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Jungkook notices him right away, can feel his discomfort from across the room. The guy doesn’t look out of shape or anything, maybe a little scrawny, but he definitely acts like he’s never been in a gym before. The guy approaches the front desk and speaks to the employee there, who then points at Jungkook. The guy’s eyes follow the gesture, and he nods in thanks to the employee. He makes his way over to Jungkook’s office, his door standing open.

“Hi!” Jungkook begins. “Come on in.” The guy draws in on himself but comes through the doorway, taking a seat in the open chair across from Jungkook’s desk. “I’m Jungkook, I’m a trainer here.”

“Min Yoongi,” the guy responds, finally making eye contact with Jungkook. He pulls his mask down under his chin.

Cute, Jungkook thinks. “How can I help you today?”

“I’m looking to… I don’t know. I don’t want to be, like, bulky. No offense,” Yoongi says.

“None taken. I don't consider myself bulky," Jungkook tells him. "So you want to get fitter, or stronger, or something like that?"

"Yeah," Yoongi confirms, shifting in his chair. "I don't know what I'm doing, I thought getting a trainer would help.”

"I'm happy to take you on, just so happens I have one spot left open. It's like, fate," Jungkook jokes.

Yoongi smiles politely, making a thin line of his mouth. "Sure."

"I can show you around, then we can set up a session?" Jungkook suggests. Yoongi shrugs, stands up. Jungkook stands as well and passes by him, leading Yoongi out into the main area of the gym.

"This is where you'll find weight machines, makes lifting a little easier, I use these a lot. Over here," Jungkook says, moving into another room, "is the free weights section. It can be a little... intimidating in here at first."

Yoongi eyes the people in the room, throwing weights to the ground, grunting with exertion, and he looks mildly appalled. Jungkook tries not to laugh.

"And through here we have the cardio room. Treadmills, bikes, that kind of thing. Are you interested in that as well as strength training?"

Yoongi shrugs. "Probably."

"Okay, I can work that into your plan. We also have classes if you're-"

"No, I'm not... I think I'd rather just stick with you," Yoongi interrupts.

"Well we can give you more information if you ever change your mind. There's a pool, too, if you wanna swim or anything," Jungkook adds. "So, what do you think? Are you ready to-"

"Whatever you're going to say, you can- save it. Yeah, I'm ready to sign up," Yoongi says flatly.

Jungkook blinks at him a few times. "Okay. Well we can go back to my office and sign the contract, and set up a schedule." Jungkook takes him back to his office and they sit again while Jungkook starts filling out the form. "I'll have you fill out this part here, and sign here." He pushes the papers across the desk at Yoongi.

Yoongi writes carefully, taking his time not to go over the end of the lines, handwriting neat and legible. Jungkook thinks cute again, but tries not to pay that thought much mind. Once Yoongi's done signing his name he gives the contract back to Jungkook.

"Okay so we'll just take payment out of the credit card you provided here on your form. The fourth of every month. Now, when would you like to see me?" Jungkook asks, leaning in a bit.

"I keep weird hours," Yoongi says, and Jungkook raises an eyebrow. "I'm the night manager at a hotel, so my days are relatively free... except when I'm asleep."

"I'm here from ten in the morning until six at night, all through the week," Jungkook says.

"You get the weekends off?" Yoongi asks, seeming moderately surprised.

"I've been working here a while, get the perks of seniority," Jungkook explains. "How about we meet twice a week?"

"Three times," Yoongi suggests, which Jungkook finds odd. Personal training is expensive, usually he has to fight people into twice a week.

"If that's what you want, we can. You pay by the session-"

"That's fine."

"We could do Monday, Wednesday, Friday. What time works for you? I'm busy from eleven to twelve and two to three," Jungkook rattles off, scrolling through his work calendar on his computer.

"I wish you did night training," Yoongi says. Then, "Sorry, I just work the other ten to six and I like to sleep. I guess the latest? Five to six?"

