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Toxic green eyes lit up with maniacal glee as he obliterated the last one in his way. After all the fighting these 'high level' lackeys didn't stand a chance against him now. Color returned to him as his body finally became solid as he absorbed the essence from the mid-level ghost soldier. For more than a decade, he was sure, these hellish creatures have tortured him. The world behind the imposing purple door created out of Pariah's lair was nothing but torment personified and finally this would be over. Red streams of fog scattered about as Pariah's Sarcophagus gleamed before him, the door's core churning with power. Power enough to get them out of here.

Unadulterated hatred and madness bubbled underneath his marred skin as he struck the sarcophagus right through with clawed hands. Although he was stuck in this hell for thirteen years, as his tormentor generously kept count for him, he had not aged a day past fifteen. He could only depend on ectoplasm as food else he dies of hunger. The torment he had endured leaving scars upon scars. He lost his tongue for all of his snarky remarks in the second year and was lucky he still had his eyes although they were horribly compromised. He hadn't found a reflective surface yet to tell how but he knew they were. His hair was matted with his own blood and his enemies' ectoplasm but it still gleams in the malicious light of the world he was stuck in. His face twisted into a wicked smile plunged his hand through the keyhole and tore out Pariah's core from the old tyrant's chest. The smile became even larger when he heard his screams of pain when he decided to bombard the sarcophagus straight through with his ectoblasts. They had gotten stronger but fighting an army of his undead for an ungodly amount of time would do that.

The body nor the casket lasted and the body burned from the inside causing the older to disintegrate along with his coffin. The door broke apart and The tyrant king's eyes flew open presumably to attack but the damage had already been done. His eyes widened in shock as he met the toxic green eyes of the culprit staring down at him as he sunk lower into ash with his core in the boy's hand and an insane smile of his face.

Lifting his fingers just above his mouth, he did not hesitate to swallow the pulsing black core bubbling with its ancient power. Ignoring the slimy texture and its feeble attempts to escape his mouth, it was as successful as a mouse trying to escape the jaws of a cat. In a gulp, the effects came about in an instant.

His fangs became more pronounced as veins formed and thrum above in his gums. His tongue regenerated splitting at the tip becoming forked and black pooled his sclera. He could taste a minty liquid in his mouth and he concluded that they were from his fangs. Venom.
Two gleaming white horns protruded from the sides of his head from just above his ears only to curve in a way that framed his face. They seemed to have a pearlish iridescence as they shone amidst his now flaming white hair.

He couldn't help but giggle at the wave of power that burst through his chest before it turned into hysterical laughter. His clothes seemed to reform into a more refined design. His hazmat suit remained but his shoulders, gloves, and boots were adorned with white dragon scales. A black cape with white fur that cupped his neck and trailed down only to be held by a single emerald as a button. The cape itself seemed to have a special property shifting with the nameless faces of souls actively burning a green ectoplasmic fire in which the black seemed to fade. The air was alight with a wave of power. Two powerhouses were now one.

Should it have been a time before now, he would have been mortified of eating the soul of another person but with how fate decided that he could never live in peace, he wouldn't go down so easily. No, with so much that had been taken from him he was going to show the fates exactly where they perform their sick games. And having to do what he needs to do just came with the job description not that he minded. Pariah's was delicious with victory. His mind was still buzzing when he realized that the old tyrant was still there, within him, and was fighting his fate. He should have known it wouldn't be that easy to consume such an ancient core. He'd just deal with him later.

"Finally..." He looked up into a blue crystal chandelier that hung above him. Around him, his once Hell had spun into a castle and he was in a throne room. Its walls were black and silver pillars extended to the entrance. A deep green carpet with a white circle that appeared around where he stood. In the circle was a star not unlike the star of David and embroidered into the circle was a text in cursive Latin 'Vide rex iustitiae in insania est scriptor.' He didn't know what it meant but it felt right. Perhaps he'll get him to teach him more Latin as he was sure that it was definitely Latin.

