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The Green Beast

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Reverend John Green sat staring aimlessly at the wall in the study. He could hear the light brushing sounds of Miss White dusting the shelves and it was growing evermore irritating. When his annoyance peaked he decided to ditch his attempts to concentrate on the words before him and go for a stroll-maybe Mustard would be up for a game of billiards?

Summoning all of his strength, Greenie pushed open the heavy wooden door and exited into the airy hallway. Absentmindedly he walked towards the billiards room past the library but his path was cut short by a purple figure. Professor Peter Plum. Plummers toppled to the ground and his huge stack of books fell with a crash. The reverend blushed and hurriedly bent to help Plum pick up the books.

“Oh my word, I am so, so sorry!” John gasped, his round face growing pink with embarrassment as he looked into the professor’s slim face.

“No, no it is okay, it-it’s fine, Reverend,” Peter stuttered out whilst struggling to catch all of the papers that had fallen out of his books.

“You can call me…” John hesitated. His mind was telling him to say ‘John’, yet looking at the professor’s defined cheekbones he yearned to be called something more intimate. “Greenie” he finished breathlessly.

“Okay…Greenie” Peter said, blushing. “In that case I suppose you can call me Plummers.” Plummers smiled nervously up at John, their eyes meeting. After a prolonged silence, Greenie finally stuttered out “So…you busy? ‘Cause I was planning on heading over to the billiards room and ermm, we could invite the Colonel or ermm…not?”

Plummers grinned, flashing his white teeth “Yeah, the billiards room sounds good,”

An audible tutting sound came from behind them as Mrs Peacock strode past them, heading towards the ballroom for her piano practice. Plummers glanced at her briefly before making his way into the musty billiards room and Greenie followed quickly behind.

The room was relatively bare except for the monstrous billiards table in the centre; Plum glanced around before turning to Greenie and asking “So….what exactly were you planning on doing in here?”

“Shit” Greenie thought-he hadn’t really thought about what they would do. “Ermm…well I thought we could err…” he trailed off.

Plummers flashed his grin once more before edging closer to Greenie. John’s heart raced as Plummers brought his lips to whisper in his ear “You’re a sexy green beast, Greenie” he whispered before kissing Greenie hard on the lips. Greenie kissed back before they heard the loud creak of the door opening.

There stood Miss Scarlet, her mouth wide open.

“Shit” Greenie thought.