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laughs and kisses

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Jimin never thought he would ever use Tik Tok as a serious social media platform because he had a solid fanbase on Youtube, and he did pretty well for himself. His videos paid the bills and he was able to indulge in overpriced makeup and clothes. But somehow, he’d fallen into the rabbit hole that was Tik Tok. Over the past few weeks, he had spent a ridiculous amount of time watching pointless videos on the app. In fact, he had spent the past hour scrolling mindlessly instead of editing an actual make-up haul unboxing video he needed to post before going to bed.

Jungkook, of course, had become popular overnight after he posted his first video. His account was a chaotic mixture of gaming clips, dance trends, and thirst traps that Jungkook didn't even realize were thirst traps. It was comedic how oblivious Jungkook was to his killer looks, but that was part of his charm.

At first, Jimin had been careful to stay out of Jungkook’s videos since he was a little intimidated by the Tik Tok audience, but a few days ago he had agreed on joining him for a dance trend. Jungkook wasn't a dancer like him, but he was a quick learner. The Tik Tok algorithm seemed to have loved the video because it was on everyone’s pages for the next few days. The comments that poured in were nice and Jungkook’s followers, who were a mixture of his gaming fans, and new fans, seemed to like him too.

Regardless, Jimin hadn't planned on ever posting on that app, but one of his viewers had tagged him in a challenge, encouraging him to try it with his boyfriend.

The trend had people bothering their significant others while they were gaming to catch their reaction on camera. These reactions varied from anger and annoyance to cute little romantic moments. Knowing Jungkook, Jimin figured he’d either try his hardest to ignore him just to be a brat, or he’d humor him and give him a cute reaction.

He and Jungkook had been dating for nearly a year already. Their anniversary would be coming soon and considering how they got together, Jimin thought hidden cameras and harmless pranks would be very fitting to honor this milestone in their relationship.

Jungkook was in the recording room, streaming. They had set up all of his gaming things in Jimin’s room after he had moved into Jungkook’s room. They each had their own corners for filming and were usually pretty good about sharing the space, except for the times that Jungkook would get frustrated at Jimin for being messy. Those arguments usually ended with Jungkook cleaning his brushes and organizing his pallets passive-aggressively.

In Jimin’s defense, he didn’t think he was that messy, Jungkook just had a different standard of cleanliness than other people. Either way, Jimin found it very endearing when he caught Jungkook soaking his beauty blenders in the sink.

Jungkook streamed in the afternoon after he got home from school and Jimin filmed in the morning because that was when he had the best and most consistent lighting. Jimin also led a few dance classes at their local gym in the afternoon to keep himself active and to get out of the apartment more often.

They were both really busy, but they did get to properly enjoy each other’s company at night and on weekends. Once Jungkook graduated from university they would shift their schedules around so they could spend more time together. They had plans of finding a bigger apartment and advancing in their careers, but for the time being, it worked out fairly smoothly. Their relationship was as strong as it had ever been and Jimin was sure he had found the one.

If he was being honest, he was mostly going through with the prank because he missed his boyfriend and wanted an excuse to steal his attention for a bit.

Jimin quietly walked over to the filming room, phone in hand.

He opened the door as quietly as possible. Jungkook’s double monitor setup was pointing away from the entrance, but Jungkook was facing it so his eyes flickered to Jimin for a second. He had on his headset and was speaking into the mic.

Jimin mouthed “sorry” while tiptoeing around behind him to set up the camera and made it look like he was just looking for something. Jungkook focused back on the game he was playing, speaking to his viewers and teammates about something Jimin didn't follow.

Jungkook had blown up on streaming sites over the last year and Jimin was really proud of him. His boyfriend had been nervous to move onto a streaming platform because he was camera-shy and there was a lot of pressure in entertaining a live audience for hours. But, Jungkook had turned out to be a natural. Every day people would tune in to see him play, or just to talk in his chat and engage him in conversation. It warmed his heart because Jungkook wasn't the most social person and he always claimed he wasn't good with people, but it was obvious that his viewers adored him. His following had grown to the point that he was able to upgrade his monitors and equipment.

Since both of them had drastically different fanbases, Jimin was apprehensive about appearing on his streams at first. He was worried about how toxic gamers would react to their relationship and sexuality, but that hadn't turned out to be an issue. He didn't give Jungkook’s viewers enough credit because they had been friendly for the most part. Offensive comments were instantly reported and those users were banned from the streams.

Jimin should have known his sweetheart of a boyfriend would attract an equally as sweet, albeit chaotic, and often horny, crowd.

