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Half Dragon meet his soulmate

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Zhu Yi Long is one-half dragon and half-human, people can't see him that he is a dragon except for his family and his future soulmate.
He is one water dragon, where he need sea near him for feel good.

He didn't expect that when he meet Bai Yu everything would change because Bai Yu have told him "Woah you are one real dragon"

And Zhu Yi Long was speechless because if he saw it it's would mean that he was his soulmate.

Then he answer "You are not scared of me and you could see that I'm one dragon"

Bai Yu was smiling and Zhu Yi Long know he is smitten and doomed because it's his soulmate.

Everything went okay until one moment where Bai Yu was sit next to Zhu Yi Long and he have feel his tail

"Oh I'm sorry I'm sitting on your tail" say Bai Yu

Zhu Yi Long forget that his tail could be here since he think he is with his soulmate.

"It's okay"

"Come on I have sit on it I should caress it and pet it so he would be okay"

Zhu Yi Long couldn't resist all of that, he was happy, he had to shut his mouth or do little noise, because he was like moaning because it's was just so awesome.
Bai Yu saw how it's make feel Bai Yu and he was happy, he really loved Zhu Yi Long, he knew that the fact he could see stuff about dragons means something.
He have spent so many times reading about that, he thought it's was a myth.

Zhu Yi Long trusted Bai Yu he was so smitten that his tail decides to hold the waist of Bai Yu while they were on the couch playing video games on their phone.
He has even blushed when Bai Yu has said that "it's doesn't bother him at all"

Then little by little things change where they have finally kissed "I love you" said Zhu Yi Long

"I love you too"

Their first kiss has made his tail move a lot

They have keep things slowly little by little where when they were in bed just resting or together or even on the couch Bai Yu loved to pet his horn and his tail and Zhu Yi Long was feeling loved and safe.

At every time that they kiss the tail is moving and Bai Yu have said while grinning and smiling "I'm gonna kiss you all the time if it makes you so happy, and I can't wait to see the reaction when we will have sex"

The first time that they had sex Zhu Yi Long is on top of Bai Yu and said "You are my mate I only you want you, I have finally found my soulmate"

Zhu Yi Long had his tail who hold Bai Yu and it's was like in some novel porn he have seen, he was covering his eyes and he was blushing because it's was like tentacle.

After this, they were finally mate where Zhu Yi Long couldn't stop smiling and be with Bai Yu, when they were separated for their work they made it work.

And Bai Yu make Zhu Yi Long laugh a lot like this time "Since you are a dragon, when you fill me will I have dragon egg inside me and give birth to half dragon and half human"