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James is startled by the noise of his door buzzer. He gets up off the sofa, where he had been staring at the Netflix menu for the last 20 minutes, to answer it. ‘Hello?’ 

A gruff voice responds. ‘I’ve got a delivery for you. I’ll leave it downstairs.’ 

‘Ok, cheers mate.’ James frowns as he buzzes the delivery guy into the building. He hasn’t ordered anything online recently, so he has no idea what is being delivered. He grabs his keys and closes the door behind him as he jogs down to the building entrance.

Waiting for him on the floor is a non-descript package with his name on. He picks it up carefully, but there’s no other indication about who it’s from. 

Once James gets back to his flat, he opens the box with some trepidation. He assumes that one of his friends sent him something to help relieve the boredom of lockdown, but no-one had told him to expect a delivery. He has a moment of panic that a fan has somehow got hold of his address and has sent him something, but as the box opens and a gift note falls out, he relaxes slightly. He ignores the item in the box for now and opens the note. 

“Hi James, got you a little something. It’s for both of us really, I hope you enjoy it.
Ed X”

James reads the note through twice before lifting the item out of the packaging. He starts laughing before he’s finished reading the label, and he reaches for his phone and dials Ed. Ed picks up almost straight away. ‘Hey James, did you get my present?’

James is still laughing. ‘Why did you get me a Clone-a-Willy kit?’

‘Because I thought it would be fun!’ The smile is evident in Ed's voice. ‘Plus, if you make it and post it to me, I’ll be able to find out what it feels like to get fucked by you.’ 

James’s laughter stops as he registers Eds words. ‘...Seriously? You want me to make a dildo of my own cock and send it to you...’ 

‘So I can fuck myself with it over Skype and you can watch, yes. And technically it’s a vibrator.’ 

‘...Fucking hell Ed!’

There’s a pause from the phone. ‘Do you want to go and do it now? It takes ages to set.’

‘... You’ve really been thinking about this, haven’t you?’

Ed chuckles. ‘Ever since I got the idea for it, I haven’t been able to think of anything else. The anticipation of waiting for that to be delivered has been horrible.’  James turns the kit over in his hand, considering Eds proposal. The more he thinks about it, the more he can imagine it, Ed sliding a silicone copy of his cock inside himself, the closest they can get to actually fucking until the lockdown is lifted. He sighs as he feels a predictable tightness in his trousers. ‘That does sound hot.’

He can almost see Eds grin. ‘Excellent. I’ll let you get on with it then, you can tell me all about it later.’ James rolls his eyes but he can feel himself smiling. ‘Ok, talk tonight.’ They say their goodbyes and the line goes dead, leaving James holding his phone in one hand, and the kit in the other. He sighs, before opening it up and digging out the instructions. It’s not like he had anything better to do today. 

Ed has been in a haze of anticipation all day after the call from James. He had been nervous about just ordering the kit and sending it straight to James, without even discussing it. James had seemed to get on board pretty quickly with the idea though. The first time they had tried sex over Skype, it had been over very quickly, James unable to hold back after seeing Ed finger himself as promised. The sight of James coming all over himself had made Ed come as well, and they had managed to laugh about it after they had cleaned themselves up. Ed was hoping for a similar reaction once the replica of James’s cock was ready and in his hands. 

He settles down on his bed and dials James's number. James picks up after a few rings. ‘Hey Ed.’ 

‘Hey James.’ Ed shifts against the bed in anticipation. ‘How did you get on today?’

James chuckles. ‘You really are desperate to get fucked aren’t you?’ Ed just laughs softly but doesn’t deny it. James chuckles again. ‘It was... Interesting. Like a science experiment, except I didn’t stick my dick in any of the science experiments I did in school.’ Ed laughs, the image of a teenage James with his dick in a conical flask flashing into his mind. James laughs too. ‘Its finished though, I’ve just put the silicone in the mould and stuck the vibrator in. Just need to leave it for 24 hours to set.’ Ed feels his breath catch at the though of James actually doing it, sticking his hard cock into the tube to create the mould, probably feeling self conscious about the whole thing. ‘Did you get off after?’ 

