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Let's Be Alone Together

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Tired. Jimin is so incredibly tired. He’s been studying for hours, cramming all possible knowledge about trees and the rings in their trunks into his overworked brain.


Truthfully, he loves this stuff. He’s majoring in botany and spends all his time reading up on the differences in flower stems, or getting his hands dirty transferring his overgrown plants into bigger pots. He loves planting seedlings with Taehyung, loves telling him about what he learned in his labs at school, loves comparing Taehyung to flowers. He loves what he’s learning, but he’s damn tired of running from school to the dance studio he volunteers at to the cafe he part-times at.


What’s more, he’s tired of missing Taehyung.


Taehyung’s been busy all week- it’s Thursday now- and Jimin’s going mad without him. His beautiful, funny, loving boyfriend has been busy all week because he’s also immensely talented, and therefore gets pulled in every direction by everyone in the arts department.


He’d been commissioned to paint a mural in one of the school’s art studios after one of his practice pieces from class had been bought by a local art gallery. When he isn’t painting his mural, he’s up in the band room playing saxophone for the school’s jazz band. He plays first chair, and almost always stays behind after practice to help his section get their notes just right.


And if he isn’t painting or playing saxophone, he’s practicing with the school’s choir as their coveted baritone. He’d been recruited by one of the members after they’d heard him singing Frank Sinatra to Jimin on their way to the campus library; she’d said something along the lines of “this is the closest I’ve ever been to believing there is a God,” and Taehyung had joined the next day. To top it all off, Taehyung’s also in the photography club, where he spends as much time as his hectic schedule allows in the dark room, developing photo after photo of Jimin.


Surprisingly, for as crazy as their schedules are, they always have time for each other. They have dinner together at Jimin’s apartment every night, and Taehyung almost always sleeps over. They never let any of their activities keep them apart for too long, but this week Taehyung had spread himself too thin and agreed to do more than the hours in the day allowed.


Jimin understood, of course he did, and had soothed Taehyung’s worries about not being able to see each other for a few days. “It won’t be too bad, Taehyungie. I can handle it, don’t worry about me.” He’d ran his stubby fingers through Taehyung’s fluffy hair, petting him like the overgrown puppy he was.


“I know it’s only a few days, Min,” he’d said through a gut wrenchingly sweet pout, “I just hoped you’d miss me a little..”


Jimin had nearly slid off the couch they were laying on from laughing so hard. “You’re such a big baby, Tete. Of course I’m gonna miss you! In fact, I miss you right now,” he pressed a soft kiss on Taehyung’s nose mole to comfort him. “I’m so proud of you, though. You work so hard and you’re so talented, it’s no wonder everyone wants a piece of you!”


Taehyung had smiled so sweetly, his eyes shining up at him from under his eyelashes. And Jimin…. Jimin was only human.


He’d leaned down and softly grazed his teeth along the shell of Taehyung’s ear, “Just don’t forget who you come home to. Don’t forget who you belong to, who owns you.”


Shivers ran down Taehyung’s back. He’d bitten his lip, another one of Jimin’s weaknesses, and tilted his head back to give Jimin more access to his ear and neck. That had been Sunday night, and they’d parted ways Monday morning with bruising kisses, Jimin’s chest smattered with lovebites and Taehyung with a small, almost unnoticeable limp in his walk.


Jimin smiles at the memory, wishing it were still a sweaty Sunday night in bed with Taehyung and not a Thursday night alone in his apartment, hunched over The Hidden Life of Trees. Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair and checks his phone for the time. He forgets to even look at the clock when he sees he has a text notification from Taehyung.


loverboy ♡ : how much do you think my cock weighs ?


Me: …


Me: what ?


loverboy ♡ : like a pound ?


loverboy ♡ : or 8 ounces ?


loverboy ♡ : what do you think ?


