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Sweet Surrender

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The club lights pulse as all around him, people drink, dance, and simply enjoy themselves. Some are celebrating the end of another working week they have survived. Some are drowning their sorrows in too much alcohol and loud music. Some are on the prowl for someone to go home with for the night.

Yoongi falls into none of those three categories. No, he is here for a very different reason: to appease his brother who insists he needs to socialise more.

He knows Seokjin is only trying to look out for him, in his “I know what’s best for you, just do as I say or else” way. Still, Yoongi wishes his brother would understand that he simply isn’t ready to move on yet. His last relationship didn’t end very well, to say the least. It had been six months ago that he had walked in on Jungkook screwing around with another guy. Jimin, he thinks his name was. There had been plenty of yelling and screaming, complete with throwing stuff around. Even a few punches had been pulled. (Not his finest moment, he’ll admit, but hey, Yoongi had every right to be angry considering he’d been dating the asshole for almost 2 years.)

As it turns out, time does not heal all wounds. So instead of heading out to the dance floor and finding a hard body to grind against, he instead sits at the bar downing shot after shot, glaring at all the women, and occasionally men, who attempt to approach him until they wisely decide to leave him be. Ok, so perhaps this isn’t exactly what Seokjin meant by “socialising” but the fact that Yoongi is even out in such a public space is a step up from burying himself in his work as he has been doing for the past half a year.

He sees yet another hopeful guy start to head towards where he is sat. He shoots a glare at the blonde boy approaching him but it appears that the other is immune to his immense glaring abilities, for his smile does not diminish in the least as he continues towards him. The stranger is either very brave or very stupid. (He thinks it’s probably the latter.)

Blondie plops down beside him on a barstool and turns to him, sticking out his hand and saying “Hi! I saw you sitting here all alone so I thought I’d come keep you some company? I’m Jung Hoseok, and what’s your name?” Yoongi just scoffs and turns away, downing other shot. His unwanted companion is not deterred, however, and continues to chatter away to him about everything from weather (Isn’t it warm today? Times like this, I wish I lived closer to the beach, ya know?) to the latest celebrity gossip (Did you hear about RM and V getting engaged? I’m not a huge fan of either of their music but damn, they make a gorgeous pair, don’t they? Oof, wouldn’t mind a threesome with those two, no sirree!) and a multitude of other meaningless topics. It all goes through one of his ears and out through the other. Not that he is listening to Hoseok’s rant, of course not.

Eventually, he turns to the blonde and, making the most intimidating face he can, hisses “What do I have to do to make you shut up, and leave me alone?” Hoseok just laughs. “I’ve been told I’m very persistent, it’ll take a lot to get me to back off. But... I guess I could shut up for a few minutes in exchange for your name?” he asks, his voice trailing off hopefully.

Yoongi knows that he should just get up and walk away, that this is not what he signed up for when he came here today. Yet, for some strange reason he cannot comprehend, he runs a hand through his hair (totally not a nervous habit of his) and quietly responds “Yoongi. My name is Min Yoongi, now can you PLEASE just shut the fuck up and let me drink in peace?!”

Hoseok looks shocked at first, as though he wasn’t expecting to actually receive a name, and just gapes at him. A few moments later, it seems to finally sink into his thick skull and he gives Yoongi a heart-shaped grin that is practically blinding. It is so bright, in fact, that he has to look away. (He’s definitely not trying to hide a blush. Of course not.)

As promised, Hoseok doesn’t attempt to speak to him for the next few minutes, instead waving down the bartender and ordering a drink for himself. Yoongi takes the time to take a good look at his newfound companion, taking in his messy blonde hair, faded band t-shirt and black skinny jeans. His clothes cling to his body, accentuating his muscular form and Yoongi can’t take his eyes away. (So he has a slight muscle kink, sue him.) He suddenly feels overdressed in his white button-up shirt and slacks. Then again, he did come here straight from work so it’s not as though he can really help it. (He’d removed his tie, that should count for something at least, right?)

