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Will Nature Make A Man Of Me Yet?

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Tom exhales, before biting down on Will’s bottom lip roughly. Will squirms, his arm stuttering into a half bent position.

“‘S your turn, isn’t it?” He asks under his breath. Will’s breathing audibly quickens, and Tom prays that’s a good sign, because Jesus Christ, what else was there really left to do?

Gently, Tom’s snakes his free hand up the warm skin of Will’s back. The muscles are tensed, and Tom can’t help but feel a bit unsure of himself now.

The older boy pulls back with a soft nod, brows drawn tightly together. 

“There’s no pressure, you know that, right? To, um, reciprocate?” Will’s voice quavers in the middle, and Tom winces. Alright, so much for the plan of shutting him up. All that had changed from Tom’s offer was Will’s tone, switching from pleased and teasing, to something akin to nervousness.

Tom supposes that Will is just a nervous man in general, and that such a tone should be excused.

“No, I- I know. I want to. Reciprocate. To you.” Tom nods rapidly, propping himself up onto his elbows. He knows how terribly clumsy his admission sounded, and he winces.

“Okay, yeah. Yep.” Will replies quietly.  They both sit there for a moment, nodding at each other like fools.

Will is the first of them to laugh. Tom follows soon after, and it’s a wonderful thing parallel to earlier when they had gotten undressed. 

They fall pressed against each other again, forehead to forehead, gazing into each other’s blue eyes through the giggle.

“I do mean it, Will. I want to.” Tom says finally, after their laughter fades away. Will chews on his bottom lip, and Tom can feel the warmth of his mouth inches away from his.

“Whatever you want.” Will replies, hands slipping up to cup Tom’s jaw.

“You understand I’m absolutely gagging for you, right?” Tom snorts, pinching Will on the cheek. The older man snorts right back, pulling back slightly with an incredulous grin.

“If you say that again, I’m going to be the one gagging.” Will chuckles, gentle thumbs running against the underside of Tom’s cheekbones. “What do you want to do, Tom?”

“Um,” Tom starts, running his hands down along Will’s arms. “Give us a minute to think.”

There’s a moment of just looking at each other, and Tom thinks if it was with anyone else, he might hate the silence. It’s Will though, so he knows the silence isn’t from annoyance or frustration or anything like that. 

As they look at each other- Will’s thumbs against Tom’s soft cheek, Tom’s hands gripping the muscle of Will’s arm- Tom weighs out his options.

No pressure to do anything, like Will had said. All he had to do was really just let his mind wander, and then make it up. That was it. It’s so easy. He licks his lips, and moves his arms over Will’s shoulders, pulling him down. There’s no push back from the older man, and Tom’s thankful, because it gives him the opportunity to absolutely cover Will’s neck with kisses.

Will exhales heavily, adjusting his position over Tom slightly, his hands leaving the younger man’s face.  He stays close, though, so Tom guesses it’s a good reaction. He runs his tongue cautiously over the sensitive skin of Will’s throat, and then promptly bites down.

Will moans, evidently to both their surprise if the flustered gasp he gives afterwards is any indication. 

“What do you want to do?” Tom asks quietly, leaving a gentle kiss against the aggravated pinkness of where he placed his teeth. He hopes it doesn’t leave a mark. Will was thoughtful enough to at least go below the collarbone, Tom hadn’t even considered the consequence of his action.

That was no matter now, though.

“I, ah, fuck,” Will hisses, one of his hands clenched firmly against Tom’s shoulder. “I, just-”

Tom drags his tongue down Will’s neck experimentally, and oh, it works out, because there’s another soft, distracted noise from the back of Will’s throat.

“Tom,” Will’s voice sounds choked through the way he’s panting, and Tom pulls back. “I want your mouth on me.”

Tom always knew that he’d probably end up giving a man head sometime or another in his life, but fuck, he didn’t expect that day to come so soon. His silence as he thinks on this must be noticeable, because Will squirms underneath him.

“You- you don’t have to, I just-” Will starts, an anxious tone to his voice as his fingers flex against Tom’s skin. “I-”

“No! Er, I mean no, I-” Tom nods rapidly, staring up at Will. “I’d like to. I want to.”

