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Ticket to Gay

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           T was a no good, very bad, horrible day. Josuke was feeling spry...but the rain and the clouds lookd mean >:(. He ha d  a picture of his best friend koichi in his purse and he took it out to make himself feel better.


           “I feel better now,” he said, to (?). (?) nodded and the wind swept his hair into a  very good shape.


           Okuyashu  shit his pants, :(((.



           “ I have told you, Okuyasu, you are not gay. Only I am mgaY. There can only be one gay in Japan because you need a permit and that permit is mine. I went to Shibuya to get it yester year. There is one other person who may have a permit thoughg…….


           SomeWHERE IN MORIOH!!!!!”


           “I wonder who it is?” Koichi asks from the purse, but Josuke throws him into the sea.


           Koichi Drowns. His body washes up in Florida. Jotaoro cries many tears and swears to avenge his sweet sweet baby boy Koichic-kun. Jolyne is in prison.




           A long time ago, there was a prophecy made.. That only one Japanese man shall hold the rights to Gay. An old man on top of a mountain made a dolphin noise and wrote the prophecy onto golden plates. He was the original gay...and his name was….. JOTARO KUJO!!!!!!!!  Thus, Josuke came form a long line of Known Gays, and his destiny was set…..However, a new destiny awaited him that day:: he must find the othr rights to gay. It is his destiny.

           R0HAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 has de right 2 gay!

           And off jokuke and okuyasu go, searching high and low for rohan kitchen. He is nowhere to be seen, or  felt, iN morioh-cho.

           “ROHAN-SENSEI, WHERE ARE YOU?????” okuyasu screams to the wind, that is blowing josuke and his own hair very majestically. It swirls, beautifully again.


           But it was no use. There was a typhoon. A torrential downpour into the streets and Josuke realized he was crying ebcause he was in pain. There was something MASSIVE in his bunghole and even though he had a permit to gay he was scared because this was his first time having a bunghole experience :(


           “I’m here, you know. I’ve been inside you all along,” Rohan whispers, floating up from his bung like the genie from Aladdin.


           Josuke smiles and does the macarena dance of his ancestors.


           “I cna’t bleieve it…..Rohan-Sense 8. You’re like,,, really hot though?????”


           “Shut up josuke, you baka, you have to win my heart with the power of a hot anal pounding to even recieve the gay permit.”


           Rohan drops his pants, and there his 3-i nch penis stood, erect, waiting and ready for josuke. Okuyasu flies into the sky and into the typhoon, the gay is too much for him, he is in fact completely straight.


           Tomoko shakes her head from on High. Her poor  son must give this man a great (daze!!) pounding or suffer the consequences….


           “Ok” josuke agrees and he released his dick. It extends for 5,000 miles across the Arabian sea. In fact, it even takes a week to unleash and by then, everyone is hungry and ready to go home to watch the Sugar Bowl on TV…


           Rohan shakes his head. “That took you long enough.” he gasps from dehydration and starvation. “Now i will take your virgin bunghole.”

           Rohan pokes his 3 inches into josukes phat cheeks, it cant even reach his hole :(. So, instead, rohan goes for a 5000 mile walk over josuke’s cock. He has to make it to the end before he dies, and sit on it with his phlat ass.

           Of course, once he makes it, he suctions down 2 the base at the speed of light. His butcheeks are already back to josuke!!! And! All 5000 miles of cock inside of him. Wow. !

           He cheers from Colorado with know what they say about cock .. If it extends to Colorado, it’s good for you..


           “Social distancing,” Yukako reminds Koichi, but he is already long gone, dead under the waves, like Davey Jones in his prime.


           Thus, Rohan is given quite the pounding and all of Morioh cheers from the audience. Tomoko throws a bouquet of expensive wines toward her son and he catches them with a grin. He is 50 years old now and ready to drink.


           Rohan finally dies from dehydration. Oh no1, his gay ticket, is now up for grab s. Who shall take josuke’s dick neXT???????????????????????


           Find out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!