A telling swoosh of air and he shifted gracefully to the side, so fast he almost made himself dizzy. A lazy grin at Fright Knight who held his sword - Soul Shredder - an inch where he was once floating.

"Fright Knight, aren't you a little late to the party?" He asked jovially as he tilted his head with uncanny innocence.

"You will release Pariah's core immediately, Phantom." The Knight swiped straight for Danny's chest which he swiftly dodged with little to no effort. "Or you will suffer the consequences!"

"Can't do that. His absorption is near complete." Danny's lazy smile turned into a full-blown grin as Fright Knight's horse, in its irritation that its master could not hit the halfa, dove right at Danny causing the nightmare-inducing sword to plunge right through him. Fright Knight got a fright of his own when Phantom's entire body dissipated into a black fog and settled.

"That wasn't supposed to happen." His horse gave a neigh of panic and confusion as the smog grew many green eyes and icicles of green ice in the shape of smiling mouths. It surrounded them in an instant an icicle at the neck of the horse and where Fright Knight's core was supposed to be. Simply being so close to it hurt.

"I don't want to end you Fright Knight and I'm sure you don't want to lose your horse either." Danny's voice echoed from each of the mouths. "Your duty is to serve your King and that title belonged to me the moment I defeated Pariah Dark the first time."

"Infernal Child!" Was all he could shout before the blade dug painfully past his armor into his chest. A panicked whine from his horse was enough to make him calm down.

"Do you really believe that? And even so, the crown of fire and ring of rage will recognize me as the king. Pariah is gone and I really can't imagine him having an heir. Then there are all the crimes you have committed." There was truth to his words and at this position, he could very easily be faded, rightfully so.

"Well if I am to die-" The knight was cut off.

"Serve me instead, should be interesting." That was an order and they both knew it. "After all it would such a shame to lose a competent soldier."

The terrifying smog and black fog billowing around to form around Phantom leaving only his cape part smog. This released the two and in the blink of an eye, he appeared at the entrance of the throne room and walked past the group of ghosts with a satisfied smile on his face.

The throne itself was made of black metal with silver trimmings and had a deep green cushion for him to sit on. Before him, legions of the draguar ghosts that once served Pariah were saluting to him and the rest were bowing. He spotted some that were personally in charge of his torture and among the crowd although most were shaking because they knew how they wrong him. And he had been wronged many, many times and by so many people he just found it a waste to harm them again.

He couldn't help but ponder 'What kind of king will I be?' as he looked upon the rows of soldiers in front of him and servants bowing to him at the side. He smiled once again as he figured it out.

"I won't be a Tyrant like Pariah." He said as he began walking towards the crowd of saluting soldiers. He could feel their fear rolling off of them in waves and honestly, he could help but enjoy it. He did bring each and every one of them near their second death with his hands alone and now they were back to serve him. Oh, how cruel Karma could be. "That being said I won't accept evil souls who are so willing to torture and hurt a child with no hesitation." He stopped in front of the lead soldier. The ghost who cut off his tongue and only furthered his insanity. All of the soldiers knew what they had done was wrong but this one. This one embraced the verdict Pariah gave from beyond his tomb.

The ghost was a big skeleton ghost that could easily pass for a general as he led a large squadron of his own. His name was Mardon and it was almost comical to see how he avoided eye contact until Phantom flew up to his face. The boot-licker. He reminded him of a rat.

"Look at me." The ghost couldn't. He just couldn't bring himself to. That was until the same black smog that entrapped Fright Knight wrapped around his head and forced him to look. His King's eyes were in a way hypnotic.

Black sclera and green ring literally swirling eyes. Mardon could remember what was he so afraid of. His mind went blank.

"Mardon, a vessel for Pariah's will, do you confess to enjoying torturing me?"

"Yes." He answered.

