2000 years ago. He looked like his lover…

Bai Qi heals the cat who was only one sprain ankle, he used his power. Sometimes he tries to hide it from others but right now he couldn't because Jing Ran was in the same room.

"Thank you so much for having saved him, he looked lost and injured and I just wanted to save him and it's was raining"

"It's not a problem, unfortunately since he looks like he doesn't have one owner maybe I should put him in my shelter…"

"You have one shelter?"

"Yes you could see it"

And Jing Ran watched Bai Qi who make him one presentation of the shelter.
And he put the cat in one lave with food and water.

When Jing Ran was near the door for leave he give the card to Bai Qi and says "Maybe I could help for doing a little advert for this and your shelter, because you do one wonderful job and I want to help you"

Bai Qi didn't know what to do and Jing Ran says "I would like to invite you to dinner one night so we can talk about it while eating if you agree"

Bai Qi accepts and they meet the following day where it's was A-Ling who was taking care of the clinic he was one cat hybrid.

The dinner was nice and great, they have talked about lots of things, he wanted to pay for some part of the dinner but Jing Ran says "It's for me"

Little by little Bai Qi begun to have more clients and had lots of visitors of Jing Ran who give him some flowers and some food to keeping him company when he was busy.
He also invited lots of time for some dinner who looked like a date.

One night after one of their "date" Bai Qi says "You know you don't have to pay for everything I have money, and I feel like you are my sugar daddy"

Jing Ran was red and say "I just want to support you and you have one incredible power and I just want to help you"

Jing Ran tries to help Bai Qi too by giving him some cats he found who are alone or injuried, little by little one shelter is here but is not big.

"My shelter will not be good anymore" said Bai Qi

"Where you will put them?" asked Jing Ran

"For the moment I keep some cats at my house" admit Bai Qi.

When he finished the draft, he surprised Bai Qi who have come to his home for eat the first time at his home.

"I have one surprise for you," say Jing Ran with his hand on his hair

"Oh what it is?" said Bai Qi

Jing Ran takes Bai Qi to one of his studies where was the draft of the shelter.

"This is the draft of the design of your future shelter that I would like to do"

Bai Qi was just speechless and he said "I don't know how I can repay you"

Jing Ran kissed him and say "Be my boyfriend"

"Yes," said Bai Qi

Little by little Bai Qi was at some event with Jing Ran where he said "You can tell at other what is your job and maybe some people want to support you"

Bai Qi was laughing a little and say "Do you know that I have money to taking care of myself, the only issue is that I want more animals to help and give them love"

"You are too kind," says Jing Ran

Bai Qi have also one surprise for Jing Ran because he know that the mother of Jing Ran is alone so he wanted to give her one cat.

"What do you think if your mom could have one cat for help her?" say Bai Qi one night while he was giving food to the cats

Jing Ran kissed him and say "That a wonderful idea"

The mom of Jing Ran was really happy and say to Jing Ran "Please keep him, he is wonderful and he makes you happy"

Bai Qi found weird at first that the Flower that he has in his garden begun to grown when Jing Ran arrive at his home since they were living almost together.
It's would be one proof that Jing Ran is the reincarnation of his past lover.

When they started sleeping together Jing Ran begun to have some memories from one his past life and it's was perturbing.

He decided to talk about it to Bai Qi who explained him lots of things about his life that he is 2000 years ago and immortal because he was looking for the reincarnation of his past lover.
It's what is Jing Ran and now they could be forever together if they bond in front of the cherry blossom.

Jing Ran was red about the idea of bond outside like having sex outside but Bai Qi tell him is more like wedding ceremony one day.

Jing Ran looked at Bai Qi and say "Wedding Ceremony?"

"Yes, I know you have the same idea I have talked to your mom"

Their wedding is 6 months later where Bai Qi has one biggest clinic and shelter and Jing Ran sometimes help him for the shelter.
They have sweet moments while cooking together, hand-feeding, lots of kisses, hugs, just be together in the couch reading just enjoying the presence of the other.