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BL oneshots!

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No ones POV
They had a fight....again but this time it wasn't even knocks fault! Korn had been mad at the fact he hugged an old friend of his and when knock tried to calm him down korn just yelled!
The fight still ringing in knocks ears
"I'm just so DONE!"
Korn yelled "korn...calm down plea-" "calm down? I'm not going to calm down why can't you just see that I hate it when you touch others!?!" Knock would have laughed at how dumb this was if he wasn't trying to calm korn down "ko-" "I've had ENOUGH!" Slam
And that was the last thing knock heard,the door slamming.
After 40 minutes knock decided that he should go look for korn as he had not came back yet.
Knock finally found korn in a bar 12 minutes away,drunk out of his mind.knock sighed and gently grabbed korns shoulder "korn...?" "Mhm?" Korn said as knock lifted his arm and put it around knocks shoulders "jeez how much did you drink?? Let's get home".
After 20 minutes of knock trying (and failing) to get korn back to their apartment he finally got korn inside.knock had barely shut the door when he was harshly pushed against it,"k-korn??" Knock was confused as to why he was pushed against the door, the door handle pressed against his back roughly "h-how dare YOU t-touch someone else!?" Korn slurred "k-korn let go.." korn had his arm pressed against knocks chest and with the door handle pressed against his back it really hurt.korn pulled away from knock and knock sighed in relief, he walked past korn so he could get a glass of water for him ,he couldn't get very far because korn turn him around roughly and punched him so hard knock fell on the floor.knock was so shocked it took him a few seconds to realise what had happened.....korn had punched...him.....korn....hurt...him. He felt tears burn in his eyes but he refused to cry right now he had to make sure korn was in bed and comfy he stood up and tried to put korn in the bed as korn put up a small fight but still leaving small bruises on knock.when knock finally got him to lay down and fall asleep he got some pain killers and a glass of water for korn and left it on the bedside table.knock didn't feel safe enough to get in the bed with korn in case he woke up and was still mad at him so instead he sat on the floor and rested his head against the Wardrobe facing the bed as he felt the bruises start to form and the tears start to fall.after awhile of crying he fell asleep.
————————————☀️ in the morning☀️ ————————————
Korn woke up with a massive headache that hurt like hell "ugh..." korn opened his eyes and saw that knock wasn't on his side of the bed and speaking of that how did he get home??
Korn wasn't mad anymore and he realised that the fight was stupid.he turned around and froze at what he saw....knock was asleep against the wardrobe,he had a few small bruises and one large one on his cheek along with dried tear tracks.
He immediately got out of bed against his body telling him to stay in bed because of the hangover.he grabbed knock by the shoulders and knock immediately opened his eyes and flinched away from korn fear in his eyes "knock? What happened are you okay!?" Knock started crying again and korn panicked "k-knock!?" "K-korn...y-you" knock said it so quietly that korn barely heard him and he wished he didn't "I-I hit you" korn froze again, he had hit the love of his life
All the memories from last night came back " I'm so sorry I didn't mean to I'm so so sorry.." korn pulled knock into a hug and almost started crying when knock flinched but then he leaned into the embrace still sat on the floor knock hid his face in korns neck still crying.

It took a few minutes for knock to stop crying but with korn leaving kisses on his head he finally stopped and the just sat there holding each other as if scared one of them would disappear if they let go but the silence was broken when korn pulled back and looked into knocks face "baby Im so sorry..I di-" "didn't mean to I know korn it just hurt in that moment.."
Knock sniffed and korn felt his heart break a bit and dissolve "please forgive me..I promise I'll never drink again not after I see what I did to that precious face of yours please baby...?" Korn rubbed his thumbs over knock face gently and knock leaned into the embrace "I forgive you korn.." knock looked up at korn with so much love that korn felt like he was melting "I love you baby" "I love you too" korn leaned in and pressed his lips gently against knocks soft ones and it was like heaven and korn didn't want to leave but he pulled away and gave knock another tight hug and left kisses in knocks hair. They would be alright korn would stop drinking and they would be fine perfectly fine there Love was so strong that nothing could beak it.
As the bruises healed korn would still apologise every time he saw them and would kiss each one to show how sorry he was and knock doesn't mind all the free kisses he gets In fact he loves them and he accepted every apology korn gave him because he did forgive him and didn't want korn to feel guilty because although it was korns fault he is trying to make up for it and knock can just feel the love radiating off korn and he hopes it radiates off him too because he really does love korn.

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TW:none just really fluffy boyfriends unless u don't like deep kisses
Ae Pov
Pete and I were gonna bake a cake, Pete had learned how to make a cake years ago for his mother's birthday and when I said that I didn't know how to bake a cake he said we could make one together
And how could I say no to spending time with my cute boyfriend?
So here I am standing outside Pete's apartment door. I knocked a few times and waited until he opened the door for me, he was Wearing a pastel blue t-shirt one that I bought him that went well with milky white skin and black pants. "Ae!" Pete smiles at me so brightly like the sun and I couldn't help but mirror the small action "hey Pete" I had to look up a little to talk to him as I spoke. He moved out the way of the door to let me in and when I was in he shut it behind me then turned around to look at me
"I got out the ingredients to start the cake but it gets a bit messy so we'll have to wear aprons, okay Ae?"
We walked into the kitchen and all the stuff was spread out ready for baking "okay"
I looked at the stuff we were gonna use, eggs, flour, butter and more. I was too busy looking at the ingredients that I didn't notice that Pete had gotten two aprons until he passed me one of them, I smiled gently at him and took it, our hands brushing against each in the process making Pete blush a faint red, we had been boyfriends for 4 months now but Pete still acts shy around me and honestly I find it adorable how those cheeks go so red that i just wanted to squish them! I turned around after putting my apron on to see Pete struggling to tie the back
"turn around." I spoke bluntly, he blushed a bit more as he turned around, I stood behind him and started to tie it like I tied mine "thank you,Ae.." pete always spoke so softly with me and it makes his voice even more intoxicating I had to hold back from kissing him right there because if I did then we would never finish making the cake.



no ones POV
ae only went to the bathroom, he did NOT expect to come back to his boyfriend on the floor with his face covered in icing but damn did he look adorable with his large brown eyes and his hair covering his eyes a tiny bit. Ae let out a laugh at his boyfriend and went to help him up
"are you okay?? what even happened for your cute face to be covered in icing?" ae laughed again as his boyfriend gave him a shy smile "i tried to get something from the cupboard and when i put my hand on the counter i accidently put my hand on the edge-" pete took a momment to breath "-of the icing bowl and it fell and the noise made me jump so i fell and the icing splatered on my face" pete did a adorable pout along with his embaressed blush. "who gave you permission to be this cute,huh?" ae teased when pete finally stood up petes soft hand still in his hand "-!!! ae! im not cute, hmph" pete just pouted more and his blush that dusted his cheeks became more red then it already was. ae wanted to poke petes cute cheeks so he did "you just proved my point by being more cute" "aeeeee!" pete whined.
pete put his index finger to his other cheek that wasn't being assaulted by aes poking and got some of the icing and licked it off his finger "mm" he sighed satisfied that it tasted nice.
ae was watching intently at pete "are you trying to kill me?" aes voice was a bit deeper that it normally was "no? why would I-!" ae shut him up with a kiss on his pink soft lips and seemed like heaven to ae "mm" pete moaned into the kiss and ae took that opportunity to push his tongue in and he loved the tasted, Pete usually tasted like strawberries and cream but now he tasted like that with a hint of the icing he ate.
they made out for a bit when pete pulled back and spoke breathlessly "w-we need to finish baking...." and as much as ae wanted to make out with his boyfriend more he also wanted cake so he agreed "fine but I want a kiss when we are done" ae teased and Pete blushed

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TW: none
No ones Pov
Tin and can had been official for 2 months now but one thing tin still can't get used to is how sweet can tasted when they kissed.
Can tastes like strawberry's,chocolate,
vanilla,lollipops and cake and although the sweetness is overwhelming it's the best taste in the world to tin and he's happy he's the only one who gets to taste it. To be honest it's probably because of all the sweets can eats (and tin feeds him) that make him taste that way.
It was a just a normal day out,not a date though but tin wished it was. They were eating ice cream and can was being really messy as usual and had gotten it all over his face,tin had already finished and just watched as the monkey got more on his face then in his mouth.
It was then can realised tin was watching him and turned around to give tin a small smile and then go back to eating.
Huffing a sigh tin got out a handkerchief and wiped cans face when he finally finished the ice cream "t-tin why are you wiping my face??" Tin Just sighed again "because you are a messy eater cantaloupe" tin teases can with a smirk on his face "oiii I told u to stop calling me that!" Can whined "and I told you to stop being messy but I guess neither of us listened" tin teased again, can huffed and snatched the Handkerchief from tin and wiped the rest of it off his face but a little bit was stubborn and stayed on the corner of his mouth.tin tried honestly he did but obviously not hard enough as the next thing he knew he was kiss cans soft and sweet lips and it would be lie if he said he didn't like the small yelp can let out in surprise. Tin had to force himself to pull back before they had a make-out session in public, can had a beautiful blush on his cheeks that went down to his neck, it made him look adorable and tin couldn't help himself as he gave one last peck as he grabbed cans hand and started walking to his car. They were almost to tins car when can finally snapped out of whatever trance he was in "w-why are we going to your car?" Tin ignored him "tinnnnnn???? Answer meeee!!!" Tin shut him up with another peck and finally spoke "we are going to my house to make-out" tin said bluntly almost missing as the blush on can became more bright "okay" can spoke a little embarrassed as they got in the car and started driving.

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TW: mentions of abuse, small violence (a punch) and past toxic relationship
Pete, ae and pond were sat down on a table far away from seeing eyes as they ate.
they were only talking -pond kept teasing ae and ae was ready to punch him in the face-              
when they heard a familiar voice that they all had hoped to never hear again "hey Pete." a voice so full of hate interrupted their friendly conversation. They all turned to look at the man who continued  speaking "how are you and this dog you call a boyfriend" he gestured to ae who had fire in his eyes ready to fight when he got the chance "oh! and look it the guy that follows him around like a lost puppy" he turned his head to pond who was sat next to Pete -ae was sat opposite them- "trump.." ae growled as he stared holes into trumps face. they hadn't seen nor heard of trump in 3 months and Pete had completely forgot about him and here he was.
the yelling was so loud and Pete didn't even remember who started yelling first. trump was yelling at ae, ae was yelling at trump, pond was yelling at ae and Pete still sat quietly in his seat next to pond with his head down. ae as still sat down but his hand were on the table ready to push himself into a standing position while yelling, pond was still sat down and yelling at ae to punch the guy but ae's yelling was too loud and he couldn't hear pond.
trump yelled "you're probably using him fo-" Pete muttered a small 'stop' under his breath that only pond heard "-r money!!" pond turned to Pete and saw how the other looked almost mad "I would never!" Pete's eyes darkened and he spoke a little louder "stop." again no one but pond heard him and all pond could do is stare in shock "You are the one that blackma-!" ae was cut off when Pete finally lifted his head standing up and slamming his hands on the table "I said stop!!" they all turned to stare at Pete with wide eyes. trump smirked a little "finally standing up for yourself? heh, it doesn't matter I could fight you all da-!" trump was cut off when a sharp pain shot through his left cheek. he stumbled back a bit at the force. pond and ae stared at Pete with wide eyes as Pete brought his clenched fist back from where he punched trump "you punched him.." ae spoke with shock, pond on the other hand had already gotten over the shock and yelled happily "you punched him!". trump was still holding his cheek in pain when Pete ignored the other two boys and walked up to trump, trump spotted him and tried to speak "lucky sho-" Pete punched him again with so much force that trump fell on the ground "oh shut up trump. I've had enough of you just insulting me as you please!" Pete yelled in anger "all you do is hit me and when I finally think its stopped you come back!!" pete was so mad that everything was like background noise "I hate you so much!! I hope you rot in hell!!" pete yelled again as everyone watched in shock "now leave me alone!!" Pete kicked trump in the stomach before turning to look at the other two boys, he smiled lightly "can we go?" he asked innocently "uh y-yeah sure?" aes reply sounded like a question and they walked away leaving trump on the floor in pain.
as they walked pond turned to Pete "I had no idea you could punch so hard!" Pete blushed slightly "I uh didn't know I could either" ae turned to Pete "my innocent Pete punched someone.....I cant believe it" Pete scratched the back of his neck shyly "I'm sorry I shouldn't of let him get to me" Pete looked down "hey hey no need to apologise" ae lifted Pete's head to look his lover in he eyes and give him a small peck on the lips. pond -who just finished fake gaging- spoke "what gave you the energy to punch him anyway?" "the anger just got to me and all the emotions I was holding back just out" pete giggled nervously "but im glad it did, trump got what was coming to him." pete smiled and they walked back to there dorms.




when pete got home the first thing in his mind was 'oh my god what did I just do!!'


the only thing ae could think of was 'my sweet innocent angel punched someone'


all pond could think was 'pete punched that A-hole!! finally I was waiting for this to happen!'                          



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TW: homophobia and bullying(?)



kluay couldn't find achi anywhere and achi wouldn't pick up any of his calls. Kluay was very worried for his boyfriend because no matter what was happening even if it was five am he would always pick up phone calls. It was almost midnight and kluay still couldn't find achi anywhere He was tempted to give up but he decided to do one more look around the school. _




________________________ Alright this is the only place kluay hasn't looked mainly because it was a cold corner and always very dark but it was the only place he hadn't looked so what did he have to lose? He walked a few steps in when he heard a small whimper he walked a bit faster when he heard it only to stop for a second,pulling out his phone and ringing achi. That's when he heard the ring tone that achi had set so he knew it was him. As he moved closer to the sound he could start to make a the figure of a boy sat on the floor, he instantly knew it was achi and ran the rest of the distance. Achi has tear tracks down his cheeks but other than that the unconscious boy was okay. “Achi” He just whimpered again “achi..?” Kluay shook achi’s shoulders lightly “achi!!” the boy in question finally opened his eyes, kluay saw how his eyes were red from crying and just hugged him which only made achi cry again. Pulling back enough to look in his eyes but still holding on tight as if when he let go achi would disappear looking into his red eyes “achi... what happened?” Kluay spoke softly, achi looked away as he spoke “can we go to your room first...please?” He looked back to Kluay at the end of his sentence he was so quiet Kluay was surprised he even heard it. He wanted to ask more but he knew it would only make things worse so he helped achi get on his feet putting achi’s arm over his shoulder to steady him and then walked back to his room.






They were in kluays room cuddling on his bed with achi’s face tucked into kluays neck, kluays arms wrapped around his waist and planting kisses on achi’s head. Kluay would have been fine to just stay like this but he needed to know what had made achi so upset “achi” achi turned his head slightly to look up at kluay “can you tell me what made you sad?” Spoke with a soft voice “and ignore me” he added. Achi just hid his face again and let out a small whine “please? Achi I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” He used his middle and index finger and to lift achi’s face and look in his eyes. Achi sighed and rested his head back on kluays shoulder but he didn’t looking away from his eyes “some girls appeared and cornered me” kluay was already thinking of a way to find out who they were so he could yell at them to never go near his boyfriend ever “t-they told me tha-that I didn’t deserve you and that you just found me annoying” achi’s eyes started to water and kluay just held him closer while glaring at the wall in front of him at the fact someone said that, Achi was perfect for him and if anything he didn’t deserve achi “you know that’s no-“ “-not true I know” achi cut him off giving him a small smile and then continuing “anyway as I was saying” achi hid his face again “t-they s-said that I turned you gay...t-that if I- if I-“ he started crying again and kluay kissed his head to show him he was fine and to continue, achi took a deep breath before continuing “they said that if you never met me then you would be ‘normal’ and I know it’s not true bu- but I-“ he cried harder and kluay just hugged him tighter “I know it’s okay, shhh” he traced small circles on his back as he cried into his shoulder “I love you and no matter what anyone says you are perfect for me, you could never annoy me, I’ll find out who did this to you and make sure they never come near you again” kluay said honestly and achi could feel how serious kluay and it would be a lie if he said it didn’t make him smile. “Thank you so much” he snuggled more into kluay. Achi looked up to look into kluays eyes and smiled “ I love you too “ kluay felt his heart overfill with the love he has for achi. As achi slept with his face in kluay neck still and kluay running his fingers through achi’s hair, kluay couldn’t help to wonder how he got so lucky. Every time achi smiled it made him feel so happy that he could never hide his own smile and each little giggle that left achi’s perfect lips sounded like music to his ears. So as he was next to the love of his he vowed to never let anyone hurt him again because achi was his and he was achi’s. He turned his head slightly and kissed achi’s cheek before falling asleep while running his fingers through achi’s hair and when he wakes up he will still think he is so lucky to have this adorable boy. The end

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TW: none


It was a normal Saturday so kao and Pete were just chilling at pete’s house, well Pete was while kao was asleep in pete’s bed
“It’s almost 3 pm don’t you think you should wake kao up by now?” Pete’s father asked as they sat on the sofa watching tv “he was really tired yesterday from all the tutoring he did so I was letting him sleep longer” Pete turned to face his dad “but you are right it is about time he gets up” his dad was about to say something but Pete cut him off before he even started “but he’s cute when he sleeps so I’ll just watch him for a few minutes then wake him up”Pete spoke with a small loving smile as he stood up and started walking to his room hearing his dad mutter ‘young love’ making Pete smile more because he really was so deep in love with kao that it hurt his heart to be away from kao for 1 second.


As he entered his room he was kao sleeping with his back to Pete,the covers pulled up to his shoulders and his hair messy.
Pete walked around the bed only to be slightly shocked at what he saw. His adorable boyfriend, was asleep with a small cat teddy in his arms and Pete felt like his heart just melted into a puddle of goo.


He went down on his knees and put his arms on the bed as he watched his perfect lover sleep, pushing some of kao’s hair out of his eyes, watching as he leaned into his touch. Pete moves his hand down to hold kao’s cheek, rubbing small circles on his soft face.

Pete wasn’t kidding when he said that kao was adorable, especially when he was asleep, his face was peaceful as if having a sweet dream and when slept kao would cuddle up to pete’s chest as Pete put his arms around kao in a protective manner.
But as he slept now with his messy hair, arms full of a cat teddy and Pete just holding his face, Pete thought he looked so beautiful and he watched as kao snuggled closer into pete’s hand and slowly opened his eyes.