"Do you regret the actions you took?" Danny asked getting closer.


And then he was back in the throne room. His soldiers looking him in horror. "I didn't even have to try."

"Since the crimes you've committed can now be seen as High Treason," Danny said, mood switching to that of an excited showman. "Just know that this is a what happens to traitors."

Danny grabbed Mardon's face with a hand frosted with his ice power's and slowly his entire skull was pure ice. A little tip over and the ghost fell to the floor and his head shattered. He pointed at three of Mardon's ex-soldiers. "Clean that up and Fright Knight."

"Yes,... Sire." Fright Knight replied with little hesitation.

'look who's a quick learner.' Danny thought amusedly. "See to it that Mardon's Squadron has a new leader and," Phantom grinned. "You're all dismissed." He didn't think he has seen so many ghosts scatter in such a hurry.

His eyes caught ruby eyes and pale fair skin before they turned and walked away and Phantom quickly followed beckoning for Fright Knight to leave him as he went after the retreating figure. It led him past the multiple halls lined with pillars alternating between black and white. The hall itself had tiled floors and were lit blue making the white walls seem that of turquoise. The lead entered a room which Phantom could only presume was his own. A master bedroom with walls of beige and a king-sized bed of silky deep green. A see-through door that led to a spotless white bathroom and another which seemed like a closet. In front of the bed was a dresser with a grand mirror gilded with white framing. A couple of meters to right was a small study where he sat looking intensely at the new king. He floating a bit reminding Phantom that he was still in that plane.

"Daniel." His clipped tone was enough to let Phantom know he wasn't happy. He floated a bit higher from the study and made a beeline for him phasing through the bed and all that stood in his way bringing their distance to a bare minimum. They couldn't touch at least not yet.

In slight defiance, Phantom lifted his head almost looking proud of what he had done. "I will not apologize."

"You could have lost yourself. I know I am not one to talk but I know you're slipping as we speak." He was. Pariah was not fully gone and was fighting for control. By the time the power surge had subsided, his mind was more than a ringing mess. His body gave a slight tremor at just how much it wanted to consume him at once but he had to bide his time. He clenched his teeth as he felt the rage Pariah held towards him but reveled in it. The hatred in his core wouldn't let him lose that fight so easily. Pariah's own corruption from the crown he had worn for so long was also seeping into him even though he had already conquered the crown before. "Right now, you can't handle it, can you?" Rhetorical question. "Let me help you."

"Don't touch me, Tom," Danny said with his eyes ablaze. "You can't touch me yet or else you'll - you won't be able to go back and-" He had to stop himself else he'd do something he would definitely regret. "You'll be stuck with me while the rest of you-."

"Worry not, I was working on a spell." Tom continued as if they were having a normal conversation as if he wouldn't be devoured in an instant. "Even though I warned you, I knew you wouldn't listen."

"Tom, what are you doing?"

"Fotostefanos. " He whispered and his transparent body shimmered and became smaller in a bright flash Tom was gone.

Danny's eyes widened as the ringing stopped. He could make out more and more of his thoughts and could clearly feel Pariah and something or someone else. 'Tom?' he thought.

"Ah, it worked." Danny almost jumped. Tom's voice was way to close for comfort.

"Riddle, what did you do?" He looked at the mirror and was surprised to see a green three-ringed halo glimmering above his head. It had a shining green jewel in its center and round flare like orbs on each ring. The crown was gone and this was in its place.

"I'm helping you. The ringing as stopped, yes?"

"Yes, but how did you know about the ringing?" He shook his head and sighed "Right, experience. "

"Indeed. I'm sure other people will be able to see me in this form."

"And that's okay? I mean what if another ghost tries to touch you?" Phantom said. "If you come in contact with any form of ectoplasm you'll become your own ghost."

"You seem to forget that you've taken on an extreme risk by absorbing Pariah's core and from what I heard he's worse than I am. If you fell any further would you even recognize me?" Phantom knew he was right and tore his eyes away from the mirror.