Me: baby,,,


Me: what the fuck are you talking about ?


loverboy ♡ : listen


loverboy ♡ : i just need to know


loverboy ♡ : like an estimate


Me: honestly tae


Me: i don’t want to answer that


loverboy ♡ : WHY NOT ?


loverboy ♡ : you think my dick is big right ???


Me: you know i do


Me: but an estimate ?


Me: i just…


Me: a pound …?


Me: i don’t think that’s realistic at all…


loverboy ♡ : JIMIN


loverboy ♡ : LOVE OF MY LIFE


loverboy ♡ : FIRE IN MY LOINS


Me: that’s gross but




Me: ……..


Jimin throws his head back in fond exasperation when his phone starts ringing five seconds later, a picture of Taehyung with flowers in his hair lighting up the screen.


“Baby, if this is about the weight thing-“


“Jimin you don’t understand!” Taehyung shouts down the line, Jimin wincing at the volume. “I need to know how much you think my cock weighs!”


“What is this even about? And where the hell are you? I thought you had choir and photography today.”


Jimin hears Taehyung speaking to someone else, “Sorry Min, I’m at the grocery store! Choir finished early, and photography got cancelled because the club leader forgot he had a date tonight, so I’m free! I thought I’d pick up something for us to eat?”


Jimin’s face lights up at the thought of finally, finally seeing Taehyung after four grueling days without him.


“I’m so excited, Taehyungie! I’ve missed you so- wait a minute. What does any of this have to do with you asking how much your dick weighs?”


He hears Taehyung huff on the other side, “Listen, I was picking out some fruits and stuff because I know you’ve been craving a fruit salad.” His heart warms, of course Taehyung had remembered something he’d said in passing during one of their brief phone calls.


“Anyway, I was picking stuff out when I realized it all sells by the pound! I thought each apple was $2, but it turns out they’re $2 per pound!” He sounds so excited, as if he’s cracked the Da Vinci code rather than figured out how to buy produce.


“Tae, please tell me you didn’t put your dick on one of the fruit scales,” Jimin asks warily. For as smart as Taehyung is, he’s also impulsive as hell. If he really wanted to know how much his cock weighed, Jimin doesn’t doubt he’d try to stealthily whip it out for a quick checkup.


“Of course I didn’t put my cock on the fruit scale!” He shouts in outrage, then a rushed, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, ma’am!” His voice sounds further away from the phone as he explains that he’s not a pervert, ma’am! It was just a silly joke!


Jimin giggles as he imagines Taehyung, red-faced and bowing profusely in apology.


“Min? Can you hear me?” He comes back after about 30 seconds, “That old lady just hit me with her purse! I tried to explain, but she stopped listening around the third hit.”


Jimin throws his head back, full-blown cackles erupting from him now. “It’s not funny, Jimin!” Taehyung whines at him, “Everyone was staring! They all think I’m some kind of pervert!”


“They’re not completely wrong, babe. Who thinks about their cock while buying apples? You’re definitely a little dirty.” Jimin teases.


He loves to rile Taehyung up, and while this is mostly to poke fun at Taehyung’s hardship, he’s also secretly hoping it’ll get him a little horny. Jimin is a needy boy, and four days without so much as a kiss from his boyfriend have started to get the best of him. So he wants to rail Tae tonight, sue him.


“Shut up, Jimin.” Taehyung says quietly. Jimin can hear the faint interest in his voice. Oh, he thinks, it’s working.


“I’m sorry, Tete. I’m being kind of mean, right? I know that big cock of yours is always getting you into trouble.” He’s speaking slower now, honey voice just light enough to get Taehyung’s heart beating faster.


“Jimin, stop. Please.” His voice is still hushed, nearing a whisper. Jimin imagines him, knuckles white as they clench around the shopping basket, keeping his face down so no one can see how red his cheeks are.


He wonders what Taehyung is wearing, wonders if his cock is starting to fatten up, if it’s visible through his pants. “Are you almost done there, Taehyungie? You know I miss you so bad…” He’s playing coy, stringing his puppy along.