Kao’s eyes were still glazed with sleep obviously half awake as Pete leaned forward as gave a small sweet and soft kiss to kao’s perfect lips -was there anything about him that wasn’t perfect? No- kao kissed back just as softly “finally awake sleeping beauty?” Pete teased slightly. kao sat up and Pete stood up and watched as kao rubbed the sleep out of his eyes with his right fist while the other was still holding the cat “mm” kao yawned while he stretched his arms and legs,never letting go of the teddy.
Pete just watched in awe at how cute his boyfriend was. He placed his hand on kao’s head running his fingers through the knotty hair “still tired?” He asked softly “yeah...wanna go back to sleep” kao whined.


Pete thought for a bit and then finally decided on the pros and cons of letting kao go back to sleep
He would get to cuddle kao
He could watch kao fall asleep
He would get some more sleep

He could not think of any

“A little more sleep never hurt anyone” Pete shrugged and kao gave him a small bit sweet smile “cuddle with me..!” Kao whined and moved over to give Pete some space as he slipped under the covers with kao.


He pulled kao close to his chest only to realise that the cat teddy was blocking kao and Pete, kao giggles tiredly and moves the teddy so it was behind him and felt himself get immediately pulled into pete’s embrace, letting out a sigh of content he cuddle closer to Pete and just as he started to get pulled into dream land he felt a small kiss on his forehead.


Pete’s father came up stairs to tell them food was done only to find them cuddling in bed with Pete holding kao protectively and smiled at the couple as he slowly left and quietly shutting the door. He didn’t notice the discarded cat teddy on the floor as he left.

The end

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Based on a random idea that popped into my head at 5 am.


Yo was very clumsy, he would hit into everything, always drop stuff and trip on air.
Because of this Ming was always ready to catch him whenever he fell that it basically became a reflex. He never let yo carry anything in case he dropped it.


Ming and Yo were walking to the table that pha, beam and kit were sat at.
Yo was rambling excitedly about something he and the angel gang did.
When they were almost at the table -Yo a few steps in-front of Ming- Yo waved to pha, not paying attention Yo tripped and fell forward everyone at the table stood up as soon as they saw him trip but Ming was ready for this. Grabbing Yo by his waist he pulled him into his chest protectively before he could fall all the way, he let go as soon as he knew Yo was standing up right and wasn’t in risk of falling again.


When they sat down pha pulled Yo closer to him and glared daggers at Ming. It was silent until beam decided to say something “honestly how did you two never end up dating” beam sounded confused and he and Yo let out a immediate ‘Ew’ as they started fake gagging. “Ew just ew, me and Ming are like brothers!” “Yeah, even though Yo is cute and adorable the thought of dating him just seems gross!” “You held his waist and pulled him into your chest!” Beam yelled “it was to keep me from falling.” Yo responded calmly “plus it’s not the first time” Ming spoke only to regret it when his ears started ringing when everyone - minus Yo- yelled ‘what!?’ “ow, so? He’s really clumsy” “I’m not that clumsy!” “I watched you trip 4 times this week not counting today” Yo just huffed in defeat “fine I’m clumsy..” Ming just smiled at him. Everyone watched as Ming and yo started to have a argument about which vine is best -Ming says it’s road work ahead but yo says it’s look at all those chickens- Yo was still cuddled into pha’s side and Ming had his arm around kits shoulders as pha kit and beam spoke about normal things.



Ming didn’t sleep at all last night and he had morning classes at 6:30 and it was currently 6:00 so he got out of bed had a shower and got dressed lazily then left.

It was time to meet everyone at there usual table then head to his next lesson.
He sat down next to Yo while beam, kit and pha sat opposite them.
He laid his head down on Yo’s shoulder and closed his eyes, Yo immediately knew why he did this and stood up, forcing Ming up with him “see you guys later!”
He walked off with Ming in the direction of the dorms “why are they going to the dorms?” Kit asked “yeah they have more classes. Never thought Yo would be the type to skip” beam spoke as they all watched the pair leave.


“I left a paper in he-“ pha cut himself off as he entered yo’s room standing still he felt someone bump into his back “pha what the hel-“ kit spoke loudly before being shushed by pha “look” pha pointed to the two boys curled up on the bed like little kittens “this looks so adorable” pha said as he got his phone and took a pic sending it to kit “it actually is” kit said softly staring at the two boys “I always thought there friendship was a bit weird but looking at this just makes me realise of how far they would go to protect each other” pha spoke quietly with a sweet smile on his face “agreed”
Pha grabbed his paper and left,not before taking some more pictures.

The end

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TW: slightly sexual


achi was sound asleep with his body pressed into kluay's, soft breaths leaving his slightly parted lips, his face pressed into kluay's chest and his head tucked under kluay's chin. kluay smiled at the sight and wrapped his arms tighter around achi's waist. Kluay looked down at achi's face and saw how peaceful he looked, he looked at achi's lips bent hid head down slightly and gave them a quick small soft kiss and pulled back. achi started to stir and kluay smiled as he watched him wake up, achi slowly blinked open his eyes and looked at kluay "morning sunshine!" kluay spoke happily. achi just yawned -very cutely kluay would like to add- closed his eyes and snuggled closer to kluay. kluay just smiled "you need to get up achi" despite telling achi to get up he hugged achi closer to his chest.


when achi finally opened his eyes again he found kluay watching him with a smile on his face. seeing how close they were make achi blush, he tried to turn so he faced the other way but kluay's hand grabed the back of his neck preventing him from turning and his blush only grew more red and he was sure that kluay could see it on his face and feel how hot his neck is. "where's my morning kiss?"


kluay pulled achi's head closer and lean in to meet him half way, pressing his lips hard against achi's. he pulled achi closer by his waist, opening his mouth slightly to swipe his tongue over achi's bottom lip earning a small moan as achi parted his lips for they were making-out kluay moved his hands down to achi's hip's and started rubbing them softly earning another moan that made kluay smirk and he slowly lifted his t-shirt and brought his hand under and then-!



ill leave what happens next to your imagination ;)

I think that's the most sexual thing ive ever wrote

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TW: none


korn came out of the bedroom and Into the living room where knock was sat on watching a video on his phone.

he sat down next to knock and was about to reach for the laptop he left on the table but knock decided he didn't want to sit on the sofa anymore so he moved to sit in korns lap.

to say he was shocked is a understatement, it was so rare that knock would do anything like this that korn had given up on the idea that he would but them moments like this happen and he falls in love with knock all over again.

knock turned his body so he could cuddle closer into korns chest while still watching something on his phone. korn saw the dark red that dusted over knocks cheeks and smiled at how cute knock was, knock never really showed his love for korn because it always made him shy so he would show his love by doing small things like making him breakfast, randomly leaning on him when he was tired and sometimes he would leave little notes like 'have a nice day' 'don't forge to eat' and '<3'
it never bothered korn that he didn't show it often because then moments like this wouldn't feel as special.
korn came out of his thoughts when he felt knock move slightly closer.
"knock..." he spoke quietly and wrapped his arms around knocks waist, knock gave a small hum in reply "as much as I love this I need to use the laptop" knock looked up at him for a second before looking back down at his phone with a simple



"im not moving"

"why not?" he questioned


knock snuggled closer as put his head on korn's shoulder, his phone forgotten in his hand.
"fine but not for long, I really need to send this email" he heard a small sigh of satisfaction as he started threading his fingers through knocks hair "soft" he muttered to himself and lent his head down slightly to plant a small kiss on his head. he heard soft breaths and turned his head to see that knock had fallen asleep 'I guess that email can wait' he thought.
with his fingers in knocks hair he slowly fell asleep.

when he woke up knock was still asleep and korn couldn't help but smile as he looked at his lover.
he was so glad that it was this person he fell in love with and he couldn't wait to show him the ring he kept in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. he looked at his lover one more time before choosing to go back to sleep with knock, the love of his life in his arms.

the end

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request by Adee: 

Oh my goshhh ahhhajshskshksnsks cuuuute...also are you taking requests? If yes some insecure kongpob and more of ming and yo friendship pleaseeee...also ming and yo giving shovel talk to pha and kit ( like Ming to pha and yo to kit) thankssss                  

the kongpob story will be in the next chapter







ming loved yo, they were like brother's and he felt strong urge to protect him. when they were younger he found yo crying by himself,





"yo?"  a13 year old Ming turned the corner where he heard soft sobs and sniffs, yo looked up from where he was sat on the floor with his back against the wall "ming…" Ming immediately ran to the boy and wrapped his arms around him "are you okay!? what happened?" ming wanted to know what had happened that and if it was a person that did this he was going to lose it "I-im fine ming" he gave him a weak smile "yo, what happened?" he knows he shouldn't press the issue but he needs to know "just some mean person im fine I promise" yo had stopped crying and now all you could hear where sniffs "who?" min asked "ming.." "who, yo"  and so yo gave him the guys name and the next day the guy had a couple of bruises but when yo questioned him he denied it.




he knew all about yo's crush on pha since the beginning and had to hear about it all the time, it got annoying sometimes but he didn't mind that much when he saw the sparkle yo's eyes got when he talked about him and after meeting kit he knew it was probably the same for him.

when he found out that yo and pha started dating he felt a bit sceptical about it -even though he sorta helped them get together- he knew how much yo loved pha but he also knows about how pha knew about the note but said nothing. he watched his best friend go through so much and never give up so that what brought him here, in front of pha, alone and in a empty hallway. "you said you needed to talk about something?" ming smirked slightly "yes" pha rolled his eyes slightly "if this is about kit please don't ask me" the thought of kit made his heart flutter slightly "no, im here to talk about yo." pha's face immediately turned to one of concern "why? his he okay? did something happen?" ming was happy that pha looked like he was ready to fight anyone who hurt his precious yo. "no yo's fine im just here to make sure he stays that way" pha's face turned to relief then confusion "what does that mean?" mings eyes turned dark and his face went serious "it means that if you ever hurt yo I wont hesitate to hurt you" he took a step forward and pha took a step back his eyes slightly wide "got it?" pha gulped "mhm" he nodded and ming smiled "see you at lunch pha!" he turned and walked away leaving pha to only then realise how important yo was to ming and he smiled slightly glad that yo had such a amazing friend.






yo didn't like how mean kit was to ming but he would never say that, he knew ming loved kit and when he found out they finally started dating he was so happy for his best friend but knew how mean kit could be and worried for his friend.


kit was walking to his next class with beam when yo appeared "kit!" beam and kit turned to yo and kit raised a eyebrow "yo? why are you here?" "I need to talk to you real quick!" he smiled happily, beam patted him on the shoulder "see you in class" he waved to yo and started walking away "what do you need?" he asked "I need to talk to you about ming" kit was very confused "what about ming? god, what did he do now?" yo's smile faded slightly "nothing I just need to make sure of something" "what?" yo's face suddenly went from happy to dead serious "ming cares about you a lot" kit blushed slightly "so I need to make sure that you don't hurt him" kit titled his head "huh?" yo laughed "if you hurt my friend then you might appear with some bruises"he was still smiling and kit couldn't believe those words were coming out of someone so innocent. he must of been silent for too long because yo's smile droped and he titled his head "what's wrong kit? cat got your tongue?" he giggled "do you understand me kit?" kit just nodded and yo's smile grew "good! now ive got to go, you should too, dont want to be late!" he waved goodbye and turned around. kit was still for awhile until a notifcation sounf brought him out of his thoughts


kit! class is starting where r u?



on my way



kit shook his head, still in shock as he started walking to class, a small blush and smile appeared on his face, he knew ming cared about him but knowing that he cares so such that if he broke up with him he would be so sad -not that kit would leave him but he would never say that out loud- he had a date with ming after school anyway.






later when kit and pha were hanging out they told each other about what happened and were in awe of how close the two were. 

























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request by Adee part 2: 
Oh my goshhh ahhhajshskshksnsks cuuuute...also are you taking requests? If yes some insecure kongpob and more of ming and yo friendship pleaseeee...also ming and yo giving shovel talk to pha and kit ( like Ming to pha and yo to kit) thankssss                  

kongpob was only insecure about small things and he never really paid attention to it but what he didn't expect is that while dating arthit all of the small insecurities seemed big.

he was afraid that arthit would realise that he didn't like guys and leave him for some random girl, of course he never told arthit about it as he didn't want arthit to think he was a idiot for thinking such things. he had been so patient with arthit and he was worried he would snap one day...he just didn't expect it to be so soon.

kongpob was having one of those days where he was thinking about random stuff as he led on his bed. he thoughts drifted to arthit, they were happy at first but then they turned into thoughts about arthit leaving him. he was brought out of his thought's at the sound of banging on his door, he stood up and walked tot he door then opened it, he didn't expect to be pushed past as arthit walked in with a look of anger on his face that was directed to him as he turned to face kongpob "I was knocking for three minutes kongpob!" he pushed his index finger on Kong's chest as he yelled "why the hell didn't you answer?!" he gave arthit a sheepish smile to hide the hurt as he was yelled at, usually arthit yelling at him didn't hurt him but with these new thoughts he found his harsh words starting to hurt "sorry...I didn't hear you" he scratched the back of his neck. arthit was a bit confused that his boyfriend didn't say anything flirty or teasingly like he normally would but he decided to ignore it "it better not happen again, anyway I brought food" it was then that kong noticed a plastic bag with food containers in it, smiling at him as arthit took out the containers and placed them on the table, turning to kongpob he noticed him staring at him with heart eye's, he blushed slightly and turned away "hurry up, im not waiting all day!" he yelled and kong walked over and sat down opposite arthit.


they ate without talking and arthit was concerned because kongpob would usually fill the quietness with constant talking about his day or dumb stuff his friends did but kongpob was lost in his thought's and his head was down as he played with his food slightly 'is it pity?' 'do I annoy him too much?' a hand waving in front of his face brought him out of his thoughts as he looked up to see arthit looking at him with a annoyed look but he could see the worry in his eyes " what's up with you?" he gave a large smile "nothing" "well its obviously not nothing" arthit was getting more irritated with kong, he was worried something had happened to him 

"I promise its not a big deal"

"so something is bothering you!"


"tell me" 

"its not- 

"god damn it kongpob tell me!"

and that....that is what made him snap, slamming his hands on the table as he stood up "you really want to know!?" he breathed deeply "I'm scared okay?!" arthit stood up too and crossed his arms "of what?" realising that he was yelling kong lowered his head again and fell back into his seat "of what kongpob??" arthit asked as he stared at kongpob, what was he scared of? that thought circled arthit head and when kong didn't respond he asked again "kongpob. what. are. you. scared. of?" he spoke more sternly.

kong mumbled something under his breath "speak up." arthit sat back down "I'm scared you'll leave me..." arthit's face immediately softened at the words "kong-" "I know, I know its dumb but I cant help it!" he ran his fingers through his hair as he kept his face down "I never used to think about this stuff but you didn't like guys before so I'm afraid that you'll find a girl and leave me.." he looked back up but he didn't look at arthit "I'm sorry its nothing" he finally looked at arthit and gave him a small smile.

arthit sighed and un-crossed his arms "kongpob. how long have you been thinking like this?" his voice was soft as he spoke "not long only recently" kongs smile faded "look, yes I didn't like guys before but I do now, you are my boyfriend and no random girl is going to change that" he grabbed kongs hand gently "I promise" kongpob gave him a wide smile and nodded "ugh now the food's cold" arthit didn't let go of his hand as he looked down at the food, kongpob rolled his eye's fondly

"its fine we can just warm it up" 

"food warmed up taste's odd"



they bickered but no one could say they couldn't hear the love coming from there voice and the warm look on their face.

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Sarawat woke from the sun shining in his closed eyes through the window, he ducked his head down to get out of the sun but he found he couldn't when his chin hit something soft. 


finally opening his eyes and looking down he saw the soft hair that was brushing against his chin. tine was sleeping soundly with his head tucked under sarawat's chin, his arm wrapped around Sarawat, their legs tangled together and his lip's parted slightly. 


Sarawat smiled at the sight and brought his hand up to run his finger's through the other man's hair. he felt tine move closer to him so their body's pressed together more and Sarawat breathed in the smell of tine's shampoo that smelled like vanilla,tine loved the smell and refused to use any other, Sarawat loved the smell as well.


he pulled tine to his chest, his finger's still running through his hair. he plant's a soft kiss on tine's head. he felt tine move in his arm's and held his breath hoping that he didn't wake tine up on a Saturday.


tine yawned, Sarawat smiled at the sound and watched as tine slowly blinked open his eyes, still half asleep. he looked up at Sarawat for a second before placing his face in sarawat's neck, mumbling something about it being too early to wake up.


Sarawat laughed quietly and patted his back "good morning" he spoke again when he only got a nod as a response "sorry...did I wake you?" tine moved back to look at Sarawat and shake his head "no, but its too early to be awake.." he mumbled "lazy.." Sarawat rolled his eyes fondly and gently moved to make tine lay on the bed comfortably as he stood up. 


tine whined and made grabby hands to Sarawat like a child would. Sarawat laughed at his boyfriends cuteness and placed his hand on tine's head "go back to sleep, I'm going to take a shower" tine nodded and wrapped the blanket around him tightly to block out any cold as removed his hand and picked up a towel before walking into the bathroom.


tine took sarawat's pillow and held it close as he curled into himself to make himself more comfortable, breathing in deeply as the signature sent of his boyfriend filled his nose, sighing happily. he cuddled into the pillow more and after a while he fell asleep.


Sarawat came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and he changed into a old t-shirt and a pair of boxers. he turned around to check if tine was still asleep and saw him with the blanket up to his waist and his face hidden in sarawat's pillow. Sarawat moved to sit on the edge of the bed and run his finger's through tine's hair once again, tine unconsciously leaned into the touch and Sarawat felt his heart flip at his adorable boyfriend.


tine opened his eye's when he felt someone tapping him and Sarawat came into view "you got to wake up tine" his voice was soft like it always was when he was talking to tine, he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eye's then turning to Sarawat "fine.." Sarawat's face went soft at the sight of sleepy tine with his hair messy from sleep and his voice quiet as he was still half awake "take a shower and ill make you something to eat" he just nodded his head but didn't move, Sarawat leaned to give tine a kiss on the cheek as laughed as tine's ear's turned red then his face and he got out of bed quickly, almost tripping on his way to the bathroom.


it was only when they were sat down at the table eating did tine remember something "oh! I almost forgot!" he looked at Sarawat with wide eyes and Sarawat raised a eyebrow as tine eat the last bit of his food and stood up, walking over to where Sarawat was sat and placed a kiss on his cheek "good morning!" tine smiled brightly before pulling back and running up the stairs.


it took Sarawat a moment before he finally realised what happened and ran after tine ready to attack the boy with kisses.      





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Ae was sat on the sofa while watching tv when he heard the bedroom door open. It was 5:12 am on a Saturday and ae had came back from his run awhile ago and took a shower so he could watch tv without being sweaty and it was too early for Pete to be up.


