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January 14, 1993

“Last trunk,” Barty said, plopping it down in front of the others. 

“Merlin, Harry, how much stuff do you have?” Sirius said with exaggerated pain in his voice. 

“Hey, don’t look at me. Luna’s the one who brought it over,” Harry grunted as he undid the locks.

Sirius turned his pout towards Luna. “Did you have to?”

Luna just laughed. Once Harry was done opening up the trunk the others all peered inside. 

“Oh, this is the one Hermione packed,” Luna said. 

Harry nodded. It looked a lot more organized than the one Ron had packed for sure. 

“What is that?” Sirius asked in a whisper, his eyes wide and full of awe. 

“That’s a broom, Padfoot. Remember those?”

Sirius just stuck out his tongue at Harry. “Is that yours?”

“Yeah, best racing broom on the market.”

Sirius’s eyes went wider. “Do you mean… When did this come out?”

Harry shrugged. “Few years ago maybe?”

Finally Harry couldn’t keep his face straight at the sight of Sirius’s pained expression and he laughed. “Okay fine, it came out in 2002.”

Sirius made a whimpering sound. 

“Your mutt is showing,” Harry teased. 

“Can I?” 

Harry couldn’t help but laugh at the pleading expression on Sirius’s face. “Yeah, go for it.”

Sirius looked like a kid let loose with a hundred galleons in Honeydukes.

From there on out sorting through the contents of the trunk was much less exciting. There were a few things that Harry was happy to see, but he had already replaced most everything by this point, and there was no way he was going to be seen in public in those robes, because yes, Draco, he did have some fashion sense. Or perhaps more accurately, Fleur, Hermione, Narcissa, Astoria, Katie, Hannah, Parvati, and Angelina had some fashion sense and had insisted on dragging him along on shopping trips. But somehow George had snuck a pair of robes past the you’re-twenty-years-old-Harry-you-can’t-keep-wearing-school-robes association. At least if he were ever trapped on a desert island he could use them as a target visible from space. Or he could apparate. Whatever. Back to the main point.

“Okay, last thing. Nice box,” Barty said with a snicker. 

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yea, laugh if you must, but I’ll have you know that Jobberknolls are fierce and, and majestic, and… Luna, it’s not that funny.”

Luna and Barty both let out a full blown laugh. 

“Okay, so what’s the story here?” Barty asked. 

“No story,” Harry tried to say, but Luna beat him to it. 

“Draco got it for Harry because he said Harry reminded him of the bird.” 

Barty raised an eyebrow and Luna took it as an invitation to continue the story, much to Harry’s chagrin. 

“I believe that at some point after nearly dying again Harry shared his entire life story with Draco.”

Barty looked at Harry who sighed and gave in the the inevitable explanation he would have to give. 

“I was drunk, okay? I had almost died, again, though to be fair it wasn’t actually that bad of an almost death. Anyway, I had almost died, I had maybe had a few too many drinks, and Malfoy comes in asking me why I am the way I am, so of course I had to explain, and I guess I shared way more than Draco actually wanted since apparently the question was ‘rhetorical,’ and about a week later I got this with a note saying that this must be my spirit animal or something because it was small and talked a lot right before it died.”

“Who died?”

Harry groaned as Sirius made his way back into the room, the confused look on his face mingled with the leftover euphoria that had come as a result of his little flying adventure. 

“Oh, it’s the box with all the pictures. I was wondering where those had ended up,” Luna said. 

There were a lot of photographs. 

After the war Harry had made it a point to take lots of photographs, a habit he had carried into his new world. There were many reasons for this, and most of them were honestly a bit depressing so he wasn’t going to bother dwelling on them right now. The point was, he had a lot of pictures, and his friends had apparently done a good job of gathering them all up and sending them with Luna. All of them. Yep. Oh dear, was that one the…

“What is this?” Or at least Harry was pretty sure that’s what Sirius asked. It was a little hard to tell in between all the wheezing. 