After a while, the blonde seems to notice Yoongi’s sharp gaze perusing his appearance, and a lazy smirk finds its way onto those delectable lips. “So... like what you see?” he says in a husky tone, turning to face him once more. A blush creeps onto Yoongi’s cheeks once more and he attempts to turn his face away but fingers creep under his chin, forcing him to stay still.

Hoseok looks straight into his eyes, and says, “Don’t turn away. I like what I see too, you’re absolutely gorgeous, kitten”, ending with a not-so-subtle wink. Under normal circumstances, Yoongi would be flustered at the obvious come-on and definitely so by the pet name but he is too entranced by the other’s dimples which are so deep they probably hold all the secrets of the universe aside, he wants to poke them, kiss them…. Ahem.

With much more difficulty than it should require, he tears his gaze away only to land on the blonde’s full, pink lips. Lips that are moving. Because Hoseok is talking to him. He tries to focus on the words coming out of those lips but the music is suddenly too loud, the heat too overwhelming, the crowd too thick. The alcohol now seems sickeningly sweet and he knows he has overdone it, he has drank much more than he meant to.

He has to get out of here. Now.

He abruptly gets to his feet, stumbling a little as a wave of dizziness invades his inebriated mind. A strong grip on his waist keeps him upright, and he turns to see Hoseok holding him up, a concerned frown on his face. Gone are the lopsided grins and the flirtatious smirks, his face displays only worry and concern, all for him.

The expression looks horribly wrong on that face, and Yoongi just wants to get rid of it. He tries to force a smile onto his face and says, “I’m fine, just a bit tipsy is all. I think I’m gonna head home if you don’t mind” in the most polite and reassuring tone he can manage, given that his words are all slurring together.

Hoseok clearly doesn’t buy it for a second, and quickly turns to pay for his drink. He then slings Yoongi’s arm around his shoulders, slipping his own around the older man’s slim waist, and begins to walk towards the exit. Yoongi’s mind screams at him to protest, that it’s not a good idea to go home with a stranger he just met at the bar, especially given his current inebriated state. Still, that arm around his waist actually feels kind of nice and the blonde smells good, so he just stays quiet and waits to see what will happen. He vaguely registers Hoseok speaking frantically into his phone to someone, presumably asking for a ride, but Yoongi is struggling to keep his eyes open so he just gives in, lets the darkness overtake him, trusting this boy who seems to be sunshine personified to take care of him.

When he comes to, the first thing he registers (aside from the violent pounding in his head that can only mean he drank far more than he should have) is the heavenly smell of freshly brewed coffee and… pancakes? But Seokjin hates pancakes, why would he…. Oh. This is not his bed, which means he went home with someone but that doesn’t make sense, Yoongi almost never has one-night stands and on the rare occasion that he does, he never stays the night, so why is he still here in a stranger’s bed?

He is broken out of his stupor when the bedroom slowly inches open and someone pokes their head in with a sheepish grin on their face. A familiar face, but where has he seen this man before… All at once, the memories of last night (of Hoseok) crash down on him and the pounding in his head intensifies. Hoseok seems to sense his distress and enters the room with a glass of water in one hand and painkillers in the other. He passes them to Yoongi who accepts them gratefully and while the older swallows the pills, the blonde takes a seat on the edge of the bed.

Once Yoongi is done, Hoseok puts the items aside and then asks, in the most soothing and gentle voice Yoongi has ever heard “How are you feeling, kitten? I was so worried when you passed out, I even considered taking you to a hospital in case of alcohol poisoning but my friend told me I was being stupid and that I should just let you sleep it off back at my place, since you weren’t awake to give me your address.” Yoongi feels his heart melt at the genuine concern in the other’s tone (and maybe the pet name had something to do with it, give him a break okay, he was still sleepy and hungover and this angel was being so sweet to him-) and responded with a small smile and a mumbled “M’fine. Head hurts a bit but I’ll be fine. Thanks for taking care of me”.

Hoseok just smiles back (not his blindingly bright one, thank god) and tells Yoongi to join him in the living room for breakfast once he’s done in the bathroom. Nodding, Yoongi makes to get up only to realise his current state of dress, or rather, undress. He’s not wearing a shirt. Or pants. He was definitely wearing both of those last night though and he knows for a fact he was too out of it to change out of his own outfit, which can only mean one thing… At some point between leaving the club and waking up in a stranger’s bed, said stranger had stripped him of his clothes (except his boxers, thank the lord for small mercies) and tucked him into bed.