Once his phone was set up he approached Jungkook from behind. His boyfriend didn't hear him coming because of his headphones, but he saw him in the viewfinder. His eyes flickered up for a second before returning to his screen.

Jimin wrapped his arms around him from behind, resting his chin on Jungkook’s head as he peered at the screen. If Jungkook was surprised by his actions, he didn't show it. He didn't even falter as he talked to the others on his squad.

Jimin’s eyes landed on the chat as the comments flew in.

GamerBoyWater88: did y’all see jungkook’s boyfriend’s ass just now? no homo but

Cutiebot: that ass

SniperNoSwiper: who told him to wear leggings

campingKing2: you all are going to get banned lol jungkook already said not to talk about his boyfriend like that

SSSniperWolf: can’t believe jungkook turned me down for him lol

crayator: no homo but jungkook bro let me smack your boyfriend’s ass

oneshotman: I’ll eat his ass wtf

loserfruit: jimin looks so cute today :(

campingKing2: jimin is reading the comments you idiots!!!!

Jimin hid his smile into Jungkook’s hair. He didn't really mind the chat’s comments. They were all mostly harmless. Plus he’d be lying if he said he didn't like the attention. If anything, Jungkook was the one that didn't appreciate the sexual comments. He had a bit of a jealous side, which Jimin loved.

Jimin began to inch himself onto his lap, forcing Jungkook to pull his arms away from the keyboard for just a second, allowing Jimin to climb on him.

“This is the last squad. 140 South,” Jungkook said, eyes focused only on the screen.

Jimin glanced at the monitor. He never really understood the games Jungkook played. They had done a video on his channel where he had tried to help Jimin get his first kill to no avail. Jimin had been simultaneously clowned and coddled by the internet. Based on what he did know, though, Jungkook’s team appeared to be winning. The chat’s comments were flying in.

opogdog: what’s up with jimin lol he never comes on stream

Cutiebot: if i had him in my lap i would have popped a boner right then and there

SniperNoSwiper: he’s in heat

campingKing2: jimin if you’re reading this please drop a tutorial for the look you posted on ig yesterday i beg

noScope100: am i the only one still paying attention to the game

Ripdrumgun: i'm horny

Loserfruit: they’re so cute together

Jimin smiled, nuzzling into Jungkook’s neck, hoping to get some type of reaction, but again, there was none. He wrapped his hands around Jungkook’s waist and even wiggled his ass. Aside from a slight twitch of his cock, there was nothing.

He should have known it would be difficult to distract him. Once Jungkook was in his element, very little could break his concentration. Jimin would have to move to plan Plan B if he wanted a reaction. He climbed off Jungkook’s lap and collected his phone before leaving the room.

There was another trend on Tik Tok that was more daring than the first. People would strip naked and walk in while their partner was playing video games or on the phone. Jimin didn't want to result in such extreme measures but Jungkook had brought it upon himself for not giving him the attention he deserved.

Jimin pulled off his clothes in the hall until he was butt naked.

He glanced at the wall-length mirror, turning to get a good look at his body. He looked good naked, that much he was sure of. His skin was smooth and flawless and his rigorous squat routine ensured his naturally plump ass remained plump.

Jimin smiled, giddy and a little nervous.

He picked up his phone and started recording as he walked back into the filming room.

Jungkook didn't turn to look at him when he walked in so Jimin inched closer, mindful of the camera Jungkook had set up right above his monitor.

“Baby,” he whispered.

His boyfriend glanced over and did a slight double-take. His mouth parted open as he looked him over once before quickly turning back to the screen. “Two on me,” he spoke into his mic, but this time his voice wavered.

The viewers wouldn’t notice, but no matter how collected he tried to act, Jimin could see the blush on his face and the tension in his jaw.

Jimin smirked. He loved a challenge, and admittedly, they hadn't had sex in a while and Jimin was feeling horny all day. It didn't help that Jungkook looked especially attractive today. His boyfriend usually dressed in loose-fitting dark clothes and while Jimin found him hot in anything, today he’d taken one of Jimin’s white t-shirts (probably because he’d forgotten to put the clothes in the dryer again). The material clung to his muscular body and small waist. It also displayed the tattoos running up his arms. He’d paired the shirt with his own pair of gray sweats.

Jimin wanted him. Desire coiled in his gut, making his entire body flush.

He inched forward and Jungkook glanced at him again, brows pulled together. He inclined his head towards the camera above his monitor, as if to remind him he was recording.