Harry snatched the offending photograph out of Sirius’s hand and gasped, shooting a betrayed look at Luna. “I thought she promised never to speak of this again?” 

Luna did not look at all bothered by Hermione’s betrayal of Harry, nor by his suffering. “Technically she didn’t say anything.”

Harry’s eye twitched. Leave it to those two to find the loophole. Hermione technically hadn’t said anything. No, she had just included the apparently-not-burned-like-Harry-had-thought photo in a trunk being brought across dimensions where any random stranger could have found it. Any dimension-traveling stranger at least. And who was to say there weren’t some of those so ha. His point was valid. 

Finally Harry tore his eyes away from Luna, only to find Sirius and Barty staring at him. Smugly. Questioningly. Mischievously. Those two were no longer allowed to sit next to each other. 

“So, you haven’t really told us much about your post-Hogwarts adventures, it seems.”

Harry’s finger twitched as he considered the merits of sending a small wandless stinging hex Sirius’s way. 

“Oh, I know this one,” Luna said, smile as present as ever. 



“You…” Sirius couldn’t even get out another word, he was laughing so hard. 

Barty was just sitting there smugly. “So, what other stories have you got?”

Luna’s face lit up and Harry groaned. 


Harry had to hand it to Luna, she really did know how to tell a story. Sure, there were little tangents here and there, and a few creatures that he had never heard of and a conspiracy theory he was pretty sure was somehow related to iPods, but even with the seemingly unrelated bits thrown in there, Sirius and Barty had both listened in fascinated silence, their attention firmly fixed on Luna Lovegood and the many tales of Harry Potter and the I-didn’t-plan-on-that-happening-honest. 

Finally as Luna finished up her latest tale, Harry felt himself reminiscing on some of the other past adventures. When you spend your formative teenage years being hunted by a madman and ostracized then heralded then ostracized and condemned again by an entire society, the bar for interesting days is set fairly high. 

“Any other stories Harry?”

Sirius seemed very into this whole okay-maybe-I-was-not-always-an-entirely-responsible-adult story time thing Harry had going on right now. 

“Well there was that time with Charlie in Romania. Or the time I went with Bill and Fleur to see her parents. Or the time George and I got a tiny bit too drunk, and…”

“Wait, was that the time you apparated drunk?”

“What? No. That was a different time.”

“How many drunk stories do you have, Harry?”

“Shut up, Sirius. Anyway, that one time with George, and hey, did you know that unicorns can headbutt you really hard?”

“With their horns?” Barty asked suspiciously. 

“Surprisingly, no. That’s only if they’re trying to impale you.”

“Unicorns are quite lovely, aren’t they,” Luna interjected. 

Barty looked between Harry and Luna. “Okay, I think I want to hear this one.”

“Well, what happened was this…”


January 17, 1993

“How’s the list coming Harry?”

A jumbled mess of words and several variations on a grunt was what Sirius got in reply. 

“Okay… Well, what have you got so far?”

More grunting, a few more unintelligible words, and a parchment shoved in his face. 

“Alright, let’s have a look. Save the house elves, underlined four times, yes, I seem to recall you telling me that was a particular passion of Miss Granger’s… Fix laws… A little vague but I suppose there’s more in the book somewhere?”

Grunt. Alright then. 

“Right. Fix laws, Keep Cedric alive… Who is Cedric again?”

“Diggory. Cedric Diggory.”

An actual word. Improvement!

“Don’t break into Gringotts… Did you really need to put that on the list?”

Grunt. Well, two steps forward, one step back and all that.

“Oh, I see. Free the Gringotts dragon. Yes, I see how not breaking into Gringotts is on there… Although don’t the goblins love you? Maybe they’d give you the dragon?”

Glare. Ooh. Another step back. Not even a grunt. 

“Or… Maybe they’d give Ivy the dragon?”

Panicked whine. Abort, abort. 

