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All gods are dead(AGAD)

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                                                               O O {o)xxx|===============- The new light to the world -===============|xxx(o} O O

In distant land named Crossana one new baby born named Zanpant Tsu, the king of Crossana your father Baltazar the Gilgamesh, a strong Gilgamesh, a creature with 4 pairs of arms and the queen Lili-Tsu the last Magemesh a creature who controls magic with 4 pairs of spectrals arms
the neighboring kingdoms come visit the son of King and Queen of Crossana, the lonely king of Vasto Grande, Bellofolo the honest one the rare last Arcane Elfs who haves a brith purple eyes visit alone with no family, the Queen of Epppifica, Allafasta a stronger warrior one mix
of Druids and Berserkers and your daughter Ruggoll both with a strong iron wood armor and last the King Malfalos and Queen Atlhalos of Salvatar brings you transgender son of 20 years Enggin they are a species of Humonoid Mechanical Golens who use wind and light to move

Baltazar: Come along friends, we will reveal our son

Lilli-Tsu: You gonna wake the baby love

-Everybody has been a shock even Baltazar and Lilli-

========================== One human-size baby from a giant creature is really shocking? ========================

Bellofolo: Unless he has your eyes Baltazar, you rare heterochromia, one pink eye, and one blue eye

Allafasta: He needs to be trained to be a warrior

Malfalos: Of course not, he will be a mage

Lilli-Tsu: Maybe my little small boy want to be anything, we don't know if he is a Gilgamesh like Baltazar or a Magemesh like me "Holding Zanpant-Tsu in two hands "

Athalos: I'm just worried sweet mage, you and Baltazar become parents too late

Baltazar: I know we born at the start of the Universe but we will be fine caring him

Bellofo: What name you thinking?

Baltazar: Zanpant-Tsu or Zé-Tsu

Lilli-Tsu: Is a beauty name honey

Zanpant-Tsu: anananahah na

All: Awwww 

Bellofolo: I need back to Vasto Grande my friends, I see all you in next 5 years

Baltazar: have a safe trip friend

Enggin: Can I look at him to scan?

Lilli-Tsu: go-ahead

===================Enggin scanning and find a suprise======================

Enggin: Lilli, he have strong bones and a double flux heart, a rare body member

Lilli-Tsu: Double flux heart ?

Enggin: Kind a gold and silver blood mix and not effect the baby, just it, I don't have more information

They the kings and queens feast and the in the night they say goodbye

================After 2 Years, Meanwhile in Vasto Grande======================

Bellofo start feel sick and you unique son Teofolos refuse cares the dad, Teolofos mother dies 8 years ago and Teofolos is a bad kid, he is a kind a devil kid who dont like make good things, one night Teofolos did one last cruel act

Teofolos kills you own father to pick the crown and fake scream one maid kills you father, Teofolos is pure racist and accused the other creatures for the die of you father, Vasto grande is the land of Humans

and with Teofolos voice he orders start kills what is not human in planet of Orttana,let only human race in Orttana

==============================In same time in Crossana===========================================

Baltazar and Lilli-Tsu feels extreme weak and you of you friends Frimmante the iron dwarf see they both very sick and small Zé-Tsu looking they watching them coughing, Balazar and Lilli complete 5 billion years, they start fade and go into the starts

Zé-Tsu and Frimmante see they die slowly and Frimmante open a letter of Baltazar, Frimmante will take care of little Zé alone and teaching him forge and fight

Zé-Tsu: Where is mine mama and papa ?

Frimmante: They are going to new plans of Universe Zé, I'll teach you to make you own weapons and fight

Zé-Tsu: Is hard?

Frimmante:I can't lie to you, is a hard journey

==============8 years later========================

Frimmante: Carfull with these iron ingots

Zé-Tsu: OKay 

Then Zé-Tsu slipped in same hurt the bottom and scream of pain

Zé-Tsu start glow and 3 pairs of arms grows

Frimmante: At last you are a Gilgamesh

Zé-Tsu: A gilga what ?

Frimmante: You father are one, he controls weapons like anyone and what this in you hand ?

Zé-Tsu: I think is a fireball, AHHHHHHHH wait.... a fireball ?

Frimmante: I need call one Celestial ti see these

Zé-Tsu: okay

Frimmante: Lord Uni Verso,see the child of Baltazar and Lilli-Tsu, i dont what he is

Lord Uni Verso look below and send a paper write "Ultramesh, who controls any weapon and magic, the blade and the arcana together"

Frimmante: Zé-Tsu you are more than a simple Gilgamesh, you will need continuos trainings

Frimmante: Visit you, "uncles" and "aunts", they will give more training in your journey Zé-Tsu

==========Then Zé-Tsu start you learning journey=============

End of Chapter 1