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Hazards of Drinking

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Bai Yu padded over to the door because it was ringing consistently and somewhat loudly in the silence of the night. He opened the door to find his Long-ge slumped over his stylist and his mind went a thousand places in one second.


“Is he alright? Did anything happen to him?” Bai Yu enforced the calm in his voice, feeling tremors creep up.


“He just got a lil drunk, don’t worry.” Relief washed over Bia Yu who nodded dazedly.


“Uh… will you please take him? He is kinda heavy.” His stylist was visibly sweating in this cool weather and Bai Yu sprang into action, trying to shift Long-ge onto himself. Long-ge’s head lolled over his shoulder in a drunken haze.


“Thank you for bringing him home, Please get home safely.” The man nodded while dabbing a handkerchief to his face. 


“I am sorry for the trouble.” Bai Yu wondered who let his Long-ge drink this much.” Zhu Yilong’s stylist must have noticed him frowning at Zhu Yilong.


“Long-ge went a little overboard at the party, you know it's his own company and all, with all his close friends egging him on, it wasn’t long before he got this drunk.” Bai Yu stabilised an uncoordinated Zhu Yilong in his arms and thanked his stylist several times as he left.


“Aiya Long-ge what am I gonna do with you?” Long-ge's eyes flew open and his doe eyes watered with a pout forming on his lips. Bai Yu was about to lean in for a chaste kiss when Zhu Yilong shot up from his embrace and marched up straight to their washing machine with a determined look on his face. Bai Yu found the exaggerated look to be adorable and cute. Anything Zhu Yilong did would probably be cute in his eyes. Except the part where he could snap people’s necks without much effort.


“What are you doing Long-ge?” Bai Yu was amused with the way Zhu Yilong was childishly glaring at his phone and then at the washing machine. He really wanted to make a burrito out of this squishy Zhu Yilong and transport him to their bed. That was a mere daydream probably made obvious by the fact that he would ever succeed in attempting to lift up someone much heavier than Bai Yu could lift weights at the gym. Zhu Yilong probably lifted twice his weight and he did it with ease all the while he wore those tight ass suits designed for Shen Wei while filming Guardian.


“I want to cleanse my phone!” With that Zhu Yilong lunged to throw his phone in the washing machine  and Bai Yu immediately grabbed his hand to stop him from throwing his phone inside and washing it like their laundry. His front was plastered onto Zhu Yilong to stop him in his weirdass mission to ‘cleanse his phone’


“Noooo lemme gooooo.” Bai Yu struggled because Zhu Yilong was using a surprising amount of strength to actually do as he intended. Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu struggled for several minutes near their washing machine and even a piss drunk Zhu Yilong was proving to be a challenge for Bai Yu and his noodle arms. Bai Yu was afraid of Zhu Yilong lifting him up instead but he noticed how uncoordinated he was, mostly flailing around Bai Yu’s frame which was the only reason Bai Yu could even hold him off for so long.


Bai Yu grunted as Zhu Yilong broke out of his hold and ran to the machine. He threw his phone in which actually just ended up dangling precariously at the edge and was about to set the machine off when he was prevented from doing so by Bai Yu.


“Xiao Bai… you don’ understa “ Zhu Yilong slurred but exerted his full strength in trying to break free although his strength was misplaced and just all over the place honestly.


“Some guy sent me nudes on this phone, I don’ want it!” Zhu Yilong’s pitch got louder at the end making Bai Yu flinch because of the volume. “This phone is filthy! It needs cleansing!” Bai Yu pursed his lips and used all of his strength in pulling Zhu Yilong away from the machine. But the damn man wouldn’t budge from his place at all.


“Long-geee come off!” Bai Yu pleaded while still trying to unhook his claw-like grip from the machine.


“No you lemme goo.” Zhu Yilong's grip got tighter and Bai Yu could barely get him to move let alone unhook him from his spot on the machine.


“Long-ge please stop clinging to the damn machine like your life depends on it!”


“It does!” Long-ge slurred out with all the assertiveness he could muster.


He regretted letting Zhu Yilong beef up like this after that role, not that he had a say in it but it had become slightly easier to manhandle him earlier but now he was just a hulking monstrosity. Bai Yu grunted as he tightened his hold over Zhu Yilong’s midsection hoping that he would get tired and loosen his grip but the way he was clinging to it, seemed to be suggesting otherwise.


“Wha’ if you think I am cheating on you??” Zhu Yilong’s voice got wobbly as if he might cry at the thought of it alone and despite his position Bai Yu found that side of him to be sweet. He felt mushy inside too. This gave Bai Yu an idea.


“Long-ge I know you aren’t cheating on me, will you please show me your phone so I can get rid of the filth for you.”


Zhu Yilong pushed harder in order to get to the controls but Bai Yu wasn’t having it. He might not be able to haul Zhu Yilong out of that place but he wasn’t letting him commit this atrocity either. He could only imagine Zhu Yilong glaring holes at him the next day and responding to him with disappointed sighs.


