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Red Lips

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Then out came...


"A monkey"; Ryuu flatly said.

In front of them is a small monkey holding what seems to be a green mango.

It was looking at them while rolling the mango on the ground, and pounding it. It was trying to crack the mango open from the way it was slapping it on the stony ground.

Some were at awe with how cute it is, and some tried to call it.

Daichi scratches the back of his head and lowered his gun, "at least it wasn't some flesh eating..."

Before he could finish what he was saying, a huge greyish hand came out from the trees grabbing the small monkey back to the forest.

Shocking and startling them, eyes goes wide and wasn't able to move to get or save the monkey.

A very scared and painful noise coming from the small monkey can be heard and when some of them tried to save it, a hideous face came out from the trees and was chewing, what seems to be the small monkey from the tail that was hanging out of it's mouth.

"You just have to jinx it, huh, Daichi?" ; mockingly said Suga. Who immediately pointed his gun to the mutated zombie. With how big and different it looks.

All of them pointed their Guns towards it, watching it still chewing the poor monkey. Then suddenly it stopped and was staring at them.

When they thought it wasn't gonna do anything, they thought wrong. The Mutated Zombie moves and when it appears to be standing, they can see how big it really is.

It was looking down at them, then it scream which is very hurtful to the ears and run towards them.

One by one, they fired their guns.

With Dates' and Shiratorizawa's Heavy weapons made it stop in the middle and pushes it back.

They keep on firing the mutated one and then it falls down to the ground. No one lowered their guns but after seeing a lot of blood spilling from it, they put down their weapons.




Which was a bad move.




When out of nowhere, another mutated zombie came out which is much more bigger than the first one.


They started firing their weapons but despite the heavy ones they have it still went running towards them.


Then it raises its left arm them swiped towards the soldiers. Some were lucky enough to avoid it but some weren't.


One of them is Kageyama Tobio from Karasuno Team.

He went flying a little and was sent towards the trees where he got hurt more from falling in the branches then to the ground.


He tried to raise himself slowly, and he lean on the tree.


Head spinning, feeling something running down from his forehead. His ears were ringing to the point he can't seem to hear his seniors calling for him.

Kenma, one of Nekoma's team was able to reach Kageyama and was checking the man for damage. Tried talking to him, asking, and putting a white cloth on the bleeding forhead to stop it from spilling more blood.


And when Kageyama was able to see clearly, he was able to clearly make out Kenma but still can't hear properly.


When he look behind Kenma, he saw the zombie coming towards them. He shouted for Kenma to look out, which the Pudding head turns around and immediately shielded Kageyama from the incoming Closed fist from the zombie.


But before it could hit them, a blur of black and orange came out from the trees.

Struck the Zombie down with what seems to be a Katana. A very sharp one that is.

It immediately slices the arms off from the shoulders and slices the head off. Splitting it into two.


Once the cloud of dust was gone, they can see a human shaped standing on top of the zombie, holding a katana and was wearing a black hoodie.

When it faces towards Kenm and Kageyama, what they saw was...