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del amor es una incrédula

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The device hanging over the door beeped, indicating someone had come in through the side door, a common occurrence where customers ignored the signage there to prevent people from coming in from the door. She tried to real in her irritation because she knew that people were inattentive, and it would likely happen again. This was the first of today, and probably not the last person to ignore the boldly printed sign prompting people to use the front door. 


Rosalie could've quickly shut the blaring sound off within moments, but felt the satisfaction grow within her as she took in the evident discomfort of the patron in her peripheries. Their fidgeting grew worse as the alarm's volume rose in intensity the longer it persisted. She knew she had approximately five minutes before the device would notify the police department, and Rosalie would have to detail the events to the concerned officer. 


Rosalie, out of sheer amusement from watching the pretentious child squirm, continued turning through the pages of the newest edition of her favorite automotive magazine. If they had the courage to ignore the boldly printed sign, then they certainly still possessed it in the fourteen steps from the door to the front register. 


The blonde fought back a smile when the distinct sound of a throat clearing met her ears-eyes, still pointedly scanning the magazine. Although she had less than two minutes left before the police department called, Rosalie refused to give in to the entitled attitude of the boy standing now directly in front of her. 


"Excuse me." Amber eyes looked up, and the blonde's best-startled look flashed across her face. "I accidentally set off the alarm."


"Oh?" She contemplated letting it go, but the blatant attempt to avoid admitting to a fault succeeded in setting her mind against it. "I could've sworn there's a sign out there posted on the window, and there's also a cone placed in front of the door." Rosalie glanced across the boy's features as he began to sweat in earnest. Knowing the phone would ring in less than a minute, she moved to reset the device. 


"If you don't want people to use it, then maybe don't have a door there."


She halted her actions and let the time run as she bore down the rapidly reddening paste-like skin of the human golden retriever known as mike newton. She reset the device as the time ran out, a deafening silence took over the room for all of twenty seconds. 


The phone rang, breaking the silence causing the boy to jump. Making sure to clasp the phone gently and maintain her glare, she answered the call. 


"Forks Police Department, we've been notified of a break-in at your location, is everyone alright?" 


Staring into bland blue eyes, she responded, keeping a glare on her face. "I was currently relaying to our customer, Mike Newton, that we only allow customer entrance from the front door for the safety of our employees. Would you like to speak to him?" She was aware of the horror passing through her classmate's face as her voice came out soothingly sweet. 


"I wouldn't worry about it, sir." Her gaze burned into the already overhearing face across from her. "I'm sure he'll understand that next time he does this, he can face serious consequences." She smiled as she spoke. "Thank you for calling!" 


The phone was placed onto the dock more aggressively than she intended. The disgusting smell of sweat and masculine musk-scented deodorant traveled into her nostrils, Rosalie physically fought back gagging. 


"I'm sorry that I used the wrong entrance, it won't happen again." He dabbed at the sweat pooled at his temples. "Do you know where I can find the windshield wipers?" Not bothering to reply verbally, she gestured to the aisle. The boy muttered thanks and ducked into the nearest aisle. 


The sound of stifled laughter from behind her alerted her to the presence of her closest sibling. She fought the smile, but the rolling waves of humor overtook her before she could help it. "Every time he gets too big for his britches, you're more than willing to knock him down." His blonde hair curled into his eyes that were watering with mirth. "That was texas justice, and absolutely savage."  


"Now, I know for a fact that you've been spending more time with Edward and Emmett." She leaned back to glance at Jasper in thoroughly undisguised incredibility. "Who uses millennial slang and Texan slang within the same sentence?" She gave a genuine chuckle at the flash of realization on his face. 


The sound of sneakers squeaking in the direction of the wiper aisle snapped Rosalie back to her predicament. She nonverbally conveyed her request to Jasper and, at his nod, moved to do a walkthrough of the store. As she made her way around the store, organizing the items as she traveled, her thoughts wandered.  


Although the store came with moments of frustration, like with Newton earlier, she still loved the environment of the shop. Esme had approached her in the garage on her birthday, somewhere no one, but the Cullen matriarch was permitted and handed over the keys to the shop. Rosalie had been shocked, but the warmth in the auburn woman's smile as it met her eyes pushed her to embrace her. 


The store would be a hobby outside of school. The gesture had been wholesome and done out of love from her mother figure. Still, the implicitness of the act hung like a cloud over the store, all of her family's unspoken words oozing out as pitying glances in Rosalie's direction. She was the only one alone, and it was starting to feel that it would remain that way. 


The sound of the front doorbell chiming, indicating the departure of the nuisance known as Mike Newton, brought her out of her thoughts and onto the auto part in her hand. 


She made her way to the front counter and gestured to the store inventory scanner. Jasper tossed the device in her direction, and she went back to begin scanning labels. 


Taking her phone from her back pocket, she increased the volume and hit play on her current favorites—a small static sound from the overhead speakers giving away the change of music. 


"Rose!" A loud groan from the front brought a smirk to her face. "Last shift I worked with you, we agreed I was the DJ today." 


"I said, 'Jasper you can choose the music next time we work.', I didn't say you can choose all  the music." She was met with silence and continued to work.


The entire night after closing and leaving, passed by like always. 


Rosalie showered, set her clothing for the following day, and read a book in her bed. The book provided a temporary distraction from her inability to relax fully. Halfway through, her senses were overwhelmed and rendered her incapable of focusing on the words before her.


The silence of her room became amplified by the sound of sweet loving murmurs from the bedroom next to hers, proclamations of devotion down the hall, and poetic whispers in the garden. 


The walls felt bare, void of any artwork, and her shelving full of books the clutter detailing their own story of her attempt to pass the time, not living it.


The pressure in her chest, usually subdued during the day, amplified at night with the deafening sound of her aspirations shattering. 


She gave up reading long ago that night and remained fixated on the single photograph on her vanity-her family. Their contended smiles incited corrosively spiteful envy in her stomach, which quickly morphed into guilt. 


Beams of sunlight came in through the window, glaring off of the glass casing of the photograph, another night with no end in sight, giving way to a new day. 


With a sigh, she went through the motions of getting ready for her day. Packing her bag with her school materials, and her work items, she left her room, making her way passed the sounds of temporary last kisses until they returned home. 


Grabbing her set of keys from the designated hook and unlocked the vehicle, she got into the car turning on the music to drown out the sounds from inside the house and shut her eyes. 


The sound of the passenger door opening brought her back from her temporary meditative state. Meticulously spiked black hair greeted her sight, accompanied by a blindingly bright smile. "Can Edward and I ride with you?' 


Unable to remain upset with her painstakingly wholesome family, she gave a small smile in affirmation. The gestures they took to value her autonomy never failed to make her appreciate her diversely assorted family. Alice never acted based on her gift, but her consent. Edward frequently devised new methods to minimize his presence in her mind. Jasper refused to manipulate her emotions during her triggered emotional distress, only intervening upon her request. 


The guilt from earlier came barreling through wave after wave. How could she feel anger towards her family? 


"I would love to listen to SWMRS again, but I'd hate to lose my hearing." 


Ah, that's why she disliked her siblings because they're merely annoying.