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A Limerick About Packages

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There once was a girl in my class,
A very desirable lass.
It was not hard to find her,
So I'd sit behind her,
For she had a beautiful ass.

It's no secret that I am a man,
Who is a connoisseur of fine can.
My collection is ample,
She's a fine example,
And so I enacted a plan.

She worked the mailroom, I was informed,
I said there was a package for her in my dorm.
Pick it up? Oh she wouldn't.
Take it to her? I just couldn't.
I hadn't filled the appropriate form.

I had a new plan, I was amped.
It went through a total revamp.
My dick I did show,
It was wrapped in a bow,
But she said that it needed a stamp.

After a long and most grueling fight,
I finally got it just right.
Now me. I enjoyed it.
But she? Disappointed.
Because I gave it to her rush overnight.