It was quiet for a bit until Tom spoke up again. "You could have lost your memories or become power-hungry,... You once told me that a different version of you became a total monster. What makes you so sure that wouldn't befall you once you did that."

"I made a promise to you Tom and I intend to fulfill it," Danny said immediately Tom was through. After a pause, Danny smiled again. "Besides you've helped me so much in keeping myself at this point would be just evil of me not to return the favor."

"Stupid brat."

"Love you too." He chuckled. He sighed as he sat on the bed. It felt so foreign to him but it was a welcome change. With the energy coursing through him at the moment he couldn't bring it in him to even think about sleep. In their mutual silence, his mind wandered for a bit for his next move then he realized aloud.

"I hypnotized Mardon back there and I distorted myself way beyond I thought was capable."

"Well, it should be a given that with more power come more abilities at your control," Tom replied unsurprised like he had been. "Do you all of them or what changed?"

"No, I just know what I want when I'm in the moment." Phantom heard Tom reply with a quiet 'Interesting.' Before he felt a presence at the door.

A quiet knock at the door and a small voice called, "My Lord, may I come in?"

"Come in." At Danny's invitation at meek maid opened the door and bowed. She was light green and had dark purple hair.

"My Lord, a ghost by the name of Clockwork has come to see you." She said. Danny could almost see how tense she was. Shaking even.

'Poor thing thinks you might gobble her up too.' He heard Tom say.

'You would know, oh dark lord.' Danny rolled his eyes and frowned. ' Clockwork sure doesn't waste time.'

'Do you resent him?'

"and what's your name, miss?" He asked to also ignore Tom's question.

"Meldred, my Lord." She answered.

"Well Meldred, show me where he is." She bowed and took off with him close behind. As they went they passed many servants who ducked out of the way or simply bowed. Many stared at the halo that Tom had taken the form of or stared at him.

'These guys need to chill out, it's not like I'm going to decapitate them.'

'Well, they don't know that for sure now do they?' Tom snarked. 'Beside's being their new king, you're a higher level ghost any of them have witnessed. Of course, they'd be nervous.'

Meldred led them to the back of the castle which was a garden, or at least Danny supposed it should be a garden since it didn't look like it was never cared for. Of course, he understood that Pariah was asleep for a while and was never a hospitable ruler but this place was horrible. The only thing that had changed about Pariah's old lair was the castle, the core but not everything. The rest, he would do himself and this seemed like quite the opportunity.

"Meldred." Meldred squeaked at the sound of his voice and turned to bow.

"Yes, my Lord?"

"When I'm done with Clockwork see that we do something about this place." The obvious distaste in his voice must have set off a serious alarm in her because she began to apologize profusely.

"I'm sorry sir, we didn't have the time to-" she began to ramble excuses and apologies.

He put a hand on her shoulder which immediately made her flinch. Danny removed his hand and silenced her.

"Look I don't know what Pariah did to you all but he's gone. My war was with him not you. Don't worry about it. We will address this later. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, Sir." Danny sighed and a puff of cold air escaped his lips. His eyes shone ice blue and deep blue pupils grew to replace his normal ones as he froze the garden of thorns over.

His eyes quickly spotted a familiar purple cloak under the gazebo in the middle of the now ice garden. He dismissed Meldred and went over to the old ghost. Clockwork had not had a seat and was slightly floating he turned and green eyes met red for the second time since is the war had ended.

"Clockwork." Phantom nodded.

The ghost in question said nothing as Danny drifted closer. Danny could see the sadness in his eyes and wasn't expecting an apology and so he wasn't prepared for a full-on hug from the old-time ghost who was in the form of a little boy right then. He understood, how could he not. Clockwork must have seen everything but he couldn't have done anything. It hurt them both and so Danny hugged back.