"The gym closes at seven... if you want I could squeeze you into five thirty to six thirty?" Jungkook tries. Even though that would mean extra hours for him, he is going to be getting paid more with a new client on board, and three times a week will be a nice bonus for him.

"You close at seven? I thought all gyms these days were open 24/7," Yoongi asks.

"We're just a small operation, so yeah, limited hours. Will that be a problem? I haven't processed your card yet-"

"No problem."

"Then I'll see you... I guess tomorrow. At five thirty," Jungkook concludes pleasantly. Yoongi stands and turns to leave.

"Jungkook," he says, pointing at him, verifying his name.


"See you tomorrow."


Jungkook's excited to meet with his new client, he always loves the first day. Getting to know where they are in their fitness journey, where they want to go, and how he can get them there. He thinks it might be a little tough to get enthusiasm out of Yoongi but he hopes they can do some goal setting at least.

Yoongi shows up at five twenty, scanning his membership card at the desk. Jungkook eyes his pale legs where they stick out from under shorts, the long sleeves that contrast that showing of skin, and some trainers. Cute.

"Hey, ready to get started?" Jungkook asks excitedly.

"I guess I better be," Yoongi says.

"Cardio first," Jungkook instructs, leading Yoongi into the room full of equipment. "Bike or treadmill?"

"Treadmill," Yoongi confirms, and Jungkook sets the pace while Yoongi climbs onto the machine. He starts walking, then Jungkook ups the speed a little until he's at a light jog.

"Good, good! Grip the heart rate sensor for me?" Jungkook writes some notes in his notebook, the one he had spent maybe a little too much time this morning writing Yoongi on the front of. At least he didn't draw a heart around it. "Okay, you can hop off."

Yoongi gets down from the machine, breathing a little heavy, sweat starting to collect at his temples. Jungkook unconsciously licks his lips.

"Ah, okay. Next we'll do some weights. If you'll come with me..." Yoongi follows Jungkook into the weight room. It's fairly quiet, with it being so close to closing time. Jungkook hopes that helps make Yoongi feel more relaxed. "Leg press. Okay. Have you used this before?"

Yoongi shakes his head but slips into the seat anyway, reading the instructions on the machine.

"Yup, just like that, I'll set the weight and then you try - right, just like that. Except, here, I'm going to adjust your feet, for form..." Jungkook slides Yoongi's trainers into the proper position, tries to ignore that, in this slightly reclined position, Yoongi's shorts are sliding up his thighs a little. "Good, do you want me to add some weight?" Jungkook asks.

"You tell me," Yoongi replies, settling the plates back into place. Jungkook adds more, and thinks even Yoongi's skinny legs can handle it. Yoongi pushes with some effort, and does a series of reps.

"That's good, there. I'm just making some notes so we know where we started, great for tracking progress." Yoongi slides out of the machine and waits while Jungkook scribbles away. "How about bench press?"

The rest of the session goes like this, Jungkook adjusting Yoongi's form, adding weight or taking some off, and making his notes. Yoongi is sweating when they're done, and Jungkook tries desperately not to think about how flushed he looks, how his breathing is labored.

"Okay, get some water, then we can talk about your numbers. Meet me in my office," Jungkook says, and Yoongi obediently goes to the drinking fountain. Jungkook is studying his notebook when Yoongi joins him.

"So, did I pass?" Yoongi teases, and it's the first time Jungkook has seen him smile tonight.

"Um, yeah, it's not really- you have some great numbers here. We can definitely set some goals around these," Jungkook stammers. "So you're hoping to get stronger, yeah? Better cardio?"

"I want to be Captain Korea," Yoongi jokes, and Jungkook bursts out laughing.

"Oh god, no- I'm not laughing at- it was funny, I-"

"It was a joke, so I hope it was funny," Yoongi smirks. Jungkook feels a flush creeping over his cheeks.

