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Majima's hand grabbed Kiryu's ass a little firmer and pulled him even closer, fuck he enjoyed the little breathless noises the other man was making way too much. 


It was a sunny day, a light breeze coming in from the ocean. They were sitting on the porch of Morning Glory, Kiryu straddling Majima's lap, his skin smelling like ocean and sunshine, tasting salty from his morning swim. Kiryu had sent Rikiya and Mikio to town with the kids after Majima arrived so they could get spoiled with ice cream and play at the arcade while Kiryu and Majima had the house for themselves, at least for a bit. And Majima was planning on taking full advantage of that. 


"Everyone can see us out here," Kiryu had protested, when Majima had pulled him down into his lap. But Majima had just rolled his eyes at him and pressed his lips to the corner of Kiryu's mouth.

"So? Maybe yar neighbours will enjoy a lil’ show," he had whispered and nibbled along Kiryu's jaw. 


He didn't need much convincing though and by now Kiryu was like butter in his arms. Blush crept over his tanned skin and the bulge in his trunks grew bigger when Majima pulled him closer.

Majima was licking along Kiryu's bottom lip, gently scraping it with his teeth, while his hand rested on his neck thumbing the shorter hairs. When Kiryu's mouth opened with a moan, Majima pressed his tongue forward, licking into the other man's mouth. Their kiss was sloppy and lazy and so damn hot, Majima couldn't get enough of it.

Kiryu circled his hips slowly, he was pressing back into Majima's hands first then slowly moving forward, his half-hard dick searching for friction in Majima's lap. 

When Majima broke the kiss with a lewd moan and leaned back to get a better look at Kiryu a string of saliva connected their lips. 

"Fuck, Kiryu-chan, I missed ya so much," his voice was threaded with affection and Majima's heart felt like it was going to burst. 

"Missed you, too," Kiryu mumbled before he leaned down to bury his face in the crook of Majima's neck. 

Majima could feel their mixed up spit against his skin where Kiryu softly pressed his lips to his throat. Letting out a breathy sigh, Majima leaned back further supporting himself by putting his hand flat on the warm wood behind him. His head fell back a little and Kiryu dragged his tongue over his exposed collar bone.  

"I like this holiday look on you," his voice was just a low murmur. With a small smirk, he opened another button of Majima's shirt to get better access to his chest. Majima chuckled and looked down on the ridiculous shit he was wearing: a navy blue shirt with a flower pattern in different shades of pink and pale green tucked into some washed-out denim shorts that were from Goromi's side of the closet. 

"If ya think so," he grinned widely and hummed when Kiryu's lips kissed the head of his snake tattoo followed by kisses dusted all over his exposed chest before he leaned against Majima with a content sigh. Majima slowly sank back further until his back was resting flat on the porch so he could wrap his arms around Kiryu who was now lying on top of him.

 "Ya big sob, I’m tryin' to seduce ya and yer cuddlier than an old house cat," he teased, "What about all those naughty things ya wanted to do with me?"

"I have no idea what you are implying," Kiryu's warm breath tickled Majima's neck. 

"Don't cha play coy now, Kiryu-chan," Majima pushed his hand under Kiryu's shirt to gently stroke his back, "all those dirty text messages? The suggestive half-naked pictures?"

With an embarrassed noise, Kiryu tried to hide his face further in the crook of Majima’s neck. A heartwarming genuine laugh shook Majim's chest. He tightened his grip around Kiryu and bucked his hips, pushing up into him seductively.  

"Ya don't have to hide yer slutty side from me, Kiryu-chan," Majima whispered and felt a warm feeling of lust stir through him when Kiryu's cock twitched with interest. With one smooth motion, Majima suddenly moved the two of them around and Kiryu let out a surprised huff when he landed on his back. Majima was now straddling Kiryu's legs and smiled down at him. He licked his lips hungrily when he opened Kiryu's shirt and pushed the fabric away so he could gaze at his bare torso and abs. The sight in front of him was breathtakingly beautiful, Kiryu's arms splayed out over his head, his hair messy as he hadn't styled it after swimming. His skin had taken on a nice bronze tan since he moved to Okinawa, he seemed a little more laid back and as much as Majima missed having him close in Kamurocho it was good to see Kiryu relaxed for once. 

"Ya new hairstyle really suits ya," Majima's finger trailed over his abs and through the hairs that were running from his navel down into his trunks. He looked up his gaze dragging over Kiryu's broad chest that had a soft dusting of some darker and some blond hairs, lightened up by the sun.

Kiryu bit his bottom lip, "If I knew you came I would have taken the time to groom."

Majima chuckled again, "As if I care. Didn't I just say it suits ya?"

He leaned over Kiryu and kissed him again, rougher now, hungry. It was all teeth and wet noises and moaning into each other's open mouths. Majima rolled his hips, his cock was definitely hard by now and he wanted to make sure Kiryu could feel that. 