"You've suffered greatly Danny," Clockwork said as he pulled back. "And I wish all of this could have never come to be."

"All is as it should be right, Clockwork?" Danny smiled. "If it wasn't supposed to happen it wouldn't. I should actually thank you." Danny said as he pointed to Tom still disguised as a halo. "The ghost zone is pretty big after all and we don't think our meeting was coincidental."

"Sending him here was the best option as for you not to fall and it's nice to meet you, Mr. Riddle." Clockwork said as he shifted into an old man. Tom appeared right beside Danny and gave a small nod, doing well to hide his shock at the blatant change in the time ghost's age.

"The pleasure is all mine, Clockwork," Tom said before disappearing back.

"So then, you can't leave the Tower unless it's really urgent and checking in on me isn't really a strong enough reason no matter the hardships," Danny said sitting in a chair opposite Clockwork in the Gazebo. "Got something for me?"

"Yes, there are two actually and right now one takes priority. Five years ago, the human and some alien heroes fought a war against an alien Titan called Thanos and lost. In hope for a better greater peace in society in which the Universe amounts to as a whole, the Titan used a gauntlet which contained the six stones called infinity stones to wipe out half of all the planets dominant species." Danny look mildly surprised.

"So that means the half of the Earth's population that was wiped out were humans right?" Clockwork was slightly disturbed that Danny didn't seem to care about humans anymore even though he himself was still half-human. He understood though, with what the boy had gone through he wasn't surprised but there was still his obsession. Clockwork wondered if protecting the humans was ever his obsession, to begin with. "And aliens are real." Danny seemed to add as an afterthought.

"Yes, sentient non-humans such as ghosts, demigods, magicals and other creatures were left untouched by The Decimation otherwise known as The Snap." Clockwork studied the boy once he had given his confirmation and Phantom only had a posture of indifference. It bothered him to no end that the animated hero was nowhere to be seen here. It was tragic really. "As we speak the heroes are using the power of time travel courtesy of the time and reality stone to fight back and regain their loved ones. In five minutes two lives will be lost which will devastate the world in folds."

"Danny, You can do something right now that no one else can but only if you are willing." Danny's black eyes glimmered at the offer.

Danny knew what was going to be asked of him and honestly, he almost couldn't keep in. Fight in another war after he had only regained his freedom? In space? As for them, oh, he'd do it. The fates won't stop him and He could have some fun with this.

"What do you think Tom wanna see space?" Danny grinned.

"Would I? You'd better. As if we would ever get the chance like this again." Tom scoffed as Danny held out his hand.

"I guess that makes four minutes, Clockwork. I think I should get started." Clockwork took his hand in stride.

"Thank you, Daniel." Clockwork pulled out a vial and placed it in his hand. "Drop that as soon as you catch her. Don't stop and keep going through the portals that open. You'll know who you need to grab as soon as you get to your second stop." A green portal opened in front of them. "The far frozen will be the last stop, they have already been notified. The heroes will be sent to another location, do not worry."

"Time is of the essence, Daniel."

"Sure thing, Clockwork," Danny said as he passed through the portal. "See you soon."

As he left the old-time ghost finally sat down in his old man form and sighed.

"All is as it definitely should be." He looked at the frozen thorn garden and then to the head maid that came out with some refreshments only to stop when she didn't see the king.

"Where-" Meldred was stopped by the old ghost.

"Don't worry he won't be back for a while." He said giving a grandfatherly smile. "If you'd like I can point out a few flowers he'd be satisfied with." Gesturing towards the garden.

She gaped a bit before sheepishly smiling back. "That would perfect, thank you, sir."


The bushes and trees rustled wildly as the green Dryad panted as the dashed to get away. She and her sisters could feel him coming as each tree groaned and as ground literally shook, rumbling as he slithered through the forest with the same easy they had. They had been fleeing for an hour and her sisters were really starting to get tired. Oh man, why did she take it? He looked so mad!