"So, my plan is to have something ready Friday for us to go through, I'll have weight and reps and everything figured out so we can get some stretching in at the end too. If you have time now, we should really stretch you," Jungkook says.

"I have time."

Jungkook says, "Follow me," and leads Yoongi to a small, secluded area of the gym with mats laid out of the floor. "Lie on your back."

Yoongi easily does as he's told, and Jungkook crawls onto the mat with him. Yoongi eyes him but says nothing.

"Leg straight up, there you go," Jungkook urges, and he adds a little pressure, pushing Yoongi's leg toward his chest. "That feel okay?"

"Um. Yes," Yoongi says simply. "Are you charging me extra for this?"

"What?" Jungkook asks, laughing nervously. "Why would I?"

"After hours," Yoongi explains, and Jungkook blushes again, glad Yoongi isn't looking at him.

"No, this is- on the house, I guess," Jungkook laughs. "Okay, other leg."

After Jungkook's taken Yoongi through his stretches, they go back into the main gym. It's after seven, everyone's gone but the two of them. "Oh, I, uh. I never showed you the locker room," Jungkook remembers.

"Then show me," Yoongi urges, and Jungkook tries not to let his mind wander into that kind of cliché fantasy. They make their way to the locker room, and Jungkook shifts nervously.

"Towels are here, showers have shampoo and soap. There's lockers you can use during the time you're here for free. Um. That's about it. You can stay and shower if you want, I have some paperwork to finish before I head out."

"Not tonight, but maybe another time," Yoongi says.

"They probably locked the door, here, I'll let you out," Jungkook says, and they head to the front. Jungkook fights with the tricky lock and finally opens it, holding the door for Yoongi. "See you Friday."

"Friday," Yoongi repeats, turning to walk through the parking lot. Jungkook locks the door behind him, heading to his desk. He slumps in his chair and resists the urge to draw those hearts all over Yoongi's notebook.


“Jungkook, this happens to you on a semi annual basis,” Jimin points out, cramming french fries into his mouth.

Jungkook takes a big bite of his hamburger. “Yeah, but this time-”

“It’s different?” Taehyung supplies, stealing some of Jimin’s french fries.

Jimin glares. “You have your own!”

“Yours taste better,” Taehyung claims, and Jimin gives him an exasperated look.

“You should see this guy, though, he’s like-”

“Super ripped?” Taehyung guesses.

“Tall, dark, and handsome?” Jimin adds.

“He’s well, he’s more like short, pale, and super cute,” Jungkook explains.

“Hmm. That’s… not your usual,” Jimin says.

“Yeah don’t you usually go for big, muscly dudes? That can pick you up and fuck you against things?” Taehyung manages around a mouthful of food.

“I could maybe pick him up…” Jungkook mutters.

“Oooo!” Jimin teases. “Switching it up, huh?”

“I don’t know there’s just something about him, he’s like. Really cute. Dangerously cute, even,” Jungkook tells them, a small smile creeping onto his face.

“You’re dangerously cute, Jungkookie,” Taehyung comments.

“But I can’t do anything because he’s a client! So I’m just going to have to suffer in silence,” Jungkook sniffs.

“When have you ever been silent about your suffering?” Jimin asks, and Jungkook throws a french fry at him.

“Maybe you should try a dating app again?” Taehyung suggests.

“I’m not looking for a random hookup,” Jungkook mutters.

“Hey, are you insulting how we met?” Jimin shouts playfully.

“It worked for you guys because at the time you were just looking to hook up,” Jungkook says.

“Nothing wrong with getting laid,” Jimin points out.

“I didn’t say there was-”

“Not that you would know… how long has it been?” Jimin bites playfully.

Jungkook puts his head down on the table. “I hate you guys.”

“What did I do?” Taehyung asks, offended.

Jimin pats Jungkook’s shoulder. “Maybe he’ll fire you and then you can make your move.”

Jungkook groans.


“Hey. Ready to get started?” Jungkook asks when Yoongi gets to the gym Friday.