“Or you don’t need to have a dragon at your house and we can find some other way of dealing with it?”

Back to a grunt. Sirius was getting the hang of this. 

“Save… Oh hey, look at that. Save me. Well you already did that, so thanks, and how about I just cross that one off now…”

Mumbled words. Getting better…

“Where’s a quill…”

“Save Sirius from the veil.”

“Wow. An entire five words. I’m flattered.”

Glare. But eye twitch, so still a win. 

“Well that’s not too bad of a list. Is it finished then?”

Harry gave him a uninterpretable stare for a minute before pointing first to the book and then to the list.

Sirius winced. “Okay, fair point. But still, it’s not like the entire book applies, right? For example…” Sirius walked over to the book and began flipping through the many pages. “You don’t have to worry about…” he squinted at the tiny print. “Marriage customs in ninth and tenth century Britain.”

Harry made some kind of strangled sound at that. 

“Okay, bad example. Well, you don’t need to know the major political figures of the Roman Republic or…” Sirius flipped through a few more pages. “How to establish a fake identity using entirely muggle methods. Wow. She really was thorough, wasn’t she. And… wait, do muggles really wash their money? Is that because they use those little paper bits instead? Why bother with that?”

Harry was giving him the strangest look. “Let me see that.”

Sirius pointed to the page in question. 

“Money laundering… That’s not what that means, Sirius.”

“Uh-huh, sure. Anyway, not something you need to know apparently. Oh, and how about this one. Ranking of martial arts across the world from easiest to learn to hardest. Ooh, or improvised muggle weapons. There’s an entire section on explosives. You know what, that could actually come in handy. How about…”

“Mark it,” Harry ordered, handing him a set of blue sticky things. Sirius grabbed one and put it on the page. 

“Right. Make sure Ivy doesn’t find it, got it.”

Harry rubbed a hand over his face. “How are we going to get through this all?”

“Well, how about the house elves? What do you want to do about that?”

Harry groaned. “I don’t know. I can’t exactly go free all the house elves. No one is going to go for that, first of all, and if for some reason I managed to convince them to, the elves would all die and I’m pretty sure Hermione would haunt me forever.”

“So save the house elves means…”

“Honestly I’m still not entirely sure. Make sure they have a good life, I guess?”

“And a good life is?”

“Not abused, given options, some kind of redress or acknowledgement of rights or something. I don’t know. There’s all those sections in the book so there has to be one that would work.”

Sirius turned to the appropriate section. Yes, there were many subsections on saving the house elves. 

“Oh how about this one. This seems easy enough. Kind of like what you did with the whole mudblood thing. And didn’t you already do this sort of with Lucius?”

“Let me see.”

“Here. See? This one could work.”

Harry read over the section Sirius was pointing to. “So like a Slytherin?”

“Well, you are Lord Slytherin, so…”

Pillow to the face. 


February 14, 1993

This day was absolutely agonizing. Normal, really, since Valentine’s Day seemed to have been designed solely to torment those who had to deal with hormonal teenagers on a regular basis, but even still this one seemed somehow worse. Perhaps it was because it was a weekend so there were no classes to distract the lovesick adolescents from their juvenile declarations of never-ending love to people they would most likely break up with by the end of the term. Severus knew it was all ridiculous, but no one else seemed to be able to grasp that concept. Instead most of the other teachers had been going on about “young love” and “isn’t it so sweet.” He wondered how many of them would still be saying that when they had to make extra round through the astronomy tower tonight. 

In an unwelcome turn of events, Lupin was proving to be the one voice of reason in the midst of all this madness. Sure, he too smiled indulgently at the smiles and blushes that were surrounding them, but at least he had the decency to make little quips here and there about how remarkable it was that true love could be found in the last four days, or how he was fairly certain he had heard those two professing their love for other people altogether just a few weeks ago. Severus had even laughed at one of Lupins little side comments. It was terrible. 