Turning his head in the direction of the bedroom just in time to see Pete  
Cover his mouth as he yawned and walk towards him, slumping down next to him and laying his head on ae's shoulder "Pete?" He brought his hand up to run his fingers through Pete's hair. 


Pete just cuddled into him more and wrapped his arms around ae's middle, ae loved it when Pete got like this and pulled Pete so his head rested on his chest "why are you up?" He presses a kiss on Pete's hair gently and rubbed small circles on his back "I couldn't sleep because you weren't there.." it was said quietly and ae almost didn't hear it but he was glad he did as his heart started to beat loudly that he was sure Pete could hear it from where he was pressed on his chest. He was sure that if Pete wasn't half asleep he would be embarrassed about what he just said.


"Well I'm here now." He moves his hands to wrap around Pete's back and pulled him close so he was sat on ae's lap and his head tucked under ae's chin "go to sleep and I'll be here when you wake up".


It didn't take long for Pete to fall asleep in ae's arms and ae made sure to hold him close, his hand running through Pete's hair and his other resting on his back. 
 He doesn't know when he fell asleep but one moment he was watching tv and the next he was waking up.

Looking down at Pete to make sure he was still sleeping. The boy looked so soft and cute with his soft cheek pressed against ae's chest, lips parted and hair slightly messy from ae running his fingers through it.


Ae felt so lucky to have him.

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Dean noticed little things about pharm that he was pretty sure the other boy wasn't even aware he was doing.
When pharm was frustrated while studying he would puff out his cheeks, pout and tap his fingers on the edge of the book until he finally understood what he was reading. The first time dean saw him do this he wasn't sure his heart would last at how cute he looked



Pharm was ready to throw the book but he didn't want to have to get up and get it after he calmed down so instead he sat there and read the same line again, it didn't make sense and he was getting frustrated with himself over the fact he didn't understand it. 
He huffed out a sigh and felt his boyfriends fingers run through his hair, "why are you so stressed?"  Pharm was currently sat in between deans legs on his bed while dean played on his phone, but now he was looking at him with eyes that said 'are you okay?', dean noticed the boy was pouting and tapping his finger on the edge of his book but he didn't look like he noticed he was doing this. He sighed again and muttered under his breath"this book is so dumb.." he turned his head so he could see dean better "it doesn't make any sense!" The pout on his lips made him look adorable "let me see" dean reached for the book and pharm let him take it "oh yeah I can see why you're confused"  dean gave him back the book before wrapping his arm around pharms waist, pharm turned to look at his book "I can help you".



But there were other things as well like how he would zone out when thinking,  he would stick his tongue out when concentrating and every time he smelled food he liked he would lick his lips.



when dean walked in on pharm zoned out while sat on his bed he thought he was ignoring him and he was worried he did something wrong it wasn't until he placed his hand on pharms shoulder that he finally snapped out of whatever trance he was in and turned to look at dean, "p'dean! when did you get in here?" pharms eyes were wide and confused and dean just looked at him with concern "I've been here for a while, i was talking to you but you didn't answer..."  pharm just gave him a embarrassed smile "sorry i was thinking and didn't notice you come in" pharm stood up suddenly and pulled dean into the kitchen saying something about wanting to cook something together.



dean sighed happily at the memory and pulled pharm  -who was currently sleeping after an exhausting day-  closer to him, tracing random shapes on his back.

he loved all of pharms habits because they made him who he is.         


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request by 666percent_gay 

I really love your writing it’s so cute and I was wondering if you’re still taking requests?? If you are can you do one with Sarawat bring jealous and protective over Tine, maybe because Mil was hitting on him again or something. If you’re not doing requests at the moment though that’s totally fine :)




Sarawat was on his way to find Tine so they could walk home together, he had a exhausting day and all he wanted to do was go home and cuddle with his boyfriend -he still smiled so wide when he said his boyfriend -


Sarawat turned the corner and smiled when he finally found tine but his smile fell when he noticed who  was standing next to him. Mil had his arm around Tines shoulder and Sarawat saw red, it was like a alarm went off in his head and it was telling him to get tine away from him.


to say Tine was uncomfortable is an understatement he just wanted to leave and find Sarawat but Mil had appeared out of the blue and started talking to him, he didn't want to be rude and leave so he stayed but then Mil started saying things about Sarawat.


 "i don't understand why you're with him" Mil turned to look him in the eyes "you should just date me" the smirk on Mil's face made him want to run away and find Sarawat "i could treat you better then him anyway" Tine put his hands on Mil's chest and pushed him back slightly "Mil...stop..." Tine said quietly "why? im just saying the truth" he moved his face closer to Tine's and Tine froze.


Sarawat moved so fast towards them that he felt like he teleported. he grabbed Tine and pulled him behind him then pushed Mil hard enough to make him stumble back slightly "leave Tine the hell alone!!" he yelled - almost screamed-  at Mil. Tine sighed in relief when he saw Sarawat, knowing that nothing bad was going to happen to him if Sarawat was there. he was safe with Sarawat.


Mil glared at Sarawat "see what I mean Tine?" he turned away from Sarawat to look at Tine "I would never grab you harshly like that, you should be with me" Sarawat raised his fist to punch Mil but he felt Tine grab his arm and he turned his head to look at him, Tine shook his head with a small frown "its not worth it wat.."  Sarawat gave Mil one last look before grabbing Tines wrist and pulling him away.



once they were far enough away Sarawat let go of Tines wrist. Sarawat had a frown on his face and he looked mad as he glared at the ground, Tine was worried that Sarawat was mad at him for not pushing Mil away or not stopping him from saying all that stuff, he gently tugged on Sarawat's shirt "I'm sorry..." Sarawat's head shot up at that and he grabbed Tines gently, looking into his eyes with so much love that made Tines heart melt "you have nothing to be sorry for" he pulls Tine into a hug and Tine hide's his face in Sarawat's shoulder  "im sorry I pulled you, I didn't hurt your wrist did it?" he lifted their joined hands and  looked at Tine's wrist "no im fine" Tine pulled back and looked at Sarawat with a sad look "I thought you were mad at me" Sarawat pulled back "what?! no im not mad at you!" he looked down before looking back into Tine's eyes with a small blush of embarrassment "im just mad that I didn't get there before he could even look at you" Tine felt a blush spread across his cheeks but he could see that Sarawat was still worried about something "y-you... you don't believe him right? I don't hurt you do I?" Tine gave him a small smile "of course not. Mil is not the person I are and I wouldn't leave you for him" 


Sarawat felt so much love for Tine that he couldn't even put it into words so he went with a simple "I love you" Tine smiled wider and his face went redder, Sarawat couldn't help it and gave Tine a small kiss "yeah, yeah I love you too" Sarawat gently tugged their hands to get Tine to start walking "lets go home" 


Sarawat got his cuddles as they watched Disney movies


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zon always fell asleep in saifah's bed no matter what, he didn't even need saifah with him to fall asleep - but it was much better with him there- because he could still smell his shampoo on the pillows.


tonight he and saifah had decided to watch a movie in saifah's room, "did you get the snacks?" zon asked from saifah's side of the bed, saifah walked over with a tray of snacks and a drink for both of them "yeah, yeah I got them" he placed the tray on the bedside table while zon moved down the bed to give saifah room to sit behind him "did you pick a movie yet?" saifah asked while moving to sit behind zon and then pulling him in-between his legs so his back was against saifah's chest "you've been looking for awhile" saifah loved zon but it always took him forever to find a movie for them to watch "yeah I decided to go for a romance movie if you don't mind.." zon tilted his head back to look at him and saifah gave him a small smile "I don't mind what we watch as long as I'm watching it with you" zon turned his head away muttering 'cheesy' but saifah could see his ears go a little bit red as he pressed play.



they got half way trough the movie before zon fell asleep against saifah. he didn't mind though so he moved him to lay next to him and as soon as he let go zon cuddled into his side and wrapped an arm around his waist and press his face into his side while saifah brushed his fingers through zon's hair and continued to watch the movie.



saifah's not sure when he fell asleep but one moment he's watching the main actress confess her love to the main actor and the next he's waking up with zon cuddled into his chest, he's not complaining though because he like's waking up like this with zon in his arm's snoring softly, his hair messy and his face peaceful. he's doesn't know how long he watched zon sleep but it must of been a long time because zon was starting to wake up, using the back of his hand to rub the sleep from his eyes and then slowly blinking them open like a newborn kitten before looking up at saifah watching him with love filled eye's "morning..." he mumbled "good morning my zon" he practically whispered as he was scared he would pop whatever little bubble they are in by speaking to loud. zon looked around  the room before his eyes settled on the tv "oh.." he turned back to look at saifah "sorry I fell asleep.." saifah just smiled at him "its fine I fell asleep too" he really didn't want this to end but he was starting to get hungry "come on get up" he poked zon on his side making zon let out a small yelp and move away slightly "we can watch it again while eating breakfast okay?" zon let out a small hum before closing his eyes again "lets cuddle a little longer first.." zon mumbled and who was saifah to tell him no?    



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started writing this on the 16th of April 



yes, tin has trust issues but sometimes can also needs to know he can trust tin.


no ones P.O.V


Can and tin were on their way back to tins apartment -can always stayed over so it was basically their apartment- it was odd how quiet can was he is usually talking non-stop after football practice, but can was looking at his hands that are in his lap, biting his bottom lip and not talking, something is wrong and if can isn't talking about it then it must be bad



"what's wrong?" tin spoke bluntly never the one to beat  around the bush. Can looked up at tin, opening his mouth and closing it again like a fish out of water until he finally found the words he wanted to say "w-what do you mean tin?" Can stuttered which is odd for him as he usually doesn't stop to think what he's saying "im fine see!? im normal! nothings wrong!" can smiled but tin could see it didn't reach his eyes like it did this morning. tin frowned at this choosing to ask again when they got back to his apartment.




it was a quiet drive home other then the few times that can would say something about the practice trying to seem like nothing was wrong. when they got home the first thing can wanted to was to take a shower. tin sat in his bedroom after changing to more comfortable clothing waiting for can to get out the shower.



when can did finally get out the shower with only a towel around his waist not expecting tin to be in the room, can jumped back with a yelp of surprise, almost falling flat on his butt. tin looked at can and noticed a small bruise on his stomach




"It's nothing!"


"It's not nothing."


"W-well i-"


Can turned and locked himself in the bathroom. Tin tried opening the door only to realise it was locked, so he knocked instead and when can didn't open the door tin spoke "can open the door..?" A muffled 'no!' Came from the side of the door "can please open the door" tin asked again.


Can still didn’t open the door and tin was starting to get really worried. It wasn’t the first time can had came back with bruises but that was because of football practice but with how he was acting earlier made him think It was something else and after cans reaction to him pointing out the bruise just made him realise he was right.


He’s ready to kill anyone who dares lay a hand on can but he can’t do that without knowing who this person is and right now the only person who can tell him has locked themselves in the bathroom.


He knocked again “can open the door.” He said it more like a order and not a question but the door didn’t budge, can didn’t even respond this time. 


Can was scared, if he told tin then tin would be mad that he took so long to tell him and made him waste his time. He knew he was too annoying, his friends told him he was enough but he didn’t want to annoy tin. He was worried that one day tin would realise that he was too loud and bothersome for him and finally leave and after what had happened today his insecurities only got worse.


He was finished with football practice and was waiting for tin to pick him up when he was suddenly grabbed by someone and pulled into a empty area where there was two more people. “Hey!! What do you think you’re doing!?! Why are you pulling me around!? Don’t yo-!” His yelling was cut off when one of them punched him in the stomach “shut up!” The force of the punch had pushed him back into the wall behind him “what the hell!?!” He wrapped his arm around his stomach. One of the guys sighed annoyed “why is he even with you?? God you’re so annoying!” “I would of broken up with you ages ago if it was me” another guy added. Can was stunned, standing with his eyes wide as they made fun of him like he wasn’t there. One of them finally turned to him “he’s probably only with you out of pity tin deserves so much better then you” can felt his heart shatter slightly because he always knew Tin could do better but he didn’t want to believe it but hearing someone else saying it just makes it more real “let’s just go I don’t think is dumb self even knows what we’re saying” the one in front of him rolled his eyes before pushing his against the wall again then leaving with his friends. He moved away from the wall back to where he was waiting for tin, still thinking about what the boys had said.


 he was lucky tin only saw his front because his back was quite bruised from being pushed into the wall. 


“Can. Please tell me what’s wrong” tin tried again but this time with a softer voice. The door opened this time and can peaked out “it’s nothing tin” tin reached out and gently held cans hand smiling when he didn’t pull away “can-“ “I don’t wanna bother you tin..” can looked down and tin felt his heart hurt at how much he worried for his love “you could never bother me can” he gently rubbed cans wrist with his thumb “please just tell me what happened?” Can looked up and stared into his eyes looking for something, when he seemed to have found it he sighed and nodded “I’m going to get dressed first” tin just nodded and watched as can walked over to the closet where some of his clothes were. Only then did tin notice his bruised back and felt his blood boil but pushed it down as he waited for his boyfriend.


Once Can was dressed and cuddle into tins side he told tin the full story. About the looks he would get, the things people say about him when they think he can’t hear them -he can- , about the guys that came out of nowhere and about how he believes everything they said.


“Can you don’t bother or annoy me. Ever. They’re talking nonsense.” Can looked up to him sad but hopeful eyes “are you sure? I m-mean I just don’t want to an-“ tin shut him up with a peck on his lips “trust me.” He smiled “I love you okay? Ignore them they don’t know what they’re talking about” he pulled Can closer and rubbed his hand up and down his back “I won’t let them anywhere near you again. I promise.” And damn he was gonna make sure those guys knew not to come anywhere near Can again or they’re going to have to deal with him. He felt Can smile against his chest “thank you. I love you too..” 




Finished 29 August 5:01 am

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kongpob always had a hard time falling asleep but he usually would fall asleep even if it was late at night by the time he did.


tonight though he just couldn't seem to fall asleep at all. he had tried everything, but counting sheep, closing his eyes for a really long time, listening to the rain outside and even counting to 100 but nothing worked.


he was trying his best to not move a lot because arthit was cuddled into his side and he didn't want to wake him up but after moving again he felt arthit shift in his arms, slowly opening his eyes and blinking a few times.


"why are you still awake?" arthit whispered while looking up at him, his voice was a little rough because he just woke up but he said it so softly.

"its nothing just go back to sleep" kongpob smiled and gently stroked arthit's hair to convince him to fall back asleep but arthit just pouted, sat up and looked down at him with a look that said ' i'm not falling for that i know what you're doing'  kongpob just smiled shyly at him.


"let me guess, you cant sleep?" kongpob sat up next to him and nodded his head tiredly. arthit looked into the distance as if thinking hard about something before he got out of bed and headed to the small kitchen area in their apartment taking out two mugs and started to make warm milk with honey.


kongpob watched him as he moved around the kitchen and then came back to the bed, handing him one of the mugs before getting back in bed on the other side of him.


taking a small sip of the drink, already starting to feel tired he said the only thing that was in his mind at this moment "thank you" his voice was soft in the quiet of the night and he meant it, not just for the drink but for everything, for giving them a chance, for his patience and for loving him for all these years.

he hoped that arthit knew this and in someway he thinks he does with the way his eyes seem to soften and mouth turn into a small smile while speaking "no problem".


that night with arthit in his arms and two empty mugs on the bedside table kongpob had one of the best sleeps in his entire life.


"he hoped that arthit knew this and in someway he thinks he does with the way his eyes seem to soften and mouth turn into a small smile while speaking "no problem".


that night with arthit in his arms and two empty mugs on the bedside table kongpob had one of the best sleeps in his entire life.


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"careful." ram said as he and king walked to kings home, king turned to him with a huge smile on his face as he started to walk backwards "what? I'm always careful!" he then felt a tree branch hit the back of his head "ow!" he turned to glare at the branch "how dare you?" he pointed at the branch.


"I warned you" ram walked past him and king only noticed when he finished his staring contest with the branch, he went to walk next to him "yeah well it was its fault for being there!" king pouted at ram and ram let a small, barely-there rare smile show "I'm surprised you still have a brain from how many times you hit your head." king was going to pout more but he couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face when ram grabbed his wrist as they crossed the road "why is it when you speak it's only to insult me?" king put a hand on his heart and faked being hurt, ram just shrugged his shoulders but didn't let go of king as they continued walking to kings home.


"Maybe I should just start wearing a helmet everywhere..." King mumbled to himself as ram moved his hand to be holding kings.


"did we buy the right dog food??" king asked as he unlocked the door, ram just nodded as they walked in. ram went to check on the dogs and king went to get changed for bed.


ram came back to find king apologising to one of his plants on the self "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." ram tapped him on the shoulder and raised an eyebrow at him when king turned "I bent down to pick up my phone because I dropped it..." ram just stared at him waiting for him to finish, king sighed sadly "I hit my head standing back up and almost knocked him down" he looked to his plant sadly "sorry..." ram just watched him for a second before pulling him to the bed and they laid down together. it was quiet for a while and king thought ram had fallen asleep already but then he heard him say something so quiet that he almost missed it, almost "ill buy you a helmet tomorrow..."

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it was days like this that made Kao hate tutoring.



he's been tutoring a girl called Aom for a few weeks now, she's a sweet and kind girl and is a fast learner. 


sadly though she seems to talk about him a lot to her boyfriend, about how much he helps her, about how she can tell why people like him and how nice he is.


