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Jurassic Park

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“You’re ridiculous, you know that?” Anna chuckled.

Kristoff looked back at her, pulling his sunglasses down to eye her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Anna rolled her eyes, “If you really wanted to scare the kid, you could’ve just pulled a gun on him.”

Kristoff pushed his sunglasses back up, continuing the hike back up to the base. “Whatever.”

Truly, Kristoff didn’t mean to scare the kid. He had wanted to educate him on just how stupid the little shit had sounded. Had he gone a bit dramatic in his explanation? Maybe. Did he have to use the claw they’d found? No, it wasn’t completely necessary.

Did he have to tell the kid that he would be alive when the raptors would start to eat him? He most definitely could’ve left that part out.

But he would be lying if the scared look on the kids face hadn’t been satisfying. What the kid gets for being disrespectful.

“What is with you and kids, huh?” Anna asked as she caught up to him and looped her arm through his.

“They’re just… they’re noisy, they’re messy…they’re expensive.” Kristoff said, “They smell.”

“Kristoff, they don’t smell.”

“They do too.”

“Do not.”

“Name me one kid that didn’t smell.”

Kristoff looked down just in time to catch her rolling her eyes, “Same could be said about you, ya know? You don’t smell great either.”

“I smell fantastic & pine fresh, thank you very much.”

“Yeah, keep lying to yourself.”

Kristoff chuckled, reaching his other arm across to grab her hand and squeeze, “You…you really want to have one of those?”

He didn’t have to ask to know the answer. Kristoff knew full well that Anna wanted kids, and had known since they started dating. They hadn’t talked much about it really, only little side comments here and there, but the idea was still there.

“I don’t want that kid,” Anna said, “But I wouldn’t mind some little Kristoff’s running around here making a ruckus.”

Kristoff smirked, “You don’t think one of me is enough?”

“Oh one of you is plenty, you’re enough of a pain in the ass as it is.” Anna giggled as he bumped her hip, “But…having a baby, your baby, I just…”

Kristoff looked back down at her as she bit her lip. “I know.”

“Have you never thought about it?”

Kristoff sighed, he didn’t expect to be having this conversation here of all places. “To be honest, no. I never really, I don’t know, thought I’d make it that far with someone…” He said, as he idly ran his finger across her wedding band, “I never saw it as a possibility so I just…never gave it much thought.”

Which was true. Before Anna, relationships were not his forte to say the least. It wasn’t until Anna tumbled into his life that he even began to understand what a relationship truly was, what it could possibly hold. Looking back at it now, he’d never in his life would’ve thought that he’d be married to such an amazing, kind, bubbly woman such as Anna. Let alone potentially having kids.

“And now?” Anna said, pulling them to a halt, intertwining their hands together “Do you…do you see that with me Kristoff?”

He looked down at her, taking his sunglasses off so he could really see her.

Yes. God yes, he could easily imagine her holding their little boy or girl. Could see her running about chasing after their baby as it toddled around. Could see her smiling her biggest smile as she cradled their little one close to her chest.

He could see her there, but him? That he wasn’t sure. As with dating, he’d always seen himself too much of a grump and too just…him to even get anywhere with anyone.

But Anna had changed that, had seen the good, soft guy that he was behind the gruff. Had brought it out of him and made him into a better person; made him into a believer of love.

There was that underlying fear though that also came with the idea. Would he really, truly be a great dad? He knew little of his real father, but what he did know was not the type of father he wanted to be. He wanted to be like Cliff, his adoptive dad but even then the standards were far too high. He could never be like him.

But what if he could?

Before Anna he’d never thought he’d make it here, and yet here he stood. A married man to the most beautiful woman that loved him with all she had.

So maybe, just maybe, he could get there too. With some help but, it could be possible.

Before he could answer, he eyed over her head at the sound of an engine overhead

“What the hell?”

It was a helicopter, one flying right to their dig site. Which equaled absolute disaster for their project, one they had only just begun.

They both took off down the hill back to the site, Kristoff being aware of the helicopter coming closer. As it descended, dust and debris started to fly everywhere around the site. Tarps flapped in the air, students scrambled to take cover.

“Cover the sites!” Anna yelled, running towards a group of students struggling with a nearby tarp.

“Quickly guys!” Kristoff called, grabbing hold of a nearby tarp and passing it along to a student. “Cover them up, we don’t want them getting damaged!”

Any other time, this wouldn’t be a problem. But here, on a site filled with delicate fossils that could break with ease, this was the worst thing they could ask for. The added factor that they had just unearthed another fossilized skeleton made the stakes that much higher.

Passing off the last tarp, looking around to make sure the sites were covered, Kristoff turned to see that the helicopter had landed. He barreled towards it, fists clenched as he approached,

“Shut that shit off!” He yelled, motioning to the pilot. The pilot looked at him, completely confused and just pointed away from the vehicle as Kristoff came right up to the glass. “I don’t care, shut that shit off now!” He yelled again, and again the pilot pointed, saying something that Kristoff couldn’t hear.

He turned to see where the pilot had been pointing, just in time to see the door to his trailer close.

The hell?

He growled as he stormed off to the trailer, ignoring the confused stares from his students. Whoever this idiot was had some nerve to show up to a dig site, in a helicopter no less, risking disturbing the sites and damaging the fossils and barging into his and Anna’s trailer.

Kristoff yanked open the door, not caring that it slammed into the wall as he did so. He stepped inside, anger only building as he looked for the person who nearly ruined their entire exploration and spying them in their fridge.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing in here?!”