Okay fine, maybe Lupin’s ongoing commentary on the disaster to reasonable minds everywhere that was Valentine’s Day with teenagers was mildly entertaining. Although, Severus still didn’t understand the one comment Lupin had made about how at least there weren’t any dwarves. Lupin hadn’t explained further and honestly Severus was a little scared to ask. No, not scared. He just didn’t care. Right. Didn’t care at all. No curiosity whatsoever. Curiosity got you acting like a Gryffindor and he remembered all too well how that had worked out for him last time. 


February 18, 1993

“Are you sure we can’t just go next month?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Don’t look at me. You’re the one who insisted we go.”

Harry’s pout was frankly adorable and made him look younger than he was. “That’s because Narcissa was giving me the look.”

“Please, I’m a Black,” Sirius scoffed. “I am immune to those looks.”

“Yeah well, apparently I’m not. And you caved when Anthea gave you one.”

“She was making me feel guilty about leaving you on your own.”

“Well you should feel guilty. You were planning on letting me face the Wizengamot by myself!”

“You would have had Lucius…”

Harry’s glare put a quick end to that line of reasoning. “I told you before. If I’m going down, you’re going down with me.”

“I don’t think showing up at the Wizengamot is comparable to suffering an ignominious death, but alright.”

“For the record, it would be a glorious death, and yes, it absolutely is.”

“Come on, where’s the Gryffindor,” Sirius prodded. 

Harry gave Sirius a dry look. “He died and got made Lord Slytherin.”

Sirius just grinned. “And Lord Slytherin is due to make his debut appearance at the Wizengamot, so fake a smile and let's go ruin some bastard’s afternoon.”

Harry did as directed and Sirius shuddered. 

“Okay, maybe not that one. Actually, please never make that face again. Ever.”

Harry’s laugh was only cut off by his silent apparation. 


Harry had long grown accustomed to stares. His entire experience with the wizarding world (both of them for that matter), had involved great amounts of staring. Except for those perfect couple years of traveling with Ivy. Sure there were some stares here and there, but those were mostly for reasons unrelated to him being “famous” or anything. Still, for what made up a rather large percentage of his life at this point, he had been the subject of stares, whispers, speculations, and other such annoyances. He was used to it. So used to it, in fact, that he may have slightly misjudged the particular reasons for the stares he received as he made his way into the Wizengamot chambers. 

Sure, his entrance alongside Sirius had been a bit on the dramatic side (unintentionally on his part, probably very intentionally on Sirius’s), and he was showing up to the Wizengamot after claiming a double lordship, which he assumed was the reason for the stares. The particular lordships he had claimed were of special interest to people, which was annoying in and of itself, but the fact that he was only just now showing up to the Wizengamot after claiming both lordships, well… 

Although had he really “claimed” either of them? One of them got handed to him when he showed up along with some hand wavy explanation, and the other had been thrust upon him after Voldemort’s ultimate demise. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. 

And who was this “they” that was always spoken of? Who was it that actually said any of those things? Was there anyone who actually said things like that? Probably some of these older wizards and witches, many of whom looked like they could easily surpass Dumbledore in age. 

But he was getting off track. 

Stares. He was getting stares. 

But as he settled into his seat and scanned the other members of the Wizengamot for familiar faces, he began to get the feeling that these stares weren’t just because of his name. Too many people looked nervous. 

Harry scowled. This was going to be just as terrible as he had envisioned. 


“Well that was fun.”

Harry shot a look at Sirius. Fun? Sirius had thought that was fun?

“What are you doing?” Sirius asked. 

“Checking for a fever.”

Sirius shoved Harry’s hand off. “Ha bloody ha.”

“Well you’re the one that said it was fun.”

“It was. Didn’t you see everyone’s faces as you came in looking all terrifying. The scowl really added to the aesthetic, by the way. Great job on that one.”

Harry gave Sirius his very best version of said scowl. 

Sirius mock shivered. “See? Brilliant. Perfectly terrifying.”

