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“Fuck!” shouted Katsuki as he threw his bag across his room, slamming the door hard enough to rattle the wall.

His chest heaved with uneven, irregular breaths. He crouched down, running his hands through his hair tugging at the roots, jaw clenched. 

“Fuck,” he whispered.

It had been a really long day at the agency, and everything got worse as the day progressed. From a petty shoplifter giving him the slip, to a miscommunication on patrols that ended up in a battle that ended with a civilian death. 

Ground Zero was no stranger to death, but today. Today hit hard, because he had no control, and he was always in control. Ground Zero was a leader, a ruthless hardass in his agency. 

With a shaky breath, he stood up, beelining for his expansive walk-in closet. He shrugged off his hoodie and tee, reaching for the bottom drawer on the back of the island that held his accessory collection. 

With a deep breath he pulled out a deep blue velvet box, unclasping the gold latch and opened the lid. 

He exhales when his eyes land on the glinting metal that sits on pillowed satin. He picks up the box and takes it to the mirror just to his right. Gently placing the box down he flips the vanity light on.

Red eyes scan his complexion, he looks exhausted, just plain done with the world. His fingers trail along his jaw, tracing the faint stubble that’s starting to grow. 

He takes the item out of its box, and pulls the hidden clasp, lowering his head to wrap it around his neck. 

Click . The mechanism locks in place, and Katsuki looks back at his reflection. 

He sighs calmly as his fingers trace the collar adorning his neck. He feels so much better now that it’s on. 

Comfort. The word that floats through his head as he cranes his neck admiring the way the collar looks on him. 

Standing before the mirror he studies his face and neck, admiring how good he looks with the black seamless metal collar around him. The collar is stark against his pale skin. While the design was simple and straightforward, it does the trick. He feels good, and looks good. 

Control. Katsuki feels more in control than he had when he walked in. On the days he feels like his life is spiraling, he comes home and locks himself in his room wearing his collar till he feels better. It makes him feel safe, like a security blanket. With that, his mind starts to drift into new territory. 

While Ground Zero and Bakugou Katsuki were one in the same, Katsuki didn’t always want to be in control. 

He gifted himself this collar as a source of comfort and control for the times he needed to feel in control after a long day at work, or from his mounting insecurities.

But oftentimes, Katsuki fantasized being gifted a collar by a Dom or Master, and handing over control to them one hundred percent. It could be easy for him to find one. He had dipped his feet into the world of BDSM communities, even tried the clubs, but Katsuki could never trust some random with him. No matter how experienced they were, Katsuki couldn’t fathom the idea of some extra taking care of him. 

Tonight, though. Tonight was one of those nights where he felt like he just needed someone else to do all the thinking for him.   

Just as he finished that thought there was a knock on his door. 

“Kacchan? Um, I’m home. And I uh, I heard about what happened. I, uh, I bought you dinner! It’s your favorite spicy curry from your favorite spot! It was on the way home, and I figured you’d wanna eat so, uh, yeah. Um, so just come out when you feel like it okay?”

Katsuki listened to the retreating steps of Izuku and looked back to the mirror, tilting his head to the side as he looked again at his collar. 

Izuku and Katsuki had been roommates for the last three years, and they worked at the same agency since then. Izuku lied, that curry spot was nowhere near any plausible route home. The nerd always did small things like this for him, it was...nice, for a lack of a better term. 

A lightbulb went off in Katsuki’s head and he stared at the ring of metal. 

Izuku was someone who wouldn't judge. Check.

He was empathetic to everyone he met, even God damn villains, so Katsuki was no exception. He had seen and knew every good and bad quality that Katsuki had, and never treated him any differently.

Izuku would be someone that could understand. Check.

The nerd knew him better than anyone, sometimes even knew what he was thinking, it was kind of unnerving.

Izuku was someone he could trust. Check.

Katsuki trusted Izuku with his life. He was his emergency contact should anything go wrong on the job. They had each other’s backs and best interests at heart. They’d come a long way, but they had a great rapport with one another.

Izuku ticked off all the requirements Katsuki had in a potential partner for this ‘relationship’. Even if Izuku didn’t know shit about BDSM, the nerd no doubt would do all the necessary research and ask all the questions he needed. He’d be thorough. 

Really, there was no one else more perfect that Izuku. 

There were several things though that could make or break this opportunity. Katsuki and Izuku were not dating. Thankfully both single, or, at least that he knows of. Two, their dynamic could switch considerably. Three, Izuku could utterly deny his request because he was either uncomfortable or didn’t think he’s the best candidate. 

And last but not least, Katsuki was completely and invariably in love with him.

Requesting Izuku to do this for him was just slightly nerve-wracking. To ask Izuku and for him to say yes, would be a dream come true for Katsuki.

The downside, of course, was that Izuku doesn’t feel the same way. 

But Katsuki wasn’t about to back down. It’d be worth a shot. 