Having made this dreadful realisation, Yoongi slowly looks up to meet eyes with Hoseok who by now had realised what was going through his mind and had turned an adorable shade of pink, eyes wide and hands wildly gesticulating as he began to ramble about how he only undressed him because he didn’t want Yoongi to be uncomfortable sleeping in his “fancy suit clothes” and it “wasn’t anything weird, I promise I’m not a creep who takes advantage of drunk people oh my god, please don’t call the cops on me, I was just trying to be thoughtful, I didn’t think this through oh god I’m going to jail, what will I tell my mum-“

Yoongi feels a slow smile spreading across his face at seeing the blonde so flustered because damn, he looks so fucking cute and Yoongi is so smitten already, what the hell, he can literally feel his heart pounding and he can already imagine the absolutely delighted look on Seokjin’s voice and the smug tone of his voice as he teases (read, torments) him about how totally whipped he is. Before he knows it, his face has morphed into his signature gummy smile that was apparently powerful enough for Hoseok’s rambling to come to an abrupt stop as he just stared at Yoongi with an awestruck expression instead.

“Something on my face?” Yoongi attempted to tease the blonde, hoping to elicit an even darker blush but somehow he ended up being the blushy one as Hoseok replied “yeah, a little something called beauty, you’re so adorable kitten, I-“

Yoongi could feel his face and neck heating up and quickly cut Hoseok off by practically launching himself out of bed and speed walking out the door with the intention of going to the bathroom except,,, well. He hadn’t actually asked Hoseok where the bathroom was?? Weighing his options, he sighed deeply and headed back in the direction of the room he’d just left only to find a very amused Hoseok leaning against the wall who grinned at him (ah yes, the infamous blinding sunshine smile, there it is) and pointed in the right directions as he said “bathroom is right over there, and then living room is this way, I’ll get the food from the kitchen, hopefully it isn’t too cold by now”.

Soon enough, Yoongi found himself sitting next to Hoseok on a worn-out looking couch with a small table pulled in front of them, dressed in the same clothes he was wearing last night, munching away on pancakes and drinking coffee while some old crime movie played on the tv. The whole thing felt oddly domestic, especially when he felt something fluffy rub against his foot and he looked down only to see one of the cutest dogs he had ever seen (and trust me, as a vet, he’d seen a lot of dogs before so that compliment was not given lightly).

Turning to Hoseok, he couldn’t help but pout. “I didn’t know you had a dog” At first, Hoseok looked confused (and slightly dazed but Yoongi was too busy feeling betrayed to notice that) but then his eyes caught on the fluffy thing that was almost blending in with the fluffy carpet and he loudly exclaimed “Oh! Right sorry, this is Mickey, he is my son, I’ve only had him for about 2 years but I love him to the moon and back, I would honestly die for him!” as he picked up the little floof ball and cuddled him to his chest.

Yoongi wanted to coo at both the endearing scene that was happening right next to him and the words that his new friend had just uttered, knowing exactly how easy it was to fall so hard and fast for a puppy, having experienced the same thing when he’d gotten his Holly. Excitedly, he spun so he was facing Hoseok fully and began to tell him about his experiences with his own dog and before he knew it, they were engaged in an animated conversation that started off about their pets but quickly veered off into other topics such as work, hobbies, funny anecdotes with friends, etc. while playing with Mickey at the same time.

Both had finished their breakfast long ago, but neither seemed willing to end their strange little encounter just yet so they just kept finding something new to talk about until Yoongi happened to notice the clock on the wall opposite him, or more specifically, the time it was displaying. It was almost 1pm. They had started having breakfast at 10pm which means he and Hoseok had been talking for about 3 hours straight. What the actual hell??

Realising something was wrong, Hoseok stopped in the middle of talking about when he’d streaked naked through campus having lost a bet with one of his dormmates back in uni, and shot Yoongi a concerned look and asked what happened to have him looking so damn spooked, was there a ghost standing behind him right now, or an intruder, or-?