“Sure,” Yoongi says, following Jungkook to the treadmill.

“How did you feel after the last session?” Jungkook adjusts the speed on the machine and Yoongi starts jogging.

“My thighs were sore,” Yoongi tells him, and Jungkook tries not to think about the soft skin he caught a glimpse of two days ago.

“Mmm, okay. That’s not a bad thing, unless you couldn’t walk or something.”

“Stairs were a challenge,” Yoongi admits, breathing a little heavier from the exertion.

“We can scale it back, if you want,” Jungkook says, frowning a little.

“No, it’s fine. I kind of liked it, actually,” Yoongi says, but doesn’t expand on that. Jungkook gets it though, the soreness you get after a good workout, makes you feel accomplished, like you can tell you’re getting stronger.

“The stretching should help some. We can uh, go deeper, if you want,” Jungkook offers, trying not to blush. Yoongi doesn’t answer but, despite the effort he’s putting in to run, he smirks.

Yoongi runs on the treadmill for twenty minutes while Jungkook stands nearby, but they don’t talk much beyond that, and it’s awkward. At least, it is for Jungkook. He’s not an overly chatty person with people he doesn’t know well, so this job can be a challenge for him sometimes. Yoongi seems content with the quiet though, not forcing conversation for the sake of it.

“Okay, that’s good. Grab your water bottle and we’ll-”

“I don’t have one,” Yoongi says, stepping off the machine.

“Oh. No worries, just get a drink and we’ll start weights. If you have a bottle, it’s good to bring one,” Jungkook explains. Yoongi grabs a drink from the fountain then meets Jungkook at the butterfly machine. “I thought we could do some pec stuff first, do arms and upper body today, then lower body next Monday. Give your legs a break.”

“You know best,” Yoongi defers, and he settles on the bench. Jungkook adjusts the weight pin.

“Let me just- ah, I’m going to adjust the seat, hang on,” Jungkook says, having to reach between Yoongi’s legs to alter the height. Yoongi doesn’t seem bothered by the proximity and Jungkook quickly sets the right height. “Okay, try this weight and see what you think.”

Yoongi begins his reps, and Jungkook stands to the side with a towel for him, if he needs it. He counts out the set, then Yoongi eases the plates back down to rest.

“How is that?”

“Not easy, but I think that’s the point, right?” Yoongi asks.

“Well it’s not supposed to be too much of a strain, don’t want to pull anything,” Jungkook says.

“I think I can handle it,” Yoongi says, smiling, and Jungkook feels his pulse pick up a notch.

“Just two more sets here, this weight going to be okay for that?”

Yoongi nods, takes the grips back into his hands, muscles tensing as he works through the remaining sets. Jungkook tours him around the other machines he has on his list, and they finish the work out at the incline press. Yoongi takes the towel from Jungkook and wipes the sweat from his face.

“Ready to stretch?” Jungkook asks, and Yoongi nods. They go to the secluded area where the mats are and Yoongi lies down immediately. “Oh, uh. We can do this sitting up, if you want. Since it was arms.”

Yoongi’s cheeks turn pink and he sits up. Jungkook kneels behind him.

“Stretch your arm across your chest, straight. Yeah, that’s- okay, now use your other arm to- yup, just like that. Now I’m just going to help here…” Jungkook says, and he practically has to spoon Yoongi to help him pull his arm a little tighter across his chest. Yoongi leans back against him, and Jungkook swallows hard. They stretch the other side, then work for a few shoulder stretches, before they’re done.

“You did some great work today,” Jungkook says as he walks Yoongi to the front door.

“I bet you tell that to all your clients,” Yoongi teases.

“I- yeah, I guess I do. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t mean it!” Jungkook defends.

Yoongi grins. “I’ll see you Monday. Have a good weekend, Jungkook-ah.”

He leaves Jungkook standing there feeling dazed.