He removed his collar and placed it back in its satin lining,  snapping the lid shut. Slipping on a tank top he opened the door and stepped into the hallway box in hand. 

He heard Izuku before he saw him tinkering about in the kitchen as he approached the large open space that had their living room, dining room and kitchen.

“Hey nerd,” he called out when he walked out of the hallway.

Izuku looked over his shoulder, with a warm smile, “Hi Kacchan! Are you hungry? I can heat up your food!” 

Katsuki smirked, “Yeah, sure Deku. You’d make a great housewife, you know that?” 

Izuku tripped over his feet, looking back at him with a blush on his cheeks, “Hey! I-uh, I just, I know you had a rough day, okay?”

“I’m just teasing ya short stack, but, thanks. Really,” he replied as he slid into the barstool at their counter. He watched as Izuku took the to-go containers out from the fridge and started to prepare to reheat it. Katsuki slid the velvet box into the seat next to him, saving the conversation for later. 

Piping hot food was placed in front of him and Katsuki looked up at Izuku, “Didja eat?” 

“I did! I actually had the spicy curry too! Sorry I went ahead, I wasn’t sure if you wanted company.” 

Katsuki shrugged, “Eh, it’s fine.” 

Izuku turned back to the sink, filling their kettle full of water and placed it on the stove. He turned, facing Katsuki and leaned against the counter with his hands resting on the counter behind him. 

“You okay Kacchan? Wanna talk about it?” 

Katsuki shook his head, “I’m fine. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, but you know it’ wasn’t yo—”

I know . You don’t have to tell me the generic spiels. I get it, and I told you. I’ll be fine.”

Izuku nodded in understanding, not wanting to provoke Katsuki. 

“But,” Katsuki started.


“I did wanna talk to ya about something. You free to talk after I finish my dinner?” 

The kettle whistled and Izuku turned pouring two cups of tea, “Yeah, sure, Kacchan. I can do that.” 

He turned, walking with both cups in his hands, placing one in front of Katsuki. He held his as he rested a hip against the counter, sipping on his tea. 

As soon as Katsuki was done, Izuku snatched his plate, insisting that Katsuki just take it easy, and he’d be more than happy to do his dishes. Katsuki bristled, but he couldn’t be mad, this just added bonus points as to why he was asking Izuku this anyways.

Grabbing his tea he headed for the couch, taking his velvet box as he went. He placed it down on the center of the coffee table and sat, resting his arms on his knees with his tea in hand. 

Izuku followed soon, taking a seat beside Katsuki.

“What’s up Kacchan?” 

“This,” he gestured to the velvet box.

“Oh,” Izuku paused, “Um, what is it?” 

Katsuki reached for it, moving it around between his hands, “Look Deku, this is. This is really personal to me. I’d appreciate it, if you didn’t make any weird ass comments.”

“I’d never!”

Katsuki snorted, “Yeah, okay.”

He opened the box, revealing his collar. Izuku blinked at it and then looked at Katsuki, his head tilting, “It’s pretty. But uh, I need more context?”

“It’s a collar.” 

“Ah…,” Izuku replied, “Um…okay. Please don’t be mad! But, you’re being really vague, and I, I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at.” 

Katsuki placed the box down, shifting his seat to face Izuku so he could watch his facial expressions.

“A collar is often used in BDSM,” Katsuki started, watching Izuku’s eyes widen in surprise, “I like to wear one because it helps me leave Ground Zero behind.” Katsuki gulped, “But, I can only do so much on my own.” 

Katsuki let that sink in before he carried on. Izuku, clearly waiting for him to continue. 

“I wanted to ask, if you’d be willing to help me with that. You know how I am, you’ve studied me your entire life. I just—Deku, I need someone else to hold the reins sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t want to be in control.” 

There was another bout of silence.

“You,” Izuku hesitantly replied, “you...want me to Dom you?” his voice squeaking high at the question.


Izuku’s mouth gaped like a fish out of water. He sucked in a large breath before getting off of the couch and moved to the front of the room, pacing in front of the table, muttering and mumbling with his thumb and finger resting on his chin. 

Okay, Katsuki should have expected this, but again he wasn’t sure how Izuku was going to react. 

Katsuki watched Izuku’s eyes dart to the collar on the table, before muttering so fast it was indecipherable. 

He wasn’t sure if interrupting Izuku would be a good idea, but he could feel his irritation mounting. He clenched his jaw before he could snap.

Izuku finally stopped pacing, taking his seat again. 

“A few things,” Izuku started. Katsuki nodded, his fingers rubbing at the palm and knuckles of his opposite hand in anxiousness.

“First, thank you, Kacchan. For opening up to me and talking to me. I can’t help but be a little happy that you’re relying on me for once,” Izuku scratched his blushing cheek sheepishly, “But, this is a rather big request, and um, can I ask you to give me a bit of time to think on it?”