Kao knows she doesn't like him romanticly but her boyfriend, on the other hand, believes that she has a crush on him and that he likes her.


that's why he found himself being pushed to the ground by her boyfriend, his friends surrounding kao as well when all he wanted to do was go to Pete's house. his mom is away for a week on a business trip and Pete's dad didn't want him to be alone in the house and invited him to stay at their house until she was back, he said no at first but after Pete's dad said it was okay for the 3rd time he finally said yes. 


the girl's boyfriend punched him in the jaw and the pain brought him out of his thoughts, "stay away from her alright?!" another push, he hit his head on the ground lightly "all she does is talk about you!" one of his friends pulled him up by his collar and he stood on shaky legs, eyes wet with unshed tears "we don't like each other like tha-" a punch to his stomach made him stumble back, it was hard enough to hurt but not to cause any damage other than a bruise "I don't care just don't go near her!" he was going to hit kao again but one of his friends grabbed him "we need to get going just leave him" they gave one last look to kao who was on the verge of crying and nodded.



after they left kao stood there a moment to catch his breath, the pain on his jaw and stomach made him want to lay down for years but he got himself together and slowly started walking back to Pete's house, he was already past the time he was supposed to be back.


his stomach hurt with every breath.






to say Pete was worried is an understatement, kao was meant to be home at 9 pm and now it's 9:38 pm, his dad had gone to bed already as he had to wake up early and Pete had stayed in the living room waiting for kao. when the front door opened Pete jumped up and went to go ask kao why he had taken so long, tell him how worried he was and that next time if he was going to be late to call and let him know-


pete's thoughts stopped and he felt his concern mixing with anger.


he rushed the last few steps to kao as he closed the door, gently holding his face and turning it left and right to see the bruise on his jaw and checking for any other bruises on his tear-stained face, anger growing stronger at the fact he even had one bruise on his face and that his boyfriend was still crying, "p-Pete" kao stuttered slightly, kao never stuttered, he was always so organized and him stuttering feels just wrong and Pete feels angrier. 



but that's not what kao needs right now "it's okay. let's get you cleaned up"Pete tells him softly, they can talk later but right now he just needs to make sure kao's okay. he gently wipes the tears that shouldn't be there with his thumbs, he wraps an arm around kao's shoulders and brings him upstairs into the bathroom in his room, he m es him to sit on the counter and pulls out some cream that he keeps under the cabinet for his own bruises. he turns to look at kao with a sad smile on his face "this might hurt a little...sorry" kao just nods at him, he looks so small like this, all Pete wants to do is wrap him up in his arms and make sure no one hurts him ever again. when Pete rubs the cream on the bruise as carefully as he can but kao still flitches at the small pressure, "do you have any other bruises?" Pete asks softly, he holds kao's hand and kao nods, he pulls his t-shirt up slowly to show the bruise blossoming on his stomach, the anger he pushed away comes back for a split second before it was covered by worry "ill run you a bath for the swelling" Pete stands up and starts to run the bath before turning back to kao who was following his every move "Pete..." his voice sounded so tired and broken "they-" he was cut off by Pete helping him off the counter "hush, we can talk about it later right now I just want to make sure you're okay" Pete sweetly smiled at him "do you want me to stay with you or?" kao shook his head "n-no I think ill be okay" Pete nodded "okay let me go get your pyjamas then"




kao came out of the bathroom clean and in his blue pyjamas with a towel in his hair, Pete moved to sit further back on the bed and kao sat down in front of him so Pete could take the towel and dry his hair for him, no words spoken. kao had never felt so loved in his life then he did here with Pete, his hands running through his hair while he dried it, kao fell back into Pete's arms because he knew Pete would always catch him.


they fall asleep in the quietness of each other, tangled together.


tomorrow kao will tell Pete everything and Pete will go have a chat with the girl's boyfriend.   

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saifah was waiting for zon to leave his class so they could go have dinner together, they've both been busy with exams and haven't had time to see each other, its been a long few days. he was leaning against a wall outside the school when he heard some girls walk past, giggling about seeing 'that cute boy'.


he ignored them as he saw the doors open and his boyfriends class leave the school, they smiled at each other and zon was already walking towards him when the girls from a second ago crowded him, asking him how he was, putting their hands on his arms and asking if he wanted to eat dinner together. seeing this saifah's smile fell, zon just smiled at the girls politely and saifah felt his jealousy spike, he knows he doesn't own zon but he can't help the feeling of annoyance at someone who wasn't him touching his zon. 


with a frown on his face, he angrily walked towards the group and grabbed zons hand "we're leaving" he pulled him away from the group, zon was stumbling behind him confused "sai?! what are you doing??" saifah didn't respond just continued to pull him until they were in a hidden area "saifah?" zon was so confused about what just happened, one moment he's trying to find a nice way to ask some girls to leave and the next he's being pulled away by his angry boyfriend- oh, oh! 


saifah kept his head down, he never let go of zons hand "saifah...they were only-" saifah cut him off by pulling him to his chest "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have pulled you away just because of my jealousy"zon looked up at him "hey... it's fine" zon smiled softly at him but saifah just frowned "it's not, I just- I don't like when other people get too close to you" zon moved away from saifah but kept hold of his hand "I know, I know but I told them I had a boyfriend-" saifah looked at him "but-" "they were apologising before you pulled me away" zon laughed slightly and saifah's eyes widened in shock "oh" he blinked a few times before smiling widely, swinging their hands between them "do you want to go to dinner then?" zon jumped up to give him a kiss on the cheek "of course I do" they shared soft smiles as they walked back to outside the school.



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team had been skipping swimming practice a lot recently and win had noticed. when win asked team why he hadn't been going team had simply said he couldn't because of how busy he was, win told him that if he kept missing practice he could be kicked out, team came to a few but missed practice as much as he could. 



win knew something was wrong but he wasn't sure what until team knocked on his dorm door late at night, soaking wet. "team?" he opened the door so his boyfriend could come in "why are you wet?" he asked as team went to stand next to his bed "I went to the shop but it started raining on my way back..." it was only then that win noticed the plastic bag team was holding, he sighed and shut the door, "you can sit down" he said "I don't want to get your bed wet, hia" going over to his wardrobe and pulled team's spare clothes that he kept here "it's fine just sit" team sat down carefully"take off your shirt and ill get you a towel to dry your hair" when he didn't get a response he turned around and saw team with his head down and not taking his shirt off. "team? Are you okay?" he walked over to him and run his fingers through team's wet hair, he sat down next to him, his hand never leaving his hair. he felt team relax slightly but not completely, he lifted his head to look at win "can I just get changed in the bathroom, hia?"



win stared at him confused, the last time team got changed in the bathroom was the same day team told him about his insecurities- "oh..." win said softly, how did it take him so long to figure it out? how long had team been feeling this way again "come here, team" win opened his arms and team leaned against him so his side was pressed against win's chest, win wrapped his arms around team, rubbing soft circles onto his back. "team is this why you haven't been coming to swimming practice?" win kept his voice quiet, ignoring how teams wet shirt made his chest cold.


it took team a long time to tell him about his insecurities and win didn't even notice he was feeling insecure, now he thinks about it all the signs were there. he felt team nod his head "oh baby..."  he let his body fall to lay down on the bed, team following and hiding his face in win's shoulder. "hia..." win just pulled him closer and held him tightly as he felt his shoulder get wet from the tears team was letting out, quietly sobbing against his shoulder "shhh... I know but hey" he moved back so he could look at team "I know it might not mean much" he smiled softly at him and held his hand "but you're beautiful to me" team stared up at him with wide eyes as if he couldn't believe someone actually thought that about him, win would have to find a way to change that. "when you don't feel beautiful or handsome or anything just remember, that to me?" he kissed team's forehead "you are-" a kiss to his cheek "everything-"  a kiss to his nose "and more." he then kissed the smile that was forming on his boyfriend's lips.


after making team take a shower and change so he wasn't in wet clothes they went back to bed, and that how they stayed, cuddled up together without a care in the world. whenever team felt insecure win would always make sure it didn't stay that way for long. 


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"kongpob?" kongpob stopped walking, not daring to turn around and look at his husband, he had been attempting to get to the bedroom without arthit seeing him however that clearly didn't work "what are doing?" arthit crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, watching as kongpob just wrapped his jacket it around him more.



"Nothing!" he looked behind him to give arthit a small smile "uh...huh" kong shuffled forward to the bedroom a little, thinking he might be able to get there but his husband had different ideas "spill kongpob" he was about to make an excuse when arthit put his hand on kongpob's shoulder, he could feel how tense he was and it was starting to make him worried so he tried to turn him around but he refused to move "u-um well-"  he started nervously but was cut off when a quiet 'meow' could be heard coming from his jacket causing them both freeze "what was-" kongpob immediately tried to cover it up with a cough "mm excuse me" he was about to make a break for it to the bedroom when another but louder 'meow' came from his jacket, it was too loud to cover up with a cough this time and arthit surely heard it if his wide eyes were anything to go by.




"was- was that a meow??" arthit saw kongpob's shoulder's drop In defeat before finally turning around and revealing a small white cat in his arms that seemed to have not eaten in a while, it was cute though. he moved his eyes from the cat to kong's face but kong refused to meet his eyes "you know we can't keep-" kongpob's head raised so quickly that arthit worried that he hurt himself for a second "we can! we just need to buy some cat food, a bed, some toys-"  kongpob continued to list off thing they would need to buy while arthit just sighed and shook his head "look, we can look after it until its healthy-" kongpob smiled widely as his eyes sparkled with hope "-but as soon as it looks healthy enough we are taking it to the shelter, okay?" arthit stumbled back as his husband rushed to hug him, moving the cat out of the way as so not to crush the poor thing.



arthit isn't surprised that kongpob would bring home a cat, he was always stopping to pet them whenever he could. he had always talked about how much he loved animals -cats especially- even before they were married he noticed it.





they were eating in the cafeteria together, something that had become a normal thing for them when he noticed that kongpob was looking off in the distance, his eyes seeming to follow something. curious, he looked to the side to try and see what had got his boyfriends attention "why are you watching" kongpob didn't seem to notice that he had even said anything so he waved his hand in front of kongpob's face, finally kongpob seemed to realise he wasn't alone and turned to look and arthit "huh? sorry did you say something?" he tilted his head and stared at arthit as if he wasn't staring at a cat for the past 10 minutes, arthit huffed "I said... why are you watching a cat?" kongpob stayed still for a second before answering, he sounded embarrassed "ah, well its cute is all"  he gave arthit a shy smile. it was only after that that he started to notice how much attention his boyfriend paid to the cats they came across.






it didn't take long until arthit started to grow just as attached to the cat as his husband was. kongpob had already named the small white cat 'Lollipop' saying that they needed to give the cat a name just because. he had woken up multiple times with lollipop sleeping silently on his chest and kongpob's arm around his waist, he would come back from work stressed only for lollipop to come over and meow at him until he gave him the same amount of pets that kongpob does and even though it was undeniable that lollipop liked kongpob more than him the cat still came and sat by him while kongpob made dinner. it was obvious that neither of them wanted to get rid of lollipop and it was arthit who brought up the idea of keeping the cat.




they were sat on the sofa just watching tv while lollipop sat on kongpob's lap being pet when arthit finally said something "you know..." he waited for kongpob to turn and look at him before proceeding "we should probably buy him a collar now" the cat jumped over to his lap when kongpob suddenly sat up straight with a wide smile and bright eyes "really? we can keep him?" arthit nodded and moved his hand to pet lollipop "were going to have to take him to the vet first though" kongpob held the sides of his face and kissed him "thank you! I love you" arthit just kissed him back while rolling his eyes "Yeah, yeah I love you too"



lollipop had become a member of their family.





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just because tine had gotten used to his boyfriend's fan club of 'team sarawat wives' that doesn't mean he likes watching sarawat get crowed by screaming girl's and boys, all tine wanted to do was pull sarawat away and hide away with him, he doesn't think sarawat would mind.




 he pouted as he watched sarawat get crowed by his fan club as he finishes football practice, he's embarrassed about the fact that he's getting jealous over this. he knows that sarawat loves him, he can see it in the way he catches sarawat looking at him, feels it when sarawat kisses his forehead in the morning when he has to get up before tine and he hears it in the way sarawats voice softens just for him. still, he can't help but keep pouting at the scene in front of him, when some of the girls start getting too close he finally has enough of it and walks towards the group, his heart flutters as he sees sarawat smile as soon as he sees tine. moving through the crowd to his boyfriend, he gently held sarawats arm "can we go yet?" he asks quietly, keeping his head down as he blushes in embarrassment about the fact he's getting jealous over this "yeah let's go" sarawat whispers back and they move to walk back to their apartment.





sarawat was kinda concerned as his usually chatty boyfriend stayed quiet as they walked home but tine refused to let go of his hand and his mouth stayed in a pout. when they reached back home sarawat pulled tine by the hand so they would both sit down on the sofa then he moved him so that tine laid his head in sarawats lap, running his fingers through his hair before leaning down to peck the pout off tines lips "so... what wrong?" tine just turned his head so he could hide his face in sarawats stomach, sarawat frowned at his boyfriend "tine" he said it in a voice that meant he couldn't avoid this, tine said something but it was muffled by the fact he had his face pressed against sarawats stomach, sarawat just sighed softly with a smile on his face, his fingers didn't stop gently smoothing out his hair "I'm sorry, can you repeat that little buffalo?" he felt tine sigh as he could feel the hot air through his shirt before tine turned to look up at him "its dumb..." sarawats hands moved from tines hair to his face "if it's making you upset it's not dumb" sarawat scoffs at the idea that anything tine thinks is dumb.






god tine loves this man, he had been learning that he could lean on sarawat if he needed, it was hard for him to remember that he doesn't need to worry about anything when it comes to sarawat so he just sighs and repeats what he said "I was jealous..." sarawats face turns confused "of who? the fan club?" tine just nods as he looks away, he feels sarawat gently rub circles onto tines cheeks "tine, they don't mean anything to me. I mean sure, I'm glad about the support but you mean more to me than they ever will." sarawat leans down and presses a soft kiss to tines forehead "I know...but I can't help it, seeing you crowed by people who flit with you and call themselves your wives while I'm right there is just frustrating" tine takes a deep breath as he feels sarawats eyes on him "yeah but it's not them I hold hands with or wake up next to, it's you" tine smiles at sarawat a little "yeah I guess you're right..." tine moves to sit up next to sarawat, shoulder to shoulder "plus tine..." sarawat stared straight into his eyes and for a second tine felt like his heart skipped a beat "you're the one i love okay? I love you" its then tine remembers why he loves his boyfriend, always finding someway to make him feel better so he lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding and gently holds sarawats hand "i love you too"





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Rome has had enough of this, he doesn't want to go through any more heartache and so...he gives up. it was clear that pick didn't want to be with him and as much as he wants to keep pushing, it's not going to help so instead...he stops.





Rome, Emma, pick and Porsche had gone to a bar together. as they were drinking Rome had noticed a guy sat by the door and realized he recognized him, his name was kaiko, he and Rome were assigned to do a group project that was due in two weeks and they were planning to talk about it tomorrow. now that Rome thinks about it, he would probably need kaiko's number. Rome turns to the others "ill be right back I just need to talk to someone real quick!" pick, who had been on his second drink turned to him and scoffs, not mean but also not that nicely "and who do you need to speak too?" Rome had been trying to be sterner when it came to him and pick so instead of just telling him with a small eye-roll he huffs out a response "what's it matter to you?" he stands and watches as picks face turns from confused to annoyed "do you want me to watch your drink?" emmas voice rising to be heard over the slightly loud music is what brings pick and Rome out of their staring contest "Nah it's good ill take it with me" he smiles at his friend and walks over to where kaiko was drinking alone. 





pick watched as Rome sat down next to that random guy, his eyes never leaving the pair. Rome had been acting different for a little while, whenever he would suggest that they hang out together just the two of them Rome would always say no, never hanging out with just him, only if Porsche or Emma came along. sometimes Rome acts like he always does, being sassy and teasing with him only to shake his head as if he had just remembered something and going then back to distancing himself from pick. who even was this guy anyway? why didn't Rome tell him? maybe they were dating? that thought made him slightly annoyed, that's his Rome. wait, what? since when was Rome him? he didn't own Rome, he knew that you couldn't own a person but why did he feel so annoyed watching as Rome pulled out his phone and giving it to the other guy? he watched as Rome laughed at something the other said and suddenly everything made sense, the thing he was trying to avoid the most was the only thing that made this feeling make sense. he liked Rome.





he stands up and walks over to where the two were sat, it was probably the alcohol that gave him the confidence to do this "Rome." Rome turns to him "yes?" it takes him a second to talk again but by the look Rome is giving him if he doesn't say anything now he might never say it "can we talk? somewhere quieter?" Rome looks conflicted as to if he wasn't sure if he should push pick away again but all he does, in the end, is sigh and stand up "ill see you on Monday" he tells the other guy and the flame in picks stomach worsens at the knowledge that they were going to see each other again but he pushes that aside as he leads Rome outside and into a secluded area. "well? what was so important that you just needed to pull me away from kaiko?" Rome crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, pick was trying to find a way to say this but he must have been quiet for too long because Rome just sighed and moved to go back inside "if you're not gonna tell me then I'm going back inside" pick head out his arm to block Rome "oi! just give me a damn second" pick huffs and honestly? this whole 'confessing your feeling for someone' thing is hard, it's like he can't get the words out but by the look on Rome's face if he doesn't say anything now then he's going to leave. "i- look so- I just found out I have feelings for you sooo let's start dating now...okay? okay." he watches different emotions flash through Rome's eyes. first, hope then conflicted and finally sadness.






"pick...I cant" Rome looks down at his feet "huh? wh- what do you mean?" Rome looks up at him and sighs, defeated. "I tried so many times to get you to understand that I liked you kept just ignoring it so I don't know what you think you feel but...I don't think you like me..." Rome, not wanting to be here anymore starts to walk back into the bar so he can say goodbye and leave. pick was left standing there in shock, he stands there silently for a while when he suddenly comes up with an idea. he's going to prove to Rome he likes him by courting Rome.






it starts simple with pick leaving flowers on Rome's desk for him, bringing him food and snacks and, he invites him to hang out as much as he can and he can't even explain how happy he was when Rome said yes to hanging out with just him and as embarrassing as it is he started leaving little notes in Rome's bag as often as he could. Rome couldn't help the way his heart would flutter every time he found a note. he was still cautious about the idea of dating pick, it wouldn't be the first time he wore his heart on his sleeve for this man, so can you really blame him? it wasn't until a week later that Rome brought it up. they were at pick's and Rome opened his backpack to find a small yellow post-it note on top his school books that said 'dumbass stop being cute it makes my heart go weird -pick', pulling it out, Rome turned to face pick with the note in his hand "why do you keep giving me these?" pick looked over to where Rome was sat on the floor next to him "huh? what do you mean?" he asked, noticing the post-it in Rome's hand "oh! well once you told me that I'm never sweet to you..." Rome's cheeks get red as pick continues to speak with a shy smile "and saying that type of stuff is embarrassing so I wrote it instead" pick tries to look at Rome but the embarrassment of admitting that is too strong and also is he looks at a blushing Rome he might have a heart attack "but...why?" it's so quiet that at first pick didn't even know he heard it but he did so he turns to Rome as the air grows tense and holds his shoulders "why? Why?? because Rome I told you, I like you. I wasn't joking" he stares right into Rome's eyes so Rome can see how serious he's trying to be here "I know I was an ass and pushed you away and hurt you, a lot. but- I don't know, something in me realised that night at the bar that the idea of you in a relationship with anyone else but me just makes my heart hurt and I feel sad and I don't know how to explain it but I need you to know that I really do like you and honestly? I'm annoyed at how long it took me to notice." Rome looks like he's ready to start crying while pick's trying to catch his breath.





they stayed like that for a while until Rome moved back "well...that was...a lot" Rome couldn't believe that those words came out of pick's mouth, if it wasn't for the fact that pick had held his shoulders as he spoke he probably would think this was a dream "well?" pick smiled at him as Rome was very confused "well what?" pick moves closer to him and Rome almost moves further back before he thinks better of it "will you let me court you?" Rome's beautiful mouth turns into a smirk "what happened to wanting to date straight away?" pick laughs lightly at that and the once tense air turned light and playful "I want to prove to you that I deserve you before we date. after the horrible friend I was I wanna at least show you I can be a good boyfriend." Rome's smirk turns into a full-on smile as he stands up "come on then lover boy, you can start by having lunch with me. I'm starving." Rome rubs his stomach gently as pick also stands up "same, let's go!" with glowing smiles and red cheeks they race out the door to find something to eat. 





anyone walking past could see the love between them that would soon develop into a bright lovely future.





