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    Lazy mornings were a treasure to Arthur. With his newfound life, Arthur could have let all his days meld together with a constant monotony of shifting between writing and sleeping- but what a waste that was! He kept himself plenty busy between chasing pretty skirts and reliving his doctor years for the poor in the area. Occasionally, he even got roped into helping the other residents with some task or another- With the exception of Theo, who could care less on whether Arthur wanted to help him or not.

    So during the rare mornings where he had nothing immediate to do, Arthur cherished them in his favorite way: pleasuring himself.

    Of course, he could always pick up a pretty little bird whenever he wanted, but with dear ol’ Daddy’s stern rule about Arthur never bringing his midnight snacks back home, it was hard having the pleasures of a morning with a woman unless he was already spending the night at her place. And, given the incidents that broke out the last few times he had done that, he’d rather not go through that trouble again.

    Plus...There was something special to just spending time alone and exploring your body, during an early morning where the sunlight lit up the room unaided and the air still felt cooling. He could take as much time as he wanted without worrying about another temporary partner’s pleasure.

    Brushing aside the sheets attempting to entangle him, Arthur let out a content sigh as he tugged his member out of his pajama pants. Already riled up from the idea of masturbating, ghosting his fingers over his growing erection caused him to giddily bite his bottom lip, excitement building up as he loosely pumped himself to full attention. With a low groan, his eyes fluttered shut as he slid his thumb over the head of his cock, focusing a few short pumps to glide over his tip and make his lips part with a quiet moan.

    Pre-cum already starting to gather from his ministrations, Arthur propped himself on one elbow, pausing briefly to open his nightstand with one hand to pull out the small jar of lubricant he kept hidden away for these occasions.

    Abandoning the jar once he had taken enough for himself, he sunk back into his bed with a groan as he started up the shallow pumps again. With enough concentration, he could close his eyes and imagine the sensations he was giving himself being delivered by a pretty bird he shared a night with before. But instead, he found his imagination trailing off to conjure up a more familiar figure, one he saw day-to-day…

    Taking in a sharp breath, Arthur tightened his grip on his shaft and quickened his pace, his head falling to the side as he envisioned her reactions to his length. Just the thought alone caused his hips to jerk upwards, a quiet moan slipping through his lips. 

    However, just as the pleasurable waves of an oncoming orgasm started to run through his abdomen, there was a gentle knock at his bedroom door that tore him from his focus.

    “Arthur? It’s laundry day so I’m collecting everyone’s sheets, are you in?”

    Of course. Arthur muttered a curse under his breath as he remembered the reminder Sebastian had given them the day before, running a hand through his hair with frustration. At least he hadn’t gone too far and freshly messed the sheets, but what timing…

    Just as he sat up and opened his mouth to tell the new bird of the household to wait a moment, his doorknob rattled. 


    Thankfully, he had thrown the sheets over his lap just in time. He met her flustered gaze with a cheeky grin, hoping to keep her distracted from his...personal situation. 

    “Hi luv, couldn’t wait to see me, eh?”    

    “I asked if you were in!” She huffed, pink tinting her cheeks as she closed the door behind her. “You should have said something!”

    “I was still asleep, but it’s nice having a pretty bird be the first thing I see when I wake up.”

    Purposely laying it on thick, he was thankful when the color on her cheeks deepened as she rolled her eyes. Maybe if he kept it up she’d just give up and leave, then he could bring the sheets out once his body calmed down.

    “I swear, Arthur…” Putting her laundry basket down on his coffee table, she placed her hands on her hips with a frown. “Well, you’re awake now. Can I have the sheets?”

    Uh. He blinked a few times, trying to think of an excuse-

    “Can’t a man enjoy sleeping in?”

    “Not one like you, besides, Theo mentioned wanting your help today.”

    Gods- Of course he did. He let out a sigh, but it turned into a near yelp as she walked closer to his bed.