Katsuki blinked owlishly, the nerd wanted to think about it. Well, that was better than a resounding ‘no’. 

“Uh, yeah,” Katsuki gulped, “Yeah. Sure. Thanks for listening.”

Izuku gave him a smile, “Of course. Anytime Kacchan.” 

Katsuki sank into the couch as Izuku vacated the living room, completely disappearing for the rest of the evening. He wasn’t sure what to think of Izuku’s reaction, and now, he was going to have to wait till Izuku was ready to give him an answer, and God knows how long that will take.

He runs a hand over his face, before getting up, taking his collar as he heads to his room. 


Katsuki hadn’t seen Izuku much the days following the conversations. Their patrols didn’t line up; almost total opposites with Katsuki working the morning shift and Izuku taking on the evenings. Anxiety started to eat away at him. The longer Izuku took to make decisions the more it leaned towards negative. 

Katsuki came home on Friday evening, feeling really worn out. Just as the front door shut he muttered and “I’m home.” 

Just as he slipped off his final boot, he looked up, Izuku’s head popping out of the corner, “Welcome Home Kacchan!”

Crossing into the living room he was met with a pleasant aroma, placing his gear down on the floor next to the couch he approached the counter, sitting on the barstool again. 

“I hope you’re hungry! I made ramen tonight, from scratch!” 

Katsuki smirked, Izuku had grown into a pretty good cook under his tutelage over the years, and actually enjoyed his cooking. But Izuku only went all out like this for rare occasions.

“What’s the deal?”


“Why did you make ramen from scratch?”

“Oh! I had the day off, and I figured, it’s been awhile since we got to sit down and eat together, so I figured...why not?” 

Katsuki hummed in response, watching as Izuku served their bowls. They sat together at the counter eating in silence. The hot soup was warming, ease settling into his weary bones.

This time he made sure he did the dishes for the both of them. Izuku conceded, excusing himself to freshen up and said he would be back to make their tea. Katsuki had finished cleaning up in the kitchen when Izuku came back out freshly showered and in his pajamas. 

Izuku switched with him in the kitchen and Katsuki went to shower himself. Coming back to the living room Izuku was seated on the couch with two cups of tea. 

Just as Katsuki sat down, took one look at Izuku, and he felt his stomach drop. 

He looked anxious. 

Katsuki reached for his cup tentatively as he watched Izuku gnaw on his lip, probably thinking of the best way to let him down. He let Izuku have a moment to get himself together. He didn’t want to make this worse for him. 

“Kacchan,” Izuku had said, sitting up straight. 


“I’ve made my decision.”

“Yeah, about that. Look, if it’s n—”

“I’ll do it,” Izuku said confidently, cutting him off. 

“Hah?” his eyebrows shot up, jaw dropped. 

“I said, I’ll do it. I just,” he paused, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as his cheeks turned pink, “I needed some time to do research. Look things up you know? Yes, I could ask you, since you're more familiar, but I also needed to learn things for myself you know?”

Katsuki smirked, he called it. He knew Izuku would do the research. Izuku really was perfect. 

“And um, I got you something.”

Katsuki cocked his head, Izuku got a gift?

He watched Izuku twist, reaching for something beside him and out of Katsuki’s sight. When he turned back, a black velvet box with a silver clasp sat in his hands. Izuku’s blush deepened as he held out his hands. 

Katsuki took it, looking at Izuku again who was back to being anxious, “Go ahead and open it. I uh, I hope you like it.” 

Flicking the clasp open and lifting the lid, his breath hitched. 

His fingers reached for the collar that sat inside of it. It was a beautiful collar, probably one of the prettiest ones he’d ever seen. Katsuki was used to the simple run of the mill metal collars, and plain black leather ones.

But Izuku, Izuku had chosen something incredibly unique. It was a custom design; embossed leather with a green inlay. The edges were dynamically cut into the shape of oak leaves, the green inlay accentuating the leaf veins and shapes, it was akin to lace. The sides curved to the front, sloping delicately to a ‘V’ shape at the center. A ring sat above the point, and the inside was a plush soft suede. 


“It’s beautiful,” Katsuki cut him off before he could assume the worst, “I...can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m at a loss for words Deku.” 

Izuku blushed deeper, “I um, I wanted to give you a new collar for a few reasons,” he paused to make sure Katsuki was paying attention. 

“I know that collars are very symbolic, and there are ceremonies and stuff. I know, you wouldn’t want anything elaborate like that, but anyways! I wanted to give you a new collar as a ‘thank you’ for trusting me of all people to do this. Also, I...I wanted to get you a new collar because, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t do this using your existing collar. I feel like that’s your personal one, you know? And this is new for the both of us, it makes sense to get you a new one.”

Katsuki felt his heart skip a beat. Izuku really thought this through, “Thanks, nerd. I knew you’d do the research.” 