Jungkook knows better, knows this is probably against the rules or whatever, but isn’t he also just taking good care of his client? It’s not like it’s an expensive water bottle, just something kind of nice that Yoongi can use while he’s at the gym. He debates the color for ten minutes, weirdly settling on orange, thinking for some reason maybe Yoongi likes that color.

It’s not like he giftwraps the thing, so this is just him supplying gear for his client, nothing more. He can’t help how nervous he feels about it though.

His regular Monday two to three, Seokjin, is eyeing it suspiciously though, when they’re in his office after the session.

“New water bottle?”

“Um, not mine,” Jungkook says, trying to be dismissive.

“Someone leave it behind?” Seokjin guesses. “Looks new.”

“I have a client who forgets- well, maybe doesn’t have one,” Jungkook explains.

“You never bought me a water bottle,” Seokjin points out, narrowing his eyes. “Also who doesn’t have a water bottle?”

“It’s- not a big deal,” Jungkook attempts some finality to the conversation.

“Jungkook, how long have I been coming here?”

“Um? I can look it up in your-”

“Two years. I’ve seen you every week for two years. That’s one hundred weeks. And I’ve never seen you buy a water bottle for a client,” Seokjin says.

“I don’t know what you’re getting at,” Jungkook lies.

Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Fine. I expect my gift next week, then.” He smiles in a teasing way, flipping his towel over his shoulder and heading to the locker room.

Yoongi also eyes the water bottle suspiciously when he comes in for the night, when Jungkook presents it to him.

“I- you didn’t have one, it’s an important piece of equipment,” Jungkook stammers, heart beating harder than necessary.

“How much do I owe you?” Yoongi asks.

“What? No, it’s not- it’s complementary,” Jungkook explains, cheeks reddening. Yoongi finally takes it, flips it over in his hand.

“Thanks,” he says, then he goes to the drinking fountain to fill it.

Their session goes well, except when Jungkook thinks he might pass out while he spots Yoongi doing squats. He tries to put as much distance as possible between them while he stretches him, too, doesn’t want to seem creepy.

“I think I’ll shower here tonight if that’s okay. If I’m not keeping you too late,” Yoongi says.

“Oh, yeah that’s totally fine. Yeah, I’ll uh, just be in my office. Let me know if you need anything,” Jungkook manages, and Yoongi raises an eyebrow but says nothing. They go their separate ways and Jungkook gets to his office, leaning back in his chair and curses himself for being so awkward.

Yoongi eventually comes out of the locker room, hair wet, and dressed in slacks and a button down shirt. He’s probably ready for work, Jungkook thinks, and he stumbles out of his chair to let Yoongi through the front door.

“Have a good night,” Jungkook says as Yoongi steps through the doorway.

Yoongi turns back to him, smiling. “You too, Jungkook. Aren’t you going to tell me how well I did tonight?” Jungkook’s eyes go wide and he starts to stammer out a response but Yoongi cuts him off. “I’m teasing. See you Wednesday.”


“Are you okay? You seem… distracted,” Namjoon asks, and Jungkook physically shakes his head to bring himself back to attention.

“Sorry hyung. I guess I drifted for a second.”

“If now’s not a good time for us to-”

“No no, I’m good. I mean, thank you. For looking at them,” Jungkook adds.

Namjoon smiles, dimples prominent, and leans back over the handwritten page. “I like where you’re going with this. This is… not like your normal stuff.”

“I- yeah. I’ve been in a different headspace I guess,” Jungkook admits.

Namjoon raises an eyebrow. “Uh huh. Headspace.”

“Heart space?” Jungkook amends, blushing furiously.

“That’s good, Kook-ah. I’m happy for you,” Namjoon says.

“There’s nothing to be happy for, it’s just a crush,” Jungkook tells him, focusing on the lyrics he’s written. Namjoon’s still looking at him though, compelling him to explain. “Uh fine! It’s a new client. There’s just something about him, hyung.”

“Must be, to catch your eye.”

“You’re a lot nicer than Taehyung and Jimin, they basically said it was a regular occurance,” Jungkook pouts.