Will’s jaw shuts with an audible clack, and he nods as well. “Okay.”

“Just gotta- just gotta tell me if I’m rubbish, yeah?” Tom asks, and fuck, is his face red. Okay, yeah, he could do this. No problem. He does want to, to… suck Will off. Christ, he couldn’t put into words how much he’d like to do that, now that the idea’s kicking around inside his head.

Will snorts, and pulls back off of Tom, sitting back onto his heels. Tom exhales lightly as those lovely fingers of his slip off of his shoulders, and he sits up, mirroring Will’s posture.

“You really don’t have to if you want, you can say no.” Will says again, his face looking redder than an heirloom tomato.

“Will, I want to. Promise. Pinky promise, even.” Tom holds out his hand into the space between them, all his fingers but the little one curled into a fist. Will exhales through his nose mirthfully, glancing down at Tom’s extended pinky before wrapping his own around it.

“If you’re sure,” The older boy says, shifting in position a bit.

“I am. Now switch places with me.”

“Yep, yeah.”

There’s a bit of fumbling between them as they move across the bed, quiet, good natured half laughs split between the two of them. As nervous- no, nervous sounded too negative- as jittery as Tom felt, eagerness still reigned atop the feeling. Giddiness sparks through every limb of his body, and as Tom sits between Will’s thighs, he says as such.

“I think I’m- I’m a bit anxious.” Tom says slowly, and Will opens his mouth, but Tom shushes him. “In a good way, it’s just, I’ve never done this before-”

“-I know-”

“-so give me a bit of grace if I’m shit, alright?”

Will nods slowly, and gently reaches for one of Tom’s hands.

“I will.” Will says, squeezing Tom’s fingers with his own. “Give me a bit of grace if I don’t last long?”

“Oh, fuck off, I just came into your hand in less than ten minutes, you’ll be fine.” Tom bites back with a soft smile, the crudeness of his words contrasting how joyous he felt. Even if nerves were sending his stomach into twists.

Will’s nose crinkles at that, but with the way his lips turn upwards, Tom guesses he isn’t all that offended at Tom’s choice of language.

“Plus it’ll be a compliment, won’t it?” He whispers, pulling Will’s hand to his lips. The older boy sighs in response, leaning his head back against the headboard.

Tom leaves their conversation at that, still holding his boyfriend’s- was that what they were, boyfriends? They haven’t really had that conversation yet- hand. Gingerly, he gets down onto his elbows between Will’s thighs, his free hand slipping up Will’s leg and up to the waistband of his boxers. He hesitantly fiddles with it slightly as he licks his lips, glancing up at Will.

The older boy looks like what Tom feels- a mixture of excited, anxious, and painfully aroused.

“C’mon now,” Will’s voice is still soft, faintly nervous, but it’s still firm. “Be a good lad.”

Oh, that does something completely unfair to Tom, and he feels his mouth fall open slightly. In an attempt to regain as much of his composure as possible, he shuts it, and nods slowly. Through all the thinking, Tom’s hardly notices his hand, the one Will isn’t holding, is trembling ever so slightly.

“Yeah, alright.”

Tom tugs at Will’s waistband, and the older boy’s hips shift upwards as his drawers are pulled out from underneath him. Again, more fumbling- they both seem to be very good at that- before Will’s only wearing the skin he was born with.

Tom can’t quite place why it feels so difficult to breathe. 

“If you need to stop, just say,” Will’s voice is at what sounds like the lowest octave he can manage, volume just barely above a whisper. Tom nods for what feels like the millionth time, his free hand shyly snaking up Will’s thigh. The older boy hisses through his teeth, and Tom licks his lips. Now or never.

Tentatively, Tom takes Will into his palm. It’s not as intimidating as it seems, really, it’s more or less like touching himself. Just on a different scale.

“Tom,” Tom glances up as Will grits his name, the hazy lighting peeking in through the window just enough to coat those wonderful features of his. “I don’t want to sound insistent, but, please. Please, Tom.”

There’s something so utterly raw in the way Will speaks his name, both those times. It’s so urgent, and needy, like if Tom doesn’t deliver, Will might just cease to be nothing.