Lifting it out of its case, he felt the suppleness of the leather as he unbuckled the back of it. Katsuki looked at Izuku and handed it over, “Can we start tonight?” 

Izuku looked like a deer in headlights at Katsuki’s request, but he takes the collar before replying, “Um, sure.” 

Pausing to take a deep breath, closing his eyes; his green eyes shining determination when he opens them again.

“Yes, let’s start tonight,” Izuku says confidently, “Okay, Kacchan. How do you want me to place this on you?” 

Katsuki has thought about this so many times, and immediately kneels on the floor between Izuku’s legs with his back towards him and closes his eyes. He hears Izuku shifting on the couch, and feels air movement from above. The soft suede is cool to the touch as it contacts his skin, Izuku’s fingertips brushing against his nape as he loops the collar back, the clinking of metal as the belt slides into place, a slight tug on the end of the tab tightens it snug around his neck.

Katsuki sighs in relief. 

“Is it too tight?” 

“No, it’s perfect,” he replies in a soft voice. The collar is comfortable, really comfortable. His fingers touch the grooves of the embossed details,  playing with the ring at the center. 

Izuku leans back into the couch, and says, “We’re going to start off easy okay?”

Katsuki nods.

Izuku replies, “I need verbal answers, please.” 

“Yes,” Katsuki replies obediently. 

He hears Izuku’s breath hitch, and the nerd mutters to himself, he can barely make out what he’s saying except for the “wow” that started it off. 


A shudder runs through Katsuki’s body, Izuku’s voice sounded like sin at a lower octave saying his name. 

“Katsuki, I want you to relax. Lay down on the couch and rest your head in my lap.” 

Katsuki sat up on his knees, feeling Izuku’s fingertips graze the back of his neck, leaving prickled skin in his wake. He shifted to the couch, laying down, resting his head on Izuku’s lap. 

“This is what you want right?” Izuku’s low timber voice all but whispered. 

Katsuki replied, “Yes.”

“Okay, Katsuki. I’ll take care of you, close your eyes.” 

He looked up at Izuku with hooded eyes before his eyes slid closed with a big exhale. 

Katsuki felt himself melt into Izuku’s touch the moment his hands threaded through his hair. Fingertips rubbing at his scalp, Katsuki felt the white noise in his brain fading away down a pleasant hum that was euphoric. Izuku’s lithe fingers rubbed into his scalp, blunt fingernails scratching at him, a slight tug at the roots as he combed through his hair.  His breathing slowed, more shallow as he fell deeper into serenity.

“Good boy Katsuki, you’re doing so well.” 

Izuku continued to play with his hair, murmuring more praise. But one, stuck out to Katsuki, lighting his body up with joy. 

“You look beautiful, Katsuki. I chose the perfect collar for you. So pretty, just like you.” 

Katsuki quietly moaned at the perfect mix of gentle yet assertive touch, the praise he was being given. Blood rushing south, he feels himself straining in his pants. He feels Izuku’s touch falter for a second, before resuming. 

“I’m going to ask you some questions, okay?” 


“We didn’t get to discuss our limits. For instance, sex. Is sex something you’d like to be apart of our relationship?”

“Yes,” Katsuki says without any hesitation, he hears Izuku’s breath hitch and his fingers tighten in his hair. 

“Ah, um, okay,” Izuku coughs clearing his throat, “Okay. You’re hard right now Katsuki. Please, sit up so I can take care of you.” 

Katsuki feels another rush head south at Izuku’s words. Complying he sits up from his position, eyes barely sliding open.

“Now, sit on my lap.” 

Katsuki climbs into Izuku’s lap with his back flush against him. Izuku’s hands slide under his shirt and he sucks a breath in as his warm hands graze his stomach reaching for the button of his pants.  Feeling Izuku’s hand palming over his hardened cock and his hot breath against his skin, make him melt, his head rolling back to rest on Izuku’s shoulder.

Izuku’s hand slips past his waistband, fingers gliding against his shaft, before wrapping around him and pulling him out of his pants. Katsuki shudders as electricity shoots through his system. 

“Katsuki, spit on your cock.” 

Katsuki obeys, watching his spit dribbling onto Izuku’s scarred hand, spreading it around with his firm grip stroking him. Katsuki leans back into Izuku, his mouth dropping open as small pants and moans escapes his mouth. 

“Mm, good boy Katsuki, you listen to me so well.” 

“Izuku,” whispers back. 

A stifled groan emits from Izuku as his hand stutters around his cock, a whispered ‘fuck’ as he continues to stroke Katsuki. Izuku starts pressing his lips into the bare patches of skin under Katsuki’s collar, his kisses searing like brands, sparking more lust to drip. His hips start to cant into Izuku’s fist. Izuku’s hand stills.

“Ah ah ah. No Katsuki. I get to tease you and bring you to release. Be a good boy and stay still.” 

