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That is what Professor Shen Wei used as an excuse to justify every single encounter, every inexplicable event, even any harm, even when it could not possibly be the answer for it.

A man like him, who had written in this persona of himself exactly four thesis and published exactly ten articles, would never ever use that excuse for absolutely anything, but lately it was the only answer he could give. He was rendered a bit speechless; his focus was primarily focused on the dark beings and not being discovered, and his usual eloquence was destroyed. To be honest...he was just copying what his frie..., well, his... technically new friend had always said in jest.

It was really no coincidence that he, Professor Shen Wei, was in Dragon City. It really just happened to be that there was where the SID had been appointed to be. Shen Wei had always known that he would keep his distance and that he would only approach Director Zhao as his official form. It really wasn’t that he had kept the distance extremely conscientiously, he was not counting steps, or kilometers; he had explicitly rejected offers to join the SID (several times in fact), and he had chosen the University because of the location so far away from the headquarters. It really had been coincidence that they had met that day of the murder. The events at the University had slipped from his supervision, he had been preoccupied by other matters, and he had been keeping the peace elsewhere. It really was that trouble had come to the place where he least expected it to appear, so close to his “territory”.

After that time, more often than not, it seemed that Fate had wanted them together. Not as magnets pulling each other together, but as a knot that just could not untightened once it had been united.

And honestly, trying to explain how he, a totally normal and humanly human could just keep encountering and surviving so many encounters with dark beings was just too weird to explain. He kept getting involved and even being an actual suspect of murder when this persona that he had adopted had worked just fine for all these years. It wasn’t that his personae could not be hidden and apart, it was just that every time that he thought he was safe and that nobody else but him and the dark being would notice that he was in fact not the most humanly human possible, Zhao just appeared every single time or at least it felt like that.

It was weird pretending to be a humanly human in front of him. Normally people ignored him or just forgot that he did weird things. Sure, the professor had survived a fall from the roof, no broken bones or bruises. It’s okay. He was able to lift a piece of equipment by himself when the other day in front of that inspector he could not even lift a chair. It’s just Professor Shen Wei. There weren’t even conspiracy theories about him and how little he seemed to sleep. He is a fair and caring teacher, enjoy the tea he is offering and smile, the weirdest thing that he could ever be involved in is that he keeps hanging out with that weird inspector.

However, with the inspector, Shen Wei had to try his best to act as human and frail as possible. Of course, he could bleed, I mean... he bled... he was a human. Of course, he had lost his breath when the girl had tried to choke him, she hadn’t been able to absorb any of his energy and age him, but ouch how it had hurt. Of course, he couldn’t keep up with Zhao’s pace, it wasn’t because he needed to go running with Zhao more, and it definitely wasn’t because he had to make a quick trip to the Underworld. It was especially hard to pretend that he couldn’t just carry Director Zhao up the stairs when he felt weak, or he had not eaten anything all day long, or when he had been injured. It was harder not to invoke all the authority he had as the Dark Brother to prevent him from moving or doing the most basic of things like eating, Zhao, for the love of everything just eat. He knew that he would ignore him as the Dark Brother because he was supposed to be above the human matters and therefore should not be bothered by such trifles as nourishment for the frail human bodies. Zhao would even consider himself a bit of a rebel for directly disobeying his orders. And he had tried relentlessly to make him eat as Shen Wei and all he received were smiles and excuses that he had drunk alcohol two days ago and lollipops did well enough, thank you very much... honestly... it was harder to pretend being a human knowing... that this was the human that Zhao thought knew intimately when he didn’t... know..., know... not everything.

He said it was a coincidence when they had arranged to meet and drink tea. “This is not even coincidence, this is literally a plan, Shen Wei” Zhao had said that day with a big grin on his face. Shen Wei was only able to smile and then hide the smile with a cup of tea because how could he explain that he could only repeat the same thing in order not to say anything more. In order to let Zhao just talk a little bit longer and know this new life better. He had justified that meeting saying that he, as the Dark Brother, wanted to know how the team was doing, if they were adapting well enough, if they had started to be an actual team. The answers that Chu continued to repeat were almost all the same and he could not learn a lot of the team dynamic when his companion distrusted him and thought that he wanted to know Zhao’s weaknesses or something similar. That day, when they were saying their goodbyes, Zhao had said that the two of them should meet again in a coincidentally coincidencely way. He had to try not to smile more than he already did at that moment, he tried to not let himself fall yet again in familiarity.

He had of course pretended it was a coincidence that he had moved in in the same apartment as him... because... what else could it be? He was ignoring the tightening of the knot between them, so he could not say that it was because of that. He refused the idea of the magnets and he just used the... I am being super suspicious, please continue to explore my apartment “stealthily” and I’ll keep pretending that every time that you come to take tea that you don’t look around looking for hidden cameras or whatever else you have devised now, Zhao... I mean... Shen Wei did not think like that. He did not smile every time he saw him, or his heart palpitated a bit more... that was simply... coincidence.

And this is where Shen Wei is now. Home. Reading university papers and not thinking of the man in the apartment just across the hall, because if he were thinking of him, well, that would not be fair for his students.