    “W-wait! Wait, uh-”

    “Honestly, what has gotten into you, Arthur? I…” Her scolding trailed off as she looked to the side. Confused, he followed her gaze and felt his throat go dry as her eyes widened with realization. She spun around as he groaned, cursing himself for forgetting to put away his jar of lube.

    “I-uhm,” It seemed like she couldn’t think of what to say.

    “Listen, that wasn’t intentional-”

    “I-I’m sure it wasn’t!” He saw her cross her arms, and guilt flooded him. While he enjoyed teasing her, he wouldn’t want to go that far. 

    “If you just give me a few minutes I can bring the sheets out later.”

    Even though her back was turned, since her hair was up, Arthur could see the way the tips of her ears were flushed.

    “Bird, I promise I wasn’t trying to-”

    “I could help?”

    He felt like time had stopped in its tracks with that statement. Surely she said something else?

    “Come again?”

    “I-I could help, you know.” Her voice was quiet, nervous. “If you, uhm. Wanted.”

    While Arthur never denied being a pervert, nor enjoying the idea of a helping hand in a situation like this, her making the offer was different. Nearly out of character. But damn his cock for twitching at the idea.

    After a span of silence, Arthur cleared his throat. “Are you sure?”

    She nodded, her ponytail bobbing as she did so. “Just don’t tell anyone?”

    Okay. Alright. This was really happening. With any other woman he’d be giddy, instead in this situation he couldn’t help himself but need further confirmation. Because she wasn’t just a one night stand, but someone he saw on a day-to-day basis. And, admittedly, he didn’t want to ruin whatever relationship they had built.

    “Luv, you really don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

    “N-no, I do want to.” Peeking over her shoulder, she continued. “It’s just been a while since I’ve done anything like this so, keep that in mind.”

    Taking in a breath, she turned around to face him, cheeks still flushed as she spoke. “And nothing more than this, okay? I can’t go around the mansion smelling like sex.”

    With a brief nod Arthur watched as she walked to the edge of his bed. A few different emotions seemed to play at her features- with her blush and the way she bit down onto her lip, he was close to calling this off for the sake of her comfort, however… Once she sat down beside him and gingerly tugged the sheets away from his lap, the small moan that escaped her stoked the burning arousal surging through him. 

    She took her time as she drank in the definition in his erection. How the tip of his cock was flushed pink, much like his cheeks as her finger gently traced along the ridge. How he twitched as that same finger trails down, sizing up his length with a growing blush, her lips parting softly with unsaid words. With a quick glance in his direction, she takes his erection into her hand with a gentle, unsure grasp.

    At first, she doesn’t make a motion to move further than that. Arthur steadies his breathing and surveys her posture, trying to gauge if she’s pushing herself to do this, or just merely shy.

    He opens his mouth to voice, again, that she doesn’t have to do this, but the words melt into a low groan as she starts pumping her hand along his shaft in a slow, but firm pace.

    Admittedly, Arthur had no idea how long he was going to last. Having already worked himself close to finishing already, riding on those first telltale waves of pleasure when she initially interrupted him... So when she finally incorporated the sensitive head of his cock into her quickening pumps, he nearly lets a curse fly from his lips.

    “Ah-Mm, luv…” There’s so much more he wants to say, but he feels the weight of the mattress shift, and his eyes peek open just in time to catch how red the tips of her ears are as she plants a kiss on his cheek.

    When she pulls back and meets his gaze, her eyes mirror the arousal coursing through him, nearly burning as her stare dips to his lips. As hers part, Arthur reaches to carefully pull her closer, his hand gently cupping her cheek. This close, he can feel her hot breath against him, how it hitches as her grip tightens on him momentarily.

    “Is this alright?”

    Receiving a helping hand from her already felt like he was asking far too much, regardless of how she was the one to suggest it. So he asks again, another chance for her to change her mind if needed.