Namjoon shifts in his chair. “Well, you do tend to crush a lot. But this is the first time you’ve written about it.”

“It’s awful isn’t it?” Jungkook asks, falling back in his chair in Namjoon’s office.

“It needs some fine tuning, we’ll get it there,” Namjoon encourages, and Jungkook sits up straighter. “Tell me more about him, maybe we can work on it together.”

“He’s funny, in a way. Like, he’s got this sense of humor that catches me off guard. Witty, I guess. He’s kind of quiet with new people, like me. Not shy, but. Quiet. And he’s so cute, hyung. Like, adorable cute, but also he can be sexy, like his voice is so deep. I don’t know. And I know it’s wrong of me, but when he’s lifting he’s just so sexy, like the faces he makes. Ugh, it’s hopeless, he’s probably in a relationship already. Or straight. Or both,” Jungkook laments.

Namjoon rests his hand on Jungkook’s where it’s fidgeting on his thigh. “You don’t know that.”

“It won’t matter, because he’s my client, and I shouldn’t do anything anyway.”

“What if you transferred him to Hoseok?” Namjoon suggests.

“But I don’t want to. I mean, what’s the point if nothing’s going to happen between us?” Jungkook points out.

Namjoon, always kind, nods sympathetically. “Well, you could. If something did happen.”


Wednesday's session goes smoothly, with Jungkook’s embarrassing attempts at flirting going mostly unnoticed, it seems. Yoongi heads to the locker room and Jungkook blows out a breath, collapsing into his desk chair.

“Hey,” Yoongi says, suddenly in the doorway.

“Mm?” Jungkook answers, sitting up straighter.

“I think one of the showers is broken.”

“I’ll uh, have maintenance check it out in the morning,” Jungkook assures him.

“Thought you’d want to take a look at it,” Yoongi suggests.

“Oh, sure,” Jungkook agrees, and he follows Yoongi to the locker room. “Which one is-”

Yoongi suddenly has him pressed up against the lockers, lips crushing against his, hands fisting in Jungkook’s shirt. Jungkook tenses at first, but then gives in, lets Yoongi lick into his mouth, and he cradles the back of Yoongi’s head, his fingers tangled in his sweaty hair.

Yoongi pulls away, a smug look on his face.

“What was- um. Wow,” Jungkook manages. Yoongi smiles, pokes his tongue into his cheek. “Which shower?”

Yoongi bursts out laughing to the point that it startles Jungkook.

“Jungkook-ah, that was a lie. Part of my clever ruse to get you in here, away from the prying eyes of your security cameras,” Yoongi tells him.


“I hope I wasn’t reading that wrong. You wanted me to kiss you, right?”

Jungkook nods rapidly, making Yoongi laugh again. “Yeah, I just- I didn’t think you did.”

“Why would I not want to?” Yoongi asks.

“Because you’re straight?” Jungkook tries awkwardly.

“Bad assumption. I’m not,” Yoongi says.

“Obviously, I guess.”

“Do you always assume people are straight?” Yoongi asks.

“Better than me assuming you weren’t and making a move on you anyway. It’s a good way to get your ass kicked,” Jungkook tells him.

“Speaking from experience?” Yoongi guesses.

“Mm,” is all Jungkook replies.

“So. Since we’ve established I’m not straight, and that we both want to kiss each other, can I kiss you again?” Yoongi asks, voice low, and Jungkook feels suddenly bold. He takes Yoongi by the front of the shirt and yanks him in, their lips pressing together. Yoongi kisses in a way that makes Jungkook weak in the knees, lots of tongue and he knows exactly what he’s doing, a sentiment that goes straight to Jungkook’s dick. He’s been so touch starved these last few months and Yoongi feels so good, he can’t seem to get enough of him. As Yoongi gets closer he brushes up against Jungkook’s groin, flimsy shorts doing nothing to hide how aroused he is.