“No! You are lyin’ You will get angy at me “ Bai Yu was horrified to find Zhu Yilong sniffling at the end. This was really spiralling down. He really hadn’t expected the night to go like this, of all things he had imagined and all scenarios he had lived in the entire time he waited for him return. This was not what he had planned at all. If Zhu Yilong was his normal self, he would have pinched his flushing cheeks and laughed till he ached from rolling on the floor too much. 


“I promise I will not!” 


“You will! Let me clean it and I will give it to you!” Bai Yu grimaced frustratedly because this Long-ge was not making this any easier.


“The phone! Please!” Bai Yu pleaded with Zhu Yilong in an attempt to reason with Zhu Yilong’s muddled brain, he knew it was mostly fruitless but he had to try.


Zhu Yilong suddenly loosened his hold and Bai Yu fell over with relief. “Do you promise?” 


“Promise what?”


“No! You lied! Zhu Yilong wailed and was back to square one. Bai Yu wanted to scream too, this was not his Long-ge at all, he took his statement back, this was far from cute. 


“Yes I promise, I promise…” Bai Yu panted out before the wails got any louder. He really couldn’t predict what his Long-ge would do next. He was walking on thin eggshells here.


“I am...not...cheating...on you.” He slumped down tiredly but firmly forced out those words despite the slur. And then began picking on his sleeves refusing to look at Bai Yu.


“I believe you.” Bai Yu flashed a smile at him, his eyes curving up and Zhu Yilong finally faced him.


Zhu Yilong’s eyes shone with wonderment and amazement with a childlike wonder in those large eyes of his. Those were some fatal assets he had, Bai Yu almost fell into the trap again but he seized that opportunity and lunged for the phone dangling precariously at the edge of the hole. Bai Yu immediately ran a check of his gallery to see what exactly was his Long-ge trying to ‘cleanse’ so desperately. It was concerning that Zhu Yilong didn’t have a password on his phone but equally relieved because he didn’t think he could get him to cooperate again.


Bai Yu froze and his face flushed hot when he came across his own nudes. In this madness he had forgotten that he had sent them in the afternoon when Zhu Yilong had left to get ready for the party, hoping to distract him a little. He shot a glance at the Zhu Yilong now slumped against the same washing machine, biting his lips and back at his phone. This was way beyond distracted. This was a development into another character entirely!


Come to think of it, he had never seen Zhu Yilong get this drunk… What made him drink so much that he was now in this state. He took one more look at the photos feeling fondness well up his insides when he understood the reason. His gege was really very adorable.


“Gege let’s-” Bai Yu realized that Zhu Yilong had fallen asleep against their washing machine and couldn’t help the stupid grin that broke out on his face. The grin vanished once he realized he would have to haul him up to their bedroom.


“Long-ge! Why do you make my life difficult!” Bai Yu sat down beside feeling defeated and tired. He yawned but glared at the unmoving lump that was his boyfriend. 


Bai Yu took out his phone and snapped a photo of messy Long-ge snoozing by the washing machine and then pocketed it quickly, lest he woke up again and lunged for his phone instead. Bai Yu shivered at the thought and then reached out for his gege.


He stroked his head gently and sighed. Bai Yu wouldn’t realize when he fell asleep watching his gege sleep. The next morning they would wake up blissfully tangled up in each other and Bai Yu would pretend to sleep more in hopes of watching Long-Ge freak out. Or reprimand him for sleeping where he could easily catch a cold. It was silly but he secretly enjoyed basking underneath all that attention.


“I was just keeping you warm” Bai Yu would grin unabashedly and Long-Ge would roll his eyes unaware of his antics the night before. Bai Yu liked holding onto a little secret.


“Gege why don’t you have a password on your phone?”  


“How do you know?” Zhu Yilong squinted at him suspiciously.


“Eh… Just answer the question Long-ge, it’s really not a good idea you know!” Bai Yu waved off his question trying to divert his attention but Zhu Yilong was still suspicious of him but answered him anyway.


“I was quite out of it last night but did you do something?” Bai Yu wanted to scream at the irony considering the havoc that Zhu Yilong had himself created last night, albeit unaware. Was this man for real? 


“No! You suspect me too much!” Bai Yu feigned innocence but Zhu Yilong was too used to his antics by now.


“Ah… I just added your face for face recognition so you probably didn’t notice the security.” Zhu Yilong answered him absentmindedly and Bai Yu stopped in his tracks. “Wait… it wasn’t there the last time I checked your phone.”


“Yeah… it was because you didn’t notice.”


“That’s not possible.” Bai Yu shook his head in disbelief.


“It is!”


“It is not! I didn’t see you creeping on me! Unless…” Zhu Yilong quietly started backing away into their room when he heard the weird tone.


“Were you watching me sleep again? Bai Yu looked up triumphantly from Zhu Yilong’s phone. He had uncovered a gold mine of evidence there. Would it be evil to blackmail him? Nah… some photos were plain ugly, making him look like an absolute clown as he slept. They were probably meant to blackmail him instead. 


“It’s not just you who does it okay!” Zhu Yilong just hastily retreated to his washroom and locked it before Bai Yu could chase after him. Bai Yu blinked in confusion and then a helpless smile grew over his face. He just had to wait for him to come out before he could attack him again. They were really hopeless idiots.