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Happiness is...

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You are the answer to my question
You are my accomplice in a crime
You are my wing woman and did I mention
We were together in another life?
In that dreaming, you probably were my wife


Days as dull as the light in his eyes, Yamanbagiri Chougi thinks about how he's going to manage another day of boring meetings, boring lunch and more boring paperwork. In all his 34 years of life, he has never felt complete. There's always something missing in his soul. Seeking for that missing something has worn him down that he felt that he will always be incomplete no matter how hard he tried to fill in that void.

Dreams of a long ago, a long ago that he does not want to remember. He hears chattering, drunk singing, footsteps, animals, metals clashing and more. He felt soft touches, soft pats on the head, whispering, and occasional hugs. He smells of lavender, of mint, of wine. He see a white blur every time he turns his head. He knows it belongs to someone, someone very important to him. He shouldn't let it bother him, but it does. Whenever he wakes up from that dream, he's always reaching out for someone, that someone whose name just left him empty. 


"Just where are you k̶̡͚̙̯̥͎̱̪͓͋̀̓͌̽͋͊̀͆̐̕͝ų̴̛̳͔̩̺̥̜̝͍̙̒̉́͒̈́͒͒̕͝ņ̷͙̣̰̤͚̝͈̗̜̜̏͊̍͛̕͠i̴̮͇̰͈̫̣͝ḩ̷̡͓͉͂ȋ̶̼͓̤̮̜̝̲̮̀r̷̜͈͎̗̠͖͑͋̓o̸̜̦̹̠͈̮̠͉͌̿͆͛̒͘ͅ?"


Decorated by man and time
Ornamental and quite devine
Manifested in their commitment to
Flay our minds


"No, that's not how the whole project is suppose to go. You're suppose to contact Azuki for the draft and from there you discuss and improvise the deal that Mr. Sanchou had made. Who knows what is in that brain of his, when he specified Azuki to be the leader for this project and he just joined this company last month!" Ending the phone call, Chougi has no idea how badly this whole project is going to go. He had plans. Plans on how he's going to finish the deal in one day and finally get his well deserved rest. Rest the company owes him since forever. Displeased on how his peaceful morning was ruined, he packed his belongings into his laptop bag and grabbed his coffee. Blowing the coffee in this chilly weather, he thinks about his dreams. Emerald green orbs and pinkish lips. Light blond hair that mirrors his silver locks. The mystery man always escape his view in his dream, wearing that hooded blanket, always talking to him without a voice. Every time he reached out to him, he'll wake up. 

Waiting at the traffic light, Chougi let his eyes wander around, taking in the view. Moving in to the city from the outskirts of the city, he will always be mesmerised by the night lights surrounding him. Hearing the traffic stopping, he hurried over to cross the road while being careful of not bumping into anyone with his coffee. But of course, his day will have to continue being bad to him. He accidentally bumped into someone. Turning to look at who he had bumped into, he gasped.


In the twilight they danced and played
The fireflies they go light like cray
In the dreaming we struck each other and prayed
For pain



""Damn it, Nisemono-kun! You're suppose to be with Gokotai! Why are you even here!" screamed Chougi, fending off one of the enemy Naginata. They have accidentally awakened the keibiishi and were split away from formation. Aruji had sent them to find resources but with the current enemy, more resources will be lost instead of being brought back. Probably Hakata would be crying at the lost gold they have found too. 

"I can't leave you behind like that! You need help!" 

"Then help me instead of screaming!"

Fighting together, they tried to defeat the enemy Naginata. Blows after blows, Chougi started to think they might be way too low levelled to finish it. Struggling as hard as they could, they finally managed to defeat one. But one out of three is still way too much for them. They need to retreat, and fast. Grabbing his hand, Chougi immediately turned and ran. He needed to go back to regroup and go back. If another enemy appear now, they will die. It was suppose to be a safe mission but how did everything go so wrong so fast? Without even looking at where they were going, they ran to find a bigger clearing. They need to find Iwatooshi fast. Two uchigatanas with just 5hp left is really asking to be broken. 


"Can't you wait? We need to escape, no use wasting time now with mindless talking when we can find Iwatooshi and be back the citadel safely to talk."

"Honka. I Like You."

"... I probably shouldn't be happy that you decided to confess now instead of being safe. Wow your priorities, Nisemono-kun." 

"... True. I kind of felt that I have to say it now though."

"That level of confidence you suddenly gained after your travels astounds me. Though I have no need for such confessions, I do admit that it's nice hearing you say it."

Turning around to look at him, Chougi stopped the both of them to a nearby tree. Grabbing his face, Chougi stared at him. He knows he shouldn't do this. He should be leading them to safety, not some spot and hide, and maybe get a kiss in somewhere. But right now, to him, he wants to remember his face. Those emerald orbs. That pinkish lips. The soft face in his hands. He wants to remember everything of the man in front of him. He don't want to forget. 

Suddenly, those green eyes widened in surprise and before they could react, a yari stabbed through both of them and into the tree trunk. 


'cause we worshipped in sin for fun
Two melting candles against the sun
Modern angels they broke our wings in the wind
For what?


Grabbing that person's hands, he lead him over to the side and looked at him intensively. Underneath that hoodie, familiar green orbs stared back. Chougi knows the familiarity, he wants the feeling back, he knows this is what he was missing. But he cannot make hasty decisions. The guy looks young, maybe college? He hopes he's over 20. He dare not hope for something but he knows he wants him back in his life. 

"Hey mister, are you ok? I'm really sorry for bumping into you accidentally."

"... I'm fine. It's nothing much. Just a cheap coffee,"

"Right... Do you need compensation for the spill on your jacket? I don't think I can afford the dry cleaning fees but I can try."

"No worries, Kunihiro."

Crap. Why did he say that? He don't even know if he's the guy. He can see Kunihiro staring at him with wide eyes and opened mouth. Suddenly both of them are showered in Sakura petals. Chougi looked around, bewildered. Did... Did Kunihiro just bloom petals like they were before they were completely human? Kunihiro started to pull his hoodie down to cover his face, muttering something Chougi can't hear. Lips lifting up slightly, Chougi let out a hearty laugh. Laughing became sobs, he pulled Kunihiro closer to him, hugging him, feeling his warmth. Feeling his Kunihiro alive, feeling the heartbeat pounding faster against his rib cage. He prays Kunihiro remembers him. He prays that he knows how lonely he has been. He hopes the happiness is now found. He knows happiness is back. Sobbing into Kunihiro's nape, he feels Kunihiro's hand rubbing his back, soothing him. Hands that he had missed so much. 

"Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Kunihiro. Don't leave me again."




Kunihiro smiled.

"Chougi. I'm here."


I wanna say what lovers say with you.
I wanna feel what lovers feel with you.
I wanna do with you, the songs that matter the way they used to do.
I wanna do what lovers do with you.
I wanna walk the edge of the Earth with you.
I wanna say to you the minute we feel the heat,
Would you be, my lover.