Katsuki whimpers and stops moving, Izuku continues stroking him, his free hand slides under Katsuki’s shirt, fingers ghosting over his skin. Izuku exhales, hot breath fawning over Katsuki’s ear, and his finger pinches and rolls at Katsuki’s nipple.

A new layer of pleasure is introduced, and Katsuki writhes under Izuku’s hands. He moans, whimpering at the sensations that flood his system. He’s sensitive to Izuku’s touches, feels himself soaring in pleasure with each moan that leaves his lips. 

“Katsuki,” Izuku whispers against his ear, “Katsuki,” he chats it like a mantra.

“Come for me.”  

Katsuki grabs at Izuku, his back arching as he orgasms, dripping over Izuku’s hand.

He feels utterly blissed out, his eyelids feeling even heavier while his body feels weightless. 

He feels Izuku shift him and lay him down, his pants being pulled off, and a warm cloth wiping him down. He thinks he’s being lifted, but he feels too good to fight it. He’s placed on his bed, his shirt stripped off, and he feels Izuku’s hands on his collar. Katsuki reaches for his wrist on instinct, and Izuku pauses. He kneels between Katuski’s legs, looking up at him, his thumb brushing at his hairline, he leans his forehead against his. 

“You were so good Katsuki. You listened to me perfectly. You were perfect. It’s time to sleep now.” 

Katsuki releases Izuku and slips into his bed. Izuku drapes his heavy comforter over him, fingers brushing over his forehead and brushing his hair back. A gentle kiss placed on his forehead.

“Good night Kacchan.”


Katsuki woke up from the most restful sleep he’d had for God knows how long. Rolling onto his side he sees his new collar on the nightstand placed atop its velvet case. Next to it is a bottle of water, undoubtedly left by Izuku. 

Sitting up in bed he stretches his loose limbs, smirking at how relaxed he feels. He gets out of bed, showering and heads to their kitchen. 

Izuku turns when he hears Katsuki step in. 

“Good Morning Kacchan!” he greets him with a smile. 

It takes him a good minute to greet Izuku back, thinking about how different Izuku had been when they had their first scene. He was serious, confident. Katsuki shudders as he remembers Izuku’s voice laced with sensuality, so different from this ball of sunshine. 

“Morning nerd,” Katsuki smirks at him. 

“Sleep well?”

“The best sleep.” He pours himself a cup of coffee, walking closer to Izuku and leans against it facing the opposite wall as Izuku cooks at the stove.

Izuku smiles brightly, “That’s great! I’m glad, I’m sure you really needed it.”

He slides pancakes onto a serving plate, “I made us breakfast! I bet you’re hungry.” 

The two sat at the dining table, across from one another as they ate their pancakes. They stood side by side doing the dishes when Izuku broke their companionable silence. 

“Ne, Kacchan. Can we, um, can we, talk about last night?” 

“Yeah, sure.” Katsuki shrugged. 

“So, about the part.” 


“That’s definitely something you’re interested in, right?”


“With me. You’re open to sex, with me.”

“Yes! Shitty Deku! With you! Who else am I involved with right now!”

“Okay! Okay, gosh. I just I’m a—”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Oh, God no. I’m a bottom Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s jaw dropped at the admission, and the two blushed looking away. 

“That’s fine,” Katsuki said after a beat, “You’re a nerd, do your research, just because you’re my Dom doesn’t mean you have to top.” 

“Ah, o-okay.” 

“Deku,” Katsuki called out to him; when Izuku’s eyes were on him, he looked at him, swallowing before saying, “Thanks. For doing this, uh, yeah.” 

Izuku’s smile grew, his hand landing on Katsuki’s hand on the counter and gently squeezing, “You’re welcome! Um, just let me know, okay?” 

Katsuki nodded, and Izuku said, “Okay! I’m off to work! I’ll see you later!” 

Alone in their apartment, Katsuki plopped onto the couch and flipped the TV on, he felt good. Really good.

His mind started to drift, replaying what they did last night and he found himself getting turned on again. That, mixed with the news of Izuku confessing to being a bottom, his mind ran wild. That voice, those hands, how well he handled Katsuki. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He really couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

The following few days, he was plagued with the idea of Izuku and him moving into new territory together, and he was itching to wear his collar again. 

On an evening when Katsuki was off he made a nice dinner for the both of them. Izuku came home ragged and worse for wear. 

Slouched over he trudged into the living room with a half-hearted wave and a ghost of a smile. 

“Hi Kacchan,” he said as he collapsed face first into the couch. 

Katsuki snorted, turning back to finish up their dinner. Finishing the spread, he kicks Izuku on the couch waking him up from an impromptu nap, “Oi, food’s ready.”

They ate dinner, with Izuku’s mood perking up significantly.


“Mm?” Izuku hummed with his mouth full.

“I’m starting to feel anxious again. You think we can uh, do more the next time we have a scene.” 

Izuku cocked his head, “Sure, um, what do you mean by more ?” 