“I’m not terrifying,” Harry muttered. 

Sirius raised an eyebrow. “So you wore dragon hide in an effort to be not intimidating?”

“It was comfortable,” Harry argued petulantly.

“Uh-huh. Practically screams warm and friendly.”

Harry muttered something very unflattering about Sirius and his parentage under his breath. 

“Well I can’t argue with that,” Sirius said, since Harry had apparently not spoken quite softly enough. 


“Well done, dear, that was perfect and you did a marvelous job of presenting yourself as a strong potential leader,” Carita gushed. 

Harry smiled and nodded politely as he screamed on the inside. 


“This will be good for them, I think,” Narcissa commented, “to start being more involved in politics.”

“Not good for me though,” Lucius muttered. He wasn’t sure he could deal with Sirius in one more aspect of his life. 

“I’m sure you’ll manage, darling,” his wife said, placing a kiss on his cheek. Oh the things he did for family. 


“Ah, Miss Lovegood. How are you enjoying the evening?”

Luna smiled at Lord Burke. “Very well, thank you.”

“Did you enjoy this afternoon’s session?”

“Yes. It gave Barty and I quite the list. There are so many bills that will need to be presented, after all.”


Having caught Lord Burke’s interest, Luna proceeded to tell him all about the numerous list of bills and laws that needed to be dealt with. It was a rather extensive list. 


“So Henry, about those bills you need presenting. I think you ought to approach Deverill about introducing some of them. He is quite the fan of yours, after all.”

Harry just barely managed to not choke on his food. “I’m sorry?”

“The bills. Miss Lovegood was telling us about a few of them.”

Harry looked between Burke, Harrington, and Parkinson and wondered if he had died again. 


Ah. Finally home. Harry had had enough of politics to last him for the day. For forever, really, but he honestly wasn’t that optimistic about it. 

“So…” Sirius began. “That happened.”

“That” was Malfoy, Burke, Harrington, Parkinson, and Greengrass all agreeing to introduce various bills and amendments over the next several months. It certainly made Harry’s job easier, but he still wasn’t sure how he felt about the fact that all five (six if you included both Nate and Anthea Greengrass) of them had agreed so readily to sponsor the bills from Hermione’s list. 

All of the seemed confident that Deverill would agree as well, which would give them four dark and four neutral. They had all agreed that most of the bills would be better received coming from the neutral faction, even if Nate had grumbled about having to do more. Anthea, on the other hand, had almost gleefully accepted the task and had promised that next month when it was her turn to show up she would introduce one of the tougher bills. 

Harry wondered if he could convince Luna to do a trade off like the Greengrasses did. Only having to go every other month sounded quite nice, especially after today. 

“You know, this will mean the two of you can relax a bit more,” Luna said.

Harry wasn’t sure “relaxing” was going to be involved at any stage of his political involvement, but he did appreciate the sentiment. “Is that why you told Burke and Parkinson about the list?”

“Yes. It is nice having friends, isn’t it.”

Harry wasn’t sure he would have ever expected to be friends with any of them, but he could admit (mostly) that they were his friends to some extent. It was weird. 

“And this way the Bumblebee won’t target you quite as much,” Luna continued. 

Oh, Luna was absolutely brilliant. Harry hadn’t even thought of that. “Luna, I could kiss you right now.” 


Sirius made a strangled sound and quickly excused himself from the room. 


April 3, 1993

Nothing had happened. It was April, and nothing of note had happened. 

Not that Severus minded the relative mundanity of the past few months, but when compared with the previous three terms the lack of disaster seemed rather… suspicious. 

Potter hadn’t done anything to bring about his premature death, the Weasley twins’ pranks had mellowed out, and they were getting along very well with his Slytherins which was, to be honest, rather anxiety inducing, yet still nothing had happened. No major fights breaking out between houses, no illegal animals, no murder attempts, no… well, anything. 

