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The Slow Reintegration of a Samurai

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Simon Blackquill becoming a free man had sent shockwaves through the entire legal system - this intimidating cruel-looking man who had only been held back by the shackles around his wrist and his assigned partner Detective (who had turned out to be the real villain) was now free to use whatever means possible (hawk, sword, etc.) to browbeat witnesses, colleagues, and judges alike. With that in mind, many of his colleagues were trembling as they reported to work the first day he would be coming as a  free man. 

"Do you think he'll have a real sword now?"

"If I get the papers to him late, he might skewer me!"

"I wonder who'll be assigned to him!"

"Maybe High Prosecutor Edgeworth won't give him a case immediately?" This statement was quashed by other people quickly.

"You think he's the type of guy to take a break? He didn't even take one when he was about to be execu-"

Everyone hushed as they turned to the window and saw Simon Blackquill, his hawk on his shoulder and yes- there was a sword strapped to his belt- walking to the entrance of the building.


It wasn't a surprise to see Phoenix Wright in the High Prosecutor's office, Simon Blackquill thought, especially after what had happened in the case that had set him free. 

What was surprising was what they were talking about.

"And Maya asked me if I could ask you if you had the rare reunion special of the Steel Samurai that got released last year and where you got it, if you did" Mr. Wright said sheepishly. 

"Of course I did," said Mr. Edgeworth imperiously. 

"Oh, tell me where you got it-"

"Come in," Mr. Edgeworth interrupted Mr. Wright. "What is it?"

Simon came in, wondering at what he had heard. Steel Samurai? Was High Prosecutor Edgeworth a fan? Of the Steel Samurai?

"Ah, hello, Mr. Blackquill." Mr. Wright was all smiles. "Maybe you'd know, since you're interested in samurais, right? Did you hear what we were talking about?" 

"Wright," said Mr. Edgeworth cuttingly, "my prosecutor was in prison until just recently so there is a negligible chance that he has heard of it."

"Ah!" Mr. Wright looked horrified. "I'm sorry, Prosecutor Blackquill!"

Simon shook his head. It was amusing to see such a respected man like Phoenix Wright so caught off-guard. "I have not been able to procure the recent DVDs of the series, unfortunately, though I seek to complete my collection. High Prosecutor Edgeworth, I have the papers you wanted to look over regarding the Amity case."

"Ah, thank you, Prosecutor Blackquill."

Simon then excused himself, not wanting to be troublesome.

Two days later, a mysterious package was delivered to his house. He could hardly believe that someone had sent him all the Steel Samurai DVDs he hadn't yet found. 


“Hey, Simon! It looks like we’re on the same case again!”


Having a bright beautiful young woman (if the rumors were true that he had actually called her a chick at one point during a case), cheerfully greet Simon every time she saw him regardless of how bad his mood was and how he always found a hint of a smirk or even the faintest smile to give to her even when he was at his worst went a long way in making Simon Blackquill more approachable to the rest of the prosecutors and everyone who worked with him.

As long as he didn't have that sword close by, at least.


Apparently having Athena around made him so much more approchable, Simon thought, when the fifth person interrupted his conversation with her about the case today to talk about other prosecutorial stuff. It was somewhat amusing but he would prefer not to have his conversations with her interrupted so much.

"You're really popular, aren't you, Simon?" Athena beamed up at him. "That's good!"

Only when I'm with you, he thought fondly. When he had his sword or Taka nearby, people still got scared when he looked at them for more than a few seconds.