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You Have My Gear

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Arthit has been aware of what date is it today. He just cannot help but to feel nervous like a girl who spots her crush at the hallway, his heartbeat beats faster as the steps he takes are actually bringing him to get closer to his beloved one. Even from the distance, Arthit can see his lover just parked his motorcycle and on his way to his class.

Better he makes a move to get Kongpob notice of his presence.

“Who is it…? Oh P’Arthit?” Kongpob immediately turns out the moment he gets a light tap on his right shoulder and when he sees that person, his obvious facial expression shows how surprised Kongpob is to meet his lovely senior. Meanwhile, his lovely senior is being cuter than he should be since he mimicked Kongpob’s surprised reaction.

It makes Kongpob smiles from ear to ear instead.

“Didn’t you say to me that you have a lot of classes today?”

“Is that even a matter?” dodging the question will be always Arthit’s habit to hide his real intention. “I come to give you this.”

Arthit reveals a black box with a red ribbon to the younger male in front of him. Kongpob also do the same thing, they then decide to exchange their presents on the spot.

“Let’s open it together,” Kongpob suggests to his lover that they should open their gifts right here and right now. But for Arthit, he does not have enough courage yet to see Kongpob’s first reaction when he discovers the inside of his gift. Arthit then turns down Kongpob’s suggestion for the sake of his pride.

“No. You have to open it in your room,” Kongpob looks onto his eyes, he wants to know if there is still a chance to negotiate with Arthit. But his tone of voice and the facial expression Arthit wears clearly shows that he does not consent with Kongpob’s idea.

Oh well, Kongpob only has to wait his two upcoming classes over.

“Then, you can open it mine right now.”

The box reveals a pair of two black watches, confusion is clearly written all over Arthit’s face. It is not because of how Kongpob could afford to buy it, but he is confused about why there are two watches.

“You want me to wear both watches?” Arthit’s guess brings a wide smile to appear on Kongpob’s face. He then takes one and clarifies what does he actually means.

“I will wear this and you will wear that. It’s a matching watch,” Arthit nods his head several times and have a look of Kongpob’s present. He has been wanting a watch since his old watch is broken and he never gets the time to fix it. This is a nice gift, Arthit thought.

However, his mind gets distracted since the younger male gently holds his empty hand. As a result, his gaze is directed to his right hand to see what does he up to.

“Since today is Valentine’s Day, can I pamper you with affection than the normal days?” Their gaze finally meets, a fake frown is shown on the older face because he can see what is going to happen if he let Kongpob do as he pleased.

“I can wear the watch for you and…” Kongpob says, but he stops mid-sentence as his gaze is shifted back to the older’s hand, more like on his knuckles. Kongpob brings his hand closer and he is about to plant a small peck on his knuckles, but our shy hazer obviously pulls out his hand and shoves it into his trouser pocket.

“Hey, we’re still at the university. Know your place, will you?”

“Is this a small hint of your invitation to come to your place?” Kongpob teases the older male on a purpose, he just never feels satisfied to make his lover feeling shy or mad at him. Arthit exhales his breath on a heavy sigh, he only gets an endless tease if he is still with Kongpob.

“In your dreams. Then I’ll go ahead first, thanks for the gift Kongpob,” Arthit leaves his lover behind in a hurry so he can still save his face. But for Kongpob, he just watches Arthit leaves and a wide smile is etched on his face.


Kongpob’s Room, 04.30 PM

A warm shower is always the best thing to have after going through a hectic day. Kongpob comes out from his bathroom while he dries his wet hair with a towel. At first, his legs are about to bring him to the porch to hang up his laundry and make the bed. However, he gets interested to know about the inside of his gift, being a procrastinator won’t be hurt right?

Kongpob then sits on the edge of his bed and wants to have a guess with his own self before he finally opens it.

“I’ve been always wanted a card from him, will I ever get one?” he’d better open the gift to satisfy his curiosity. A rose and a card are visible to his eyesight.

What the hell? It can’t be happening right?

“P’Arthit gives me a card for real?”