The man turned, a look of surprise and somewhat glee written on his face. The man was much older, a full white beard covered his chin and glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. He wore a white brimmed hat, to match his all white attire, right down to his white shoes. But the only thing Kristoff saw was red as the man smiled and popped the bottle of champagne.

“Hey! We were saving that!” Kristoff said as he came up to the stranger, ready to snatch the bottle from his hand.

“Oh, for today I hope.” The man said with a toothy grin.

“No! It was for–who the fuck do you think you are?” Kristoff growled, jabbing his finger into the man’s chest.

“Oh, how rude of me. Dr. Hammond. John Hammond.” He said, extending his hand and shaking Kristoff’s index finger. “And it’s a delight to finally meet you in person Dr. Bjorgman.”

Kristoff froze, realization hitting him.


The John Hammond.

The man who owned InGen? The one that did research on distinct animals, specifically genetic research?

But most importantly, who ran and created the Hammond foundation? The one that was well known to fund dig sites, such as the one they were on now.

No, it couldn’t be.

“I see my, uh,” the man said as he walked towards their table near the back of the trailer, “$50,000 a year has been well spent!”

Holy shit.

It was him.

And Kristoff has just cussed him up and down.


The door to the trailer slammed open again, Kristoff knew immediately who it was, “Ok,” Anna fumed, storming inside, “Who’s the asshole that–”

“Uh, Dr., let me introduce you to my wife & our paleobotanist,” Kristoff interrupted, turning to Anna as Dr. Hammond came over. Anna looked at him confused, clearly still fuming over the events of the day. Even so, she looked to Dr. Hammond and shook his hand

“Uh, Anna.” She said, eyeing Dr. Hammond, “Dr. Bjorgman to be exact.”

“Anna,” Kristoff said, wrapping his arm around her waist & squeezing, “This is Dr. Hammond.”

Anna’s eyes widened, looking from Dr. Hammond back to Kristoff and back again as he began to speak.

“Sorry, uh, for the dramatic entrance. I did not mean to disturb your work but, this was the only efficient way I could get to you both as quickly as possible.”

Anna stood speechless, the first time Kristoff had ever seen her as such. He couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at her stunned face.

“Now come along,” Dr. Hammond said as he walked back towards their table, snagging three cups along the way, “let’s sit down and have a drink yes? We have much to discuss, much to discuss.”

Anna looked up at Kristoff, still completely shocked. The question written on her face:

What the hell?

Kristoff shrugged, looking back over at the Dr.

“Come along now, I insist.” Dr. Hammond called again, pouring champagne into the glasses.

Anna hesitantly made her way to the table, and Kristoff followed suit.

“Now, I’ll get right to the point….”


“So, what do you think? Do we have a deal?”

Kristoff sipped his glass, letting himself think about what he just heard. To be honest, he was confused. Everything the man had just said had made absolutely little sense to him. Judging by Anna’s tilted head, she thought the same.

“So, let me get this straight.” He said, feeling Anna’s hand rest on his thigh, a sign to be gentle, “You want us to come review your park?

“That’s right!”

Kristoff furrowed his brow, “Why would you ask us to come review your park? We’re paleontologists, not park owners.”

“Oh, but it is right up your ally, I assure you!” Dr. Hammond said, beaming, “Tell you what, why don’t you both come for the weekend? I have a jet standing by that could get you there in a jiffy.”

Kristoff turned to look at Anna. She was looking at her cup, biting her lip as she thought. After a moment, she looked up, “I..I’m sorry Dr. but I’m not sure if we can. We just dug up a new skeleton today and it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for such a long–”

“I can compensate you fully by funding your dig.”

Kristoff tensed then, leaning slowly onto the table and looking at Dr. Hammond. He couldn’t be serious.

“You’d fund our dig?”

“Of course!” He said, smiling, “I’ve funded many of your digs, as I am sure you are well aware and I’ve loved and admired your work for a long time. The Bjorgmans, the best of the best in the paleontology world. Your work is extraordinary!”

That gave Kristoff pause. The man knew exactly who they were, knew how good they were in their craft too; admired it in fact. That was not something you hear everyday. Especially from the man that had funded hundreds of digs over the years alone.

Truly, if not for this man, Kristoff was sure that he and Anna would easily be out of the job.

What the man was proposing sounded crazy, but then again, they did owe this man more than they could ever offer.

“As much as I–we want to Dr. Hammond, sir,” Anna said, interrupting Kristoff’s thoughts, “The just..the timing of it is just not right and with the site just being discovered–”

“For a further 3 years.”

Kristoff’s jaw dropped.

“3 years?” Anna asked, herself stunned.

“That’s right.” Dr. Hammond said, smiling at the pair.

“You’d…you’d fund the dig for another 3 years?” Anna asked.


“Holy shit.” Anna murmured, looking up to Kristoff and he looked down at her knowing she was having the same thoughts.

3 more years of funding meant 3 more years spent at the site. One that they had just barely broken ground on. The area was thought to be home to at least a dozen or more possible fossils; some complete, others not. But that was just all theory. The chances of their being even more here was high with what they had discovered just today.

The problem was, from the beginning the funds were only enough to cover a few months here. Not near long enough for the full expedition they had wanted to do.

The possibilities of what they could discover, what they could uncover in another 3 years…

Hell, a quick weekend would be worth it in Kristoff’s eyes.

It was then that he found Anna’s hand that still rested on his thigh, squeezing it gently and smiled.

Anna smiled back at him, and Kristoff could see the excitement in her eyes. She then looked to Dr. Hammond. “Where’s the plane?”