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Hands were already grabbing for each of them before they’d even fully gotten passed the nausea that transmat technology hit you with. Each forced to their knees by two pairs of strong hands each and when they opened their eyes, they were met with the sight of a giant seal of Rassilon on the wall across from them. Soldiers dressed in, what were for the Doctor, ancient armour of their people lined the walls and stood behind them, keeping them all down. A feminine voice spoke up, a figure approaching with the click of shoes against the gleaming marble flooring they were held on.

“Bring me her, the rest didn’t know anything, but she seemed to.” The woman was clad in deep red robes. The colour of blood. With a gold armoured shoulder piece across her chest in an intricately laced design. It went up around her neck and it looked as though another piece may slot into it, but she wasn’t wearing that piece right now. The robes were hemmed in gold, ancient Gallifreyan sewn into the clothing itself. There was a man further back in the room as well, they didn’t know his face, but he was dressed in fine robes with a large red cape around his shoulders, attached by golden pins. The Doctor in rainbows was shoved forward by the guards behind her, stumbling onto her feet in front of the woman who had a good head and a bit in height on her and looked down upon her like she was nothing more than something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. “What reminded you? What brought the memories back? If the council is to agree, it must be perfect. How do you know?” The Doctor’s face changed only a minuscule amount, a flicker of confusion breaking through the hard mask she’d schooled her expression into, but the woman seemed to see it. Her eyebrow raised, a delighted amusement spreading across her pretty features, “You don’t know, do you?” she laughed, her lips pulling back as she grinned, a shine of something in her eye, “it seems it will work better than I could have imagined.” Her hand raised, gripping the Doctor’s face in a harsh grip before the Doctor could even think of pulling away, and she turned the smaller woman’s face, looking into her eyes, “you have no clue who I am. Maybe there’s some recognition on some level but you don’t know. Remarkable.”

“It will work Peylix? Shall I give the order?” the man at the back of the room stepped forward, his eyes on the woman who all but rolled her eyes at his eagerness and held up a hand for him to stop.

“Give me longer than one second to check. Calm yourself, clearly we succeed.” She motioned a hand towards the woman in front of her and the man stepped back with an impatient scowl.

“Peylix? I don’t know that name. Who are you?” The woman paused, head tilting as she looked the Doctor over in thought.

“I suppose by your time after, my true name is forgotten. As it should be. The names we all chose shall be what lives on. Apart from yours, although, it seems ‘The Doctor’ as a title lived on somewhere in the depths of your mind. Even with our attempts to wipe it from all records.”

“What name did you choose, then?”

“You may call me Omega.” A manic grin spread across the woman’s face, triumph in her eyes as she watched horror and understanding spread across the Doctor’s. Across all of the Doctors’ faces. “You know that name.” she looked around to the Doctor in pinstripes, her mouth drawing into a thin, unhappy line, “you’ve spoken it.” She looked back to the Doctor in rainbows. “But, in the end it doesn’t matter what you do know. Only what you don’t remember.”

“And what don’t I remember? Better yet, what do you want me to not remember?” The Doctor in rainbows stepped in closer to the taller woman, a frustrated frown on her face.

“We made you forget for a reason. If you think I would just tell you, then you’re sorely mistaken.”

“What did I know? I imagine it was something dangerous.” The two women began to slowly circle one another, the Doctor’s face like thunder and the Omega’s staring down with a taunting smirk that slowly transformed into a snarl the longer the Doctor spoke, “Was it something about you? About you both?” The Doctor looked to the man at the back of the room, “Rassilon, I presume?” he scowled but kept his mouth shut, the Omega drawing the Doctor’s attention back to her as she spoke once again.

“It’s not important.”

“Course it is. You wiped my mind because of it.” There was a moment of heavy silence and the Doctor squared her shoulders, “I will find out. And when I do, I’ll make you pay. I promise you that.” The Omega just smirked, her tone taunting as she replied.

“How will you get your revenge when, by your own word,” she pointed towards the version of the Doctor in pinstripes, “we’re all gone by your time?”