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I was unsure about what you meant which is why it took me so long to write but even if I get it wrong I hope you enjoy

I also don't know much about this show as I've never really watched it






Rome had finished developing the photo's and walked out ready to see pick but when he closed the door behind him he couldn't see pick anywhere. his lips turn down into a frown as he stares at the spot where pick was supposed to be. he turns left and right to try and find him when his phone dings in his bag, he pulls it out and finds one text from pick, he's typing back when he hears the door behind him open again and a mans voice "hey, Rome" Rome turns his head to see whos next to him when he realizes who it is "hi, p'din" he lowers his hands down. he still couldn't help but feel down at the fact pick had just left him here without telling him where he went and just a text but they were drifting away from each other lately. he watches as p'din smiles widely "you are also...?" he trails off and points to the door that p'din just came out of "yeah, I've just signed up for the club" Rome smiles and nod's at him and tries to keep the conversation going "me too. did you just walk out of the room?" he knows he should pay attention to what the other is saying but the pain in his heart is very distracting "yeah" its silent for a few seconds as Rome gets stuck in his head, he and pick haven't been hanging out almost at all anymore, Rome had tried to spend more time with pick but always says he's busy. he snaps out of it and speaks again "there's a lot of people and its really dark in there so I didn't see you"  Rome laughs lightly "I didn't see you either" p'din looks around before looking at Rome again "well, are you waiting for someone?" Rome stands awkwardly as he thinks about what to say but p'din speaks again before he can come up with something to say "or are you ready to go home?" Rome pauses, he doesn't even know if pick is coming back "wanna walk to the campus gate with me?" he knows p'din is trying to be nice but if pick comes back and doesn't find him he might be mad, so he rejects "actually, I'm waiting for p'pick" p'dim nods at him "I see, alright then." he waves as he starts to walk to the exit "see you later" Rome waves back.






when p'din turns away he looks at his phone again and calls pick "hello, where are you?" he asks and when he hears picks answer its like he wants to vomit "home" so it's true, pick just left him there. he tries to pretend that it didn't affect him "why don't you wait for me?" he wants to know, maybe pick has a good reason for leaving him here "I called you like a hundred of times" Rome doesn't know how to respond to that so he tries to change the subject "wanna go out to eat?" he asks hopefully "I'm gonna eat here" pick sounds like he doesn't care, so Rome tries again with a smile "then I'm going there to eat with you" "no, I don't want you here" Rome's smile drops "w-what?" sure pick's always been a little rude but he's never outright told Rome that he doesn't want him there, pick must be joking "god are you deaf? just go away and don't come here. i left for a reason" the phone call ended as pick hung up. Rome sat down as the hand holding his phone fell to his side. he felt his eyes start to get filled with tears, he couldn't believe this. he had liked pick for so long, he assumed that because pick never told him to just go away then he still had a chance with him but no, apparently not. 






tears fall down his face and he just needs to get out of here. he picks up his phone a texts Emma, asking to stay with her for a day or two and telling her about what just happened. Emma had texted saying that she would be there in a few minutes.





he sobs that day. he finally decides its time to stop going after pick, its time he moves on.




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they had been dating for a few months now but what boss didn't realise was that mek seems to get flirted with a lot.  the first time he noticed this was a mess. he had been on his way to where mek said he would wait for him so they could get something to eat with their other friends but when he got there he saw mek and some random girl talking. he couldn't hear so he walked closer and heard the girl say one last thing before leaving "oh well, okay cutie but call me when you can" the girl moves forward and slips a piece of paper into mek's hand then walks away. boss watches as the girl walks away before running up to mek and gripping his arm "what the hell?!" he yells as mek turns to look at him in shock at his outburst "what-?" mek tries to speak but boss cuts him off "why were you flirting with her?!" mek is trying to speak but boss keeps yelling over him so instead he uses one hand to grab boss's arm and the other to cover his mouth, boss's eyes go wide "listen to me" mek speaks as soft as possible and hopes that boss can see the honesty in his eyes "I wasn't flirting with her, she was flirting with me but I told her I was already dating someone" boss stares into his eyes for a moment as if looking for something, he must have found what he was looking for as his body relaxed and mek took his hand off his mouth.







"but I saw her give you her number" he mumbles and mek lets go of his arm to show him his empty hands before pointing to where a little piece of paper lays on the ground next to them "I usually throw them away but I dropped it before I could" boss looks down and just stares at it for a while, letting out a small "oh" mek laughs lightly and boss felt his heart flutter at the beautiful sound and turns to look at him "yeah, oh" mek rolls his eyes fondly and wraps boss in a hug, boss looks around for a second but there's no one there so he hugs back. "I wouldn't choose anyone else. I only need you" mek says as he presses a soft kiss to boss's head. boss's heart beats faster at that and he knows he's blushing by how hot his face feels, double-checking that no one else is here, boss moves back and grabs the collar of mek's uniform so he can pull him down into a kiss, they've kissed so many times but each time still feels like the first with his warm cheeks, fast-beating heart and butterflies in his stomach. mek pulls away first and boss whines at that fact "we need to get going or we'll be late" mek smooths down boss's hair as he speaks, boss groans and throws his head back "ughhh, fine" boss moves away from mek so they can start walking to find their other friends, before they start moving mek holds his hand and give him a soft smile, boss looks away to hide the smile on his face "trust me" mek says and they both know what he's talking about "I do" boss says quietly and they start walking.   









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TW: talks about hardly eating and someone being  insecure about their body





"book?" frame had just woken up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he expected book to be in bed next to him but when he swings out his arm he expects to feel it hit books body but instead it hit the bed, the bed was a little bit warm so book hadn't been gone for too long. he gets out of bed to go look for his boyfriend and starts to walk downstairs. he sees book in the living room in front of a mirror with his shirt off and shorts, he seemed to be grabbing at his body, his arms, stomach, thighs and face. frame knew what this was, it wasn't the first time he had caught book staring at his own body and after a few soft words and a long conversation they had realised that book had issues with how he looked, they had been working on it for a few months and book had been getting better but there were still days where he would stare at himself in the mirror and start to feel bad again.





seeing this, frame walked closer and locked eyes with book through the mirror as he wrapped his arms around book's waist, he sways their body's together and book holds onto his arms "one of those days huh?" book closes his eyes as frame places a kiss to the side of his head "mm" book hums back, opening his eyes to look at himself in the mirror again. book notices frame tense again in his arms and decides that its time they move away from the mirror so he walks, with book in his arms, to the sofa. they sit down together, book leans his head on frame's shoulder and looks across the room, staring at nothing, zoning out. they stayed like that for a while until frames stomach growled, wanting food. now that he thinks about it, when was the last time he saw book eat? he thinks it was yesterday morning and how the hell did he not notice that? his stomach growls again and he figures it's about time they both eat something "wanna eat with me?" he asks book as he looks over to the kitchen, already thinking about what to cook for them "no I'm okay" frame turns to look at book with a pout and wraps his arms around him completely and his arms ache with the odd angle but he doesn't let go "pleaseeeee?" he whiles as he shakes both their body "I don't like eating alone, plus I can hear your stomach growling as well" book turns to stare at him with a small and playful glare and frames heart flutters at the fact he looks so pretty "it's not-" he's cut off when his stomach does in fact growl, also hungry. "ill start cooking!" he hears his boyfriend huff fondly as he rushes to make something for them to eat.






book only eats half of his food before he has to throw the rest away and frame honestly doesn't mind. at least he ate something this time. book stays seated at the table as he waits for frame to finish eating, when he does finish they make their way back to the sofa and frame wraps his arms around his boyfriend again, hiding his face in books neck "perfect" he mumbles against his skin "I'm not perfect" he hears book speak quietly and he lifts his head to glare at his boyfriend "hey! don't insult my boyfriend!" book giggles at that and frame counts that as a win "you're perfect to me" frame says again, watching as book stares into his eyes "look sit up and ill tell you all the things i don't like about you" book immediately sits up straight and frame looks around him, pulling him forward by the shoulders as he looks behind him, turning his face left and right and book frowns, confused at what frame was doing "that! that right there!" frames eyes widen and book just tilts his head to the side "what?" he askes nervously, he wonders about what his boyfriend found that he didn't like. he doesn't expect frame to lean forward and peck him right on his lips "there!" then his cheeks "your beautiful face hadn't been kissed yet!" as much as frames trying to sound serious the smile on his face makes it impossible, he kisses books nose next.







"beautiful!" frame stops to look at books face, nothing has changed and he looks the same as he always doe, but that's the whole point, isn't it? he moves book to stand up and look in the mirror again "look at you!" he smiles so wide he's sure his face hurts but book turns to face him "but I look normal?"  book questions but frame just turns him to the mirror again "exactly!" frame points to books reflection " beautiful" this time frame says it quieter but his gaze never leaves book. he's screaming for joy in his head when he sees book smile finally "okay okay!" he doesn't turn away from his reflection this time but with a smile on his face book nods at himself once "I get it but can we move away from the mirror? I'm weirdly craving bananas" frame giggles this time "yes your highness" 







they spend the rest of the day on the sofa watching cheesy American movies while a blanket covers them and an empty bowl that once had cut up bananas in it sits on the table in front of them. the smiles don't leave their faces all day.






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kao had been distant recently and Pete was starting to get annoyed. whenever Pete invited him out to a bar or just to hang out at his house kao always said he couldn't because he was busy or he had to meet up with someone or he had plans or he was tutoring. Pete just missed his boyfriend so he decided to surprise him.



kao had told him that he would be studying alone in the library that was in their university so he had gotten ready to meet his boyfriend to have a surprise study session together, it wasn't much but just being by kao would be better than not seeing kao at all for another week. 


he's at the library only 30 minutes since kao told him that's where he was but as he walks in he can't find kao anywhere, he wanders around as he looks for kao but it seems as if he had just disappeared. he had been looking for a few minutes when he deiced to ask someone, he spots a group of girls studying and walks over to them.


he recognises one of them as a girl that kao used to tutor "excuse me?" he asks in a hushed tone, some look up at him then looks back to their books, only one of them answer him "yes?" she also keeps her voice quiet and smiles at him "have you seen kao?"  "tutor kao?" she questions, he nods "oh yeah I saw him. he was reading for a while and then left with some guy" she turns to face the door as if thinking about something, "I think I heard him mention something about a date at the blue sky cafe before leaving so maybe they went there, but that was a while ago so I don't think they would be there anymore" he feels something knot in his stomach at her words, kao had told him he would be alone. he thanks the girl and turn to walk outside.





once outside he unlocks his phone and starts to call kao, he doesn't pick up until the 5th ring "hello?" Pete could hear moving around on the other end of the phone "kao where are you?" "what do you mean? I'm at home?" Pete hears whispering and has to bite his tongue to not start yelling at kao, "I thought you said you were at the library?" "I was but now I'm at home" Pete responds without thinking "ill be there in five minutes" he hears kao jump up and move around "what-? Pete no-" Pete ends the call before he can continue talking.




now, Pete doesn't think kao is cheating on him, after the whole 'non' thing they talked and decided they should trust each other more, he's just annoyed that kao has been lying to him. when he opens the door to Kao's house kao isn't in the living room so he heads up to kao's bedroom. there's moving around that he can hear and when he opens the door he sees kao moving about his room as he tries to clean and put away a bunch of papers and books that were on his bed, Pete knows some of those books aren't even his. the jealousy that had calmed down on the way here only seemed to come back at full force, kao had someone here and wouldn't tell him




"kao." Pete leaned on the door frame and tries to not let the jealousy show on his face "Pete! why are you here?" kao had put away one last book before turning towards him, hands behind his back, something he does when he's nervous. "I told you I was coming over." he keeps his voice steady and walks further into the room "i- I know but you-" Pete cuts him off, needing to ask now 


"I went to the library and didn't see you"



"I went home-"



"I asked around and a girl told me you left with a guy talking about a date at the blue sky cafe"




kao freezes at that, eyes wide "I don't think you did anything kao" Pete sighs, he hates this jealous side to him, hates that he feels the need to keep kao to himself "I'm just annoyed you lied to me" he sees kao let out a breath that he was probably holding "I thought I wouldn't get caught..." kao walks towards him so he can hold his hand, if Pete holds tighter then normal then kao doesn't mention it "I didn't want to lie to you I swear!" "then why-" kao pulls him to sit on the bed "it was meant to be a surprise but that was kongpob they were talking about, he was helping me plan a date at the blue sky cafe for our anniversary" Pete had completely forgotten that their anniversary was coming up "oh" kao laughs at that "yeah 'oh' i wanted it to be a surprise-" kao sighs and falls back to lay on the bed "-but i guess not" pete moves to lay next to kao, never letting go of each other's hand "you didnt have to..." kao turns to look at him, a small smile on his face "but i wanted to, i even have a gift" pete smirks at him "oh? do you now?" kao swats him on the arm "yes but you cant have it until next week" pete continues to smirk and uses his elbow to so he can look down at kao "can i have a diffrent gift now?" kao starts to move back "pete i swear-" kao yelps as pete begins to attack his face with small kisses.



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“Zon, listen” zon steps back away from the boy speaking “i've told you no. i have a boyfriend” zon had tried to put space between them but the other guy just stepped closer “zon.” he grabbed onto zon’s wrist so tightly that it was starting to hurt “oi! That hurts!” he tried to pull his wrist out of the man's grip but the man was much stronger than he was “don't make me ask again” zon kicked the guy in the leg and his grip loosened in shock, zon used that to pull his wrist away and started running away from his classroom.

That man was zuiko, a guy who had asked him out a couple of weeks ago and he had rejected him, at first he was nice about and left him alone but then he started to get weird by always cornering him somewhere whenever he was alone just to ask him to be he’s boyfriend again but lately it was more demanding than asking. It had started getting a bit aggressive and it was hard to hide all the bruises and marks from saifah from where he had been pushed against a wall or pulled into an empty classroom, he didn't want his boyfriend worry about him too much. 

But of course, saifah noticed the hand-shaped bruises on his wrists.

“What's this??” Saifah asked as he lifted zon’s hands to his face, zon’s eyes widened “n- nothing!” he stuttered out but saifah could always see past him and his lies “who.” zon tries to play dumb “who, what?” that gets a glare out of saifah “dont pull this stuff with me, zon.” he holds zon’s other wrist, seeing bruises there too “who did this to you?” zon looks down, defeated “there’s this guy,zuiko, who asked me out a few weeks ago” saifah stills, “i said no, sai” saifah gives zon a small smile and whispers a quiet ‘sorry’ “he still kept asking me and only recently he started getting sort of...aggressive” its quiet for a little while until he hears saifah growl “did he hit you?” zon immediately shakes his head “no, no! Just pulling and pushing. This is recent” saifah kisses zon’s wrists carefully “i'll deal with it, my zon.” zon just nods his head.

The next time he sees zuiko he expects another day of being pulled around and then having to reject him again but as soon as zuiko noticed him his eyes got wide and he turned around and ran away. Zon guesses saifah did end up dealing with it after all.


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tw: child abandonment




kongpob and arthit have no idea how they went from a midnight walk to freaking out at home not having a clue what to do with the crying baby in kongs arms, all they know is that one moment they are walking down the street hand in hand, hear crying coming from an alleyway and go to check to see if anything is wrong only to find a baby covered in blankets other than its face in a box next to a trash bin and then next moment they’re taking it home with them worried about if its hurt.



“What are we meant to do, kong?!” arthit whisper yells as to not disturb the baby any more than it already is “we will have to take it to the police. or maybe the hospital? I don't know arthit!” Kongpob just keeps rocking the baby back and forth slowly. “we have to find the parents and bring it back to them” arthit is busy pacing up and down their living room, kong shakes his head at him “no we can’t, this little guy was wrapped in blankets. It's more likely that the parent left him there on purpose” the baby couldn’t be more than a couple of months old. the fact that someone could just throw their child away made kongpob’s heart hurt but of course, there was always a chance that the parent couldn’t take care of a baby themselves and had to leave it but still, they could have done other thing them just leave it by a bin.



“Who would do that to a baby?” kongpob watches as arthit walks up and down the living room as he speaks, it’s starting to make him dizzy.



“I don't know, hun. Please sit down” kongpob’s voice sounds exhausted, he has been up for a long time, it's about three am now and he hadn’t gotten as much sleep as he should of the night before.



Arthit sits down next to him and stares and the baby in his arms as he thinks, the baby used to have dirt on his face but they cleaned that and the rest of his little body was covered in a clean small blanket that arthit had gotten out for the poor baby, he looks up at kong. “sorry, i know my pacing gives you headaches love.” kongpob gives him a small tired smile as he passes the baby to arthit “can you hold him while i use the bathroom?” arthit shakes his head in panic and pulls his arms away before kongpob could give him the baby “i- i don't know how to hold a baby” he admits but kongpob gently places the baby into arthit arms, adjusting his hands so he is holding the baby right.



Arthit watches kongpob stand up as he leaves to go to the bathroom, he turns to face the child in his arms “what on earth are we going to do with you…” he mutters. The baby had stopped crying now yet it still looked so vulnerable, he seems so small in arthit’s arms. He had stayed watching the sleeping baby, waiting to see if anything changes or if it looks like he’s in pain when kongpob comes back and arthit passes him the baby as quickly as he could without dropping it “it's late and i think we should get some sleep before we do anything.” kongpob wraps the baby more tightly in the blanket so he stayed warm “what? We can't just leave him alone while we sleep!” arthit whisper yells, despite how smart kongpob is his husband could be really dumb sometimes.



Kongpob nods his head, he didn’t really think of that “let's take shifts then? One of us will stay with him for an hour while the other sleep’s then it will switch. That way we at least get some sleep” arthit nods along as he speaks, he knows kongpob doesn't sleep as much as he should and with work becoming harder he tends to be awake most nights more often than not, there isn't anything he can do about it though other than make sure that he takes naps during the day so he decides to take the first shift and forces kongpob to go to sleep.



