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fire escape

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The team was in the middle of practice when the alarms went off, we heard bombing coming from the upper floors of the arena and smoke coming out of the air vents.

Everybody started running towards the exit, according to the couch instructions, only one of the players took a turn away from the exit towards the upper level offices where his new husband the team's owner worked.

"zero! Where the hell are you going?" Derek shouted to the already far away player who didn't bother answering.

Zero ran up the fire exit stairs and kicked the door open as a crowd of people was running down trying to tell him he's going the wrong way.

He saw fire coming from the offices and ran to his husband's office screaming his name.

"Jude! Jude!" he looked at all the faces that ran pass him and couldn't find his husband between them "have you seen Jude?!" he asked one of the staff who nodded his head and kept running.

He got to Jude's office that was already filled with smoke only to find the door open and Jude nowhere to be seen.

"Zero!" he heard a familiar voice and turned to see Lionel running towards him "what the hell are you doing? we need to get out of here!"

"I'm not leaving without Jude!" Zero yelled on top of the voices of panic coming from the staff

"I'm pretty sure I saw him leaving he must be outside by now, let's go find him"

They both rushed away from the flames the ran down the fire escape stairs to the main gate along with everyone else.

As they stepped outside Zero immediately started looking for his husband "Jude! Jude! Has anyone seen Jude?!"

He looked everywhere and couldn't find him "he's not here, he's still in there!" he yelled at Lionel when another bomb went off and caused the flames to grow bigger through the entire building.


Without a second thought Zero ran back in the building as Derek and the fire fighters tried to stop him "Zero wait!" the fire fighters got to Derek but Zero was already too far away and he couldn’t be stopped.

The building was full of smoke as he entered and he immediately started coughing and covered his mouth and nose with his shirt.

"Jude!!" he ran through the smoke and checked every room he passed by.

He ran closer and closer to the flames already starting to feel dizzy but not backing away.

~ 15 minutes earlier ~

I was trying to get some work done in my office when I saw a strange man turning on the fire alarm switch and running away through my office window. I didn't recognize the man, he was wearing a black hoodie and I didn't quite catch his face.

I went to the electricity room to find a way to turn off this terrible alarm.

I looked through the switches when a bomb went off right outside the room causing the wall to break down, I fell back and hit my head on the floor so I had no time react when the entire closet fell down on me and hit my stomach.

It was so heavy and I couldn't get it off me, the room began to fill with smoke and in the corner of my eye I saw flames in the other side of the hall, my stomach was hurting and bleeding so bad and I couldn't do anything but scream for help

"Help!!!" but it seemed as if the entire floor had already cleared.

My head was spinning and everything around me became darker, the weight on my body made it hard for me to breathe, I knew I was dying, I knew no one will get to me in time, all I could do in the moment was think about my life so far, to think about Gideon and about everything we still didn't get to do together, we haven't had children together, we were only starting to build our family together, it can't all be ending now before it even started.

The flames got bigger and closer when another bomb went off and caused the entire building to shake and slowly crumble.

The pain was unbearable, the room was so hot and full of smoke, I wasn't ready to die, I wasn't ready to leave my husband behind, I was so scared and in so much pain that I didn't know which was worst.

"Jude!" I suddenly heard the familiar voice of my husband, I thought I was dreaming, I thought maybe this was it, and then I heard his voice louder and it brought me back to reality "Jude!"

"I'm here! Gideon I'm here!"

A few second later I saw him, I saw the man I love running to me and trying to hold me in his arms.

"Jude! Oh my god Jude are you okay?" he kneeled down next to me.

"I can't move" I cried out pointing at the big closet lying on my stomach.

Zero quickly got hold of the closet and lifted it up just enough for me to crawl away from it, and then dropped it back on the floor with a sigh.

The second the pressure on my stomach was released the blood started flooding like crazy.

"om my god Jude we need to get you out of here"

He took off his jacket and put it on my wound "keep pressure on it" he said as he guided my hand to the clothing and then lifted me up and helped me walk with my arm around his shoulders for support.

We struggled through the smoke all the way to the main entrance walking as fast as we could supporting each other. My head was spinning, my lungs must have filled with smoke by then, we were both coughing the entire way, trying not to inhale too much smoke.

When we finally got to the entrance, the gate was just a few more steps ahead I saw people running towards us outside in the distance.

The second we stepped foot outside of the arena a bomb went off right next to us and caused me and Zero to be thrown down the stairway by the blust. Everything went pretty much dark after I was stripped away from Gideon and hit stair after stair all the way to the ground.

I heard nothing but a loud ring in both my ears. Through my blurry sight I saw a bunch of people rushing to me. The last thing I saw before I passed out was Gideon lying a few feet away from me on his back looking hurt as much as I was, trying to keep his eyes open so he could look at me.