Yoongi quickly shook his head, saying “no, no, nothing like that, I’m just surprised because look at the time, we’ve been sitting here for three hours already, how the hell have we been talking for that long? And my brother is probably waiting for me at home right now, I always text him if I’m ever spending the whole night out but I didn’t last night so he must be so worried, oh my god I need to go before he calls the police to report me missing or something-“

He can tell he’s working himself into a panic but he can’t stop and he’s embarrassing himself in front of Hoseok, but the other man surprises him by gently pulling him in for a hug and rubbing his back while consistently telling him to just breathe and Yoongi slowly comes back to himself (but he doesn’t pull away yet because somehow it just feels right being in Hoseok’s arms, his chest is so warm and so firm and smells so fucking good and- ok that’s enough).

Eventually, he pulls back from the embrace and takes a deep breath before smiling apologetically at the blonde and saying “Thank you so much for everything, I drank way too much last night and you took care of me even though I was so rude to you when we first met, sorry about that by the way. Breakfast was delicious, your dog is wonderful and so are you, it was so nice talking to you, it’s been a long while that I’ve been able to talk to someone so easily and for so long so I’m just really glad I met you. I really do have to get going though, so I guess I’ll… see you around? Maybe?”

Hoseok gives him a shy smile in return as he waves off the gratitude, telling him “No need to thank me, I was only being a decent person, god knows what might’ve happened to you if I’d left you at that club, wasted out of your mind and all alone. I would never forgive myself if I left anyone in that position regardless of how rude they may have been, although between you and me, I could tell you didn’t actually want me to leave you alone, you were just being grumpy haha. I really enjoyed talking to you too, it was nice to see you come out of your shell and I’m so glad you let me see your soft side. Who knew the prickly grandpa I tried to hit on last night would look so cute petting my dog and telling me about his weakness for lamb skewers? Aww, don’t blush kitten, it just makes you look even more adorable and I don’t think my heart can handle that right now.”

The pet name makes Yoongi blush even deeper and before he can talk himself out of it, he leans forward and kisses Hoseok on the cheek before asking him for his number while making that pouty face again and god, how could Hoseok ever say no to him when he looks at him like that? That pout is a truly deadly weapon and he is a weak, weak man. The two exchange numbers and then Hoseok walks Yoongi to the door, Mickey trotting along at his feet.

Yoongi doesn’t quite know how to say goodbye just yet though so he picks up Mickey and gushes to him about how much of a good boy he is and he can’t wait to introduce him to his Holly and Hoseok just watched them with a fond look in his eye. When Yoongi finally puts Mickey down, Hoseok pulls him in and gives him a firm but chaste kiss right on his plump lips and promises to text him later so they can arrange a proper date. Yoongi has that gummy smile plastered on his face again and just nods dumbly before turning on his heel and speed walking away until he realises he has no idea where he is.

This time, though, instead of embarrassing himself again by going back to Hoseok’s, he simply pulls up Google Maps to find out how to get home and oh, would you look at that, it’s only a fifteen minute walk. “That’s going to be convenient” he thinks to himself and can’t help but giggle because damn he is so fucking whipped for a man he literally met yesterday.

He can already imagine all the smug comments Seokjin will make about how this was all thanks to him since he was the one who forced Yoongi to go out in the first place, and how he can’t wait to tell the story at the wedding where he’ll obviously be the best man because “I’m simply the best and I am a man, it’s a no-brainer Yoongichi!”

Normally, the prospect would make him want to puke and he might even consider hiding what had happened from his brother to avoid fueling his ego even more. However, right now, Yoongi is feeling far from normal and actually finds himself thinking that it’s kinda sweet that his brother cares so much about him and maybe he does deserve rights after all. Humming happily to himself, Yoongi strolls back home at a leisurely pace, thinking about everything that had happened in the last 24 hours.

Call him whipped, whatever, but at the end of the day, he’s the one who’s (going to be) dating the cutest man alive and playing with the cutest puppy in the world (joint with his own Holly, of course) and he’s never felt so giddy with happiness before, so who’s the real winner here?