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They knew

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The first time Ako saw him, she thought he was Aya’s boyfriend.

Well, it was normal thinking that, right?

Ako really liked him for her sister. He was a good listener and just a few words were enough to make people feel better. Even for his quiet personality, there was something about him that seemed to open up when he was near Aya. He was deadly honest, but Ako thought her sister really needed someone in her life that maintained her with her feet on the ground.

Aya-nee should date him, she thought.

She wasn’t stupid. Their parents were so obvious, so she knew.

They kept dragging the poor guy to their house to have dinner with them so he could spend more time with Aya.

She smirked when she caught her sister and Asou glancing at each other, almost carefully. She wondered if they were afraid that her father would snap at them for doing that.

“It’s not like you’re doing something bad” she mumbled.

“Uh? Did you say something?” her dad asked.

“I’m saying you’re disgusting, spitting everywhere.”

“What?! You stupid daughter!”

Her mother just smiled and giggled a little. She heard her.

She knew, duhh.

It was cute, though.

Asou seemed more relaxed, calmed, but that genuine air around him was still there. Although he knew about Aya's disease, he didn't seem the type to give false hope to anyone, but he had faith that, maybe, there was an opportunity for her sister.

“Can I ask you something?”

Asou looked at her suspiciously. They were in the library, taking a break after studying so much.

“You just did.”

Ako wore a cunning smile.

“Do you like my sister?”

He looked a little surprised, but then he rolled his eyes.

“Why do you ask? You already know.”

Yep, he really liked this guy for her sister.