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Hold your Horses

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“Watch out!”

Face pushes the woman down out of sheer instinct when a searing pain explodes in his left shoulder. He gasps breathlessly, when the bullet rips through muscle and bone and out the other side. Glass is raining down on them from the driver side window of the car he’d been trying to hot-wire. Face can feel the woman screaming, but he can’t hear anything beyond the ringing in his own ears. Two more shots go off before all is quiet and the door is ripped open.


Three weeks ago:

The announcer is calling out names in rapid fire as the horses tear down the track. Their hooves thundering and their jockeys pushing them to the limit. The crowd goes wild! People are laughing, betting and generally having a wonderful time. Sunlight is filtering through the dusty air and three young women watch the race with bated breath. Suddenly one of the horses starts to stagger and sway dangerously. The jockey desperately tries to compensate, to keep them from colliding with the other horses. Foaming at the mouth and white eyed the horse fights to keep its balance. The crowd gasps in horror when the animal stumbles and falls, landing hard on its rider.
“And ‘Tea with Biscuits’ is down, ladies and gentlemen… It doesn’t look too good…” The announcer calls out before turning back to the race at hand.

“Biscuit!” One of the women cries out while jumping over the fence. She runs across the loose sand toward the writhing horse. She tries to get the horse back on its feet an off the jockey but fails. Finally, the two other women arrive and together with a few grooms, they muscle the animal up.
“Beth! He isn’t moving!” The pretty brunette turns toward the fallen man and checks his pulse.
“I need some help! Please?!” More people arrive with a stretcher. They have to move quickly because the racehorses will be lapping again soon, and they will be at risk of being overrun.

They make it just in time before the first horse passes the spot where the unconscious jockey just lay. Beth keeps an eye out for the ambulance while her sister checks out the horse. The animal looks dazed and its front leg is swelling massively. Their eyes meet and they know it’s over…