He keeps a close eye on the child in his arms, he had never liked children much but he still would never just throw one away like they were trash but he doesn't even know why this adorable child was thrown away. He doesn't look hurt at least that’s good but it looks like he's shivering so he stands up, baby still in his arms and he grabs a spare blanket they had in the wardrobe and wraps the baby carefully so the shivering stops, Once he's sat back down he gently rocks the baby, slowly as to not wake him. He wakes kongpob up after an hour, he gives arthit a small kiss on the cheek before taking the baby out of arthit’s arms so arthit can get in bed and they switch.



That’s how they spend their night, by switching shifts and getting in as many hours of sleep that they can.



It's only When the clock hits seven during one of kong’s shifts and the sun is only just rising that kongpob wakes up arthit, arthit always wakes up slowly like a cat but after he's sat down and had a cup of coffee he wakes up completely. They were both sat down on the sofa with cups of coffee while the baby laid in between them soundly when kongpob speaks “so, I did some research,” arthit looks up from where he had been looking at the baby and arthit stays quiet so he’ll continue “apparently if the baby doesn’t look sick or hurt then we should take them to the police instead of the hospital” kongpob finishes his sentence with a small huff, the child is adorable despite when he's crying and kongpob can confidently say that although they had only just found him he somehow snuck his way into kongpob’s heart and he can tell by the way arthit looks sad at the thought of giving the child to a random police officer that he feels the same but he knows it's the best thing to do.



“Do we know what they’re going to do?” arthit questions, he doesn't know how he feels about just letting someone take the baby but he guesses it's best for him.“I don't know? They might question us about how we found him or something” kongpob doesn't know himself but hopefully, they will be able to help this child somehow.



They take the child to the police and they do get questioned. They had asked what was going to happen to the baby but they had been vague, saying ‘the child will probably be sent to an adoption centre if we are unable to find the parent’ but that’s all they could give them before they sent them home, Arthit hadn’t said anything but kongpob could tell he was angry.



It was a few days later when they had been thanked and informed about the fact the baby had been sent to an adoption centre a little far away from where they lived and had been given the name ‘Anurak’. They had been quiet about it but they both knew what was on each other’s minds, surprisingly though it was arthit who had decided to bring it up one night while they were eating “you want to do it too don't you?” it had been so quiet that arthit’s voice makes him jump, he thought about playing dumb but that wouldn’t work so he just puts down his fork with a sigh, arthit stops eating as well “yeah….” arthit gives him a small smile “we could''




Kongpob shakes his head “we would need to buy a bunch of stuff and think about how long it would take-” arthit reaches over to hold Kongpob's hand and gently rubs his thumb on the back of his hand “wouldn’t it be worth it?” kongpob smiles back at him, he wasn’t wrong “yeah it would be… you think we should?” Arthit nods his head quickly and kongpob worries he's gonna hurt himself “yes! When should we call the adoption centre?” Kongpob sighs again and sits up correctly “tomorrow?” “tomorrow.”



They do it. They buy the right stuff, go through the process of adopting and wait. Once they are able too they take Anurak home with them. They play with him and make sure he's fed and happy, arthit has caught Kongpob asleep with Anurak on his chest multiple times and if he has over ten photos of it on his phone then no one has to know, The weekly check-ups come and go perfectly with no disasters.



It takes a whole year and 3 months until everything is finalized but when it is arthit is not ashamed to say that they cried tears of joy and smiled the whole day, Anurak is now their child and they are ecstatic if you had told arthit two years ago that he and kongpob would adopt a child together and have so much love for it then arthit would probably call you crazy and say that he and kong did not need a child to be happy, god he was so wrong.



He would never give this child up for anything and he thinks kongpob would agree with him.


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me too anon, me too




To be honest? Staying outside to train while it was raining probably wasn’t one of can’s best ideas, he had ended getting sick the next day and with his mum at work and sister at school, he was home alone. He was led in bed with no one to talk to and he was sooooo bored but he also felt too sick to go to school, he pouted and picked up his phone because if there was one person who could make him feel better it was his boyfriend! He brings up his messages and begins to text him.


Im sickkkkk


How do you sound like you’re whining through text??

Can smiles at his phone, even though good speaks slow he’s always fast to text back. Was the most surprising thing even when they were best friends


I don't know?? But im bored :( 





I warned you about practising in the rain


I knowww but techno said i had to practice hard!!


Not that hard.


How sick are you? 


I think it's just a cold but mum still said i should stay home 


Can pouts about the fact he can't go and see his friends at school, he wonders how Pete and ae are doing but his thoughts stop when he hears his phone ding again


Give me a few minutes 


Huh? Come backkkkk im so bored..

Can pouts more when good doesn’t reply, hes sick and his boyfriend won’t even message him back. A few minutes later While can pouts his heart out with a now warm cloth on his forehead he hears the front door open and Gucci barks as he comes into can’s room with good right behind him “good!” can tries to sit up but ends up falling back onto his bed, can turns his head to smile at him but with the way his head has turned the cloth on his forehead falls down and covers his eyes he hears good laugh quietly and feels him gently lift the cloth away from his face “i'll get you a colder one in a second…” Good says slowly as he moves Can's hair out of his face, can notices that Good has been holding a bag when he places it on his bedside table “what's in the bag?” he questions, his head hurts when he speaks but it doesn’t stop him.

“It's-” can cuts him off “Oooo is it food?!” good was going to hit his head but remembers that can is sick so instead he gently smooths down his hair “no, now hush, your voice sounds terrible and I don’t want you feeling worse…” can makes a motion as if to zip his mouth closed “the bag has medicine in it for you..” good leaves can in the room with Gucci while he goes downstairs. Gucci bumps his nose on can’s hand that was hanging over the side of his bed and can moved his hand so he could pet gucci and then the door opens again and good is smiling at him with a glass of water in his hand.

He sits down next to can on the bed and reaches to take the bag with the medicine and takes out a small pill that’s meant to help with colds, he helps can sit up and rubs his hand up and down his back and he hands him the water with the pill, can places it in his mouth and then downs the water. Once he's sure he swallowed it can sticks out his tongue “bleh” can always hate taking pills “adorable…” is the quiet word he hears next to him, he turns to glare at his boyfriend “oi! I'm not adorable!” can whines and shakes his head fast to the point he’s making himself dizzy “you’re just proving my point.” good holds can’s head to stop him from shaking it “don't do that you’ll make yourself feel sicker.”

They stare at each other for a second, it's quiet and calm or well it was until Can reached up to cover his mouth as he started having a coughing fit, good moved him so can’s back was pressed against his chest as he patted him on the back. Once the coughing stopped good looked at him with a frown “you okay?” can gave him a small nod but he didn't look okay, he looked like he was ready to pass out and sleep for a few hours so he wraps his arms around can’s waist, pulls him closer and places a small kiss on his cheek “nooo, i don't want you getting sick too…” can pushed his face away and good huffs a little “too bad. Now sleep you look exhausted.” can’s eyes start to close but he tries to keep them open “no, i wanna stay up. It's still day time” can was always stubborn, good runs his fingers through can’s hair “just sleep can. I'll make you something to eat when you wake up.” can sighs and leans into the comfort.

Good had always been there for him, when they first met it was because some guys had pushed him on the ground for being too annoying and good had put himself in between them and forced them to leave or he would tell a teacher and that was years ago, good was there for him when techno had accidentally made him cry by forcing can to do extra laps around the field not knowing that he was already pushing himself and good was also there when the whole thing with tin had happened it had taken a while but tin had finally agreed to be just friends with him after he figured that can did want to be friends and wasn’t using him for money.

After he told good he liked guys, good was the first one he told, he had been scared that good wouldn’t be friends with him anymore but good had just hugged him and said he liked boys too, It took them a whole month before they finally got together and it was the best thing ever, Good had been the first to confess and can had said yes immediately and now they have been together for three months. 

Can falls asleep peacefully in goods arms.

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i had to change a few things at the end

“Very well” the woman sighs before waving her hands a little bit around ram, he was desperate to get back to 2019 and find his true love again, king. he felt like smoke was suffocating him and he could see the blue like mist covering his view, the once loud birds of the forest now sounded as if he was underwater yet he could still hear the woman's next words “you have proven yourself worthy” it was the last thing the knight heard before everything went black.


When he wakes up he's thankfully not being hit by a car this time although as much of a weird experience that was he met king that way and he wouldn’t change it for the world, though he would like it if it didn't hurt as much as it did.

He was surprised to find his horse next to him but shook it off before climbing up and riding the horse out of the forest. He never expected to fall for king yet here he was, riding as fast as can out of the forest just so he could find king and tell him how he would never leave. At first king made Ram annoyed, he couldn’t understand anything about this world and king wouldn’t even believe him when he said he was from the 14th century! Although if someone came to him and said they were from 2019 he probably wouldn’t believe them either.

They had gotten so close in the past few days and Ram was not about to let king go. His beautiful eyes, kind smile even just the way he speaks about everything and nothing makes rams heart beat faster than he thought it was possible.

When he finally reaches the area where king was talking while people were just wondering about their day he gets off his horse and watches as king turns around with wide eyes that looked as if all the stars in the night sky had decided to shine there. “My king,” the smile hurts king's face, ram ignores the people he can hear whispering “delighting in your company” he lets out a small rare smile, his heart hurting at the fact king looks like he's about to start crying “ram, i thought you were gone..” king shakes his head in disbelief “like, for good.”

Ram was never good at this, speaking about how he felt. As a knight, he was taught to never let your feeling become a weakness so he never spoke out about he felt in case someone could use it against him yet in this moment he couldn't care less “king, i should of realised sooner but…” he's never been this open before but he looks right into kings eyes, ones that held so much hope “you are my quest.” he says it quickly, hoping to get the words out before he can stumble over them, the look of relief, and what ram hopes is love, flashes over king's face “i'm your quest?” king asks, smile never fading as he looked at the handsome knight it front of him “yes.”

Ram takes a breath “ And my heart is…” ram takes a pause “eternally and devotedly yours.” all the knight wanted was to go home but then he met king and everything changed, king is his home “if you will have me.” he adds. 

King still looks like he's about to cry but the smile on his face lets ram know its happy tears “Nothing would make me happier,” a few tears slip down kings face, ram reaches out smooth his thumb over kings cheek, wiping away the tears carefully “my handsome knight” he giggles slightly at his own words “my king”

They both stand there for a second with soft smiles before they begin to lean in. kings lips are as soft as always and it makes Ram's heart beat harder against his chest. He can only hope that king feels the love that Ram has for him. They are in their own world, they kiss as if no one is around them. The kiss was short and sweet yet it felt like it went on for years.

They broke apart with wide smiles “you are going to miss being a knight.” king states, “what will you do here?” Ram holds kings hand “I don't need to be a knight, I only need you.” Ram has never smiled this much before and pulls king into his arms close “I'm your knight and your knight alone.” king cant help himself from pulling ram into another kiss.

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Singto is so tired, He just got back from a photo shoot and he had been working non-stop for hours, watching the clock and waiting for the day to end. He walks inside the house he shares with Krist, it had taken them a while to finally get together considering how different their work schedules are but they just decided to get together anyway and deal with the fact they won’t be able to see each other most of the time and only on days they were both free. Singto takes off his shoes and leaves them by the door and starts walking to the bedroom so he can take a shower and change his clothes, he can smell cooked food coming from the kitchen as he passes it and assumes that krist must have made himself something to eat.



Today was one of the rare days that krist was free and as much as singto wants to spend time with his boyfriend he also wants to sleep, he had to wake up super early then go straight to work without having any time to eat anything but luckily one of the people there had kindly given him a spare sandwich they had but that was hours ago and singto was running on less than five hours of sleep. “Singto!” he loves his boyfriend, he really does but right now he just wants to be left alone.


Krist walked out of the kitchen to greet his lover with a smile on his face, he had cooked for the both of them and considering he was free today he wanted them to eat together. “I made food for us-” singto cuts him off with a tired voice “Krist, I just want to take a shower and sleep.” singto sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, Krist pouts at him and pulls at his arm lightly making singto feel more annoyed “but singto! We haven’t eaten together for weeks!” singto tries to keep the anger off his face, he needs to get to the bedroom before he says something he might regret “I’m exhausted, krist. Another time.” singto tries to keep his voice steady.

krist just pouts more and tugs his arm harder “please-”

“I just said I'm tired krist! Leave me alone!” Singto snaps, he immediately regrets it and the look of hurt on Krist’s face just annoys him further but he’s not annoyed at Krist this time, he’s annoyed at himself.




He turns around and storms off to the bedroom, grabbing his clothes then going into the bathroom, He turns on the shower, takes off his clothes and steps in. The hot water helps him relax and he sighs in frustration, he shouldn’t have yelled at Krist when he was just trying to do something nice for them. While washing his hair he tries to think about ways to make it up to his boyfriend, he's too tired to think of something big so he decides to do something simple but hopefully even though its simple that Krist will know how sorry singto is and he hopes it will show how much singto loves him.

Singto steps out the bathroom with a towel around his shoulders and begins to turn on all the fairy lights they have in the bedroom, it was dark enough so that the lights lit up the room, he turns on Netflix and puts on Krist favourite film but he doesn’t press play yet and instead walks out the bedroom and into the living room. His heart hurts when he finds Krist slightly curled up on the sofa with his head down “krist…?” He keeps his voice soft, krist turns to him before standing up, “sorry, I’ll go-” he doesn't get time to finish before singto wraps his arms around krist, krist melts into the hug and smiles when he hears singto whispering apologies.

“I'm sorry...I shouldn’t have yelled at you…” krist holds onto singto tight, he loves this boy so much.

“It's okay… I shouldn’t have tried to force you to eat with me when you were clearly tired.” singto pulls back so he can look at krist face but he keeps his arms wrapped around him “still doesn’t mean I had the right to yell at you…” singto pouts and Krist leans up to kiss it off his face quickly “no...but I still shouldn’t have done what I did after you told me you were exhausted. I guess we were both in the wrong” singto moves out of the hug despite krist whining when he does, he holds krist’s hand and brings him to the bedroom.

Krist's eyes go wide when he sees all the fairy lights turned on and his favourite movie on the tv “i- what?” he turns to stare at singto “I thought you said you were tired! We don't have to do anything-” singto kisses him lightly so he would stop talking “I know but this way we can spend time together and I can rest. Now, come on” krist hops into the bed while singto goes to get the food krist made in the kitchen and bring it to the bedroom, placing it on the bedside table before getting in the bed himself and letting krist rest on his chest while the movie begins.

Singto falls asleep halfway through the movie but that's okay, Krist is just happy they could spend time together. It's moments like this that he remembers why he fell in love with this man, even when singto is stressed out or in a bad mood he always tries to make krist happy and show how much he cares for krist.

Krist tries to move so he can be more comfortable but him moving must have woken up singto because the arms around his waist tighten and singto starts talking, “you okay?” his voice is quiet and tried, krist pecks him on the cheek “I’m fine just getting more comfortable” singto makes a sound to show he heard before he begins to drift back into sleep “love you…” krist smiles and gets comfortable “love you too…”  


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Ming was walking Kit to his next class, they were walking down an empty hallway and Ming figured it was okay for them to hold hands, no one was going to see them anyway.


As soon as Ming had gently grabbed Kit’s hand Kit had pulled his hand to his chest with a disgusted look on his face and started yelling at him.


“Ming!” Kit hissed out.


“S-sorry Kit… I just wanted to hold your hand” Ming tried to keep a smile on his face but he couldn’t help but look down, All Ming wanted to do was hold Kit’s hand. No one was even around...did Kit not want to even just hold hands?? Was he that disgusted about being with him?


Kit scoffed, “yeah? Well, why do you think I even want to hold hands with you?” Kit continued to walk ahead, leaving Ming standing in an empty hallway with his head down.


Sure Ming knew that Kit would yell and push when he was shy but this had happened so many times and every single time Kit had a disgusted look on his face Ming felt his heart shatter more and more.


He watched Kit as he left, drying the tears that had begun rolling down his cheeks, he felt dumb, crying over something like this when there was an easy solution...just do what Kit wants and leave him alone.






Forth was surprised to see Ming looking so down, the boy was always smiling and talking to people but today he was sitting alone in a hidden area a little away from the school with his head resting against his arms, staring off into space. 


“Oi! What’s up with you?” Forth sat down next to him. Ming blinked a few times, realising he wasn’t alone anymore and turned to look at him “oh...hello Forth.” Ming said, ignoring Forths question. He was in a bad mood lately because he had been trying to stay out of Kits way for three weeks now but Ming still kept doing things wrong. 


he found out his boyfriend missed breakfast so he decided to bring him something to eat but Kit just yelled at him for interrupting his study session, saying that he was annoying, he apologised and left Kit alone so he wasn’t bothering him.


“What are you doing here alone?” Forth asked. For the past few weeks, Ming has been acting strange and it was starting to worry Forth, “you’re usually with Yo or following Kit around like a lovesick puppy.” Forth saw the way Ming tensed at the mention of Kit, “oh, well yo is busy with pha but we’re going to hang out tomorrow” Ming smiles at the thought of hanging out with his best friend, they had both been busy with classes and Yo had wanted to spend time with pha after not being able to see him for a long time and Ming was absolutely fine with seeing him the next day instead.



“And Kit?” Forth knows he’s found the problem when Ming stops smiling and looks back down, “Kit wouldn’t want me around…” Ming sighs. “I’d just annoy him anyway.” Forth is shocked by that, since when had Ming ever cared about being annoying? If you really wanted Ming to stop doing something he would but last time he checked, no matter how annoyed Kit got with the boy he still had never told him outright that he wanted Ming to stop or leave him alone.


“What makes you say that?” if you asked Forth what he thought about Ming and Kit’s relationship he would tell you he didn’t like it, he had seen how Kit acted when with Ming as if he was just some nuisance and not his boyfriend, he was mean and always said things about how he didn’t even like Ming when Ming was right next to him.


No one deserves to be treated like that, Ming was an amazing person and Kit treated him like shit.


“He said so himself…” Ming quietly confesses. “Why the hell would he say that?” Forth placed his hands on Ming’s cheeks so he could lift the boy’s face and make him look at him, “Ming…” he starts speaking gently, it was clear that Ming needed to be treated with care right now, “what else has Kit said?” Ming stares at him with wide eyes before sighing “it’s- it’s nothing bad really…” Ming stutters slightly. Forth pretends to not see how Ming's eyes get wet with unshed tears, not wanting to embarrass Ming by pointing them out.