Jimin smiled, dropping down to his knees and out of the camera's view as he crawled forward. He abandoned the phone on the carpet, Tik Tok momentarily forgotten.

Jungkook looked at him in disbelief before turning back to the screen.

Jimin crawled until he was sitting between Jungkook’s spread legs. He glanced up, looking for any sign that Jungkook wasn't okay with what he was doing, but there was none. If anything he looked dead set on acting as if Jimin wasn't there.

This wasn't the first time they’d done something like this. They’d messed around in public before, but this was different from quickies in bathroom stalls or handjobs in questionable locations. There was a camera on him and a live audience. Not to mention, Jungkook’s friends were hearing every sound he made on his expensive mic.

It was risky, but also exhilarating.

It was up to Jungkook to keep a straight face.

Jimin reached for the waistband of his sweats, pulling it down along with his briefs. He tucked the elastic under his balls.

Jungkook’s cock was semi-soft and Jimin’s mouth watered at the sight. There was something exciting about it and maybe it was the fact that even flaccid, Jungkook's girth was unmistakable. Or maybe Jimin was just a cock whore and loved it any way he could take it.

He leaned forward nuzzling his nose into the soft skin of his cock. He loved how it twitched in interest.

He licked down the length, taking the tip into his mouth, suckling until it hardened enough for the leaking head to emerge from the foreskin. He lapped at the slit, tasting Jungkook on his tongue. He sucked on the head for longer than necessary, enjoying how worked up his boyfriend was becoming. He could tell in the way his whole body had gone rigid. Glancing up, he saw the visible vein on Jungkook’s neck and clenched jaw. Once Jimin felt satisfied with his reaction he dipped down, relaxing his jaw as he took as much as he could into his mouth. The prominent veins on his cock pulsed against his tongue.

Jungkook let out a little grunt which he disguised as a cough, but he didn't signal for Jimin to stop. Instead, he clicked on the keyboard harder, speaking louder than necessary. Despite the tension in his body, Jungkook was enjoying this much as Jimin. He’d always been the bigger exhibitionist between the two of them.

Jimin was the type to make it loud and messy but he tried to keep his sounds to a minimum. He didn’t dare deep throat because he knew he’d be gagging on it.

He bobbed his head a few times, finding the balance between slow and teasing, before building up a faster rhythm, pulling up and pausing at the head to lap at the leaking slit.

Jimin’s own erection was starting to get painful, pressed between his bare thighs, but he couldn't touch himself without being loud. He never learned how to stifle his moans. The pleasure in his gut was building fast, and he wondered if it was possible to come entirely untouched. He’d never believed it before, but now, it felt like a definite possibility.

Jungkook’s breathing was growing uneven, even as he tried his best to conceal it.

“No, I think I’m just coming down with something. I’ve been having a fever,” Jungkook said, probably answering a teammate’s question.

Jimin smirked around his cock, wondering what the chat had to say about that. Some of the more astute viewers must know what was going on. He had a feeling there would be a few analysis videos posted in the coming days.

He pulled off Jungkook’s cock, letting it fall from his mouth. It was fully erect now, the tip flushed a pretty red. Jimin reached for it, pumping it a few times before leaning back in.

This time he took the balls into his mouth, coating them with his saliva. He lapped at them, loving how they pulsed, full of cum. It was harder to do this quietly, but Jimin was so lost in pleasure he could only hope the mic wasn't catching any of the wet sounds.

“I- I have to go,” Jungkook gasped, voice strained.

Jimin was startled when he felt Jungkook’s balls seize up, he rarely came that fast.

Jungkook’s hand came down roughly pulling him off his balls by the hair.

His eyes were intense as he reached for his cock. “Open,” he instructed, leaving no room for argument.

Jimin parted his swollen lips, sticking his tongue out as Jungkook pumped his cock.

“Cock whore,’ he grunted, making Jimin whine.

He came then, his cock bursting with his seed across Jimin’s face. He came an obscene amount, and Jimin loved every string of cum that splattered on his face and clung to his eyelids.

Even with his lips parted wide open, he couldn’t even get half of it in his mouth.

Jungkook loved making a mess of him.

A few long moments passed and Jimin couldn't even open his eyes because of the cum, but he knew Jungkook was wrecked just from the sounds of his heavy breathing and the tight grip on his hair.

“Fuck, baby,” Jungkook let out a pleased little sigh. “You’re crazy. Were you recording a Tik Tok?”

Jimin hummed.

“I figured. You’re not as slick as you think you are,’ he laughed. “You could have picked from any dance or makeup trend, but you decide on this?” He patted his lap, “Come here.”