The older man’s free hand, the one that's not gripping onto Tom’s for dear life, it slips delicately against Tom’s jaw. Tom can’t help but to clench the muscle, feeling the way Will’s palm scrapes against his skin.

Tom can just barely see the way Will’s brow is drawn, the way his chin is drawn up into the air blocking out part of his expression. The slivers of his eyes say a lot more than Tom thinks either of them could ever communicate, and he swallows, before parting his lips.

It’s a struggle not to be hesitant, Tom feels like it’s a waste, but- he’d just hate to bollocks this all up by going too quick. That’s why the first exposure to Tom’s mouth Will’s member gets is a slow, careful lick. It’s not a very grand gesture, but it’s evidently appreciated, if the way Will’s breathing hitches is any sign.

“That’s a good boy,” Will breathes, face obscured in the corners of Tom’s vision. “Very good boy.”

The way Will says that is going to kill him someday, Tom thinks.

In an attempt to clear his head, Tom squeezes Will’s hand, and Will squeezes back. The older man’s palm scrapes up against Tom’s cheek, the way his fingers slip into the brown locks atop Tom’s head featherlight in nature.

It’s only natural to take Will into his mouth then, careful lips slipping over the head of Will’s length. He’s incredibly conscious of teeth, because fuck, he’d haten to give Will a scrape, God forbid-

But he’s doing fine, especially if the painfully heavenly moan Will’s lets out is any cue.

Those fingers, previously benign in their touch, the curl deeply in Tom’s hair, pushing him down ever so lightly. Tom can take the hint, deliberately keeping the bob of his head slow so he doesn’t choke.

Will’s breaths come out in stilted, fragmented parts, and his grip in Tom’s hair only intensifies.

“Oh my God,” The older boy hisses, and Tom steals a glance up through his lashes. “You’re- fuck, Tom, I can’t even-”

Scrambling, Will’s hand releases Tom’s, and the younger boy hums in acknowledgement. It’s a bit hard, Tom thinks, to really give any sort of response with a cock in his mouth. Tom also thinks he’ll just have to get used to it, because fuck, seeing Will like this already stimulated some sort of addiction.

The hand Will pulls away, Tom finds, has been shoved knuckle first into his mouth, no doubt in an attempt to quiet himself. Idly, Tom makes note to remember that, because he certainly wasn’t all that concerned with volume earlier. 

Oh. The realization sinks in with a lovely air of smugness for Tom. He’s gone and shut Will up. His ego gets the best of him though, and soon enough Will’s yanking Tom’s mouth off of him, watching with concern as Tom coughs and sputters.

“Hey, hey, you alright?” Will coos, and it’s too damn sweet a way for him to be speaking when he was just saying Tom’s name in the most dishy way possible. After catching his breath, Tom nods, grinning a bit breathlessly.

“Told you I was gagging for you.” Tom  heaves out a strangled laugh, freeing both his hands from Will’s thighs as he catches his breath.

Will snorts at that, petting at Tom’s hair like he’s a horse that needs calming. Tom thinks he might laugh again if he didn’t find the gesture unfairly soothing.

“Shush, you.” Will says softly, his voice rife with nothing but kindness. “Do we need to stop?”

“No, no, shit, Fuck, ‘m not made of glass.” Tom replies quickly, wiping his chin with his wrist. He felt a bit silly, felt a bit, well… embarrassed. Then again, he had asked Will to give him grace if it was the most abhorrent blowjob ever performed. That twinge of anxiety in Tom’s gut returns, spitting up doubt laced bile into his head.

  “Do you want to stop?” Tom asks quietly, lip twitching. Will immediately shakes his head no, his sparse brows jumping higher than they could on a trampoline.

“No, I- Tom, you were doing fine, if that’s what you're asking.”  Will smiles, and his hand moves to Tom’s cheek, running his thumb along the bone. “Just fine.”

Tom nuzzles into the touch, and licks his lips. “Wanna keep going?”

“God, yes please.”