“Look, it's dumb okay? I’m probably just over-reacting” Ming moves away and Forth lets go of his face and instead puts an arm around Ming’s shoulder, pulling him close to his side “if it’s upsetting you then it isn’t dumb Ming.” Ming rests his head on Forth’s shoulder “thanks Forth…” Forth smiles at him “anytime!”


Ming suddenly shoots up “shit.” Forth stares at him in shock at his random movement “what?” Ming looks at Forth, “I was meant to sleep over Kit’s dorm but I really don't wanna be around him right now” Ming didn't want to have another bunch of insults thrown at him when he was having a bad day but he also didn’t want to be alone, Yo was busy so he couldn’t stay with him tonight, he's brought out of his thoughts when Forth starts to speak again. Forth could see that Ming didn't want to be alone.


“You can stay with me tonight if you want” Ming smiles widely at him “really?” Forth nods, “yes. I'm sure Kit won’t mind” Ming laughs a little “he would probably be glad I'm not around.” it was nice to see Ming finally smiling for the first time in a few weeks.





When Forth opens the door for Ming that night he doesn't expect to see Ming silently crying, Forth brings him into a hug, holding him close as he moves them both to sit on the sofa.


Forth waits for Ming to stop crying before asking him what’s wrong although he can probably guess who caused Ming to start crying.


Once Ming stops crying against his shoulder Forth pulls back so he can look at Mings tear-stained face, “what happened?” he asks softly. Ming sniffed a little before pulling out his phone, unlocking it, tapping the screen a few times and then passing it to Forth. Forth took the phone that was being handed to him and started reading what was on the screen, it was a text conversation between Kit and Ming.


Kit: where the hell are you? I'm not gonna wait for you forever!


Ming: I'm staying with Forth tonight

Kit: So you made me wait for nothing?


Ming: sorry kit.


Kit: whatever. It's better for me because now I don’t have to put up with you.

Ming: if you don't want to put up with me, why are you dating me?



Forth took a deep breath, preparing himself before reading Kit's next message, he knew Kit usually said things without thinking and never wanted to be wrong so the next message was probably the one that hurt Ming.


Kit: hmm, I don't even know.


Kit: I don't like you anyway. I should have never dated you.


Forth glares at the phone, no wonder Ming was upset, Kit probably thought it was all just some big joke. “Fucking hell Kit…” Forth mutters to himself. Ming moved his head to rest on Forth’s shoulder again, Ming was obviously exhausted from all the crying. “I hate to say this Ming but…” Forth sighed and ran his fingers through Ming’s hair, Ming looked up at him “this isn’t healthy. If the relationship is making you feel sad then I think you should break up.” Ming's eyes widened in panic for a moment, he loved Kit and couldn't see himself without him.



Forth tried to calm him down slightly “hey, hey. It doesn't have to be forever. Just until Kit and you sort your shit out.” Ming relaxes against him, “Kit needs to realise that he can't be mean to you all the time and just expect you to stay with him. You need to try and stand up for yourself more”



Forth watches Mings face as the boy thinks about it, Ming nods after a few minutes. “Here…” Forth passed the phone back to Ming, “normally I would say breaking up over text is wrong because it is, but in this case, I don’t think it would be good for you to talk to him in person” Ming hesitates for a second then starts typing, as soon as he hits send Forth takes the phone away and taps it. “Don’t look. I've muted the chat so you won't see the notification.” he passes the phone back to Ming. Ming nods and they start setting up the sofa for Ming to sleep on.


Ming thinks it's nice to know someone cares for him and genuinely likes him without him having to try and figure it out.





The next day Kit came marching up to Ming, “Ming!” Ming was next to Forth, they both turned around to look at Kit “the hell? You can’t break up with me then just ignore all my texts!'' Anyone could tell that Kit was angry, Ming was ready to start apologising and tell him that he didn’t mean it but Forth had pushed Ming behind him and spoke before him “Kit. don't.”


Kit looked at them for a while before pha appeared and pulled him away saying about how he’ll explain later.


Ming sighed and walked away with Forth, Forth was gonna help him stand up for himself. He just hoped Kit would realise what he did that made Ming break up with him, he tried telling him before but Kit had denied it so Ming figured that if he tried to tell him again he probably would just deny it again.





Once they were far enough away from where Forth and Ming were, Pha lets go of Kit and they sit down at a nearby table.


“Pha! What did you pull me away for?!?” Kit yells at pha. Pha sighs “look. I know you’re mad but you have to listen to me right now.” Kit was going to talk again but pha gave him a look that usually meant ‘shut up and listen’ so he did just that.


“It doesn’t surprise me that Ming broke up with you-” Pha gets interrupted by Kit.


“Hey!! I-”




Pha glares at him as if daring Kit to interrupted him again, Kit looks down in embarrassment. “You treated Ming horrible. Yelling at him all the time, getting annoyed when all he did was sit down next to you and I once even saw you tell him he wasn’t worth your time!” Pha took a deep breath to calm himself down.


Kit’s eyes widen in horror as he listens to Pha telling him about all the bad things he had seen Kit do during his relationship with Ming. Kit knew he could get a little defensive when he was shy but he didn’t expect it to have been this bad, he just thought that Ming knew that he never meant what he said.


He had been looking forward to seeing Ming last night, waiting by the door so he could greet him and got annoyed when Ming texted him saying that he was going to be staying at forths instead, he didn’t want Ming to know that he was upset about it so instead he said that he was glad.


He wishes he just told Ming that he wanted to spend time with him instead.



“I honestly just decided not to get involved because I thought you two would sort it out on your own, turns out I was wrong.” Pha sighs, “do you even like Ming?” he asks.


Kit immediately starts nodding his head “of course I do!”


“Well, it doesn't look like it. You need to realise that you can’t just push him away or insult him whenever you get shy and think he’s gonna stand there and take it.” Pha crosses his arms to show Kit that he's being really serious right now. As much as Kit doesn’t want to admit it, Pha is right.


“Ughhhh how am I meant to fix this?? ” Kit covers his face with his hands. He doesn’t even know if Ming could forgive him for the way he acted, he couldn’t blame him if he didn’t.


“It's simple.” Pha waited until Kit uncovered his face before continuing, Kit tilted his head, signalling him to continue.


“Communication kit. Talk to him, explain to him how you really feel and tell him that you said all of that because you were shy.” Pha’s phone pinged, he checked it and then stood up. Kit stood up as well so he could ask one last thing.


 “what if he doesn’t forgive me? What if he decides that we still shouldn’t be together?” Pha looks at him as if he asked a stupid question, “then you say goodbye and part ways. If he doesn’t want to be with you then you can’t force him, Kit.” Pha leaves before he can say anything else, leaving Kit alone to think.




Kit spends The next few days explaining everything to Ming, the first day he tried Forth had stopped him saying that it wasn’t the right time.


The next day he saw Ming eating alone and sat down next to him. He was able to apologise for the messages he sent and for the fact he was never honest about how he felt, he counts the small smile Ming gave him as progress.


The day after that he and Ming started to talk again, it wasn't all the time but he and Ming did have a conversation about if they wanted to get back together. Kit had told him that he was going to act better than before and Ming had told him that he wanted them to try again.





It would take longer than a few days for everything to go back to normal between them but they were both willing to try, Their relationship is better than it's ever been. Forth and Ming had gotten close and Forth was glad that Ming was happier now that Kit had realised what he was doing wrong. Forth would never tell Ming about the crush he had on him but that doesn't matter right now because he's been having his eyes on beam ever since Ming and Kit got back together.




Hopefully Forth has a happy ending with Beam like Ming has a happy ending with Kit.


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Kongpob was always thought of as the most perfect guy by his family and some other people. His grades were high, he had good looks and always put others before himself, He knew that’s what other people thought of him because they would tell him, so he tried his best to keep it that way.

He studied as much as he could, so his grades would stay up, he was going to the gym when he wasn’t studying and continued to put other people before himself. It was working well for years and once he got into engineering and met Arthit it became less important to him, he still studied but less, and he stopped going to the gym.

Kongpob was walking to his next class, about to turn a corner when he heard his name mentioned in a couple of girls conversation, he stopped walking and listened. 

“Did you see how much that Kongpob boy was eating yesterday?” he froze. He didn't think that he ate much yesterday...maybe he was wrong.

“he's going to start looking like a pig if he keeps eating that much” one of the girls responded. Kongpob looked down at his stomach, now that he thinks about it, it really does look like he gained weight.

“Oh please! He already looks like a pig!” all of them started laughing at that and Kongpob felt his heart sink. He waited until he heard them leave before going to the bathroom, he couldn’t go to class right now, he still had a few minutes until then so he had time to get himself together. He splashed water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror, those girls were not wrong...he really did look bigger, he’ll start dieting again, maybe that will help.

Kongpob starts dieting the next day.

There is an exam tomorrow so kongpob and his friends are busy studying at lunch, writing down notes and trying their best to focus on the books in front of them.

Kongpob ignores the snacks that his friends bought, more focused on studying than eating, His friends give him a worried look but then go back to reading their books.

Kongpob thinks he studied quite a lot and decides to go to sleep early that night.

Kongpob regrets that when he finds out that he just barely passed, he hadn’t realised until now how he stopped studying as hard, he felt horrible and disappointed in himself. 

He refuses to tell anyone about how he cried in the bathroom after he found out.

Kongpob doesn't sleep that night, choosing instead to study as much as he could before having to get ready for classes.

This goes on for weeks, kongpob was always either studying or going to classes. He hardly ever slept and when he did it was only for an hour or two, he thinks the last time he ate was two days ago and that had only been an apple.

He was constantly stressed, tired and hungry. No matter how much he studied it felt as if he could do better, eating even just a health bar made him feel like he was eating too much.

Arthit was with his friends and sat at a table in the cafeteria, watching kongpob who was sitting at a different table studying with his friends, Arthit notices that kongpob was the only one who wasn't eating but decides to brush it off.  

His boyfriend had been acting strange recently, he wasn’t very talkative during hazing, Arthit brought him some food yesterday, and he doesn’t think he ever saw him eat it.

Kongpob must have felt someone watching him because he turned around, when he saw it was Arthit looking at him, he smiled, Arthit felt that the smile looked a little forced and that it didn't seem to reach his eyes like normal. Kongpob turns back around to keep studying.

“Arthit?'' One of his friends calls him, he watches Kongpob for a few more seconds before turning to look at who called him, Bright. “Huh? What?” prem laughed a little at his confusion “well maybe if you stopped staring at your boyfriend for a second you would have heard what Bright said'' a blush spreads across his cheeks, “I was not staring at him!” prem put his hands up in surrender “okay, okay jeez” Arthit smirks then turns to look at bright “what did you say?” Bright stuffs his last bit of food into his mouth, swallowing it before replying “I said, we need to go soon because hazing is next but you and prem wasted time talking so we should probably go now. Wouldn't be very good for the head hazer to be late to hazing now would it?”

Arthit looks around and sees everyone starting to get up and head to hazing, ‘shit’ Arthit thinks, he grabs his bag and yells at his friends to get a move on. He had a weird feeling that this wasn’t going to be a good day.


Kongpob almost faints while bending over to grab his bag, he hadn’t eaten yet and also hadn’t slept last night, choosing instead to sit at his desk and study. “You good kong?” asks Em, kongpob blinks to get rid of the tiredness and panic he feels “yeah… let’s go.” he feels like he’s going to pass out, heart rate spreading up at the idea of fainting in front of a bunch of people. He pushes that thought aside and walks to hazing with Em.

“0062!!” Arthit yells, Kongpob had been staring at the wall behind the hazers while trying to remember what he read last night and the sudden yell of his student ID made him jump, coming out of his thoughts and actually looking at Arthit this time.

“Yes?” he asks, worrying that he had missed something important.

“Did you not hear a thing I just said!?” Arthit looked mad, fuck.

“I- uh-” Kongpob can’t think, he needs to answer, he needs to answer Right . he can’t answer wrong, he has to get it right, he’s meant to be perfect, he’s meant to know.

“You didn’t. Stand up 0062!!'' Kongpob in a panic stands up quickly, having to force himself to not cry. He cant cry. Kongpob knows Arthit is yelling at him, he can see him crossing his arms which is something he only does when he’s annoyed or mad, but Kongpob can't hear him.

He felt suffocated like he couldn’t breathe, his mouth was dry and his chest hurt. He was very tempted to start crying.

He couldn’t take this, the longer he was here the less air he could breathe in. without looking at Arthit or saying anything he turned around and ran out of the room, he could faintly hear someone yell out his name but he ignored it in favour of escaping everyone’s watchful eyes. 

‘im sorry I’m not perfect, I’m sorry, imso rryimsorryimsorryimsorry






He ran to the bathroom, trying to take in as much air as he could but it just wasn’t working, He felt dizzy and lightheaded. he sits at the back of the bathroom, holding his knees to his chest and cries. 

He sobs and tries to breathe.

He doesn’t notice when the bathroom door opens or when Arthits voice speaks over his crying, “Kongpob…?” Arthit speaks quietly, Kongpob just curls more into himself and sobs louder.

Looking at Kongpob like this makes Arthits heart hurt, he should have noticed something was wrong sooner. After a few seconds of just standing there, watching his boyfriend trying desperately to take in air, he sits down next to him.

Kongpob flinches when Arthit puts his hand on Kongpobs arm, “kong??” Arthit wasn’t good then it came to things like this but he knew what a panic attack looked like, he wasn’t really sure how to help but he couldn’t just sit here while his boyfriend cried his eyes out.

“Okay, okay. I can do this.” he moved to sit in front of kongpob instead of next to him and pulled his hands away from his legs so he could hold them “kong...can you look at me please?” Kongpob was staring at his knees and took a sharp breath in only to choke on the air, “hun. Please?” he tried to keep his voice as soft as possible, smiling when kongpob finally looked at him.

“I'm here. I need you to breathe with me.”

Kongpob just stares at him and cries more.


“Copy me the best you can, okay love?” kongpob nods slightly. Arthit takes a deep breath and waits for kongpob to copy him, kongpob tries to copy him but it’s as if the air got caught in his throat and he cries harder. “It’s okay. You got this. Just try again.”




They do this a couple of times until kongpob can finally take a full breath.

Arthit sits and watches kongpobs breathing get back to normal, he has no idea how long they sat there.

“Im sorry…'' Kongpob sobbed and Arthit slowly pulled him into a hug, giving him a chance to move away if he wanted. “You don’t have to apologise.” kongpob cries into Arthits shoulder, “you don’t need to tell me, but what happened?” Arthit rubs a hand up and down his back, it takes kongpob a few seconds to respond as he tries to stop crying “im so tired...” 

“Tired?” he pulls back to look at Kongpobs face a sees bags under his eyes, “when did you last sleep kong?” kongpob takes a deep breath “i took a nap for an hour yesterday-”  Arthits eyes widen “what!?! Kongpob!” kongpob just buries his face back into Arthits shoulder, “sorry…” Arthit sighs “come on. We’re going to your dorm.”

“Huh? Why?” kongpob asks, “because we’re going to have a nap.” Arthit gives him a look as if to say ‘don’t argue with me on this’ and kongpob just nods.  Arthit stands up and helps kongpob up, he feels really light. “Jeez, when was the last time you ate? You’re like a feather.” Kongpob tries to steady himself.

 “i ate yesterday-” 

“When did you last have a full meal kong?”


“Kong...why?” Arthit whispers horrified at the thought of Kongpob not taking care of himself.  “I need to be perfect. I need to be skinny and smart” Kongpob tries to look away but Arthit grabs his shoulders and forces him to look at him “fuck that! You’re already perfect! You don’t need to be skinny or smart!” Arthit presses a kiss to kongpobs cheek “you just need to be you. Who cares what others think? As long as you’re happy with yourself then you don’t need to change.” more tears escape kongpobs eyes ``Arthit…” 

“Come on. Let’s go.” Arthit begins to pull Kongpob out of the bathroom, “what about hazing?” “they should be able to handle it.” Kongpob yawns and stays as close to Arthit as possible “plus..” Arthit starts quietly, “you’re more important.” 


“Thank you.” kongpob whispers, love dripping from the words “of course. We’ll take a nap then get something to eat.”

“I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah love you too.”

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"Ah, no. this! See? Now it makes more sense!" king smiles at the guy in front of him. Hes currently helping three people study for an upcoming exam and they seem to be doing well so far, Ram is sat next to him as quiet as ever, they plan on getting something to eat once King is done so he's just silently watching them. "Woah, i completely forgot that." the guy he had just helped, Aroon, looks at his workbook with disappointment "hey! Its fine, it happens to the best of us" King shrugs, Aroon gives him a small smile "you're really smart King!" king shakes his head "im not really..." Ram gives him a disbelieving look. 


Ram knows just how smart King is, King keeps doubting himself, thinks its just that he gets lucky with the answers but that's not true at all. Ram knows that King really puts the effort into learning. 


Aroon goes onto the next question, writing down little notes to stick to the page.


"You're smarter than almost everyone i know." the guy sat next to King, Daw, had put down his book to give King a pat on the back "you may have taught me better then my teachers" Aroon and king laugh with Daw, none of them notices the way the third guy, Atid, was glaring at King. 




Ram, on the other hand, definitely noticed.



While king continued to help them with the questions Ram watched Atid quietly, Atid seemed annoyed whenever King answered one of their questions, sometimes he would ask really hard ones as if trying to get king to make a mistake and for the life of him Ram couldn't understand why, as far as Ram knew King had never done anything to Atid.




"Ram?" Ram looked at King when he heard the boy say his name "could you grab the blue book from my bag please?" Ram gave him a quick nod before leaning down to search Kings bag, King turned back to tutoring.


Just as Ram found the book King asked for he saw King move to take a look at Atids book, "you got that a little wrong but it's okay! I can show you-" Atid slams his book shut and turns to King, glaring at him. 


"Can you stop!?" King jumps back a little, staring at Atid with wide innocent eyes. 


Daw, Aroon and Ram watch them in shock, none of them expected Atids outburst.



Daw gently hits Atid on the arm "what the hell dude?" Aroon tilts his head and asks "stop what?" 


Atid doesn't stop looking at King as he speaks "can he stop acting like he's sooo smart when he really isn't?" Daw stares at his friend in disbelief "but he is?? I couldn't understand any of this until he taught us." Aroon nods in agreement.


King slowly wraps his arms around himself, staring into space and Ram could tell he was starting to overthink while also listening.


As the two boys argue with Atid back and forth Ram waves his hand in front of Kings face to try and bring him back to earth "p'king-?" 


Atid interrupts Ram with a shout "I don't even know why Ram bothers to date him! King doesn't deserve him!" Ram watches the way King jumps and stares at Atid, eyes shining with un-shed tears.