“Shit, sorry,” Jungkook says, breaking the kiss. His face burns from embarrassment, and he bites his swollen lower lip.


“For- I just don’t want you to think-”

“That you want me?” Yoongi asks.

“No, it’s not- you’re my client, this is unprofessional,” Jungkook says with so much regret it’s unbelievable.

“Why do you think I brought you in here away from the cameras? I don’t want you to lose your job.” Yoongi steps in closer again, runs his finger down Jungkook’s chest. “Is this okay?”

Jungkook whines audibly, and Yoongi must take it as the yes it’s intended to be, because his hand comes to rest on Jungkook’s hip and he moves back in to kiss him again. He presses his thigh between Jungkook’s, where he’s hard, and Jungkook gasps into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi knows what he’s doing here, too, just how to press and shift to drag a broken moan out of Jungkook.

Yoongi pulls away and Jungkook follows after him, making Yoongi chuckle. “Don’t worry,” Yoongi assures him, and Jungkook’s not entirely sure what he means until he’s sliding to his knees, tugging Jungkook’s shorts and boxers down with him.

“Oh,” Jungkook says, and Yoongi looks up at him before leaning in to swipe his tongue over his dick. Jungkook nearly collapses, the touch sending sparks through him, and he has to work to compose himself, doesn’t want Yoongi to know how long it’s been. Yoongi sinks his mouth down around Jungkook’s length and Jungkook sucks in a breath, gently cradles Yoongi’s head.

Yoongi sucks cock like he kisses, fucking expertly, and Jungkook has to put in maximum effort to stay upright, to keep from coming embarrassingly soon. It feels so good, and no one’s touched him like this in so long. He manages to hold out for about five minutes of Yoongi working him over before he free falls toward release.

“Oh- oh god, I’m gonna-” he tries to warn him, but Yoongi just hums around him. He comes hard, eyes squeezed shut so tight he sees stars, having to brace himself on Yoongi’s shoulders so he doesn’t topple forward. He tries to catch his breath as Yoongi gets to his feet, wipes his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Jungkook,” Yoongi growls, aggressively kissing him again, and Jungkook kisses back with everything he’s got. He can taste himself on Yoongi’s tongue and it’s fucking hot, and now all he wants is to touch, to taste. Jungkook shoves his hand down the front of Yoongi’s track pants and Yoongi groans into his mouth, pushes up into his palm, precum smearing over Jungkook’s skin.

“There’s complementary lotion, I can get…” Jungkook says, starting to pull away.

Yoongi’s laughing, probably because Jungkook just said complimentary lotion during a handjob because he is such a dork. “Don’t worry about it.”

“But, this is-”

“Not going to take long,” Yoongi concludes. “You’ve got me a little on edge here.”

Jungkook throbs with a new surge of want. He tries to be as gentle as he can as he strokes Yoongi under his pants, and Yoongi has a tight grip on his shoulders.

“Okay?” Jungkook checks in, and Yoongi nods, breath hitching, and he’s holding on so tight Jungkook thinks he might have bruises later, a thought that makes his arousal flare again.

“Jungkook-ah, I’m so close, don’t stop,” Yoongi pleads, and Jungkook leans in to kiss him. Yoongi whimpers into his mouth and Jungkook feels the slick, hot pulse of Yoongi’s come in his hand. It’s so fucking sexy that Jungkook feels light headed.

Jungkook slowly pulls his hand out of Yoongi’s pants, careful not to wipe anything on him, and Yoongi laughs. “Don’t worry, I brought a change of clothes. And there’s a shower or two here.”

Jungkook laughs too, presses his forehead against Yoongi’s. His brain starts to clear from his orgasm and a nagging worry starts to build, and he doesn’t want to say anything, or ruin it, but he feels overly compelled to.

“Yoongi,” he starts, pulling back to look at him. “I- I feel like I need to tell you-”

“Oh no,” Yoongi says, frowning.