    A brief nod and she’s the one to crash their lips together. Quickly, she uses her free hand to hold the back of his neck as she goes further than a gentle kiss. Tongue brushing along his bottom lip before nipping, taking in a shuddering breath before sliding her tongue inside his mouth. Each kiss feels as if she’s slowly devouring him, and Arthur isn’t so sure he needs her hand to help finish him off, her hunger alone making him quietly moan into her as he loses himself.

    When she finally breaks from him, its to nip along his jaw as she strokes his length faster, tightening her grip each time her grasp reaches the head of his cock. With a timely stroke of her thumb across his tip, dragging the precum spilling from him in a teasing circle around his slit, she runs her teeth along the shell of his ear.

    Normally, Arthur wouldn’t let such a groan escape him. One that remains low in his throat, ending in a slight whine as her pace slows. But, he lets his pride go as frustration brings his face against her shoulder, planting lingering kisses along her neck in a desperate attempt to coax her to continue, praises leaking out of him like the precum she continuously teases about with. 

    “Arthur,” Her voice is playful, but damp with authoritative arousal. “Do you want to cum?”

    He’s not proud of it, but with the shudder than runs through him at that question, he nearly does.

    “Y-yes.” The words are thick, so stuck in his throat that he’s unsure they even managed to come out.

    “Mmm? What was that?” The smile she has is obvious in her voice as she pumps him once, drawing another strangled moan from him.

    “Y-yes! Yes, please.”

    Tacking on the ‘please’ was an effort of gaining her favor in this scenario, but when the warmth of her soft, slick hand leaves his erection- Gods, he lets out a whine.

    All that comes from her is a soft ‘shh’ as she moves off of the bed, sliding nimbly onto her knees. Arthur feels as though his chest will burst with the sharp inhale he can’t let go of as he watches her nudge his legs apart, situating herself between them. 

    Surely she knows he’s nearly at his limit? Surely, surely she knows how the small smirk she passes in his direction before taking ahold of him is enough to almost push him over?

    As she flattens her tongue against the head of his cock, licking him in such a torturously slow way, he deduces that she does and intends to stoke the fires burning deep in his abdomen for all that they’re worth.

    Her hand continues working his shaft as she drags her tongue along the head, meeting his unwavering gaze while pressing her swollen lips against him, mocking a soft kiss.

    Then, as his hips tremble from holding his orgasm at bay, she takes the head of his cock onto her mouth. The near unbearable warm, wet heat, paired with that velvety tongue of hers is enough to do him in. Grasping his sheets, his moan comes out strangled-


    Strangled, and as he blearily opens his eyes, slips into an annoyed groan laced with grogginess. His view isn’t of her between his knees, but rather the off-white ceiling of his bedroom as the light from his window stretches across it.

    Arthur sits up, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he glares disappointedly at his crotch. The outline of his erection was far too easy to spot with just a flimsy sheet and pajama fabric covering it.

    “Blast it.” Rubbing his temple, he slowly gathers his bearings while ignoring the throbbing between his legs. Since when did he start acting far younger than he was with dreams like these?

    Before his mental scolding can go much further, he hears a soft knock at his door. Immediately, his blood runs cold realizing how late into the morning it is.

    “Arthur? You didn’t show up for breakfast so I brought-”

    Absolutely not! Despite how that dream went, he knew far better than to even consider attempting any of that in reality with her. 

    “D-Don’t come in!” 

    As soon as the words leave his mouth, he knows the look on her face. Surprised, confused with worry at how panicked his voice came out. Racking through explanations, he settles on what would scare her off the most-

    “Y-you see there’s a… a spider, yes! Nasty thing, all gangly and ontop my desk!”

    “Oh!” Her fear of the insect seeps deeply into her worried tone, and he feels his heartbeat slow with her next words. “I-I’ll come back later!”

    Silent, he listens to the sounds of her rushing away from his door, feeling a twinge of regret for playing on her fears, but breathing out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the scare of her walking in on his current issue ended up…shrinking it down to a more manageable size.

    With a huff, he untangles the sheets from him and makes his way to his bathroom, contemplating how, exactly, he’s going to manage to look at her today after such a...convincing dream.