Jimin stood on wobbly legs, blind and naked.

Jungkook pulled him onto his lap. “What am I gonna do with you, hmm? Coming in so pretty and naked while I’m streaming.”

Jungkook wiped the cum from his eyelids.

“If you would have paid attention to me earlier this wouldn't have happened,” Jimin huffed, licking his lips clean.

“I always give you attention.”

“We haven't had sex in forever,” he grumbled, eyes blinking open.

“Jimin, three days isn't forever,” Jungkook chuckled. “Plus I was in the mood last night and you wouldn't even look at me because of that new game of yours. I promise you, my cock is better entertainment than paying off some virtual debt.”

“Don’t blame Animal Crossing for our dying sex life. You won’t get anywhere with humping on me when I’m hunting for tarantulas.”

“You’re so dramatic,” he closed the distance between them to kiss Jimin’s lips. “You look so pretty. Been thinking about you all day,” he murmured, kissing down Jimin’s neck.

“Mmm,” Jimin shivered as Jungkook’s hands roamed his naked body. He was still painfully hard. “Need to cum.”

“Do you deserve it after having me end my stream?”

“Yes,” Jimin pouted. “It’s not my fault you can't keep your composure.”

Jungkook stood, easily carrying Jimin bridal style as he walked to their bedroom. “You’re such a brat.”


GamerBoyWater88: wait….

Cutiebot: tell me i’m not the only one who sees...

SniperNoSwiper: wait i don’t get it? whats going on?

campingKing2: you guys are gross

SSSniperWolf: no way

crayator: can i get and F in the chat for jungkook’s sponsorships

oneshotman: fuck can jimin suck my dick too

loserfruit: jungkook looks sick :(


It was in the nature of their relationship for Jungkook to retaliate.

Jimin had deleted the app from his phone after the blowjob on stream fiasco, so he wasn’t aware of the trend going around that involved a fake Facetime recording that sounded very realistic and believable. The trend involved someone playing the sound in front of their significant other to have them believe they were cheating.

There had been some drama after Jimin pulled his stunt and speculation from people on the internet over what had happened. Ultimately, there had been no proof that anything had happened and the drama passed.

But still, Jungkook needed to retaliate with a prank of his own. His teammates had teased him relentlessly for days and his chat loved to make jokes about it. Luckily most of his viewers didn't believe anything had happened, but there were still a few that made comments about it. Jungkook didn't mind if they said anything about him but what did bother him was when they made sexual comments about his boyfriend. Jungkook knew that Jimin had a large following and that a lot of his fans made these types of comments. He’d seen them all across Jimin’s social platforms. There were accounts made with the sole purpose of thirsting over Jimin, but for some reason, it bothered him when he saw it in his own chat. He would fling his monitor out the window if he saw one more comment from some perv about how they wanted Jimin’s lips stretched around their cock.

So, yes. Payback was in order.

It was a mean prank, but all the people who had done it on their partners revealed that it was a prank instantly. Jungkook would never drag it out more than a few seconds. The last thing he wanted was to upset Jimin.

Jungkook prepared the recording on his phone and used Jimin’s to film his reaction.

His boyfriend was sitting on the couch editing one of Jungkook’s streams into a Youtube video. He watched him for a few moments, eyes softening. Jungkook loved editing videos but he didn't enjoy playing back his own streams, so Jimin helped him if he had free time. He could hire somebody to help him with editing but he was very specific about how he wanted his videos and only Jimin saw his vision.

Jungkook stood at the entrance of their room and pressed play. The fake Facetime ringtone started playing for a second and then the guy in the recording spoke. “Hey, babe. Are you alone? Is your boyfriend out?”

Jungkook focused the camera on Jimin, holding his breath as he waited for his reaction.

After a long pause, Jimin turned around to look at him, chin resting on the headrest.

“Did you expect me to fall for that?” he asked, amused.

Jungkook groaned. “Have you seen this video? I thought you deleted Tik Tok?”

Jimin gave him a cheeky little smile. “I did. I’ve never heard that recording before. I just know for a fact that you wouldn't cheat on me.”

“Is that so?” he asked, joining him on the couch.

Jimin was dressed in Jungkook’s baggy clothes from head to toe. He was freshly showered, looking way too kissable for Jungkook to even think about anything other than his lips.

“Yeah,” Jimin snuggled against Jungkook before turning back to his laptop. “I know you’d never hurt me like that. Nice try, but you have to get more creative if you want to actually get me.”