"Move, Move, Move!" She called as she dashed ahead. She heard a scream but didn't dare look back. The shadows cast by the dipping sun did little to help her line of sight. She leaped over a couple more bushes before she landed on a rose bed. A very thorny rose bed.

"Gah! Traitor!"She yelled. She could hear his laughter booming through the forest and a little giggle from the bush. The rumbling of the ground slowed a bit before she heard the trees above her rustle.

"Dammit!" She growled as she dusted herself and tightened the blue sachel around her. Her tree was up ahead and she was so close. He was so close.

Ten meters away, nine, eight, seven, six - "Shit! "

Black clawed hands grabbed her arms and slammed down to the ground. She could only see his ridges green bioluminescence shone from his underbelly as the dust settled. Sea green slitted eyes were reflecting the victory he had accomplished above her. He hadn't let go of her long enough to escape before she was being wound up by his powerful tail. The dust settled enough for her to see his almost black scales shimmering dark blue and green in the sunlight of the setting sun like they couldn't make up their mind. His tan skin bearing a few golden tattoos, with a few odd spots for scales like around his eyes and patches on his shoulders, and messy black hair came into view. He was all in all quite handsome if he wasn't squeezing her to death.

"Percy air, please." She wheezed but his grip didn't loosen. "Dude!"

"This is what you get for taking my suppressants." He grumbled as he slipped the bag over his shoulder before dropping her. "If I hadn't taken any this morning I'd be having greens for dinner and not the plant kind, Marsha." He said looking over his shoulders.

"Pff as if, Mama Beech would kill you," Marsha said brushing her frizzy lilac hair back. She hunched over and lowered her voice. "' Now, I know ya didn't hurt one a ma girls, Jackson. I brought chu in here outta pity and I can sure as Hey-al kick your slithery ass out!' " She said with the accent of angry jersey old woman and grinned as Percy smirked.

"Oh, and how would you know?" Percy said adjusting the bag and lowering himself so Marsha could get on his back.

"Experience and she totally could!" She yawned as she slipped on. "Ugh, It not fair. I swear you're nocturnal."

"Yeah, I don't doubt that." He said as he picked up a little nymph on the way back to Marsha's bush. A couple calming glides from his large form and they made it to her bush. "You should get some rest and sorry if I squeezed you too hard." She gestured for him to give her the little nymph and winked at him.

"Nah, It was a good day. Couldn't let you leave and not annoy the Hades outta you. The girls and I will see ya later," She gave him a peck on his cheek. "You're a part of the fam now so you better tone down the snakey tendencies and don't get caught, 'kay?"

"Yeah, I don't intend to get caught. Tell Mama Beech I'll I.M. her later." Percy said as waved goodbye. His thoughts ran deep about how lucky he was to meet them.

Dealing with his creature inheritance was hard since it was supposed to die out centuries ago and with no one to go to he had to figure himself out. It only made him bitter since he'd began to develop snake-like tendencies. It was a miracle he'd manage to bottle it in when it had begun in Tartarus. After defeating Gaea, it had only gotten worse. Waking up in the middle of the night after suddenly having your body become half-snake hurt and his instincts were pounding against his head. Bursts of accidental magic toppled over his belongings but in his pain, he couldn't bring himself to bring it back in. If his pained hissing didn't attract the old Nymph and her girls, who were on their way back to the forest after cleaning up the mess hall, he didn't know what would become of him. The demigods and gods would mistake him for a monster, a Geminus to be exact, and while he assumed they would understand he didn't want to give Zeus another reason to want to kill him.

The old nymph, who later introduced herself as Mama Beech, the oldest tree on Long Island helped him. She knew some wizards from way back when and was a master at making potions. She was very glad to help the twice hero of Olympus out. She taught him what she could and gave him suppressants for what she couldn't. Yeah, he had really been lucky, it had been five months now and he learned more about himself. He had all the basic traits of a venomous snake, unlike him, he kept his nose thankfully but he was much more of a snake than his grandfather could hope to imagine.