“Almost, Min. Was just gonna get a few more things,” he sounds slightly more composed, and no that won’t do.


“Be fast, lovey. It’s kinda cold in my apartment right now, need something to keep me warm. Something tight and hot to keep me feeling warm, hm?” Jimin’s half-hard now, can’t wait to have Taehyung in his arms so he can sit him on his lap and have him cockwarm Jimin while they eat dinner.


“O-okay. I’ll be over soon, please wait for me.” He sounds a little breathless, and Jimin knows he’s won. Taehyung hangs up and Jimin squeals. Fuck yes, he’s so ready to see his baby again.






Jimin jumps up from his desk when he hears a sharp knock on the door, bounding over and swinging the door wide open to reveal Taehyung, hands full of bags. Jimin hugs him anyway, curls into his chest and winds his arms around Taehyung’s body, squeezing as hard as he can. He hadn’t realized just how badly he’d been missing his boyfriend until he was standing in front of him again.


“I know I said I could handle it, but I never wanna be away from you for longer than an hour ever again,” Jimin kisses his chest. It’s not an attempt to get Tae out of his pants sooner, he just wants to feel Taehyung’s body heat against every inch of himself. He really had missed him, had hugged the scent of Taehyung’s cologne off the pillows on his bed, and had started spending his breaks between studying staring at pictures of Taehyung on his phone, sighing longingly.


But now, Taehyung was here, in front of him, and he never wanted to be apart again.


Taehyung giggles at Jimin’s small frame curled against him and hums. He kisses his head, “Let me set these bags in the kitchen first, Min.”


“Don’t wanna let go,” Jimin whines. He squeezes Tae even tighter before pressing more kisses against his chest. He finishes with a loud smacking kiss right over Taehyung’s heart, then lets go.


“How was choir today? You said you guys finished early, right?”


Taehyung tells him all about his day while they put the groceries away, (groceries is putting it very kindly, because majority of it is junk food that they definitely do not need, and the aforementioned fruits for Jimin’s salad.)


Tae had, however, bought them some takeout for dinner, so he busies himself with setting the table. Jimin watches him flutter around the kitchen, his long hair bouncing while he talks animatedly about the progress on his mural. Jimin’s heart clenches, he just loves his baby so much, wants to be so close to him that they become one single being so they’re never apart again.


He catches Taehyung a bit off guard when he wraps himself around his back while Tae’s busy piling food onto their plates. “Min? What are you doing?”


Jimin hums, he doesn’t really know. “I just want to feel you. I wonder if I hold you long enough, would we become one person? I just wanna be with you as closely as possible.”


Taehyung stops what he’s doing, closes his eyes and smiles to himself. He loves Jimin so much, sometimes it makes him feel sick. He isn’t always the best at expressing it though, because words aren’t his strong suit. That’s why he always brings Jimin plants, flowers, pictures he’d taken of Jimin when he hadn’t been looking, or paintings that don’t really resemble anything but Jimin knows represent love.


 They stand there for an eternity- or maybe just 3 minutes- just feeling each other’s presence and letting the world pass them by. It isn’t until he feels Jimin rock forward the slightest bit that Taehyung realizes Jimin is half-hard behind him. He blushes and ducks down, keeps his mouth shut but angles back a bit to give Jimin more to work with.


Jimin’s tiny hands are running up and down the expanse of Taehyung’s chest, his left hand placed firmly over Tae’s hammering heart while his right continues to wander. Taehyung tries to even his breathing, doesn’t want to seem so desperate when they haven’t even kissed, but he’s so powerless to the feeling of Jimin rocking gently against his backside.


“My big baby,” Jimin says as his plush lips kiss over Taehyung’s back covered by his tshirt. “Big baby works so hard, he deserves to be spoiled, hm?”