Izuku choked on his food, pounding on his chest to clear his airways, and drank water. He blushed as he looked at Katsuki, “Ah, okay. Um, yeah. Sure! Though, can you give me a day or two to get some stuff?” 

Katsuki blinked, what could Izuku possibly need? “Yeah, sure, ready whenever you are.” 

The weekend was upon them, and Katsuki was looking forward to seeing the nerd. They’d go days without seeing each other, but ever since they’re agreement, he’d been looking forward to seeing Izuku.  

Katsuki was coming back from dinner with Eijirou and the rest of his friends. He opened the door saying “I’m home,” as he shrugged off his coat and shoes. 

Silence greeted him, as well as a dark apartment. He cocked an eyebrow, Izuku should be home by now.

Walking through their home, Katsuki notices the only lights on are those in Izuku’s bedroom. Tentatively he knocks on his door, there’s a muffled “come in” and Katsuki pushes the door open. Candles light up his room with a soft glow. 

His mouth goes dry when his eyes land on Izuku, sitting with his back against the backboard, pillows propped at his lower back; wearing nothing but a pair of skin tight boxer briefs. 

“Hi Kacchan,” Izuku smirks at him, and boy does he look sexy.  Where was his shy, bashful nerd?

“You wanna freshen up before we play?” Izuku cocks his head innocently as he holds Katsuki’s collar in his hands. 

He swallows hard, his voice hoarse when he says, “Yeah, uh,” he paused trying to get his brain to form words, “Just let me, uh. Yeah, I’ll be back.” 

Katsuki quickly retreats to his room, grabbing a towel and walks fast into the bathroom, showering quickly and rinsing his mouth. He slips on a pair of dark green boxer-briefs, the closest shade he has to his gifted collar.

Taking a deep breath he knocks on Izuku’s door again before entering. Izuku’s laying on his side, head propped up by his hand. Katsuki’s eyes travel along the dips and curves of Izuku’s body, gaze settling on Izuku’s sinful smirk. 

Izuku crawls to the edge of the bed, Katsuki’s heart rate picking up watching Izuku’s trim body flex and contract as he makes his way towards him. At the edge of the bed he brings himself to Katsuki’s eye level, his demure green eyes shaded by long lashes. 

“Ready, Kacchan?” Izuku asks, holding up Katsuki’s collar.

Katsuki turned to face the other way, his heart hammering in his chest. He and Izuku were about to cross a boundary, something he’d wanted but never thought was possible. 

Izuku placed the collar across his neck, pulling it snug before buckling it in its place. 

Katsuki’s heart rate slowed as the collar was secured. His fingers tracing the delicate edges of his collar. 

“Turn around Katsuki, let me see my pretty boy.” 

Katsuki’s heart skipped at the praise, turning around, blushing and unable to meet Izuku’s eyes. 

“You’re beautiful,” Izuku whispered, his fingers grazing the collar as his hand cupped his face, thumb stroking his cheek. Green eyes glittering as he said it and Katsuki truly felt it. 

Katsuki sighed, leaning into his palm. 

“Lay down with me Katsuki.” 

Izuku reached for his hand, inviting him into bed. He crawled up the bed, laying face to face with Izuku who shuffled closer. Izuku’s large palm slid up and down Katsuki’s back, warming him up, erasing the white noise in his head. Katsuki’s eyes fluttered as Izuku’s praise and touch eased him once more. Fuck, he loved this so much. 

Izuku pressed his body closer as Katsuki grew more and more malleable. 

Katsuki’s eyes slid shut, focusing on Izuku’s touch and voice. 

He felt Izuku’s hot breath fanning over his face, his hands drifting down his arm to his hand. He felt Izuku litter kisses across his fingers, his knuckles, his palm. The attention to detail had Katsuki’s mind swimming, his lower belly simmering with desire.

His eyes cracked open when Izuku kissed him. His insides turned into molten gold as Izuku's soft lips molded against his. Izuku swiped his tongue along his lip; Katsuki’s lips parted, their lips sliding and slotting together perfectly. 

Izuku’s kisses were soft, imbued with a hot sensuality that was foreign to Katsuki. He moaned at how supple Izuku’s lips felt, how Izuku’s tongue slipped past his lips, intertwining with his. He deepened his kiss, pulling Katsuki flush against him, continuing to stroke his back as his hips rutted against Katsuki. 

Katsuki was dazed as he watched Izuku pull back, his pupils blown wide. He panted, whimpering at the sudden loss of Izuku’s lips. 

“Katsuki,” his scarred hands cup his face, as his low timbre voice commanded, “I need you to touch me. I need you to prep me.”

Katsuki stared into Izuku’s eyes before nodding and verbally confirming his request. Katsuki slunk down Izuku’s body sitting between his widened legs. Resting his hands on Izuku’s thick thighs, he swallowed hard, thankful he wasn’t nervous in this state. 