“My retribution will be knowing. Knowing that I will know everything that you made me forget. Knowing what you did to me. Knowing that I managed to stop you, while not even knowing who you are.” Omega’s eyes flashed, a sneer of fury crossing her pleasant features and the smack from the back of her hand connecting with the Doctor’s face echoed around the room. The Doctor, who had still been unsteady anyway from the transmat teleportation, had stumbled to the floor, landing on her backside and on her forearms to prop herself up. She blinked up at the woman above her, eyes narrowing as she glared openly right back at her.

“You’re nothing.” The Omega snarled, “you’ve always been nothing. Who do you think you are? Talking to me like you have any control over your future or past?”

“I’m the Doctor.” A dark grin spread across the Doctor’s face as she sat upright, “sorting out fair play across the Universe. Stopping evil and doing what’s right.” The Omega snarled once more then paused, her eyebrow raising and her face evening out into a smirk.

“Is that what you think you are?” she hummed softly in amusement, “you shouldn’t mistake my mercy in letting you live as a kindness Doctor, but perhaps I did you a favour in not letting you remember.”

“What?” the smile fell away from the Doctor’s face at the woman’s words and she frowned in concern and confusion. The woman’s evil smile only grew, and she seemed to be holding back laughter as she finally stepped back and waved a hand flippantly to the guards still holding the other versions of the Doctor back. The two that had been holding the Doctor from before stepped ahead again to haul her to her feet.

“Send them back, wipe them of this whole thing. I have what I needed, and I know that the memory strip will work. We proceed.”

“Wait.” The Doctor struggled against the guards grip, her eyes wide as she called after Omega’s now retreating form, “’will work’? It hasn’t happened yet. You haven’t done it yet?”

“I had to ensure that I wasn’t wasting my time and the high council’s expenses,” The woman peered over her shoulder with a smile, “now I know I’m not.” She spoke ahead to the guards at the doors, “bring him to me once you’re done here. Send them back.”


“Your companions will be back in your TARDISs,” Rassilon brushed his cape out of the way with a smirk and a mocking bow, “timelines fixing themselves should leave you all unable to remember any of this. Thank you for the first-hand knowledge, Doctors.” He sent a smirk towards each version of the Doctor and then turned, following after the Omega. The large double doors they’d stepped through closed behind them, an unknown marking on the doors that none of the Doctors could recognise.

There was another flash of light, forcing them to close their eyes, and when the Doctor in rainbows opened her eyes again she was back in her TARDIS console room and the Fam were quick to surround her and help her when she swayed suddenly. She caught herself, fisting a hand into Ryan’s shirt as she blinked hard, thoughts racing as they hurried to piece everything back together before it disappeared.

“Doctor! Are you alright?” Yaz asked her, but there was a sudden pinging noise from the console and the Doctor quickly pushed passed her companions to check on it. A flick of a button later and there was a link up for different versions of the TARDIS from her last three incarnations.

“How could we just forget an entire lifetime?” The Doctor in pinstripes asked, “it’s not like just forgetting a name or a face, you’re talking about forgetting centuries of information, maybe even millennia.”

“I know.” She sighed heavily, running a hand over her face, “I’ve been looking, trying and searching everywhere but what was in the Matrix was all that was there. I didn’t even know about Omega and Rassilon…”

“Now the timelines are starting to fix themselves.” The bowtie Doctor spoke up softly, “not like we’ll even be able to remember this.”

“They shouldn’t for me though,” she told them, frustrated, “timelines only correct themselves if there’s a present danger for you knowing something, if it affects future timelines. And… it won’t.” She paused as a thought suddenly occurred to her, a smirk dawning on her lips as she let out a huff of amusement, “they didn’t know that.”


“Well, think about it, back then, the days before even Omega was dead, they were still open to giving other civilisations the secrets of controlling time. They didn’t fully understand the consequences back then. It wasn’t until their handouts backfired on them that they took a step back and became more passive. They don’t know that I’ll remember.” She grinned then gripped the edges of the screen as her face steeled suddenly, her tone going fierce as she spoke, “I promise I’ll figure this out. I’ll find out who we were, who we are.” There was a moment of silence before the Doctor with the eyebrows spoke up, his voice gentle and trusting.

“The truth of our past in your hands. Good luck, Doctor.”

“All my love to long ago.”

“To days to come. Good luck.” The Doctor in pinstripes spoke last and with a final beep the connections severed, and the Doctor let out a heavy breath, her head lowering until it pressed against the screen for a moment. She had a lot of work to do.