Taehyung does whine at that. He loves being Jimin’s big baby, loves being taller than him and still being the one that gets coddled. He hisses as Jimin pinches his nipples harshly, holds his chest tightly so he can fuck up against Taehyung’s clothed ass.


“What do you say, baby? You wanna be spoiled tonight? Want to be a good boy and let me take care of you?” Jimin soothes his nipples with feather light touches, rubbing Taehyung’s tummy in soft circles.


“Yes! Yes wanna be good, can be so good for you. Please Min,” he’s overwhelmed already. Jimin can feel his heart beating rapidly against his palm.


He turns Taehyung around and strokes his cheek, finally leaning in to give him a kiss. It’s gentle at first, full of love and warmth. Then Jimin bites Tae’s lip as he pulls away, and all bets are off. Taehyung’s whining as Jimin shoves his tongue in Tae’s mouth, runs it over the backs of his teeth and all but spits onto Tae’s tongue each time they part. He wants Taehyung to be full of him, emotionally and physically. Jimin wishes he could rearrange their chemical makeup and make them one single being, he just loves Taehyung so much.


But he can’t do that, so he usually opts for rearranging Taehyung’s guts instead.


Jimin’s got his hands on Taehyung’s pants, quickly undoing the zipper and bringing his cock out. It’s big, pink and fat and already so wet. That’s one of Jimin’s favorite things about his boyfriend, he’s always quick to get wet.


Taehyung’s knees buckle when Jimin taps at the head of his cock, right over his slit. Jimin wants to see the strings of precum drooling from Tae’s slit glisten as they come away with his fingers. “You’re so fucking wet, baby. Shit,” he taps Taehyung’s cockhead a little harder, “how do you always get so wet so fast? You’re my dream.”


Jimin spends a bit of time just slapping Tae’s cock around, sharp little hits that have Taehyung wheezing as he tries to drag air into his lungs. He’s already so overwhelmed, so sensitive. He loves being pushed around like this, almost as if he’s only a cock to use and not a whole entire person, and Jimin always knows how to get him there.


“Turn around, baby,” Jimin orders as he delicately runs his finger up the length of Taehyung’s drooling cock. “Need to get you nice and open for me. Want you to keep me warm while we eat.” Jimin kisses up the side of his neck before leaning back and helping Tae move.


Taehyung leans his body on the kitchen counter, kicking his pants off and hiding his face in his arms as he tries to recollect himself. He hears Jimin settling on his knees behind him, feels his tiny hands gripping his cheeks harshly before pulling them as far apart as he can. Taehyung tries to hold in his whines when he feels Jimin’s hot breath on his hole, but he’s already so far gone.


Taehyung waits for the first flick of Jimin’s tongue, anticipates the wet slide. He loves when Jimin eats him out because he’s absolutely filthy. Jimin never teases when he’s got Tae like this, just dives right in and is almost impossible to get out.


He’d once spent an hour and a half between Taehyung’s legs, eating him out despite Tae’s pleas for Jimin to give him a break. Taehyung had been bed ridden for two days after that, his hole hypersensitive and ass cheeks sore from how hard Jimin had been gripping them.


“Jimin, come on.” Tae’s whining, he knows it, but he’s so lightheaded with desire he doesn’t care anymore. Jimin flicks his tongue against Taehyung’s hole before he gets the chance to whine some more. His whole body jolts forward, but Jimin’s got one arm around his waist keeping him in place.


Right from the start Jimin is pushing past his rim, plunging his tongue as far as he can get it. He’s moaning and slurping already, the sounds muffled but still so dirty. Taehyung’s torn between sitting on his face and trying to break away from Jimin’s hold, can’t even tell up from down anymore.


Jimin leans back a bit and gives Taehyung’s ass a harsh slap before he spits on his clenching hole. “You’re so fucking eager, baby. I’ve barely touched you and you’re already such a mess.” He spits on Tae’s hole one more time before slapping directly over his rim, his other hand wrapped tightly at the base of Taehyung’s cock.