Speaking of his grandfather he hadn't contacted any of his followers in the past few months. He growled at the thought of those incompetent followers back in Britain. He just wanted to find the man but the level of ingratitude his followers showed pissed him off beyond belief. It was probably fear for some, last he heard his grandfather had been mentally unstable and was killed, that was a lie. He almost too certain that his grandfather was alive. They had only met once when Percy was very little and he didn't remember much. As his mother's father, he checked in regularly with them through the phone when he was little. The news that he was dead struck them both like a sword. The ring looped on a necklace around his mother's neck made him say otherwise. She believed him. She was, for a time, the true teacher he had before Chiron and Mama Beech of course. His mother was unfortunately weak for a witch but did her best and even learned how to control the mist for his sake, Smelly Gabe just happened to work better.

Percy could hear thunder crackling in the air as he drew closer to the border of the camp. He shifted back and changed his clothes as a sign of just coming back. He wore a black long sleeve and black jeans with his camp half-blood t-shirt on top. He couldn't do anything about the trident tattoo on his cheek so left it be. He sighed in relief as he felt the suppressants kick in as he was about passing the barrier, which luckily didn't count him as a monster, that was until he heard a shout. Lightning shot down from the sky and towards a hell hound. Percy's eyes widened as he spotted at least ten hell hounds in the distance chasing a boy in white. The boy was trying to use a bow and arrow to fight them off but there were way too many.

"What the Hell did this guy do to get so many of them on his tail." Percy hid the bag behind a bush and dashed into the horde of growing monsters. It was late April so the forest was extremely humid and there were puddles everywhere. Turns out the kid was a good fighter and the hell hounds didn't stand a chance against them. The kid killed the last one and sighed in relief. He let out a light-hearted chuckle and turned to Percy. He was strawberry blond and very sky blue eyes. He looked like he was near Percy's age.

"Thanks, I thought it was definitely the end of the line for me." Percy took his outstretched hand and shook it.

"I certainly know the feeling," Percy said grinning right back. "You're a great fighter, I'm Percy Jackson." The other boy's eyes widened meaning he knew him.

"Ah dude, call me Shawn Reeds. My dad's Zeus." Percy's eyes widened for the second time that night. So much for the no children rule. Zeus can really be a jerk when he wanted to be huh? This was what the third kid now but, that wasn't Shawn's fault.

"Really? Your siblings are gonna want to meet you." Percy said as he led Shawn up to the barrier. "Where've you been? You look a little too old to just be showing up especially for a son of the Big Three, Zeus' no less."

"My dad kinda made Artemis take me in. She didn't like the idea of fighting along with a boy so she made sent me on quests and errands." Percy winced at the thought of having to live with Artemis for the better part of his life. She definitely would have Percy killed if she found out about him. Explained why Shawn was such a good fighter though. "She especially didn't like me. I don't blame her though, Zeus practically forced her to take me in."

"Wow sorry about that. Wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't Artemis. Lucky you survived then." Percy said as he picked up his bag from behind a bush as pushed through the barrier. "I'm just coming back from a little quest myself and it's about time for the campfire." True to his word A golden flame could be seen peeking over some of the cabins. They could hear loud singing and could smell smores. Everyone had been in a good mood since they won the war. They knew how to bide their time since peaceful times like these wouldn't always last. "Come on," Percy said tilting his head in the direction of the fire. "You're gonna like it here."

Percy and Shawn walked up to the campers who looked up to the newcomers.

"Hey, guys." He got ripples of 'Hi Percy's and 'who's that's from the crowd and Zeus being the one for dramatics glowed his insignia above Shawn's head. It was a blue lightning bolt.

Chiron trotted down and gave Percy a welcoming pat on the back and faced Shawn. "And what's your name child?"