It’s easier then, to get back into the groove of what they had started. Nothing of note really happens, save for a couple of incredibly lovely moans from Will. Other than that, it’s already become routine in action, and Tom feels like a natural. Sure, it might be a funny thing to say out loud, but. He feels proud. Proud of himself for the way Will breathes his name, for the way he sends the usually put together man into a fit of incoherent curses and swears, proud of-

“Tom,” Will says, sounding particularly small. It draws Tom from his little ego stroking session, and he rakes his nails down the older man’s thigh.

Will lets out a strangled, utterly sinful sound at that, and he tugs gently at Tom’s hair. Tom gazes up at him, and pulls off, not to stop, but to strip a long, languid lick against Will’s member. Something akin to a sob, absolutely dripping in captivation escapes Will then. Tom, feeling like the cat that got the cream, returns his blood flushed lips around the older man’s length.

“I’m- ah, fuck, Tom- I’m so close-” Will groans, and Tom can hear his skull knock against the headboard as he gazes at the ceiling. “Fuck, you’re- you- you’re so good,”

Right, so. Tom knew that this was probably on the horizon, right? If he was going about having another man’s dick in his mouth, surely it was the point to bring that other man to climax? Tom knew what was going to happen, sure, but he didn’t- Well, he didn’t really know what to expect.

Determined, though, he quickens the bow of his head, brow knit in anticipation. Will sounds appreciative, shuddering breaths rocking out of him at an erratic pace. Really, shouldn’t be a matter of time before-

“OhmyGod-” Will’s voice goes nearly an octave higher than it’s normal pitch, and his fingers twitch rapidly in Tom’s hair. “Tom, I’m- Ffffuck-”

Tom doesn’t bother resisting as Will bucks into his mouth- the older man had been so careful not to the entire time, so Tom figures a bit of slack is in order to be cut. That’s evidently a good choice, to cut him some slack, because before Tom knows it, Will is spilling down his throat with a breathless, relieved sigh.

Tom really doesn't know how to react, really- everything's gone still, and he managed not to choke, and evidently Will's in heaven, so- mission accomplished, really. He feels rather chuffed with himself, and as he pulls his mouth off of Will's length, the older man expresses that he's pleased as well.

"God, Tom, I- you did wonderfully, I'm- yeah." Will expresses through his pants, his hand borderline pulsing in Tom's hair. Almost as if it's an afterthought, he lazily pulls it away, running it over his reddened face.

A hum in response is all Will gets as Tom sits back up on his heels, begrudgingly swallowing everything in his mouth. The younger boy wiggles his jaw slightly, thankful that a tender ache was the only leftover from the experience.

"Yeah? That was alright?" Tom asks quietly after a moment, feeling entirely spent. As Will tucks himself back into his boxers, Tom makes quick work of slipping up against the older boys side, curling up with his head on Will's shoulder.

"I said as such, right?" Will answers with a soft smile, adjusting himself slightly as to wrap his arms around Tom. Now this is just perfect, Tom thinks, now they can both just… relax. Lay with eachother. Exist. 

Tom sighs happily, slipping a hand up to caress the side of Will's throat. They were both incredibly sweaty, and would definitely need showers sometime. Idly, Tom wonders if they could get away with showering together, wonders what Will would even think of such an idea. 

There had been plenty of new things already tonight, though, so Tom holds back from asking, instead gazing up at Will's blissful expression. Will gazes right back, and for a long moment, they're just looking at eachother in silence. It's not uncomfortable, no, silence with Will hasn't been uncomfortable since that night where they confessed to eachother.

The lack of sound is aided by Will clearing his throat, before he starts to pet Tom's hair.

"I quite like you, you know." Will says simply, and Tom believes him.

The younger boy nods lazily, clumsily pulling the quilt of his bed over their bodies.

"I sure would hope so," Tom starts, "just had your dick in my mouth."

Will snorts at that, before making comfortable next to Tom, laying a kiss against the young boy's forehead.

"I need to leave, if I don't your mum and brother will see my truck in the drive way." Will points out, making absolutely no effort to get up or leave.

Tom thinks on that for a moment, before shrugging pathetically.

"I don't care, can just say you came over early for something."

"That something's you." The blond replies quickly. Tom grins, laying his ear against Will's chest.

"Only you and I know that, though."

Will makes a small sound of acknowledgement, and kisses Tom's forehead.

"Only you and I, Tom."