Taehyung’s shaking, his lungs feel like they might collapse but he can’t fucking breathe. Jimin’s fingers are so tight around his cock and he’s gone back to jabbing his tongue inside Taehyung’s ass, using his free hand to slowly start pushing two fingers in.


Taehyung wants to speak, wants to ask Jimin to go faster or to give him more, but he’s worried that if he uses the little oxygen he has left in his lungs to talk, he’ll pass out. So instead he’s just sobbing; loud, open mouthed moans and cries as Jimin finally slams his fingers into Taehyung’s prostate.


“What’s this, my love? Is this where you want me?” Jimin asks, voice teasing as he pulls his tongue out of Taehyung’s ass. He laves around his rim, drooling onto it, licking it back up, only to drool it out again.


“Please. Please, right there. Holy shit Minnie, please don’t stop.” Taehyung’s digging his nails into his own forearms, needs to ground himself somehow.


Jimin lightly taps Taehyung’s prostate, already stuffing him full with three fingers. “You’re so polite, lovey. I’ve trained you so well, haven’t I?” He hums to himself as he presses harder on Tae’s prostate, relentless even as Taehyung nearly draws blood from his forearms from how hard he’s clawing at himself.


Taehyung’s practically screaming, wriggling desperately, still unsure if he wants to push back for more or get away from it all. Before he has time to make up his mind, Jimin pulls his fingers out completely. He drops three quick slaps on Taehyung’s hole before he stands back up.


Jimin runs his wet hands up Taehyung’s back, finally giving him the chance to breathe. “You’re so good for me. Been busy all week but you still came home to me the second you could.”


He kisses Taehyung’s as best as he can with Taehyung’s jaw still dropped as he tries to breathe.


“I missed you so much, Min.” Taehyung’s voice is light, still breathless. “I was working as fast as I could every day so I could come home to you sooner.” Tae wraps his arms around Jimin’s shoulders; his cock is still leaking but he really just wants a moments reprieve to hold Jimin close.


Jimin runs his fingers through Tae’s hair, smooths his eyebrows with his thumbs and nuzzles their noses together. “You’re everything to me, Taehyungie.” He presses a fat kiss to Taehyung’s lips, then grabs his hand and leads him to the table.


“Let me get our plates so we can eat, baby. Food’s gonna get real cold, I want you to eat before we play some more, okay?” Taehyung nods along dumbly, mind not fully functioning anymore.


Jimin grabs their plates and sets them both in front of his own chair. He sits himself down, then reaches out for Taehyung’s hand. “Keep me warm, my love. I just wanna be close to you.”


Taehyung blushes; he loves cockwarming Jimin. He’s always found it comforting to be so physically close, just enjoying Jimin’s presence. He watches as Jimin unzips his own pants and brings his cock out, watches as Jimin spreads his precum to get himself slicked up a bit.


“I’m not wet enough,” he says as he tugs at Taehyung’s cock to gather wetness from there. Tae whines high in his throat when he sees Jimin’s hand come away significantly wetter than before. Jimin slides his hand, wet with Taehyung’s own precum, over his dick before reaching for Tae and helping him slide down onto his cock.


Taehyung groans at the stretch, head falling back onto Jimin’s shoulder. He intertwines their hands as he accommodates the sudden intrusion. Jimin places soft little kisses on Tae’s shoulder, feels his dick twitching inside of Taehyung’s ass but ignores the desire to fuck up into him in favor of nosing along his back.


“Let’s eat, Tete.”






They eat dinner happily, pressed as closely together as possible while they continue to catch each other up on the weeks events. Occasionally, Jimin will buck up in the middle of one of Taehyung’s sentences just to hear him gasp or stutter. He’ll pout and tell Jimin to pay attention, and who’s Jimin to deny his sweet boy of anything he asks for?


