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And Now Here We Are

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"Tee, please answer the phone." Mork begs as he held his phone to his ears. He's been trying to call Tee for hours now, and he's quickly losing hope that he would answer. "Tee..." His tears started falling as his call went into voice mail for the nth time. 

He reluctantly ended the call, he didn't bother leaving a message. He felt numb. He silently wished for time to rewind back to the days when everything was simpler. 

The days when they were still pretending. The days when their love was slowly blossoming. Back then they were happy. 

They've only been together for a few months, but to Mork it felt like he was losing a life partner, he felt like the love of his life just up and left him. 

He stared blankly at the open space for a few minutes. 

Yesterday he received a text message from an unknown number. The person claimed to be Tee's mother, the message was short and straight to the point. 

 "Tee had left to study abroad. Please don't look for him anymore."

He took a deep breath. He couldn't believe that Tee would just leave him like that, especially now when he was in this condition.

There had to be a deeper reason behind it. Their situation now was different from their situation three years ago. Back then Tee left because he was confused. But they're boyfriends now, and they promised to love each other, no matter what.

He stared at his ring as he said these things to himself. 

"P'Mork!" Mork wiped his tears with his blanket when he heard Morn's voice. "P'Mork!"

"I'm in my room!" Mork shouted. He did his best to compose himself as he heard the loud footsteps of his brother.

 "Phi!!!" Morn said as he opened the door, his smile is bright, his demeanor radiates happiness, and it made Mork smile as well. "Good news Phi!" He shouted as he excitedly sat down on the bed. "Muad said that he could take you to the hospital tomorrow! You could start your treatment!" Morn said as he hugged his big brother. 

 "Wha- how?" Mork asked. He knows that it's already a struggle for their father to support his medication, even if their barber shop is doing well, his medicines are expensive, and their earnings are not enough to support a whole month's prescription, let alone his treatments! He knows that Aunty and Ching do help them by giving them free food but the money that they save from that is still not enough. 

"Muad said he won 10,000 in the lotto!" Morn said as he released his brother. Mork immediately knew that his father lied, he stopped betting on the lottery when Mork got sick. "He also said that there are people who are willing to help us for free!" He said as he hugged his brother again. 

 Mork could be naive at times, but he was not stupid. He knew that no one in their right mind would just pay for treatments that could cost up to a million baht in the long run for free. He knows that there is a catch. 

But he is willing to accept all the help he can get, just so he could put his family's mind at ease.