“No, it’s nothing bad! Well, I hope it’s not bad, that you won’t think it’s bad, I mean it could be bad, you might think-”

“Jungkook,” Yoongi stops him. “What.”

“I, um. Like you. And if this was a one time thing then that’s cool, I mean it was awesome. But, like. I like you.”

“That’s good,” Yoongi says, sounding suspicious.

“I guess I just want to see if you’d like to go out sometime. With me,” Jungkook says, nervousness and fear of rejection building uncomfortably.

“Oh, I thought you were going to say something awful. You’re asking me on a date?” Yoongi clarifies.

“I’m trying,” Jungkook admits.

“Yeah obviously I’ll go,” Yoongi says easily. Jungkook’s smile must be huge because Yoongi laughs. “I’m going to shower.”

Before he can go, Jungkook pulls him back in for another kiss.


“So. We should talk about, you know, maybe switching you to another trainer,” Jungkook says. Yoongi’s leaning back against the arm of Jungkook’s couch, his legs stretched over Jungkook’s lap. Jungkook absently runs his hand up and down Yoongi’s slim thigh, up under his shorts.

“But I like you.”

Jungkook snorts. “I know you like me. That’s the problem; you like me too much and now we’re…” he trails off, because he’s not actually sure how to define it. Dating seems weird, but fucking seems oversimplifying it. Boyfriends sounds great but they’ve only been doing - whatever this is - for a few months and Yoongi doesn’t seem like the type to rush or label things.

When he comes back into focus, he sees that Yoongi is looking at him, a small smile on his face. “What are we, Jungkook-ah?”

“I- I don’t want to-”

“Are you my lover?” Yoongi teases, laughing. Jungkook blushes and Yoongi must feel a little bad for making him embarrassed because he leans in and kisses softly.

“We’re doing whatever this is, is all,” Jungkook says instead. “And if someone finds out, I’m fired. And I’ll probably never work as a trainer again. And I really, really like my job.”

Yoongi groans and covers his face dramatically. “Fine. Who are you pawning me off on?”

“You’ll like Hoseok. Everyone likes Hoseok. He’s sweet and nice, but don’t think he’ll let you slack off at all, he’s very serious about goal setting,” Jungkook tells him.

“But I like you,” Yoongi complains again.

“It’ll be okay, hyung. I promise,” Jungkook soothes him, squeezing his upper thigh.

“Fine,” Yoongi huffs. “What are you going to tell them?”

“Um. I hadn’t thought of that. I guess that we’re… dating?” Jungkook tries.

“You’ve taken me on one whole date, Jeon Jungkook,” Yoongi chides. “Otherwise it’s just the fucking.”

“I know, I’m not very good at this,” Jungkook frowns. Being bad at anything vexes him greatly, and he should be making more of an effort to take Yoongi out. Part of him was afraid they’d get caught by someone from work, though. Maybe it’ll be easier once he’s not Yoongi’s trainer anymore.

“Hey, I’m teasing. I don’t mind,” Yoongi interrupts his thoughts.

“You deserve dates, hyung.”

Yoongi smiles fondly, puts his hand over Jungkook’s where it rests on his leg. “You still have time, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jungkook smiles softly, catches Yoongi’s eyes. “Right after we switch you to Hoseok, I’ll take you to a celebratory dinner.”

“And what will we be celebrating?” Yoongi asks, leaning in.

“That we don’t have to hide anymore,” Jungkook says, barely above a whisper.

Yoongi moves quickly, suddenly straddling Jungkook’s lap, and he dips down and kisses him hard. Jungkook whimpers into Yoongi’s mouth and holds him tight around the waist. “Gonna show me off?” Yoongi jokes.

“Um, yeah. Obviously. Have you seen you? Totally a catch.”

Yoongi chuckles. “Shut your mouth,” he teases.

“Do it for me,” Jungkook challenges, sliding his hands up the back of Yoongi’s shirt, fingers brushing the soft skin on Yoongi’s back.

And Yoongi does.