Calloused hands ran up smooth skin, eyes trailing behind. Hands rubbing over cotton and pulling on elastic, slowly pulling down. Izuku lifts his hips in assistance and Katsuki bit his lip, trying to remember to breathe as he slowly exposed Izuku's member. Pulling Izuku’s legs together, he braces them with one arm against his chest; his free hand pulling Izuku’s underwear up and off in one swift motion. 

Izuku’s skin was so soft. He kept running his hands up and down Izuku’s milky thighs, watching them as they gave way to each press and squeeze.

“Katsuki,” a stern voice called reminding him that he had a task at hand. He lets Izuku’s legs fall to the side, biting his lip as Izuku sits up with a bottle of lube in hand. He popped open the cap, drizzling the liquid over Katsuki’s fingers.

Izuku rests on his elbows as he watches Katsuki’s hands reach for Izuku’s asshole. As his fingers started to prod at his entrance, he paused, staring at Izuku’s ass. Breath hitching as he realized there was a plug already there. Shifting his gaze to Izuku who only smirked at him, “ Finish prepping me Katsuki.” 

Katsuki bit his lip as his clean hand reached for the plug, tugging it. Izuku squirmed and moaned at the slight pull, and it was such a cute sound. Katsuki started to play with the plug, pulling it out little by little, before letting Izuku’s ass suck it back in.  Izuku’s hands fisted at the comforter below him. 

“Katsuki. Your fingers,” Izuku breathlessly commanded, “Use your fingers, to stretch me.” 

He pulled out the plug completely, causing Izuku to groan. With his lubed finger, he pushed one past the tight ring of muscle easily. Izuku continued to pant and moan out commands, for Katsuki to add another finger, when to start scissoring him open, and when to crook his fingers to find his spot. Izuku started falling apart under Katsuki, but didn’t break his role. 

When Izuku’s hips started to move in sync with Katsuki’s fingers was when Izuku commanded him again. 

“You’re such a good boy Katsuki. You made me feel good, you’ve stretched me enough. I think it’s time I rewarded you. Come here, my beautiful boy.” 

Katsuki’s cock twitched at the praise, moving across to join Izuku again. Izuku’s fingers brushed against his cheeks before holding his face and kissing him sweetly.

“Lie down.” 

He rolled onto his back, and Izuku straddled his waist, hands resting on his abs. Katsuki looked up, Izuku was naked, on top of him. Izuku was calling him beautiful, but Katsuki swore the former was even moreso. Katsuki reached for Izuku’s soft skin only to be swatted away.

“No. New command Katsuki. You’re not allowed to touch me till I say so.” 

“Yes, Izuku,” came a somber reply, as his hands fell flat against the bed. 

Izuku shifted till he sat on Katsuki’s thighs. Fingers hooking into his waistband and pulling them down. Katsuki’s thick cock bobbing after being freed. Izuku’s hand wrapped around his shaft, thumb smearing the-precome from his slit. His body tensing as Izuku leaned forward, licking the head, the shaft, in swirling motions that made Katsuki lose his breath. When Izuku took him into his mouth he fisted the blankets below him, his jaw snapping shut and clenching. Izuku swallowed him down, hot and wet. Bliss spread through his system as he watched Izuku’s head bob up and down. 

The itch to touch, the desire to run his fingers through Izuku’s hair, things he wanted to do, but couldn’t at this moment. He was good, he would behave. He’d be what Izuku wanted him to be. 

He was close to having an orgasm, the edges of his vision turning white when Izuku’s mouth popped off with a loud smack. Katsuki caught sight of Izuku’s pink debauched face, spit trailing from his mouth to his cock, and hooded eyes. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he moved to sit on his hips. 

Sparks lit up across his body as Izuku’s soft skin came into contact with his. He watched as Izuku’s trim body lifted and hovered over his cock. Izuku arched his back as he reached behind him to line him up to his hole. 

Izuku’s body was so hot, so lewd and it was all for Katsuki. Seeing Izuku like this was his reward. He felt overwhelmed when Izuku started to push down; his cock passing through Izuku’s tight hole inch by inch. He choked on his air and how tight Izuku felt around him, his mind melting with the heat that surrounded him.

Izuku's thighs visibly trembled on his descent, finally speaking when he was fully seated. 

“You’re big Katsuki. It feels so good to have you inside me, stretching me, filling me.” 

Katsuki made a choked noise at the praise, Izuku’s hips wiggling as he acclimated to Katsuki’s girth. His hips started to rise and fall in a slow rhythmic pace. Katsuki’s mouth dropped open, moans escaping his mouth with each roll of Izuku’s hips. Izuku’s hands rested on Katsuki’s pecs, his pace quickening, chasing release.

Then, Izuku started to slow his pace, backtracking from the pinnacle of an orgasm. He leaned forward again, fingers touching his face gently, lips brushing against his cheek before connecting with his lips. 

