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That Universe Over There

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Harry was quite pleased with himself. They would need to go to Diagon Alley soon, but there were a few things he wanted to do before that, the first of which would be to explain things to Ivy a bit. And what better place to do that than a magical forest that unicorns could often be seen in. Yes, he was quite pleased with himself. This was perfect.

The sound of someone retching somewhat ruined the moment.

Harry turned sheepishly around. He had honestly forgotten how bad side-along apparition was, especially your first time. Oops.

“Sorry about that,” he said. “First time is always pretty rough. Forgot to warn you about that part, didn’t I.”

The look he got in return left no doubt in his mind as to just how impressed Ivy was with him at the moment. Thankfully, the look only lasted a minute as she promptly turned around and began heaving up the remaining contents of her stomach. On second thought, that probably wasn’t a good thing…

A few quick waves of his wand later and everything was back to normal. And by normal, he meant not covered in vomit. Magic was a wonderful thing.

“So,” he started, “what do you think?”

Ivy blinked at him. “Magic is real?”


“And that’s how you got us here?”

Harry nodded.

“And magic made me vomit?”

Harry went to protest that it wasn’t technically magic that caused her to vomit per se, but she continued.

“I don’t like it.”

What was wrong with her? Magic was amazing!

“What do you mean you don’t like it? Magic is amazing!” There was no way she would be able to refute such a factual statement.

Ivy just wrinkled her nose. “I thought magic was supposed to be cool.”

Harry sputtered. Of course it was cool. “Of course it is.”

“Well show me then.”

Harry conjured a rabbit. Little girls liked rabbits, right? Ivy did not appear nearly as impressed as she should be. Harry gritted his teeth. He would impress her.

Six conjurations, eight transfigurations, and nearly three dozen other spells later, Ivy finally smiled.

“Well, I guess you can do something with magic after all.”

Harry stared at her, mouth gaping open slightly. This was not how this situation was supposed to go. Granted, he hadn’t really had a plan in the first place, but he knew this wasn’t it.

“So can you teach me?”

That got his attention. “Wait, what?”

“Teach me. Can you teach me magic?”

Harry nodded.

“Great!” Ivy beamed. “Does this mean there are more freaky people than us?”

Harry scowled at that. Nope. This simply wouldn’t do. “We’re not freaky.”

Ivy tilted her head. “But Uncle Vernon always says…”

Harry interrupted her. “We are NOT freaky,” he said again. He wanted to correct her thinking on this as soon as possible. “Look, Vernon and Petunia knew about magic, alright? And they didn’t like it. Maybe it scared them. I know Petunia for one was always jealous of m– of Lily, and so maybe she was jealous of you too, I don’t know. But that means that what they say about magic, or about you isn’t anything you need to pay attention to, okay? Magic is perfectly normal, and there are plenty of people who have magic, like you and me.”

Ivy nodded her head at that, and Harry watched as she seemed to be thinking about what he said.
“So who’s Lily?”

Harry’s eye twitched. It was good he was completely sane, otherwise he would probably have apparated to Privet Drive and burned down Number 4 right then and there. And possibly also Number 10. They had always been terrible people.

Ivy just watched him expectantly, apparently taking this whole leave-with-a-stranger-and-be-introduced-to-magic thing completely in stride. Honestly, he had expected her to freak out a little more by this point.

“Lily was m– was your mum,” Harry said softly.

“Oh.” Ivy’s voice was quiet as well. “Well, that’s a nice name.”

Harry nodded. “It is.”

“Was she a nice person?”

Harry nodded again, barely managing a quiet “yes.”

“And she did magic too?”

“Yes, she had magic.”

Ivy nodded solemnly. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Harry had a pretty good of idea what, but he wished he could be wrong.

“For telling me her name.”


The next few hours were spent answering questions, talking about magic, and telling Ivy what he could about the wizarding world. He even managed to finally introduce himself after two hours when Ivy reminded him that she didn’t actually know his name yet. He wondered if her being this trusting of him was a good thing. Oh well, he could work with it. She could be as trusting of him as she wanted and he would make sure she was appropriately suspicious of everyone else. It was a great plan.

After mentioning his mum to Ivy, Harry had mildly panicked when the thought came to him that things might be different in this world. Maybe Ivy’s parents weren’t Lily and James. After all, she was clearly not him, so it stood to reason that there would be other differences in this world as well. After that, he tried to stick with the generals regarding the wizarding world that were (hopefully) unlikely to cause too many problems should discrepancies be found.

Harry also began to put together a plan. As lovely as this forest was (even if they hadn’t seen any unicorns yet), they couldn’t very well stay there. Besides, it was getting late and no doubt Ivy would be hungry, though Harry knew from experience that she was most likely quite used to ignoring such feelings.

Essentially, it all came down to the fact they needed money. And to get money they would need to go to Gringotts. Or go rob some muggles. Either way. Thus, Harry began mentally planning how to get money from Gringotts without a key and without antagonizing the entire Goblin nation, as well as where he might take Ivy once they got money.

“Let’s go on a holiday,” he said suddenly, interrupting their lovely conversation on least horrid forms of magical transportation. (Brooms. Definitely brooms)

“I’ve never been on holiday before,” Ivy said slowly.

“Me neither.” And wasn’t that just a sad thought; Savior of the Wizarding World and had never been on holiday, let alone left the country? Very sad indeed. 

“Where should we go?”

Harry paused at that. “Everywhere.”

Ivy grinned, and Harry grinned back. Time to go antagonize meet some goblins.