To: Kongpob

Kong, to be honest, I’ve been wanting to tell you about this. Ever since you gave your gear on that night, I immediately seek what’s the meaning of it. When I knew it, I’ve also wanted to give my gear to you. I had my gear in my pocket when I called your name after we got off from the bus, but the words didn’t come out. You know me, don’t you? I can be totally an idiot sometimes, I even didn’t know how to express my feelings; my real feelings. What I did actually wasting a lot of time to hesitate. Those days when I avoided you, it was also the days where I finally began to attach and came to like you…although you made me angry for many times and made me lose my face, but trust me, every single moment we spent together actually made me happy. That’s why I decided to accept your feelings and I want to be together with you.

Promise me that you’re going to take care of my gear just like my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Your Sun, Arthit R.


His mind starts to process what he just read. From every moment he spent together with Arthit, he never once in his life guessed that his love isn’t unrequited one from the beginning. Those days when Kongpob sorted out his stress by crying instead of smoking. Those days when Kongpob started to believe that he had to move on from Arthit. Those days when he had to act like a stranger when they coincidently met in the canteen.

As Kongpob was about to give up, Arthit then returned to get Kongpob back to his life again.

Knowing Arthit loves him back on the Rama Bridge is already enough to make Kongpob starts to fall in love with Arthit. Yet, after finding out this new fact, his love toward Arthit grows than before. Hence, it becomes his reason to go out from his room and come over to his senior place.


Arthit’s Room, 05.00 PM

“Shit, I forgot to buy pink milk,” he gets up from his bed and picks up his wallet, ready to go out just to buy pink milk at the nearest stall from his condo. However, when he wants to reach out to his doorknob, he can hear someone knocks his door.

“Coming!” Arthit opens the door and he does not expect his lover will show up in front of his room. Indeed, he is astonished by his unexpected arrival.

“Kongpob? Why are you here?”

“Aw? Did you already forget what we talked on the parking lot?” Kongpob enters the room even though he has not gotten the owner room’s approval. Arthit slowly steps back when he sees the door has been closed and Kongpob’s look; as if a lion which is ready to hunt down its prey. Fear engulfed his heart once his back is rested on the wall and his lover keep leans on, but he still shows some effort to make Kongpob stop from what he is doing.

Arthit hold his lover’s shoulders and look to another way, “What are you talking about?”

“You won’t mind if I pamper you behind the closed door, will you?” Fuck, what is Kongpob up to on this special day. Arthit obviously knows that today is different from the ordinary days, most of couples would usually do something that they do not usually do to make the day become special. But is this can be counted as well?

Arthit does not give any further reply to the other male’s query, he just focuses to hold him back to secure his so-called personal space before anything gets beyond of his control. Out of the blue, the other male comes closer to his shoulder and eventually rest on top of Arthit’s shoulder.

“I already open your gift and see the card.”

Silence accompanies the two engineer students as soon as the younger one spills a truth. It starts to make sense for Arthit about the reason behind why Kongpob shows up to his room, he just remains with this position and willing to let Kongpob stay in his condo.

“Do you like it, Kongpob? I’m sorry I can’t buy you some stuff like a luxurious watch you bought for me. It’s not worth as min—” before he can even realize of his current position, he feels warmth lingered all over his body, a strong fragrance of dull mint can be smelled through his noses trills; Arthit could tell it is Kongpob’s favorite shampoo.

“P’Arthit, all I care is the inside of the message. I never value a present from the price tag, and I truly love what you give to me.” His beloved junior has been always like this. He always knows how to make Arthit feel like a special person that matters only for Kongpob. He always knows how to get rid of Arthit’s insecurities before it kills his mind slowly. Lastly, he always knows how to make Arthit fall in love with him even more.

Kongpob lifts his head from his lover’s shoulder and makes eye contact to him. “So…you won’t be mind if I continue from the last part?”

“I do! Why don’t you just go running on a field to make your mind isn’t foggy anymore?” another rejection is always spat on his face. But oh well, it never succeeds in making Kongpob to give up.

“I’d rather running into your heart like kid in a store instead.” Kongpob flashes a smug smile and squints his eyes. And god just in a blink of an eye this lover of his gets back to his usual behavior; only getting his nerves.

“Yuck,” Arthit sticks out his tongue as his reaction that he cannot stand with Kongpob’s cheesy line—or is it a fake one though? Arthit did aware today is different from other days, so it won’t be hurt that much if Arthit shows another side of him other than expressing his feelings through a card.

Thus, Arthit caresses the younger male’s cheek and he is damn ready to engage with what Kongpob has been doing up until now.

“You don’t need to. You’re already in my heart for a long time ago.”