Izuku continues pressing kisses against his cheek, his jaw, all the way to his ear. His voice lowered as he spoke to Katsuki.

“Touch me. Mark me. Wreck me. Fuck me, Katsuki.” 

The invisible chain tethering his desires down snapped with his new commands taking place. He flipped Izuku onto his back, bending him in half. He slammed his cock into him, over and over. 

He touched Izuku to his heart's content, sucking at the pale expanse of his neck as he drove into him with reckless abandon. He wanted more of Izuku. More, more, more. Izuku’s moans were music to his ears, his praise a chorus.

“So good. Yes, deeper, Yes!” Izuku would cry, “RIght there, don’t stop. Oh my God.” 

Every bit of Izuku’s body was touched, kissed, ravaged as Katsuki continued to fuck him, even flipping Izuku onto his stomach, spreading his cheeks wide as he pummeled Izuku. Sweat started to pour down Katsuki’s body with the amount of work he was putting in. 

He wanted Izuku to feel good, the way he made him feel good. 

Flipping izuku on his back again, he drove in harder, wanting to reach deeper inside Izuku. He felt Izuku’s legs wrap and tighten at his waist, his blunt fingernails running down his back. 

Tears slipped out of the corner’s of Katsuki’s eyes, it felt good, too good. The happiness, the euphoria, everything Izuku and he were sharing right now.

“Katsuki,” he’d moan over and over, “Katsuki, come. Come inside me.” 

Katsuki’s hips stutter at his final command. Crashing his lips into Izuku’s as he reached his orgasm, slamming his hips one more time, his hot seed filling Izuku. 

Izuku came untouched when Katsuki did, his come painting their stomachs. Katsuki collapsed atop Izuku, entirely spent, burying his nose into the crook of Izuku’s necks and inhaling deeply. 

His body thrummed in elation, his mind in complete bliss. 

Izuku went back to stroking Katsuki’s back, gentle but firm. His voice was still firm as he praised Katsuki.

“My good boy, so well behaved, so deserving,” he whispered against Katsukis ear filled with drowsiness, “ That was perfect, Katsuki. You are perfect. I love you.” 

“I love you, Izuku.” Katsuki had replied, eyes sliding shut.

He had missed the way that Izuku had squeaked, the way his hands froze on his back. He had missed the way that Izuku rolled him over to clean him, whispering more loving phrases as he removed Katsuki’s collar, missed the way that Izuku climbed back into bed with him and cuddled up to him, whispering “Good night, Kacchan.”


Katsuki woke up to something tickling his chin. He cracked an eye open to see wild green curls invade his vision. Opening both eyes, he saw Izuku draped across his chest, snoring soundly with his cheek squished against him. 

He briefly thought he was dreaming, waking up to Izuku was too good to be true. But flashes of last night's events replay in his head. What Izuku told him to do, what Izuku had said, what he had said.

Fuck , Katsuki thinks internally, wondering if he’d fucked up something good by admitting his true feelings while he was completely blissed out. But Izuku had said it first, could that mean…?

A small groan interrupted him from his thoughts as Izuku started to stir. Green eyes opened lazily to meet red, a dopey smile growing on his face.

“G’mornin’ Kacchan,” he yawned as he tried to roll away from Katsuki. 

Katsuki wouldn’t let him get away though, too caught up in the moment, not wanting it to end. 

“Mornin’ nerd,” he said tentatively, wanting to broach the subject but unsure how, “Um, so, last night.” 

“Did you mean it Kacchan?” Izuku beat him to the punch, wide eyes looked so hopeful, Katsuki’s heart clenched.

“Yes,” he replied instantly, not wanting to hesitate with how he felt any longer, “I love you. I’ve loved you for a very long time.” 

“Me too. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember.” 

Izuku choked back a laugh as tears collected in his eyes, “I can’t believe, our confessions are coming AFTER we have sex for the first time, and AFTER we established an intimate relationship.” 

Katsuki laughed, “Sounds about right. We always tend to do things backwards.” 

“So,” Izuku said, changing subjects, “So, um, are we, you know-?”


“Yes, that. Are we dating now?”


“And, so...the sex? Is that...only when I..Dom?” 

“Fuck no.”

“Oh, good. Thank God.” 


“Well, as much as I love how submissive you get when I’m in control I uh—” Izuku faltered.

“Just because I’m a sub, doesn’t mean I can’t wreck you,” Katsuki retorted.

“Oh? Um, can you show me?” he said coyly.

“I’ll show you as many times as you want nerd,” Katsuki smirk turned dangerous as he tilted Izuku’s face up for a kiss, “Just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that Kacchan?” 

“Our arrangement doesn’t change, I still need that.”

Izuku smiled softly, cupping Katsuki’s face and kissing him gently, “Of course Kacchan, whatever you need. I got you.” 

“I knew I could trust you.”