Ram has had enough with this guy.


He stands up and slams his hands down on the table, glaring intently at Atid.




The boys stare in shock as the normally quiet boy starts to raise his voice, "if anything, I don't deserve p'king. He's amazing, caring and more than you'll ever be!" King let's a small smile appear on his face at Rams words, but he couldn’t help but feel as if some of what Atid said was true.


“’s not like he’s wro-“ 


“He is wrong.” Ram glares daggers at Atid, if looks could kill, king thinks Atid would already be dead.


“I don’t understand why on earth you would want to be with someone as dumb as him.” Atid speaks with venom dripping from his words, like he wasn’t just saying them because that’s what he thought but was saying them to purposely hurt king.



“The only dumb one here is you.” Aroon hisses, he knows that his friend is trying to start a fight, he also knows Atid won’t win. “Oh please, I’m smarter than him at least!” Atid just didn’t seem to know how to back down.


Daw steps out of the way when he notices Ram walk around the table to get closer to Atid, signalling Aroon to do the same, they both move to sit next to king. 


“He’s just a worthles-“ king, Aroon and Daw watch as Atid gets punched straight in the face, Normally they would be worried for their friend but honestly Atid had it coming. “Don’t even try to say your stupid lies again.” Ram towers over Atid who is now currently on the floor, holding his face. King watches as his normally quiet boyfriend stands up for him, he’s never felt so loved by one single person. 


“If I hear you saying anything like that again to p’king then trust me a lot worse will happen to you then just a punch in the face. Got it?” When Ram doesn’t hear a response he bends down to glare straight into the guys eyes “got it!?” He yells. 


Atid nods and tries to get up quickly, stumbling over his own feet. Ram nods in approval and goes back to sit next to king, he gently wipes away the tears that king didn’t even know had fallen. 


“well we best get going then!” Daw stands up and helps Atid get to his feet, Aroon on the other side helping Atid steady himself “ignore him p’king! He can just say really false things sometimes. You’re super smart and I hope you’ll tutor us again!” Aroon gives king one last wide smile while dragging Atid away, Daw following them from behind and king waving goodbye.


“Oh and by the way?” Daw waits for Ram to look at him before continuing “I think you two are great for each other.” And with that Daw leaves to go join his friends.



Ram turns back to king, “what Atid said-“ king gently holds rams hands “I don’t care what he said. All that matters to me is you and what you say.” There’s a small smile on Rams face as he rubs the back of kings hand with his thumb “and if I say you’re the smartest person I know?” 


King leans forward to kiss Rams cheek “then I might start believing you.” 




King will always be insecure about these things but he knows that with Ram by his side reminding him that he is actually smart and not a idiot, then he might just be able to live happily.


He’s already living happily with Ram next to him.

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request by: Anxiety_cookie



As Arthit walks down the dark streets back to his and kongpob apartment, he regrets staying at the office this late.


He had stayed back at the office to help his coworker with something she couldn’t understand, he hadn’t expected it to take a few hours and now the sun has set and he wishes he didn’t refuse his boyfriend when he had offered to come to pick him up.

As he walks down the quiet dark street to back home he starts to hear someone’s footsteps behind him, he doesn’t dare turn around.


His heart rate picks up a little as he starts to panic, no one else was around and he didn’t want to lead the person to his and kongpobs apartment so he crosses the road a couple of times in hopes to shake this person off but the person footsteps are still loudly behind him.

He doesn’t know what else to do to get this guy to stop following him, so, with shaky hands, he slowly pulls out his phone and messages the only person who he is sure would come help, kongpob. (he also quietly hopes that maybe the guy will see him pull out his phone and leave)

Arthit: kongpob, I’m being followed by someone.

Kongpob responds immediately and Arthit feels himself calm down slightly.

Kongpob: tell me where you are and I’ll come.

Arthit: I’m by XXX-XX-X and walking to where that restaurant we went to yesterday is. Not far from home.

Kongpob: got it. On my way.

Arthit lets out a sigh of relief, kongpob would be here soon and he would be safe.

The person seems to be getting closer as their footsteps get louder, but Arthit knows he’s close to the restaurant that kongpob is supposed to be by. Arthit turns a corner, letting out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding when he sees kongpob by the restaurant, walking towards Arthit


“Arthit!” kongpob smiles at him, staring over his shoulder (probably at the guy behind him). The footsteps behind him stopped before they start to fade away.

Kongpob tightly wraps his arms around Arthit, normally Arthit would push him away but after the panic, he decides it wouldn’t be too bad if he let his heart calm down, plus, hugging Kongpob was quite nice.

Kongpob moves back slightly but doesn’t let Arthit go. “are you okay??” his eyes look wild, panicked and filled with concern, it makes Arthit melt a little at how protective kongpob could get, sure sometimes it was annoying but as much as he didn’t like to admit it, it made him feel safe and protected.

“I’m fine, kong. Just was a little bit panicked” Arthit can see kongpobs hands shaking slightly, He had clearly been worried. Arthit hated when kongpob worried too much, “Are you sure? You’re not hurt or-” Arthit cuts him off by taking kongs hands into his own, staring into his eyes. “I’m completely fine, okay?” kongpob continues to stare into Arthits eyes for a second before speaking “okay.” 

“Good! Now come on, I’m tired and wanna take a shower.” kongpob nods and keeps hold of one of Arthits hands as they walk home.

If he holds a little tighter than normally then Arthit doesn’t mention it.

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request by: Lilth_Queen



"out of all the boys in the world type just had to pick you..." types dad snarls at tharn, harshly bumping into tharn as he passes.



tharn looks down at his hands as goes to sit next to type "did I have to come with you to visit your family? you know your dad hates me." tharn groans. type sighs a little and shyly holds tharns hand, trying to give the other a little bit of comfort.



"I know, I'm sorry. we'll be going home tonight." tharn nods tiredly and lies his head on types shoulder. normally, type would scoff and push him off but he knew how hard his dad could be on his boyfriend so instead he just rolls his eyes and turns on his phone, giving him something to do while waiting for his mom to call him to help with dinner while tharn slips into a calm sleep.



tharn was exhausted, he had been doing everything that types dad asked of him, doing his best to try and get along with him and yet it never seemed to work. type had noticed his dad becoming unreasonably cruel to tharn, he had almost lashed out at his dad multiple times but tharn had calmed him down and convinced him not to.




types dad walks back into the room and scoffs when he sees tharn led on types shoulder "what?" type asks. confused at what his dad was scoffing at.


his dad ignores him and instead shouts at the sleeping boy "oi! wake up!" tharn wakes up with a little panic at being yelled at suddenly, lifting his head off types shoulder (if it wasn't for the situation type would of thought tharns messy hair looked cute). type glares at his dad "what the hell?!?" tharn had done so much for his dad and yet he seemed to never let tharn rest "what? he shouldn't be asleep right now! it's rude!" tharn, kind tharn who always had so much pride and self-confidence, folds into himself and lets out a quiet 'sorry'.



"told you he didn't deserve you! rude ass-"


types had enough of his dad bullying his boyfriend so he stands up and gets ready to tell his dad off for once and for all but tharn stops him and softly says "it's ok type, I can handle it you don't have to go get in trouble for me", type looks at him, his dark eyes were filled with angry but soft and slightly glazed over in the way tharn always loved. type was going to protest but tharn gave him a pleading look so instead he nods slowly and sits back down next to than.


tharn takes type's hand in his, looking over at his angry, worried, protective boyfriend "I'm okay, honestly. I'm can deal with this. I love you and I don't want you to go against your dad for me." type looks at him again and some of the anger leaves his gaze and he nods.

type turns to look at his dad, he almost forgot about his dad while tharn was talking to him and his ears went a little red at the realisation that he had just heard all of that "we're going home. tell mom that we'll see her soon and that I'll message her later." he stands up and walks to the 

front door, pulling tharn along with him still holding his hand.





the car ride home was quiet with type trying to keep himself calm and tharn trying to think about ways to apologise to type, tharn hated being the reason that type argued with his dad.

tharn drives home slowly and turns off the car. type looks up at tharn, tharn looks so hurt. when they finally get home type immediately goes to the bathroom to splash water on his face while tharn sits down on the edge of the bed and waits. 




when type comes out of the bathroom tharn immediately starts to apologise, "I'm sorry I made you almost argue with your dad again..." type walks over to him and lightly hits him on the back of his head "tch, stop blaming yourself. it wasn't your fault anyway." type sits next to him with a frown "just because he's my dad doesn't mean I'm gonna let him get away with talking shit" tharn smiles a little at that.

his boyfriend was always so headstrong. tharn starts to speak "still-" but type covers tharns mouth with his hand, "hush. go get changed and then we can watch that dumb show you like about those 7 weird adopted superheroes." tharn snorts, "the umbrella academy?" type hums. tharn goes to their closet and pulls out some comfortable clothes to change into.



once they're both snuggled into bed with Netflix on the tv tharn can't help but think back to the harsh words that types dad has thrown at him throughout the day. type felt tharn tense next to him and turned to see what happened but tharn looked to be off in his own world "tharn?" tharn zones back in and turns to look at type "sorry...but I can't help but think your dad is right, I don't deserve you." type sighs and pauses the show, turning his body to look tharn in the eyes.



"I couldn't care less about what my dad says about us. don't listen to a thing he says, he doesn't know anything." tharn doesn't look very convinced. so despite the blush that starts to spread over types cheeks, he leans up a little to peck tharns cheek "I love you, okay? no matter what anyone says." tharn stares at him for a second as if searching for something in types eyes.



he seems to have found whatever he was searching for as he leans his head on types shoulder and sighs "I really love you too. I don't know what I was thinking when I said that..." tharn giggles and hold types hand, "look at you! caring about me aha" type lightly smacks his arm




"But yeah. I really do."


tharn smiles at him, "I'm tired. can we just sleep for now?" tharn asks. type just nods and soon they fall asleep, holding each other's hands.



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request by: Anon



Ming has liked Kit for a while now but no matter how hard he tries, Kit just seems to push him away with anger. Whenever Ming tries to talk to him or share a moment together, he just coldly says that he doesn't like spending time with Ming and tells Ming to go away.



Ming does not understand how to make Kit like him. He is beginning to give up, he tried everything he could think of but nothing worked and just seemed to make Kit mad. he never wants to make Kit uncomfortable with all his flirting attempts so he starts to distance himself from Kit.



Kit doesn't notice that he hasn't seen Ming for a while but Pha and Beam definitely noticed, especially since Ming was either always with Kit or he was hanging out with Yo. "hey...where's Ming?" Beam asks. Kit looks up from the food he was eating "how am I meant to know? I haven't seen him." Beam raises an eyebrow at that, "now that I think about it, I haven't seen him with you for a while now." Pha nods along next to him.



Kit shrugs "I haven't noticed, he's always been with Yo anyway."



Beam looks down at his food, he wasn't feeling hungry anymore, he felt bad for Ming. Ming was constantly chasing after Kit but was harshly refused multiple times. Pha keeps eating, though he glances up when he hears someone's footsteps come up to them.

its Yo. Pha smiles at him and Yo smiles back but it's small and doesn't reach his eyes so Pha can tell he's not in a good mood.



"Hey Yo, is Ming with you?" Pha asks. Yo looks over at him, "he was, we've been hanging out." Pha nods, "ok...but we haven't seen Ming around recently, why?" Beam asks. Kit frowns when Yo turns to glare at Kit and he looks down.


"do you even know why he hasn't been around you lately?" Yo asks. Kit shrugs, "I don't know. it's not like I've done anything to the idiot anyway. Yo rolls his eyes, he hated it when Kit insulted Ming without Ming being around, he knew it made Ming uncomfortable to be talked about behind his back. "did you even notice he was gone??" Kit looks down shamefully and that's all Yo needs to know the answer.

Yo looks over at Pha and Beam, "Ming has been upset lately because he's trying to move on from you..."



Yo turns back to Kit "but...because he's upset he seems to not be taking care of himself well."



Kit looks at Yo with wide eyes, "I- what?" Ming was trying to get over him? he wasn't dumb, he knew he liked Ming, it was just hard to deal with his flirting especially because he wasn't used to it, so he used anger as a defence mechanism.

he probably should have realised that at some point Ming would start to be hurt by it.

Yo nods. "how would you know that?" Kit asks as he clenches his fists. Yo rolls his eyes, "because Ming likes you, more than you like him."



"I like Ming!" Kit yells, "well you don't show it." Yo replies, Pha and Beam nod along with him. "if you like him, then tell him."



Kit is quiet for a little while before asking, "wheres Ming?"



as soon as Yo tells him where Ming is he shoots out of his seat and rushes there.



kit spots Ming in the back of the cafeteria trying to think of ways to confess that he likes Ming but Kit fiddles with the hem of his shirt. He's never been good at this kind of thing, he and Ming had been on good terms but Kit was afraid that if he confessed it might mess up their relationship. He tries to relax and think about what he wants to say but all the thoughts seem to just be incoherent ramblings so instead, Kit just walks without a word resolved on his lips as usual.



Luckily for him, Ming didn't notice him until he sat next to him "K-Kit? sorry, I didn't realise you wanted to eat here..." Ming was about to stand up and leave but Kit grabbed his arm "no! no... I wanted to talk to you." Kit looks away shyly, it's times like this he wishes he was good with communication "what-?" "look, imp sorry about the fact I kept pushing you away a-and being mean to you for no reason-" Kit stutters over his words a little as Ming stares at him. Ming's eyes soften and he stares back at Ming with an innocent look that makes Ming want to kiss him.

he might have been trying to distance himself but that doesn't mean he stopped liking Kit.



Kit feels like he might faint if he doesn't tell Ming soon but he is nervous, "M-Ming, I like you. I'm sorry I didn't say it sooner..." Ming looks surprised as Kit puts his hands on top of Ming's and draws them to his face, his heart begins to pound as he looks into Ming's eyes. Ming looks taken aback by this, he knows he has always liked Kit but Kit never showed it back. did he actually like him? he doesn't want to push him but----


"I-I like you too"


Kit sighs, "I know. thank you for putting up with the shit I said to you..."

Ming smiles, "always."


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request by: H.Khairi



"I’m fine Mes, stop worrying-" Thun cuts himself off as he coughs, his voice sounding scratchy and rough. He was currently laid in bed, wanting to go back to sleep. It was Monday morning and he was feeling crappy. 

he definitely didn't want to go to school today. 

Mes was currently standing by his bed while Thun, despite the pounding in his head,  shut his eyes to try and get more sleep but was interrupted when Mes started to speak, opening his eyes to look at his ghost boyfriend.


"Thun, how do you feel? your voice sounds like it hurts to talk." Mes said, his voice sounding worried and a little scared. His hands hovered over Thun’s face, he looked a little helpless. not being able to focus clearly meant it was hard for him to focus on touching things. It was rare that Mes was in this kind of mood and Thun didn’t like it one bit. 


"It's times like this I wish I wasn’t a ghost..." Mes says quietly.


"calm down-" Thun starts only for Mes to interrupt him again.


"How can I calm down!? you're sick and I can't help either! i-" 

"Please stop head really hurts" Thun groans. Mes quietly apologising 

He covers his face with his hand. He was definitely not feeling well.


"You should drink some water to help with your throat.." Mes suggests, pointing to the glass of water on the bedside table. "will you calm down if I do?" Thun gives him a weak smile, "a little..." Although he finds it hard to lift due to his weak arms, Thun takes the glass and slowly sips the water. he's drinking when he hears Mighty let out a quiet sound of worry.


"thun are you sure you're ok?" He asks.


"I'm fine," Thun says, but hearing his own voice makes him realize he probably isn't fine, not at all. He starts to cough again, and it hurts. so bad. his throat feels like there's a knife in there.

Thun makes a pained face as he coughs again.

"If your throat hurts that badly then you should drink more water." Mes says, trying to sound intimidating but all it does is make Thun think he sounds cute, "but it tastes weird..." Thun groans "it tastes that way because you're sick." Mes sighs, "please? at least one more sip?" Thun does as he's told, making a grossed out face as he sips it. 

Mes looks down, "I'm sorry I can't help much..." Mes felt helpless like this, being a ghost really sucks sometimes, he's worrying so much that he can't focus on touching anything. Thun smiles at him a little "don't say sorry, you being here is enough for me" Mes laughs a little at that, watching as Thun yawns, his eyes slipping shut. 


"Go to sleep, you'll probably feel better when you wake up." "Will you be here when I wake up?" Thun asks weakly, Mes scoffs "obviously" Thun sighs a little as he shut his eyes ``night then" Mes smiles "goodnight" He then stands back up and walks off, letting Thun sleep in peace, he felt guilty that he wasn't able to help when Thun was sick.

An hour later Mes has calmed down enough to focus on pouring cold water into a bowl and placing it on Thun’s bedside table for Thun to wet a towel and place it on his head to help keep him cool, Mes would have wet the towel for Thun but he used up all his energy just pouring the water. Hopefully, he could convince Thun to do it himself.

Mes sits on the bed next to Thun who’s sleeping peacefully despite the few coughs here and there. Mes worriedly fidgets with the bottom of his sleeves while waiting for Thun to wake up.

Mes hates feeling useless, unable to help his sick boyfriend.

“Mm” Thun stirs a little before waking up, he coughs and then turns to look at mes “ wha-” “please put that on your head. Please.” Mes points to the cloth in the cold water bowl next to the bed, Thun groans but does as his boyfriend asks, placing the cloth on his head, sighing at the nice cold feeling.

“I'm sorry-” “mes. If you say sorry one more time I swear.” Thun looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he was so kind but Thun had a headache right now. Mes blushed a little as he got shy, if it wasn't for the fact Thun was sick he would have kissed Mes right there, wait. “Can ghosts get sick??” Thun asks out of seemingly nowhere, panicked. the ghosts face morphs in confusion at the random question “uh...i don't think so??” Thun huffs out a breath in relief “good, don't want to make you sick while you take care of me.” 

“I'm not really taking care of you, I'm not doing anything…” Mes says, sadly. “Are you here with me?” Thun asks, staring at mes. “Huh?” Mes tilts his head but Thun continues, “are you here with me? Are you next to me and just simply being here?” Mes, confused, hesitates but nods. “Then that's all I need. You're here, That's enough for me.” Mes blushes harder, “oh shush, you’re sick.” Thun laughs loudly before it suddenly turns into a cough.


Once Thuns cough calms down a little Mes tells him to go back to sleep “aww but i-” “sleep.” Mes glares at him, giving him a ‘don't argue with me’ look “fine, fine!” Mes smiles “goodnight Thun”


“Mm night Mes” Thun mumbles, already half asleep.