Jimin’s been swiveling his hips inside of Taehyung for a while now, giving small thrusts every now and then. He wants to be close to Tae, but he also wants to tease him a bit. Taehyung’s head is lolled to the side, eyes closed and mouth slightly parted.


“You’re my everything,” Jimin says as he starts to fuck into Tae a little more, his hands gripping Taehyung’s waist tightly. “Wanna make you mine, want you to be full of me in every single way.”


“I already am- shit.” Taehyung’s being bounced in Jimin’s lap, holding onto the table while Jimin starts to pick up his pace. “My heart, my mind, my fucking ass- everything is full of you in each and every way.”


“Then more. Be even fuller of me, be full to the fucking brim of me.” Jimin’s fucking him in earnest now, jack-rabbiting his hips up into Taehyung’s ass, gritting his teeth at the sight of his boyfriends hole being stretched so wide.


Jimin’s fucking into him fast, slamming Taehyung’s ass onto his cock with his greedy little hands. There’s a loud, wet slapping sound each time Taehyung’s ass meets Jimin’s hips, and Tae finds it intoxicating. It’s so nasty, so utterly gross, and so fucking hot to him.


Jimin pushes him forward, the plates on the table clattering at Taehyung’s weight. He grabs Tae’s arms and holds them behind his back to get leverage as he starts pounding Taehyung’s ass. Taehyung’s helpless to Jimin’s actions, his nipples hard and sensitive as they slide against the cold wooden table, his shirt now long gone.


“I feel so fucking full, Minnie. You fuck me so good, your cock was made to fill me up, I know it was.” Taehyung knows Jimin loves to be praised, but he especially loves to feel like he and Tae are soulmates. They are, it’s clear to see, but sometimes Jimin wants to really feel it in everything they do.


“All for you, baby. My own little slut made just for me. No one else could ever have you like this, you’re fucking mine.” Jimin slams his cock in even faster, one hand still holding Taehyung’s arms back while the other grabs at one of his cheeks, pulling it aside to reveal his pink hole.


He groans at the sight of it, stretched so wide and glistening from how wet it is. Jimin’s nasty, can’t keep himself from spitting onto it, feels a strange sense of pride seeing it drip into Taehyung’s ass.


“Harder Jimin, please. Need it, need it, need it.” Taehyung feels his orgasm building, feels like he could burst with the slightest bit of stimulation on his cock. It swings between his legs as he gets his brains fucked out of him, drooling and neglected, still red and sore from when Jimin had been slapping it earlier.


“Harder? You want me to fuck you even harder than this?” He let’s go of Taehyung’s arms in favor of pulling his head back by his hair, Tae’s back arching with the force of it. “You really are a slut, huh? I’ll fuck you even harder, then.”


Taehyung screams then, all air leaving his lungs as Jimin fucks back in with full force, nailing his prostate dead on. Taehyung’s crying now, he’s so overwhelmed by all the things Jimin makes him feel at once. His abused prostate, his neglected cock, his hair held tightly in Jimin’s tiny fists. Everything at once makes him feel like his soul could leave his body at any moment.


Jimin fucks into him relentlessly, doesn’t ease off of Taehyung’s prostate for a second. He grips at Taehyung’s cheeks, gives hard slaps to his ass and cock and hole, he’s insatiable in every way. Taehyung’s cock is an angry red, drooling steadily onto the tile floor beneath them.


“Jimin, holy fucking shit,” Taehyung’s wheezing again, cock bobbing rapidly as Jimin somehow fucks him even harder. “I’m gonna cum, Minnie. I need to cum, my cock is so fucking hard, please please let me cum.” Taehyung’s not above begging, especially not while he’s being fucked within an inch of his life.


“Gonna make a mess, my love? Can’t help yourself, huh?” Jimin manages to sound steady despite the animalistic pace he’s set on Taehyung’s ass. “You’ve been good all day, but do you really deserve to cum?”


