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How could you do this ?

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Bai Qi was with Jing Ran for some months, everything was great except he just can't believe Jing Ran is still with some women that he doesn't know her and what she does, he is just so angry.
Because he finally have Jing Ran and he doesn't want that he leave him.
He was just so pissed.

When Jing Ran was at home he was just upset, he have even throw one of his book to make him react.
But he doesn't react he just looked at him weird and say "You are a little stressed, you need a little rest"

And he kissed his forehead and say "I need to leave or I will be late for my meeting"

Then later Bai Qi saw him arriving with again the same woman, he was so angry so when he arrive at home he grab him "Who is she? What did you do with her"

He was so angry and Jing Ran never saw him like this.

"Did you cheat on me?" he said full of angry and crying

Jing Ran couldn't believe all of this and slapped him "How you could think at that? I love only you"

"Really?" spat Bai Qi

Jing Ran had enough and finally say "She is helping me for our future home, she is helping me to choose one better house for both of us and also I need opinion for this"

And Jing Ran throw at him one box "What it is?" said Bai Qi

"Open it" say Jing Ran and he was crying

Bai Qi opens the box and saw that there were two rings "Jing Ran..."

"I planned to present you our new house who will be more bigger for us, for your office, for my office, for if we have child, one garden where you could have one cherry tree and plum tree, then I would have made you my proposal..."

Jing Ran couldn't stop crying and Bai Qi was speechless by all of this that he hugged him, he hated see his lover or more like his fiance like this, he kissed him and say" I'm sorry for be such a moron and idiot, of course, I want to marry you, I'm just sorry because I thought you had one affair or something like that"

"I would never cheat on you, we are finally together after all these years, so I will never leave you"

"I love you Jing Ran and I would love to be your husband"

"I love you too