" Shawn Reeds." Shawn supplied slightly awed at the appearance of Chiron.

"The Bloodline is determined. Zeus - the god of the Sky, Weather, Kingship, and Honor, Hail Shawn Reeds, Son of the Sky god." Chiron announces. As tradition demanded, all campers bowed towed Shawn with respect. From what Percy had seen the kid deserved it.

From the blushing and the rubbing of the back of his neck, anyone could tell he was embarrassed by the attention so Chiron decided to have a little pity. "Jason, why don't you get him settled." {A/N: because honestly fuck Jason dying. That's just way too tragic, lol}

"Sure." He said coming up behind Percy. "Hey, Jason Grace, same dad but Roman instead of Greek." He stretched a hand out for a shake that Shawn gladly took.

"Take care of him, Grace, now I gotta go find Annabeth," Percy said before slipping away. The campfire was much bigger than he remembered with so many more demigod kids than before. He vaguely wondered if there were ones like him. Sure, there were children of Hectate but they didn't count. He also tended to avoid them when he had the chance to, he was not taking any chances.

He spotted Annabeth with Calypso and Hazel near the Athena Cabin and decided to scare them. He let out a small huff and vapor traveled behind Annabeth. There was no mercy on his ears.

"Dang NABBIT, Percy!" Hazel screeched with a bit of her old-timey accent showing she was definitely surprised.

Annabeth just went stiff and Calypso was the ear offender with her startled scream. Percy gave a devilish smile. "Mission Accomplished." He said giving Annabeth a peck on her cheek. "Hi."

The next thing Percy knew he was on the ground. She judo-flipped him but honestly, he had expected it but was too amused by her reaction and smiled up at her. She wasn't happy with the surprise but she couldn't resist smiling back. "Seaweed Brain."

"Wise girl." He said pulling her down with him. She landed with a 'whump' beside him.

"Get a room!" Piper called from across the field earning a few chuckles from the campers.

"Gladly!" Percy called back, lifting Annabeth back up as he stood and nodding at the two Annabeth was with.

The twinkle on Percy's cheek caught Hazel's eye. "Woah. What's with the gold." She asked as she pointed out the tattoo.

"Oh, this?" He said touching his cheek. The little trident seemed to glimmer in the light of the campfire. "I have quite a few actually. A couple of friends of mine decided to give me a little 'gift' in their words."

"Golden ink? Sounds quite expensive," Hazel said a little unsure. "Is it safe?"

"I sure hope so." Percy grinned a bit at their shocked looks. "I'm kidding, they said it was safe."

"Are they demi-gods? I thought you said you were headed back home." Annabeth asked eyeing the trident.

"No, definitely not. I chose the prints and I did go home." He said. "Or don't you believe me?" He said cuddling her with his face at her neck.

"No no, I do," Annabeth said. Percy could feel her tighten her hold on his shirt. Percy gave her a small smile and held her tighter.

Times like this reminded Percy why he never stayed too long in the forest with the nymphs. After the fall, Annabeth had been a tad clingy to him and would always look for him whenever he was around. Misery had done something to her, shown her something and it had shaken her up pretty bad. She wouldn't tell him what it was beside the blood control thing but that's as far as she'd explain. It made him hesitant to show her his other self but it was all in due time.

"Okay, Wise Girl I'm gonna get some rest yeah?" He said pulling away from her.

"Sure, goodnight Percy." With respective good nights from the girls, Percy headed to his cabin.

He couldn't be any more grateful to be the only child of Poseidon. The cabin was fairly large and had more than enough space for his large form. After bolting the door shut he leaned over his bed to crack a few back joints and shifted just a bit to let his scales and glow out.

Soft blue-green and a touch of gold from the various tattoos shone as Percy made his way to the bathroom.

"What was that?" Nico said as he saw a receding figure in the distance. Wary, Nico knocked on Percy's door waiting for him to answer.

Nico's father had a message.