Yet tomorrow signaled the beginning of the Easter break, and Severus couldn’t help but feel that all the shenanigans missing from the previous few months were going to occur over the next two weeks. Potter and the twins had managed to get their “olympics” going for a second year. 

And Severus would be happily absent at an obscure potions conference in Munich. 

Take that, every professor who somehow thought this olympic idea wasn’t an idea straight out of hell. Have fun dealing with the demons on your own. 


April 18, 1993

Severus took in the tired look on Lupin’s face and smirked. He would have fun getting all the details from the last two weeks out of the man. 


“And they built a dragon. I mean, Filius was thrilled and gave them extra points for creativity, but a dragon, Severus.”

Severus just sipped his tea calmly as he listened to Lupin’s rant. This had been such a delightful evening. 


April 21, 1993

“Are you sure you don’t want to go tomorrow, Luna?”

Harry was not pleading. No, he was merely… enquiring. With vigor. 

“I’m sure. Thank you though. Are we having dinner again tomorrow evening?”

“Yeah, Parkinsons’ this time.”

“Sounds lovely.”

Of course Luna would think dinner at the Parkinsons’ house was lovely. Harry had plenty of other words to attach to it but that isn’t important at the moment. 

“Luna, will you marry me?”

Okay so he hadn’t actually planned to just blurt that out, but no going back now. Onward and forward. 

“Summer weddings are nice, aren’t they.”

“So is that a yes?”


“And so she said yes.”

“Harry…” Sirius had a hand over his face and Barty had somehow acquired popcorn in the last thirty seconds. 

“Uh, yeah?”

“Please tell me you didn’t just blurt out the question?”


“Merlin,” Sirius muttered. “Alright, so was it at least somewhat romantic?”


“Flowers? Romantic setting? Poetry? Candlelight?”


“Okay, how bad was it?”

Harry cleared his throat. “Well, we were talking about the Wizengamot session tomorrow, and dinner at the Parkinsons’, and then I, well, sort of just, asked?”

A glance at Barty showed he was enjoying Harry’s discomfort as much as possible. He gave a thumbs up to Harry that Harry chose to ignore. Sirius, on the other hand…

“And she actually said yes?”

“Umm, yeah?”

Sirius began muttering in French, and apparently it was amusing (and probably not flattering to Harry), because Barty was mostly failing at his attempts to contain his laughter. 

“It’s not that bad, is it?”

Sirius switched to Italian. 

Okay, so maybe it was. 

“Congratulations, Harry. Have you let Ivy know yet?”

Harry shot Barty a gratitude filled look and made his exit just in time. Sirius had just switched to Russian. 


April 22, 1993

At precisely 8:23 in the morning a sound was heard across Hogwarts. It took until 9:15 for the castle’s occupants to all be fully assured that no one had died. It took until 10:47 for everyone to know what (or, more precisely, who) had caused the scream. It took until 11:52 for the first congratulatory letter to be sent out. It took until 2:38 for the owlery to be completely emptied. 


By the time they all got home from the Parkinsons’ Harry was fully aware that the entire wizarding world was aware of his and Luna’s engagement. He honestly didn’t care at this point, or hadn’t, at least, until he came home to see the number of letters awaiting him. 


“Okay.” Harry took a calming breath. “Who taught Ivy how to send a howler?”

Barty shuffled away slightly. That’s right, Harry thought. Be ashamed. 


“I have never heard a happy howler.”

“Effective though.”

“How much do you think Remus would hate me if I sent one back?” Sirius asked. 

Barty grinned. 

Sirius grinned. 

Harry walked in, saw the two, and promptly turned around. 


April 24, 1993

“Okay, I just need to put the finishing touches on this before I send it off. Any last suggestions?”

“Unicorns,” Pansy suggested. 

“Is that at all realistic?” Daphne asked. 

“Yes,” came the triple voices of Ivy, Pansy, and, perhaps a little surprisingly, Padma. 