“I do! I do, I do deserve it!” Taehyung pleads. He can’t go any longer without cumming, he’s barely holding on. “I worked hard all week and I haven’t touched myself since you fucked me o-on Sunday and I- holy shit- I sat so well when I cockwarmed you. Please let me cum, Minnie. I’m fucking b-begging you!” He’s wailing loudly, no shame or consideration for Jimin’s poor neighbors.


Jimin reaches down for Taehyung’s cock and slaps the head again. He keeps slapping it, 2 hits, 5 hits, 7 hits before he digs a chubby finger into the slit. “Cum,” is all he says, and Taehyung nearly blacks out from the force of it.


His cock kicks and twitches in Jimin’s fist, his small hand catching as much of Tae’s cum as it can hold.


Taehyung’s eyes are out of focus, his chest heaving and legs shaking as he cums, a steady flow filling Jimin’s palm. His ears ring as he pants, barely registering the fact that Jimin is still hard inside of him.


Jimin pulls his hand away when Taehyung finishes cumming, brings it to Tae’s mouth and forces him to take it all in. Taehyung obliges, can’t bring himself to do anything other than open his mouth for Jimin to feed him his own cum. He watches Jimin bring his hand up to his own mouth and lick whatever was left off of his fingers, eyes hooded as he savors it.


Jimin pulls Taehyung’s head back by his hair, more gentle than before, and brings their mouths together. He shoves his tongue past Taehyung’s lips and sucks some cum into his mouth. They kiss, passing it back and forth between them while Jimin humps against Taehyung’s ass, his cock still buried deep inside.


Taehyung hisses in oversensitivity, but makes no move to get Jimin away from him. He let’s Jimin grind into him, keeps savoring and pushing his cum between their swollen lips.


Jimin pushes all of it into Taehyung’s mouth one last time before he leans back and places a searing kiss against his lips. “Swallow it.”


Taehyung does. He doesn’t make a show of it, just follows Jimin’s orders and swallows down his cum and their spit. “Tastes so good, Minnie. I only came because you took such good care of me. You make me so good for you.”


Jimin cums abruptly, his soulmate’s praise the final push he needed. His cock jerks and drools in slow steady pumps, filling Taehyung’s ass in the most delicious way. Taehyung’s head drops forward, sweet sighs leaving his mouth as he feels Jimin cumming inside of him.


Jimin doesn’t pull away immediately after finishing. He gives a few short thrusts, gently fucking his cum back into Taehyung’s ass before he finally pulls his cock out. Taehyung whines at the loss, wishes he could stay plugged and full of Jimin’s cum forever.


Jimin helps Taehyung stand back up, delicate hands holding his waist as he watches Tae regain his footing.


“I can feel it dripping out.” Taehyung says sadly. It’s gross and a hassle to clean up, but he loves plugging himself up after Jimin cums inside of him. It just makes him feel closer to his boyfriend, that’s all. It also feeds his secret fantasy of having children with Jimin, but he never voices that out loud.


“I know, baby, but you need to rest.” Jimin walks them over to the bathroom and gets the water running in the tub for a warm bath. He sits Tae on the toilet seat, nuzzling his nose against Taehyung’s, hands held between them loosely. “You took me so well, my love. Made just for me, right? My other half.”


Taehyung kisses Jimin sweetly, he’s soft and sated and in love with the most perfect person in the world; his soulmate.


Tomorrow they’ll go back to school and won’t see each other until dinner time. Jimin will run from school to the dance studio he volunteers at to the cafe he part-times at, and Taehyung will spend his afternoon holed up in one of the school’s art studios working on his mural before running to jazz band practice. They’ll be exhausted, will probably eat shitty takeout and talk about their long days and how they can’t wait to be out of school.


But for now they hold each others hands and nuzzle their noses together while they run a warm bath and talk about how they’re each others perfect match.