James shifts on the other end of the phone. ‘Yeah, just had a shower to clean up. If I had known you were about to call I would have waited. This is for you more than it is for me.’

Ed grins. ‘I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s for both of us really.’ He can feel his own erection growing. ‘I cannot wait for that to be ready and in my hands. And in my ass.’ 

James groans. ‘...You do realise I won’t be able to join in, right? I only got off a few minutes ago, I’m not 23 any more.’ Ed just laughs, turning into a sigh as he palms the bulge in his trousers. ‘That’s fine, just talk to me. Tell me what you were thinking about to stay hard.’

‘You know what I was thinking about.’ James's voice has gone all low and breathy. Ed pulls down his trousers and underwear, gets a hand round his cock and starts stroking. ‘Yeah, wanna hear you say it.’

James sighs, crackly down the phone line. ‘I was thinking about fucking you. About just spreading you open and making you take it.'

‘Fuck James, want that, want you to make me take it.’

‘I know you do, its very clear how much you want to get fucked.’ James hesitates for a moment. ‘Such a slut.’ 

Ed groans and picks up the pace of his hand. ‘Fuck yes, such a slut for your cock James. Want it filling me up so bad.’ 

‘Yeah? Want me to slide in deep, stretch you out and make you feel good?’ 

Ed is panting now, his hand nearly a blur. ‘Yeah, wanna feel you so deep. Want your cock inside me so bad.’

‘When I get to fuck you for real, I’m going to take my time, really make you feel every sensation.’ If Ed pretends, it almost sounds like James is murmuring into his ear, the tone of his voice combined with the unexpected filth of his words pushing him right to the edge.  He manages to gasp out ‘Yeah?’

James chuckles down the phone, but Ed feels it like a caress over his skin. ‘Oh yeah, I’m going to really draw it out, until you’re begging me to make you come. I bet it’ll take ages though, you’ll be enjoying having my cock filling you up too much to want it to end.’ Ed groans at the image that James is painting. ‘Yeah, James, please, so close.’

‘Yeah, just like that. You gonna come for me Ed?’ 

‘Yeah, fuck James, gonna...’ Ed tails off into a sob and comes, hard. He strokes and squeezes to prolong the feeling, coming back to himself in stages until he’s just holding himself gently. ‘...Fucking hell James, where did that come from?’ 

James’s chuckle is more embarrassed this time. ‘I don’t know, but you seemed to be enjoying it, so I went with it.’ Ed feels a tinge of embarrassment himself. ‘Well yeah... I’m not normally like that, you know.’ He wipes his hand off on his already ruined t-shirt. 

‘Like what?’

‘That... wanton. Desperate.’

‘I’ve got to be honest, if I had imagined one of us begging to get fucked, I thought it would have been me.’

Ed smiles to himself. ‘Same here. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what it feels like, so I’m obsessing over it.’

‘Give it a few days and you’ll be able to get a pretty good idea.’ There’s a rustling from the phone as James moves around. ‘So other than obsessing about having my cock in your ass, what else have you been up to?’

They chat for a while about Eds day and the various online gigs they were planning on doing, until Ed yawns half way through a word. James laughs. ‘Time for bed I think.’ 

‘No, I’m fi...’ Another yawn interrupts Ed and James laughs at him again. Ed grumbles but they say their goodnights before James hangs up. Ed stares at the ceiling for a moment, suddenly furious at the world for putting him in this situation. He’s aware that he’s probably falling in love with James, and he wants nothing more than to touch him for real, to feel the heat of his blush and the strength of his grip, to fall asleep next to him and wake to see his fluffy bed hair. Instead, he hauls himself out of bed to change his t-shirt and use the bathroom, before curling up in bed and falling into a fitful sleep, alone.