“Hey, what are you doing?” Blaise asked. 

“Planning a wedding,” came the reply from somewhere down the table. 

“Oh, do I need to get Draco?”

“What for?” Ivy asked. 

“Uh, never mind.” Blaise chose that moment to make a hasty retreat. 


“Finished. Anyone else have anything left to add?”

Twenty two other heads shook no. 

“Perfect. Let’s send this off then,” Ivy said, grinning widely. 


“Hey Luna, what’s that?”

“Ivy sent us her wedding planner.”

Harry panicked, but recovered with practiced ease. 

After a few minutes of looking through it with his fiancé (and no he hadn’t used that word as much as possible over the past couple days, why do you ask?), he had to admit that it wasn’t actually that bad. 

“Umm, so what do you think?”

“Well this one looks nice.”

Harry glanced at the page Luna was pointing to. That actually did look rather perfect. 


April 25, 1993

Harry felt rather than saw the glare coming from Remus. 

“Uh, hey Moony.”

“Hello, Lord Slytherin, welcome to Hogsmeade.” Remus’s voice was cheerful even as he continued to glare at Harry. “How kind of you to join us. I’m sure you’re just dying to know how Ivy is doing, aren’t you. Well, it seems I must congratulate you on such exciting news. News that Miss Potter so willingly shared with us all.”

Harry resisted the urge to flinch. He didn’t like where this was heading. 

“Oh, yes, she shared the news straightaway. Well, it was more of a scream than an actual announcement, but it was still rather effective. On a completely related note, did you know that she successfully mastered the sonorus charm?”

Now Harry did cringe. 

“Mmhmm. Yes. Put a little extra power into it, it seems. She’s quite proficient with charms, as you know.”

Harry groaned. “I’m so sorry.”

“Next time just give me a heads up, will you?” Finally the glare broke from Remus’s face. Harry was positive he had missed the transfiguration class where they learned how to go from terrifying to teddy bear in a matter of seconds. 

“Yes. Next time I get engaged I’ll let you know before Ivy can announce it to the world.” 

Remus remained undisturbed by Harry’s sarcasm. “Great. Congratulations by the way. Now, what are you having? Oh and by the way, Severus will be joining us shortly.”

At Harry’s eye twitch Remus just gave him a smirk. 


Well, this had been an enlightening afternoon. Not only had Lord Peverell managed to essentially gain control of the Wizengamot in only two months, but he seemed to be genuinely oblivious to that fact. Severus had no idea how that was possible, since clearly the man wasn’t an idiot, even if he was surrounded by them, namely Black, but over the course of the lunch meeting that Lupin had dragged him to he had seen absolutely no indication that Peverell-Slytherin was aware of the fact that he was now the de facto leader of the darker half of the wizarding world. 

Unless, of course, it was all merely an act. Come across as cheerful, charming, and not at all one of the most powerful wizards in Britain, magically and politically. Well he was Lord Slytherin… 


April 29, 1993

Albus trudged up the stairs and into his office. At least it felt like he was trudging. He was too old for this, but it wasn’t like there was anyone competent enough to take over, so he’d just have to put one foot in front of the other for the time being. 

Today’s Wizengamot session had been a disaster. Didn’t people realize how bad it would be to ease the restrictions on dark creatures? Obviously not, as they had voted to do just that. 

And how was it that anyone was fooled into believing this was not the work of Lord Peverell-Slytherin? Obviously he was working with the dark faction, even if he himself claimed to be neutral. It was little wonder though that he had stayed out of politics this long. He must have been hard at work recruiting to his side before making his grand debut, firm alliances already in place, and pawns ready to introduce a slew of bills without drawing attention to himself. 

If it wasn’t so irritating Albus would actually have found himself quite impressed. It had taken him two months to put it all together, after all. Now why couldn’t everyone else see it too? 

The wizarding world was a mess, and Albus feared what might become of it when he was no longer around to lead the way.