"Baby, I want ya so bad," his mouth was close to the younger man's ear.

Kiryu's breath hitched and he pushed himself up into a sitting position, grabbing Majima firmly so he wouldn't fall off his lap.  

"Bedroom," was all he had to say and Majima was on his feet in an instant.


They stumbled inside and after he ripped off his shirt Kiryu pushed Majima against the wooden wall.

"It's been too long," he groaned tucking at the collar of Majima's shirt and leaning into him. Majima nodded in agreement and helped him open the buttons on his shirt. He wrapped a leg around Kiryu's waist and his arms around his neck.

"Show me how strong ya are."

Kiryu immediately responded one arm curling supportively around Majima, his hand grabbing his ass. He shifted his weight and lifted up Majima's other leg so he could cross his ankles behind Kiryu's back. 

"Fuck. Yer a beast," Majima gasped and bit into Kiryu's earlobe. Their bodies slotted together perfectly, Majima could feel Kiryu's hard cock strain his trunks and he pushed into him. Kiryu moaned, his warm hands were kneading Majima's ass. The older man angled his hips a little more and their clothed cocks were sliding against each other, Majima hit his head into the wall behind him with a groan. 

"Yes, more of that, please," Kiryu growled and bit down into the flesh where Majima's neck met his shoulder. He sucked on Majima's skin, leaving little bite marks and dragging his wet tongue all over his heated skin. 

Clinging to Kiryu's body with all of his limbs and pushing his upper back into the wall Majima lifted his hips far enough so he could grind his cock against Kiryu's in earnest. Soon they were both breathing heavily, Kiryu's torso was glistening with sweat and his thighs started to burn. 

"I need more.", he whined breathlessly and pressed his forehead against Majima's, "please, nii-san."

Carefully, so he wouldn't slip, Majima lifted his hand and somehow managed to push it between their bodies, his fingers felt clumsy when he pulled Kiryu's cock out of his trunks before opening his own shorts. He struggled with the zip, Kiryu's impatient thrusts and needy noises weren't helping. Majima finally made enough space to free his own cock from his shorts and Kiryu winced almost as if in pain when he looked down at both of them dripping with precum and held together by Majima's fingers. 

One hand was wrapped around Majima's face, tilting his chin and holding his head into place while Kiryu kept kissing him wet and needy. Majima swallowed each of his moans like he was starving. It really had been so damn long. 

"Ya feel so good, baby, I can't wait to ride on ya cock all night," Majima mumbled. His thoughts went into overdrive about all the things he wanted to do to Kiryu tonight. 

Eventually, the feeling of Kiryu's thick veiny cock smeared with both of their precum pressing against his own sent him over the edge with only a few strokes of his hand. His own orgasm made him dizzy for a moment but he kept stroking Kiryu's cock, who made tiny desperate sounds when he spilt all over Majima's hand.

Majima's strokes slowed, he felt tender and sensitive but he couldn't resist spreading Kiryu's cum all over his own cock. He wanted to look down at the mess they made but Kiryu caught his lips. He was still breathing heavy and basically drooling all over him now, licking into his mouth and sucking on Majima's tongue. Majima swirled his finger through the cum on Kiryu's stomach and lifted his hand.

"Open your mouth," he whispered against Kiryu's lips and slowly pushed his finger against the swollen bottom lip. Kiryu sucked it clean and kissed the tip of his finger before he mumbled a "Thank you", into Majima's hair.

For a moment Majima curled even tighter around Kiryu but he could feel how shaky Kiryu's thighs were getting, and so he gently untangled his legs pushing one foot after another down on the ground. Kiryu let out a relieved sigh, but still wasn't backing away, he slipped his hand into Majima's neck and kept cornering him against the wall. When Majima looked into his eyes he stared back with so much longing, he felt his throat go dry. Majima stared back at him for a moment before his lips curled into a smile.

"Don't cha worry, yer not gonna get rid of me so easily."

He wrapped his arms around Kiryu's waist still holding his gaze when the other man frowned.

"That's what ya worried about isn't it?"

After a deep breath Kiryu nodded, he pushed himself off the wall and turned his back to Majima, pacing around for a moment before he faced him again.

"I just want us to have some time for once," he admitted and Majima suddenly saw the tiredness under the sunny beach-dad-look Kiryu was sporting nowadays. 

"That's what I want too," Majima answered without skipping a beat, he grabbed Kiryu's wrist and pulled him back into his arms. 

"As I said, I told Daigo I’m gonna be out of office for at least a week."

Kiryu hummed quietly and Majima could feel him relax. 

"But it can't hurt if ya keep me busy so I don't get bored, ya know what I mean.", Majima chuckled and gave Kiryu what he hoped looked like a wink.